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Published by Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 

Editor . Ann Mace Business Manager . Neal Boswell 



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Arc the college years suspended 
ones, sheltered, removed, apart from 
the outside world? As a Durham street 
cuts across a corner of East campus and 
the myth of the twelve-foot wall is 
lifted, so too the myth ot the "world- 
apart" can perhaps be disproved, though 
the tradition will hnger and still 
contain some truth in its existence. 

As a student one perhaps sees Duke 
in its solidity of Gothic gray and 
Georgian brick, or as a vast machine 
feeding on reams of IBM cards, or the 
every-othcr-fricnd in a mass of ac- 
quaintances and strangers. At times each 
of these impressions can come to mind. 
Yet perhaps the impression is most 
often a more immediate one: an idea 
caught, an appointment missed, the 
fatigue of an all-nighter, the jubilation 
of a semester of success in ones own 
terms. This is the stuff that life is made 
of. But it is not iust by extension that 
these impressions of college life have 
meaning in terms of the world outside 
the walls. 

The flow of growth and change in the 
complex one calls a university is all too 
evident in just a year's time at Duke. 
As the individual comes to college he 
makes a commitment to remain for 
awhile, to think, to act, and hnalK' to 
leave. Collectively, this constant flux 

he is at once confined to an intangible, 
but certain sphere of life even within 
the demarcation of the "college world." 
Trinity College, senior, fraternity man, 
histor)' major — by number and letter 
he is departmentalized into his own 
"world apart." Even in the annual the 
labels seem instinctively to remain: 
administrator, beauty, basketball star, 
Greek, Phi Beta Kappa. 

Yet despite these labels, which are 
perhaps all too indicative of an in- 
escapable situation within or without 
the walls, the lines are crossed: people 
act, meet, react, and at the same time 
they are both actively and passively 
aware of the "world w ithout." 

The individual comes in search of 
direction — seeking the repeated what, 
why, how, and w here of himself and 
others. It is the direction of information, 
advice, and judgment. It is the direction 
of rebelling against other militant, the 
direction of goading the passive into 
action. Most of all it is the direction 
of change and expansion, the contradic- 
tion and agreement of a growing and 
reaching within and without. Fine, 
high-flown words, one will say, per- 
haps meaningless in the abstract. But 
where, and in what, can these nuances 
of direction be found? 

In the beginning of the year an all- 

needs direct communication to run 
smoothly. \Ae have had the problem 
that students did not know the ad- 
ministration's mind." — Yes. Dr. Knight 

is reflected in the inner dynamism of University convocation marked the mentioned that he would be traveling 

the University. The place, the people, 
and their actions interact upon one 

It might seem at first that the aca- 
demic is so mechanically labeled that 

way toward a liaison, however tenuous, 
between the various entities of the 
University and the plans and expecta- 
tions of its new administrative heads. 
Dean Ball was quoted, "An institution 

over the nation for the University a 
great deal of the time, and he has been. 
Yet he has kept one Friday afternoon 
appointment almost without fail: as a 
professor he has sustained an informal, 


ycr virall\' alive thrcL'-hour discussion 
with a "sL-minar" ot hfc>' students, a 
class in whicii the problems ot other 
men and other places are seen as ulti- 
mateh' one's own. Worlds literally far 
a\\a\- and long ago are brought to bear 
on a dirterent time, a totally difiercnt 
place. And this is but one example of 

the renewed attempt to cross the 
bridge between administrator and stu- 
dent, one example of the integration 
of the University w ithin itself and be- 
yond itself. 

The establishment of the Forum 
continued this thrust in a renewed di- 
rection of stepping across the lines of 
university classification and the walls 
encircling the "college world." The 
Board of Governors ot the Forum was 
comprised of members of the faculty, 
Trinity College, the Woman's College, 
the Engineering, Medical, and Law 
Schools. Interests and debate topics 
ranged university- and world-^\'ide: the 
President's new house, the National 
Student Association, questions of South 
\"iet Nam and the recognition ot Red 
C^hina. Even a visiting British debating 
team was asked to participate, bringing 
the struggle between Labor and Con- 
servative parties to first-hand light for 
those congregated on the West quad. 

On East, the "outside world" seeped 
in through the program of the visiting 
scholar in residence, initiated by Dean 
Ball. Dr. Julia Henderson, Director ot 
the United Nations Bureau ot Social 

Affairs, was first to undergo the har- 
ried rush from morning coffee, to 
luncheon, to afternoon coffee, to din- 
ner, to evening lecture. The pattern 
w as a familiar one in the college day, 
but the dialogue and meeting of the 
minds formed a new contact with a 
person intimately involved with the 
international scene. The problems of 
underdeveloped countries and the pos- 
sibilities of United Nations work for 
graduates were both explored by Dr. 
Henderson with the individual and the 
many groups on campus who met her. 

The casual coffee and dinner con- 
versation provided another nucleus dur- 
ing the year, this time for the new 
Faculty Associate programs in East 
dormitories. Again the lines were 
crossed between professor and student 
in another attempt to bridge the gap 
of real communication within the Uni- 

As students took on the responsibility 
for initiating these new programs, they 
also found themselves given greater 
responsibilities in the realm of aca- 
demics. As the suspension-penalty tor 
cuttint; classes before and after vaca- 



tions was lifted, more subtle coercions 
were still available, yet the early exodus 
for home was increased. If only in a 
negative direction, the individual 
decision was registered collectively. 
Classes continued, and the individual 
was still responsible for what he 
chose to miss. 

The weighing of values and choices 
made, deliberately, or without thought 
— all found their ramiHcations on the 
tally sheet. The Honor System was 
again rejected by the vast majority ot 
classes, an honor system with the al- impossible stipulation of a neces- 

sary 100'^ acceptance in each class. 
Yet whatever the motives behind the 
negative votes, the student was still 
given the collective voice in determin- 
ing the possible direction ot such a 
Universit\' polic\'. 

What is the goal ot such changing 
directions within the University and 
extending beyond? Perhaps it is ulti- 
mately the hope of deserved distinction. 
In his choice of individual direction the 
student works toward success in his 
own terms. The sights are hopefully 
high, and results may often equal the 
goal. In a subtle process up through the 


ranks, the goals attained by the in- 
dividual arc finnlh- reflected by the 
attainments of the University. Dr. 
Knight has said, "Much has been given 
us, and much will be expected. VV'e 
dare not be satisfied, as a result, until 
we are a national force in every Held 
which legitimately concerns us. Wc 
have the skill for it; together we can 
find the means for it; and we must 
live up to the obligation of them both." 
Ironically, these words have become a 
marchbook motto, yet as such they are 
a constant reminder of the coordinated 
individual effort and the existence of a 
purpose beyond the self-sufficient uni- 
versity community. 

Thus the honors won by each student 
contribute to the distinction of the en- 
tire University. This year seven rising 
seniors won Duke scholarships, which 
are usually awarded for the coming 
year to the five in each class who have 
maintained the highest average the 
preceding year. For the first time there 
was a six-way tie of a straight 4.0 
average. By the middle of the year 
over seventy seniors had been tapped 
into Phi Beta Kappa, and fifty-seven 

were chosen as members of Ulw's Who. 

In a different light, the University 
profited from the distinction of Nobel 
Peace Prize winner, Martin Luther 
King. Page Auditorium overflowed to 
the lawns outside, where speakers 
were set up, and the crowd gave a 
standing ovation to the man who has 
been so active behind the Civil Rights 
scene. Several letters were subsequent- 
ly written to Duke in protest to King, 
including one from an alumnus of 1949. 
Yet the tenor of campus thought had 
been registered by the reaction of the 
audience that afternoon in Page. 

This was one of the few times that 
Page had been completely filled in the 
past few years for an outside speaker. 
\V hether from curiosity or support, the 
University community demonstrated its 
willingness to participate in this pro- 
gram sponsored by the Student Union. 

In other ways the element of par- 
ticipation gave an impetus to the grow- 
ing life of the University. Although 
Martin Luther King was cheered by a 
largely sympathetic crowd, the active 
agitation of the previous year seemed 
superseded by another Cause. In this 


year of the national elections. Gold- 
water buttons interspersed among John- 
son-Humphrey ones seemed to replace 
the black and «hite "Freedom Now" 
buttons over the campus. 

Literature was distributed by the 
Duke Young Republicans Club and 
College Students for Johnson-Hum- 
phrey, and applications for voters" 
registration found their wiv to desks 
and doors. As election date grew 
closer, the West Information Desk re- 
ceived varied requests for a notary 
public's signature on absentee ballots 

from wallet-size to map-size. Buses 
were filled to hear Johnson speak in 
Raleigh, and the Beanbirds arose at 
dawn to welcome Lady Bird to the 

In the ZBT mock election, out of 1745 
votes cast, Johnson led 988-757, with 
56.7% of the overall vote. Of these. 
West Campus went 52% for Gold- 
water, but the East Campus, graduate, 
and faculty votes swung the balance 
to Johnson. Besides the poll, the 
Chronicle and the Lorum presented both 
sides of the issue, and "equal time" 

and space was a University policy as 
well as a national one. 

On East Campus, WSGA sponsored a 
three-day seminar on the Presidency, 
with Dr. Robert S. Rankin, political 
science professor and member of the 
U. S. Civil Rights Commission, head- 
ing the speakers. Problems of the presi- 
dential succession, and party as well as 
national demands on the President 
were faced in the academic arena this 

As political interest extended into 
the national field ot concentration. 


Duke also found itself playing a part 
on the state political scene. A Demo- 
cratic rally was addressed by North 
Carolina Governor Terry Sanford, tol- 
lowed closely by a Republican rally 
for Robert Gavin and Walter Green. 
These rallies were sponsored by the 
student campaign groups as election 
day drew near and advocates of one 

party or another made even louder 
noises in favor of their candidates. 

The hubbub of the national elections 
died down, but most students kept an 

the summer months. Students were 
able to apply for study under Duke 
sponsorship in France, Germany, and 

ear tuned to events of note. When the 
Russian coup was announced, the 
Chronicle carried two evaluations of its 
meaning, one by Dr. Warren Lerner, 
professor of Russian history, and another 
bv a student who had spent a summer 
in the USSR. 

Further steps were made in broaden- 
ing the student's participation in such 
programs when Duke this year es- 
tablished a study-abroad program for 

On East a French Corridor was set 
up in the expanding language program. 
Thirty students agreed to speak only 
F'rench while on the hall and at dinner 
each evening during the week. \'hile 
bridge games sometimes lapsed into 
English, the program offered a much- 
needed opportunity for students to be- 
come fluent in another language here 
at Duke. 

In considering Duke's relationship to 


outside factors, the student govern- 
ments took steps in the evaluation of 
their membership in the National Stu- 
dent Association. West Campus dropped 
out of NSA, and after a decisive 
referendum East Campus also with- 
drew. Though there were some politi- 
cal overtones, the main opposition was 
based on the opinion that Duke did 
not actually profit substantially from 
membership in NSA. 

On a more regional basis, the Stu- 
dent Union sponsored a February 
seminar on "The South in Continuity 
and Change." Dr. John Franklin, of 
Chicago, spoke on the role of the Negro 
in the South while Dr. Allen Cartter, 
of the American Council on Education, 
spoke on Southern higher education. 
Professors Knight, Sindler, Spengler, 
and Thompson also took part in the 

Political rallies, study abroad, student 
government policies, and seminars — 
these are only a few of the University 
activities in which the student partici- 
pated in organizations and interests 
which extend over the campuses, across 
the nation, and even further. Though 
the activities mentioned above did not 
directly involve every student, in the 
mass of "flyers" across the campus, 
each student could find countless activi- 
ties which directed his attention to out- 
side interests. 

Days of the college \"ear seem to be 
so hlled with meetings, in fact, that one 
sometimes wonders it he is majoring 
in extra-curricular activities. Yet in all 
these activities opinions were chal- 
lenged, ideas exchanged, and the results 
were inherent in a new development and 
growth. But the change could not come 
about without challenge and counter- 
challenge, debate and competition. The 
Forum, various media, and dialogue 
between faculty and student all provided 
one area for countering opinions. 

In another area, the competition of 
University sports revealed something 
of the year's direction at Duke. Even 
the rare sunny days of the fall could not 
seem to muster the spirit of the students 
in the football stadium. Yet the "try 
one more time" gumption of the cheer- 
leaders was given a boost by a rousing 
freshman group who came bearing Duke 
sweatshirts, devil caps, and enthusiastic 
posters. Homecoming brought defeat 


by rival Georgia Tccli, and the season 
closed with Duke bringing home in its 
poclcet something less than the expected 

However, taunts painted across the 
bridge and accusations that l)ui<e had 
no spirit were soon erased as basketball 

time, the team and the crowd seemed 
to disregard the national rankings of 
first and fifth that Sports Illustrated haii 
given Michigan and Duke. Spirit was 
sustained through the moments of a 
tied score and until the last basket of 
the game. Through subsequent losses 

came to the tore. Though the days of 
the one-man hero seemed to be past, 
Duke swept mto the season with the 
cheers of a packed Indoor Stadium. 
Although the Michigan game brought 
Duke's first home- same loss in a lonsi 

and winnings, students, faculty, and 
"Durhamites" kept their support of 
the team at a high pitch. 

Competition across the campus also 
found a rambunctious spirit of support. 
Displays and the Homecoming Show of 

the tall put i'.ast and West imagination 
to work. The Greek Follies were 
revived, this time held in the Indoor 
Stadium. It the traternities and sorori- 
ties could not all claim concert voices for 
a "Sing," the Follies offered a multitude 


'ill *^ 


(^Wrecks! ® 

of ways for entertainment and satire. 
ZBTs in their campus parody of West 
Side Story brought dow n the house and 
won first place tor the fraternities, w hiie 
the KD skit on the fate of the "East 
Beast" captured the sorority trophy. 
\ariety seemed to be the watch-word, 
\et behind it all, the Greeks were 
busy with planning, organization, and 
weeks-long effort to come up with a 
polished show. 

This was the spirit of competition, 
the urge to be best, the identification 

cation brought another link between the 
University and the freshman, sopho- 
more, junior, and senior. This identity 
of "Duke student" brings back the idea 
of the label or sign one wears during his 
college years. But the labels are perhaps 
indicative of just that search for an 
identity, signs pointing to the what 
and how and who one is and might be. 
If one is a Greek he or she is identi- 
fied with a particular group of per- 
sonalities and activities on campus. 
Through the loosely knit Greek system 

with one's own team. Granted that the 
sports, the follies, and the pig-chase 
are relegated to college days and col- 
lege years. Yet the contact across the 
campus in such events seemed to be 
enlivened this year. Collectively, the 
whole University felt the disappoint- 
ment of not living up to potential in one 
field, and the same fans vicariously 
struggled with the team to push the 
national ranking in another held. 

As the individual gave his best in 
skill or support, the sense of idcnti fi- 

at Duke, the fraternity and sorority 
students have an added opportunity for 
contributing to the integral life of the 
University across the campuses. 

In the fall, nurses and East campus 
freshmen went through rush together 
for the first time. Two hundred and 
fifteen pledged at the end of rush, of 
which 32 were Hanes girls. The nurses 
joined ten of the twelve sororities, and 
the tenuous bond between East and 
Hanes became a definite one in this 
area of campus lite. 


West fraternity rush brought 410 
"Shake ups" in January, a figure 
greater than last year's but a two per- 
cent decrease in the overall ratio. The 
continued open relations during the tall 
had led to several kinks in the system, 
but tratcrnit>' men were optimistic on 
the whole. 

Meanwhile, IFC revamped its pro- 
gram ot structure and organization. 
Committees were used to supervise the 
scholarship, budgets, and social pro- 
grams of the various fraternities. 

Joining with members from the stu- 
dent governments, the Student Union, 
and independents, IFC members formed 
a new coordinating body, the Univer- 
sity \Veekends Committee. In this 
cooperative effort, Homecoming was 
expanded, with the Student Union 
providing entertainment by Bob New- 
hart and Peter Nero, and a new Winter 

Weekend was planned. In April, Greek 
Weekend and Joe College brought 
the campuses again together in quick 
succession for planning entertainment, 
floats, and parties. 

However, Greek activities were not 
confined to pressures and parties of 
rush, weekend blasts, and after-the-game 
open houses. Joint Christmas parties 
were held for Durham children, a clear 
Sunday afternoon even bringing the 
Beta Santa Claus sky-diving down into 
the field near Wannamakcr. 

Greeks contributed to national or 
local philanthropies during the year, 
and spring brought a revised, voluntary 
program of Help Week. 

The Greek system in these ways 
gave one means for the student to find 
his own identification with those he or 
she felt most congenial with. Inde- 
pendents found similar house, dorm, 
or group loyalties, and such an identi- 
fication in relation to others brought 
something of the answers to the life- 


long questions appearing so sharp!)- 
during the college years. 

The fall Symposium brought to the 
fore ideas on this same theme from 
others outside the University com- 
munity. "The Individual in Mass Soci- 
ety" provided the Symposium topic. 

Speakers this year included Joseph 
Fletcher, of Episcopal Theological Semi- 
nary; Norton Long, Brandeis professor 
of economics; and John Roche, National 
Chairman of the Americans for Demo- 
cratic Action. These three authorities 
in their tields expressed their ideas on 

the freedom oi the individual in today's 
mass society, and the students had a 
chance to question, challenge, and 
support the speakers during the panel 
discussions which followed, and at 
several coffee discussions on a more 
personal basis. 


As the student seeks his role with- 
in the University and his relationship 
to a larger society, programs such as the 
annual Symposium widen his perspective 
to the problems ot the age which con- 

front the old and young alike. 

It is against the background of such 
timely and timeless questions that the 
college student ultimately spends his 
tour years of thought, activity, and 

effort. Though he spends countless 
hours organizing, planning, entertaining, 
and being entertained, when these hours 
are sifted apart, there remains the 
valuable core of study, lectures, discus- 
sion, and research. Long hours spent 
on a term paper . . . labs done, redone, 
and finally completed ... a heated 
after-class discussion . . . blue books 
filled by the score . . . postcards re- 
turned all too slowly or none too 


quickly . . . transcripts, recommenda- 
tions, and applications sent to grad 
school, Med school, and Law school. 
These are the symptoms of perhaps 
the most vital part of college life. 

Throughout the days of classes, 
study, and activities, the years seem to 
repeat themselves. Fall brings the 
brilliant change ot the North Carolina 
forests, the occasional cloudless sky for 
an afternoon of football — more often a 
Durham downpour or smells of tobacco 
across the heavy campus air. With the 
beginning of the academic year new 
plans are laid out, for individual, group, 
and University. 

Fall merges into a winter cold, 
with term papers and exams following 
closely on the heels of Christmas 
tinsel and carols by candle light. A 
semester break is filled with partying, 
skiing in the mountains, or battles in 
the usually late, but heavy snow. Then 
the whisper of spring brings the ap- 
pearance of wisteria in the Duke 
Gardens, and suntans are mixed with 
"booking it" in legal places and other- 

Frantic plans are made for summer 


* r". 





jobs and rrips, a spring: vacation spent 
in Nassau, on Florida beaches, or in the 
old home town. 1 hen final exams come 
all too soon, and another year has 
vanished. This is the cycle tor four 
years — the freshman arrives with cre- 
dentials in hand, the senior leaves with 
man\' more and modified ones. And the 
classes in between move a step ahead in 
the college years. 

I hesc are perhaps the usual thoughts, 
whether one looks back over a single 
\ear or four. The place and events seem 
to merge, w ith flashes of remembered 
emotions and reactions. Yet look more 
closely ... It is more than a cycle. 
Duke is not what it used to be: new- 
buildings have spread beyond the Chap- 
el, and old ones given an interior face 
lifting; plans for an expanded library 
and new medical complex are soon 
to be realized. Free buses have been 
provided with the proviso of a car 
registration tee. Drinking in West 
dormitories is permitted, where there 
was none allowed even at registered 
parties just a few years ago. Judicial 
rules have been made increasingly 
lenient, and class attendance has be- 
come voluntary. With these changes, 
new seminar courses, taught by dis- 
tinguished professors, have been intro- 
duced; student government structures 
have been revised; and a Student 
Philosophy has been compiled evaluating 
a multitude of phases in Universit\' life. 

In all of these changes, the individual 
has contributed to a growing institution. 
And the relationship is perhaps recipro- 
cal. As Duke moves into new spheres 
of change and action, the student who 
has worked toward his own goals 
in college is no longer the same. He 
has moved from freshman enthusiasm 
to the traditional "sophomore slump," 
from organization head as junior to the 
senior who is eager to pass his otfiec 

Yet there is a more constant change 
than the yearly shift from class to class. 
Fach day may bring the beginning, or 
the close of some chapter. Each individu- 
al attempt to change or maintain the 
status quo or to find a new direction, has 
its final meaning in the tangible issues, 
events, and people of day-to-day living. 
When one evaluates the "college life" 
in these terms, the years at Duke come 
to mind as something more than those 



of a sheltered student who enters 
college green and naive, and after 
hasty preparation, is thrown to the 
outside world. 

These four years are perhaps a 
bridge from dependence to standing on 
one's own feet. Yet a random glance 
through the substance of just this past 

year may show that it is also a bridge 
of constant two-way traffic: the in- 
dividual and the University are day 
by day involved in a very real approach 
and meeting of persons across the 
campuses and across the walls. This 
will remain the college life. Yet consider 
once again: the problems met, solved 

or still waiting, the accomplishments 
made and disappointments felt, the pro- 
test voiced or support given, authorities 
heard and ideas exchanged. Each year 
and each person can find these elements 
in concrete experience. Ihis is a part 
of college life. Yet more — it is a part 
of living. 



1 k 





ew administrative heads point 

toward a renewed direction for Duke. 
Through the leadership of administration 

and faculty we learn to appreciate the 
multiple directions within a university 

and the constant growing process of an 
institution which will remain long 

after each four-year cycle is past. And 
with such leadership students find their 

own direction for future years. 


"After two years of quite intimate 
association, I find at Duke two particular 
qualities of spirit which have much to 
do with this youth of ours and this 
uniqueness, this suddenness of our 
founding. The first is a very high 
expectation of ourselves, which grows 
quite naturally from what Mr. Duke 
himself expected. Although obviously I 
did not have the privilege ot knowing 
him, I can see enough of the conse- 
quences of his lite all around me to 
know what he himself expected and 
what his standards were. All of us 
must feel this if we have a right to be 
here at all. The second quality grows 
quite naturally from the first: a sense 
of impatience with ourselves, a feeling 
that we want events to take place 
rapidly as well as at a high level of 
quality. Now, both these are natural, 
proper, important feelings; but there 
has been one curious by-product of 
these two attitudes. What I am going 
to say about it has a good deal to do 
with both the past and the future of 
the University. 

Douglas Maitland 


"Because we here at Duke have been 
both ambitious and impatient, we have 
not always seen the strength that was 
actually developing. As a result, \\ e may 
not have assessed \\ ith enough accurac)' 
or enough real confidence the base on 
which we can build and the level of per- 
formance which we now have a right 
to expect of ourselves. There is nothing 
more important for Mr. Duke's idea 
and for the present and future of this 
University than an understanding of 
the level of performance which we now- 
must reach and which our society has 
a ris^ht to ask of us. 


Dr. Knight holds innumerable conferences in his Allen Building office. 

distinction and of incteasing regional 
service, in part through its national 
eflectiveness. . . . 

"First, these plans that we have, 
w hich are naturally the subject of rumor, 
gossip, debate, and discussion, are de- 
signed to fulfill the best in this Universi- 
ty: to confirm its qualit\', to heighten its 
effectiveness, and to extend its influence. 
. . . We [must] move from the genuine 
quality which we have at the moment 
to equally genuine and recognized 
eminence in every field that concerns 
us. Precisely this is the great job for 
the next ten years, and equally of the 
years beyond that. Any university 
that believes it has arrived is done 
and finished for a generation, until it 
comes to its senses. This University 
does not intend to believe that it has 
arrived. We can do great things which 
arc going to demand beyond them 
still more substantial achievements." 

From Dr. Knight's Remarks, 
Founders' Day, December, 1964. 

"Let me be quite specific about these 
forty years . . . The Trinity College 
faculty in 1924 numbered 62. Today, 
while the enrollment has grow n perhaps 
five times, from 1150 to 6300, the 
faculty has grown from 62 to 960. The 
library of 71,000 books is now a library 
of well over 1,700,000 books, one 
which is distinguished equally by the 
quality of its holdings and by their 
quantity. . . . 

"Now, this increase in students and 
faculty and intellectual resources has de- 
monstrably been an increase in quality, 
which has kept pace with the increase 
in size. That, of course, is an absolutely 
crucial point about us. But the most 
important single thing for us to realize 
about this development is that it moves 
today at a steadily accelerating rate. . . . 

"There are now appropriate major 
steps for us to take. . . . We are now 
in a position where, with our combined 
efforts, we can accomplish what Mr. 
Duke so clearly had m mind — the 
creation of a University of true national 

At the beginning of the year. Dr. Knight addressed the University community at the Convocation 



SiiittJ left to right: Harris, Southgate, Muuck, Perkins, riiich, \'on Canon, Jones, Mayer, Sherrill, Allen, Smith, Wbmble, Spears, Miller, Ranch, Cun- 
inggim, Upchurch, Jr.; Edgerton, Semans, University President Knight. Standing: Bowles, Ruark, Pmnix, Bradshaw, Rhyne, Nease, Ivey, Wade, 
Tisdale, Chairman; Brim. 

T. A. Aldridge 

George V. Allen 

Rev. Charles P. Bowles 

Rev. Robert W. Bradshaw 

Kenneth M. Brim 

Dr. Merrimon Cuninggim 

N. E. l-'dgerton 

B. F. Few 

Thomas Austin Finch, Jr. 
P. Huber Hanes, Jr. 
J. Welch Harriss 

C. B. Houek 
George Melvin Ivey 
Edwin L. Jones 
Sen. B. E. Jordan 
Amos R. Kearns 

George C. McGhee 
Dr. Ben Neely Miller 
Rev. Edgar H. Nease 
Thomas L. Perkins 
Marshall 1. Pickens 
Robert H. Pinnix 
Henry F. Rauch 
Charles S. Rhyne 
Rev. Henry G. Ruark 
Mrs. Mary D. B. T Semans 
Frank Odell Sherrill 
J. Raymond Smith 
Thomas F. Southgate, Jr. 
Mrs. Estelle F. Spears 
R. E. Thigpen 
Wright Tisdale 

W. M. Upchurch, Jr. 
Fred \"on Canon 
Charles Wade, Jr. 
George R. Wallace 


Sidney S. Alderman 

C. A. Cannon 

Norman A. Cocke 

Donald S. Elias 

P. Huber Hanes, Sr. 

Josh L. Home 

R. A. Mayer 

Dr. J. Buren Sidbury 

Kenneth C. Towe 

Earle W. Webb 

B. S. Womble 


Mr. G. C. Hcnrickscn is both \'icc- 
Prcsidcnt for Business and Finance and 
Treasurer ot rlic University. In tiie 
past he served as Business Manager 
and Comptroller. When not directly 
concerned with trial balances, tear- 
sheets, or computer tapes and data, he 
enjoys deep sea fishing and a good game 
of chess. 

Dr. Craufurd D. Goodwin is a gradu- '' 
ate of McCiill University in Montreal. 
An authority on the economy of Canada 
and Australia, he is the author ot 
Qviad'hvi Ecnuoiiilc Thought. During the 
past year Dr. Goodwin was appointed 
Assistant Provost, while retaining his 
responsibilities as Secretary of the 

Gkrhard Chester Hi nricksen, i\1.A., C.P.A. \'icc-Prcsidcnt for Business and Finance and Treas- 
urer of the University 



for Institutiona 


1 Advancement 


A native of Greenville, South Caro- 
lina, Frank L. Ashmore attended Duke 
University in his undergraduate years. 
He is presently A'ice President for 
Institutional Advancement for the Uni- 
versity. Mr. Ashmore came to Duke 
in September, 1961, and served as an 
assistant to the Institutional \'ice- 
President for two years. Before coming 
lo Duke he had been a start member 
for both the Athvihi Journal and the 
Greenville Neiis. 

Upon completion of his formal 
academic training at Wittenbery Uni- 
versity and the University of Pennsyl- 
vania, Dr. Everett H. Hopkins was 
connected with Miami of Ohio, Wash- 
ington State College, and Washington 
University. Although frequently 
nominated for special assignments, Dr. 
Hopkins' permanent position is Vice- 
President for Planning and Institutional 

Cr.wfurd David GooDUis, Ph.D., Secretary 
of the University and Assistant Provost 



~^su JH^^^^^h 

Everett Harolu Hopkins, .\1.A., LL.D., \ ice 
President for Planning and Institutional Studies 


The office of the provost involves 
the responsibihty for the Education 
Division of the University as dis- 
tinguished from the Business, Finance, 
and Public Relations Divisions. Three 
vice-provosts assist the provost in his 
work, while maintaining other positions 
of responsibihty on and oft the Uni- 
versity campus. 

BAKNt.^ WboDHAI.I. M.D. 

V^icc Provost 

A former dean of the Duke Medical 
School, Vice Provost Barnes Woodhall 
received his A.B. from Williams Col- 
lege and his M.D. from Johns Hopkins. 
In 1937 he came to Duke to organize 
a neurological service after having 
taught eight years at Johns Hopkins as 
an instructor in neurological surgery. 

Dr. Harold W. Lewis is both Vice 
Provost and Dean of Arts and Sciences. 
After receiving degrees at Middlebur\-, 
Buffalo, and Duke, he taught at Uni- 
versity of Buffalo for a number of 
years. He arrived at Duke in 1940 
and served as Chairman Pro-Tem of 
the Physics Department for the years 

During the past year Dr. Frank 
deX'yver retired from his chairmanship 
of the Economics Department in order 
to devote more time to his job as 
\ icc-Provost and to teaching, w riting, 
and research. 

Dr. Robert Faylor Cole serves as 
the Provost of the University. His 
record of past achievements is an 
unpressivc one. Dr. Cole has been both 
a (uiggenheim and Fulbright Fellow 
and a recipient of the Medal of Freedom. 
Dr. Cole has also been a special as- 
sistant to the U.S. Minister in Stock- 
holm, consultant to General C^hiy in 
Germany, and president of the .American 
Political Science Association. 

Harold W'. Lewis, Ph.D. 
V'ice Provost 

Frank T. deVyver, Ph.D 
Vice Provost 



University Counsel 

Richard Lovejov Tlihill liu.U. 
University Registrar 

pAlwin C. Bryson fulfills the re- 
sponsibilities of the office of University 
Counsel. He is both a professor of law 
and of legal medicine. On the national 
level he has served as president of the 
National Association of College and 
University Attorneys, and on the state 
level as vice-chairman of the N. C. 
General Statutes Commissions. 

Charles IiD\vARi> Jordan, A.B., LI^.D. 
\'icc President for University Relations 

Robert L. Tuthill combines the duties 
of a University Registrar with those 
of a professor of geography. 

Prior to his arrival at Duke, Dr. 
Tuthill served as a visiting lecturer at 
Columbia and Northwestern Universi- 
ties and later became the Assistant 
Director of Research for Pan American 
World Airways. At Duke he is responsi- 
ble for student admissions and records. 

The \'ice-President for Universit\' 
Relations, Dr. Charles E. Jordan has 
been on sabbatical during the present 
academic year. A Duke alumnus. Dr. 
Jordan has been active in both civic 
and University activities. His main 
responsibilities for the University are 
in the area of alumni relations, public 
information, appointments, placements, 
and intercollegiate athletics. 

Vice-President Herbert J. Herring 
retired from University administrative 
work on December >\, 1964. .\n 
administrator for 40 years, he has 
been Vice-President in the Division of 
Student Life for the past 18 years. A 
graduate of Trinity College in 1922, 
Dean Herring returned as assistant 
dean in 1924 when the college became 

Herberf J. Herring, M.A., LL.U. 
Vice President for Student Life 

Duke University. He served in this post 
until 1935 when he was promoted to 
Dean of Men. He became Dean of the 
College in 1942, and four years later, 


William L. Brinkley, Director of 
Undergraduate Admissions at Duke, 
explains the function of his office as 
being responsible for the admission of 
and financial aid to entering students in 
the Woman's College, Trinity College, 
and the College of Engineering. This 
involves the difficult and tedious process 


year throughout 25 states. These trips 
familiarize prospective applicants with 
the policies, course requirements, and 
other details of the University. A three- 
day orientation program for high school 
counselors is held yearly in order to 
acquaint the largest possible number ot 
schools and areas with Duke University. 

William Lambklih BKL\kLL\, Jr., .M.P.S. 
Director ot Undergraduate Admissions 

Mrs. Elizabeih Anderson Persons, A..\1. 
Director of Admissions, Woman's College 

of filing through and selecting from 
more than 4,866 applications received 

Mr. Brinkley is also the Duke 
representative to the College Entrance 
Examination Board and a member ot its 
committee on membership. At Duke he 
is aided in his work by Mrs. Elizabeth 
Persons, Director of Admissions ot 
the Woman's College, and Mr. Everett 
Weathcrspoon, Director ot Admissions 
of both Trinity College and the College 
of Engineering. 

In addition to the sorting ot ap- 
plications received the Admissions office 
visits more than 300 schools each 

Everett Broadus \\'eatherspoon, A.B. 

Director of Admissions, Trinity College and the College of Engineering 


RoBiiRT L. Thompson, A.M., and Assistant Ch.\ M. Smith 
Executive Secretary, University Scliolarship Committee 


Mr. Robert L. Thompson, who 
directs the financial aid available to 

Duke undergraduate students, earned 
degrees from Florence State College, 
Alabama and Duke. Mr. Thompson 
is a member of the College Scholarship 
Service Committee of the CEEB and a 
charter member of the Southern As- 
sociation of Financial Aid Adminis- 

trators. Under his supervision Duke 
funds, in the form of scholarships, 
grants-in-aid, and loans, arc distributed 
to capable students who need assistance. 
The office also directs student part-time 

F.^NNIE Y. iMiTCHEi.i. and a nienilier i>f her stall. 
Director, Appointments Office 


Located in Flowers Building, West 
Campus, the Appointments Office facili- 
tates the acquisition of summer and 
postgraduate work. The Office arranges 
interviews between students and em- 
ployers in both business and industry. 

Miss Fannie Mitchell, Director of 
the Appointments Office since 1949, 
has been with the Office since its 
beginning. She is recognized as one 
of the outstanding women in her field 
by the Southern College Placement 
Officers Association and the National 
Association of School and College 
Placement. She has served with dis- 
tinction as president of both organiza- 

Recently the Appointments Office 
has expanded its program to make the 
resources of its Office available to 
alumni of the University as well as 
undergraduates. This program calls for 
approximately six hundred prospective 
employer visits to the campus each 
year for student interviews. 



The Deparrmcnt of Alumni Affairs 
is active in maintaining close relations 

between the University and its alumni. 
The department plays its major role 
through Its services to former students 
enabling them in turn to serve the 
campus. The Alumni .\ffairs Depart- 
ment coordinates the alumni clubs of 
all the colleges, participates in programs 

Roger L. AIarsmail, A.B. 
Director of Alumni Affairs 

Anne Garrard, A.M. 

Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs 

initiated by the class organizations, 
publishes several magazines, and orga- 
nizes special campus events for returning 

Incorporated under the Department 
of Alumni affairs is the Duke University 
National Council. The Council is spe- 
cifically devoted to the advancement 
of the University's welfare. Irs govern- 
ing body is composed of present 
faculty, members of the administration, 
students, parents, officers of the General 
Alumni and Alumnae Associations, 
local Alumni Associations, representa- 
tives from each class, and representa- 
tives from the alumni and alumnae 
organizations of the professional schools. 
This council meets bi-annually, in the 
fall and at Commencement in June. 

The (ieneral Alumni body is divided 
into the .Alumni Association, composed 
of former students of Trinity College 
and the Alumnae Association which is 
made up of women graduates. The 
activities of these tv\o organizations 
and the other groups of a more limited 
nature are co-ordinated by the Depart- 
ment of Alumni Affairs. The director 
of the department is .\Ir. Roger L. 
Marshall, who works to maintain the 
complex relationships between the vari- 
ous alumni bodies and the present 
University community. Anne Ciarrard 
is the Assistant Director of Alumni 

The activities of Alumni Affairs are 
fairly numerous and diverse. Home- 
coming is the most w idely knov\n event 
and attracts the most active partici- 
pation. In the festivities surrounding 
this occasion, the present students have 
an opportunity to welcome back alumni 
and form friendships of a nature not 
generally open to undergraduates. Be- 
sides Homecoming, other alumni-spon- 
sored programs and events include 
Founders' Day, buffets, and class re- 
unions which tend further to perpetu- 
ate ties with Duke. 

Publications are an important part 
of the efforts to keep alumni m touch 
with their classmates and with the 
University. The Department of Alumni 
Affairs and the Alumni Association 
publish the Alumni Register ten months 
of the year and make it available to 
former students and the University. 
The Alumni Neivs is sent to all alumni 
four times during the year. 



Benjamin Edward Poukll, Ph.D. 
University Librarian 

An integral part of the University, 
tiic Duke library is the largest university 
library in the South and 1 6th in the 

nation. The library system, which 
requires a working staff of over 1 K) 
people has 1,700,000 volumes and over 

4,000,000 other manuscripts, maps, 
documents, and reels of microfilms. 
It receives regularly about 7,000 peri- 
odicals and ISO newspapers. 

This coming year will sec expansion 
of the library in the construction of a 
larger building. The addition of this 
much-needed space is being achieved 
under the guidance of the University 
librarian. Dr. Benjamin I'". Powell, 
who directs the administration of the 
University libraries. Dr. Powell is an 
alumnus of Duke and has served as 
president ol the American Library 

The student is most often served by 
the (ieneral Library on West Campus 
or the Woman's College Library on 
East Campus. However, there are 
seven additional libraries: Biology- 
Forestry, Chemistry, Divinity, Engi- 
neering, Law, Medical Center, Nursing, 
and Physics-Mathematics. These li- 
braries are more specialized in their 

Evelyn J. Harrison, B.S. in L.S. 
Librarian, \\bman's College Library 

The Rare Book Room in the West Campus\ . 




James L. Price, Jr., Ph.D. 
Dean of Trinity College 

Dr. James Ligon Price, Jr. came to 
Duke in 19.'>2. He presently holds the 
positions of Dean of Trinity College 
and Associate Dean of Arts and Sci- 
ences. Prior to his arrival at Duke, 
Dr. Price was an associate professor of 
Bible tor two years at Southwestern 
U., jMemphis. His recognition as an 
outstanding Bible scholar was further 
strengthened in 1961 when he pub- 
lished his book Iiitcrpirtii/i^ the New 
Testament, a standard te.xt for many 
introductory religion courses at Duke. 
In addition to his administrative duties. 
Dr. Price serves as chairman of the 
Religion Department at Duke. 

Dr. Price received his academic 
training at Washington &: Lee U., 
Union and Princeton Theological Semi- 
naries, and the University of Cam- 
bridge. Since acquiring his Ph.D. in 
1950, Dr. Price has traveled extensive- 
ly in Europe. "I have," he says," an 
insatiable curiosity to learn about other 
people whose culture and living con- 
ditions are different from those I've 
know n. I love to travel, not as a tourist, 
but in order to live in a community 
long enough to come to know it." In 
keeping w ith his philosophy. Dr. Price 
was a residence research student at the 
University of Zurich, during the aca- 
demic year 1960-61. 

C. Hilburn \\'omblc joined the Duke 
faculty in 1958 as an assistant profes- 
sor of Latin. In 1961 he became As- 
sistant Dean ot Undergraduate Men. 
Last spring, in the course of the adminis- 
trative changes announced by Dr. 
Knight, he assumed the duties of Dean 
of Freshmen. Dean Womble graduated 
from Johns Hopkins University in 
1954 where he served as a graduate 
instructor tor tour years. A classicist 
and a linguist, he is a member ot 
the American Philological Associa- 
tion and a past president of the North 
Carolina Classical Association. 

In conjunction with Dean Womble's 
promotion. Dean Dana Phelps Ripley 
became one of the two new assistant 
deans of Trinity College. In assuming 
his new responsibility Dean Ripley is 
primarily concerned with the academic 
affairs of sophomores. Well-versed in 
the instruction of Romance Languages, 
he was a Fulbright Scholar to France. 


Assistant Dean of Trinity College and Dean 
of Freshmen 

D.\NA Phelps Riplev, Ph.D. 
Assistant Dean of Trinity College 


Assuming the position of Associate 
Dean last spring, Dr. Howard A. 
Strohel is in charge ot ail programs for 
special students. This post is but one of 
many in w hich Dean Strobel has made a 
signihcant contribution to the Uni- 
versity since coming to Duke in 1948. 
As Secretary ot the Undergraduate 
Faculty Council, Dr. Strohel belongs 
to that group ot adnunistrators re- 
sponsible for the final passage of volun- 
tary class attendance. In his own field 
ot study, he is a member of the chemical 
honorary society, Sigma Xi, and the 

Having graduated from Duke with 
academic honors, Dr. Johnson taught 
in the Durham schools and later at 
Randolph-.Macon College in Ashland, 
Va. He joined the staff of the Duke 
Summer Session in 1952. Four years 
later he was appointed to the position 
of assistant dean of Trinity College 
and last spring received a further 
promotion to his present title of as- 
sociate dean. Although becoming as- 
sociate dean. Dr. Johnson retained his 
duties as academic dean for Trinity 
College juniors and seniors and su- 

In the administrative appointments 
of last spring, Robert B. Co.x, Dean of 
Undergraduate Men, was named As- 
sociate Dean ot Trinity College. At the 
time of this appointment, President 
Knight explained that the change in Dean 
Cox's title had been recommended in 
order to recognize the important ad- 
visory role he had played for luany years 
within Trinity College. President Knight 
turther stated that Dean Cox would 
continue his responsibilities for the stu- 
dents ot the College of Engineering. In 
his new role as associate dean, Dean Cox 

Howard Austin Strobel, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean of Trinity College Blchanan Johnson, Ed.D. 
Associate Dean of Trinity College 

Robert B. Cox, A.M. 
Associate Dean of Trinity College and Dean 
of Undergraduate Men 

.\merican Chemical Society. In 19.58 
Dr. Strobel became an associate profes- 
sor of chemistry at Duke. His most 
notable publication in the field of 
chemistry, published in 1960, is Chemical 
Analysis: A Systematic Approach to 
lustruineiital Analysis. He is also a 
trequent contributor to such scholarly 
periodicals as the Journal of Chemical 
Education and the Journal of Physical 

Betore coming to Duke, Dr. Strobel 
worked on the Manhattan Project at 
Brown University where he received 
his doctorate in 1947. 

pervision, with Dean Robert B. Cox, of 
upperclass residential areas. In 1962 
he served as the president of the As- 
sociation of Academic Deans for North 
Carolina Colleges. 

Currently an associate professor in 
the Department of Education, Dr. 
Johnson teaches history of education. 
He is the co-author of "The Elementary 
Principle in North Carolina," an article 
w hich appeared in North Carolina Edu- 
cation. A native of Portsmouth, V'irginia, 
Dr. Johnson earned his B.A. in history 
and his M.A. and Ph.D. in education 
at Duke. 

has retained his major role as advisor to 
the male students of both colleges con- 
cerning all aspects ot campus life. 

Dean Cox came to Duke in 1945 fol- 
lowing a recommendation by Dr. White 
of the English Department. He received 
his academic training at the University 
of Tennessee and Peabody Institute and 
taught for nineteen years at East 
Tennessee State College before coming 
to Duke. He has since received his 
M.A. degree and done further graduate 
study at the University of North 
Carolina and at Duke. 



Mary Margaret Ball serves as Dean 
of the V\bman's College and Associate 
Dean of Arts and Sciences. She received 
her A.B., M.A., and Ph. D. degrees at 
Stanford. Miss Ball, before coming to 
Duke in 1963, was a professor ot 
political science at X'assar and Wellesley. 
An authority on international relations. 
Miss Ball has received both national 
and international acclaim for outstand- 
ing literary contributions to her held. 
Miss Ball's energetically intellectual 
personality has proven to be a vital 
addition to the University. 

.\1.\RY .M.^RijAKLi Ball, Ph.D. 
Dean of rhe Woman's College and .Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences 

Mary Grace Wilson, A..M. 
Dean of Undergraduate \\'onien 

.Mary Grace \\'ilson has served in a 
variety of positions in the \\bman's 
College of Duke University. At pres- 
ent she is Dean of Undergraduate 
Women. She received her M.x\. 
degree from Columbia University. Miss 
Wilson first came to the Women's 
College as a house counselor later 
becoming Dean of Residents, after 
which she assumed her present position 
of Dean of Undergraduate Women. 
Her duties include the supervision of 
all the non-academic aspects of student 
life and the integration ot these extra- 
curricular activities into the students' 
intellectual growth. 


Jane Philpott, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Instruction 

I he Dean of Undergraduate In- 
struction for the Woman's College is 
Ellen Harris Huckabee. A Duke alumna. 
Miss Huckabee, with experience and 
insight, advises students on academic 
problems and plans. As Associate Dean 
of Undergraduate Instruction, Jane Phil- 
pott advises and works closely with 
freshmen and sophomores. Miss Phil- 
pott also teaches botanical science at 
Duke. The Assistant Dean ot Under- 
graduate Women is Lillian A. Lee. 
Miss Lee handles student employment 
and serves on scholarship and student 
organizational committees. 

Eli. EN Harris Huckabee, A..M. 
Dean of Undergraduate Instruction 

I. II I.IAN Armfieii) Lee, M.S.I il. 
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Women 



Duke's College of Engineering is one 
of the fastest growing schools in the 

University. An engineering library of 
some 30,000 volumes complements the 

new facilities which include modern 
drafting rooms and laboratories. The 
College itself is divided into the de- 
partments of mechanical, electrical, 
and civil engineering. The Dean of the 
College, Dr. James L. Meriam, is 
assisted by an executive committee 
composed of the heads of these depart- 
ments: Thomas G. Wilson, Chairman 

of Electrical Engineering; John N. 
Alacduft, Chairman of .Mechanical En- 
gineering; and I'arl T. Brown, II, Chair- 
man of Civil Engineering. Dr. \\ ilson 
succeeds Dr. \'ail, \\ho is now the Asso- 
ciate Dean of the College. Dr. .\lacdutf 
is presently on sabbatical in Scotland. 
The Assistant Dean of the College is 
Dr. I*^dward K. Kravbili. 

James Laihrop .Mkriam, Ph.D. 
Dean of the College of Engineering 

Charles R. \ail, M.S.E.E. 
Associate Dean of the College of Engineering 

Edward Kready Kraybill, JVI.S.E. 
Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering 

Seated, Dr. Earl T. Brown, 11; standing, Dr. 1 homas G. Wilson, 
Department Chairmen 



Dean Ann AI. Jacobansky directs 
the Undergraduate Program of the 
School of Nursing. The two-told pur- 
pose of the School of Nursing is to 
provide an opportunity for continuing 
personal growth and a foundation for 
protessional development. In addition to 
her administrative responsibilities, .Miss 
Jacobansky serves as a member of the 
Undergraduate Faculty Council. Her 
own concepts of nursing provide the 
guidelines for her policies. "Nursing 
is not only preparation for a career, 
bur prepar.irion for life." 

Prior to her arrival at Duke in 195-^. 
Dean Joeobansky taught tor 4 years at 
Presb\terian Hospital School of Nurs- 
ing, while simultaneously working on 
her masters degree in education at the 
University ot Pittsburg. 

A veteran of thirty-seven years teach- 
ing and administrative experience. Dr. 
Elwood Scott Harrar attended Oberlin 
College and the New York State Col- 
lege of Forestry before coming to 
Duke. He is currently Dean of the 
Graduate School of Forestry. Dr. Har- 
rar is the author of a number of works 
concerned with torestry study and wood 

Ann M.-iDELiNE Jacobansky, R.N., M.S.N. 
Dejn of the School of Nursing 

products. Fhe Douglas Fir is of par- 
ticular interest to him. 

A devoted student of the perplexities 
of Miguel Cervantes' character Don 

Quixote, about whom he has written 
several interpretations, Dr. Richard L. 
Prcdmore is the Dean of the Duke 
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. 

Elwood Scon Harrar, Ph.D. 
Dean of the School of Forestry 

Richard Lionel Phi hmoki , D.M.I,. 
Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and 




A specialist in pediatric surgery and 
surgery of the cardiovascular system. 
Dr. William Cj. Anlyan became Ucan of 
the Duke Medical School in 1964. His 
association with the Medical Center 
dates back to the years 1949-50 when 
he came to Duke as an intern. In 1961 
he became a professor in surgery and 
two years later the associate dean of 
the Center. 

A graduate of Yale University, Dr. 
Anlyan w as a Markle Scholar in Medi- 
cal Science for the years 195.V58. At 
Duke he has served as vice-chairman 
of the University Planning Committee 
and a member of the executive com- 
mittee of the Academic Council. 

Appointed Dean of the Divinity 
School in 1958, Dr. Robert E. Cush- 
man is a professor ot systematic the- 
ology. The son of a noted clergyman, 
he holds degrees from Wesleyan U. 
and Vale. 

Dr. Cushman has a diversified and 
extensive list of hobbies : painting, book 
collecting, antique collecting and re- 
storing, tree farming, sailing and photog- 
raphy. When he is not pursuing one 
of his favorite pastimes, he rinds time 
to be President of the Association of 
Methodist Theological Schools and a 
member of the Ecumenical Planning 
Committee of the National Council of 
Churches. He was a Methodist Ob- 
server to the 11 N'atican Council last 

"My idiosyncrasies are many but 
they all trace back to being a 19th 
century character in a 20th century 
society," writes 1.. R. Latt\', Dean of 
the Duke School of Law . In 1959 Dean 
Latty took over permanently the ad- 
ministrative responsibilit\- of the School 
of Law after having been associated 
with the School for several years in 
the interim position of Acting Dean. 
His academic training includes degrees 
from Bowdoin College, the University 
of Michigan, and Columbia. Admitted 
to the New York bar in 1930, he was 
associated with the firm of Sullivan 
and Cromwell for three years. Dean 
Latty has served with the State De- 
partment and written several books. 

William G. Anlyan, AI.L). 
Dean of the School of Medicine 

Robert Earl Cushman, B.D., Ph.D. 
Dean of the Divinity School 

Elvin Remus Latty, Ph.D. 
Dean of the School of Law 


)^1|^. J^ ■■ 

- ^ (3'J7^ «mM^HB^BIiff ilk. 

— — T°*" VT*-:"*"-^'"***^ ■-•**'*** •-■*-s^^^ 

-' ML''!iii.-a>':>»-4WK*»«i*-»^ 


iRVlNt; I'",. AlKXANDKR, Fh.O., (Jhlirllhl)l 

Department of Psyehology 

With the rapid acivancement of edu- 
cation, the necessity of highly compe- 
tent department chairmen has become 
extremely important. Not only is the 
chairman responsible for co-ordinating 
and supervising the work of his staff, 
but he must concern himself with the 
needs of his department's program as 
well. The chairman also serves as a 
liaison between faculty and administra- 
tion. Through his personal research 
and interest in his own field, he typifies 
the endeavors of the University toward 
academic excellence. 

To turn to the chairmen of the social 
sciences at Duke, one finds outside re- 
sponsibilities co-ordinated with de- 
partmental concerns. For example. Dr. 
Irving Alexander, Chairman of the 
Department of Psychology, is presenth' 
doing research in the area of Jungian 
typology. Dr. Alexander succeeded to 
the chairmanship after the untimely 
death of Dr. Karl 1~. Zener in September. 

Economics of Latin America is the 
forte of Dr. Robert S. Smith, head of 
the Economics Department. He has 
published two books and has served as 
a visiting professor at the Universities 
of Costa Rica, San Carlos, and Buenos 
Aires. At one time an honorary consul 
for the Republic of Guatemala, Dr. 
Smith is serving his first year as chair- 

Dr. William H. Cartwright, Chair- 
man of the Department of Education, 

Ri>iiii<i S. Smith, Pfi.D., Chairman 
l)cp.irtmcnt of Economics 

W'n 1 [AM H. CARTWRrcHT, Ph.D., Chairman 
Department ot Fdiic.iri'vi 




▲ ^4i ^^^^-r-^ 

^^^^^^^^^^L '^,2r'^^^^BL,,__ 








is co-author of many books on educa- 
tion, and has worked jointly with Dr. 
James B. Conant in helping the latter 
compile his book Stihiy of the Ediiaitiou 
of American Tetuhers, 1961-1963. Majors 
often supplement their education studies 
w ith specialized work in other depart- 
ments in order to prepare themselves 
for a specific teaching position. 

The political science major at Duke 
studies American and I'.uropean political 
systems and is urged to elect courses 
from the theoretical, national, and in- 
ternational realms ot the subject. Dr. 
John H. Hallowell succeeds Dr. Robert 
Rankin as chairman of this department. 

W hile completing research studies 
conducted under the auspices of the 
Ford Foundation, National Institute of 
Health, and University Research Coun- 
cil, Dr. John C. .McKinne\' chairs the 
Department of Sociology at Duke. The 
fields of race relations and the city are 
but two areas \\ hich attract the sociology 


John l-f\Mn ion llAUoutLL, Ph.D., Cliainnan 
Department of Political Science 

John C. .McKinnev, Ph.D., Chairman 
Department of Sociology 


Ti Kin \\'. Johnson, Jr. 

, Ph. 

,U., Clhrin/itrn 

Dcparrnicnt of Botany. 

^^H I 






^^^^^^^^^WL '^ 



^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^^^'^N*- 


i^^^^ ^^^^^^^H 





^V ^'hI 



^^^V ,r jM 



^^^ "^'i '^ 

.— 3k-\_-^» 

E. WiLLAKD Blukv, Ph.D., Chainnan 
Department of Zoology 

The natural sciences departments at 
Duke have two major objectives in 
their present courses ot instruction: 
first, to expose all students to those 
sciences which enable them to tuitill 
undergraduate requirements and, second, 
to give solid preparation and foundation 
to science majors, most of whom plan 
to continue their studies in graduate 
schools. The somewhat arbitrar>' di- 
vision of the natural sciences into bio- 
logical and physical categories serves as 
a convenient means of presenting the 
University's men of science. 

The biological sciences at the Uni- 
versity are botany, geology, and zool- 
ogy. Dr. T. W. Johnson, whose special 
interest is marine mycology, chairs the 
Botany Department. Under his super- 
vision all aspects of botany are in- 
tegrated in a course of study which 
includes field work, lab instruction, and 
classification. A Guggenheim Fellow, 
Dr. Johnson was appointed department 
head in 1963. 

Geology is administered b\- Dr. 
E. W. Berry, editor of Southcasteni 
(h-ologist and listed in the 1964-65 
Who's Who in America. Upon retire- 
ment this year from the chairmanship 
of the department, Dr. Berry will pass 
on to his successor a curriculum which 
probes into the "how," "when," and 
"why" of the earth, emphasizing its 
history and structure. 

Dr. I'dward C. Horn is head of the 
Zoology Department, which highlights 

the fields of morphology, physiology, 
and generics. Dr. Horn hsts his hobbies 
and special interests collectively as 

The sciences of chemistry and physics 
incorporate the physical aspects of the 
natural sciences. Dr. J. H. Saylor — 
whose private interests include fishing 
and photography, in addition to zoology, 
physics, and chemistry -- chairs the 
Chemistry Department. The under- 
graduate program is geared for basic 
understanding of the fundamentals of 
chemical science and lalioratory tech- 
niques and experimental procedures. 


1 he course of study ranges from analyti- 
cal to organic chemistry. 

Dr. Henry Fairbank, a graduate of 
Whitman College and Yale, is head of 
the Physics Department. He conducts, 
as a special interest, low temperature 
phs'sics research. Under the depart- 
mental program the physics major 
takes courses which begin at the 
introductory level and go as far as 
nuclear physics. 

Edward C. Horn, Ph.D., Chairman 
Department of Zoology 

John H. Savlor, Ph.D., Cliairman 
Department of Chemistry 

Henry A. Fairbanks, Ph.D., Chairniaii 
Department of Physics. 



RoisERi S. RoijERh, Ph.D., Cliiiiriihiii 
Department of Classical Stuilies 

Bko\]sl.\s Dii LuAL Jezierski, Ph.D. 
Chairman, Department of Russian 

LjONKE SlENhNbON, Ph.D., ClhVrflhUl 

Department of 


Study of a forcisn language serves a 
double purpose-appreciation of the 
language and its literature tor their own 
worth and also understanding of the 
influence ot foreign languages and 
thought on the I'.nglish language and its 
literature. Especially in literature can 
cross-influences and common themes be 
discovered through comparison of the 
works ot foreign and American writers. 

The Chairman ot the Classical Studies 
Department, Dr. Robert Rogers, re- 
ceived his doctorate from Princton 
University. Under his supervision the 
classical studies in Latin and Creek at 
Duke include not onh' a basic under- 
standing ot the two languages but also 
the outstanding literature of the ancients. 

In recent \'ears Russian has become 
increasingly important because of the 
growing scientific and political stature 
of the USSR. In response of this 
contemporary challenge to the uni- 
versities, Duke's Russian Department 
offers studies in both language and 
literature. The department is chaired 
by Dr. Bronislas de Leval Jezierski, 
who has greatly increased the number 
of books of Russian literature available 

JoH\ M. Fein, Ph.D., Chairman 
Department of Romanee Languages 

at Duke, largely through his own 

Dr. Lionel Stevenson is the new 
chairman ot the I'.nglish Department. Of 
Scottish birth. Dr. Stevenson enjoys the 
distinction afforded him as a fellow of 
the Royal Society of Literature, and 
presides over a department which 
boasts a unique s\stem for the in- 
truction of freshman English. In the 
past Dr. Stevenson has been a visiting 
lecturer at 0.xford University and at 
several American universities. 

The Chairman of the Department of 
Romance Languages is Dr. John Fein. 

Herman Sai inger, Ph.D., Chairman 
Department of German 

In addition to class work in literature 
and conversation, informal dinner meet- 
ings, the French play, and the French 
Corridor provide opportunities to de- 
velop fluency in spoken French or 
Spanish. Intensive study in Italian and 
Portugese is also offered through the 

Dr. Herman Salinger is Chairman of 
the German Department, which has now 
increased the number of German natives 
on its faculty to one-half of the staff. 
Duke's new summer program provides 
study and cultural opportunities in 
Germany as well as in France and Spain. 


Charles A. Bavlis, Ph.D., Chairniim 
Dc|xirtmont of Philosophy 


Religion, history, and philosophy 
arc all manifestations ot those things 
whieh men consider vital in their daily 
world, and they provide, w ith language 
and science, the means by which man 
deals with his world. In a similar 
fashion the worlds of art and music 
demonstrate man's relationship with 
both the mundane and the spiritual 

James L. Price, Jr., Ph.D., ('Jhiirnnm 
Department nt Rchgion 

Allan H. Bone, .M..\I., Chairman 
Department of Music 

1!aki- C .\1lelleb, Ph.D., Chairman 
Department of Art 

aspects of his existence. In giving 
instruction in these fields, the Universi- 
ty realizes a need to inter-relate its 
subject matter. The overlapping in the 
content of numerous courses in the 
History, Religion, and Philosophy De- 

partments aptly illustrates this point. 

The History Department at Duke is 
one of the largest with 326 declared 
majors. Dr. Richard L. Watson, Jr., 
who chairs the Department, says: 
"History is related to any discipline 
depending on how the discipline is 
taught." The diversity of history courses 
offered at Duke provides a wide range 
of associated disciplines for the student. 

Dr. Charles A. Baylis, whose par- 
ticular field is the study of ethics, heads 
the Philosophy Department, in which 
the interest allotted to each individual 
is the highest concern. 

In keeping with the intent of depart- 
mental relation, the Religion Depart- 
ment, under the direction ol Dr. James 

Richard L. Watson, Jr., Ph.D., Chairman 
Department of History 

Price, stresses religion as an element 
of culture and the humanities, offering 
courses which compare world religions. 

The Art Department is unique among 
similar departments in other colleges 
around the nation in that there are six 
Ph.D.'s on the staff. The program of 
the department is basically one of art 
history and is capably supervised by 
Dr. Earl G. Mueller, who has worked 
in both studio art and art history. 

Dr. Allan H. Bone came to Duke 
twenty years ago and has since seen 
the Music Department, under his super- 
vision, establish itself as a department 
of consequence in the University 
curriculum. Dr. Bone is accomplished 
both as a conductor and as a performer. 


The instruction of physical education 
at Duke seeks to balance the forces ot 
thought and action that are involved in 
the performance of each sport. Al- 
though both the men's and the women's 
physical education programs serve as 
part of the regular curriculum for 
freshmen and sophomores, the two 
programs differ somewhat in their 
stated aims. The East Campus program, 
under the new direction of Betty F. 
McCuc, is designed to broaden the 
students' educational background and 
understanding of people while at the 
same time acquainting the coed with a 
wide range of sports and activities. In 
addition to fulhlling men's under- 
graduate requirements, the ^^est 
Campus program seeks to develop 

John J. Gergen. Ph.D., Cluirmjii 
Department of Mathematics 

teachers and coaches with understand- 
ing of basic theory as well as skill in 

Dr. John Friedrich, Chairman of the 
Men's Department oi' Physical Edu- 
cation, and his staff have modihed the 
curriculum of the freshman program 
during the past year. Under this new 
system, the student not only learns to 
develop his skills, but he is required 
also to learn the theory behind this 
development. Consequently, three-quar- 
ters of the courses is based on theory 
while the remaining quarter is actually 
based on the development of skills. In 
this manner the freshman is introduced 
to those sports which he may pursue in 
further detail as a sophomore. 


Betty F. .\1cCie, Ph.D., Chuirrnan 
Department of Physcial Edueation — East 

The .Mathematics Department is 
headed by Dr. John J. Gergen, recipient 
of the Department of the Army Our- 
standing Civilian Service Award in 
1959. The broad subject of mathematics 
branches into algebra, geometry, and 
anaKsis — all of which prepare the 
student for the mathematical principles 
encountered in such related fields as 
physics, economics, and accounting. 

John Friedrich, Ph.D., Chairman 
Dep.irtnicnt of Physical Education — West 

Ihe Student of naval science follows 
a strictly outlined program from his 
first year as a freshman until his year of 
graduation. Summer cruises supplement 
the knowledge of seamanship and naval 
history which he has gained in the 
classroom. Captain Sam J. Caldwell, in 
his first year at Duke, is the command- 
ing officer of the NROTC unit. 

Lt. Col. John Schlogl instructs 
students in the complexities of air 
sciences. The program trains the student 
in leadership laboratories and on the 
drill field. Upon graduation, the trainee 
is commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in 
the United States Air Force. 

John Schlogl, B.S., Lt. Col. USAF, Ciutnihvi 
Department of Air Science 

Sa.mJ. Caldwell, B.S., Captain USN 
Cliairmati, Department of Naval Science 



he flash of a campus crown, an 

honorary key, or a well known smile The first 

two signs of distinction may be seen only once 

during the year at the crowning of a beauty 
queen or an initiation into one of the honorary 

societies. The third sign, that of campus 
personalities, is seen daily. Yet beneath the awards 

lie the personal qualities of each individual — 
the basis for any distinction. 


)rtcr ot 

aown to 

inds too 

'ith the 

:. Teach- 

I of open 


irse. Her 

elude the 

after the 

; example 

CTcmy North, proprietor of the 
(Jothic Bookshop, is a bearded English- 
man with a ready sense of humor. His 
name is a pseudonym, adopted while 
writing for a magazine. During the war 
Mr. North was a colonel in the British 

Full of southern charm, Robert F. 
Durden challenges and teases his stu- 
dents with a light touch and informal 
manner. Students can count on his pipe, 
his vest, his bowtie, and his boutonnicrc, 
as well as his concern tor them as in- 

Reynolds Price is a brilliant, darkly 
intense young man with an accent 
crossed between North Carolina and 
Oxford, England. Students of his cre- 
ative writing class describe him as 
"extremely articulate" and possessing 

Dr. Hichard Leach, Associate Profes- 
sor ot [ )olitical science, also appears as 
a familiar figure in student lite as 
Chairman of the Publications Board, 
Faculty lAdvisor to the MSGA Senate, 
and Chiirman of the Honors-Masters 
programl His easy-going manner 
coupled l\\ ith a dislike of long-winded 

tediousness, often cuts through the 
verbiage of these organizations to 
achieve a definite solution to a problem. 
He teaches his specialties, state and 
local government, and city planning, 
with informal "lectures" and class 
discussions ranging from Durham 
politics to lively free-for-alls. 


The student who first enters Dr. 
Kremen's Psychology 100 class is at 
the beginning of a new academic 
experience. Throughout the semester, 
the class explores subjects which hold a 
mysterious intrigue for most college 
students. The difficult concepts of per- 
sonality structure and development, and 
the theories of Freud and other psy- 
chologists are made interesting by 
Kremen's use of personal examples and 
case histories and his sense ot humor. 
Throughout this, at times, light treat- 
ment, however, the student must sense 
the intensity of the man's interest and 
the overall seriousness \\ith which he 
views the field ot ps)'chnlogy. 

Air. Pickett is a familiar figure to a 
East Campus girls who visit his office 
often. The student's first impression ot 
this friendly postmaster is one of 
amazement as he greets all ot his patrons 
by name. His cheerful word usually 
comes at a time ot mail-delivery 
disappointment and so is doubly ap- 
preciated. Beyond this, he is knov\n for 

his golfing ability, prompt deliveries, 
and postcards deposited in boxes face 
down. His contributions to the coeds' 
contact with the outside and his cheering 
attitude make the praise which he 
receives well deserved. 

Intellect, humor, and conviction — 
these are three outstanding characteris- 
tics of Dr. Peter Klopter, zoology pro- 
fessor. His class lectures are brilliant, 
though difficult. \\ ith scientific curiosity 

he runs numerous zoological experi- 
ments, but a humorous vein runs 
through his seriousness. Who can tor- 
get the day Klopter brought a goat to 

The reason — to prove that he was 
conducting zoo experiments, but not 
raising buffaloes, of course. Klopter has 
demonstrated the courage to uphold his 
personal convictions by taking part in 
civil rights marches. 


Dr. R. M. (Nurmi) Shears is noted 
tor his abihty in track, his tutoring in 
five languages and his punctuahty. 
Although not attached to the Uni- 
versity, his familiar figure is seen year 

Dr. Robert van Kluyve is a mystic 
w ho wears tapestry vests while prose- 
h'tizing for medieval studies, and yet 
he is completely natural. He is an 
accomplished folk-sinser and pilot. Since 

The rotting away of civilization 
since the days of \^'ork^ War I is a 
constant preoccupation ot Dr. W'ilhani 
Bush, outspoi<en member of the Duke 
French department. Stereotyped too 
conveniently in the role of the class- 
room iconoclast, Dr. Bush attacks, 
among other things, students' unw illing- 
ness to think for themselves and to come 
to grips with their society in meaningful 
terms. His French classes therefore 
tend to provoke student reaction to 
society which extends beyond the class 
period. Within our ivory tower exist- 
ence. Dr. Bush reminds us of the 
responsibilities which lie ahead. 



Ursula Margaret F.hrhardt 

Lynn I'thcridge 

Heather Jane Low 

Linda Orr 


Susan Lapsley Persons 

Marcia .Moore Ross 


Heather Howard Smith 

Kenneth Carrington Bass, 111 

John C:iinton McClain, Jr. 

Robert Joseph i^heheen 


Michael Iver Peterson 

Craig Winston Wbrthmgton 


William Elgin Pursley 

I homas Michael Zavelson 


Jo Ann Applcyard 


lijrhara \\Ay Johnson 

Alice Corbly Kern 



Dorothy Louise Newton 



Bruce R. Baumgartner 

Dennis H. Ferguson 

George H. Flowers, III 

Chcsley C. Herbert, 111 

Richard C. Lam 

Phillips G. La.Motte 

Joseph L. Luliins 
Ray E. Ratliff 

O. Randolph Rollins 

William A. Simpson 

John C. Spencer 

David L. Valle 
John L. Waddell, Jr. 
C. Thomas Zimmer 



Phi Beta Kappa, founded on December 
5, 1778, at the College of Wilham and 
Mary, is the oldest honorary scholastic- 
society in the United States. There are 
now 177 local chapters. The Duke 
chapter was chartered in 1919. Phi Beta 
Kappa's emphasis is on the liberal arts 
and sciences, and it leaves to other 
organizations the recognition of aca- 
demic success in other fields. 

To be considered tor election, under- 
graduate students must have a 3.30 

quality-point average for six semesters. 
These standards are currently being 
reconsidered. Elections are made in 
October, February, and during Com- 
mencement Week. Officers for 1964- 
1965 are Dr. Louise Hall, President; 
Dr. Paul Welsh, Vice-President; Dr. 
William F. Stincspring, Secretary; Dr. 
Louis J. Budd, Executive Committee; 
and Dr. R. AT Lumiansky, Executive 

Susan I'.lizabeth Appleton 
I'dw ard Forrest Baird 
Judith Ann Baker 
l-.lizabeth Anne Barnett 
Kenneth Carrington Bass, III 
( iuy Anthony Bayes 
Barbara Ann Blohm 
i'.rnest Jackson Branscomb, Jr. 
Paul Frederick Brow n, Jr. 
Robert David Carlitz 
Barbara Ellen Cook 
Dw ight Phelps Cruikshank, W 
Graycc Bieg Dawson 
■\laurine Doggett 
Leonora Ann Dreisinger 
Ernest Lloyd Dunn 
John Albert Flias 
Alice Holland Estes 
Lynn Ethcridge 
Thomas Steven Evans 
Stephen Douglas Fox 
Rebecca Joan Frank 
Carol Louise Gegauff 
Margaret Ann Gilliland 
Caroline Lewis Ciram 
Robert Ehomas (iraybeal 
Martha Frances Hamilton 
John \\'eiss Harris 
Mary Caroline Heald 
Hugh Littell Henry 
Thomas James Herin 
Thomas Morgan Hyers 
Benita Burton Jankic 
Clint Clarinda Jennison 
Patricia Mary Kasmar 
Richard Dietrich Krebs 
Evelyn Jeannine Krueger 
Irene \'ertna Gulledge Lopp 

Heather Jane Low 
Catherine Jane Reeve Love 
Karen Wiman Luce 
Mary Bynum Martin 
Walter Cade Metz, Jr. 
Alan Howard Meyer 
Nancy Lee Moore 
Samuel Maxwell Myers, Jr. 
.\Iarjorie Ann O'Xcall 
Linda Orr 

Leighton Brown Parker, Jr. 
Ann Florence Pauly 
Susan Jane Pauly 
Wayne Terryl Peterson 
Mary Ann Plant 
Pamela LeRoy Pugh 
Judith Ann Rector 
Terence Nat Reisman 
Mary Dyer Robb 
Overman Randolph Rollins 
John Austin Ryan, Jr. 
William Earl Sasser 
Barbara Ruth Sears 
James Russell Sites 
Ann L\'n Stephens 
Pamela Sun Stewart 
John Lawrence Sullivan 
Ruth Marian Sutch 
Jane Wallace Titus 
Kathryn Ann \'alc 
Ronald James X'aughan 
Stanley Sidney Ward 
William Thomas ^^arren 
\^end\• Patricia Watson 
Sarah Lynn Weaver 
Charles Denny A\'hite, Jr. 
.Mary Frances Williams 
Judy Jo Worley 



Conceived and inaugurated thirty-one 
years ago, HV/o'.f Who Amove; Students 
ill Aiiicr'uwi Collcitcs and Uii'nrrsities has 
a dual purpose; the pubhcanon provides 
recognition tor students who have 
served their schools, while compiling 
excellent academic records and partici- 
pating in extra-curricular activities, and 
serves as a valuable reterencc guide and 
tile for employers. Committees of 
administrative officers, faculty, and 
.students in institutions across the 

country nominate the candidates. Se- 
lection is ultimately based on schol- 
arship, citizenship, leadership, partici- 
pation in campus activities, and general 
service. I he htt\'-seven students, whose 
names appear below, have been selected 
to represent the Duke campus in the 
ranks ot the "collegiate aristocracy." 
They have indicated that they may be 
assets to their communities atter grad- 

Patricia Lcc Adams 
Barbara Jan Albers 
Margaret Bothwell Allen 
Jo Ann Appleyard 
Kenneth Carrington Bass, III 
Guy Anthony Bayes 
Anita C^arol Campbell 
Edith Patricia Carr 
XM'sley Louis Cocker 
Douglas Adrian Cotter 
Maurine Doggett 
Ursula Margaret Ehrhardt 
Lynn Etheridge 
Thomas Steven Evans 
Laura \'irginia Faulkner 
Dennis Henry Ferguson 
George Horace Flowers, III 
Eugene Armand Garand 
Caroline Lewis Gram 
Chesley C. Herbert, III 
Thomas James Herin 
Janet Taylor Huntley 
Alice Corbly Kern 
Lee Allan Kuntz 
Phillips Gibbs LaMotte 
Heather Jane Low- 
John Clinton McClain, Jr. 
David W. Minnotte 
Fred Henry Moore 

Hettie Garland Nagel 
Linda Orr 

Carol Baldwin Papps 
Michael Ivcr Peterson 
Jeffrey Wayne Place 
Mary Ann Plant 
Stephen Tullis Porter 
Ellen Martha Pressman 
Thomas O. Price 
\\ illiam Elgin Pursley 
Ray Edmond Ratliff 
Carol Brisbane Rinehart 
Overman Randolph Rollins 
Marcia Moore Ross 
John Austin Ryan, Jr. 
Barbara Ruth Sears 
Robert Joseph Sheheen 
William A. Simpson 
Heather Howard Smith 
Susan Elizabeth Smith 
John Calloway Spencer 
R. Haskell Tison 
Mall Tuul 
Kathryn Ann Vale 
William Thomas Warren 
Charles Denny White, Jr. 
Craig W Worthington 
Thomas Michael Zavclson 


Omicron Delta Kappa, the national 
honorary for men who have excelled in 
leadership, character, and service to 
the University, was founded at Duke in 
1926. The purposes of ODK arc: to 
recognize men who have attained the 
status of leaders, to mold sentiment on 
miportant matters ot Duke Universit\\ 
and to provide a structure of com- 
munication between students, facult\'. 




and staff. This year, in addition to the 
regular meetings and committee work 
for the tapping ot new members, the 
group held periodic meetings with 
members of the faculty and adminis- 
tration for discussion of major campus 
trends, problems, and developments. 
Coupled with this activity, ODK pre- 
pared a pamphlet entitled, "Guide to 
the Administration." 

Kenneth Carrington Bass 

Wesley Louis Cocker 

1 homas S. Evans 

George Horace Flowers, III 

Chesley Carlisle Herbert, 111 

William I'Igin Pursley, Jr. 

Ray Edmond Ratliff, Jr. 

Overman Randolph Rollins 
John Austin R\an 
Robert Joseph Sheheen 
Charles Denny White, Jr. 
Craig Winston Worthington 
Thomas Michael Zavelson 





Phi Kappa Delta, the leadership fra- 
ternity of senior women, honors 
Woman's College students who have 
exhibited scholastic excellence, given 
service to the University community, 
and been leaders in campus activities. It 
was founded in 1<?4+ b\' the members ot 
Omicron Delta Kappa, the senior lead- 
ership honorary on West Campus. 

Requirements tor membership in- 
clude a grade average which is higher 

than the all-women's average and a 
demonstration of leadership in at least 
one campus activity plus participation 
in several other activities. 

This year. Phi Kappa Delta, together 
with Omicron Delta Kappa, held an 
evening of informal discussion with 
Dr. and Airs. Knight, and met every 
Sunday evening for supper and dis- 

Patricia Adams 
Barbara Jan Albers 
I'lizabeth Barnert 
Maurine Doggctt 
Joann Downing 
Ursula Ehrhardt 
Lynn Etheridge 
Doloris Fincher 
Rebecca Frank 
Edith Fraser 
Martha Hamilton 
Joyce Harrold 
Janet Huntley 

Jeannine Krueger 
1 leather Low 
Barbara Morgan 
Linda ( )rr 
Linda Parks 
Mary Ann Plant 
f'llcn Pressman 
Sally Schumacher 
Barbara Sears 
Heather Smith 
Jane litus 
Mall Tuul 
Kaye Vale 



Founded in the 19i0's, Sandals recog- 
nizes twenty rising sophomore girls 
who meet the group's high standards of 
personal character, attitude, leader- 
ship potential, willingness to co-operate 
with others, intellectual curiosity, and 
service to the University. This group 
of outstanding girls is an auxiliary of 
\\ SCiA which serves the Duke com- 
munit\' in many ways: by assisting 
durinsi Orientation \^eek and at Home- 

coming, by conducting campus tours 
for prospective students, and by usher- 
ing at \\'SGA assemblies. 

Sandals feature regular seminars, 
speakers, and topical discussions treat- 
ing a wide variety of subjects and areas 
ot interest. The proceeds from the 
girls' fund-raising projects are incorpo- 
rated in the Sandals Scholarship aw arded 
each year to an outstanding rising 
sonhomore co-ed. 

Jo Benson 
Lyndall Booth 
Marcia Coleman 
Carolyn Colwell 
Ann Dodds 
.Mary Earle 
Roberta Harlan 
Kath\- Irwin 
Karlen Lyons 
Kathv .Murray 

Kay Ni.x 
Paula Phillips 
Jan Poppendieck 
Liz Rich 
Havard Schmidt 
Molly Steitz 
Kathy Stogner 
Ginger Travis 
Alary \\ard 
Alice ^^'illiams 




Organized forty-seven years ago to 
recognize leadership potential. Beta 
Omega Sigma taps men from the rising 
sophomore class each spring who have 
excelled in scholarship, leadership, and 
service to the University. The honorary 
attempts to arouse student interest and 
participation in campus affairs and to 
develop individual responsibility. 

Beta Omega Sigma members work 
"behind the scenes" durinsi Home- 

coming, assisting in the election of the 
Homecoming Queen and her coronation. 
They also serve as representatives of 
the University, welcoming returning 
alumni and visiting educators. BOS is 
also prepared to serve, when called 
upon by the Administration or by the 
Men's Student Government Associ- 
ation. This year, with the Sandals, the 
group sponsored a car wash, and held 
a banquet. 

John T. Alden 
Ross Arnold HI 
James I). Bell 
James H. Coil 
Joe F. Harris 
James K. Hasson 
Robert T. Hyde 
Michael Jones 
\\'illiam D. Kenerly 

Stuart McKaig 
John F. Modlin 
Daniel Parker 
George J. Poe 
Joseph Schwab 
Michael Shasby 
Guy T. Solie 
John D. Stewart 
Kent H. Zaiser 



Founded in 1937 by the Woman's 
College Class of 1940, Iv>' encourages 
scholarship and intellectual achieve- 
ment among freshmen women. Member- 
ship requirements are a 3.5 average 
either for the first semester or for 
both semesters of the freshman year. 
Members are, accordingly, tapped after 
the first semester of their freshman year 
or in the fall of their sophomore year. 

With its West Campus counterpart, 

Phi Eta Sigma, Ivy sponsored a banquet 
honoring all freshmen with a 3.0 aver- 
age at mid-semester. Other activities 
included serving as hostesses for girls 
interviewing for Angicr B. Duke schol- 
arships and presenting the scholarship 
cup — won this year by Addoms House. 
Ivy girls also provided tutors for 
freshmen who had trouble with their 

Nancy Elinor Allison 
Catherine Jane Carlile 
Jane Kerby Champion 
Rebecca Ann Culp 
Dianna Lee Denton 
Frances Colclough Dick 
Elaine Ehrensperger 
Mary Kathryn Gnuse 
Diane Wood Grantham 
Janet Elizabeth Gurkin 

Josephine T. Humphreys 
Barbara Anne Keen 
Karlen Ruth Lyons 
.Martha Claire Moore 
Katherine Sutton Xi.x 
Sally Ovcrakcr 
\\'ilhelmina M. Reuben 
Julia L\n Reynolds 
Karen Diane \'olz 
Anne \\alker W'hite 



Setting by example, high standards 
for academic leadership, Phi Eta Sigma, 
national sophomore honorary for men, 
recognizes and encourages excellence in 
scholarship. Freshmen who attain a 3.5 
(juality point ratio for the first semester 
or a 3.S average for the entire fresh- 
man year are eligible for membership. 
The honorary publishes a list of tutors, 
both student and professional, for the 

benefit of the undergraduate student 
body. x\n annual banquet, sponsored by 
Phi Eta Sigma and Ivy, its counterpart 
on East Campus, honors all freshmen 
who have earned a "B" average at 
mid-semester. This year twenty one 
Duke men qualified for this scholarship 
honorary. Dean Hilburn Womble served 
as Faculty Adviser and Secretary- 
Treasurer of the Duke Chapter. 

Eric A. Baylin 
Robert N. Bright 
William J. Casey 
Fuiward F. Crowding 
Robert L. Duke 
Richard R. Gross 
Robert L. Latta 
John S. Livingston 
Louis F. Owens 
Leslie Pearlstein 
Douglas A, Peck 

Donald A. Phillips 
Joseph R. Schwab 
Douglas M. Shasky 
Raleigh A. Shoemaker 
Samuel G. Stone 
Larry W. Thomas 
John R. W'cisncr 
Kent W. Wilcox 
Donald R. Wood 
Robert L. Wood 


The Order of St. Patrick was 
established on campus in 1945. Its open 
purposes — the society is a secret order — 
are to inspire pride in the College of 
Engineering, to stimulate student in- 
terest and participation in the extra- 
curricular activities of the college, and 
to foster better student-facultv tela- 


tions. Since its inception, the order has 
recognized those men who have demon- 
strated definite leadership ability. The 
group bases its membership qualifi- 
cations on a point system, which 
considers achievement in the classroom 
and laboratory and in the activities 

Left to right: \V. Simpson, D. Cotter, D. Minnotte. E. Garand, T. Price, J. W'alden, Advisor Dr. C. Harman, J. McClain. 



Tau Beta Pi honors those under- 
graduates who have show n distinguished 
scholarship and character in engineering 
or alumni who have shown comparable 
attainments in the field of engineering. 
Selection of members is made from 
engineers in the top eighth of the 
junior class or the top fifth of the senior 

class. The primary goal is to foster a 
spirit of liberal education in colleges 
throughout America. The organization 
sponsored a series of lectures on the 
correct use of a slide rule and high- 
lighted the year with capping ceremonies 
held in the spring and fall. 

Smmg;. left to Tiv.ln: \' . Brciu ii, R. Brown, W. Warren, W. Mctz, W. Peterson. StMiiiiig, left to right: G. Flowers, R. Graham, E. Baird, C. Rogers, 
N. Brienza, R. Rccd, J. Walden, J. Parsley, C. McDowell. 



Founded in April, 1959, by eight 
senior civil engineering students and a 
representative of the engineering facul- 
ty, Chi Epsilon received its charter 
February 28, 1964. Its purpose is to 
maintain and to promote the status of 
civil engineering as a profession, and to 
encourage the development of individual 

character and the exercise of technical 
skills. In order to qualify for member- 
ship in the fraternity, a civil engineer- 
ing student must, as a junior, rank in 
the upper filth of his class, or, as a 
senior, rank in the upper third of his 

Left to riiiht: W. Cjnipbcll, W. Simpson, G. Garand, Ad%isor Dr. Edward Bryan, President, Steve Simon, A. NkCullcrs, K. Ikown, C. \olland, W 



The North Carohna Alpha Chapter 
of Pi Mil Kpsilon, national mathematics 
honorary, was founded in 1932 for tlic 
purpose of creating new interest in 
mathematics and recognizing achieve- 
ments of students in the field. In order 
to join, one must meet national stand- 

ards, a 3.0 average in mathematics, and 
a 3.0 overall average. Induction cere- 
monies for new members are held twice 
a year. At these times, faculty members 
present developments in mathematics 
and career opportunities in the field. 

Row 1: C. Volland, R. Woods, J. Mann, M. Nada, J. Nicholson, W. Peterson, R. Carlitz, H. Graly, J. Urguhast. J. Simon. Roil- 2: W. Warren. 
W. ;\ktz, R. Rccd, L. Whitley, A. Clayton, K. Wertz, E. Sasser, M. Silver, R. Snider, B. Blackshcar. Row 3: H. Henry, J. Parsley, W. U'atson, 
A. Montgomery, J. Robinson, G. Witzenburg, D. Joynes, N. Brienza, J. Sites, W. Simpson. Row 4: D. Hoaglin, P. Brown, L. McCullens, K. Baird, 
M. Martin, C. Conn, M. Hervey. 


In 1932, "Le Salon Francais" was 
established on the Duke campus through 
the efforts of Dr. and Mrs. Neal Dow. 
Six years later, this informal group was 
chartered as the Alpha chapter ot Tau 
Psi Omega, the national honorary 
French fraternity, whose purpose is to 


stimulate interest in the French lan- 
guage and culture. This year the group 
worked in conjunction with the program 
of the French Corridor in sponsoring 
speakers and planning a picnic. The 
fraternity assisted Mme. Dow in the 
production of an annual French play. 

Left to right: A. Morrison, A. Stevens, C. Kurtz, J. Huntley, R. Altnian, L. Orr, R. Anderson, W. Malone, M. Malone, R. Smith, B. Moss, PresKleiit 
Libba Barnett. 



Sigma Delta Pi, tfie Spanish honorary 
fraternity, was organized to foster 
interest in ail aspects ot Spanish stu- 
dies, striving to improve linguistic 
ability and to broaden knowledge of 
Spanish people and culture. The re- 
quirements for admission are an overall 
2.8 average in Spanish. Freshmen are 

not allowed in the fraternity. 

This year the fraternity held a 
banquet to initiate the new members 
and went on a spring picnic. The 
President had the privilege of dining 
with Senor Sabicus, the famous gui- 

Seatni, li'Jt to riiiht: G. Clear)-, J. Anaursun, C. 1 lotllc, A. DoJJs, .\. Mnorc, K. Sapp, \'. Cullicr, 15. Kllei, .\1. .\li»)rc, J. kilpa[rn.k, J. All-rJ. Shi/ht- 
ing, left to right: R. Widcll, L. Hicks, T. Cubbison, M. Boyd, M. Doggett, B. Balderston, M. O'Neall, T. Brownell, R. Carter, G. Stevens, J. Reuter, 
T. Anna, Dr. Davis, J. Mayo, Mr. Flint, D. Pharr, E. Torre, L. Boone, Sr. Castellano. 


I he Duke chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, 
a national education honorary, was 
founded thirty-eight years ago. The 
organization encourages high personal, 
professional, and intellectual standards 
for prospective teachers, while recog- 
nizing the contributions made by those 
planning to teach. To be eligible for 
membership, juniors, seniors, and gradu- 


ate students must rank scholasticall)- in 
the upper fifth ot their respective class 
and must maintain a 3.0 average in 
education courses. This year emphasis 
was placed upon gaining an under- 
standing of the North Carolina State 
Department of Public Instruction — its 
organization, functioning, and its special 

Silting, left to right: J. Alohler, C. Dickens, T. Benton, H. Tyer. StJ/iJiiig, left to right: R. Turner, S. Githens, W. Stunipf, L. Byrd, R. Thompson, 
E. Bolmeier. 



In joining Alpha Kappa Psi, business, 
accounting, and economic majors have 
the opportunity to share common prob- 
lems and to augment classroom learning 
with practical experience. Chartered in 
1929, the society was one oi the first 
organizations founded at Duke. The 
aims of the fraternity are to promote 

better ficulty-student relations, to gath- 
er a practical knowledge ot the business 
world, and to apply theory learned in the 
classroom to actual business situations. 
To qualify for membership, declared 
majors in economics, business adminis- 
tration, or accounting must have a grade 
average of 2.0 or better. 

Sirniifi, left to rif>Ut: M. V'olz, B. Bennett, B. Rudisill, J. Weisiger, R. Passantmo, J. UcRanius. Standnig, left to right: G. Gates, VV. Hudson, T. Gil 
berr, C. Bryant. R. Kale, D. Edgerton, L. West, T. Sinclair. 


The William A. Sally Squadron of 
the i\rnold Air Society, national 
AFROTC honorary, was established 
at Duke in 1960. Membership is 
limited to cadets who have demonstrat- 
ed outstanding leadership ability and 
high academic standing. 

The objectives of the Society are to 
develop iVir Force officers and to 


further the traditions of the United 
States Air Force. The Society recruited 
AFROTC cadets during Orientation 
Week, provided instructors for the 
Durham Civil Air Patrol, and partici- 
pated in projects with the Durham 
Boys Club. The Society also organized 
an Angel Flight, a co-ed auxiliary. 

y L«j u u u HI u u [^ 

Sitting, left to r. ,,,::. J. Al. >...-, J. M vv!.) , H. Stanfield, T. Furness, A. Montgomery, J. Dye, J. Gnuse. Standing, left to right: T. Simpson, H. Murray, 
A. Best, H. Welborn, C. Huneycutt, R. Moser, H. High, T. Sinclair. 



The goal of Pi Sigma Alpha is to 
promote excellence in political science 
and to stimulate an interest in the sub- 
ject among society members and on the 
general campus. Accordingly the group 
includes both faculty and students who 
have shown excellence in the field. Mem- 
bership requirements include a 3.0 
average in at least ten hours ol political 
science courses. Pi Sigma Alpha annually 

sponsors both lectures and seminars 
which are of interest to the entire 
University community. 

This year the members published a 
booklet containing information for the 
political science major on summer job 
opportunities, graduate schools, scholar- 
ship opportunities, and government 

Row J, left to right: M. Tuul, M. Dantzlcr, L. Rogers, L. Bemis, E. Fraser, R. Sutch, M. Jones, J. Hyder. Row 2, left to right: G. Bayes, R. RatlitF, 
P. Lader, pres., R. Rollins, M. Roe, A. Bcnianiin, R. Harrison, C. MacCaughelty, H. Brill, Mrs. Cheek, S. Cotterill, C. Herbert, E. Pressman, S. Bradley. 



Generally, the purposes of the society 
are to promote and reward scholarship 
in electrical engineering. Juniors and 
seniors at the head ot their respective 
classes, and of proven character and 
ability, are considered for election to 
Eta Kappa Nu. With its ideals of 
leadership, scholarship, and integrity, 
the organization works to achieve better 
student-faculty relations and to assist 
the College of Engineering and its 
student body where and when possible. 

Sitting: T. Warren, pres., J. Parsley, Standing, left to right: T. Price, C. Rogers, R. Haygood, 
P. Brown, VV. .Metz, T. Treptow, \V. Plumer, N. Brienza, E. Baird, J. Briek. 


Pi Tau Sigma, a national mechanical 
engineering honorary, was founded at 
Duke in 1944. It accepts for membership 
only those in the top 17% of the junior 
class or in the top 3 3% of the senior 
mechanical engineering class. The goals 
of the group arc three-fold: to stimulate 
interest in departmental activities, to 
develop co-operation among the vari- 

ous branches of the College of Engineer- 
ing, and to toster the high ideals of the 
engineering profession. This year, the 
members sponsored review lectures 
for the E. L T. examinations and 
presented an award to the senior who 
submitted the best paper in class work 
and one to the outstanding sophomore. 

Row 1, left to right: D. Minnotte. L. Brown, G. V\itzenburg, R. Reed. Row 2: H. Gray. J. L rquhart, J. U'alden, P. Crist, Q. Hocutt. 



Delta Phi Rho Alpha, the local 
athletic honorary tor women students, 
was founded on the Uuke campus in 
1921. Each year several rising junior 
and senior women who have shown 
interest, good sportsmanship, and abilit\' 
in women's athletics, are tapped into 
membership. The purpose of the organ- 
ization is to promote student interest 
and enthusiasm for the athletic program. 
In the spring, the organization presents 
a gold key to the senior woman who, 
in their estimation, has most activeK' 
promoted athletics on East campus. 
The members of the honorary partici- 
pate in the various intramural and 
individual sports sponsored by the 

Eta Sigma Phi, the national classical 
studies honorary fraternity was es- 
tablished at Duke in the spring of 1950 
for the purpose ot fraternal relationship 
and the promotion and development of 
interest in the classics. Requirements 
for admission are a 3.5 in Latin 91-92 
for two successive semesters or a 4.0 
in Greek 63-64 for two successive 

Row J: E. Bloomer, S. Smith. 
J. McCleary, C. Southmayd. 

Row 2: M. Macomber, P. Adams, B. Ernst. Row 3: B. Haley, 

semesters. In December, the fraternity 
held a combination Christmas party 
and meeting in the home of its sponsor, 
Dr. James Settle. At this time. Dr. 
Ullman, an expert in the field of classical 
studies, spoke to the group. In the 
spring new members were inducted by 
President Gay Williams. 


Row 1, left to right: Dr. Settle, advisor, J. Titus, D. Miller, B. Harmanson, B. Srrawn, G. Williams, J. Divine, N. Rogers, G. Greene, D. Peck. Row 
2, left to right: R. Harlin, P. Hancs, K. Murray, R. Shumakcr, T. Gordon, B. Wade, P. Palmer, B. Cliff, B. Johnson. 


Row 1: B. Watson, F. Dick, R. Rankin, C. Peps, J. Rector, N. Temple, Row 2: L. Withers, 
N. Githens, S. Roy, A. Johnson, J. Mayo, S. Blackwell. Row >: D. Beale, J. Heiserman, L. Hiday, 
J. Waggoner, D. Youngstrom, J. Rivera, J. Ruggcro, J. Manola, R. Stauffer, J. Abbot, P. Bryan, 
B. Trickey. Row 4: R. Gross, T. Anderson, D. Covington, J. Pooler, J. Brooks, D. Paddock, 
N. Grant. 


The Order of Hippocrates, honorary 
society of the Duke University Pre- 
Medical Society, was founded in 1955 

to honor those students who have been 
active in cxtra-curriculars and who 
show promise of going on to successful 
careers in medicine. Requirements for 
induction are membership in the Pre- 
Medical Society, an overall 3.0 quality- 
point ratio with a minimum of 75 
semester hours, and a "B" average in 


Delta Mu Tau was formed in the 
spring of 1962 as a music honorary 
independent of national music honor- 
aries. Its purposes are to recognize 
those who have made significant contri- 
butions to music on the Duke campus 
and to serve the cause of music through 
ushering and other service activities. 
To be eligible for membership, one 
must have a recommendation from a 
member of the music faculty and ac- 
ceptance by the membership of the 
fraternity. This year the fraternity 
ushered for over fifty musical functions 
and sponsored a Christmas party for 
the music department at the \'illa 
Tempesta in Chapel Hill. 

the pre-medical sciences. This year, 
the honorary fraternity served as a 
unifying influence between the Medical 
Center and the University community. 
It presented a speaker series on topics 
pertinent to the liberal arts college as 
well as to the medical college. 

Sitting, left to right: \ . Kouc, prcs , L . Vicgtr, K, I irj\ t'cii, A. .\luittldt. St.vhUiig, left to right: F. Volbcrg, D. Cruikshank, A. Akycr, K. Bass, 
C. Herbert. 


, {j^ 

H^) w 

[ ,!^i 

^^^rk^L |i# 







' - 1 




»*5 1> 1 




Mr. Tony Randall, currently starring in 
Fluffy, selected the Queen from the court 
of nine beauties. 

Neal Boswell, Chanticleer Business Manager, crowns Queen Merilyn Hoover as her escort, Jim Scott, looks on. The crowning followed a formal 
presentation of the Chanticleer Beauty Court at the Coed Ball. 















Horcnce Cowan . . . the Queen greets her public. 

THE", HOMECOMIXG COURT, left to nght: JoAnn U.iuiung. Ayciiek. Limhj Sauu-Anund. Jarvis; Ann Rogers, Alspaugh, Merilyn Hoover, 
Addoms; Karen Cooey, Bassett; Florence Cowan, Gilbert; Heather Low, Brown; Russell Garden, Giles; Betty \\instead, Southgate; Kitty Smith, 
Hanes, Peggy Pauley, Pegram. 


Football captain Danny Lonon, crown bearer Stevie Starnes, wirh newly crowned queen, Florence Cowan. 



Heather Lou- 

Heather Low, a senior from Natrona 
Heights, Pennsylvania, was elected 
May Queen by the Woman's College 
student body. 

Members of the court include joAnn 
Downing, Love Meeker, Peggy Pauley, 
Jeannine Krueger, Russell Garden, Or- 
rie Evans, Susan Smith, Susan Dittmar, 
Susan Duncan, and Heather Smith. 



('hcr\l Kinsley, a Hancs House 

senior from LaGrange, Georgia, was 

crow ncd queen at the annual Christmas 

lance held at the Elks Club, December 


Cheryl was selected from a court of 
eight elected by the student body. 
Other members of the court include 
Becky Bloomer, Sandy Singleton, Helen 
Wilson, Susie Suerkin, x\lice Avett, 
Ann Seaholm and Debbie Donkin. 



Battalion Commander John Clark 
crowns Natasha Gcren as Navy Queen. 


Commander Alex Montgomery crow ns 
Karen Cooey as Air Force Queen. 



meeting to chair, a script to 

learn, an editorial to write, a program 
to plan . ... In these ways students 

are given a daily initiative beyond 
their academic life. Whether in an 

official position or merely as members 
of the group, they find participation 

in such activities rewarding and 
through posters, flyers, and bridge- 
advertizing, the whole University 
is invited to take part. 



The Men's Student Government As- 
sociation is an organization composed 
of all male Duke Undergraduates. The 
purpose of this organization is to func- 
tion as the supreme instrument of gov- 
ernment in regulating the affairs of all 
west campus students. Student Govern- 
ment strives to promote the best interests 
of the Universir>' while advancing the 
welfare ot the intlividual stu.ients at all 

The MSGA functions within the 
limits of its Constitution and within 
the powers granted by the administra- 
tion. The organization is divided into 
three main branches: executive, legis- 
lative, and judiciary. The executive 
branch is responsible for organizing 
all proposed legislation and, after the 
approval of the bills by the Senate, for 
seeing that the approved statutes arc 
carried out. The judicial power ot the 
Association is vested in a Judicial 
Board and a Court of Appeals. 

The Constitution of the MSGA 
places great emphasis on the office of 
the President, who is the official rep- 
resentative of the Association to the 
University administration and the onh- 
one to whom they may look for im- 
mediate responsibilit\". The President's 
Cabinet, which includes primarih- the 
\'ice-President, Secretar\', Treasurer, 
Secretary of Education, Secretary of 
Student Life, and the Attorney General, 
meets to discuss matters of policy and 
formulates plans for the future. Cabinet 
meetings are open to all students and 
any student may present his ideas at 
these meetings. 

The legislative powers of the MSGA 
are vested in a Student Senate consisting 
of two representatives from each of 
the four classes and the MSGA ex- 
ecutive officers. The Senate discusses 
matters of campus-wide interest and 
has the power to regulate, supervise, 
charter, and determine the status of 

Ray R,ithtl, prLSidLiu 

all men's campus organizations. 

The judicial branch is represented 
b\' the Judicial Board, composed of 
nine student Justices, including a Chief 
Justice. The Board handles all cases of 
misconduct involving students of Trin- 

SENATK: CJock'u.iu — ^J. Reynolds, F. Mock, M. Bryant. K. Fittnun, G. Jones, J. Poe, J. Schwal). W. Highr, S. Southern, C. W'liitc. J. Spencer, R. Rat- 
liff, president. 


CABINET: Bill Might, Ray Ratliif, president, Mike Bryant, Frank Mock. 

icy College and the College of Engi- 

This past year was an aecive one 
filled with mans- .\ISGA projects. A 
Major Speakers committee was ap- 
pointed to co-operate with the efforts of 
the Student Union; the political stu- 
dent organization, ASGUSA, was 
formed; the Senate approved the idea 
of a Consultant to the Senate; there 
was a substantial increase in the num- 
ber of date tickets available to under- 
graduate students for home football 

games and also for home basketball 
games. In cooperation with the Ath- 
letic Department, arrangements were 
made so that the Duke-Army football 
game came to the Indoor Stadium via 
closed circuit television; arrangements 
were made at the opening of school for 
settling personal property damage claims 
that were incurred over the summer. 
An increase was made in the funds 
available for major speakers; to provide 
for instances in which the three student 
eovernments each contribute to an ac- 

tivity, a co-operative committee was 
set up composed of representatives of 
WSGA, NSGA, and MSGA; and the 
entire intramural program was effec- 
tively reorganized with the aid of the 
Physical Education Department, to 
mention only a few successful projects 
of AISGA. In addition, individual Sena- 
tors and committees were assigned to 
certain problems: a new robot room 
similar to the one in House I, desks 
and study facilities in dormitory rooms, 
and overall student parking facilities. 

I-'RIlStlMAX C^ABlNf, 1 : left lo ritilit, Kir^- 1: R. Ruis, ,\1. CJiplan, vicc-prcsiilcnt. S. Sapp, president. I.. Circcnherg, G. Jones. J. Aldcn. Rov; 2: 
R. Cook, R. Myers, K. Morris, K. Silverman, J. Gray, K. Pittman, \V. IJrake, B, Levinc, C. Williams, E. Rcefc, T. Taft. Roiu 3: J. Kopchick, D. 
Atkinson, J. Dingle, P. Stevens. 



Instituted ;it Duke 1 .' years ago, 
the nine man Judicial Board is re- 
sponsible for all cases of misconduct 
involving students of Trinity College 
and the College of Engineering. The 
nine justices, who serve a one year 
term, are appointed by the President 
of the MSGA. 

All cases of the Judicial Board are 
conducted on the Due Process method. 
A student, if he is to be tried by the 
court, is given a written notice of the 
charge against him and is allowed time 
to prepare his case. After the case has 
been fully aired, the Board makes its 
decision privately. The decision must 
be approved b\' the Deans before it is 
passed to the student; the Board and 
the Deans co-operate fully, but in the 
case of a deadlock the deans have the 
final decision. 

The power of the Judicial Board is 
very similar to that of the Supreme 
Court of our national government. The 
Board has the authority to interpret 
the Constitution and acts of the Senate. 

Ken Bass, chairman. 

It further has the authority to question 
the constitutionalitN' of any bill passed 
by the Senate upon request of the Presi- 
dent. The Board may also try persons 

impeached b\' the Senate and Association 
members accused of violation of the 
Constitution, the by-laws, or the rules of 
the University. 

Oockii;isc: K. Bass, chairman, \y. Pursley, A. Bell, T. Zavelson, G. Flowers, B. Starnes, G. Baycs, J. Ryan. Xo! pictured: F. Huffman. 


C7«Uu..u. IX IVtts , i: 1 illcttc, D. Garr, U. W halin, B. Goodwin, J. Aldcn, J. Waldo, P. Chikcs, 
R. Gcrbc, R. Fuller. 


One freshman from each of the 
freshman houses form the Freshman 
Judicial Hoartl. They are chosen for 
rliis position by their house presidents, 
w ith the approval of the House-master. 
This group, responsible for enforcing 
the "Code of Responsible Living" as 
it regards the PVeshman Class, makes 
an offender aware of his offense, and, 
should the offender continue his ac- 
tions, summons him to a convocation 
of the entire Board for a hearing. 

The Freshman Judicial Board has 
the authority to try any freshman who 
transgresses the "Code." Upon con- 
viction they may assess penalties rang- 
ing from a warning to a ten dollar fine, 
and in the case of an extremely serious 
offense or any third conviction they 
may send the defendant directly to the 
MSGA Judicial Board. 

J. Cattlcy, J. Jones, P. Lader, R. Pfizenmayer, J. Brick. 


The Court of Appeals maintains 
jurisdiction over the affairs of under- 
graduate men in many areas. The 
Court primarily reviews cases which 
have been appealed to it by students 
themselves. Most prevalent of this type 
are appeals in regard to violations of 
the traffic, dormitory, and safety regu- 
lations of the University. 1 he Court 
also reviews eases referred to it by the 
Dean of men, the Judicial Board, and the 
MSGA Attorney-General. These hear- 
ings, in which the Court exercises 
original jurisdiction, include any in- 
fraction of the Code of Responsible 
Community Living, as determined by 
the appropriate Dean, the Judicial Board 
Chairman, and the Chairman ot the 


Seiiletl: Committee Chaitmen, J. Miller, M. Backus, R. Smitli, A. \ reeland. St,uniing Auxiliary Officers, J. Campbell, J. Alden, H. Uobson, H. Haum- 
gartner, M. Rankin. ,\tisii/ig,: Al. Father, P. Stantord. 


The Committee Chairmen and Aux- 
iliary Officers of MSGA complete 
the executive branch of the Men's 
Student Government. The Attorney 
General and the Newsletter Stafi of 

the Au-xiliary Officers group serve as 
executive aids, while the Committee 
Chairmen are concerned with the de- 
tails of the MSGA program. 


The purpose of the Traditions Board 
is to encourage the men of the freshman 
class to become acquainted with the 
traditions and history of the University. 

rile Board publishes a booklet annually, 
and daring Orientation Week the fresh- 
men are tested on the history and 
traditions of Duke. 

R. Smith, W. Strickland, J. Caldwell, M. Orr. Missing: T. VVolbert, D. MeCulliiin, \V. Kennedy. 





The Enginc-fring Student Council, 
an arm ot tlic MSCiA, co-ordimitcs the 
activities ot men's student government 
within the College of I'.ngineering. 
Through the services of the Council, 
engineering students are able to benefit 
from a closer working knowledge ot 
their various activities and are able to 
avoid conflicts. The Council also repre- 
sents the engineering students in rela- 
tionships with the public, the faculty, 
the administration, and other groups. 
Responsibility tor the student lounge, 
Homecoming display, linginccring dis- 
play, and other activities also rests 
with the Council, as it acts in the best 
interests of the engineering students in 
all areas of campus life. 

John McClain, president 

First Roiv: J. McClain, president, T. Kdgar, .\. Dunean, H. Byrd, K. Argcs, advisor. Second How: W. Simpson, T. Furness, li. Garand, R. Reed, 
J. Walden, J. Hayes. 



Working for the second year under 
a system ot legislators from each dormi- 
tory and with a newly revised com- 
mittee system, the Woman's Student 
Government Association sought to 
determine and to effectively express the 
needs of the Woman's College students. 
Newsletters and dormitory bulletin 
boards served to put legislators in closer 
contact with students whom they rep- 
resented; wider student participation 
in a variety of WSGA activities was 
important in the year's work; and close 
contact with the Administration and 
with other campus student govern- 
ments helped to increase the eff^ective- 
ncss of WSGA. 

An important direction taken by the 
Legislature this year was the work 
done by temporary committees, compos- 
ed of students from the campus at 
large and usually led by a member ot 
the Legislature. The work of these 
committees was not only of great value 

to the W)man's College, but it also 
involved a greater number ot students 
with diverse talents and interests in the 
work of student government. For ex- 
ample, one such committee begun last 
spring sponsored a program on the 
American Presidency; another tempo- 
rary committee continued sponsorship 
of the International Relations Forum, a 
dinner-lccture-discussion group; still 
another special committee initiated a 
Distinguished Speaker series on East 
Campus, in which professional women 
of the area were invited to speak at 
dinner meetings to interested Woman's 
College students. 

The Constitution of \\'SGA was 
further revised this year to make 
election procedures more efficient. The 
committee system was revamped, so 
that the areas of committee work 
might be more clearly defined, and the 
work of the Secretariat was expanded. 
This year the Secretariat attended the 


HcluIkt Low, president 

State Student Legislature as observers 
and participated in a Leadership Train- 
ing Program. 

A campus-wide referendum was used 
on two occasions to determine student 
opinion on important issues. In one 
referendum Woman's College students 
voted to discontinue membership in the 
National Student Association, and in 

LEGISLATURE: Clockwise— }. Hyder, K. Reeves, L. Schmitt, H. Davis, C. Gilliatt, S. Smith, J. Huntley, H. Low, President; M. Ward, L. Orr, 
P. Greenwood, K. Murray, L. Rhodes, P. Pilgram, M. Dantzler. B. Bell. Missing: J. Levine, P. Odell. 


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Sitting, Heather Low, president; Stmding: Jan Huntley, 
trcisiircr; I'h\lli<; Crccnwnnd, secretary. Missing: Jane I.cvinc, vice-president. 

another referendum held on all three 
campuses, the Honor System was 

In other areas, the Legislature was 
able to bring about improvements in 
East Campus life in a variety of ways. 
Absentee voting facilities were made 
available. An Educational-T ravel-Infor- 
mation center was opened in the spring 
to aid students in planning summer 
travel or study, and a scholarship for 
summer programs which would benefit 
the entire campus was made available 
for individual students. A student art 
show was planned, and a student art- 
crafts room was considered. Other 
matters of legislation included such 
programs as the continuation of "Dead 
Week," a week's period before final 
examinations in which all extra-cur- 
ricular groups were asked to suspend 
meetings, in order to give students more 
time to study for finals. Class rings of 
a new design were made available to 
meet student requests for a more 
feminine version of the Duke class ring. 
Current events boards were placed in 
the dining halls, and library hours were 
extended on both East and West 

This expanded program of the Legis- 
lature was possible not only because of 
student interest and Legislative work, 
but also because of the receptivity and 
cooperation of the Administration. This 
year, for the first time, the Legislature 
co-sponsored a visiting lecturer with 
the Dean's office. The coordination of 
student government with the Adminis- 
tration extended to various committee 
le\els as well. Dean Ball's presence at 
the meetings of the Legislature as an 
cx-iiffuio member was also extremely 
valuable for WSGA. 

WSGA Legislature also expanded its 
work with MSGA through such co- 
operative efforts as sponsorship of a 
Eeacher Evaluation, work with a faculty 
committee in planning a Duke Summer 
Study Abroad program, consideration 
of the Honor Code, and planning for a 
Student Exchange with other universi- 
ties. In addition, plans were begun for 
an Inter-Campus Council composed of 
representatives from each student 
government to consider questions of 
interest to all three student bodies. 

COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN; Jane Montgomery, Linda Erickson, Cynthia Gilhatt, Karen 
LeCi aft. 



SiuDENT Welfare Committee 

The Student Welfare Committee of 
VVSCiA, chaired by Jane Montgomery, 
forms a liaison between students, ad- 
ministration, and faculty. The com- 
mittee investigates problems in the 
practical aspects of campus living, and 
consequently instigates action in the 
most worthwhile areas of interest. 
During the year, the group was con- 
cerned with such projects as an exten- 
sion of library hours, the installation of 
a stamp machine in the I'.ast Campus 
Post Office, the publication of a 
Woman's College Calendar, and sug- 
gestions for improvements in Dope 
Shop inventory. In all its activities the 
committee has attempted to improve 
relations and existing situations where- 
ever possible. 


The Educational Affairs Committee 
of VVSGA is concerned w ith the cur- 
ricular aspects of student life and the 
intellectual life of the campus in general. 
Headed by C>nthia Cilliatt, Chairman, 
and Sky Williams, Secretary, the group 
is in charge of maintaining the exam 
file of the East Campus Library. 

This year the committee's activities 
included departmental evaluations by 
declared ma]ors and the revision of the 
facult\-course sheets. The I'ducational 
Affairs Committee also co-sponsored 
student art shows with the Social- 
Cultural Committee. In addition, the 
group was responsible for special lec- 
tures and panels, which were of aca- 
demic interest to the University as a 

STUDENT-WELFARE COMMITTEE: Clock-^'ise—M. Crutcher, J. White, M. Gragg, V^ 
Andrews, Z. Hellek.son. J, Alford, J. Montgomery, chairman, R. Jones, E. Wobus, secretary, 
S. Poe, A. Roberts, T. \\'eart, C. Zimmerman. 

EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS CO-\L\n IMIF. Fint Kou J. Lntkson, k., B. llanuan- 
son. Second Rouk C. Gilliatt, A. Starrett, L. Homer, K. Munson. Third Row: B. Strawn, 
M. Allen, S. Wilhams, L. Falk, J. Scott. 


SOCIAL-CULTURAL COMMITTEE: Sittma—B. Scott, S. Thomasson, L. Knckson, chiiniuin, G. Ckary, B. Kirk. ShrnJiiiK—W. Watson, 
P. Rogers, D. Mickal, E. Evans, R. Siitcli, J. W'ithcrspoon. Not Pictured: J. O'Brien, J. St.uily, J. Rcidrigiics, S. Pcttt-s, L. Frost, M. Lowe, V. Baglcy, 
J. Gragg, V. Patron. 

Social-Cultural Committee 

The Social-Cultural Committee of 
W'SCiA was formed this year to replace 
the Social Standards Committee. In 
addition to publishing the Social Calen- 

dar, several major functions were 
sponsored by the Committee. These 
included the Student Government Ban- 
quet, a luncheon for the Trustees, the 
Co-Ed Ball, a Christmas program with 
Dr. Knight reading Dickens' Chrntinas 

Carol, and various coffees for visiting 
professors and guests of the University. 
During Spring semester, the group 
co-sponsored a student art show and 
conducted a travel seminar. 

International Student Committee 

The various goals ot the 
Student Committee ot W'SCj.'V include 
sponsoring international students on the 
\\bman's College campus, working to 
increase communication between inter- 
national and Uuke students, and in- 
vestigating the possibilities for study 

As a special project this year the 
Committee held an International Bazaar 
during December. Various articles from 
other countries were on sale as Christ" 
mas presents, and an International 
Dinner was served in the Union. 

IM I;R\A I lONAL STUDENT COMMIITEE: tint Ro'-^r—K. 1 l( i.ilt, J. lli.ilcy. .SVr- 
ond Row — ]. Beck, L. Frost, D. Kiser, B. Burgess, L. McC^omb, AL Hatschck, chairman, N. Ander- 
son, L. Boone, M. Ross, D. Daiton, G. Said. 




The Secretariat, an auxiliary of 
WSGx\, originated two years ago under 
the revised WSGA constitution. Eleven 
freshman girls, selected early in the fall, 
make up the Secretariat and work in 
each dormitory as assistants to their 
legislators. The Secretariat gives fresh- 
men a chance to work in student 
government and to learn by helping 
with administrative work. This group 
also aids the WSGA secretary by 
communicating between the Legislature 
and the student body through a weekly 

The Secretariat trains girls who are 
interested in student government at 
Duke, but the members also attend the 
State Student Legislature to see student 
government at work in a larger way. In 
addition to attending weekly WSGA 
meetings, the group is responsible for 
mimeographing a weekly calendar ot 
current events, writing a report of 
activities for the Chronicle, and keeping 
records and the WSGA scrap book. 

fro/It: (,lcft to right), S. Poc, S. Court, A. iM cCoy, Al. Weaver, 
secretary, B. Koll, C. Losey. 

Back: G. Myers, P. Greenwood, 

The pros and cons ot membership in NSA are discussed through a forum on East Campus. 


Linda Orr, chairman 


The Woman's College Judicial Board 
seeks to maintain the standards of per- 
sonal honor, sell responsihihty, and 
cooperation which are vital to the 
community living situation. The Board 
is also concerned with the enforcement 
and revision of the Woman's College 
regulations. Throughout the year, Ju- 
dicial Board worked toward more 
effective policy formation and rule 
revision through research committees. 
Each committee, composed of Board 
members, house counselors, deans, leg- 
islators, and members - at - large, 
studies a particular area of concern, 
compiling a report of its findings for 
the Board, which then made specific 
recommendations for rule revision to 
the administration. Judicial Board also 
published a guide for rule presentation 
for the FAC's, and carried out a program 
of upperclass reeducation. 

S. Schumacher, K. WiUiams, K. West, J. Hughes, M. Hoover, H. Holmes, L. Orr, chairman, i\l. Smith, S. Duncan, M. Stevenson, M. Hayden, A. 
Pickett, M. Potocki. 


^ ^ 

Alice K 

ice Kern, president 

The Nurses' Student Government 
Association is responsible for regulating 
all matters pertaining to the under- 
graduate student nurse, except those 
problems with which the tacult\- is 

All members of the School of Nursing 
actively participate in the working of 
NSCIA since it is the only one of the 
three student government associations 
w hich is truK' democratic. All legislation 
is voted on by the entire student body 
of nurses in their monthly meetings, and 
the success of NSGA can be attributed 
to this active participation of the 
nurses as well as to their support of 
specific programs and activities. 

The NSCiA officers, working as an 
instrument ot the entire student body. 


try to create a sense of individual 
responsibility among the members of 
nursing classes. They also co-operated 
closely with the faculty in creating 
and maintaining high ideals for the 
School ot Nursing. 

The Executive Council co-ordinates 
and supervises the diverse activities of 
NSGA and is also responsible for 
enforcing the NSGA constitution. 
Through the Nurses' Honor Code, the 
Council also endeavors to instill in 
each student nurse a sense of professional 
and personal responsibility. The Council 
is composed of NSGA officers, the 
chairman of the various NSGA com- 
mittees and auxiliaries, and the Presi- 
dent of the Freshman Class. 


t.\IiCUTI\'l:, CO.M.MI I 1 EE. Silting: .M. Sawyer, eorresponding secretary, J. .-\ppleyarii, L. Kennedy. \ ice-prc.^ident, .\. Kern, president, M. .•\lc.\- 
ander, recording secretary, C. Snyder, treasurer, K. Grimm. Standing: G. Cardona, S. Turner, S. Peterson, A. Kimel, i\I. Robertson, T. Price, F. Mount, 
S. Kunz, H. Nagel, P. Crothers. 



The Honor System has become a 
tradition and a way of life in the School 
of Nursing. The Honor Council secures 
the co-operation ot the entire student 
body in assuring honorable conduct in 
all areas of student lite — academic, 
professional, and social. Each freshman 
formally becomes a member ot the 
Honor System by signing a pledge of 
acceptance in the presence of the 
entire student body. 

It is hoped that living under the 
Honar System will promote in each 
student an increasing awareness ot in- 
dividual freedom and responsibility. 
This awareness, it is hoped, will also 
help each student nurse to contribute 
constructively to the School ot Nursing 

during her sta>' at Duke as well as to 
help her to lead a more profitable 
personal and professional lite later. 

The council consists ot a ("hairman, 
the Nice-President of NSCiA, three 
representatives from each class, and 
three faculty advisors. Recognizing that 
an Honor System demands a certain 
maturity, the Council, in trying breaches 
of the Honor Code, encourages students 
to govern themselves responsibly. 1 he 
Council, therefore, bases its decisions 
on how the growth of the individual 
and the interests of the School ot 
Nursing will best be served. Thus the 
Council grants each nurse a maximum 
amount of freedom while still ensuring 
that this freedom is used responsibly. 

Jo Ann Applcyard, chairman 

SittiiiK-' B. I'csniicr, L. Kennedy, \'. Brown, J. Appleyard, i\l. Agnew, E. Katzin, B. Sitterly. Shtiiding: G. Peterson, A. Bohnct, B. Futrell, B. Ehlers, 
D. \\ dison, D. Powell. 



The Nurses' Student-Faculty Com- 
mittee seeks to unite student and faculty 
opinion. The committee tries to ascer- 
tain and understand both student and 
faculty thinking on issues and problems 
confronting the School of Nursing. 
This hopefully creates an atmosphere 
of understanding and cooperation in 
which differences can be reconciled, or 
at least in which the points ot view of 
each group can be understood. 

Through several student-facults' cof- 
fee hours and discussion groups, a 
Christmas party, and an annual spring 
picnic, undergraduates and professionals 
arc brought together in informal sit- 
uations. By providing the opportunities 
for these two groups to get together, 
the committee hopes that both students 
and faculty may be able to appreciate a 
mutual need for constructive student- 
faculty relations and that an atmosphere 
of cooperation and understanding ma>- 
be secured. 

Si-attii: I). Ad.ims, K. Grimm, chairman, C. Lewis, A. Hudson. Sr,wiiing: J. Ozbolt, A. Avett, 
P. Ellis. 

Si\i!i;i: B. Reed, faculty advisor. A. Kimcl, H. N'agcl, chairnuiii, !;. \!- iik. Sunjiiii^: E. Karn- 
ham, L. Kennedy, L. Newton, P. Gross, J. Haynian. Mnsi)!!!.: faculty advisors, V. Gover, C. 
Hogue, L. Collins. 


The Religious Activities Committee 
fosters the development of the religious 
life of the student nurse. During the 
\ ear, the committee sponsors an 
orientation week service for freshmen, 
services at Thanksgiving and Easter, 
and a caroling party. The highlight ot 
the program of special services is the 
Christmas Choral Communion, a joint 
project held with t\\ o other local nursing 
schools, for the patients in the hospital. 

In its concern tor the patients' 
spiritual life, the committee conducts 
weekly vesper services, which offer 
the patients an opportunity to continue 
rheir spiritual development while in the 
hospital. For the >'ounger patients, a 
Sunday School program is conducted. 

The committee encourages the nurses 
to participate in religious activities spon- 
sored by the University and local 
churches, and directs religious activities 
speciall\- for the School of Nursing. 




The publications staff', adding more 
and varied projects, extensively revital- 
ized its efforts in the areas of student 
publications. The stati extended the 
coverage of its traditional annual pub- 
lications. Boils 'n Beaux, the treshnian 
booklet introducing the class members 
to each other and to extra-curricular 
activities on campus, and The Ch,V2.e. 
the School of Nursing handbook, to 
uielude a triannual newspaper, Nurses' 
Xotes. This publication included ad- 
ministrative notes and editorials perti- 
nent to the women of Hanes and served 
simultaneously as a greeting and news- 
letter to parents ot student nurses. 

Two other new publications were 
undertaken and the committee assumed 
responsibility for all School of Nursing 
publicity. With the public relations 
committee, a history of the School ot 
Nursing was published, and the staft 
worked with the Medical School to 
publish a joint annual, the AesciiLipiiW. 

Roiv 1: V. Robertson, B. Bauer, M. Balestra, L. Parker, D. Kenworthy. 
M. Markel, E. Turner, S. Turner, S. Stanley, C. Chapman, E. VVishart. 
T. Roser, A. Deaton, S. Handy, J. Twoney, R. Waring. 

Row 2: G. Brown, 
Row 3: P. Gross, 

SeatfJ: S, Fcrlic, C. Mizel 
D. Morrison, S. Turner. 

, S. Kunz, chairman, S. Guest, B. Butt. Stavding: M. Vbse, C. Pahner, 


Hanes' Social Committee began 
functioning officially at the tea held in 
April '64 in honor of the newly in- 
stalled NSGA officers. Once in office, 
the committee began planning the sum- 
mer functions. The first of these was an 
open house held on Hanes Patio. Later, 
an evening swimming party was held. 

During the academic year, the biggest 
and most successful social function 
held by the nurses was the annual 
Hanes Christmas Dance, attended by 
over two hundred couples. The theme, 
" 'Twas the Night Before Christmas," 
was carried out in decorations, and music 
w as provided by the Rick Vance Combo. 
The highlight of the evening was the 
crowning of Cheryl Kinsley, as the 
Hanes Beauty for 1964. 

For the spring, the Social Committee 
decided upon another party to replace 
those which had previously been held 
during the summer months, 



Settled: P. V'alin. J. Appleyard, M. Robertson, chairman, G. Cardona, M. Ward. Striding: 
S. Young, M. Alexander, C. Kinsley, M. Kutsche, B. Bloomer, L. Clay. Missina,: B. Hemphill. 

Seatrd: S. Patterson, L. Murphy, G. Cardona, chairman. P. VV'hitcnight. Standing: J. Simmon.s, 
J. Stroud, K. Wolfe, R. Prall, M. Sullivan. 

The judicial body of NSGA, or 
" Judi Board" as it is better known to the 
student body, is rcsponsibilc for trying 
infractions ot the rules legislated by 
NSGA. Each student is responsible lor 
reporting her own offenses, and the 
Board, in its punitive action, tries to aid 
her in supervising phases of her own 
conduct. This in turn helps the student 
to see her responsibiiit>' as a member of 

The Chairman of the Honor Council, 
("hairman of the Social Standards Com- 
mittee, Recording Secretary of NSGA, 
and the vice-presidents of the four 
classes represent NSGA on the Judicial 
Board. The rest of the twelve-member 
board is composed of the Chairman and 
an additional representative from each 
of the classes. 


Hair off' the collar . . . Remember 
to take that jewelry off when you 
wear your uniform. These reminders 
are often heard throughout Hanes House 
and the hospital. The Social Standards 
Committee exists to give these phrases a 
purpose and meaning that is useful and 
necessary in the training of a pro- 
fessional nurse. 

The rules of the committee concern- 
ing dress, as well as behavior, both in 
and out of uniform, are considered as 
guide-lines for the conduct of each 
student as she represents her school and 
profession during her four years at 
Duke and later in life. Emphasis is 
placed on the responsibility of each 
student to use her discretion in inter- 
preting and practicing the guide-lines 
set forth by the committee. Meetings 
are held twice a month to discuss 
business and to hear cases. The com- 
mittee works closely with the Nurses', 
Men's, and Woman's Student Govern- 
ment Associations. 




The 13uke University Young Men's 
Cinristian Association is a group of men 
dedicated to serving the needs of 
others. Motivated and guided by the 
basic precepts of the Christian rehgion, 
the YMCi\ is an organization concerned 
not only with the students at Duke but 
also the University community and 
Durham. Each of its committees is 
conscientiously devoted, not just to 
passively discussing the principles of 
Christianity, but to actively incorporat- 
ing them into one's life as he meets 
and serves others. 

W'kh such a w ide scope, an interested 
student can be certain of finding an 
area that matches his talents and 
capabilities. The activities on campus 
range from ushering in the chapel to 
sponsoring a "Dad's Weekend," from 
showing guests the campus to providing 
"V-.Men" for freshmen. The "Y" also 
publishes the University Handbook 
and the official Student Directory. In 
Durham it works with cconomicali\' 

Thomas Evans, president 

deprived and mentally retarded children. 

The Duke YMCA covers almost 
every facet of university life and affects 
every undergraduate student. Through 
Its numerous, active committees, which 
present "ample space for personal 
development and self-appraisal," the 
"Y" aims for various programs to 
benefit all. 

The committee chairmen, along \\ ith 
the President and other officers of the 
\ MCA, form the Y-Cabinet, overall 

governing body of the YMCA. Meeting 
once each week, the cabinet members 
formulate policy and plans of action. 
A\'hen these broad ideas are set forth, 
the achievement of concrete goals is 
left to the numerous individual com- 

riie Freshman Council, composed of 
freshmen chosen on the basis of inter- 
views, works to provide a liasion 
between the freshman and senior 
YMCA's of Trinity College and the 


CABINET: SetrtrJ, Clockir/se — T. Anna, F. Cashwell, D. Hopkins, B. Todd, B. Dutton, K. Zaiser, T. Evans, President; T. Gatewood, P. Shearon 
B. Kennedy, J. Waldo, T. Herin, H. Nurkin. Standing: F. Huffman, G. \^'iIson, M. Harris 


BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Roiv 1: H. Snethen, H. Womble, K. Reardon, T. Evans, J. Wilson. Ro-u: 2: K. Zaiser, T. McCollough, A. Par- 
rcnt. T. Herin, R. Mill, J. Efird, S. Gatcwood. Missing: F. Hollyday. 

College of Engineering. This work 
involves helping freshmen adjust to 
university life through various programs 
and projects, and providing and op- 
portunity for interested freshmen to 

give important help in the functioning 
of the YMCA. 

The Youth Welfare Committee is 
mainly concerned with two projects, 
the Lakewood Boys' Club and the John 

B. Umstead Hospital. These two proj- 
ects are aimed at aiding troubled boys 
and mentally retarded children. The 
National-International Affairs Commit- 
tee provides the University with 
"Quick-Action" seminars as well as 
lengthy seminars during the vacation 

Another group, the Campus Co- 
operative Committee, provides inter- 
ested groups or individuals with Chapel 
tours and extensive tours of the uni- 
versity. A second phase of this com- 
mittee's work IS to provide Chapel 
ushers for all events in the Chapel 
and to maintain the bulletin board in 
front of the Union. 

The Dad's Day Committee arranges 
for the football weekend when fathers of 
students visit Duke. The Community 
Development Committee serves the 
Durham community by working with 
underprivileged children, and the Re- 
ligious Life Committee promotes 
Christian ideals. The last committee. 
Public Relations, is involved with all 
the internal work of the "V," from dis- 
tributing flyers to working on the 
Student Directory. 

FRESHMAN CABINET: Clockwise— C. McKellar, M. Banker, B. Clifton, P. Chikes, J. Henry, 
1. Waldo, R. G'Kelly, Advisor; B. VAbnnacotr, T. Watson, J. Davis. 




The YV^'CA Cabinet returned to 
campus in the fall eager to assume some 
of the responsibilities awaiting: them 
and anxious to utilize the rewardmg 
experience which their end-of-the-ycar 
meeting had proved to be. There were 
new people to meet, new concerns to 
express, new directions to take, and 
even a new "Y" advisor. Aliss Ann 
Rowe took over her job as Director 
of Religious Life on East Campus 
with much enthusiasm. 

A pre-Orientation Week retreat, dur- 
ing which various reactions to summer 
readings were shared, helped to pre- 
pare members of the "Y" Cabinet for 
their role during Orientation. The 
spirit generated at Camp Chestnut 
Ridge carried throughout the week of 
freshman activities, as Cabinet mem- 
bers, dressed in w hite, greeted freshman 
parents with cokes, left nightly medi- 
tations on the pillows of weary frosh, 
sponsored dorm discussions, and held 
a panel on Student Responsibility, led 
by President Heather Smith. 

With the return of the upperclass- 
men, things took on a more settled 

OFFICERS: Row 1: P. Evans. C:. Bunch, S. Webb. B. Albers. Row 2: S. Forbes, A. Rowe, 
Advisor; H. Smith, President; P. Philhps, Secretary. 

pace. Freshman "Y" was organized 
under the leadership of advisor B. J. 
Albers and President Abbie Doggett. 
This group, consisting of a freshman 
representative from each dormitory, 
soon began their own program. Fresh- 
man "Y" explored many areas in their 
activities, from an excursion to see 
"One Potato, Two Potato," followed 
by a discussion and a thought-provok- 
ing newsletter, to a Lost and Found 

sale w ith such fantastic buys as ribless 
umbrellas! Chief among campus serv- 
ices was their publication and distribu- 
tion of a Christmas Devotional Booklet. 
They also had their separate series of 
encounter groups, while upperclass- 
man "Y" offered five seminars to 
Woman's College students. 

YWCA Cabinet began its first se- 
mester with a study of several of Paul 
Tillich's sermons from his collection. 

CABINET: Row 1. left to right: D. Ingraham, P. Mehaffey, Al. Reuben, Al. lurli-, K. Ball. Row 2: J. Evans, 1.. Rich, B. Pfohl, C. Bunch, H. Smith, 
President; S. Forbes, B. Wilmot, P. Phillips. 


FRKSHMAN CABINET: Clockwisf—M. Nelson, S. Pcttes, B. J. Albers, Advisor; A. Uoggctt, H. Willis, B. IXan, M. Meyers, P. \Vel>l), S. Fatrcrsoii, 
K. Kosloski. 

Another program is planned in the busy Y schedule. 


SIhtkiiig; of the Foiiiidatioin. Meanwhile, 
the dorm delegares began programs in 
each house, some sponsoring weekly 
dcvotionals and a few entering new 
areas by showing movies. 

Foremost among the new programs 
of the YWCA was the weekly Xtsper 
Service held in Fast Duke (>hapel. 
throughout the year, the "Y" carried 
on its social services at Fdgemont 
Community Center, Duke Hospital, 
and the V. A. Hospital. They also 
worked with the Y-Teens and the Ciirl 
Scouts. An expanded tutoring program 
w ith several Durham junior and senior 
high schools provided a way for Duke 
students to realize a concern which 
many felt. 

As the second semester began, the 
('abinet reevaluated its etiorts and 
planned to stress ideas ot community 
consciousness and involvement rather 
than the more introspective direction of 
the first semester program. Chief among 
ideas for realizing this new concern was 
participation in Operation Breakthrough, 
a program new to Durham and Duke 
students. Through Saturday afternoon 
trips for a first-hand exposure to Dur- 
ham's problems, and a continued pro- 
gram of encounter groups, the "Y" 
looked forward to progress on the cam- 
pus and throughout the community. 






(R Ui I.) First Row: J. Bell, S. Sands, B. Weldon, B. Kenerly, A. Morrison, F. Cashwcll, M. \\ jlsh, M. Jarrard, J. McClain, J. Schwab, R. Ervin, 
A. Hell, J. Jones. Second Row: S. Broske, D. Harold, D. Johnson, G. Solic, K. Zaiser, N. Pranee, J. McDonald, D. White, S. Wooden, T. Price, L. 
Kuntz, J. Dye, J. Poc. Third Row: M. Peterson, D. P'leck, R. Kronche, S. Bradley, T. Slease, B. Jordon, J. Has.son, D. Moxley, K. Thackrey, R. Cone, 
K. Bitternian, H. Hay, J. Aldcn, S. Gatcwood, B. Carruthers, G. Ahmann, R. Liehty, M. Bryant, G. Benson, B. Kennedy, B. Hight, (". Brater. Fourth 
Row: F. Huffman, T. Gillman, B. blackshear, K. Primm, J. Kaufman, T. Sherrard, W. Lmdsay, B. Baumgartner, J. Coil, D. Minotte, P. Pritchard, 
G. Romp, R. Phzenmayer, C. Perry, B. Hyde, J. Modlin, K. Wertz. 


"Ask a Y-i\lan" was a common 
phrase heard on West Campus by all 
the freshmen. The YMCA Freshman 
Advisory Council, a group ot 81 Y-.\len 
and 12 alternates, held a program in the 
spring of 1964 to prepare for assisting 
the freshmen. In the fall they helped 
the freshmen make an easy adjustment 
to the university community, encourag- 
ing them to participate fully and to 
make their own contributions in their 
own way. Carrying luggage, assisting 
in freshman registration, proctoring 
placement tests, arranging mi.xers with 
East C/ampus — these were just a few 
of the various jobs of the Y-Man. 
During that first critical week the help- 
ing hand of individual and collective 
counseling was indispensible. Through- 
out the year the Y-FAC continued to 
offer advice and assistance to the 
freshmen, with emphasis upon a friendly, 
enthusiastic, and concerned relationship. 
The Y-Man was always ready to help 
whenever needed. 

Seated: D. Heller, B. Pursley, chairman. Standing: B. Starnes, (j. Harmon. 



As the freshman class descended upon 
rhe Woman's College campus, the 
class's anxieties and fears were met by 
the Woman's Freshman Advisory Coun- 
cil. Chosen from rising juniors and sen- 
iors who were characterized by re- 
sponsibility, leadership, and a desire 
to help, each advisor was given the 
job of bridging the gap between high 
school and college ft)r the freshmen. 
She was to be a counselor and close 
friend throughout the year. 

During Orientation Week, presenta- 
tion of Judicial Board regulations, li- 
brar\' tours, and arranging mixers with 
the freshman boys kept the advisors 

Lynn Kthcridgc, Chairman 

Row I: C. Shore, B. Livingston, S. Dittmar, D. Carroll, M. Myers, B. Caudle, Row 2: B. Slocum, M. Hamilton, L. Tart, N. Dees, K. Fiaccone, 
L. Ethcridge, R. Chapman, S. Boyles, S. Bunck. Row 3: C. McTighe, D. Aydlett. Row 4: S. Schad, J. Booth, S. K. Reeves, E. R. Roper, C. Vande- 
Ree, S. Rodrian, AL Stanley, C. Rice, J. Hoffman, L. Stevens, P. Waterman, E. Saint-Amand, B. Ferguson, B. Balderston, C. Cox, R. Garden, L. 



('HAIRMKN: Saily Peterson, Orientation Committee; .Maureen W^ird, C^iiairman of FAC 

Oricntarion week, the beginning of 
a new, imporranr experience for each 
freshman nurse, starts in the spring, 
with the election of the Orientation 
chairman and the FAC's. The Orienta- 
tion Committee, chosen from the sopho- 
more class on the basis of scholastic 
abihty, leadership, and interest, ac- 
quaints the new class with the regula- 
tions and ideals of the Duke com- 
munity, and establishes healthy relations 
between freshmen and upperclassmen 
in the School of Nursing. Although the 
main job of the P'AC is completed dur- 
ing the first week, the committee con- 
tinues to function informally throughout 
the year. 

Another aspect of the work of the 
committee is the Big-Little Sister Pro- 
gram. I'ach iunior nurse, acting as a 
"Big Sister" to one or two freshmen, 
helps her "Little Sister" to feci at 
home at Duke and in the School of 
\ursmg. T he highlight of this program 
comes when each senior Big Sister caps 
her sophomore Little Sister. 

Left to right: rote 1: M. Ward, Chairman; .\1. Bartktt, J. Appleyard, P. Oother.s, A. Avert, S. Peterson. Ro\i- 2: L. Uuckett, P. \alin, B. Butt, D. 
Morrison, P. Ellis, B. Futrell, A. Kimel, B. Hardm. Roii' 3: B. GrifFeth, A. Karmiol, K. Wolfe, J. Stroud, B. Hardin. AW pictiireJ: K. Smith. 





Operating undL-r a new s\stcm which 
was put into eftcct in 1962, the I'.ngi- 
ncering Guidance Council is one ot the 
freshman engineer's most helpful assets. 
The Council aims toward a goal of 
high scholarship and is especially help- 
ful during the first weeks of an engi- 
neer's enrollment at Duke. The fresh- 
man engineering student is encouraged 
to meet the challenges confronting 
him, to face the demands of his required 
courses, and, at the same time to survive 
the additional pressures caused by extra- 
curricular activities. 

The work of the Council, however, 
does not cease after the first few weeks 
of school. As a part of its year long 

program, the Council sponsors review- 
sessions in preparation for hour quizzes, 
and individual tutoring program is pro- 
vided tor students m the problem areas 
of calculus, descriptive geometry, and 

The Council consists of fort\-two 
members who arc chosen each spring. 
The basis for selection entails standards 
of academic achievement, maturits', 
and responsibility. Each member is 
assigned two or three freshmen, who 
are under his personal guidance for the 

Under this system the aims of the 
Council are given a personal applica- 
tion, since each freshman can be helped 
in areas of difficulty which might pos- 
sibly apply only to him. 

The members of the Engineering 
Guidance Council pay periodic visits 
to their groups throughout the year, 
thus establishing mutual friendships 
in addition to the main purpose of the 
Engineering Council, guidance and aca- 
demic help. 

Cliairnian Tom Price hel|),>. a tcllow engineer. 

Fin! Row: H. Gray, IJ. x\slil)y, L. Xoruuoii, T Priee, M. Silver, W. Metz, T. Trcptovv, D. Minnottc. Second Roil-: E. Kellcy, W. Peterson, J. Urqu- 
hart, R. Haygood, T. Fegley, R. MacLeod, R. Armstrong. Third Row: J. Parsley, VV. Warren, P. Brown, E. Fishback, VV. Palmer, N. Brienza, D. Cot- 
ter, J. Cox. Atissmg: L. Brodna.x. 



SeiMd, left to right: B. Tippe, D. Hopkins, chairman, D. Helstein, R. Pfizenmayer, D. Johnson. 
Standing., roii': I: J. Waldo, S. Wodard, W. Birkel, K. Forgy, G. Dean, S. Sapp. Roii' 2: D. Edger- 
ton, B. Edlovv, G. Snyder, R. Hackling. 


Roiv 1: left to right: J. Mazza, M. Self, J. Powell, J. H.irt«ell. R. Burcs, A. Norton. Row 2: 
D. Baswell, K. Burningham, J. Teal, G. Romp, J. Hanna, E. Thore, J. Smith, J. Lindegren. Roiv 
3: J. Truslow, S. Finklea, J. Sutherland, R. Thomas. Missing: M. Chen, D. Penick, T. Harris, 
F. Cowherd, K. Bell. 

The- YMCA Campus Chest com- 
mittee held its annual drive during the 
week of December 7-11. The major 
emphasis of the drive was conveying 
to the student body the real purpose 
of the campaign rather than the 
mechanics of fund-raising. Through in- 
dividual contact with students, repre- 
sentatives sought not only contribu- 
tions, but realization on the part of 
contributors that their generosity helped 
to make life more full tor people less 
fortunate than they. Contact within 
residence halls provided an opportunity 
for students to ask questions and to 
show a real concern in the Drive. Funds 
raised this year went to The World 
University Service, the American 
Foundation for the Blind, The American 
Cancer Society, Ihe American Heart 
Association, The Durham County As- 
sociation for Mental Health, and the 
Edgemont Community Center. 



Alpha Phi Omega, national service 
fraternity, brings together college men 
Ml the spirit of leadership, friendship, 
and service. Serving both the Uni- 
versity and the Durham community, 
the Duke chapter of the fraternity pro- 
vides a constructive link between the 

Early in the year. Alpha Phi Omega 
sponsored a leadership conference for 
the officers of all Alpha Phi Omega 
chapters in North Carolina. Service 
projects during the rest of the year 
included the second annual Lost and 
Found auction, a spring rummage sale, 
and ushering at Duke basketball games. 
A new project was the establishment 
of a scholarship fund to aid an incoming 

Community service projects included 
donations from the Lost and P'ound 
auction to the Lion's Club and helping 
with a program to build a camp tor 
crippled children. 


Dr. UurJcn, cliairman 

The Duke University Religious 
Council, established as a successor to 
the old Duke University Church, was 
organized in 1955. Since that time, it 
has served as the center of religious 
life on the Duke campus. From the 
various committees of this interdenomi- 
national, student-faculty group come 
the plans for campus-wide religious 
programs and events. 

Ihe responsibilit)' for supervising 
the planning ot special religious services 
and events lies with the Special Ob- 
servances Committee. Leaders m many 
fields are asked to share their knowledge 
with the University Community. In the 
fall of the year two speakers of particu- 
lar note were invited to be on campus. 
These were Dr. Samuel Proctor, As- 
sociate Director of the United States 
Peace Corps, and Dr. Benjamin Mays, 
President of Morehouse College in 
Atlanta, Georgia, who spoke to a Duke 
Conference on the Ministry. 

1 he Intcrfaith and Fellow ship Com- 
mittee aids in planning events for 
students of diverse religious, racial, 
and national backgrounds. The major 


activities of the C.ommittee are the 
sponsorship of an international, inter- 
faith group of students from Duke, the 
University of North Carolina, and 
North Carolina College, the annual 
international reception, and the Inter- 
faith Dinner. 

{''dgemont Center, originally estab- 
lished by the Duke University Church, 
is still another concern of the Religious 
Council. Ihe Center has the dual 
purpose of providing leisure activities 
for ludgemont residents and providing 
Duke students with the opportunity 
to develop leadership skills, learn pro- 
gram planning, and gain some ap- 
preciation of the value of social service. 

Another program sponsored by the 
Religious Council is Project Nica- 
ragua, in which Duke students have 
spent the summer teaching in the mission 
school in Managua and building a 
medical clinic for the Nicaraguans. 

Left to right. Row 1: J. Kitterman, Dr. Clcland, Dr. Durden, chairman, Dean Lee, Miss Rowe. Koid 2: Dr. Willcinson, Mr. Morgan, Qiaplain Cran- 
ford Johnson, Chaplain Charles Johnson. 



FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES: SiWmj;, /e/t to right: D. Odom, J. Robinson. B. Wcldon, J. Bussey, C. Herbert, D. Brannon. 
ing: T. Richardson, T. Taft, K. Denton, R. Dow, J. Bingham, A. Wilson, T. Sizemorc, F. Ryan, B. Stephenson. 


The University Ciiapel, the focal 
point of Gothic West Campus, is also 
a concrete symbol of the University 
motto, "F.ruditio et Rciigio." For just 
as the Chapel towers above the edu- 
cational facilities which surround it, 
so life at Duke combines academic 
pursuits and religious purposes. 

The Religious Life Staff is respon- 
sible for stimulating these pursuits and 
purposes. The Staff is composed of the 
Chaplain to the University, the As- 
sociate Directors of Religious Life, and 
the chaplains of the various denomi- 
national groups. 

The interdenominational Sunday 
Service of Worship is a central part 
of religious life on campus. Sermons 
this year were given by Chaplain 
Howard C. Wilkinson, Dr. James T 
Cleland, Dean of the Chapel, and 
various members of the Faculty. In 
addition, several distinguished guest 
preachers participated in the Chapel 
services during the year. These 
included Dr. J. Russell Chandrin, 
President of the L^nited Theological 
College in Bangalore, India, and Dr. 

Franklin C. Fry, Chairman of the Uftto nght: .Miss Ann Rowe, Associate Director of Religious Lite on East Campus; Dr. Howard 

Central Committee of the World c. Wilkinson, Chaplain to the University and Director of Religious Activities; The Rev. Jack 

Council of Churches. Wilson, Associate Director of Religious Life on West Campus. 


This is ;i ty[i)c,il Sunday noon scene in front of the chapel a^ the ijiii.ukiii'iiiin.itional service ends. 

Through the w ork of the Rehgious 
Life Staff and various student groups, 
undergraduates are encouraged to under- 
stand and to share their religious 
experiences. The YMCA and the 
Y\A'CA, advised by the Associate 
Directors of Religious Life, offer one 

opportunity for this phase of college 
life. The Intcr-\arsit\' Christian Fel- 
lowship and the Fellowship ot Christian 
Athletes also aid in emphasizing the 
religious approach at Duke through 
dinner meetings and programs which 
extend beyond the University. 

In other areas of student life, the 
Nurses' Religious Activities Commit- 
tee, the Cabot Society for Medical 
Students, and the Law and Religion 
Group offer opportunity for religious 
insight and service in relation to 

In its central position, the chapel with its 
Gothic tower dominates the Men's Campus. 

The Reverend Dr. James T, Cleland, Dean of the Chapel. 


The Rev. (.Charles Johnson, Chaplain to the Presbyterian students, holds a discussion with friends 
at the center. 

I his couple takes a suing at the Presbyterian 
N'alentine's Day dance. 


The Rev. Jack Carroll, Methodist Chaplain, chats with two students over colfee after a Sunday 
evening program. 

1 h rough services of worship, social 
activities, dinner-discussions, and recre- 
ational and service outlets members 
of the various Student Centers are 
united in bonds of fellowship. Lecture 
series, dramatic productions, and film 
programs also contribute to the program 
during the year. The organizations 
represented are the Baptist Student 
Union, the Christian Science Organiza- 
tion, the Kpiseopal Student Fellowship, 
the Society- ot Friends, the Lutheran 
Student Association, the Methodist Stu- 
dent Movement, the L^nited Student 
Fellowship, the \^'estminster Fellow- 
ship, the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, 
and the Newman Club. 



Fini Ri/w: N. Pajii.-, S. Baker. C Kiiutsoii, R. l.ciiiiiiDnJ, J. Miller, 1. Watson, U. Hciczcnrati-T, P. Stiikcs. P. Wl-igl, F. F'uUer, C. Young, V. Shcpard, 
P. Piper, K. Bates, J. Voting, at the piano, P. Young, direeting. Second Roir: C. Matthews, C Yost, A. Karmoil, W. Arrowood, J. Connolly, D. White, 
G. Tyndall, L. Larchc, T. Richiehi, N. Signion, K. Lunsford, K, Hutchinson, G. Kinard, L. Benianiin, J. Gratz. 

The Chancel Singers, a group ot 
forty members, represent the most 
highly skilled singers of the various 
University choral organizations. Di- 
rected by Professor Paul Young, the 
group primarily strives for an increased 
skill, through intensive training and 
practice, simultaneously seeking to 
master difficult musical works. 

New members are chosen on the 
basis ot previous experience, demon- 
stration of ability in another of the 
choral groups, and performance in 
auditions. Both undergraduate and grad- 
uate students are eligible for member- 

Rehearsals of the Chancel Singers 
are open to the public, since the group 
usually works purely for the pleasure 


of singing, rather than tor tormal 
performances. They do present official 
programs on a tew occasions, however. 

In the past they have participated 
regularly in the VV\'CA X'espers held 
each week in East Duke Chapel. This 
year they performed at special Vespers 
programs, such as the Christmas 

In the spring the group presented a 
concert of their own, at which they 
sang selections from various works in 
their repertoire. These included several 
impressive works, such as the "Second 
.Mass' by Haydn and the "Coronation 
.Mass" by .Mozart. Brahms' ".Motet" 
and two of Poulenc's works, "E.xculatte 
Deo" and "\'identes Stellam," were 
also included on the program. 

Paul Young, director 



Director Paul Voung 

( )iK' of the most tangible traditions 
on campus is that inherited each year 
by members of the Chapel (-hoir. As 
Director Paul Young often reminds 
them, it is necessary to be more than 
"just good" in order to live up to the 
fine record established by past choirs. 

The most outstanding part of the 
program of the year is the performance 
of Handel's "Messiah" in December. 
Members of the University communit\' 
and persons throughout the state share 
an interest in this traditional program. 

This year the choir, with performing 
soloists from New \'ork, gave two pro- 
grams of the "Messiah." Afterwards 
the group gathered for a banquet and 
sang C^hristmas carols together. 

The C'hoir also presents a concert 
each spring, but its major work is 
providing music each Sunday for the 
(Chapel Service. To maintain a constant 
''concert pitch," all members arc re- 
quired to participate m one other 
choral group. 

Sally Bal<cr, Bobbi Bnle, Jacquelyn Bowman, Maribeth Byers, Carol Hamilton, Nancy Knapp, Grace Loewen, Charlotte Matthews, Nancy Nolan, 
Dorothy Ogburn, Nancy Page, Gretchen Rufty, X'lrginia Yarbrough, Carol, Candacc Young, Tina Deal, Anita Dresser, Meg Everhart, Lin Prascr, 
Gloria Hayes, C^athy Helm, I'.lizabeth Hiley, Connie Jackson, Anne Karmiol, Gail Kinard, Laurens McMaster, Ro.scniary Lenimond, Berkeley Moore, 
Ann Newlin, Carolyn Norton, Ann Nelson, Jackie Lou Snnth, Betsy Woods, Lynn Brown, Gwin Cox, Bonnie Dow, Debbie l''ther, Sandy Forrester, 
Brenda Hamphill, Ann Horton, Kay Hutchinson, Pat Patterson, Margaret Ann Porter, Jeanne Richichi, Toni Roser, Kim Tanaka, Anne V\ilson, Allaire 
George, Joan Gratz, Leslie Kelly, Carol Lacy, Pat Piper, Robin Prall, Ginny Shepard, Wayne Arrowood, Robert Dick, Robert Dove, Ford Fuller, Bill 
Cioodwin, Drew Heitzenrater, Bill Ludwig, Tommy Watson, Denny White, Charles Aycrs, John DiPasquale, Rob Fisher, Jim Hackett, Jimmie Hayes, 
Bob Howe, Conrad Smith, Wayne Woodward, Jim Wunsch, Rick Burts, Dave Cohen, Doug Dacko, Dick Fuller, Ray Goss, Richard Grier, Adrian 
Hainline, Jr., Ron Lichty, Ernie Lunsford, Roger Nelson, Bob Newton, Donald Phillips, Tom Richichi, Paul Stokes, Bill Sussman, Bill Taylor, Rick Terry, 
Less Wasserman, Dave Whire, Frank White, Robert Cook, Rick Gross, Mike May, Randy Mecham, Dave Padgett, Charlie Pennington, Jim Ray, Ncal 
Sigmon, Dale Slivinskc, Bob Smith, Phillip Wshburn, Peter Weigl, Ginnic Greene, Ken Rutherford, Buzz Wcller, Bud Rowe, Beth Scott. 





The Duke Concert Band included a 
variety of events on its calendar for 
this year. A lawn concert was presented 
in October. For its winter concert the 
group gave a program of music from 
Imperial Russia, featuring works of 
Rimsky-Korsakov, Liadov, and Mous- 
sorgsky. Some of these works were 
also part of the program for the "Kid- 
dies Konzert" in January, along with 
several light pieces. The Band's spring 
schedule began with a tour during spring 
holidays. Then came the spring concert 
featuring "Three Commentaries on 
War" by Meyerotzy. The season ended 
with a pops concert and later a beach 
trip for the band members. 

Dr. Brvan, conductor 

Piccolo: N. Githens. Flute: D. Covingron, C. Cranmer, K. Davis, M. Mallahan, L. McKissack, R. Rankin, W. Rudin, J. Windmillcr, L. Withers. 
Soprano Clarinet: D. Bender, J. Brooks, G. Bross, M. Cohen, G. Day, A. Geoffrey, C. Gorer, D. Hess, J. Helton, .\1. James, G. Johnson, I. Lopp, 
T Nash, B. Ringwald, E. Smith, D. Stackhouse, J. Valdcs, C^. Walton. Alto Clarinet: C. Conrad, C. Papps. Bass Clarinet: J. Baggs, J. Lopp, R. Sikora. 
Contrabass Clarinet: K. Lacy. Oboe: C. Da\id, C. Kittrell, L. Warren. S. Woodruff. Bassoon: i\I. Plant, S. Roy. Alto Saxophone: R. Gwynn, C. 
Hudgins, J. l^indegrcn. Tenor Saxophone: J. Harper. Baritone Saxophone: B. Allen. Cornet and Trumpet: D. Archer, D. Geisinger, R. Iden, C. Leach, 
D. Logan, W. Prizer, R. \aughan. French Horn: D. Clayton, J. Hieserman, H. Lane, W. Mclntire, R. Phares, N. Temple. Trombone: D. Bcalc, 
J. Foltz, F. Manola, L. Milspaw, B. Peck, A. Smith, R. Trickey, J. Waggoner. Baritone Horn: T. Ander.son, (i. Dunnington. Tuba: A. .\loretz, 
R. Paddock, J. Rivera. String Bass: M. Pearlman. Terciission: L. Hiday, K. Mu.sscr, J. Pendergrast, J. Rector, S. Kahl. Piano: B. Brucggcmann. 


Directing: E. Saville. At the Harpsichord: A. Heider. /.c// fv r/gte, /^oxu/: N. Temple, J. Mayo, C. Papps, M, Jacobsen, P. Bower. Rou- 2: ). Dickey, 
F. Glass, F. Bennett, W. Woodward, M. Menne, R. Burts, J. Johnson, J. Swetnam. 

Mrs. Eugenia Saville, Director 


The Duke Madrigal Singers are 
chosen and sponsored by the University 
Department of Music. This group is 
fairly small, for it is one of the most 
select of the vocal groups on campus. 
Under the capable direction of Mrs. 
I'Aigenia Saville, the members per- 
form some of the most difficult music 
studied here. Its repertoire, consisting 
mainly of vocal chamber music which 
is beyond the scope of the larger 
chorus, comes, as implied by the name of 
the group, from the "classical" madri- 
gal and song literature of the sixteenth 
and seventeenth centuries. The fifteen- 
voice mixed chorus is an all-student 
group which has been in existence for 
over twenty years. During this time, 
the efforts of the Madrigal Singers 
have been primarily devoted to the 

mastery of such difficult music, rather 
than to actual performances, but the 
group does present occasional concerts. 
The highlight of their program this 
year was the annual Christmas Concert. 
Several variations in presentation made 
this concert unique. The latter half of the 
program, "Historia von der Geburt 
Jesu Christi" by Schutz, was directed 
by a guest conductor and accompained 
by violins, trumpets, recorders, bassoon, 
cello, and harpsichord. The selections 
during the first part of the program 
also demonstrated the linguistic versa- 
tility of their repertoire. Latin works 
predominated, including "Gloria" from 
"Missa de Beata V'irgine," Byrd's 
"Beata Mscera" and "Beata Progenies" 
from the fifteenth century Old Hall 


Clarinet: D. Bender, J. Brooks, D. Campbell, C. Coffin, M. Cohen, G. Day, J. Eastburn, VV. Elliot, E. Haswell, G. Johnson, J. Lopp, T. Nash, \V. Par- 
rish, C. Patterson. Drimt: J. Brindle, R. Fay, R. Hellman, P. Jensen, S. Kahl, C. Kittrell, T. Low, i\I. McMillen, J. Siegel, D. Watson. Dmm Major: 
T. Anderson. Baritone: G. Dunnington, N. Grant, L. Salter. Bass: R. Gross, Z. Morgan. Flute: T. Hudgins, B. Peterlin. French Horn: J. Hay, 
W. Mclntire, R. Phares. Ficcolo: D. Covington. Fyro: S. Carver. Saxophone: L. Berkovvitz, A. D'Annunzio, J. Dunaway, S. KofF, W. Smith, 
S. Tici. Trombone: R. Andrews, D. Beale, R. Morris, R. StaufFer, L. Steckmest, J. \\aggoner, R. Youngstrom, F. Manola. Trumpet: J. Abbott, 
D. Archer, K. Clark, P. Coleman, J. Corwin, J. Hanna, J. Harper, D. Hughes, R. Iden, T. McCarthy, J. McCurdy, R. Meier, W. Prizer, R. Schoop, 
H. Schivcs. Tuha: U. Forsman, A. Moretz, C. Sherl. .\. Snnth. Others: T. DcPriest, D. Gale, A. Geoffrey, T. Gibson, D. Logan, R. Marshak, 
L. Milspaw, K. Stewart, R. Tremlett, A. W hithers, M. Vacker, V. Pearson. 


"Want a free trip for one to the Navy 
game? Join the DUMB!" This offer 
appeared on a poster at the beginninsi 
of the year, and it mentioned oni\' one 
of several advantages enjoyed by the 
members of the Marching Band. 

This organization has entertained 
Duke football fans for fifty years, the 
last five under the direction of Mr. 
James Henry. The 1964 band, under 
President Jack Abbott, performed at 
all the home games, and away games 
with Wake Forest, University of North 
Carolina, and .Annapolis. Half-time per- 
formances included show tunes, jazz 
tunes, and "Du Mar Number 2," an 
original composition by the band's 
musical arranger, Richard Trevarthan. 

()FKK:I'.RS, left to n^ht: J. Hanna, F. .\landa, J. McCurdy, T. Anderson, D. Covmgton, J. Abbott, 
R. Stauffer, W. Smith, D. Beale. 



The Duke Symphony Orchestra, 
conducted by Professor Allan Bone, is 
a university-community alliance. \\ hile 
its woodwind and brass sections are 
mainly composed of students, the string 
sections include flicults' and towns- 
people from the surrounding area. This 
year, two full orchestra concerts were 
presented in November and March, 
featuring violinist Giorgio Ciompi and 
pianist Ronald Fishbaugh. In October 
and February, a small orchestra was 
selected from the larger Symphony for 
several concerts. In April a similar 
program was held for the American 
C;uild of Organists. For this occasion 
Iain Hamilton was commissioned to 
write a Concerto for Organ and Small 
Orchestra. Marilyn Mason, head of 
Organ Instruction at the University 
of Michigan, was featured soloist. 

Violin I: Giorgio Ciompi, concertniaster, S. Parker, K. Franklin, S. Green, R. Heaton, P. Garriss, J. Beck, L. Walker, L. Wallace, S. Broadway, 
E. Wolslagel, H. Nathanson, P. Lane, M. Powell, L. Turner. M. Nieland. Violin 11: ]. Maclin, principal, O. Miller, P. Alden, R. Rondberg, M. Turner, 
E. Clark, C. Ray, L. Evan.s, E. Bryan, A. Bennett, A. Gilliland, E. Anderson, A. Kernodle, K. Arthur. \'ioLi: J. Mueller, principal, C. Swaringen, 
M. Renner, B. Allen, C. Kutschinski, C. Whetstone, R. Boal, K. Burley, E. Woods. Cello: L. Di Cecco, principal, D. Young, L. Brookover, D. Garh, 
J. Monroe, M. Fairbank, M. Nash. Contra Bass: \. Bryan, principal, M. Speck, M. Pearlnian, D. Bourque, T Nash, C. Jones, Fliile: N. Githcns, 
J. Weber, K. Phillips. Oboe: }. Chesnut, C. David, K. Sjostrom (English Horn). Clarinet: R. Miller. D. Hess, VV. Brown, R. Latta. Bassoon:]. Henry, 
M. Plant, S. Roy, K. Jenkins. French Horn: W. UeTurk, N. Temple, C. Gupril, J. Hiescrman, C. Winton, H. Preble, K. Maves. Tninipet: H. Day, 
W. Prizer, D. Geisiner, C. Leach. Trombone: T Anderson, B. Peck, R. Trickey. Tuba: J. Rivers. Timpani: E. Bennett. Terciission: J. Pcnder- 
grast, J. Rector, L. Hiday, B. Brueggemann. Harp: E. Kcllam. 

Dr. Bone, conductor, and Giorgio Ciompi, concertmaster 



Joe Hiatt. 

Jonathan Mueller, N'eal Sigmon, President; Ron Gates, 

Paul Young, Director 

The Musical year at Duke began 
before the academic one tor members of 
the Men's Glee Club as they returned 
early to rehearse for a performance at 
vespers on Freshman Sunday. Their 
efforts had at least one immediate ef- 
fect. An assembly was held at which 
music students and prospective partici- 
pants in the Cdee Club w ere introduced 
to various aspects of Duke's musical 
program. The response to Glee Club 
auditions was unusualh' enthusiastic. 
This enthusiasm increased membership 
to seventy-four, and carried over through 
the rest of the year's performances. 

The first of these was a joint fall 
concert with the Women's Glee Club 
in November. The program tor this 
performance included selections with 
a wide range of variety. The Men's 
Glee Club began with two songs in 
Cierman, "Dcr Jager Abschied," by 
Mendelssohn and "Gute Nacht." They 
continued with "Maiden Fair," b\' 
Haydn, then changed to a Spanish 
selection by Mejia. Their last four 
selections consisted of popular ballads 
such as "Shenandoah," "The Foggy, 
Foggy Dew," followed by a lively 
"Wait for the Wagon." In conclusion, 
they joined the VAbmen's Glee Club to 

By practicing frequently the men keep m top ihape for their concerts. 


1-. Barnes. B. Goodwin, D. Kincaid, 1'. Mahla, J. Alilkr, (1. Tyndall, V., I). \\ hire, B. Archie, B. bivins, B. Boggess, G. Brodic, I). C;iicnault, 
I). Dadson, J. Hachett, D. Heitzenratcr, J. Hiatt, B. Howe, J. Jones, B. Ludwig, D. Patccrson, D. Fritchard, J. Redmond, K. Rutherford, C. Smith, 
P. Stokes, \V. Woodward, J. Wunach, R. Hurts, D. Cohen, D. Dacko, J. Ewing, F. Fuller, D. Fuller, G. Giles, R. Goss, N. Groves, J. Hay, D. Hunt, 
G. Johnson, E. Lunsford, B. Newton, R. Polderman, C. Sandusky, N. Sigmon, K. Stewart, B. Taylor, R. Terry, D. Tschan, I,. Walker, S. Ballew, D. 
Berney, L. Coleman, B. Cook, J. Crossno, T. Culbreth, R. Fisher, R. Gates, R. Gross, E. Haswell, T. Herin, D. Kramm, J. Lindegren, j\l. May, D. 
Padgett, C. Pennington, D. Phillips, J. Ray, C. Rogers, D. Seamans, D. Slivinske, B. Sussman, W. Walker, C. White, B. Wood, C. David, J. DiPasquale, 
I). Wollaeger, R. Barnes, J. Cummings, D. Gale, L. McQuinn, R. Pierce, J. Topping, K. Bchnken, G. Donovan, S. Gaddis, B. Greene, R. drier, G. 
Perett, C. Prince, R. Reifsnyder, C. Arnett, D. Drennen, T. Ryder. 

end the concert with X'ivaldi's "Ciloria." 
Shortly after their tall concert, the 
group travelled to Raleigh to sing at 
the dedication of the new State House. 
Most of the members also participated 
in the Chapel Choir's presentation of 
the "Messiah," making their pre- 
Christmas season an unusualh- busy 

During second semester, the Men's 
Glee Club made its thirty-seventh an- 
nual Spring Tour, f'ach year the group 
has alternated in making a trip north, 
or to Florida, during the spring holidays. 
This year they gave concerts in such 
cities as Richmond, Washington, Nor- 
folk, Philadelphia, and New York. 

Practice sessions such as this are held twice a week. 

A soloist practices his part tor a pertormance. 


S. Bakt.r, S. Cole, D. Kiscr, N. Kriapp, C^. Kiiutson, B. LLiinox, C. .Mathews, F. McCartr, \ . ^.l^hr(n^gh, t'. BtTi|aiiiin, S. Boucrman, L. Brady, B. Dow, 
D. Gohdcs, K. Humphrey, L. Kelly, A. Lewis, P. Piper, R. Frail, S. Sanford, K. \'olz, S. Anderson, B. Bay, L. Bloemckc, L. Bouknighr, R. Carter, 
G. Cox, M. Davis, L. Enfield, D. Ether, N. Garside, J. Hatsehek, D. Piercy, M. Porter, L. Roberts, V. Shepard, J. Smith, D. Tracy, C. Young, K. Walsh, 
B. Bole, L. Brown, M. Byers, S. Cornwell, T. Deal, C. Emfinger, S. Forrester, L. Eraser, C. Helm, E. Hiley, A. Horton, A. Hudson, C. Jackson, G. Kin- 
ard, N. Page, M. Pickering, J. VanMeter, D. Walston, J. Bowman, C. Chapman, J. Erickson, .M. Evcrhart, C. Gerbold, B. Higgins, M. Hollenbeck, 
C;. Leland, D. Stoessel, A. Wilson, K. Belton, L. Bennett, L. Dixon, A. Dresser, D. Lang, T. Herring, P. Patterson, A. Pickard, N. Rhett, L. Scott 
N. Triblcy, B. Scott. 


Until more tlinn a decade ago, the 
Women'.s (ilcc Club was not a per- 
forming organization, bur functioned 
only a.s a rehearsal group tor Chapel 
Choir. Since Professor Paul Young has 
been Director of Choral Activities, the 
organization has become a renowned 
group in its own right. It seeks "to 
provide a varied and stimulating musical 
experience to the inexperienced as well 
as the experienced singer." 

On Tuesdas' and Thursdax" evenings 
the Cllcc C'lub gathered in the Baldum 
Auditorium to rehearse tor three an- 
nual programs which were scheduled. 
The music performed ranged troni 
sacred to secular, trom baroque to 

(iood examples of the variet\" in its 
repertoire could be found in the selec- 
tions presented during the tall at a 
concert with the Men's Glee Club. 
These included Kodaly's "Ave Maria," 

EXECUTIX'E OFFICERS: .\L Pickering, S. Baker, S. Bowerman, S. Riser, G. Kinard, president. 

Bach's "W'ir Eilen Mit Schwachen, 
Uoch Emsigen Schritten," and "A 
Ceremony of Carols" in old English 
by Benjamin Britten. These, with 

\'ivaldi's "Gloria," composed the re- 
ligious portion of the program. 

The Women's Glee Club also pre- 
sented a Spring Concert, which in- 


The women practice diligently for an upcoming concert. 

eluded a very difterent group of selec- 
tions, ranging from Brahms to the very 
modern "Caroline Million" by Fine. 
The spring portion of Britten's "Cere- 
mony of Carols" was also included on 
the program. 

These same selections, along with 
others, were part of the repertoire used 
by the group on its programs tor various 
out-of-town engagements in the North 
(Carolina area during the spring se- 

Mr. James Young served as Assistant 
Director under Professor Paul Young in 
carrying out the year's program. 

Director Young leads a lively practice session. 

The director takes a break from practice. 



Hoof 'n' Horn has justly won tame, 
not only on the Duke campus, but in 
the entire area. It is the oldest musical 
comedy organization in the South, 
tracing its history back to 1936. The 
club has proven its ability to adapt to 
changing demands for entertainment, 
and at the same time it has maintained 
an identity of its own. It was first 
founded to produce orginal plays writ- 
ten by students; however, the self- 
supporting organization now presents 
one well-known musical comedy each 

In accordance with tradition, the 
performances this year were given 
during Joe College Weekend, and on 
Saturday and Sunday nights of Com- 
mencement Week. 

These shows were completely pro- 

To get the choreography for a musical takes diligent practice like that above. 

The major characters for this year's Musical 
are the mother, the father and the son, played 
respectively by Bonnie Bauer, Alike Schipke, 
and Pete Neil. 

EX'ECUTI\'F. C^OUNCIL.- left to nnht. mi thi- pumo: B. Bauer, C. Jennings. Sitting: P. Mathews. 
P. Neil, L. Parks, president. C. Combs. Bjck ro'^: D. Clay, M. Schipke, \. Frank. S'lit I'resenl: 
S. Hall, J. Harrold, L. Misenheimer. 


The cast for the musical to be presented this year put in long and arduous hours of practice and to l>e chmaxed by the two or three hour per- 

Left to right: Sally Hall, producer; Uoc Clay, director; and Linda Parks, president. 


duced, directed, and .staged by students. 
This policy supports one of the basic 
aims of the group: to provide an op- 
portunity for students to develop spe- 
cial talents in areas ranging from paint- 
ing scenery to all phases of production, 
direction, and acting. 

The executive council of twelve 
members was busy throughout the year 
selecting a production and designating 
those who would serve in administra- 
tive positions. This year the group 
chose Cole Porter's Out of This World. 
Doc Clay was chosen as director, 
and Sally Hall as producer. Carol Jen- 
nings was in charge of publicity, Ca- 
mille Combs headed choreography, and 
Larry Misenhicmer served as technical 

In Febtuary plans \\ere presented to 
the entire membership in a general meet- 
mg. In order to give newcomers a better 
idea of the club's work, old members 
presented four scenes, including a small 
ensemble, "Never, Never Be an Artist," 
and a duet, "C'cst Magnifique," from 
last year's show, dr/z-Gr//, and "The 
Telephone Hour" from the previous 
year's musical, Bye-Bye Birdie. After- 
wards the audience was invited to an 
open house and to tryouts. A cast of 
about forty was selected, launching 
Hoof 'n' Horn on another successful 


Mack the Knife's g-AUg show their ferocity. 

dcparrmcnr, with Air. Kenneth Rcardon 
.ind ,\lr. \'ictor Michalak as faculty 
advisors and directors. Mr. John Amari 
serves as Technical Specialist for the 
group. An executive council selects the 
season's bill, which is subject to the 
approval of the directors and general 
membership. .\ prospective member 
of Duke Pla\ers must have participated 
in two productions in any capacity. 

This \ear, for the first time, the 
group expanded their season to five 
formal productions. Three of these, 
"The Maids" and "The Bald Soprano," 
on a Theater of the Absurd bill, 
"Harvey," and "Threepenn)- Opera" 
were produced in Branson's theater-in- 
the-round. In contrast of staging, "Much 
.\do .\bout Nothing" and "The Queen 
and the Rebels," were held in Page 
.\uditorium. The group also assisted 
the music department in performing a 
Studio Opera in the spring. 

Duke Players this year held one of 
the most thorough orientation pro- 
grams presented by any campus or- 
ganization. During the first week, the 
campus theatrical season began with 
two performances of the one-act play, 
"A Phoenix loo Frequent." The di- 
rector of the Duke Players took this 
opportunity to invite all interested 
freshmen to an open house after the 
performance. A memo was later sent 
to all those who had indicated an inter- 
est during Student Activities Night. 
This memo described the Duke Players' 
view of themselves ; "happy slaves of 
opening nights and Fresnel lights, who 
regard Branson building as home and 
mother, and who manage, somehow, to 
produce drama acceptable both to audi- 
ences and critics ... a dedicated bunch 
of slovenly gung-hoers, neither very 
beat nor extremely formal. " 

In a more formal description, the 
Duke Players form an organization 
which has existed as long as the Uni- 
versity has, responding to a basic need 
for dramatic appreciation and ac- 
complishment on campus. They are 
presently sponsored by the English 

EXF,C:U11\'E COUNCIL: Le/r to rifihr: W. Proctor, R. Pasotto. D. Ewell, P. Matthews, 
President; M. Zcller, A. Frank, N. Putzel, D. Hayncs, L. Misenhcimer, S. Cornwell, B. Gupton. 


Mack is joined by three pnisnrutcs and his ninthcr-in-lavv in a scene from the Three Penny Opera, 

Nancy Temple jiLiys I .iie\' Brown, one of 
Mack's girls. 

Ro'iT I, Left to right: R. Chapman, M. Proctor, S. Cornwell, P. Matthews, President; B. Gupton, M. L. Briscoe, D. Haynes, A. Stovall. Row 2: M. Pick- 
ering, A. Moon, L. Davidson, S. Moore, M. Zeller, B. Roser, A. Pickard, J. Cooper, N. Reichley, S. Green, Dr. Michalak. Row 3: Mr. Reardon, 
S. Tice, K. Altmann, D. Elwell, F. Glass, N. Putzell, A. Frank, L. Misenheimer, R. Pasotto, T. Riggs. 



1 he Harlequins began singing to- 
gether in the spring of 1961. Through 
a process of rearranging songs off 
records, rewriting other groups" ma- 
terial, and writing their own songs, 
they have built up a repertoire of over 
si\t\- numbers. The purpose of the 
Harlequins is not merely to sing for 
their o\\ n benefit, but rather to entertain 
others. With two record albums to 
their credit, they have ventured from 
South Carolina to Pennsylvania singing 
for audiences. The songs vary from 
old favorites to modern jazz, with folk 
songs, barbershop arrangements and 
joke tunes along the way. This past 
year has been a rebuilding one for the 
Harlequins, as they lost over half the 
group due to graduation in 1964. The 
new group gave several F'ast Campus 
concerts, sang for conventions in Dur- 
ham, and performed regularly at Bal- 
lentine's Rebel Room. The highlight of 
the year was a program at lurnages 
Barbecue Place tor a doctors' conclave. 

Row I, lejl tu rii^ht: B Wood, U, Fritch^ird. Rnii- 2: R. Gross, G. Gaddi.":, R. Engle. 

Seated: Rick Gross, St,indins, left to right: Russ Engle, Dick Pritchard, GeofF Gaddis, Bob \\'ood. 
AW Pictured: Hill Hud.son, Tom Dally, Ned Ligon. 

Russ Englc and Bob Wood combine their 
vocal talents. 



Dr. Richard Leach, chairman, and Sue Latimer, 
secretary. \ 


Publications Board, a body composed 
of" administration, facult\\ and student 
mcml)crs, acts as the publisher tor all 
official undergraduate publications. 
These include the Chronicle, the Chanti- 
cleer, Pen; Phiyhill, Archive, and 

Chaired this year by Dr. Richard H. 
Leach, the board met monthly to formu- 
late policies, air problems and griev- 
ances, and enforce regulations of the 
various publications represented. 

The Pliiyhill, which went defunct 
last year due to lack of student interest 
in publishing it, was revived this w inter 
with the election of Phil Graitcer as 
editor and Doug Bischoff as busmess 

One problem of Pub Row, photo- 
graphic equipment, was solved when 
the Board authorized and purchased a 
new enlarger and a Crown Graphic 
camera for special use. 

The Bassett Lecture Series Commit- 
tee, which was established two years 
ago, and had started several things 
last vear — the annual lecture series for 



publications, the award of a prize for 
the best story appearing in the Soiitli 
Athvitic Quarterly magazine, and the 
bust to John Spencer Bassett, was dis- 
solved this year, since no one on the 
Board had sufficient interest in the 
committee. The lecture series portion 
will in the future be sponsored by the 
Student Union Educational Affairs Com- 
mittee. The winner was chosen for the 
South Atlantic Oiiarterly story, and ]t 
was decided that in the future it would 
be better to give awards to students 
publishing in Duke undergraduate pub- 

The Finance Committee, headed !)>■ 
John F"rceman, handled all financial 
matters coming before the Board. 
Budgets, monthh' statements, subsid\' 
requests, and other financial questions 
were reviewed by the committee. 

In April, the Board held elections of 
new editors and business managers of 
the publications. Each candidate sub- 
mitted a petition to the Board and ap- 
peared for an interview with the Board. 

Dr. Richard Leach 
Dr. Weston Flint 
Mr. William Ciriffith 
Mr. S. C. Harward 
Dr. S. K. Heninger 
Mr. Roger Mars^hall 
Don Fleck 
John Freeman 
Forrest Jerome 
Don Manning 
Pete Shearon 
.\rt Winston 
Joan Buffington 
X'irginia Faulkner 
Lynn Hammond 
Sue Latimer 
Bonnie Bauer 
Robert Hubbard 
David Minnotte 
Kay X'ale 

Kenneth Bridgenian 
Ann .\Iacc 
Neal Boswell 
Mike Peterson 
Pat Fox 
Dean Heller 
Roy Bredder 


tiockivise: S. LaniiKr, B. Bauer, S. C. Haruard, G. Faulkner, J. Buffingtoii. P. Slicaron, R. H. Leach. 

Left 10 right: 1.. Hamiiiomi, J. I .iiiikiKT. k H. l,cath, ^. l.aiiiiiei, B. BaiRi, J, I iiunaii, D. Fleck. 



EDII ORIAL ASSISTANTS: P. Coffin, U. Sranshury, X. Rogers, L. Barnett, N. Smith, J. Rudolf, 
assistant editor, C. Patrick. Missiufi: A. Ross, P. Small. 

Ann Mace, editor 

GENERAL EDITORIAL STAFF: N. Knapp, G. Ramsey, G. Barron, B. Todd. D. Crary, B. Dunitz, .\1. Hill, J. Hobson, T. .McLain. Missing: 
M. Grcich, E. Wishart. 


Ncal Boswell, business manager 

Each college year has its own per- 
sonalit)', resulting from multitudes of 
unique, meaningful experiences. By 
capturing, as accurately and thoroughly 
as possible, these experiences and com- 
piling them annually, the Chanticleer 
serves to reflect college life at Duke. Not 
only does it record the organizations, 
the classes, and the school's activities, 
but it captures the spirit, emotions, and 
reactions with which members of the 
student body faced this m\riad of 
campus happenings. 

Such a plan is accomplished only 
through the constant efforts of the 
Chanticleer staff, which is composed 
of two main sections, the I'ditorial and 
the Business staffs. Photograph}", writ- 
ing copy, and drawing la\'-outs, arc 
done by the f'ditorial staff, while the 
Business staff takes care of the "l)ehind- 
the-scenes" jobs — balancing the budget, 
conducting the beauty contest, and 
planning the class sections. Both of these 
staffs, composed of members from all 
four classes, work for thorough cover- 
age of every activity with which 
members of the student bod\- are con- 

The final task of coordinating the 
two staffs is the duty of the Editor-in- 
Chief and the Business Manager. 


M. Macomber, co-ed business manager. Assistant Business Managers: J. Freeman, S. Reynolds. 

GENERAL BUSINESS STAFF. Front m-^': B. Schand, E. Sampson B. Smith. B. Scott, L. Mc- 
I.aurcn. Back Row: S. Il.irkr.uii r, 1' Dirr ir.-,/,. S Inert. 

PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: J. Jerome, W. Wallace, U. Hughes, J. Sneeringer. 



The Duke Chronicle, as the only 
University-wide news organ, attempts 
to keep the students and faculty in- 
formed of campus activities and contro- 
versies. Most of the space on the news 
pages is devoted to developments on 
campus or to broader issues that have 
direct relevance to the University, since 
the Chronicle feels that an eight-page 
bi-weekly cannot adequately cover na- 
tional news. 

The function of the Chronicle is not 
only to inform, but to comment upon 
current campus events. The editorial 
pages reflect not only official editorial 
position, but also provide a forum for 
the expression of various student opin- 
ions. Signed editorial columns arc 
a means for student leaders to explain 
the activities and aims of their organiza- 
tions, and for interested students to 
express an opinion on the place of the 
individual in the University communit\'. 
Letters to the editor also form a 
regular feature of the editorial page. 

Comments and quips of a lighter 
nature came this year from the editor's 
office, "JiOS-A." More humorous and 
biting comment was known to infiltrate 
the editorial page from an anon\mous 
source named Dak. 

Editorials throughout the \'ear praised 
and attacked both students and adminis- 
tration. Criticism of library hours was 
instrumental in a longer schedule for 
both I'.ast and West libraries. The 
proposed revision of the academic year 
met strong editorial comment, and stu- 
dent health services were examined in a 
series of articles. The Chronicle praised 
administration planning and the search 
for academic excellence. 

Editor Michael Peterson continued 
the traditional student support of liber- 
alization in various areas of student- 
faculty relations. Editorial comment 
throughout the \ear not only approved 
real steps; it planned for future progress. 
Students in various fields contributed 
to the work of the Chronicle. Much of 
the actual writing was assigned to 
freshman reporters under the supervision 
of several news editors. Organization 
and planning of the news pages fell 

Mike Peterson, editor 

Pat Fox, business manager 

Stiiihlinu.: Hanke Freud, Clem Hall, Joan ButHngti>n. Sitting: Ginny Faulkner. 



GENERAL BUSINESS STAFF. Left to mht: H. Schludenburg, M. Self, B. Akron, 

within the rcsponsibihtics ot the Man- 
aging I'ditor. Occasional features, re- 
views, and coverage ol ort-canipus 
activities came trom feature w riters and 
other staff members. 

Most of the actual writing and all 
of the planning occurred on Wednesdays 
for the Friday issue, and on Sundays 
for the luesday issue. Space v\as set 
aside tor expected news breaks, and 
late-breaking stories occasionally caused 
an unexpected change in page one. 
Because of the printing schedule, the 
editorial page was also changed trom 
tmie to time to reflect news breaks. 

Sports coverage was also "second- 
run," with the flexibility of the last of 
two printing shifts. The last page 
covered minor as well as major sports, 
intramural competition and league stand- 
ings. Features on well-known student 
athletes added to the overall sports 
picture, while the regular column, 
"Time-Out," gave the reader a unique 
view of campus sports. 

Advertising was necessary for the 
CJiroiuch' to maintain its standard of 
operation. Under Business Manager 
Patrick Fox the financial staff supported 
the school subsidy w ith a regular set of 
national and local ads. 

I IJITORIAL S 1 .AFF. Lejt to right: C. Taylur, C. Ciotl", R. Durlach, L). Birkhcad, U. i'kck, L. Falk, P. Shearon, J. Creswell. 



Kaye Vale, editor 

Ken Bridgeman, business manager 

Front: R. White, J. Darland. Back: P. Sonimerville, P. Crump, J. Rambo (at typewriter), T. Wolf, 
B. Swennes. Missing: C. Johnson, S. Ramsey. 

The Archive has one of the most 
diverse and interesting histories of the 
publications at Duke. Originating in 
1887, when Duke was still Trinity 
College, the Archive has undergone a 
long series of changes, adopting nearly 
as many formats as editorships. For 
many years it was published eight times 
a year, and was described as "a humor 
and literary magazine." In 1938, the 
Archive defended itself against accusa- 
tions of fascist tendencies and of being 
an organ of race-discrimination propa- 

In 1949, the magazine was changed 
to a literary quarterly. Since becoming 
a literary periodical, the Archive has 
provided one of the best means by 
w hich the Duke student body and faculty 
could receive recognition for their 
creative literary efforts. 

This year's Archive activities were 
primarily centered upon encouraging 
young artists at Duke. Monthly work- 
shops were held at the Ivy Room with 
poets Jim Applewhite and Richard 
Kelly offering criticism. The Archive 
also sponsored readings in the Green 
Room and the Preshman Writing Con- 
rest. Another opportunity giving \\ titers 
a chance to express themselves was the 
annual Archive Festival in April, fea- 
turing a visiting panel of well-known 
authors who discussed and criticized 
student w riting. 

The Ixlitor, Kaye \'ale, decided the 
activities and the format of the magazine. 
The staff consisted of ten persons, each 
concerned with a particular area of 
the magazine's publication. Seven edi- 
torial positions were rilled by persons 
responsible tor the literary and artistic 
work in the magazine: riction, poetry, 
essays, art work, interviews, and re- 
views. Three other positions were 
managerial, primarily concerned with 
finances and circulation of the Archive. 


Front: J. W'aldcn, B. Grahnn. B^ick: D, Cole-man, L. Norwood, I). Alinnotte 


"This publication is strictly a stu- 
dent venture, and as such it will act 
as a medium through which the students 
can keep in contact with the functions 
and activities of the various engineering 
organizations. It will also serve to 
promote greater interest and initiative 

John VValden, editor 

David Minnotte. business manager 


in extra-curricular activities by giving 
recognition for work done in this 
field. Lastly it will tend to bring about 
a better relationship between the fac- 
ulty and students." 

V\'ith these objectives as quoted from 
the first issue, the DiikE/iiriiieer has 
grown from its original form to one of 
the nation's superior college engineering 
magazines. The magazine derives most 
of its material from the work of the 
student body of the College of F.ngineer- 
ing and from industrial advancements 
in the fields of electrical, civil, and 
mechanical engineering. 

John Walden as Editor, directed the 
ten member staff responsible for the 
DiikEiig'uwe/ s publication this year. 
The Editor and Business Manager are 
chosen each year by the Publications 
Board, and these two officers then 
select the remaining eight members of 
the staff. 


Surviving irs eleventh year of pub- 
lication. Duke's own humor matrazine. 
Peer, once again served as an important 
step in the University's Rise Toward 

Five issues of Peer, packed with 
ubiquitous satire and diabolical spoofs, 
appeared at regular intervals throughout 
the year. The publication was an 
excellent medium for writers and pho- 
tographers to air their grudges against 
humanity, and also provided subscribers 
with quickie flyswatters and gifts for 
future mothers-in-law . 

Peer staffers racked their brains in 
order to produce articles, editorial 
comment, and cartoons reflecting and 
interpreting everyday, on-campus sit- 
uations. In fact, the flow of ingenious 
ideas and materials was so great that it 
spilled over into a "university extra," 
or parody on the campus newspaper. 

Despite chronic indications of mental 
turmoil which perennially trailed from 
the quaint little office on third floor 
Flowers, the magazine was branded a 
general success when factors such as 
I. Q., psychotic tendencies, and blood 

Deal) Heller, editor 

Rnv Bredder, business ni.inai;er 

count of the members were taken into 

Editor Dean Heller and Business 

Manager Roy Bredder led their gallant 
band of twenty with skill and gusto. 

L. Hammond, B. Carney, M. Shaw, H, .McQuillan, P. Crump, B. Ghodes, R. Durlacli, J. Park. 



The RaJici (jHincil, which caiiic into 
licing shorrK- after the founding nl 
W'DBS, almost seventeen years ago, 
continues to serve as the Board of 
Directors of the radio station. T he 
Council is composed of five adminis- 
trative and faculty persons, the managers 
of W'DBS, two elected representatives 
from \\est campus, two appointed 
representatives from East campus, one 
appointed representative from the School 
of F.ngmeering, and one appointed 
representative from Hancs. Each school 
of the University is thereby allowed 
a voice in determining the broadcasting 
format of W'DBS. 

Along with makmg major polic\' 
decisions, the Radio Council is responsi- 
ble for the election of student officers 
for W'DBS and for approving the 
budget for the station. The majority 
of the Council's business is handled at 
the rive regular})- scheduled meetings 
throughout the academic year, but call 
meetings are held whenever a problem 
of immediate concern arises. 

StiUcii, lej! t<i null!: \\". C iriKith, ,\liss Wilson, 1,. falk, J. Bdughton, J. H.irns. J. WcuIktIin , 
J. VVhcclcr, H. Owen, A. Parrcnt, A. Krc-it)crg. Sni/hiing, left to right: J. .\lclntirc, W. .Miller, 
R. 1 homas. 

Koii' I: left to right: R. Repass, W. Warren, President D. Cotter, W. PInnier, K. Maas. Roz 
left to right: R. Smith, D. Wbllaeger, D. Robertson, P. Fo.x, J. Mclntire. 


Since its organization in the early 
i^iO's, the Engineering Radio As- 
sociation has grown to a position of 
prominence in the field of amateur 
radio operations. During its history on 
campus, it has won numerous local and 
national awards. 

The principal obiective of the As- 
sociation is to provide a ham radio 
station where engineering students can 
gain practical experience in radio- 
electronics. Through the use of the 
radio station's facilities the students 
acquire both the necessary hours and 
the experience required to obtain a 
federal license for ham radio operators. 

Although all engineering students 
are allowed use of the facilities, Doug 
Cotter has been in charge of the 
operation and maintenance of the ham 
radio facilities for this year. 



WDBS, "First on the- Dial" (560kc), 
serves a dual purpose in the Duke 
Community; not only does it provide the 
best in music, news, sports, and features 
to East and West Campuses, but it 
also reflects the student life on the Duke 
campus to the surrounding area. WDBS, 
through the continued eflorts of its 
forty-eight members, has achieved these 
goals with great success. Simultane- 
ously, the members have gained for 
themselves experience in the announc- 
ing, sales, advertising, accounting, engi- 
neering, and managerial fields of radio 

The story of successful broadcasting 
has marked WDBS since its organization 
in the fall of 1947 by a group of stu- 
dents who then operated the station 
for an hour a day. In 1951 the radio 
station was officially organized by 
MSGA as a student activity, and with 
this blessing, W DBS was able to 

purchase professional equipment and 
studios and begin full operations. In 
1957 WDBS became the first college 
radio station to broadcast twenty-four 
hours a day, and the following year it 
was voted the outstanding student 
station in the country. This came as no 
surprise, since V\ DBS had just that year 
originated the Duke Sports Network, 
feeding the Duke football and basket- 
ball games to a network of twenty-six 
stations. Numerous awards have fol- 
lowed since that time, and WDBS 
continues to grow. This fall, W DBS 
moved into brand new air-conditioned 
offices on I'.ast Campus, providing the 
staff w ith broadcast facilities comparable 
to the best commercial stations in the 

Making good use of its new facilities 
and guided by Station iManagcr James 
Boughton, WDBS continued as in the 
past to broadcast twenty-four hours 
every day of the academic year. Cover- 
age of campus elections, basketball. 

James Boughton, Station Manager 

J. Edwards, B. Barnhart, B. Veatch, J. Wheeler, D. Wollaeger, N. Gibson, J. Kutch, A. Freiberg, A. Ross. 


J. Boger, J. Divine, C. Leggett, B. Elliott, B. Uoyle, N. Prance, H. DuBose, F. Shurcliff, P. Conroy, 
D. Robertson. 

baseball and freshman basketball games, 
as well as special speeches and events 
in the area, only highlighted what 
was already an excellent program. 
I'aeh evening at 7:00 p. m., there was 
a World News Roundup \\ hich consisted 
ot United Press International and local 
newscasts. Beginning at 7:15 and last- 
ing until 9:00, the "University Hour" 
was devoted to classical music: this 
was followed by two hours of jazz 
and folk music. Thus, since the after- 
noon hours were filled with songs 
from the "Top hfty," all musical 
tastes were satisfied. 

The staff, divided into the fields 
of announcing, engineering, and pro- 
duction, has maintained high quality 
broadcasting and remained almost en- 
tirely self-supporting. The station de- 
rives a substantial part of its operational 
expenses from local and national ad- 
vertising. It also receives a student 
organization allowance, which helps 
to meet the numerous expenses of such 
a complex activity. 

E. Skinner, W. Smith, R. Watson, production manager, J. Glenn, A. Lang, J. Wickcrshani, R. Ihomas, engineering manager, M. Moore, S. Patterson, 
S. Denenberg, G. Warner. 



Dr. Long lectures on "The Myth and the 
RcalitVj^iit" Mass Society." 

Dr. Long a ponir with .stiidcnis after the panel. 

The addition of a pre-s\mposiuni 
program, cooperation between various 
campus f)rganizations and individuals, 
and efficient planning all contriliuted 
to the success of the 1964 Symposium, 
"The Individual in Mass Society." 

Three well-known speakers aired 
their views on varied aspects ot the 
place of each individual in the pattern 
of society. Dr. John P. Roche, C'hairman 
of the Department of Politics at Brandeis 
University and National Chairman of 
the Americans for Democratic Action, 
delivered the initial address of this 
year's symposium. Having written 
several books, including Shadoiv and 
Siihshviir, and numerous articles on the 
topics of politics and freedom in our 
society. Dr. Roche was well qualified 
to begin the symposium with his address 
on "Freedom in Mass Society." I he 
following evening, Dr. Norton Long, 
presently Professor ot Political Science 
at Northwestern University, spoke on 
"The Myth and the Reality of Mass 

Dr. Fletcher and Dr. Long argue their vievws in a panel session. 


Craig Wbrthington, ( 

Society." This topic closely paralkiwi 
Dr. Long's interests in public adminis- 
tration and community organization. 
"Ix'viathan Society and Lilliputian Men: 
An Essay on Discontent and Self 
Renewal" was the topic of Dr. Joseph 
Fletcher's address. Dr. Fletcher is cur- 
rently Professor of Pastoral Fheolog\' 
and (Christian Ethics at the I'piscopal 
riieological Seminary in Cambridge, 
.Massachusetts. There have been numer- 
ous books and articles b>- Dr. Fletcher 
concernnig such topics as I he (.liiirch 
and Industry and Mf/rah ciiid Mcduiiic 
published in recent years. 

In addition to the three nia|or 
adresses each evening, there were 
short panel discussions by the speakers. 
During this time, each speaker expressed 
his opinion concerning the issues raised 
in the evening's speech. To complement 
the evening programs, there were more 
informal morning seminars and an 
afternoon cofiee held. 

Through the carefully planned pro- 
gram of this year's symposium, led by 

C^hairman Craig Worthington, the pur- 
pf)ses of the Symposium Committee 
were completely fulfilled. The expressed 
goal of this committee is "to stimulate 
the campus to think seriously about 
topics which are vital to, though 
divorced from, their regular course 
work, and often too, their concept of 
the nature of a university community. " 
The committee tries to prolong the 
effect of the Sx'mposium by working 
to prepare the campus for the program 
and trying to maintain throughout the 
year an atmosphere of intellectual 
excitement. Its members hold positions 
in many groups whose influence they 
rind helpful. 

The tremendous responsibility which 
rests with the committee is the motive 
for the diversity and selectivity of its 
members. Each spring the graduating 
seniors choose the eighteen at-largc 
members of the committee. Three 
faculty members and representatives of 
the major contributing organizations 
are then selected b\- the committee. 

Clockiiise around the table: A. Bell. M. Tarpicy, k. Clauset, E. Pressman, \\. Mill, A. Parrent, J. Poppcndieck, C. Bunch, P. Ladcr, U. Mhrhardt, 

C. Wbrthington. Back Roil-: R. Chapman, M. Searles, S. Middlebrooks, R. Rollins, T. Hutchcson, J. Humphreys, A. Williams, P. V'inten-Johansen,, 

D. Hopliins, B. Kennedy. 



The Duke Debate Team, active since 
the days of Trinity College, provides 
an opportunity for students to improve 
speaking abihty and become efficient in 
logical persuasion. Under the leader- 
ship of Captain Drew Colclough, the 
dcbators enlarged their general program 
and launched an all-out recruiting cam- 
paign. Guest speakers and demon- 
stration debates highlighted regular 
meetings and more emphasis was placed 
on coaching. 

At all national or conference tourna- 
ments, the team, coached by Dr. J. C. 
Wetherby, debated this year's topic, 
"Be it resolved: That the Federal gov- 
ernment should establish a national 
program ot public work for the un- 

Debating in the tall included partici- 
pation in the Carolina Forensics, the 
Wake Forest Novice Debate Tourna- 
ment, and the Dixie Classic Debate 
Tournament. Januar\- brought the annual 
A.C.C. Debate Tournament, and in the 
spring, Duke participated in invitational 



S!ii>hii/ifi: U. (^)lcloiigh, captain, Roiv I: \\. Holmes, assi.srant coach, E. Gaskins, assistant 
coach, E. Southern, R. Beach, J. A. Aniery, M. Briscoe, G. Grant, J. Davis. Row 2: H. Cawood, 
assistant coach, K. Ditto, C. Carlton, R. Blake, T. DePriest, H. DuBose, S. Shirley, M. Nelson. 
Roii- 3: J. Kinney, M. Small. K. Bell. S. Goldman, S. Slade, L. Benson. Roiv 4: ]. W'etherby, 
coach. Dr. Blackhiirn. 

tournaments at Richmond, Navy, and 
West Point. In .March, the team 

sponsored the Duke Invitational Tourna- 
ment at the University. 


Scenes such as this are typical of the weekly debates presented on Ihursday afternoons in the 
main quad by the Duke Forum. 

("bartered in October of this year, 
the Duke Forum serves to acquaint the 
Duke student with controversial issues 
of importance — whether they be Viet- 
nam, Red China's admittance to the 
U.N., birth control, or protecting the 
campus from elephant mvasion. Ap- 
pro.ximately bi-weekly on the .Main 
Quad students are invited to express 
their opinions in open-air sessions. 
More formal debates are also held 
among members of the Forum who then 
express resolutions concerning the topic. 
Both the open-air sessions and the formal 
debates provide an opportunity for 
members to present articles. Honor 
Papers, and other writings of merit. 

All members of the University Aca- 
demic Community are invited to partici- 
pate in the Forum, although the 
fundamental responsibility for the 
program of the organization rests with 
the Full .Members. 




After ten years of service to the 
campus, the primary purpose of the 
Duke Student Union remained to pro- 
vide extra-curricular educational op- 
portunities for the students. Through 
its seven committees and Board of 
Governors, the Student Union was 
able to carry out a wide number of 
social and cultural activities, in order 
to create the widest possible appeal. 

The Social Committee began the 
year with a Combo Party honoring 
the Class of '68 during freshman w eck. 
This committee was also responsible 
for the after-game open houses during 
football season and cabarets after home 
basketball games. For the UNC toot- 
ball weekend, the Social Committee 
sponsored a dance featuring the Shirelles. 
An open house was also held for Dad's 
Day Weekend. 

The Union .Major Attractions Com- 

mittee brought major talent to the 
University as special features or as part 
of existing big weekends. This year the 
committee brought Peter, Paul, and 
Mary for Dad's Day; two Broadway 
plays. Who's Afnihi of Virgiiiiii Wool/ 
and Beyond The Fringe; the Platters for 
Winter Weekend; the Bitter I.nd Sing- 
ers for a concert after the X'irginia 
football game; Peter Nero and Hob 
Newhart for Homecoming. 

Under the heading of f'ducational 
Affairs fell two major activities: the 
Major Speakers Program and the Stu- 
dent Union Seminar. The Speakers' 
series included such names as Juscilino 
Kubitschek, former president of Bra- 
zil, X'ladimir Dedijcr, former Yugo- 
slavian official; and John Kenneth 

1 his year's three-day s\'mposium, 
was entitled "1 he South in Continuity 
and ("hange." Speakers included Presi- 
dent Knight, Dr. f'dgar 1 hompson. 
and Dr. Allen Smdler, representing 
the University; Dr. Allen Cartter, Dr. 
Joseph Spcngler, and Dr. John Franklin 

Bull Shcheen, Chairman of the Board of 

BOARD OF GO\'ERNORS: l,-/t to right, seated: T. Trcptou , U. Ehrhardt, 1-, Kunr/, Mr^. Fratt, B. Shchccn, chairman, Mr. C.ntfith, .Mr. Parrcnt, 
C. Conrad, J. McCleary. Standing: M. Searles, L. Rice, E. Pressman, A. Beasley, M. Hamilton. 


Peter, Paul, and iMary perform in the Indoor 
Stadium on a Student Union Major Attractions 

The Student Union Major Attractions com- 
mittee brought renowned comedian. Bob New- 
hart, to Homecoming. 

also spoke on the issues involved; 
Negro and white mihtancy, education, 
economic conditions, and political and 
social development in the South. 

The Special Activities Committee 
was concerned with orientation for 
foreign students, a major fields program, 
\'isiting Professor Series, and Last 
Lecture Scries. They also arranged 
for such events as Las Vegas Night 
and showing ot a way-football movies. 

1 he Fine Arts Committee sponsored 
a series of six art exhibitions in the 
Union gallery, a Sidewalk Art Exhibit, 
and a Fine Arts Film Festival. The 
Young Artist Series this year featured 
the American Ballet Theater, flamenco 
guitarist Sabiacas, and other outstand- 
ing talent. 

Finally, the Publicity Committee was 
in charge of publicizing Student Union 
events through posters and flyers. The 
year's activities were climaxed in the 
spring by a Union banquet honoring 
new and old oflicers and Committee 

A. Freiberg. 

clockwise: T Lcnily, M. Tuul, H. MacDonaid, S. Johnson, L. Kuntz, L. Whitley, J. Alexander, J. Booth, B. Blackard, 



STEERING COMMITTEE: Rozi- I. UJl to right: L. Erickson, P. Pilgram, S. Kunz, R. Sutch, M. V\'ilson, C. Lyon, M. Boukn.ght, C. Jennings, 
L. Parks, B. Frank. Rovj 2: M. McLain, T. Treptow, T. Benjamin, C. Conrad, G. Garand, W. Todd, S. Blitzer. 

Left to right: Sidney Blitzer, Chairman of Joe College Weekend Committee; Carl Lyon, Chair- 
man of Weekends Steering Committee; Milt McLain, Chairman of Winter \\cckcnd Committee. 

Formed at the suggestion of last 
year's Joe College Weekend Committee 
in conjunction with the Interfraternity 
Council, the University Weekend Steer- 
ing Committee began to function as 
policy-making body for major uni- 
versity weekends. 

The chief purpose of the Committee 
was to coordinate the scheduling and 
programs of major weekends. This year 
the Committee included only Joe College 
and newly formed Winter Weekend 
Committees, although the Homecoming 
chairman was also a member. 

The student body elected this year's 
chairman, Carl Lyon. Operating funds, 
formerly donated to the Joe College 
Committee by Shoe and Slipper, were 
passed on to the Weekend Committee. 

Winter Weekend was given the 
theme of ".\lardi Gras," and independ- 
ent commons rooms and fraternity 
chapter rooms were decorated ac- 
cordingh'. Friday night featured a 
blanket concert with the Platters, 
sponsored by the Student Union. On 
Saturday night an IFC dance with 
Martha and the \'andcllas was held at 
the Stallion Club. 

joe College Weekend in April fea- 
tured the annual parade, lawn concert, 
and individual parties. Floats were 
decorated at a warehouse party on 
Thursday night, with entertainment 
provided by the Orlons. On Friday 
Hoof 'n' Horn presented "Out of This 
V\'orId" for its annual musical. A 
Friday night blanket concert and the 
comedy-folk music of the Chad Mitchell 
Trio at Saturday's lawn concert com- 
pleted the lineup of major attractions 
for the weekend. 


The Platters performed on the Friday night of Winter Weekend in the indoor stadium. 

Stan Getz and his jazz group provided tliL 
Friday night indoor stadium entertainment 
for Joe College Weekend in the Spring. 


On Saturday night of Winter Weekend, 
Martha and the Vandellas entertained at the 
IFC dance. 

1 he SAE open house won top honors for the Mardi Gras theme of Winter Weekend. 



Members of the International Club gather for a card game. 

Roil- I: U. Onn, B. Hyatt, 1). Ramni, G. Hreckenndge. Rir^- 1: 1). Xcwics, G. Feichtinger, 
R, Joshi, i\l. Brignim, T. Heen. Roii' 3: T. Marshall, R. Hcill, R. Parrott, C. Harrar, C. Cutchin, 
E. Gustafson, A. Lenelos, M. Pyne. 

Afternoon liui ii 

tiiL Intcrnatiiinal 

The International Club functioned 
this year as an informal toruni in which 
American and foreign students were 
able to talk, exchange view s and opinions 
on a wide variety ot national and w orld 
topics, and cultivate better international 
relations. A large step toward these 
goals was taken this year as the club 
found itself with a home base, the 
International House. Meeting rooms and 
kitchen were available downstairs to 
international students and sleeping ac- 

comodations were provided upstairs for 
visiting lecturers and professors. 

One goal of the organization was to 
arouse interest in the proiect among 
American students. Peter Jones, gradu- 
ate student from New Zealand and club 
president, emphasized the importance of 
American participation in the club so 
that it might be truly international. 

About seventy-five persons took part 
in the club's weekly open houses. Each 
open house featured refreshments and a 

special program. On one occasion, 
representatives from campus organi- 
zations sponsored a program describing 
club activities and purposes. Other 
speakers during the year included Dr. 
Bush, w ho gave a talk on "Limitations of 
American Intellect," a Japanese student 
w ho spoke on art. Dr. Roberts of the 
Triangle Theater, and the Editor-in- 
Chief of the Durham Aloniiiig Herald. 
The group also sponsored several swim- 
ming parties and picnics. 


The club's new Flying Junior tacks out of the bay, Pete Newman at the hehii. 

To those students with a special in- 
terest in saihng, the University again 
offered the opportunity to join the 
Duke Saihng club. x'Mthough in existence 
for several years, the club enjoyed a 
rise of popularity as membership grew 
and the variety ot activities increased. 
Classes of instruction were offered lor 
beginners to gain skill and experience 
in sailing techniques, and advanced 
classes in racing were also available. 

The organization this year brought 
to the campus several hobbyists and 
sailing experts to share their ideas w ith 
the group. Members were also able to 
see a variety of films dealing with 

An official racing team was organized 
to represent Duke in intercollegiate 
regattas. Three such regattas were held 
during the autumn months, and in the 
spring a home regatta was sponsored 
by the Duke club. 

On most Sundays at Satterwhite 
Point, there were informal regattas, in 
which anyone interested was welcome 
to participate. Weekend sailing trips 
to Oriental were held in the spring and 
fall. Over thirty members under the 
leadership of Judi Rudolf actively par- 
ticipated in the club's events. Dr. 
Walker served as Sailing Club advisor. 


Kusty Hitch and Judi Rudolf set out for a sari 
on the .Sunfish. 

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. Ro-^' /.J. Rudolf, President; L. Sullivan, Secretary; S. Stone, Treasurer. 
Roil' 2: Dr. Walker, Advisor; R. Hitch, Fleet Captain, J. Stevens, Racing Team Captain. 





WRA sponsored dorm and sorority 
tournaments, Nereidian and Terpsi- 
chorean, and other special events this 
year. Tournaments in swimming, basket- 
ball, volleyball, Softball, bowling, bad- 
minton, tennis, and table tennis were 
held. Participants and winners gained 
points toward awards given at the 
annual spring banquet. 

The club expanded its program of 
inter-collegiate competitions, and spon- 
sored entries in inter-collegiate and 
national tournaments. Holding a picnic 
during Orientation Week, keeping the 
gym and pool open throughout the year, 
and sending delegates to the national 
WRA convention were special projects. 

WRA OFFICERS: left to right: TrishfCarr, president, Jane McCleary, vice-president, Betty 
Haley, secretary, Sarah Smith, treasurer. 

l\(,'w I: J. Jabbour, T. Carr, B. Haley, S. Smith, N. Dayton, J. LcGiven. Roii' 2: D. AlicLal, C Southmayd, AI. Macomber, B. Bucl<nian, B. Brown, 
T. Deal, D. Dunford, N. Rogers. Koiii 3: B. Ernst, J. Ewell, C. Grim. T. Reyling, N. Major. Ro-w 4: M. McGrane, N. Tucker, R. Stubbs, E. Bloomer, 
K. Kosloski, Miss Woodyard. 


B. Ramsey, on floor, C. Sherman, R. Norcross, V^. Vento, P. Hughes, K. Butler, on floor, S. Hackney. 


"We are amateurs who participate in 
the group because of interest in and a 
love of dancing," summed up Patricia 
Hughes, President of Duke's modern 
dance club, Terpsichorcan. 

I'ach semester tryouts were held and 
new members chosen as has been done 
for over ten years. Sponsored by the 
Woman's Recreational Association, the 
chib provided an opportunity for girls 
to become skilled in techniques of 
contemporary ballet. At weekly meet- 
ings, under the direction of Mrs. VVray, 
members worked together to learn 
modern dance methods. They also took 
modern dance classes to improve their 
technical ability. 

Among numerous activities and pro- 
grams presented this year, Terpsicho- 
rcan gave a demonstration for freshmen 
girls during Orientation V\eek, a Christ- 
mas concert, and a concert in the spring. 

Foreground: C. Sherman, P. Hughes, S. Hackney, V. V'cnto. Backi^roiind: K. liutlcr, R. Norcross, B. Ramsey. 


Raw J, left to right: B. \Umk. d. HahllKihiii, I)., I,. Bcrghorn, K. Scott, ,\1. Walker, A. Blessing, B, koll. Ro-j.2, left to right: M. Macomber, 
D. Miller, M. Haverfield, L. Harnett, A. Wilson, B. Campbell, N. Major, S. MacDonald, A. Mcdnick, B. Herlockcr, B. Shand, E. Bloomer, A. Pickard', 
S. Kimball, G. Singletary, President Robin Shumway. 


Nereidian, women's synchronized 
swimming group, again oftered the 
chance for interested swimmers to 
perfect their skills in water ballet. At 
the W RA picnic in September, members 
performed a routine for the freshmen. 
The annual water show was held in 
March, with the theme of "Magazines. '" 
Routines were based on such popular 
magazines as Holidiiy and Xeir Yorker. 
Later in the spring the Club performed 
at the South-Eastern Collegiate Swim 

Robin bhuaiuay and Libba Barnttt demonstrate "the ballet leg" in a water ballet. 



Arnold Alinfddt, President 

EXECU nVE OFFICERS, left to right: \. Rowe. PresEdem, Order of Hippocrates, D. Post, 
Treasurer; C. Ray, Vice-President; A. Ahnfeldt, President; R. Beach, Secretary; G. Romp, Ad- 
visory Council Chairman, 


The Prc-Mcdic;il Society is designed 
to give the prospective doctors of tlie 

University community an insight into 
their future roles in medicine and to 
assist them in gaining acceptance into 
medical school. So that the members 
will receive the greatest benefit from 
the organization, the program of the 
Pre-Medical Society is structured to 

include many difierent activities es- 
sential to the various areas ot the 
students' plans for the future. 

On tours of the Duke Hospital and 
the University Medical Center, mem- 
bers of the Society received a compre- 
hensive view of medical techniques. 

ADVISORY COUNCIL. Roil- 1, left to right: M. Brinton, S. Ford, B. Dezell, Chairman G. Romp, C. Yaeger, T. Powell, S. Kellett, S. Ueegan. Roir 
2, left to right; W. High, D. Moore, J. Lewis, E. Duffy, R. Alexander. 


Row /, left to right: A. Hartsficid, D. Lavine, J. Kopchick, T. Anderson. Row 2: K. Green, M. Salter, M. Root, J. Hay, C. Foeller, D. Moore. Row 
3: S. Gaddis, J. Hobson, W. Somer.s, B. Miller, D. Forth, J. Fitzgerald, P. Williams, W. Wallace. Row 4: J. Tyler, J. Docile, W. Richter, J. Willard, 
M. Coplan, C. Sandusky, T. Wiifong, H. Jones, R. Barnes, W. Casey, H. Job. Row T; S. Deegan, M. Mitchell, S. Goldberg, S. Stoler, R. Lcvine, 
P. Pritchard, W. Garrett, S. Arey, W. High, K. Burchesky, W. Samson, W Phelps. Row 6: A. Fineman, C. Kien, D. Garr, R. Terry, R. Michel, 
W. Goodwin, T Lazarus, W. Drake, K. Haile, D. Vincent, J. Butts, R. Seidel, R. Margulies. 

Row 1, left to Tight: G. Romp, R. Beach, C. Ray, A. Ahnfcldt. Row 2: E. Duffy, G. Boehm, D. Strohl, B. Gentry, D. Post, R. Durlach. Row 3: 
G. Latiff, F. Berger, H. Sellers, M. Hernandez, D. Mason, E. Hasvvell, L. Pearlstein, J. Carry. Row 4: A. Kreglow, R. Batts, J. Work, J. Hitchman, 
M. Tyler, H. Dczell, G. Arab, R. Davenport. Row 5: J. Hanna, B. Hess, E. Fisher, C. Scherf, D. Ward, S. Naulty, D. Andersen, F. Shapins, D. John, 
B. Tredway, D. Tschan, R. Gerbe. Row 6: C. Davant, T. Gerken, H. Hartley, J. Mitchell, W. Blackshear, R. Katzberg, D. Baxley, P. Wright, B. 
Forgy, R. McCreery, R. Worthington, J. Mazza, G. Kathy. Row 7: D. Stackhouse, J. Bond, M. Eibling, D. Clark, W. Harwick, A. Dye, J. Wilson, 
W. Nelson, J. Worthington, D. Edwards. 



Furnishing counsel to undergraduate- 
students who are preparing for a career 
in the legal profession is the major 
concern of Bench and Bar. This organi- 
zation strives to give students a better 
idea of the study of law and the com- 
plications attached to it, so that they can 
judge more effectively whether law is 
the profession of their choice. .Many stu- 
dents come to college with little know I- 
edge of, but many misconceptions about 
the law and its purposes. Through its 
informative program Bench and Bar 
hopes to remove this detect. 

In the fall, the deans ot Duke, Har- 
vard, and Columbia Law Schools spoke 
to the members, who were addressed in 
the spring by lawyers engaged in 
various aspects of law. \A ith such 
presentations the students received a 
broad base upon which to judge their 
own interest in the legal profession. 

i..\IXXl I\'E OFFICERS, UJt to riKht: W. Fein, Secretary; .\I. \blz. President; D. Ru[>p, \ice- 
Prcsidcnt; D. Zeger, Treasurer. 

Row /, left to right: C. Haugland, K. Clark, O. Kitsingcr, S. Jasper, R. 1 l.irrnuii, Iv. Alctz, J. Cheetwood, C. Chronister. Rou- 2: D. Zeger, R. Ludu ig, 
R. Williams, R. Hollingshead, J. Williams, M. V'olz, S. Carver, W. Few, A. Heaton, D. Rupp. 


The Duke Chapter of the American 
Society of Civil Engineers is designed 
to introduce the undergraduate civil 
engineer into the engineering world. 
Ihe Society is organized so as to pro- 
mote a balanced growth and advance- 
ment on the part of the student civil 
engineer. ASCE gives the student some 
insight into the opportunities, new- 
developments, and problems in various 
fields of civil engineering, while demon- 

strating the practical applications of 
knowledge acquired in the classroom 
and laboratory. 

At the meetings this year slides, 
movies, and discussions were employed 
to relay current information to the 
students. The group was also provided 
w ith opportunities for association w ith 
professionals through the Society's pro- 
gram of monthly speakers, who came 
from the North Carolina area and 


other Middle Atlantic states. This 
past year, in order to receive further 
knowledge about research and achieve- 
ments in civil engineering, thirteen 
students attended the National conven- 
tion of the American Society of (avil 
Engineers in New York. 

From roii-: L. Ruby, A. McCullers, F. Manola. Roiv 2: G. Keliey. secretary, A. i;), J. Simon, vice-president, A. Palmer, advisor, E. Garand, 
president, W. Scull, J. AlcClain, W. Simpson. Roil- 3: i\I. Tewell, J. Abbott, Al. Walsh, R. Brown, \V. Keim. 


Roil' J, left to nuhl: R. Graham, R. Hubbard. A. Burgess, P Crist. S. Snyder. R. Reed. T. Berry. Roil- 2: J. Francis, E. Potter, J. Stevens, M. Wheeler, 
S. Narten, E. Motch. Roic 3: T. Culbreth, \X. Poohbah. Roiv 4: J. Urquhart, T Steele, D. Tackney. 


The American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers was originally founded to 
keep abreast of technical and theo- 
retical advancements in the field of 
mechanical engineering. In addition 
to being "mechanically minded," how- 
ever, the Duke chapter of ASME tries 
to encourage interest in student proj- 
ects. The group was led by President 
Bob Reed this year in the pursuit of 
its objectives. 

The members of the society met 

montliK' for dinner to hear outstanding 
speakers from the surrounding area. 
At one of their meetings Dr. .Mcrriam, 
Dean of the Engineering College, spoke 
to the group on technical problems of 
the Liberty Ships during World War 11. 
A Regional AS.ME Conference held 
in Raleigh this year was attended b\' a 
Duke delegation, which met with other 
delegates from schools throughout the 
Southeast tor conferences, seminars, 
addresses, and an essay contest. 

Robert Reed, president 


UNI 1 S 1 All'. Kov.' /. Ir/r to righl: Cdr. J. l.cTourncju. cxtcunvc officer; C!apr. S. Calduell, commanding ntficcr; Maj. I). Tuomcy. Roil- 2: L,. 
Cdr. R. Gobcn, Lt. J. Stutz. Lt. W. Cracknell, Lt. R. Jones. R/ru. J; 1). Randall, YNCS; C. Boyles, QMC; C. Bowen, GVSGl ; R. Knowlcs, GMGC; 
R. Lowdermilk, SKCA. Roii: 4: A. Brannon, GMGI; G. Voung. VXZ. 


The Department of Naval Science 
offers the midshipmen of the unit the 
basic naval courses which, in addition 
to providing credit for a Bachelor's 
degree, will qualify them for a com- 
mission in the Navy or Marine Corps. 
It also strives to instill in its future 
officers a real interest in the Navy as 
well as a basic understanding and ap- 
preciation tor Naval customs, traditions, 
and practices. Through practical ex- 
perience and classroom activities, the 
department endeavors to develop leader- 
ship abilities and to introduce to the 
midshipmen the Navy way of life. 

The midshipmen of the unit are of 
two types. The Contract Student, who 
receives a subsistence allowance for 
the Junior and Senior years, is, upon 
graduation, commissioned tor an initial 
three-year tour of duty as a Naval 
Reserve Officer. The Regular Student 
receives all tuition, books, and fees 
from the Navy in return for a com- 
mitment of four years as an officer in 
the Regular Navy. After four years the 
officer may leave the service or con- 
tinue in a Naval career. 

.\11DSH1P.\1AN BATTALION STAFF. From, left to right: J. Clark, battalion commander. 
L. Miller. Back: J. Chambers, E. Baird, battalion executive officer, J. Houyou.v, P. Lamotte, 
E. Garand. 


The Drill ic.iMi iniioiiiis IkImii. ,in ,ii>|ir\(. i.itu i. iinud .ii iIk I loiiitciniing y.iiiii.. 


Relatively unknown the Duke Navy 
Drill Team last spring marched in 
the National Drill Competition in 
V\'ashington, D. C, and ranked second 
among the Naval drill teams repre- 
sented. Because of this growing repu- 
tation, there were more ofters tor per- 
formances than could be accepted. Invi- 
tations to President Johnson's inaugural 
parade and to Mardi (!ras in New 
Orleans had to be turned down. 

The group is composed of tour squads 
of four men each, flag bearer Alex 
Umstead, and commander Hal Wright. 
During the year, the team drilled on 
Wednesdays and Fridays, with addi- 
tional practices when a performance 
was being polished. Early in the fall 
they marched at halftime during the 
Homecoming game and in January 
drilled for Governor Dan Moore's 
inaugural parade. The team also served 
as an honor guard for the visiting Chief 
of Naval Operations, participated in 
the Washington Cherry Blossom Festi- 
val, and again ranked high in the Na- 
tional Drill Competition. 

Front: A. Umstead, guide; H. Wright, commander, ht Rank:\\\ Kennedy, L. 1 honias, R. Keller, R. Carrurhers, J. {-yte. 
J. Hannon, D. Gaw, K. Knapp, R. Laniason. 3rd Rank: R, Mopre, S. Painter, A. Kyle, D. Randall, R. Packard, S. Foushee. 

2tid Rank: V. Kautold, 




^•;*:lr::f :tp-:^ i: 


A ^ J 

■ 1 

• « ^ 




'• i 

; ! • f ■ 

i i 


. ■ 

^ ■ H tf 


i ■LMJii.-^a 





Front: A. Minard, Company Commander. Jst Rjiik: R. Dutton, 1st platoon com- 
mander; R. Hamilton, R. Thomas, D. Edgerton, B. Boyer, J. Mauncy, E. Noll, 
R. Gross, R. Stokes, D. Kcnnickcll, N. Smith, J. Westmoreland, R. Denton, 2nd 
platoon commander. 2nd Rank: D. Herzberg, R. VVhitley, B. Crandall, R. Morales, 
C. Joachimi, C. Pennington, J. Sammons, P. Siddall, H. Carver, J. Stewart. 3rd 
RiWk: \V. Banner. A. Ross, J. Hysong, M. Manes, J. Warner, R. Crater, D. May, 
H. McKaig, C. Cruse, N. Beall. 

From: C. Lavarre, company commander, ht Rank, left to ris,ht: D. Tackney, 1st 
platoon com.; F. Beasley, J. Parker, G. Hallenbeck, J. Lesesne, C. McGlothin, L. 
Cooper. F. Bowman, T. Cosgrove, T. Barry, S. Coley, R. Graham, J. Stroud, 2nd 
platoon com.; G. Kelley, company executive officer. 2nd Rmk: J. Ncithammer, W. 
Blackard, B. Johnson, C. Bullock, W. Ashford, W. Miller, D. Daniels, P. Neumann, 
E. Thompson, T. Hackett. 3rd Rank: C. Porter, R. Miller, P. Houscknecht, 
R. Newton, J. Tria, P. Pierce, D. Webster, F. Hanna, R. King, W. Anderson. 



tiuiit: \\. \uuiiy, lijnd (.iiimiiamlcr. I'lrn Rank: A. Orgmz. U. Burke, C Wright, 
R. Falciani, Second Rank: C. Conrad, D. Watson, J. Hayes, G. Bross. Third 
Rank: L. McQuinn, G. Miller, R. Fox, D. Wollacger. Fourtli Rank: P. Jensen, 
J. Tate, L. Cashwell, J. Kennerly. 


First Rank: W. Dowdy, E. McCulIers, T. Gunr, J. Harris, E. Skinner, W. Patton, 
F. Cook, R. Carter, T. Sanderson. Second Rank: M. Weyrick, J. Young, R. Thorn- 
ton, P. Stetier, J. Evans, S. Fleming. Third Rank: J. Elmcndorf, F. Griffin, VV. 
Graves. ,M. Roberts. R. Burr. R. Wilkerson. 



Established at Duke in 1949, the Air 
Force Reserve Officer Training Corps 
gives the carefully selected cadets a 
firm basic foundation which will pre- 
pare them to assume their role as of- 
ficers in the space-age Air Force. 
The program consists of two years 
of basic air force study and military 
drill, after which the interested cadets 
must go through a careful screening 
process to pass on to the advanced 
stage. The cadets' real officer trainmg 
begins with the advanced phase of the 
program, lasting two years during 
which he is paid a monthly stipend. 
Upon graduation from the University 
with a baccalaureate degree, the cadet 
is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant 
in the Air Force Reserve, with an 
obligated tour of service of four years 
for a non-flight trained officer and five 
years tor one who has gone through 

RLCjLLAR bl A1 l: Ku-^- 1: .\la)ur \\ ilson, Lt. Col. Schlogl, Major Oldham. 
Sgt. Price, Staff Sgt. Vandessel, Tech. Sgt. Posey. 

Ro'iv 2: i\1a.stcr 

CADI',1 SIAI'F: RoivJ: C . 1 luin.\cutt. L Furness, T. Siiiipson, first scnicster Coini 
Officer, J. Moss. Koiv 2: R. Rollins, D. Shenk, C. Miller, R. Hoadley, T. Culbreth. 

>liRLT; A. Montgniiu T\ . 

>nd semester Cornii 


DRILL TEAM : Commander, H. High. Color liii.ini, left to right: M. Waple, W. Malonc, S. Lapham, J. Taylor. Tecmr Ron- 1: R. .Morris. J. Fcrri.s, 
R. Troutman, D. Ward, C. Mclborn. Row 2 — J. Lindegren, R. Terry, M. May, G. Ramsey, \V. Howard. Ron- J— T Tnkaz, C. .Murray, W. riifton, 
R. Arthur, D. Hunr. Rou- 4—}. Jackson, J. .Schlogl, W. Cutter, S. Finklea, R. Pritchard. 


flight training. The young officer may 
then leave the service tor civihan lite 
or continue in an Air Force career. 

The corps of cadets is managed by 
cadets under the guiding supervision 
of the regular staff officers. .\s the 
cadets advance from cadet airmen to 
cadet officers they are given increasing 
responsibilities and attendant authority. 
This system of cadet responsibility al- 
lows the cadets a chance to put into 
practice the principles of leadership 
which they are taught in the classroom. 

Among the e.xtra-curricular activities 
sponsored by the AFROTC Unit are 
the corps newspaper, Contact, published 
by the cadets, and the Duke Chapter 
of the Arnold Air Society, national 
AFROTC honorary fraternity. Inter- 
ested cadets may join the Precision Drill 
Team or participate in one of the few 
MARS amateur radio stations in the 
nation. All cadets are members of the 
Duke Air force Club, the unit's social 
organization, which sponsors parties, 
picnics, and co-sponsors with the 
NROTC unit the annual spring formal 
dance, the Combined Alilitar)' Ball. 

I his cadet receives an award at the combined NROTC-AFROTC awards ceremony held each 



Center: Squadron Commander, H. T. Stanfield. Left: Flight A, Commander J. M. 
Dye. Roil- 1 — A. Best, J. Choate, P. Conroy, A. D'Annunzio. Row I — E. Wood- 
ward, I. Cohen, W. Deal, J. Ingram. Roic 3 — L. Owens, M. Collier, J. Brindle, 
G. Pou ler. Right: Flight B, Commander J. R. Gnuse. Row 1 — R. Gross, M. Self, 
D. Kramm. Row 2 — B. Reynolds, A. Hooks, T. Wood. Row 3 — J. Taylor, D. 
Moxley, M. Wade. 


Ceiitei: Squadron Commander, J. Pate. Left: Flight C, Commander W Thomas. 
Row 1 — E. Johnson, W. Freeman, S. Blattan, H. Murray, K. Young. Row 2 — 
B. Romig, J. Glenn, V^. Rollins, D. Rutenbcrg, G. Siebold. Row i — ^J. Corwin, 
T. Boldcn, R. Roser, C. Wells. Right: Flight D, Commander R. L. Moser. Row 
/— R. Turbiville. W. IshmacI, T Hnneycutt, C. Stiles. Row 2— R. Hayes, R. 
Whitelaw, W. Walker, J. Snnth. Row j— R. Rosenthal, P. Parmesano, W. Merritt, 
T. Sinclair. 





hether in competition as a 

team against the skills of another 
team, or in competing against one's 

own past records, sports give an added 
dimension to the effort toward distinction 

for the individual and for the University. 
Football and basketball lead the spectator 

sports, yet through the "minor sports" 
and intramurals, all can take an active 

part in Duke competition. 

iiPP ##; 



Uukc tootball began 1V64 with color- 
ful and potent promise but trailed oft 
to record one of the Blue Devils few 
losing seasons. Undefeated in the first 
five games, Duke played power ball 
in victorious tradition. The Blue worked 
to overcome a number of factors that 
entered and contributed to a 4-5-1 

Though rightly so, academic rigors 
hamper concentration on football in- 
terest; and scholastic stress intensifies b\' 
midseason and, as for all students, does 
not cease. Of major importance in 1964 
were excessive, crucial injuries. By 
season's end the Blue Devils were play- 
ing w ithout the services of the top four 
linebackers, three fbs, two guards, two 
tackles, and two halfbacks, A decrease 

in vital experience also came with the 
intermittent loss of three other guards, a 
tackle and three hbs. Such cutbacks in 
personnel seriously impaired Duke's 
powerful running attack and tenacious 

Another obstacle was that the op- 
position seldom failed to be immensely 
keyed-up for the Duke game: witness 
use. Wake Forest, and UNC. To 
continue for ten successive weeks 
to rise to the peak of emotional de- 
termination and high spirit is an arduous 
task indeed. In dealing with these 
difficulties and in performing with 
admirable efforts can be found a source 
of pride; the praise from Coach Bill 
Murray: "The fact that we do as well 
as we do is a tribute to the players." 

Duke utili7,ed a tight, new "flap- 
lack" defense and a powerful running 
game with later emphasis on an ac- 


Roivl- Bob Davis, Bob Jamieson, Mike Curtis, Co-capt. J. V. McCarthy, Captain Danny Lonon, Dave Burdette, Dan Litaker, Jim Scott, Fred Cromartie. 
Row y Art Vann, Mike Shasby, Bill Simpson, Bift' Bracy, Al Matuza, Jerry Huneycutt, Kent Denton, Walt Moeling, .Mark Caldwell. Row 3: Todd 
Orvald, Don Lynch, Steve Holloway, Sonny Odom, Jerry Francis, Jim Luciano, Chuck Drulis, Bob Astley, ICarl Yates. Row 4: Jim Barrett, Bill Jones, 
Rich Kril't. John CirK^.\ (il.Kkiii, RchI Snu.irr. jc4in Ciitekunst. John MlN.iIpIi. Hilli.ird Shu k I'i r.l. Buli D^w . Row J: Johnny Bum|.MriKi. 

Row /: Caniicn Falcone, dctcnsivc liackricld, Hcrschel Caldwell, deicnsivc cuds. Bill Murray, 
head coach; Bob Chambers, head trainer, and Ace Parker, offensive backfield. Roii- 2: Doug 
Knotts, defensive line; Max Crowder, assistant trainer; Dixon Owens, assistant trainer; Harold 
McElhaney, line backers; Bob Cox, freshman coach; .Marty Picrson, offensive ends; Mike McGee, 
offensive line, and Bill Harvey, reserve unit coach. 

curate passing oHensivc. lliis effective 
combination began b\- providing such 
highlights as a .^0-0 win over a strong 
X'lrginia ream, a .^.'i-3 shellacking of 
N. C. State, and the first victory 
over .\rmy. In the loss to Cia. Tech, 
Duke amassed nearly 400 yards, in- 
cluding Scotty Glacken's ACC record 
for pass-completions; though Navy's 
Staubach had his most productive col- 
legiate day, the Devils made it close; 
against UNC the Blue Devils staged a 
tremendous second-half rally. 

Among the Dukes to e.xcel were 
Captain Danny Lonon, awarded The 
Senior Who Contributed Most to 
Team Spirit, and J. V. McCarthy, both 
well representing the Blue Devils in 
post-season bowl play. BifF Bracy and 
Sonny Odom were drafted by profes- 
sional football teams, as was Most 
\'aluable Player Mike Curtis (Hrst 
choice of the Baltimore Colts). Most 
important to the football program is that 
Duke possesses one of the outstanding 
coaching staffs in the country. 

Jerry Barringer, Bob \\ dlianis, Don Ashby, Chuck Stavins, Johnny Lucas, Bill 1 hoinas, Alan Berry, Roger Hughes, John Rogers. Roid 6: 
Bill Serravezza, Sonny Morris, Dave Rurtenherg, Robin Hayes, Ken Chatam, Marty Stcckcl, Bruce Wieslcy, Dave Dunaway, Joel Goldman, 
Ross Arnold. Row 7: Roger Hayes, Joe W'cller, Bucky Fonfrcn, Dave Butler, Rick Reider, Joe Kinnan, Johnny Mack, John Johnson, Bob 
Matheson, Page Wilson. Row S: Mike Rennecker, Rodger Parker, John Coleman, Fred Zuker. 



The Blue Devils \\cre driving for 
victory in a rugged defensive clash at 
South Carolina, when a Duke fumble 
led to a Gamecock FG to tie the score 
at 9-9 in the closing seconds of play. 

Beginning slowly, the Devils went 
behind early 6-0; fortunately Duke 
broke through and safety Mike Shasby 
blocked the extra-point attempt. When 
the underdog hosts menaced again, the 
stubborn Duke defense held and the 
Devils came to life. Combining side- 
line passes to swift Jim Scott (one 3 5- 
yarder nearly a TD) with slashing 
sweeps and line thrusts by the power- 
ful Curtis, Bracy, and Odom, the Blue 
Dukes marched 80 yards in 1 1 plays 
for a FG by Stewart. 

Behind 6-3 in the third period, the 
Devils found momentum. With success 
on crucial 3rd-down keepers, Glacken 
guided Duke in for 6 points, Curtis 
ramming over from inches out. Then 
the Blue pushed towards another TD, 
but the Gamecocks forced a fumble 
and booted the FG. 

A Ciamccock runs into a stone wall formed by Mike Shasby (16) and Mike Curtis (35). 

1 he Devils' Bob Davis plummets mto a South Carolina runner tripped up by Danny Litakcr. 

Chuck Drulis lunges for a USC back. 


Behind tlic liliicking <it J. \'. AkCjrtliy .inJ Dave Burdttie, .sciplmniDrc power Liaek Bnli .\l.uliesi>ri pieks \\\s way through the ( ^avaher hnc. 

The host Uevil.s rudely treated \a.'s star (^B, permitting onc-ritth his previous wecli's 
production of over 3 30 yards. Here Curtis and Yates manhandle the celebrated guest. 


DUKE 30 

Duke's sterling defense halted Vir- 
ginia's strong attack as the Blue and 
White overwhelmed the Cavaliers .?0-0. 

The Dukes threatened from the 
start, but were denied two early FG 
efforts. Then Glackcn struck for the 
Blue Devils, firing a 65-yard beauty to 
swift Jim Scott. Applying further pres- 
sure, Duke backed Virginia to the wall. 
A Cavalier aerial snared by John Carlo 
set up Clacken's short TD pass to 
split-end Chuck Drulis. Later, with 
only seconds remaining in the half, the 
Dukes rushed in to block a pass which 
Bill Jones intercepted on the goal line 
to complete a 21 -point second quarter. 

Aggressive defense brought the Devils 
a safety and continually harassed the 
Cavalier's record-breaking quarterback, 
stopping the scoreless X'irginians twice 
within 10 yards of a TD. The Duke 
reserves added the final 7 as Denton 
moved the Blue in and Curtis burst 
over to finish the rout. 


DUKE 24 

The Blue Dukes subdued the chal- 
lenging Terrapins ot Maryland with 
hard-charging backs and fine defense 
maneuvers to earn a 24-17 win. Over- 
coming a 10-3 deficit, the Devils swept 
for the equalizer as Glackcn (7 for 10) 
passed to the excellent Drulis and Scotr 
outside and linebusting Curtis and 
Odom gained ground up the middle. 
Before intermission, work-horse .Mike 
Curtis shoved accross the TD from 
the I -yard line. 

On first possession with Odom and 
Matheson booming through the line 
and around the ends, Duke reeled oft 
^ straight first downs, but were de- 
tained at the Terp's 22 by inches. But 
after Sonny Morris' recovery ot a tum- 
ble, the Blue shot 57 yds. in 6 plays, 
Odom hustling over tor a 17-10 lead. 

W ith .Mar\land moving deep on the 
Devils, the incredible Curtis galloped 
60 yds. with a sensational interception. 
Then Rich Kratt churned 9 more to 
the 21 where ace Glacken, on his onl\- 
pass ot the half, lofted one to end 
Chuck Drulis going into the end zone 
alone. Down by 14, the visitors scored 
on a long drive and were threatening 
again. The determined Blue Devils 
dug in and secured the victory. 

Duke'.s flapiack defense throttles another Maryland runner with stalwarts Carlo (22) and Gute- 
kunst (44) bringing down the Terp and ends Morris (85) and Drulis (81) closing in. 

Glacken blazes upficld and Jones eyes a block. 

Bm Matheson steams around end as backs Curtis and Glacken dispose of two Terrapins. 






DUKE 35 

N. C. STATE 3 

Duke's surging Blue Devils unleashed 
devastating ground forces and an awe- 
some defense in a 3 5-3 conquest of N. C. 
State. The Devil's powerhouse hacktield 
romped 224 yards in the first half 
while Duke's hard-hitting defenders al- 
lowed the opposition only 26. 

The might\' Blue had to overcome 
State's carl\' 3-pt. lead, after Caldwell's 
short F"Ci and an intercepted pass had 
delaxed the Blue Dukes' first pene- 
trations. Again the Glacken-directed 
Devils pounded out 70 yds. only to have 
a short TD throw batted away. 

After NCS was forced to punt, 
Glacken guided the Devils in for the 
first score, sending Odom the last 1 1 
yards through a massive hole opened h\' 
Fred Cromartie and Captam Dan Lonon. 
Hit at the 5, Odom blasted into the end 
zone carrying a trio of w ould-be racklers 
on his back. Mounting another drive, 
the Dukes ran 56 yards in II plays with 
husky Bob Alatheson bounding over 
State's line for long gains. Curtis 
hurdled over the goal line from the 3, 
securing a 13-3 halftime advantage. 

The eager Blue Devils returned to 
continue their mastery and started roll- 
ing from 70 yards out when Lonon 
pounced on a fumble. Glacken brought 
the Blue and White upheld with pile- 
driving Mike Curtis rambling through 
the center of the Wolfpack secondary 
and a key 17-yard pitch to Matheson. 

The Blue Devil dynamo: Iron Mike Curtis rampages through the Wolfpack line and into the second- 

The fourth-down TD pass from close 
range was knocked away, but the hred- 
up Blue Devils forced a fumble and 
Odom (his third score) cracked over 
for Duke's 20th point. 

State's ne.xt attempt was shattered 
when speed-demon John Gutekunst 
intercepted and streaked 83 yards past 

bewildered opponents. Denton's clever 
two-pointer made it 28-3. 

Still the Dukes could not be stopped, 
as a steal by Weisley completed the 
Devil Domination. With Denton at the 
controls, Kraft cruised up the middle for 
10 and then over for the final TD in 
the 4th quarter's 22-pt. scoring spree. 

An elusive Sonny Odom cuts sharply tor part ot his Hrst-half ninety yards and third ID "I the day. His right hand removes the last NCS grasp. 




Duke's Scuiiiy Morns (H>), backed up |jy Curtis (>>; aiiJ iihasby (10), Iciiis chc charge against Arniy's quarterback, Duke slashed si\ yards uti Stich- 
weh's average carry. The surrounding Blue Devils move in from behind (Danny Litaker-73) and in from the middle (John i\lcNabb-60). 


The Blue Devils' two field goals and 
impregnable defense repelled Army 6-0 
at Alichie Stadium tor Duke's first 
victory over the U.S. Military Acad- 

Starting the spirited Dukes, Glacken 
heaved a 45-> ard pass to fleet Dave 
Dunaw ay, to bring the Big Blue in range 
for Caldw ell's FG. Traveling to Duke's 
l.f, the Cadets met a sturdy defense 
anchored by Matuza and Curtis. The 
Devils repeated with spot passes to 
Curtis and a 2nd FG by Caldwell to 
lead 6-0 at intermission. 

The Cadets initial 2nd-half penetra- 
tion carried to the Blue 14 before 
Morris' jarring tackle of an Army 
pass-catcher caused a fumble. An ensu- 
ing Stewart punt downed on the I, and 
John Carlo's key interception and 18-yd. 
return to midfield halted the Black 
Knights' next drive. Later traveling 
to Duke's 33, the USMA was thrown 
for a 1 6-yard loss by rugged Al Matuza. 

The Cadets' final threat came on a 
busted running play with ineligible 
Army blockers in the end zone. A 
stalwart Matuza had Stichweh falling 
to the turt when the Cadet lofted one 

to an open receiver, but the penalty 
put the US.MA back to the 19. The Blue 
Dukes fended off Stichweh's remaining 
desperation passes and captured the 
deserving win. 

Hefty soph halfback Bob Matheson comes barrelling through the center of the Black Knights. 


GA. TECH 21 

Georgia Tech ddwiicd tlic hghriny 
liluc Dukes 21-S with a lightning on- 
slaught before 45,()()() Homeeoming tans. 

The Devils started well but fumbled 
at midheld. Sparked by a 22-yd. pass, 
the Yellow Jaekets were deep in Duke 
territory-. The Devils' defense was 
strong bur the Rambling Wrecks scored 
from close range. Ihen the fired-up 
Dukes sped 60 yds. with short flare 
passes and fullback draw plays, only 
to have a FC! blocked. Ga. Tech used 
long option runs tor a 2nd TD. Despite 
producing 375 total yards, the Blue were 
prevented by two crucial interceptions 
trom scoring until the 2nd half 

Returning the kickofl 55 yds. to 
Duke's 34, the l''ngineers then quickly 
notched another TD. Behind 21-0 the 
Blue Devils repulsed Tech on the 1-foot 
line and the Dukes marched the length 
ot the held. 1 he first 34 \'ds. went to 
swing-end Scott, and after 45 more, 
again through the air, to Sonny Odom, 
the deceptive Drulis latched onto the 
8-yd TD throw. For the 2-pt conversion 
Odom tossed one to Dave Burdette. On 
the move, the rallying Devils were 
stopped on Tech's 25 by a 3rd inter- 

With precision passing Scotty Glackcn sets an Atlantic Coast Conference record for completions 
(24 of 38 for 263 yards). Captain Lonon blocks fot the Duke ace. 

Urulis overtakes the Tech Q13 fur the 131ue. 

K ^ 

IS? .#L^ 


Curtis rushes across to help Al Matuza and Don Lynch level an Engineer as Wiesley pursues. 


The nation's leading rusher and scorLr, Wake I Drest's star hallljack llriaii Fiecoli) pulls John Ciutt- 
kunst while Danny Lonnn charges np to finish off the Demon Deacon. 



Using a running barrage Wake Forest 
stunned the Blue Devils 20-7 and ended 
a I2-\car losing spell. 

Following a standoff 1st quarter, 
the Deacons took the lead at 7-0, going 
46 yds. in just 5 plays. Duke came back 
strong after Gutekunst churned 33 
yards with the kickoff. The Devils 
hammered towards paydirt with 
(ilacken passing to Scott and Curtis 
charging straight up the middle. Then 
(iutekunst sprinted around end for the 
last 16 \'ds. to even the score. But be- 
fore the half, Bracy picked off a VVF 
pass, reversed his held and went 44 
yds. to the Baptists' 30. The Blue 
sent Curtis storming through the line, 
hut Cvaldwells VQ was wide. 

1 he 2nd halt belonged to \V F who 
executed twice as many plays as Duke. 
.After a Blue fumble, Wake scored from 
the Devils" 23. Clinching the win, 
the keyed-up Deacs ground out 80 
\ds. in 14 strikes, 10 efforts bv Piccolo. 

■^^'■■■ Hi •' -«-«?>'• \c-^ - il/r'ir'iBw 

Duke's Alike <. urns tluintlers over Wake s line. 1 he lilue Devils thrust the Baptists aside; 1,\ik1i .iikI MeN.itih eomhiiie t'li the hosts \\ ith IJoh Astley 


DUKE 14 
NAVY 27 

Diikc ncarl\' ovcrcami.- .\ 6-pr. di.'hfit 
bur hnulK' succumbed 27-14 in the hard- 
fought l)attlc at Navy. 

I he Devils scored shorrly atrer 
Shasby's fine 26-yd. runback ot a srolen 
pass. From 5 yards out Bracy blasted 
over and Odom flipped one to Burdette 
for 2 more points. But Navy's Staubach 
passed the Middies to a tying TD. 

The Blue Devil defenders gave yard 
age grudgingly for the USNA'S pair of 
field goals: one after an interception 
and I^uke \'ielded onl\- 6 yds.; another 
when the Blue stopped the hosts on the 
12. In the third quarter Navy went 
to the Devils' 6 where Curtis broke 
through to block the VG. Adding a 
TD, Staubach (responsible for 30S 
yds — the most in one game by a Mid- 
shipman), steered Navy to a 20-8 ad- 

Then the fired-up Dukes streaked 89 
yds. in 7 plays, Glacken spearheading 
the quick (2:44) drive with a 36-yard 
pitch to Scott. On the TD Duna\\a\' 
was free for an 18-yd. toss. Ahead 
20-15, Navy controlled the ball until 
3 mins. remained; Duke's chances sank 
with an incomplete pass on last down 
and Staubach's 9-yard scoring jaunt. 

■^-** < 

:»^>..i> - i ^KS^ 


Blitzing ends Matuza (HO) and V\ icsley pressure Navy's expert pilot, Roger Staubaeh. 

' <€- 

An explosive halfback, the injured liiti lirae> \\ea\es a\\a\ Irmn .\av\ s detense as I daeken tr.iils. Defensive stalwart Curtis on the goal-line. 


Hanked by Maruza and Kraft, Curtis burrows into a Tarheel, while Huncycutt observes the action. 

Blue Devil Dave Burdette snares a TD pass. 

DUKE 15 
UNC 21 

The Blue Devils' explosive passing 
attack almost wrested victory from 
Carolina's potent ground battery, but 
the Tarheels took the 21-l.'i thriller. 

UNC opened with a long kickofF 
return but the battling Dukes held. Later 
NC ran over a TD. After Stewart's 
booming 65-yd. kick to the 1, the Heels 
punted and Gutckunst darted 1 8-yds. to 
set up Caldwell's FG. Then UNC 
scored again to lead 14-3 at half. 

Igniting the aroused Dukes, Glacken 
quickly hit Odom with a 31-yd. toss 
and threw 38 more to Drulis for 6 points. 
But Carolina followed \\ ith a long trip to 
set up another TD. Down 21-9 the Bat- 
tling Blue ended UNC's ne.xt move on 
the Devil 6. Pinpoint passing to the 
elusive Dunaway, Burdette and Odom 
and vigorous rushes by Curtis spurred 
Duke to the UNC 20 before an intercep- 
tion delayed the Devil's momentum. 
Starting again, the valiant Blue Devils 
swept 83 yds. for the TD, 3 3 on Scott's 
dazzling shoestring pickup of Glacken's 
aerial. The pay-off pitch was a sharp 
strike hauled in by Burdette. But the 
Tarheels held on until :24 remained and 
Duke passed to midiield at the final gun. 

Uukc s Jini ieott executed this aiiuziiii,' catch ut Glacken's 3 3-yard bomb. 



Duke was defeated by Tulane's 
capitalizing oftensc, 1 7-0, in New 
Orleans. 1 he injurs-ridden Blue Devils 
were hampered by tumbles, penalties, 
and swarming Green Wave defenders. 

On the slippery held the Dukes' 
efforts to move after intereeptions by 
Drulis and (lutekunst were nullified b\' 
a rash of fumbles. In the 2nd period 
the Blue spurted upheld on (ilaeken's 
short passes to dependable Scott and 
Drulis and Johnny Johnson's quick- 
gainers up the middle. But Duke had 
to kick and a 7.') -yard punt return 
lifted Tulanc into a 7-0 halftime margin. 

Duke's defense bulwarked by Mc- 
Nabb, Shasby, and Hughes held the hosts 
at the 3, and later moved Tulane to its 
goal. But a kick put the Devils back 
deep; recovering a fumble Tulane scored 
from 23 yards. Prior to a ."> 3-yard FG, 
the pressing Green Wave had kept 
Glacken from passing for Duke. 

The Devil's Ross Arnold and Rod Stewart charge in to hurry the Green Wave passer. 

As Litaker (7 3) and Morris (85) look on, Roger Hughes and Al Matuza pour over a Tulane runner 



The Blue Imps achieved a winning 
3-2 record by defeating N. C. State in 
the final game of the season. Only 
Clemson managed to halt the explosive 
Devil offensive, paced by quarterbacks 
Larry Davis and Al \^boda!l and fast, 
hard-running Joe Bussey, Don Brannon, 
and Jake Devonshire. 

The Baby Devils nipped The Citadel 
7-6 in the home opener. Slowed by 
bad weather, penalties, and fumbles, 
Duke cashed in on only one scoring 
opportunity. Davis passed 10 yards to 
swing-end Andy Beath and Lee Reese 
booted the crucial conversion. 

After absorbing a sound 26-3 de- 
feat at the hands of Clemson, the Devils 
rebounded with a smashing 21-0 victory 
over Wake Forest. The pow erful Duke 
defense limited Wake to only 49 yards 
total offense. A well-balanced rushing 
attack ground out 220 yards while 
Woodall and Davis added another 100 
through the air. Tackle Bob Lasky led 
the forward wall, which played bril- 
liantly. The Duke line allowed \\ake 
only 6 yards rushing in the first half. 

Blue Imp hjltl)ack Dlivc J hciiiia.s sc.iiii(icri 

Larry Davis runs for yardage against NCS. 

Roll' 1: Joe Bussey, Larry Davis, Paul Messick, Bill Phipps. Jim Hysong, Malcolm Travelstead, Mike Swomley. John Krimmel. Ro\i- 2: Larry Lth- 
ridge, Robin Bodkin, Bedford Cannon, Al Woodall, Terry Richardson, Dave .McElyea, Bob Foyle, Jack Devonshire. Roii: 3: Trip Sizemore, Win 
Deal, Frank Ryan, Hugh Bingham, Jay Wilson, John luzzolino. Bill Stephenson, Alan Cone, Assistant Coach Jean Berry. Ro'ir 4: Ed Virgin, Tom 
Griggs, Ben Faulk, Fred Zirkle. Bill Luksis, Tom, Mark Telgc, Alan Painter, Head Coacn Robert Cox. Ro'H' S: Andy Beath, Herb Coins, Fred 
Brown, Don Brannon, Lee Reese, John Alexander, Dave Alexander, Dave Thomas, Bob Lasky, Assistant Coach Lloyd Griffith, Assistant Coach Jack 


through the secondary. 

Tackled arcund the ankles by a UNC lineinan, Fred Brown dives forward tor extra yardage. 

Devil defenders Don Brannon (4s; and Jue Bu-isey i4J) bring down a Carolina pass receiver. 


In the season's big game, the Blue 
hnps saw a tremendous last quarter 
eftort fall short as undefeated UNC hung 
on for a 30-28 victory. Behind 30-7 
in the fourth quarter, Duke bounced 
baci< on two touchdowns by John 
Krimmcl, one a 97-yard interception 
return. The Devils scored again alter 
a nitty steal and run back of a Carolina 
pass by halfback Jim Hysong. But the 
clock stopped Duke's comeback drive 
short ot victory. 

The Blue Imps closed with a narrow 
21-15 win over State, as Bussey scored 
what proved to be the winning touch- 
down on an S8-yard kickoff return. 
Reese completed Duke's scoring by 
kicking a 32-yard field goal. 

The Blue Imps were slow in develop- 
ing continuity on offense and defense, 
as they practiced with the varsity and 
not among themselves. Nevertheless, 
the Bab\' Devils overcame this handicap 
and, by season's end, were playing 
well together as a team. 


Duke's soccer squad began the season 
with the obvious disadvantage of having 
many of the nation's top-ranked teams 
on its schedule. Unhke Duke, these 
teams, such as Navy, Maryland, and 
Bridgeport, have extensive recruiting 
programs, which award scholarships to 
top players across the country. None- 
theless, the Devils managed to kick 
out several fine performances. 1 he 
3-1 victory over Virginia and a tie 
with highl\' regarded U.N.C. in the 
season's finale highlighted the \'ear. 

The strong, aggressive play of cap- 
tain and center halfback John "Jelh' 
Roll" Morton paced the attack, and 
won him the Most Valuable Player 
award. Halfback Bob Holt and Goalie 
Bob Mueller consistently stood out 
on the field. The team was hurt by the 
loss of fullback Bo Hitchock at mid- 
season, but sophomore John Hallowell 
did a good job of filling in. 

Soccer Coaches Ely and Skinner 
developed a well coordinated team 
despite the lack of speed and bench 

Blue l-)cvil Captain John Alorton yells en- 
couragement to teammate Art Mitchell. 

Strength. In eflort to improve Duke's 
chances against stiff competition, the 

Uukc's Bill Weinhjrdt sends one upheld against 
nationally-ranked Md. as Bob Holy observes. 

coaches have innovated a spring practice 
this year. 


Kiireiinii, Ifjt tu nii'ir: Coach Roy Skinner, Bill Wcinlurdt, Jnn Bingham, Curt Laubcr, Captain John .Morton, Barr> Stevens, Steve Seidell, Uiek .\le- 
Reery, Coach Jim Bly. Standing: Bob Oppenhcimer, Bob Lear, John Hallowell. Ken Hubbard, Spider Bungholer, Bob .Mueller, Curt Studstrup, Art 
Mitchell, Bill Conke, Glen Goodyear. Absent: Colt Hough, Jim Bell, Bill Young, Bob Holt, Randy Alexander. 



Shiihiiiif^: Coach Al Biiehlcr, John Hoy, Bill W'cldon, Bob W iggins, Steve Iceland, Dave Johnson, Art Jacohson, Jim Robinson, Reid Krvin, Steve W'ort'ul, 
As.sistant Coach John Jones, Kmrliiii^: Freshmen: John Butts, Billy Guy, Paul Rogers, Dave McElyea, Pete Prosser, Fred Zodda, Rick Samson. 

For the first time in history, the 
Iron Dukes finished below second 
plaice in the Atlantic Coast Conk-rcnce. 
Burdened by injuries and a lack of 
experience, the harriers compiled a 
2-4-1 record in dual and tri-meets. 

The Iron Dukes began the season 
strongly, but slumped at the finish. 
Coached by Al Buehler, the runners 
opened with a 15-46 victory over N.C. 
State and fought to a 28-28 tie with 
Wake Forest in a tri-meet held in 
Raleigh. The following week, depth 
pla\ed a large part as the Blue split a 
tri-meet \\ ith Clemson and USC, beat- 
ing the Tigers 2 5-.^ 6, losing to the 
Gamecocks 32-24. The first five Duke 
runners, paced by Jim Robinson, finished 
within 70 seconds of each other. 

I he harriers lost their next two 
away contests on cold, rainy days. 
Maryland w on handily, 1 5-50, taking 
the first eight places. With Captain Art 
Jackson injured, Duke fell to \'irginia 
by 17-39; Steve Iceland and John Hoy 
battled to filth and sixth place finishes. 
In the final home meet, UNC soundly 
defeated the Devils 15-50. 

The Dukcsters ended the season w ith 
the fifth position in the State Meet at 
Raleigh and seventh place in the 
conference meet. 

Blue Devils Riek Samson and John Butts lead UNC. 

Coach Al Buchlcr urges on the Duke harrier 


3n iHemoriam 



Robert L. Chambers was known and revered through- 
out the University communits' tor the contributions he 
made in his official capacities in the Athletic Department. 
A member of the Duke staff since 1933, Doc Chambers 
served as Head Trainer, Head Track Coach, and instructor 
ot physical education. His concern tor Duke athletes was 
mirrored in his constant efforts to make his training methods 
the best and their equipment more serviceable, the unique 
Duke helmets and the "hot-weather" suits being the prod- 
ucts of one of his man\' fields of endeavor. Fair but firm, 
Mr. Chambers won the respect and admiration of all who 
dealt with him. Here, perhaps, lies his greatest contribution 
— Robert L. Chambers was a big man who gave of himself, 
bv being himself. 


«„..i^.i\ u ; .1 / 

^^H.'. 'i.^ ■ J|M^g jBMlEWg^^^^^^J 

^^^^B •'^^^^, ^^^Bf^p^B9^^^A^^^SV^^^^^^^^^^^^I 

^^Bi^'''^* '^^lK.Sf4HPBn7£^^^' ^1 

^^■l^£ ''V^tSDIu^&fjBQBa^^^l 





- < 

K^ ' ' :-^So^| 


w^Ai.'- ' , '^^^^^H 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B ' ' '^^^u^k^^^l 

^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^K ^•' - '^4^^^^^^^ 

^^^^^^Hk^^^^^^^B *'' ''T'i'<.^^^^^| 

^^^^^■i^^BI^^^K ' '''''r^ '' 'Jl^^l 

^^^^B^^^^^^B ''' '''' '^"^^1 

^^Psii^^.', '.-■^•^'Si« 

^B^>>^ . ^ 'H&^B 

^^Hj^P' ^^ij^^H^ B . " • '^^^xilvv^^^l 

■BI^^By^kL J 



Duke has recently been highly 
consistant in producing exciting power- 
house basketball. Two seasons ago 
Duke's Player of the Year, Art Heyman, 
and Co. led the Big Blue to the country's 
third-place honors. And after last year's 
sccond-in-the-nation squad graduated 
top-notch Jay Buckley, Buzzy Harrison 
and one of the finest in the land, All- 
American Jeff Mullins, the Blue Devils 
have once again fielded a strong and 
successful team. 

Coach \'ic Bubas molded the return- 
ing Dukes and newcomers into another 
20-game winner. Slender, 6' 10" center 
Hack Tison knew defense and his 
shots were hard to stop. .A trio of scoring 
balance, Steve \'aeendak, Jack Mann 
and soph Bob \'erga could hit with 
deadly accuracy. And t\\ o quick seniors, 
Ron Herbster and C^.iptain Denny 
Ferguson, as well as the other starters, 
were experienced ball-handlers with 
agressive defensive talent and deter- 
mined leadership. These, and the bench 

I fic best in tile nation: Bubas and Waters. 

.S'raW; Pfiil Allen, Bob Verga, Captain Denny Ferguson, Ron Herbster, Steve Vacendak. StLiihlinR: Head Coach \'ic Bubas, Assistant Coach Bucky 
Waters, Jim Liccardo, Bob Reidy, Hack Tison, Brent Kitching, Jack Marin, Paul V'lck, Freshman Coach Chuck Daly. 


depth, led by big Brent Kitehing and 
Bob Reidy, provided varying blends 
of power in speed, defense, rebounding 
and high-scoring tor the 1965 Uiikes. 

The Blue Devils opened in Greens- 
boro and mastered \'PI with play that 
would be characteristic of Duke all 
season. The Big Blue exploded with a 
pressing, devastating defense and hot 
shooting (after intermission 62% to 

ourscore the Gobblers 62-32). 

Then the spirited Devils met 
Michigan — ranked first in the country. 
The huge Wolverines were ahead by 1 3 
points until late in the contest when 
Duke started a comeback with the 
scoring punch of Vacendak and Verga 
and a tighter defense. The rallying 
Blue Devils caught the visitors at 69 
and 71-all; Duke's momentum and the 

Huitling Blue Ucvil Stcvi; X'acendak leads charge against top-ranked .Michigan. 

Blue Duke Hack Ti.son arches his hook over 
the \\<ilverines' .All-Anicrican Cazzie Russell. 

crowd's ear-splitting roar forced a 
time-out from Michigan. However, 
with a few clutch baskets, the nation's 
top-ranked team escaped 86-79, inter- 
rupting a two-year home court winning 
streak; the Big Dukes were justly proud 
of the show of determination. 

Traveling to Annapolis, the Devils 
took Navy too lightly (after last year's 
record score of 121-63) and relied on 
21 rebounds by Marin, 24 points and 
two nitty overtime-steals by Verga 
for a 93-87 win. Back home against 
ACC competition, the pressing, fast- 
breaking Blue Dukes bolted into a 
17-4 lead and trounced USC 111-72. 

A series of road games began at 
Clemson, where Vacendak came through 
with the Devil's last 10 points, the 
final 6 on 1-and-l foul shots: the Blue 
finally triumphed after being down 1 1 
points. Va. stayed close for 3 periods 
until the rebounding of Tison and 


Duke sharpshooter and All-Confcrcncc Bob 
V'erga blazes away from the fast-break. 

AII-AC X; Blue Devil dandy Jack Marin breaks 
through to put in another two-pointer. 

The Big Blue Captain Denny Ferguson fires 
his one-handed jumper from the top of the key. 

1964-1965 RESULTS 

DUKF. ('Fi.son 24) 5lTc 98 

DUKE (\acendak 23) 43% 79 

DUKE (Verga 24) 53% 93 

DUKE (Marin 20) 44% 1 1 1 

DUKF (\',icend.ik 2?) 45% 80 

DUKE (Verga 30) 52% 104 

DUKE (Verga 28) 50% 94 

DUKE (Vacendak 32) 58% 91 

DUKF (Marm 29) 59% 121 

DUKE (Tison 12) 39% 62 

DUKE (Verga 29) 53% 106 

DUKE (V^acendak 22) 51% 105 

DUKE (Verga 23) 42% 82 

*ACC Tournament 

Virginia Tech 63 

Michigan 86 

Navy (OT) 87 

South C.irolina 72 

(Uemson 79 

Virginia 91 
Ohio Stare (2 OF) W 

VVake Forest 86 

Penn .State 88 

North Carolina 65 

Clemson 8 1 

Wake Forest 77 

.Maryland 64 

DUKF (Mann 32) 56', 84 

DUKF (.\larin 32) 52% 109 

DUKF (Mann 27) 56'; 78 

DUKE (.Mann 25) 59', 136 

DUKF (Mann & Verga 26) 53', 93 

DUKF (\erga 27) 45'c 87 

DUKF (Mann 35) 42'f 101 

DUKF (Verga 36) 51% 82 

DUKE (Vaccndak21) 39', 66 

DUKF (Verga 25) 3 3', 62 

DUKE (Vacendak 25) 58% 101 

DUKE (Verga 25) 47%, 85 

N. C. State 74 

West Virginia 89 

N. C. State (OF) 67 

Virginia 72 

Wake Forest 80 

South Carolina 59 

Notre Dame 88 

.Maryland 85 

North Carolina 71 

*South Carolina 60 

♦Wake Forest 8 1 

*N. C. State 91 


Steve Vacendak applies the pressure to UNC. 

the three-pronged scoring of \erga-30, 
Vaccndak-25, and Marin-24 prevailed 
for a 104-91 victory. A narrow contest 
at Ohio State was tied 12 times before 
Duke won in double-overtime 94-87. 
The Dukesters, paced by 32 from 
Vacendak, turned back V\T"'s bid with 
some fine shooting (58%). 

Then for a slate of five at the in- 
door Stadium. Encouraged by signs 
of true greatness in Jack Marin, who 
sank 13 of 14 from the floor, the Big 
Blue galloped (121-88) past the Nittan\' 
Lions tor the 7th straingt win. But then 
a scrappy UNC team, after 4 years 
of losing to the Dukes, upset the cold 
(38%) Devils in the final minutes 
65-62. Carolina's slow, deliberate play 
and close defense kept dow n the nation's 
best offensive average of 96. S pomts. 
Duke quickly began playing like Blue 
Devils again and stormed past Clem- 
son 106-81: ahead once by 41 the 
mighty Dukes were right on target 
as Verga zinged in 13 of 17 and 29 
points and Bob Reidy 7 of 10 and 19 
points. \"isiting Wake Forest was 

treated similarh' as the Devils set the 
pace with a pair of 22-point perform- 
ances from Marin and Vacendak. Pound- 
ing out a 107-77 win, the Big Blue 
stuck tor the 40th win in the last 42 
.\C"C games, lb help the I3ukes soar 
over the century mark tor the fifth 
time in the season. Brent Ivitching 
came in and hit his first 5 of 7 shots. 

.\lar\land w.!s polished off 82-64 by 
Duke's fast start and hounding defense. 
Continuing his deadly accuracy. Bob 
\'erga chipped in 20 first-half points; 
and Hack Tison showed some alert 
defensive ability. Always tough NCS 
threatened in Raleigh but couldn't 
contend w ith the amazing Jack Marin, 

who pumped in 14 of 17 and 32 points 
to topple the Wolfpack 84-74. Re- 
peating his 32-point showing against 
West \'irginia, Marin was torrid from 
the floor and consistent as ever from 
the foul line, dropping in 10 of 11 at- 
tempts. Duke thundered past the 
Mountaineers 109-89 as Verga also 
had the range for 28 points. Then 
NCS again for a hard-fought battle 
which found the Big Blue behind at 
the half 34-28. The determined Dukes 
roared back and quickly put in 20 points 
to 7 for the Pack though the contest 
was ultimately sent into overtime. 
Holding NCS to one bucket in the OT 
period, the Devils grabbed a 78-67 

Drawing off Carolina defenders, Mann pitelies baek to Tison for the easy dunk. 

A Tcrp tries to go past Duke's rugged soph Bob Reidy jnd X'lccndak and the ready llsnn. 

win. For the final home game Duke 
shot past \"irginia with a record shat- 
tering 136-72 bhstering. The Big Blue 
started fast, racing to a 64-29 lead at the 
half. The regulars left with 10 minutes 
remaining, and the reserves accounted 
for the last 36 points. Besides out 
rebounding the Cavs 57-28, all 14 
IXvils were hot from the floor (59%) 
and especially the foul line (26 of 31.) 
The Glenn E. Mann Memorial Trophy 
for the Reserve Contributing the Most 
to Team Morale was presented in 
tribute to the Duke senior who lost 
his life in August 1964. 

Ne.xt for the Devils was a convincing 
93-80 win at WV after a 40-40 tie at the 
half, as 26 points apiece lor Mann and 
\erga brought the victory. Then the 
hlth-ranked Dukes whipped USC by 26, 
followed by a 101-88 romp of Notre 
Dame where Marin and \'acendak col- 
lected career highs of 36 and 32 points. 
But at Md. the Big Blue sutfercd the 
third loss in 50 ACC starts, and played 
sub par ball and fell at UNC. As top 
seeded in the upcoming all-important 
ACC Tourney, Duke laced the task ol 
bolstering momentum. 

Utjspitc \\jkc l-orcst efforts, big Haskell drives in tor the basket as .MeKaig observes. 

Duke's classy soph Bob \'erga fakes two frcm 
N. C. State's Wolfpaek for the shot. 


Clutch pcrtormcr Jack Mann, who led the ACC with a 55',^, avetagc, butits through NCS. 

Rcidy reaches high for a tiji-in to contribute 
to the 65-point margin over the Cavaliers. 

Blue Uevil Captain Denny Ferguson speeds the fast-break in the 136-72 X'lrginia rout. 


Ron Herbster lays it in as Duke sets ACC 
records for most points and field-goals (55). 

Uukc rebounds with Mann, 1 ison, and Kitch- 
ing in position as Vacendak sweeps the boards. 

Tough Blue Devil defender Ronnie Herbster 
haks the dribble of the N'CS W'olfpaek. 

Pressure defense forced many into a steal or 
error. Here Verga and Ferguson corner a Terp. 


W-rga, Bob, g 

Marin, Jack, f 

Vacendak, Steve, t"-g 

Tison, Hack, c 

Ferguson, Denny, g. 

Reidy, Bob, F 

Herbster, Ron, g . . • 
Kitching, Brent, f . . . 

Allen, Phil, f 

Liccardo, Jim, i . . . . 
McKaig, Stuart, g. . 

Zimnier, Bill, g 

AlcBride, Klliott, g. . 

Fitts, Burton, f 

Team Rebounds .... 

DUKE Totals 

OPP. Totals 

Record: 20- .5 (ACC: liA) 

PTS. A\'G. 







65 . 5 





-> ^ 










19. I 





7 5 










50 . 6 



















7 ^ 



44 4 





5. 3 











1 .8 










5 3 

























1 .5 






















2. 3 













3 3 . 3 




























A fleet hustler— Ronnie Herbster leaps against USC for a tap over to the poised Tison. 

The defending Conference-Champs 
first met South CaroHna slow-down 
tactics. Despite making but a third of 78 
shots, while USC hit 70% of only 45 
tries, the Blue Devils with Bob Verga 
loose for 25 pts. forged ahead by II to 
later win by 2 after a cold spell. 

Bounding out of the slump the Big 
Blue plundered Wake Forest defenses 
with hot (58%) shooting. The explosive 
Dukes raced off to a 12-2 lead and sank 
14 of the first 15 second half shots en 
route to a 101-88 triumph. The depend- 
able Vacendak and Marin bucketed 25 
and 20 pts. as Hack Tison (8 of 9) 
played superbly on defense and added 19 

In the finals with N. C. State, the 
pace was fast and Duke maintained a 
slim margin; but the scrappy Wolfpack 
closed the gap at 67-all, after 1 1 previous 
ties, and won 91-85. Though Verga and 
Vacendak had 25 and 19 for our cause, 
a NCS sub, Worsley, was devastating 
with 30 points as was Marin's foul 
trouble. To the disappointed Blue Devils, 
Coach Bubas stated "that anyone who 
really lives is gomg to feel the sting 
of defeat at some time in his life." 

Defensive ace Denny p'crguson pressures the Wake Forest ball-handler. 


The Big Blue's soph sensation, All-Tournament 
Bob Verga drives past a Gamecock defender 

The highest-scoring team in ACC^ history pierces the Wake Forest defense: Duke's Denny 1 erg u. son u hips one nito Hack Tison breaking for the bas- 
ket in the 101-88 Demon Deacon trouncing. 

All-Tournament selection Steve \acendak 
launches his deft jumper over N. C. State. 

Three Blue Devils — Marin, Tison, and Reidy 
go high to combine efforts for a tap-in. 

Bob Reidy pumps in a fall-away against the 
Wolfpack, in hitting on 6 of 7 shots for Duke. 



blue Imp hotshot Ron \\l.ndelin pops from 
the- key despite East Carolina assistance. 

I he Baby Imps completed one of their 
most successful seasons by compiling 
an outstanding 13-3 record. Led by 6'8" 
.Mii<e Lewis, Duke suffered defeats 
onh' at the hands of Carolina and State. 
Until the unfortunate loss of two of its 
starters at midseason, the Baby Imps 
were undefeated and probabK' the best 
freshman team in the countr\'. 

Starting Ron WendeJin, lim Kolod- 
ziej, Lewis, Joe Kennedy, and Warren 
Chapman, the Devils trounced V'Pl in 
their opener 91-57. Facing the powerful 
Davidson Frosh at home, the Imps won 
handily 87-68 behind Mike Lewis' 19 
points and 26 rebounds, fhe Blue 
Devd express rolled to victories over 
Wake, Richmond, East Carolina, and 
Davidson again. The crucial test came 
at home against U\C. Kenned\', who 
had been superb in guardmg Carolina's 
great Larry Miller, and Lewis fouled 
out early in the second half. But with 
\\arren Chapman hitting soft jumpers 
from around the key (for 31 points) 

and Ron Wendelin freezing the ball 
against the Tarheel press, the Devils 
prevailed by a score of 100-90. Victories 
over State and Wake enabled the Imps 
to finish the first semester with a perfect 
10-0 mark. 

Fhe loss of Kennedy and Kolodziej 
hurt the Devils when second semester 
play got under way. The Imps suffered 
tw o close defeats at the hands of Caro- 
hna (67-62, 103-90) and lost once to 
State (63-52). However, the hustling 
Blue Devils achieved wins over Wake 
Forest, N. C. State, and Edwards 
Academy to break even for the second 
half of the campaign. 

Diminutive 5'8" guard Tony Barone 
thrilled Duke fans the latter part of the 
season. Out the entire first semester 
with an illness, Barone sparked the 
Devils with his sharp passing and clever 
ball handling. Reserve guard Dick 
^^'arren and forwards Bill Stephenson 
and Andy Bcarh also performed well 
for the Blue Imps. 

Hull hill: Sandy Sands (manager). 1st roii: left to ni>bt: Mark l-laney, Dick Warren, Ray Klaiiss. Reed McRoberts, Jim Young, Tony Barone. C^arl 
Rohias. 2iid Roii-: Coach Daly, Ron Wendelin, Lenny Mees, Joe Kennedy, Mike I^ewis, Warren Chapman, Bill Benedict, Tim Kolodziej, Bob \'ogol- 
sang, Jim I i bone. Randy Miller. 



The amazing little guard, Duke s Tony Baronc romps past the opposition. 

Fresh superstar Alike Lewis show s his touch. 

Head Coach Daley instructs the high-powered lini Kolodziej, Mike Lewis and Joe Kennedy. 



1 liL- Diikf fencing ttani, still opLrcit- 
ing nnJcr non-varsits' st;itLis, had an 
L-\trcnicl\' siicccsshil season this year. 
I5\ the end of I"ebruar\', the fencers 
were undefeated, sporting a V-0 over 
all record. 

The season's first action saw Duke 
defeat NCS 16-11 and the Winston 
Salem Fencing Club 19-8. The team 
was led by Dudley Houghton who w as 
6-0 in sabre for the two matches. A 
two day tournament in February re- 
sulted in Duke victories over Clemson 
(18-9), \'M1 (14-n), Citadel (19-8), 
and Ca. Tech (14-13). A last b )ut toil 
victory by Doug Simmons w hich broke 
a 13-13 tie gave Duke the win over 
Tech. But it was the sabre men that 
made the difference in the tournament 
results. Led by Greg Peretr and Dick 
Mikjsell, sabre victories totaled 8-1 
against the Citadel and 7-2 against 
Ga. Tech. Later in February the Duke 
fencers defeated previously unbeaten 
UNC by a 14-13 score. 

Volunteer coaches for the team w ere 
Head Coach Dave l.vans, foil coaches 
Steed Rollins, Hart Kait, and 1 iai 

Walker, and sabre coach X'ince Farome. 
Success has raised hopes for varsity 
status in the near future. 

"En Garde" 

Rov; one: John Bunin, Shiang-Tai Tuan, Greg Perctt, Gordon Grant, Ping IJai. Richard Mikcscn, IJudlcy Houghton, Robert Svvenne.s. Rir^^ luo: 
David F.vans, Don Smith, Jim Fowler, Alfred Moretz. Gordon .McDonald, Dan Liggon, Dennie May, Doug Simmons, Coach Steed Rollins. 



The only factor that kept the 1964- 
65 wrestling team from a winning 
season was misfortune. Launching the 
season with three straight victories, 
the grapplers seemed to be headed for 
their first winning record in several 
years. However, a shoulder injury to 
Malcom Darling and the illness of 
Mac McAlpin, two of the top three 
men, were heavy blows. 

Nonetheless, under the guidance ot 
Coach Carmen Falcone and Captaui 
Dick Lam, the team displayed a stead\', 
high-caliber of wrestling which won 
them the respect of every opponent. 
The final 3-5-1 record does not reflect 
completely the performance ot the 
squad, as two of those losses were 
one-point heartbreakers. 

Alternate Captain John Holder also 
deserves special praise since his reliable 
performances and consistent points w ere 
the mainstays of the team. Other 
valuable members were Pete Diltz and 
Pierre Holbert, both of whom placed 
high in the .-KCX Tournament, starthng 
nationalh- ranked Maryland. Rounding 
out the varsitN' were Fd Johnson and 
Dave Kerman, each contributing well- 
fouuht matches on the mats. 

Pete Diltz cautiously waits for hi.s opponent to make a move. 

Jim Holhcrt scjiLires nit with Maryland adver- 
sary in the heavyweight competition. 

John Holder makes an escape turnmg to attempt a pin. 


Jst Rou\ left to right: Malcoliii Darling, John Holder, Peter Dilrz, Malcolm McAlpin. 2nd Roiv: Coach Bill Harvey, Richard Lam, Alike Shasby, Ed 
Johnson, Jim Holbcrt, Coach Falcone. 

Burly Ed Johnson piles up points. 

Mac AIcAlpin tics up a struggling Terp. 



Uukc swimmers (inisliul an excitmg 
'64-'65 season w ith a 5-4 overall record 
and a 4-3 conference total. The season 
was climaxed by four victories in the 
last five meets and a fourth place in the 
ACC meet. 

The team had one ot the best freestyle 
relay teams in Duke's history com- 
posed of Jim Burwcll, Spike Narren 

and co-captains Cal King and Jim 
Carraway. Other standouts among the 
tankers were divers Steve Porter and 
Dick HouN'oux, hackstroker Jerr\- Kel- 
ler, breaststrokers John Steuben and 
Steve Castles. 

The tankers scored victories over 
X'irginia, (jcorgia Tech, CIcmson, Wake 
Forest, and South Carolina. Karly losses 
were to Navy and the top three finishers 
in the ACC — Maryland, North Carolina 
and N. C. State. 

The butterfly requires co-ordinarion and endurance. 

In Pika position. 

m e 

» • 


Ron- me: R. .\ltreurcr, S. Castles, D. Houyoux, J. Keller, 1). Feck. 1). Randall, J. Stuebner, J. Burnell, S. Nartin, C. King, J. Caraway. Ro-j: two: 
E. Carter, A. Truax, U. Brcnnen, C. Couper, J. \\ illis, T. Tatt, T. Park, C. Couric, T. Gerken. 




Duke baseball in 1964 experienced a 
disappointing season. The failure of 
several outstanding players to repeat 
their 1963 performances, plus ke>' 
physical and mental errors brought 
defeat to the Bkic Devils in several tight 
contests. And the important loss of 
Capt. Dave Uible, an All-Conference 
first baseman, through a knee injury 
hurt the Duke team. Coached by 
Haii-of-Famer Ace Parker the Big Blue 
found the season's strong point in the 
consistently fine pitching supplied by Jay 
Hopkins, Charlie Young, and Stan Cris- 
son. Alternate hurlers Cars' Stevens and 
Jim Liecardo showed rapid improvement 
and promised formidable performances 
for the Blue Devils' forthcoming season. 
In addition top-notch sophomores Scotty 
Glacken, catcher, and Johnny Gute- 
kunst, centerfielder, both played well 
throughout the year. The leading hitter 
was third baseman Tommy Taylor, a 
superlative batsman for Duke. 

Scotty Glackcn drills one through the iiiiildlc. 

Row 1: Steve Holloway, Ucan Helms, Jay Hopkins. Sonny Odom, t^harles Young. Roii: 2: Art Vann, Jini Barrett, Fcnton Harrison, Bob Mueller, 
Scotty Glacken, John Hines, Chris Stiles, Coach Jim BIy. Rozi' 3: dncr Hill, John .Michael, Tom Coble, Bob Whitley, Cowrey Hughes, Jim Lie- 
cardo, Bruce KauflFman, Jim Barringer. 


1964 \;ir.sir\- Baseball Results 



Duke 5 

Darrniduth 4 

Duke 3 

Dartmouth 6 

Duke 12 

Amherst 4 

Duke 4 

Florida Stare 10 

Duke 3 

Rollins 5 

Duke 3 

Colby 6 

Duke 8 

Davidson 5 

Duke 10 

Rolbns H 

Duke 3 

Colby 4 

Duke 2 

Davidson 3 

Duke 2 

Wake Forest 4 

Duke 4 

Fast Carolina 1 2 

Duke 5 

Maryland 7 


\'irginia 5 

Duke 3 

Citadel 7 

Duke 2 


Duke 3 

Clemson 5 

Duke 2 

use 7 

Duke 2 

use 3 

Duke I 

East Carolina 5 

Duke 1 

N. C. State 3 

Duke 1 

\irginia 2 

Duke 5 

Maryland 6 


Wake Forest 1 2 

Duke 2 

UNC 5 

Ace Hurler Jay Hopkins shuts out Dartmouth 6-0. 

Slugger Bit! Braey rounds third. 

Third-sacker Jiin Barrett leaps tt» spear a eut<^(i throw iroiii the outheld, as Stan Coble veatehes truiii 



The 1964 Track season was filled 
with successes despite the final 4-5 
record. Bob Fogle's fast pacing in the 
120-yard high hurdles brought him 
an ACC Championship and new Duke 
records. Steve Barnes set a new school 
record in the high jump and Xick 
Homer broke the previous mark in the 
pole vault. The two-mile and distance 
relays, with Art Jacobsen, Cieorge 
Flowers, Nick Ciray, and Richard New- 
ton, well-represented the Blue Devil 
thinclads at the Florida Relays and other 
occasions. Sophomore Rod Stewart 
emerged as a top prospect with his 
consistent performances in the shot-put. 

These many outstanding individual 
showings may be attributed to the fine 
work of Head Robert Chambers, now 
deceased, and Al Bueler. Both labored 
extensively in helping the track and 
field members develop their potential 
into dangerous performers. And the 

solid leadership of Captain Bob O'Ken- 
non was a great lift to the Duke team. 










Florida relays 
[)ukc 64 Florida 81 
[Juke 81 Furman 6? 
South ("arolina Relays 
Duke 97 X'lrginia 4" 
Duke H .Maryland 111 
Duke 97 Wake Forest 48 
Duke 56 Clemson 87 
Duke 68 South Carolina 
Penn Relays 
Duke 60 N. C State 53 
Duke 60 UNC 84 
ACC Meet 
Duke, fifth, 17 





a« av 

Coach Al Bueler surveys the practicing Dukes 

Success in the high jump demands that extra 
effort for victory. 

Long-distance ace Billy \\'eldon churns into 
the home stretch. 

Precision in timing and co-ordination required. 


R'i'j. 1. hi: til li'^hi, v.. IJ.iughcrtv , k. .Smith, C. AlilLr, I . /udda, J. Martin. \\. 1 ugL, K. ,\i.uti)n. J. kiiLiii.s, \\. Wcldon, C Joik.s. Ru\i 2: Cj. I 
tinger, K. Adlcr, C. Brown, P. Feely, D. Logan, D. Johnson, G. Herbert, D. Padgett, VV. Guy, R. Sampson, C. Mock, G. Severson. Roiv 3: B. Phillips, 
P. Rogers, G. ('rnwcll, N. Hnmcr, A. ("ox. A. Jacoh.scn. C. Frascr, G. Gryparis, C. Dclancy, S. Barnes, D. Logan, M. Bean, M. Fnrlong, R. McRobcrts. 
Coach Buchler. 

Straining in the broad iurnp. 

Captain Bub Fogle leads the Blue Devils over the hurdle 

The grueling hurdles need skill and stamina. 


Duke tennis teams had never in 25 
years a losing season, the 1964 squad 
almost proved to be an exception. 
Coached b\' Robert Cox, the Blue 
Devils helJeJ a strong and balanced 
team, paced by a trio ot seniors. The 
Dukcsters opened with losses to good 
squads from Indiana and Mich. State 
before raking Williams. 

Traveling for a series of matches in 
Florida during spring vacation, Duke 
initially sustained a pair of defeats at 
the hands of Florida and Rollins. But 
the Devils bounced back to take lop- 
sided wins from Stetson and Florida 
Southern and break even for the trip. 
Returning to Duke each oi six singles 
plasers and three doubles teams tri- 
umphed over \'irginia for a shutout. 
And then after dropping one to powerful 
Alar\land, the Blue Devils whipped 
Davidson in an away match. X'isiting 
UNC — the ACC Champs — defeated the 
Dukes on the home courts. Bounding 
back the Big Blue trounced N. C. 
State at each position and then Wake 
Forest at all but one. Prior to the .^rd 
shutout of the season for Duke, at the 
expense of USC, the Devils w ent down 
before Clemson. With the record at 8-7. 
the Dukes lost to Presbyterian. In the 
ACC Tourne\- Duke placed fourth. 

StjnJing: Freshman Coach Bonk, Fred Turner, Lex \'arela, Tom Coleman, Uoug Jones, C^oach 
Robert Cox. Roir 2: Bill Rose. Boh Hollingshead, Roger Greenwood, Nat Broker. Sejted: 
W'lruick Butler. Claiborne Gregory, John \lodlin. Phil Lader. 

Blue Devil Captain Doug Jones scoops a short 

Number 1 man, soph Fred luriKi" (irmU hit^ hii backhand. 



Trip O'Donnell blasts out of the sand. 

Dan Hill tecs off. 

The Duke University Golf Team, 
coached by Dumpy Hagler, had another 
highly successful season in 1964, win- 
ning 7 against only 3 setbacks. With 
eleven lettermen returning, the Duke 
linksmen lost only to the University 
of Georgia, Wake Forest, and North 
Carolina. The golfers also played a 
scries of three stroke play matches 
with Wake and UNC. The Devils 
won once, and finished second and 
third on the other two occasions. 

1 he Dukes opened the season with a 
Southern tour, whipping Georgia Tech 
and Georgia Southern after suffering 
an initial defeat at the hands of Georgia. 
The golfers, who finished with a 5-2 
record in the ACC, had three exciting 
conference matches during the season. 
They prevailed over Clemson 12}^-! 1 J/2 
and edged Alaryland by a score of 
1 1 /^-9H, aided by the fine clutch play 
of Dan Hill and Fred Ewald. The 
Dukes were not so fortunate against 
Wake Forest, bowing narrowly 10-11. 

The linksmen had high hopes for 
winning the ACC Tourney, but they 
finished a disappointing fifth. 

Rtr^- 1, left to riKht: Roy Phipps, Trip (JDoniKll, loni llackctt, Brian Bovard, Cliff Perry, Tom Uanluek, Row 2: Tom Garrett, George Benson, 
Rick Phillips, Fred Ewald, Dan Hill. 



After an unfortunately dr\' 1964 sea- 
son, greater emphasis is being placed 
on Lacrosse by opening play to the 
entire University. This policy allows 
all students, including graduates, to 
participate on the same squad. Interest 
is increasing and more experience be- 
ing gained by some fine frosh, out- 
standing soph prospects, and returning 

A Duku warrior charges the opposition. 

Lobbing one tow ard advancing teammates, a Dukester works tor a shot at the goal. 

Ko- I W i.u.'.r 1 a < -ih.l^ \ itlKin 1 a.u . I'.utch Starns, Rob Auld, Jeff Elliott, Dave Lavine, Ed Ligon, Richard Watson, Frank Hanna, Wayne <^''ck'^"- 
berger Eric Handler. Ro^^ 2: Robert C;i,ff. Bob Laughl.n, Gerald Chelins, Charles Neumann. Preseott L.ttle. F. L. Henderson, W ,lham .Math.s, 
Henry 'Pierson, Redge Hanes, Ned Covingron, Richard Arnold, n.anager Buddy Clatanoff. Ro^^ 3: Coach Roy Sk.nner Ph.hp Snead Peter Stetler, 
John Ncthammer, G. W. Snyder, Lewis Hubener, R.ehard Reamer, Dav.d Ker.nan, John Mersereah. Tony Atwdl, Coach Walter Pearsons. Ro^^ -t: 
Andy Beath, David \^alle, John Goody. 




Duke's Intramural Program, managed 
this year by Bob \t;rhce, provides an 
organized and highly^ competitive out- 
let for those who don't compete in 
varsity sports. This athletic interplay is 
open to the whole University with 
teams from professional, fraternity, 
independent, and freshmen dorms com- 
petmg in leagues set by group size 
for the gridiron or the hardwood. 

The fall I.M season was climaxed 
when a rugged Law team edged Phi 
Delt in a playoff football game but the 
undergraduate corpus was redeemed 
w hen KA soundly trounced Law A in a 
close battle over the hoop. The strains 
and pressures built up in the day-to-da\' 
academic grind are relieved, often 
removed, in these spirited contests. 

IvA s romp with tlicir break against l^hi K.ips fleft^. 


Action on the links. 

Phi Delts' vaunted passing game strikes for another big gainer. 


Tennis I.M-Chaiiip Bill Hudsun 

lough volleyball defense. 


Katliy -Murray's diving helped Giles to 2iiil 


Ml( le.irv dri\'es thrtuiL'ii 

Women's Intraniurals gave those 
from East a chance to show their 
prowess in a variety of sports. Tourna- 
ments in basketball, Softball, tennis, 
volleyball, and badminton were spon- 
sored by the Women's Recreation 

The fall began with a splash as South- 
gate swam to first place in the swim- 
ming meet. Freshman Luray Lindgren 
was the mainstay of the Southgate 
team while Kathy Murray's diving 
helped Giles to obtain second place in 
the meet. 

After a short period of recuperation, 
a volleyball tournament was held with 
Southgate once again victorious, de- 
feating Gilbert in two close games by 
scores of 9-7 and 15-13. 

Starting a new spring semester, a 
basketball tournament gave the dorms 
a chance to retaliate against Southgate. 
Another swimming meet, as well as 
Softball, badminton, and tennis tourna- 
ments, was held in the spring to end 
another year of Women's Intramurals. 

Bassett hounds Addoms in East basketball. 


In generating enthusiasm from Duke 
supporters the "scream team" helps to 
boost school spirit. Elected by both 
campuses, this energetic group is vig- 
orousl)- on hand at football and basket- 
ball games, pep rallies, bonfires, and 

sendoffs to urge the Blue Devils on to 
a shining performance. The lively Pep 
Band arouses the student body with 
the V'lght Song and loud accompaniment 
to the cheers; five vivacious co-eds 
in Blue and White increase the interest 


with their dancing talent. And the Blue 
Devil is a delight to the crowd with 
his antics on the goalpost and mischiev- 
ous provocations to opponents. 

The spirited dancing girls delight the crowd with one of their exuberant routines. 

The Blue Devil m.isrcr'- ciu Wolf. 

DUKE CHEERLEADERS: Judy Tate, B. J. Albers, Love Meeker, l.n, I ..iJi, Jcri Renter. 
Head— Charlton Armstrong; Joe Harris, George Crowell, Phil Small, Doug Jones, Tom Sherrard. 



To the Pc-p Board tails the responsi- 
bility of promoting school spirit and 
fostering team support. The group 
organizes pep rallies, publicizes athletic 
events, and supervises the selection ol 

Ihe Board is composed of a repre- 
sentative from each dorm on campus 
and is divided into several committees. 
An executive board, composed of the 
Co-chairmen from East and West, the 
secretary-treasurer, the head cheer- 
leader, and the chairmen of the various 
committees, coordinates the activities 
of the organization. 

f'nthusiastic rallies were held peri- 
odically throughout the football and 
basketball seasons to spur the teams on 
to victory. This year tor the first time. 
Chapel send-orts were used to displa\' 
spirit prior to important away football 
games. Another innovation was the 
closed circuit television broadcast of 
the Army football game. 

/.(/ RoTi\ left tu iiglit: Bell .\lilltr, Uiarles Murray, I hoiius Cainc. 2ihi Rou-: 
Walker, Kathy Ball. 3rd Roii:: Sheila Brown, Judy Cawley, Ted Benjamin. 

Mary .Sniitli, Sam 

m:s llADlP. ?£, pAckj 

And that uc arc! 

Telegrams of encouragement pro- 
moted b\' the Pep Board and signed by 
the members of the student body served 
to boost the Devils' spirits when they 
played away from friendly home 
grounds. Painting the bridge with en- 
couraging slogans and plastering posters 
conspicuously around campus publiciz- 
ing athletic events helped to enliven 

the student body. 

I he efforts of the Pep Board w ere 
not simply the support of that group 
for the teams, but were designed as a 
catalyst to foster and promote en- 
thusiasm among the entire student 
body and to give the University's 
athletes spirited backing in all their 

Clijirmen: 1 cd Benjainiii and Judy Cawley 







allege years bring the 
college labels, and students are identified 
by class and house, Greek and independent. 

Beyond these specific classifications, 
one is a part of the Duke community. 

Yet finally one's identity is found 
in the changing patterns of each person, 

molded in part by an identification 
with the college life, as individuals and 

as members of a larger group. 



The Woman's College Panhellenic 
Council faced a host of projects when 
its members returned in the fall. Led 
by Sue Persons, this group of Sopho- 
mores, Juniors, and Seniors is com- 
prised of two representatives from each 
of East Campus' twelve national so- 
rorities, the president and vice-president 
of the council not bemg included m the 
individual sororities' quota of two. 

Each girl who is elected to the Pan- 
hellenic Council by her sorority is 
automatically placed on one of eight 
committees. It is through these com- 
mittees that Panhel manages an effec- 
tive pursual of its projects and duties. 
Such activities in 1964-65 included 
Fall Rush, the new and very successful 
Greek Follies, promotion of Derby 
Day, and eo-operation with the I.F.C. 
during Winter Weekend, Greek Week, 
and Joe College. The Council and its 
committees also worked on the fund 
raising service of ushering at sporting 

events and awarded its annual scholar- 
ship of $200. 

The Rush Assistance Committee, 
headed by Gail Burgess, had as its 
primary function the aiding of Libby 
Snider during Fall Rush. Sally Brown 
led the Publicity Committee in its 
attempts to advertise any event in 
which Panhellenic took part. 

The major project of Carol South- 
mayd's Housing Committee was the 
promotion of sorority facilities on the 
Duke campus. Any funds to be di- 
rected to this project, such as the pro- 
ceeds from the volunteer ushering at 
sports events, were placed in a housing 
fund, the purpose of which will hope- 
fully be realized in the proposed Stu- 
dent Activities Center. Barb Haskett 
guides the Public Relations Committee, 
while Alary Wilson heads the Special 
Events Committee which helps to 
coordinate the activities of maior week- 


Sue Persons, President 

ht Ro-w, left to Tight: L. Snyder, I'lLMdent S. Persons, D. Ch-ilk. 2nd Roil-: B. Hocker, B. Haskett, S. Brown, B. Nichols, C. Wcart, S. Bowers, J. 
Bannerman, G. Burgess, B. Brummett, M. Wilson, C. Jordan, D. Galant. 


FRESHMAN PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, ht Roii; left w naht: L. Summers, President S. Court, C. Walton, P. Hurdle. Zini Ron-: Advisor 
A. Dodds, T. Pickard, S. Hagist, P. Berg, C. Grant, C. Babcock. 

The Scholarship and Service Com- 
mittee, v\ith Sue Bowers as chairman, 
plans various charity projects as well 
as the Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy. 
(]hris i'vans heads the Publications and 
i'Jections Committee, \\ hile any mimeo- 
graphing and t\ping is channelled 
through Barb Nichol's Dirty Work 

Duke's Panhellenic spirit is sparked 
b\' an enthusiastic Junior Panhellenic 
Council, whose aim is to co-ordinate 
inter-pledge class relationships. The 
Council made up ot one member from 
each pledge class is headed by President 
Sally Court and guided by Ann Dodds, 
the president of last year's Council. 

Both the Senior and Junior Panhel- 
lenic Oiuncils have as their objective 
pleasant relationships among the in- 
dividual sororities. It is through the 
combined efforts of the sororities on 
various projects that the Councils have 
realized their goal. 

Pan-Hel has its ringer in e\er) pie I 




/ j_i 

Just before the brilliant reds and 
greens of autumn descended on the 
campus, Alpha Chis turned from event- 
ful summers to a busy rush. Our lyre 

the lull of vacation followed by the 
storm ol exams. 

When e.xams were over and a new 
semester was upon us, many highlights 
dotted our "pathway ot carnations" 
through the spring. At the pledge dance 
the last "snow" ot the year tell as our 
pledges were presented in their beauti- 
ful white dresses. Soon showers of 
carnations began to fall m the form ot 
the (ireek Week-end carnival, Joe Col- 
lege and float building. Peanut Pals, and 
individual honors. 

All right — who appropriated that last piece 
of pizza? 

But all too soon the Senior Banquet, 
the last m this year's symphony was 
over, and with it another school year. 
We took our sisters' love away tor the 
summers apart and looked torward 
expectantly to another year at Dear Ole 
Duke full of A.\0. 

The pledges bask in tlie actives' glow. 

sounded on a high pitch, as Celeste 
turned to lead our songs while the rest 
of us sang enthusiastically; and we added 
seventeen wondcrtul pledges to our 
AXO symphony. 

Before Christmas we had whirled 
through a Homecoming poster, a re- 
treat, a Christmas party tor the pledges, 
and several wondertul programs and 
speakers. For the Follies Gloria sub- 
stituted a flute for our lyre, and the 
rest of us added some Southern-st\le 
lyre birds of our own. The dreams 
created by our semi-formal Christmas 
Dance were almost as good as those 
made by our Dream Cake. Then came 

All you need is a little Italian Accent and some cheese . . . and . 


Abkc, Helen 
Alexander, Pamela 
Althoiise, Sandra 
Bahcoek, C^acherine 
Baker, Sarah 
Bradslier, Marien 
Bradsher, Trinka 

Bralcy, Judy 
Carter, Rilla 
Chalk, Dorothy 
Corn, Li la 
Danner, Fay 
Dilworth, Cathy, 

Divine, Jennie 

Donaldson, Nicki 
Dutko, Paula 
I'.Hen, Martha 
I'sslinger, Karen 
Ciarrett, (iloria 
Gaus, Elizabeth 
Gnuse, Alar\' 

Greene, Virginia 
Grcig, Elizabeth 
Head, Corinna 
Hendle\-, Joyce 
Heyl, Celeste 
Hollar, Frankie 
Johnson, Betty 

Karmiol, Mary 

Leith, Betsy 
Leiand, Candace 
Lewis, Anne 
MacLean, Ann 
Marshall, Marianna 

McAdams, Ann 
Meyer, Nancy 
Moss, Beverly 
Noyes, Sarah 
O'Brien, Judith 
O'Connor, Eileen 
Pilling, Cindy 

Plant, Peggy 
Rankin, Rosalie 
Reynolds, Julia 
Rogers, Linda 
Safford, Barbara 
Schlesinger, Sally 
Stead, Lucy 


Temple, Nancy 
Tyler, Joan 
Warder, Sarah 
Warren, Mary Lou 

Wright, Robin 

af ^§9 



Still glowing with memories and sun- 
tans, excited Omicron ADPi's returned 
in September all read\' tor another 
great year. Enthusiasm, high spirits, 
and merriment radiated from each Pi 
throughout Rush, which brought us 
twenty-three very special pledges. In 
no time our new pledges joined in the 

Pi spirit through weekly visits at the 
Cerebral Palsy Hospital, the Pledge 
Banquet, Derby Day, and our Hallo- 
ween spaghetti supper party. The in- 
ternational scene invaded everyone as 
we donned French clothes for our 
combo party and Russian attire for 
our Follies skit. Before departing tor the 
holidays we gave a tea for the faculty, 
and a heartwarming Santa Cerebral 
Palsy party along with the KA"s. 


Rush: rote thar barge, lift rhar bale. 

A\' in distress? 

Thoughts of spring activities were 
temporarily suppressed, as we reluc- 
tantly headed back to school to begin 
an ardent siege with the books in prep- 
aration tor exams. Semester break was 
not only a great time for parties w ith 
fraternity rush in full swing, but also 
a perfect opportunity tor relaxation 
and much-needed sleep 

Soon we all began the new semester 
with visions ot the meaning ot true 
sisterhood, as the Pledge Dance, Initia- 
tion, and Friendship \\'eek approached. 
Highlighting the year was our Spruce 
Pine Lodge Retreat, where we relaxed 
before Joe College, Greek Week, Senior 
Banquet, and final exams. Betore long, 
how ever, we were heading for Pawley's 
Island with thoughts of a glorious year 
and hopes ot many more to come. 

I seem to be getting pain in my left car. 


Barnhill, Peggy 

Bell, Susannc 

Bcri;, B;irh;ir;l 

Black, Jane 

Bradinsi, Barbara 

Breslau, Jill 

I5ro\\ n, Louise 

Bunek, Sue 

C^ardcn, Russell 

C'arew , Joan 

C'arlisle, Louise 

C'aulcy, Judy 

(Chandler, Margaret 

C.ok\ Susan 

(^onn, Jud\' 

(hooper, Betty 

Oane, Karen 

Darr, Fran 

Davis, Ann 

Dixon, Antoinette 

Fallis, Sara 

Farmer, Jeannette 

Forrester, Terri 

Grant, Cheryl 

Hamrick, Florence 

Harmenson, Betsy 

Heet'ner, Betty 

Henderson, Shcp 

Holmes, Lynn 

Hoppc, Jean 

Jones, Leslie 

Kandra, Karen 

Kennedy, Liz 

Little, Effie 

Lowe, Mary 

Lymbcris, Sandy 

Lyons, Karlen 

i\'iacombcr, Marv 

McDougle, Dottie 

McLaurin, Louise 
Montgomery, Jane 
Montague, ,\lartha 
Morgan, Barbara 
Moss, Sara 
Murphy, Claire 
Nicholson, Jan 
Patch, Terrv 
Pate, Sara Beth 
Patton, \'icky 
Pickrcll, Annie 
Rhoads, Rebecca 
Richardson, Susan 
Roberts, Patricia 
Robertson, Gwyn 
Rogers, Nora Lee 
Saint-Amand, E. 
Scarles, Mary 
Smith, Carolyn 
Stanley, Gail 
Stanley, Judy 
Swain, Lamar 
Thornton, J., Pres. 
Wade, Ruth 
Welfare, Kathleen 
White, Ian 
White, Sally 
Wilcox, Margaret 
A\'illiams, Elizabeth 
Willis, Helen 
\\illis, Mary 
A\"ishart, I'lame 
Wright, Ola Rinda 

1^ ^ ^ ^Q ^ r^ 

f a^0 






N. ^ 







7 he loser gets the liniburgcr. 

gets more hectic, but a spooky party 
for the pledges, roses for the scholars, 
and pins and diamonds keep us cheerful 
ail the way through Christmas caroling 
and parties with the west Greeks. 

The silver ivy leaf turns to gold in 
the spring, as the pledges learn what 
it means to be an Alpha Phi. Ihe 
dance is perfect, and the pledges look 

lovely. The rest of the year is filled 
with parties, not-so-solemn formal meet- 
ings, Greek \\ eck and joe College 
float-building. We sadly say goodbye 
to our seniors at a party in the summer 
house and make plans for a week of 
sunshine and fun at the beach as a 
wonderful year ends and another is 
\et to come. 

Reconstructing Atlanta. 

It's fall again: suntanned Alpha Phis 
are on the qui vive as they unpack, 
straighten out red tape, and at the 
same time keep an eye on the freshmen. 
The flurry of preparations for rush 
mean skit practice, new faces, exhaus- 
tion, and high hopes. 

"You've got to meet her — she'd be 
a perfect Alpha Phi!" And they are, 
nineteen of them, their faces aglow as 
they receive the silver ivy leaf. Sister- 
hood seems especially warm as we 
relax with songs, laughter, and food 
at our district governor's house. 

Later secret buddy week and then 
comes the banquet for big and little 
sisters. Those nights in the Ark base- 
ment working on the Homecoming 
poster pay off with a first prize. Work 

The bouncing dot? 


Arcy, Sylvia 
Arnold, Ingrid 
Badgctt, Shcppie 

Bailey, C^laire 
Bowerman, Sharon 
Bvers, Maribeth 

Coleman, Linda 
Custard, Linda 
Dalton, Diana 
Ellington, Betsy 
Krickson, Jackie 
Ferguson, Barbara 

Fiedorek, Bonnie 
Galant, Denise 
Green, Kathleen 
Gumpcrtz, Janis 
Herlocker, Betty 

Hough, Zoe 
Johnson, Debbie 
Jones, Susan 
i.eahy, Margaret 
Litaker, Margaret 
Mallahan, Mclinda 

Maloney, Pat 
Mendenhall, Dianne 
Moore, Martha 
Moore, Sara 
Morrison, Amy 
Musscr, Kathleen 

New ton, Barbara 
Norton, Carolyn 
Penficld, Susan 
Powell, Shirley 
Preston, Lois 
Reynolds, Kay 

Schuerman, Tinker 
Scott, I'.lizabeth 
Scribner, Hilli 
Simpson, Lucia 
Stoessel, Dori 
Stovall, Anne 

Summers, Linnea 

Vandale, Susan 
Vaughan, Sarah 
Weaver, Lynn 


Queen for a day. 

Double, double toil and trouble. 
Rush oil did burn and bubble. C^al- 
loused knees and endless meals. Two 
long weeks of enthusiastic peals brought 
recruits for AAA. Our cool, new 
pledges — twenty-three '. 

After this triumphant beginning, our 
social chairman Sally rcalK' kept us 
busy — parries with the Betas, the Caro- 
lina KA's, the Phi Kaps, and of course 
the Delt's at our annual Spruce Pine 
horror show. Hallowe'en found almost 
seventy of us invading the Rat for our 
traditional Big-Little Sister dinner. 

Amid chickens, inner tubes, and 
man\- broken eggs, Tri-Deltas walked 
ort' with the greatest number of mugs 
at the Sigma Chi Derby Day. Again 
the athletics, as the AAA's and Zetas 
battled it out in a scoreless football 

Our Founders' Day banquet w ith the 
UNC Tri-Delts at the Carolina Inn 
placed the emphasis on sisterhood — 
as did some of our pledges w hen they 
swapped boys with the actives. Tell 
us about it Sigma Nu's! 

Christmas approached, but Deltas 
still made time for the Pine Party and 
carols at the Methodist Retirement 
Home. The return from Christmas vaca- 
tion was met by finals; but soon our 


thoughts turned to initiation and the 
pledge dance. Afterwards, the White 
I'lephant Sale raised money for our 
scholarship fund, and ever-busy Deltas 
turned out another fantastic Joe Col- 
lege float. The year's activities con- 
eluded with us en masse at Myrtle. 

Watching the worlJ go by. 

Joseph the Grape 


Abrams, Judith 
Anutta, Lu 
Baker, Susannah 
Bannerman, Jeanne 
Beale, Delorcs 
Bell, Virginia 
Blackmorc, Betsy 

Blackwell, Sally 
Brown, Marty 
Buckman, Barbara 
Carr, Trish 
Carrurh, Carrie 
Copley, Cathy 
Crutchcr, Martha 

Deering, Barbara 
Docrner, Susan 
Duncan, Susan 
Edwards, Mary 
Erickson, Linda 
Evans, Edie 
Eraser, Lin 

Gailey, Jeanie 
Gilbert, Rip 
Gragg, Judith 
Haines, Petjgy 
Hall, SalbC 
Harris, Judy 
Haverfield, Marcy 

Hebblewhite, Mary 
Herrmann, Wendy 
Homer, Lauren 
Irwin, Kathy 
Iverson, \'irginia 
Johnson, Lynnc 
Jones, Cathy 

Kellett, Sherry 
Klein, Jane 
Komminsk, Dianne 
Luce, Karen 
McGuire, Judy 
Metzger, Kazie 
Melson, Janet 

NicoU, Chris 
Palmer, Patricia 
Partncy, Pat 
Partridge, Christine 
Pauley, Peggy 
Pharr, Diana 
Pickard, Tcmpa 

Pilgram, Penny 
Porter, Judy 
Rogers, Popsie 
Sheppard, Margaret 
Smith, Sandra 
Thompson, Jill 
Tinsley, Ethel 

Tripiett, Encie 
Turner Ann 
Turner, Susanne 
Van Meter, Jarleth 
Walker, Emily 
Walker, Kris 
Wanless, Julia 

^ Q <? 

Weart, Tina 


Wolf, Julia 
Yearwood, Susan 



\\c brought in the tall with rush--- 
and what a rush it was, complete with 
a scintillating new party and the icin- 
tastic pledge class it brought! But the 

was hours spent taping books for 
them. We eluded our Secret Buddies 
tor a whole week, and almost hated 
to give our identities away at the 
slumber party in the gym — but what 
girl can bear to keep a secret anyway? 

Christmas drew near and our hearts 
telt a tinge of homesickness, but it 
was good to be back again in January — 
even with exams to face. \\ irh the 
Pledge Formal to look forward to, 
how ever, who could be tknt discouraged 
by exams? The pledges made their 
bow s at an exquisite ball complete w ith 
a tantalizing dessert and soon the 
golden anchor became a permanent 
part of their hearts. 

\\ ith a flock ot new actives, we 

Glad you could make it' 

rounded out the spring semester with 
Joe College and our "beautitul" float, 
a most enjoyable Greek \Vcek with a 
carnival booth to tempt even the most 
staid, and our Founder's Day banquet. 
Bidding the Seniors a festive, though 
somber, farewell at a special dinner in 
their honor, we turned our thoughts 
to tans at .Myrtle and a caretree sum- 
mer to come. 

I'd like to sav 

myriad ot activities for the \ear had 
only l)egun, and before we knew it 
there were parties with fraternities 
and men's dorms, wienie roasts with 
our sisters in Duke Forest, prizes to 
be won at Derby Day, and a wonder- 
ful Hallowe'en party presented by the 
pledges with that sinister and all too 
vivid ghost (or was it a cadaver?) 

There was the Big-Little Sister 
Banquet at the Festa Room where we 
filled our stomachs with lasagne and 
our November with fun. We thought 
up new ways to extend our foundation 
work helping the blind, and the result 

Quiek, everybody Iroun ior tuu nunutes. 


Ahrcndt, Thais 
Bailc\\ Sharron 
Baluss, Alar\' 
Boyles, Susan 
Blankcnship, ('arol 
Bole, Roberta 

Boreman, Judith 
Botsford, VVare 
Caputo, Patricia 
Carlson, Brenda 
Carlton, C\nthia 
Carson, Jane 

Corbin, Corby 
Coulter, Ann 
Darland, Jane 
Davidson, Leslie 
Donohue, Pat 
Gambill, Linda 

Gillespie, Sara, 

Grey, Leslie 
Guden, Judith 
Hayman, Jo)ce 
Hendrix, Susan 
Henslee, [udith 

Hoeker, Bev 
Hooker, Patrieia 
Hutchison, Lynn 
James, Margaret 
Jennings, Carol 
Jennings, Jerri 

Johnson, Sharon 
Johnson, Sue 
Kernodle, Ann 
Konanz, Jacqueline 
Libbey, Andrea 
Little, Dodie 

Martin, Mary 
AlcCants, Carol 
Alonroe, Mary 
Odell, Pamela 
Ringwald, Barbara 
Roper, Jane 

Shurclift, Frances 
Smeltz, Carol 
Snyder, Mary 
Stroupe, Sandra 
Ware, Chris 
Waterman, Patricia 

Weikert, Susannc 
Zeller, Margaret 
W'holley, Patti 



Thcras returned to greet a year be- 
ginning w ith tine excitement and exasper- 
ation of Rush . . . Ann's enthusiasm and 
Dale's long distance phone calls ... 
eighteen non-rushers . . . French smocks 
. . . twenty wonderful new pledges . . . 

love and loyalty prefacing the initiation 
of the first class of nurses . . . the "si- 
lent" banquet honoring our new pledges 
and initiates . . . and the annual big- 
little sister party at Annamaria's with 
costumes and hats. 

The fall whirl of the Sigma Chi 
Derby Day with special meaning to our 
reigning beauty, Pam . . . our showing 

Hcdda Hopper should only see thesel 

Drums along the Eno. 

Highri) iiig Thetas and their kites. 

in the events led by Joann . . . the wild 
mixer with the Delts . . . October Kite 
Night at the Black Mass . . . and the 
climax of work on the annual Home- 
coming display. 

Christmas spirit revealed itself in 
small gifts . . . secret buddies . . . the 
Christmas pizza party . . . Melissa and 
Fat's rendition of TziMS the Xifi^lit Before 
Christ/ihis . . . and the reindeer dance! 

lixams in the past, the excitement 
of initation was in the air . . . the 
retreat at Spruce Pine Lodge . . . the 
pledge test . . . last minute pledge points 
and pledge pillows . . . and Kite Day 
w ith pledge kites flying high over West 

linalK- the solemn moment of initi- 
ation . . . the Triad . . . Greek Week . . . 
building floats at the warehouse . . . and 
goodbye seniors. 


Balderston, Barb 
Balesrra, .Mcl;inic 
H^ill, Karln- 
Kav. \'\kW 
HrinkiiKNcr, ISettv 
Brown, Lind;i 
Brown, Linda 
Carithcrs, Susan 
(^hambt-rlain, Chris 
Cortin, Pat 
ColwL'll, ("aroKn 
C^ottcriii, Susan 
C'ourr, Sally 
Davis, julic 
Dodds, Ann 
l^owning, J., Prcs. 
Dowling, Louise 
Dunlap, Louise 
I'.rheridge, Lynn 
Farmer, Betsy 
Foukc, Judy 
Freiberg, Ann 
Ciair, Susan 
(iirtings, Karen 
Hale\', Betr\ 
Hamilton, Martha 
Hart, Judy 
Higdon, Wl-ndx' 
Holt, Janet 
Hutchins, Melissa 
Hyder, Judy 
Ince, Ann 
Jones, Cathy 
Jordan, Patsy 
LeCompte, Leannc 
Leitch, Risse 
Levine, Jane 
Link, Betsy 
Low, Heather 
Mace, Ann 
Mangels, Brooke 
Mathis, Boo 
McCleary, Jane 
MacLeod, Connie 
McNeely, Jane 
McTighe, Caryn 
Meeker, Love 
Miller, Mindy 
Nix, Kay 
Overaker, Sally 
Parker, Pam 
Pauly, Ann 
Redding, Rosie 
Reeves, Kathy 
Robbins, Jane 
Roberts, Carole 
Ross, Marcia 
Sapp, Janet 
Saunders, Mary 
Sawyer, ALartha J. 
Schmitt, Leslie 
Shaw, Maria 
Stafford, Susan 
Stanley, Sam 
Stansbur\', Dale 
Steitz, Molly 
Uddstrom, Kristi 
\'olz, Karen 
Ward, Maureen 
Wilson, Helen 
Wilson, Mary 
Wbodrurt, Mary 





make bcauttui music together. 

long white gowns. The K.D.'s dvi be 
elegant! All our new nurses were 
lovely, too — and so helpful in cases of 
emergency. Throughout the year, V^(.■st 
Greeks had parties with the K.D.'s, and 
and all served to refute the legend about 
the East Beast that stalks the campii. 

Spring brought warm weather, Joe 
College, Myrtle, and the final farewell: 

K.D. made us happy. 

It never made us sad. 

It's about the only thing on East 

That ever made us glad. 

So bye-bye Allen, bye-bye Doug, 

And so long dear Coach Bil 

It you lorget our senior year, 

The K.D.'s never wil 

Kappa Delta returned to campus smil- 
ing and sober. They won academic 
honors by placing people in Phi Bete, 
Ivy, and Bean Birds; and campus honors 
by having Florence Cowan crowned the 
Duke Homecoming Queen. First place 
in the Greek Follies went to K.D. thanks 
to much work by Linda, Dee, and 
Jinie — and a grand showing in Derby 
Day thanks to everyone. 

Second semester, the K.D. cabin party 
with the Thetas, some en iimse trips to 
U.N.C., White Rose Week, and Winter 
Weekend kept the K.D.s" naturalh- 
studious minds away from academic 
pursuits. The high point of the year 
came in January. At the pledge dance 
held in the Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel, 
the freshmen stole the show in their 

Introducing the next pledge . 


Addington, Ann 
Alexander, Eloise 
A 1 ford, Judy 
Amen, Karen 
Anderson, (iinn\- 
Anderson, Marjorie 
Bcmis, Linda 

Bennett, Jo 

Bouchard, Elaine 
Boyd, Mary Stowc 
Brady, Lucy 
Cameron, Betty 

Coburn, Carol 
Cochrane, Camie 

Cowan, Florence 
Cowart, Dotty 
Gulp, Becky 
Dommerich, Mimi 
Ekvall, N'icki 
Endsley, Mimi 
Everhart, Anne 

Farmer, Carol 
Frias, Claudia 
Frost, Lynn 
Guidon, Bee 
Henney, Susie 
Hill, Mary 
Johnston, Betsy 

Jordan, Ann 
Kelly, Leslie 
Knurson, Carole 
Kolodny, Margaret 
Lassiter, Anne 
Leverton, Kim 
Mayo, Jean 

Merritt, Susan 
Mills, Sally 
Morrison, Diane 
Myers, Becky 
Patrick, Camilla 
Payne, Lura 
Poe, Susan 

Potocki, Mary 

Ransburg, Jean 
Richmond, Ann 
Rinkema, Marsha 
Robb, Dee 
Robbins, Lynn 
Rowland, Suzanne 

Salinger, Jill 
Scarborough, Lynn 
Schmidt, Barbara 
Shirley, Susan 
Stewart, Clo 
Stubbs, Rene 
Sullivan, Ginny 

Sw aringen. Cherry 
Turner, Carmie 
Wadsworth, Mary 
W illiams, Junie 
\V itherspoon, Jane 
Wbodard, Dee 
Anne, President 


% ?#i3 

^ ^ ^ 



\\ hci s.iid anything .iliDut booties? 

Kappa welcomed another autumn, 
turning a new leaf into the vigor ot the 
contrihutinn ot" 23 wonderful new 
pledges . . . songs, skits, smiles tor 
rush ... a banquet to inspire determina- 
tion for an academic push. Time out 
for big and little sis get-togethers . . . 
spectacular spirit at Derb>- Day . . . 
football with the Betas at our annual 

Homecoming passes, bringing back 
familiar faces ... our second prize 
poster . . . sunshine and perfect weather 
for a retreat at Spruce Pine . . . songs 
and rest before a glowing fire ... a 
new tw ist franqais w ith the ADPi s 
at the I'lks' Lodge, featuring a combo, 
costumes, and can-can girls . . . lots ot 
little angels in the Follies. 

The year moves on too swittly . . . 
we see alums and UNC sisters at 
luncheon . . . (Christmas is coming and 
caroling with the ATO's and Dr. and 
Mrs. McCollough sharing our Christ- 
mas party help to put us in the season's 
spirit . . . with that brand new 1965 
comes that old resolution to do even 
better on e.xams . . . sno« tall, pressure 
to study, lightened by visits trom that 
"special secret buddy" . . . and then 
the Golden Triad . . . initiation for our 
so welcome pledges and a banquet to 
follow . . . brightening days toward 

spring . . . Joe Cx>llege, .Monmouth Duo 
with the Pi Phi's, new ideas trom the 
Escapades, and a glorious spring re- 
treat . . . ending the year in the beauty 
of springtime ... a weekend at Myrtle 
. . . w ondering how to say good-bye 
to those we have known for only a 


1 believe! 


Pretoria , 


Albers, Barbara 
Baily, l.oriannc 
Baker, ludirh 
Bell, Barbara 
Bt-rg, Patricia 
Booth, Lyndall 
Bo\ Ian, Kathy 
Browncli, Tcmpc 
Burgess, Clail 
Burke, Bett\' 
Campbell, 1)., Fres. 
Campbell, Ruth 
Carlile, C^atherine 
Deal, Mary 
Deckert, Susan 
Dees, Nancy 
Dejagcr, Gretchen 
Dew alt, Jane 
Dobson, Susan 
Druse, i\lar\' 
Dunn, Mary 
F.arle, Mary 
I"ck, Linda 
Kntield, Lee 
Everhart, Margaret 
Fillmore, Harriet 
Froeber, Salh' 
Fulton, Penny 
Gardiner, Judy 
Gay, Fllen 
Hardenburg, Kitty 
Harrold, Joyce 
Humphrey, Sue 
Huntley, Janet 
Irwin, Kathy 
Jennison, Lindy 
Kovac, Kay Kay 
Lawver, Mary 
Martin, Ann 
McC^omb, Llizabeth 

McXally, Ann 
Mellencamp, Mary 
Meyers, Marjorie 
Mickal, Marie 
Middlebrooks, Sara 
Miller, Joan 
Moore, Natalie 
Morris, Kay 
Newman, Susan 
Peterson, Sally 
Rich, Elizabeth 
Ricketts, Maryann 
Robertson, \'icki 
Rocchio, Diane 
Roper, Rebecca 
Schad, Susan 
Schmidt, Havard 
Schumacher, Sally 
Searles, Dcnnes 
Shackford, \'irginia 
Shawger, Martha 
Slaughter, Celia 
Smith, Heather 
Smith, Julie 

Smith, Lindi 
Stevens, Lynn 
Stubbs, Connie 
Stubbs, Sally 
Tart, Lois 
Tate, Judith 
Uhl, Leslie 
Walker, Linda 


Ward, Mary 
Williams, Schuyler 
Windmillcr, Jan 



What better way to start the year 
back at Durham and classes than w ith a 

chapter. Happiness is having a new 
sister chapter! 

And our happiness was compounded, 
for we initiated our own Gay and Polly 
the same day. Turkey time was marked 
by the annual Bitr-Little Sister Banquet 
and the Thanksgiving basket drive. 
Then the Christmas carols in the frosty 
air and delicious hot chocolate after- 

Phi .\Iu"s kept the Christmas spirit 
up all year, as we gave to the mercy 
ship "Hope" and worked with the 
children in a home tor the emotionally 
disturbed. Spring semester brought the 
pledge dance at the Blair House! We 
were so proud ot the pledges in the long 


^ ^^ M 

W^ \ 

^m ^ 

^ ^n^ \ \ 




Flying saucer 

A workshop. 

white gowns and rose carnations that 
we could hardl\- wait for initiation. 
Spring also brought the excitement ot 
Joe College float building and the car- 
nival booth at Greek Weekend — and the 
even more e.xciting mass exodus for 
Florida and Susan's w edding. 

.All too soon it was time to sa\' fare- 
well to the seniors. One last fling to- 
gether at the beach and the sunburned 
Phi .\Iu's ended another \ear in the 
bond ot sisterhood. 

Phi .\lu retreat.- Then we began the 
tasks ot hammering on the refreshment 
stand, caging in the circus lions, enjoy- 
ing those teeny hotdogs — Phi Alu's 
united in the work and play of Rush. 
Dreaming ot the happiness we would 
share with our new sisters, we wel- 
comed the pledges with a dream cake 

Phi .\lu will li)ng remember other 
parties, too — the Halloween visitation 
by the "three ghastly sisters," .Mary, 
Mary, and .Martha, the Homecoming 
poster part)-, those ice-cream and folk- 
singing get-togethers, and the exciting 
installation of the brand new UNC 

Umm . . . better than the Union, an>Tvay. 


Beem, Carol 
Bibb, Louise 
Burley, KatiurinL- 
Cameron, Jean 

Fiorv, Katherine 
Hurdle, Pat 
Jordan, Charleenc 
Knapp, Xancy 

Little, Cieorgiandra 
Mason, Linda 
Moore, Nancy 
Parker, Mary 

Pugh, Pam, 
Rackelman, Susan 
Ritter, Martha 
Speck, Martha 

\'os, Betty 
Wilcox, Margaret 
Wyatt, Emily 



\\'ith autumn, "64, came sunny 
weather, tales of exciting summers, 
fimTiliar faces ... Pi Phi's greeted Rush 
Wcei< with the best "Ahce Party" ever. 
Our t\\'ent\-rhree new pledges were 
honored at the Cookie Shine and the 
Pledge Ban(juct. Then a variety of fun: 

winning Derby Day, the Big-Little 
Sister Banquet at the Rat, the Phi Delt 
North-South . . . and the retreat v\c'd 
all looked forward to — sleeping bags, 
guitars and Joyce, skits, discussion, and 
frenzied football. Spurred on by Slocum, 
we sang and danced our way to second 
place in the Greek Follies in November, 
presenting "How the West Was Won." 
Alter initiation, our new sisters were 

Pi Phis plan their str.itcgy in the huddle 

presented at the Golden Triad amid 
excitement ot long white dresses and 
red roses. Spring Days arrived, and we 
w orked off energy on the Greek Week 
booth and Joe College float, celebrated 
Founders Day with the Alpha girls at 
UNC, and joined the Kappas in observ- 
ing Monmouth Duo Day. 

Too soon, it seemed, we were bidding 
farev\ell to our seniors at the Senior 
Banquet. liven e.xams seemed to pass 
quickly with welcome Pi Phi study 
breaks. At last we headed for .Myrtle 
Beach to relax in the sun. Graduation 
brought a rinal realization that the year 
was really over; we lelt amid contusions 
of trunks, anticipation ol summer fun, a 
sense of fulfillment of friendship in Pi 
Phi — and many good-byes. 

Fire water? Or J.W.D..' 


Adams, Patti 
Allen, Sand\- 
Anderson, Sarah 
Barnctt, Libba 
Benson, Jo 
Bloomer, Beeky 
Bolinger, Janet 
Bradsher, Patt\' 
Bnimmett, Barbara 
Burgess, Becky 
Compton, Sue 
IXWver, Betsy 
Dean, Barb 
Domrett, Al)bie 
DuBois, Molly 
I'.rvin, Sally 
Evans, Chris 
I'"vans, Orrie 
Foote, Sally 
Clilliland, Ann 
(irirteth, Betty 
Haberstick, Kath\' 
Hagist, Susie 
Hassler, Deedee 
Hastings, l.iz 
Hcbble, Rene 
Hcwcs, Jerem\- 
Hoelle, Chrissy 
Hoover, Merilyn 
Humphreys, jo 
Humphreys, Kaki 
Kelso, Mary Lynn 
Kern, Alice 
Koll, Brenda 
Lee, Gayle 
Lindgren, Lura\' 
Lundry, Karen 
Mathews, Louise 
McCoy, Anne 
Meyer, Anne 
Mitchell, Kiki 
Mize, Anne 
Moger, Esther 
Mulder, Sally 
Murray, Kathy 
Murray, Nancy 
Naylor, Ginna 
Odom, Carolyn 
O'Neall, Marjie 
Orr, Linda 
Patterson, Sally 
Pauh', Sue, Pres. 
Persons, Sue 
Phillips, Beth 
Phillips, Paula 

Plamondon, Polly 

Reuter, Jeri 

Rogers, Ann 

Sifers, Tina 

Shand, Beth 

Slocum, Beth 

Smith, Sharon 

Smith, Susie 

Stevenson, Monica 

Strawn, Betsy 

Thomasson, Sara 

Weaver, Marguerite 

Webb, Sally 

Weiland, Barb 

West, Karen 

Williams, Gay 

Winstead, Betty 






Greek Week ('arnival — Who gets the last fish? 

vacation, the New Year brought exams 
and, as we all worked hard tor those 
(|.p.'s, an exam break party was a wel- 
come event. 

Finalh' completing their pledge 
period, each pledge was presented at 
the X'alentine's Day pledge dance at the 
Jack Tar. Ihen every active became a 
secret pixie to her little sister during 
I'riendship Week, which ended with 

the long awaited initiation on a beauti- 
ful spring atternoon. 

The rest of the year was spent in the 
myriad of spring activities — building the 
Joe College float, a steak and beans 
dinner, and the senior farewell banquet. 
Too soon it was time to leave for the 
summer, but one last jaunt to Myrtle 
Beach; then it was goodbye again until 
next fall. 

Do you think this will ever look like a kanga- 

Scptember arrived and the Sigma 
Kappas did too — finding themselves 
knee-deep in suitcases, piles of boxes, a 
fall retreat, and Rush. Bright smiles, new- 
songs, as well as a great new luau party 
brought seven new pledges our way; 
bidding night ended with a pizza ban- 
quet at the Holiday Inn. With Home- 
coming just a few weeks away, we set 
to work on our yellow jacket poster. 
After a brief Thanksgiving respite, the 
pledges surprised the actives with a 
country party, to which everyone came 
in costume. 

Starting the Christmas season a 
little early, we set our hands to the 
task of decorating ornaments and stock- 
ings for our annual sale. After a gala 
Christmas party and a well-earned 

A gala initiation banquet at the Blair House 


Allen, Margaret 
Benjamin, Lucinda 
Blohm, Barbara 

Brown, Sallic 
Conn, Claudia 
Davidson, Noel 

Dotson, Barbara 
Gosnell, Kathy 
Goter, Carol 

Johnson, Annette 
McKnight, Judith 
Nichols, Barbara 

Patterson, Patrice 
Saunders, Sylvia, 

Strickland, Dianne 

Walton, Carolee 



Rush? Puritv= Or what? 

Fall activities for the Zetas began 
w ith the usual hustle of rush. Twenty- 
three pledges survived the Chinese skit 
to begin to absorb the traditions and 
experience necessary to become active 

First post-rush activity for the group 
was participation in Sigma Chi Derby 
Day, and the next week a banquet in 
honor of the new pledges w as held at 
the Holiday Inn. 

Pledges underw ent a period of train- 
ing, and they worked to gain necessary 
pledge points and paddle signatures. 
Among proiects sponsored by the class 
were a Halloween party in honor of the 
actives and decoration of little sand 
buckets for easier transportation ot 
soap and toothbrush. 

Events such as Big-Little Sister 
ceremony, ordering pins, secret buddy 
week, a party with the Sigma Nus, 
and the scholarship banquet highlighted 
the first part of the year. It was an oft- 
year in football for the Zetas, but the 
skit spoofing the "fraternity images"' at 
Duke placed in the finals tor Greek 

Zeta Week in February began with 
the pledge dance and ended with 
initiation. The formal dance was held 


at the Plantation Inn in Raleigh and 
featured the presentation of the pledges. 
Secret buddies were again drawn for 
the week. 

f'lection and installation ot new 
officers, the annual spring retreat, and 
participation in Greek Week and joe 
College weekend festivities finally 
rounded out the rear. 

Zeta think machinery clanks on . . . 

T- i 

Pledge banquet r Pegram kitchen. 



Acrce, Jackie 
Bagley, Nancy 
Beineke, Betsy 
Bcliiin, Jeanne 
Bergelin, Kristine 

Bers, Ellen 

Bowers, Susan 
Biireh, Barbara 
Caudle, Betsy 
Childs, Kathy 
Cockrill, Betty 

Cohoe, deraldinc 
Cooe\', Karen, 

Covey, Celine 
Daniel, Dorothy 
Deen, Stephanie 
DcMuro, Debb\' 

Dorsett, Marion 
F.bert, Sally 
Fairburn, Kathleen 
Fiaceone, Katherine 
Hall, Patricia 
Hanabury, Susan 

Hcnsley, Patricia 
Hodge, Susan 
Howard, Penny 
King, Marv Ann 
JVlacDonald, Sally 

Malley, Kathleen 
Moore, Berkeley 
Pfeiftcr, Lisa 
Phillips, Katherine 
Price, Christine 
Procter, Mareia 

Ramsey, Betsy 
Reid, Caroline 
Richardson, CJerry 
Rose, Patricia 
Ross, .Marion 
Salmon, |ane 

Sapp, Karen 
Sharratt, Julie 
Small, Margaret 
Southmayd, Carol 
Tarwater, Xancy 
Stadler, Judy 

Weldy, Barb 
\Mst, Ruth 
W illiams, Ann 
\\ illiams, Mary 





The important job of furthering 
relationships among Duke's eighteen 
fraternities, unifying their aims, and 
acting as a haison between the Uni- 
versity Administration and the system 
is the task of the University Inter- 
fratcrnity Council. Headed by President 
Phil l.aMotte, the l.F.C. is composed of 
a Council of Presidents, an Executive 
Board, six committees, and this year a 
newly created Junior l.F.C. 

The Council of Presidents made 
up of the eighteen fraternity presidents, 
not only elects the officers of the l.F.C, 
but all legislation considered by the 
l.F.C. must pass this council before it 
can go into effect. The Executive Board 
is composed of nine senior fraternit\' 
men. The function of this arm of the 
l.F.C. is administrative, and, at present, 
it serves as the judicial branch of the 
organization, tr\ing any violations of 
the Penal Code. 

The executive officers of the l.F.C. 
are elected by the Council of Presidents, 
and the President, once elected, heads 
both the Board and the Council. To the 
vice-president falls the task of co- 
ordinating the plans and projects of the 
I.F.C.'s six committees. 

This vcar was marked b\' innovations 

and revamping within the l.F.C. as a 
committee was set up to review the 
constitution and propose revisions. Un- 
der proposed changes the Council of 
Presidents would be given more power, 
the rules of the l.F.C. Penal Code 
would be clarified and changed some- 
what, and most important, a separate 
judicial body would be introduced into 
the structure of the organization. 

The newly set up Junior LF.C. is 
composed of the presidents of the 
eighteen pledge classes. Together with 
its senior partner, this body will work 
toward unifying fraternit)' aims and 


P. (iraitzer 
R. Falciani 
Al. Peterson 
E. .McBride 
W. Keim 
B. Kirwan 
T. Lemley 
H. Wise ' 
B. Simpson 

B. Bovard 
G. Feazell 
T. Zavelson 

B. Bennet 
W\ Sammons 
H. Murray 

C. Fisher 
E. Ligon 

Z. Copeland 


EXECUTIVE BOARD— F. Moore, D. \alle, P. Broun, L. 1 ise, P. Laniotte, B. Baumgartner, K. Hubbard. J. Evans, A. Zimnicr, I. Tsczeck. 


Phil Lamotte, President 

COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN— Sf.iM/, left to nght: A. Frank, R. Padgett, F. Moore, R. Helstein, J. Moxley. Standing: E. Fishback, J. Holder, T. 
Sherrard. S. Barnes. 



^^'hcn the Taus returned to the House 
that Kink built, no one could believe 

everyone — save the judges — with its 
obvious Freudian implications. 

Shrieks and screams from Kast one 
December afternoon marked the ap- 
proach of an intrepid band ot ghouls. 
Led by Nasty Rasty playing Frankin- 
stein (without makeup) , they announced 
the annual Bloodfeast at Spruce Pine 

Squirrel had to find a new home after 
big mama, aided and abetted by the 
nine head-hunters, cut down his old 
tree. Then rush was upon us : Steve 
hiui covered the campus, and Blov, -Blow 

1 he Taus strive tor greater 
the highest. 

heights, and win 

Plunk your magic twanger. frnggic. 

and Cirupp sat back and waited tor the 
top Frosh to appear. Simultaneously the 
grade reports revealed a new contender 
for the Phi Bete sweepstakes, as Col. 
Sander's 3.8 blew the Super-Scholar's 
3.75 out of the sky. Bald\"s social 
schedule carried us through a Spring, 
which culminated in the unforgettable 
Sweetheart Ball aboard a riverboat. A 
vintage year. 

that we had vaulted from possessors of 
the 1 8th best-looking CR to the number 
one slot, but that auspicious beginning 
proved typical of the whole year. 

Though the nominal leadership was 
in Foiling's quietly incompetent hands, 
we knew that Kink pulled the strings 
from his vantage post atop the money 
bags. Jonesie amply filled Groundhog's 
shoes on the gridiron, while Mink, \'ag, 
Grundy, and Guido Malfitano dom- 
inated the splinter squad. Though the 
intramural team just missed repeating 
last year's championship effort, we did 
humble the neighbors. At Homecoming, 
State's four story derrick staggered 

SKiew.lllv Ml(tef in[eniielU.>.. et al. 


Adams, Robcrr 
Aldriiigc, John 
Anderson, Holt 
Ashb\', Donald 
Hlackard, \\'illiam 
Bowman, l-rank 

Brockctt, Peter 
Brooks, Donald 
Burke, David 
Carpenter, Thomas 
Carver, Alexander 
Coil, James 

Coll, Peter 
Corey, Steven 
Crawford, Michael 
Crutcher, Br\an 
Davis, Larry 
Haas, Thomas 

I lanna, Stevan 
Harding, Rick 
Heaton, David 
Henderson, Fred 
Henderson, Harvey 
Jones, Michael 

Jones, William 
Kcever, John 
King, Richard 
Knapp, David 
Kritzcr, John 
Lemly, Thomas, 

Luciano, James 
Mack, Johnny 
McCrar>', William 
Miller, Craig 

Moeling, Walter 

Mossburg, Richard 
Neithammer, lolin 
Orr, Peter 
Orr, Marshall 
Randall, David 

Rice, Leon 
Richardson, James 
Rose, John 
Rupp, (llenn 
Rushfnrth, George 
Sikes, Walter 

Slater, Frank 
Stanford, Pete 
Stewart, William 
Swagart, Harry 
Tise, Larry 

W^addell, lohn 
Walker, Roscoe 
\AjisiEer, |ohn 
Wvller, Joe 
\Mllman, i3avid 
Wllsh, Thomas 

Williams, Bob 
Wilson, James 
Young, Henry 
Younger, |ohn 
Zirkle, Alfred 
Zuker, Fred 



CjoadL'd t" new heights hv words of 
inspiration and pictures sent by recent 
graduates, the Betas returned to campus 
in Septeniljer. After a near tragedy 
during the hrst ot many successful 
open houses the Brothers embarked 
upon a variety ot strictly personal 

Fall pledging featured the talented 
Breathettes, who heralded in the holi- 
day season. The season v\as high- 
lighted by Lead's jump from the sky 
and his virtual plunder at the hands of 
the Edgemont kids and the Pi Phis. 

It turned out to be a particularly 
cold winter; and, as Cloid and Arty 
informed us that fur-collars were "in" 
this year, other brothers began the 
search for more suitable apparel in 

Iruii: I thnuglu tlu.s « as a Beta part) ' 

11..' II,,' 11,,' \.,ucs,lf 

anticipation of Rush. Rush proved to 
be a total success due to the persuasive 
air and "laugh now-pay later" smiles 
of Turtle and Ford. Winter ended w ith 
a continuing rise in grade averages, and 
the Betas faced spring optimistically. 

Soon the pledges became brothers. 
Ihen Greek Week, Joe College, and the 
infamous Jungle Party were taken in 
stride, while the cry of the lunatic 
fringe fell upon deaf ears. 

The year flitted by, and progressively 
more intent sessions of the Jiminy 
Cricket sipping and singing society 
convened. .Meanwhile the Brothers be- 
came virtually crippled b\' a heav\' 
academic load. Nov\ on the beach 
solemnly they are singing, "When 
there are no stars . . . ' 



Anthcs, Gary 
Bass, Kenneth 
Bell, James 
Benson, Craig 
Bethel, James 
Brown, Donald 
Coates, Richard 
Collins, Robert 
Cross, \\ illiam 
Cro\\le\', Chris 
Davis, Allan 
Delcor, C^harles 
Dewar, Donald 
Dewar, Sam 
Drenncn, David 
Dupu)', \\ illiam 
Dye, Alan 
Flowers, Cjeorge 
Fraser, Walter 
Freeman, John 
Gellcr, Roger 
Glass, Richard 
Greenleaf, Henr\' 
Guckenherger, W. 
Haigh, Arthur 
Handler, I'ric 
Hanes, I'.ldridgc 
Hardwick, \\ayne 

Harmon, Grant 
Hasse, Gordon 
Hernandez, W. 
Heugh, William 
Hoadley, Richard 
Holmes, Barry 
Hopkins, David 
Huston, William 
Hyde, Robert 
John, David 
Kenna, Lee 
Lee, Calvin 
Losee, Alan 
Lovvry, Michael 
MacLeod, Rod 
Perr\', Clifford 
Phillips, William 
Place, Stephen 
Porter, Stephen 
Pratt, Thomas 
Pringle, Ashmead 
Ratelle, Michael 
Reynolds, John 
Rich, Simon 
Robbins, John 
Rodin, Steven 
Sammons, William, 

Schadt, Charles 
Siddall, Patrick 
Stadiem, Hyman 
Steele, Herbert 
Stewart, John 
Tarasoff, Barry 
Van Scivcr, Peter 
V'inten-Johanscn, P. 
Walker, Stephen 
Warner, Gerret 
Warner, Jonathan 
Wbod, \Villiam 
Worthington, Bob 

H^ff^^^H ^^P^T^pii ^^^^^^^M ^^^^^^ 

k^%^ ^h 


. _ -1/ ^ 




iVt \'itu'r rhri'\\ a h.ill .it f 

"bloom" . . . D.K.s favorite recording 
star is now Hank Williams . . . "The 
Engineer" recorded his first song . . . and 
several boys fell by the wayside and 
lost their pins, including: Rufe, I.dgar, 
"H.J., " and Knox. And then there were 
those w ho just plain fell under the table, 
eh Mere and Ken' 

Through much toil and little sleep 
Delta Sig emerged from Rush with 

twenty-two top frosh. "Does the Low- 
ever let you down?" Spring saw our 
fancies turn toward a more intense 
academic pursuit. All was not work, 
though, as we enjoyed Winter Weekend, 
a Spring Rites Party, and a "Surfing" 
Beach Weekend. As the year drew to a 
close, we praised Sphinx for a time 

Shipwrecked in the section. 

After getting oft to a bad start 
(we missed the first episode ot "The 
Fugitive" because our tube, along with 
everything else, was still in summer 
storage at that time and for some time 
to come) WL chapter came from behind 
to finish a remarkably good and enter- 
taining year . . . finished second in 
fraternity ho.Tiecoming displays by 
"shipping the wrecks back to Tech" 
. . . tied three intramural football 
games (we won't mention the other 
games) . . . had a North-South Booze 
Bowl football game w hich almost evicted 
us from the campus Union . . . and 
decorated for a Shipwreck Section 
Party that turned out to be the year's 
most successful social event. 

Individually, "Flower" continued to 

X'lkins; sails in the sunset. 


Averitt, Richard 
Bacon, David 
Brashlcr, Richard 
Butler, Warwick 
C/anipbcli, John 
Coldcii, \\ ilharii 
Cooper, Larry 

Crowding, F.dward 
Cruikshank, I). 
Cruse, Charles 
CAinninghani, K. 
Doyle, Larrv 
DuBoise, David 
Dutton, Robert 

Edgar, Christopher 
F^dgar, Thomas 
Kllett, James 
Falciani, R., Pres. 
Forgy, Keith 
F'urncss, FlKimas 
Goodson, William 

Gosncll, Jack 
Gray, John 
Hannon, John 
Harris, Joe 
Henry, Hugh 
Heroy, John 
High, Harold 

Hill, Carter 
Hill, Herbert 
Houyoux, Jacques 
Jackson, Jay 
Jarrard, .Michael 
Johnson, Michael 
Keith, Samuel 

King, David 
Lawrence, Cjlenn 
Lewis, Seth 
Litton, Robert 
Lotspeieh, Ed 
Lowery, Thomas 
Mahoney, John 

McCurdy, John 
McGrugh, Vincent 
JVlcLain, Milton 
Mears, Scott 
Mersereau, John 
Milbourne, Robert 
Minturn, F'ric 

Mitchell, John 
Pace, John 
Padgett, Ray 
Pearson, \'aughn 
Pennington, C'harles 
Pirtle, Ronald 
Powers, Ervin 

Preisman, Wayne 
Reed, Gregory 
Reed, Robert 
Reichman, James 
Roberts, Michael 
Robertson, Jock 
Robinson, George 

Sands, Blase 
Scuftham, James 
Shives, Aubrey 
Shives, William 
Shoop, Richard 
Smith, Steven 
Steckel, Martin 

Stokes, Paul 
Tarasuk, William 
Tate, James 
Treinlett, Robert 
X'olland, Oaig 
W'einhardt, Lewis 
Young, Kenneth 

liippi^HHPPI''*'''''''V — ^^ 

^^ ^^ ^^-4 V / ^^ ^- %^-> 


'•^- ^''K^ 


Ty and Charlie keep bar at an open house. 

Thanks to the efforts of "Scrooge," 
the Delts enjoyed a large and sound 
budget for '64-'65, which resulted in a 
great social schedule headed oft with a 
party with the Tri Delts at Spruce 
Pine. Homecoming soon followed, with 
Benoni's creative leadership culminating 
in a fantastic (?) display. Delts were 
there en masse for the cake race, and 
took six of the top twenty places. The 
end of Fall saw us at Charlie's tor 
steaks, studying, and a friendly beer 
or two; the X'oodoo party with the 
Thetas and the ensuing sacrifice ot the 
\'irgins; and the initiation ot the big- 
gest intra-fraternity sport ot the Near 
— the first annual Delt Waterbasketbali 
Tournament at the 125 Club. 

W ith the Christmas season came the 
highlight of the first semester — the 
Christmas dinner dance. Then came the 
traditional caroling on East, followed 
b\- the GROSS Christmas party. 

Scott Salter led the way through Rush, 
with its five days ot parties, open houses, 
2 am meetings, and standing around 
Frosh dorms on 26° mornings. But the 
result was worth it — 25 great shakeupsi 
The spring semester was enjoyable, 
with 28 pledges at the brothers' service: 


1 7 treshmen and 1 1 upper-classmen, 
but soon enough they were full brothers. 
Meanwhile ever\'one enjoyed the 
Spring's social lite, basking atop W'anna- 
maker when the air turned warm, and 
later at .Myrtle. \\c ended another 
great \ear with the Delta Queen Dance 
and headed tor the surt and summer 

Steaks at Charlie's , 

Barnes breaks the four foot mark! 


Alexander, Bruce 
Alexander, Kenneth 
Bachnian, W^ikcr 
Baker, V\'illiani 
Barnes, Stephen 
Barrios, Gerald 
Bischoff, Douglas 

Black, George 
Carrithers, Ashley 
Cliff, William 
Considine, James 
Diltz, Peter 
Donnell, Mark 
Kibling, Michael 

Ferguson, Dennis 
Gaunt, David 
Gauthier, Joseph 
Gorman, David 
Gould, Robert 
Graham, Robert 
Hamilton, Tyler 

Harris, Marcus 
Harris, Thomas 
Harris, William 
Havcrick, Stephen 
Heritage, William 
Hickman, Scot 
Hokanson, Dean 

Holt, Bob 
Hubcner, Louis 
Hudson, William 
Joynes, Charles 
Kaufhold, Frederick 
Keller, Robert 
Kopchick, John 

Larsen, Charles 
Lavine, David 
Lawson, David 
Lee, Jackson 
Mayo, Rod 
McBride, E., Prcs. 
McDermott, M. 

McQuillan, Hugh 
Midgett, Bernard 
Miller, Robert 
Moore, Daniel 
Moore, Richard 
Neumann, Charles 
Norris, Edwin 

Norris, Kenneth 
Norwood, Larry 
Nurkm, Harry 
Page. Kenneth 
Parker, Daniel 
Post, Richard 
Rccfe, Edward 

Reynolds, Benoni 
Riesenfeld, Robert 
Riggs, David 
Roberts, Thomas 
Roche, Kerry 
Salter, Scott 
Schick, Gustav 

Schmid, Ronald 
Schnure, Jim 
Simpson, Jon 
Snyder, \Villiam 
Tison, Haskell 
Trotman, Richard 
Tuke, Thomas 

L'Irich, Dorn 
Walton, John 
Walter, Henry 
\A'elborn, Craig 
Witzenburg, Gary 
A\bodard. Stephen 


Ik"^ M ^ 






After returning to campus, the KA"s 
again began the great task of maintaining 
an enviable reputation. Porky having 
retired, Frank, Thand\', and Oedipus 

Poopsy paid a memorable visit to 
\V'.C., while Hayes and Aristotle spent 
many nights straightening out Zero. 

The new semester found everyone 
well organized for Rush which ended 
with many new KA's proving them- 
selves worthy of the Grand Old Gang. 
The highlight of the social year was 
Old South Weekend, although it did not 
rank with Richmond. However, as 
usual, Greek \\tek was the low point on 
the list ot achievements, with Lawrence 
presiding over the annual chariot race 

The ADPi's, having recovered from 
last year's Softball spectacular, consent- 
ed to give the KA's one more chance. 

A little ragtime on the move. 

You can get oft of him now . . 

Piggy starred in pitching a spectacular 
foul ball. 

Concluding the season w ith a typically 
successful exam performance, the Grand 
Old Gcng went their separate ways — 
Roger and Shu to Alaska, S.vinney to 
the Peach Corps, Albie to Carol, and 
the rest to other forms of hard labor. 

continued to carry on the Order. They 
were assisted by D.J., who helped to 
narrow down the rush list, and by 
Half-mind, who remained in the apart- 
ment. C-loud tried hard to keep order at 
the meetings but was no match for the 
disruptive tactics of Piggy and Alark, 
who gave in only to Bummy. Mean- 
while out on the gridiron Danny and 
J. v., co-captains of the football team, 
and Chuck, Alatsu, the Frog, Willy 
John, the Toe, Clyde, Charlie, and the 
Red Shirts led the Blue Devils. Mickey, 
Shu, Penie, and others improved re- 
lationships with Chapel Hill through 
several trips there. Buck, Hardy, and 

KA's cnioy one of their favorite sports. 


Alvarez, William 
Balitsaris, Peter 
Barrett, Drew 
Barringer, Jerr\- 
Buck, Cleorge 
Bugg, John 
Bumgarner, John 

Burdetfe, Marvin 
Cakiweli, Mark 
Carter, Robin 
Coleman, John 
Creech, John 
Daniel, Harrison 
DeRamus, Judson 

Devonshire, James 
Drulis, ("harlcs 
Ferrell, Malcolm 
Fo\'le, Robert 
Gibbons, \\ iiliam 
Coins, Herbert 
Hardy, Robert 

Hayes, Roger 
Hill, Dan 

Hysong, James 
Iiizzoiino, John 
Johnson, Michael 
Jones, Douglas 
Kinnan, Joseph 

Kirksey, William 
Kiser, James 
Krimmel, John 
La Via, Dennis 
Lonon, Daniel 
Lowe, Frank 
Matuza, Albert 

McCarthy, J. V. 
McKee, William 

McNabb, |ohn 
A'lichael, John 
Mock, Frank 
Moore, Fred 
Moore, Thaddeus 

Parker, Rodger 
Phipps, \Villiam 
Reese, Mare 
Rotella, Peter 
Rudisill, Ben 
Ruis, Ronald 
Ryan, Frank 

Sherrill, \\'illiam 
Shuford, Tom 
Simpson, William, 

Sinclair, Timothy 
Swinney, John 
Swomley, Michael 
Tackney, David 

Telge, Mark 
Thomas, David 
\^ann, Arthur 
Vogelsang, Robert 
Wilson, J. Page 
Woodall, Frank 

Mm^M^h. ^£t^ jm£ 






Another September brought the Kap- 
pa Sigs rolHng back to campus in their 
new GTO's (check it out) to continue 
their eternal quest for Truth, led by 
Bovie, Spook, Bubbles, and Don. Alter 
convocating on the benches to rededi- 
catc ourselves to serious tasks, we 
found all our luxurious renovations 
done just tile wa\- we wanted them 

(by April). The New Look was the 
watchword, and we almost became 
civilized, while the fraternity average 
climbed to dizzying new heights. There 
was even a new emphasis on morality, 
highlighted by the Purity Test Purge 
and the J.O.P. 

Zan and Cromp both had big years; 
and, even though we couldn't renovate 
Tech, the Jolly Green Giant paid us a 
visit to keep the old flames burning. 
Keeping in sight our ideal ot building 

A-one, and a-tuo, and a-three . . . 

Strategy session: drop back ten and punt. 

the whole man, we let the athletic 
supporters have their day, and our 
hopes were high for IM football when 
Boogcr and Skull found an expert ball 
handler in a night practice session. 
After Oink got blackballed by the Law 
School, we eagerly moved on to B-Ball 
and saw Spook, Java, Bobo, Licco, and 
Zim on the courts. 

The Christmas party tilled us with 
good spirits, but we sobered up enough 
to shake up another group of studs in 
rush. Joe College and Beach weekend 
kept us from snapping completely in 
the spring. The year being over, we 
staggered home, our thirst (for knowl- 
edge) satisfied until next year. 

Another award-evading display takes shape. 


Barnes, Lcrov 
Bell, William 
Borgmann, \\ illiam 
Bovarti, Brian, 

Boyer, Barry 
Cameron, Donald 

Carney, Eugene 
Clifton, William 
Collier, Alike 
Coogler, John 
Cox, Abram 

Cudlin, Joseph 

Deyo, Truman 
Easley, \\ illiam 
Eitel, James 
Ewald, Frederiek 

Fackler, Pete 
Fleming, Stew art 
Foss, Philip 
Giering, John 
Gilbert, Terry 
Harrison, Fcnton 

Helpin, Mark 
Hemphill, David 
Henkin, Russell 
Hinds, Douglas 
Johnson, Albert 
Kauffman, Bruce 

Kelley, John 
Liccardo, James 
Light, Frank 
Marin, John 
McGarrity, David 
Pignona, James 

Ramsey, Gaylon 
Reynolds, Staton 
Ricdy, Robert 
Robertson, James 
Schcrf, Chrisman 
Shenk, Scott 

Small, Thomas 
Ticktin, Thomas 

Tredick, Trafton 
Tredway, James 
Winchester, James 

Wolf, Robert 
Young, Charles 
Zimmer, William 
Zodda, Fred 


1^ A 






Brothers rcgrcb 

scrk on November 3. 

Fiirb led the troops through another 
fantastic rush. Flovender lived in his 
own httie world surrounded In' his 
eleven pictures. Linus refused to cut 
his hair, as did Foy. As snow fell, skiers 
took the week ofi to hit the slopes, 
then blew it out at the Alardi Gras. 
Sammy F. started his laundry in a 
brotherhood of nations project, while 

Jose played his gnitar. Spring vacation 
saw the annual migration with the 
usual number of sentences. 

I hen came Greek \M'ek, Joe College, 
and the final piece de resistance — the 
complete horror show at Myrtle Beach. 
After e.xams, battered, but unbowed, 
the Lambda Chis dispersed for the 
summer. It was a year in which we did 
it all! 

Brothers to the end. 

Once again as summer ended, the 
clarion call of knowledge went out 
from the rockpile. At this beckoning. 
Lambda Chis from Alaska to Florida 
formed their ranks for another banner 
year at Duke. Under the leadership of 
"Torpedo," new heights of glory were 
reached, as evidenced by Nurmi. "Slop- 
per" provided a varied social program 
featuring screams and beer. "Fluto" 
couldn't decide between Amazon and 
Toni the Tiger. Follard managed to 
stay away from Watts, but Furb 
didn't. "Smiley" fell in love but had a 
problem. Bond continued his reign as 
UMOC. ".Madman" got sidetracked b\- 
the Atlanta flash, while "Green" and 
"Oilcan" endured each other for the 
third straight year. Lawyer went ber- 

The Chicago chj|itcT 


Amley, Robert 
Anderson, .M. B. 
Arnold, Richard 
Atkinson, Richard 
Barr, Joel 
Berry, Cornell 
Best, Alexander 

Bolton, Peter 
Bond, Stephen 
Boxender, Jack 
Brenizer, Jon 
Brown, David 
Butterworth, Alvin 
Carruthers, Robert 

Cawley, John 
Clarke, Jon 
Coleman, Patrick 
Colcy, Stephen 
Cooper, Robert 
(^ross, Scott 
Duncan, Alfred 

Duncan, Douglas 

Durrett, Joseph 
Evans, Samuel 
Prazier, Donald 
Garrett, Bowman 
Harris, Jack 

Harris, John 
Hearn, James 
Heller, John 
Henderson, David 
Herron, John 
HoHnian, John 
Hudson, |ohn 
Hudson, "Hill 

Jenkins, Gordon 
Joaehimi, Carroll 
Jones, Michael 
Kahl, Stephen 
LaPointe, Jack 
LaVarre, Claude 
Lawyer, William 

Ligon, Edward. Pres. 
Livingston, John 
May, Dennis 
May, Gary 
May, Randolph 
MeCreary, Robert 
McDonald, Gordon 

Moser, Robert 
Moxley, John 
Pierce, Peter 
Pilcher, C'harles 
Pittman, Kenneth 
Poc, Cieorge 
Polk, Raemon 

Pollard. James 
Prcntis, Richard 
Seamans. Richard 
Smith. Kingston 
Stames, Paul 
Stiles, Christopher 
Stuebner, Jon 

Thompson, Arthur 
Thonip.son, Edward 
Upmeycr, Neil 
\-anDyke, Allen 
Weeland, Arthur 
Wade, Andrew 
Walsh, Michael 

Watson, Richard 
Webster, Dana 
Westmoreland, Jimmic 
Wilkinson, Jerry 
Young, James 
/aiser, Kent 
Zimmer, Thomas 




riiat ^ iHH 
the keg! 

microphone — that's a pipehnc to 

In possession of three proud spoils 
of combat from the previous year — the 
Turkey's Help \M?ck Trophy, the Phi 
Kaps Citizenship Aw ard, and the trophy 
from i.F.C. for Greek Week partici- 
pation — the Noble Band embarked on 
an adventure into another academic 

Their abode, devastated by the agents 
of University Progress, was quickly 
restored to a condition ot inhabitancc 
worthy of the Phis. With Brother 
Spencer in command, the hearty crew 
of Greeks sought new horizons to 
conquer. Internal difficulties were quick- 
ly solved by the inner evaluation of the 
Order ot the Sphinx, and the Phis were 
on their way to new heights during the 
fall term. 

Early notoriety befell the Phis as 
they gained the top five places in the 
backhcld of the Blue Devil team. The 
Blue Owls again emerged victorious on 
the intermural battleground. The fame 
of Sheffield's parties spread across the 
campi and the Phis and their dates 
enjoyed combos on Saturday afternoons, 
the well known Homecoming "Harry 
Buffalo," Carolina weekend, and an 
elegant Christmas formal. 

With the journey half over, and under 


the guidance of new leader Kirwan, the 
Phis embarked upon a rush that brought 
a group of Frosh to the Noble Band, 
noted especially for their quality. Spring 
semester was marked by a lively Greek 
Week, Joe College and another great 
Hoat, and finally a spirited encampment 
on Myrtle's sunny shores. Then a sum- 
mer's farewell to the Brothers of the 

Coach Dave, the pro's, and a few less talenred ... as Blade. 

Section studs plus one. 


Aldcn, John 
Arnold, Ross 
Astlcy, Robert 
Atwill, Tony 
Aiild, Robert 
Bachelder, David 
Beath, Andrew 
Berry, Alan 
Blakely, John 
Boswell, Neal 
Bracy, Biti" 
Broskc, Stuart 
Bryant, Michael 
Buchanan, William 
Carlo, John 
Chatham, Kenneth 
Claro, Kenny 
Coleman, Thomas 
Covington, Ned 
Crosland, Jack 
Crowell, CJeorge 
Curtis, Mike 
Few, William 
Gerbc, Ronald 
Glackcn, Scotty 
Goodwin, William 
Cjtiggs, Thomas 
Harrington, Thomas 

Harris, Joe 
Harwood, Stephen 
Hines, John 
Holbert, James 
Holder, John 
Holloway, Steve 
Hubbard, Kenneth 
Hutcheson, Thomas 
Kettering, James 
Kirwan, B., S. Pres 
Laughlin, Robert 
Lynch, Don 
Lyons, Douglas 
Lukins, Jay 
Matheson, Robert 
McAlpin, Malcolm 
McClain, John 
McCollum, Doug 
Miles, John 
Modlin, John 
Moreng, James 
Morris, John 
Morrison, Andrew 
Narten, L. F. 
Odom, David 
Orvald, Todd 
Pfeiffer, Carl 
Rcider, Richard 
Rollert, John 
Rupp, Daniel 
Shasbv, Michael 
Sheffield, Arlis 
Small, Phil 
Spencer, J., F. Pres. 
Starns, Byron 
Stringfellow, Walter 

Taft, Richard 
Todorovich, M. 
Tschan, Donald 
Wang, Lue 
White, Robert 
Wiesley, Bruce 
Wilson, Wayne 
Zambetti, V'ictor 

Mi-i. ^ 




The distant cousins of House F, 
perhaps better known as the Psi slum 
dwellers, returned with their usual 

ties. Chell and the trailer dweller made 
their perennial appeal tor apathy, but 
J.B. and the Mantis maintained that 
the best way to forgive is vengeance. 
The Flog flamed still, all you can skin 
and eat tor a dollar, while the shriekmg 
turtle massed out on the poor toe with 
a garden rake. (Warren is hell.) 

Despite excellent entertainment !)>' 
Buftalobreath and the Hairhattedpow- 
der breathers, the Second Annual 
Octoberflop marked disaster; but the 
rites of spring came in September and 
stayed all year as the young zorted 
cherub explained J.B. and Boomers 


physics problems eloquently: simple 
harmonic motion? . . . Try it on a 
couch spring sometime. 

But then why so wan and pale young 
Owl, we have always enjoyed being 
helpful. Thus ended another year tor 
the Psis. Remember the Cirange. 

'inirc got off the. ground. 

zealous attitude, but were understand- 
ably dismayed to find the house fire- 
proofed, the coal taken out of the 
bathtub, and the rats, bats, and buffaloes 
brutally evicted. Under the skillful 
leadership of \'ines-Keim, the fraternit\ 
adapted to the new urban renewal 
environment engaging in the All-Ameri- 
can sports of waterbombing and skate- 
boarding. Through the spiritual leader- 
ship of the Great Commuter and Father 
Time the Psis were reminded that 
gaping is not that big; and all set out to 
enulate Paul Hornung. 

A crisis occurred in Januars', as the 
Bruin, left amid inaugural-like festivi- 

Hey! I thought this was touch football! 


x^sh, Andrew 
Beach, Lawrence 
Choatc, John 

Cleveland, Michael 
C'lose, John 

Cocke, Norman 
Coffin, Carl 
Danluck, Thomas 
Finkel, Richard 
Fox, Pat 
Grancy, Michael 

Cross, William 
Gunn, 1 homas 
Gustafson, I'ric 
Henney, David 
Hicks, Marion 
Homer, Fdw in 


Johnson, l'd\\ in 
Keagy, Blair 
Keim, \\ illiam. 

Kerman, David 
Kiintz, Lee 

Lam, Richard 
Lundholm, Richard 
MacLane, Charles 
Alalstrom, Richard 
Mcjunkin, Howard 


Mitchell, Harold 
Nichols, John 
Ogden, John 
Ogrodnick, David 
Packard, Robert 

Painter, Allen 
Phillips, Cilenn 
Radlein, John 
Rice, Charles 
Rogers, Dilworth 
Root, Mark 


Smith, Michael 
Snyder, Stephen 
Teal, James 

Wevrick, Max 

\Miite, Frank 
Wyatt, Alvah 

drA ^M ^ 1. >A 



"Joy and bliss, lust and passion, 
and the big 'O'." The Earrh Woman 
gives us our motto for tiic year. The 
fall found most furthering the tradition 
on the skull gentleman : Pinky beginning 
to shine on East and Flash in Hanes, 
Fireball's flying tackle, and Taylor 

helping his date down the stairs at 
Twin Lakes. Football season gave us 
a chance to wonder at Fang's flair. 
Zero's miraculous run, and Thomas' 
pacific nature. Other remarkables of the 
fill and winter: the advent of the "Rug 
Merchant," "Daddy-Dick's" paternal 
talents, Toby's record setting falls 
irom the saddle, and Gross Graves and 
Lust's development as true gentlemen 
and scholars. 


[uliii li duing the moisting? 

VV'hen last seen, the ball was heading tor downtown Uurham. 


When B-Ball time rolled around we 
were treated to ^^"onder's reticence and 
finesse, to Herbie-Mon's command of 
popular Anglo-Saxonisms, and Lurch's 
great hands on the court and in the 

The battered old gavel was wielded by 
Fog Calias and another even-tempered 
academic wizard. The mystic Samoht 
led us through a fantastic rush, and, as 
usual. Boss-man knows all. 

Mourning and tears followed the 
final dissolution of the old stench house, 
but the memories are still here and 
the tradition will continue. \\'hat's the 
pressure Harry? and Earl for President. 
With Spring came sun and fun weekends 
with a final trip to the surf before say- 
ing goodbye to the brothers and to 
another red-letter vear. 

Allen, Phil 
Alvarez, Richard 
Armstrong, Charlton 
Aiiman, James 
Ikrieiiiet, Philip 
Bingham, James 
Rurwell, Jim 
Busscy, Joe 

Coble, Thomas 
Copeland, /,., S. Pres 
Craver, Leonard 
Davis, Edward 
Deal, WmfVed 
Denton. Kent 
Dou. Robert 
Drew, \\ illiam 

Ethridgc, I^arry 
Evans, Jan 
Fowler, Preston 
Fritz, Robert 
Graves, Will 
Gregory, Clay 
Hayes, Robin 
Herbert, C~hesley 

Herbert, Gordon 
Hill, Lester 
Howard, Steve 
Huneycutt. Charles 
Jamicson, Robert 
Jernigan, Jerry 
Jordan, Robert 
Kaufman, John 

Kitchin, J., F. Pres. 
Klauss, Raymond 
Kroncke, Frederick 
Lorch, Robert 
MacDonald, Harry 
Mathewson, Jame.s 
McKaig, Stuart 
Miller, Kenneth 

Miller, Randall 
Neal, Kent 
Petty, Lee 
Podger, Kappy 
Porto, James 
Pruiim, Richard 
Richardson, John 
Ryan, John 

Sandlin, David 
Sherrard, Thomas 
Simons, William 
Sizemore, Frank 
Slease, Clyde 
Taft, Tommy 
Taylor, Jere 
Thomas, V\'illiam 

Thompson, John 
Turner, Bob 
Turner, Dudley 
V'acendak, Steve 
V^iek, Paul 
\'irgin, F'.dvvard 
Warner, Jay 
Warren, Richard 

Watkins, David 
Weldon, Wilson 
Wendelin, Ronald 
Willard, Jim 
Wolter, Carl 
Wood, Donald 
Wyatt, Alton 


^i^ ^Mm 





Pikas and friends intently u ateh the game. 

while showing his tabic manners at rhc 
loddlc House as he instructs novice 
Fuller in the ins and outs of Continental 
night-lite . . . Agent C for Charlie 
thinks about it . . . \\'hccls looses his 
on a midnight Rum-run . . . radsnat. 

Mr. B. makes a well-timed entry 
into the Far-Eastern Service . . . Fisher 
gives way to VA'hite Supremacy . . . 
Flawk .McQueen is seen c\cling elu- 

sively through the wicked door only 
to be engulfed in chasms Galore . . . 
F^opeless reached the bottom ot his 
career doing photo-reconnaissance work 
in the bleachers of the Indoor Stadium 
. . . Byrd having figured it out . . . 
Dandy Jim K is spotted ravaging the 
entire Continent . . . and the show 
comes to a dramatic vet touching close. 

\\ ill we ever finish this display? 

Dark . . . still night, quiet . . . perhaps 
too quiet ... a large black Ford sedan 
careens around the corner as the black- 
out phase of counter-insurgencc activity 
pushes the silence backward in an 
atmosphere of shrieks and screams; 
prayers vociferated like blasphemies 
and whispered curses. 

Back at poolside, suave Agent Mur- 
ray — Flarry Murray — glances over the 
balcony at the notorious bridge pirate, 
Sma.x . . . Wheelman Louie- Louie 
guides his official spy-type Aston- 
Martin into another brick wall, divert- 
ing the attention ot Border-Patrol 
Commander Montgomery trom his 
tracking down of promiscuous activity 
centered around Agent 06. 

Savoir-fairish Agent Scull is mean 

Cjiiipiiell and Pollack use their ingenuity. 


Allen, Thomas 
Arthur, Richard 
Ashford, William 
Backus, Michael 
Bcnz, Srcvc 
Burns, |(ihn 
Byrd, Hal 

Byrum, James 
Caldwell, James 
Campbell, Stephen 
Cause\', Brent 
Chenault, l.arkin 
Cla\ton, I'.verett 
Draper, Daniel 

Delane\-, C!ale 
Farbcr, Mark 
Farrell, Frank 
Fischer, Martin 
Fisher, Robinson 
Fo.xley, drirtith 
P'reeman, Phillip 

French, Robert 
Fuller, Ford 
Fuller, Thomas 
Giles, \A'illiam 
CJolden, Stephen 
Grant, William 
Ciriffin, I' red 

Ci ruber, Robert 
Hagood, Louis 
Harrington, Kent 
Hemmenway, Peter 
Hopkins, Shelton 
Jerome, I'orrest 
Keeler, Robert 

Keller, Robert 

Kittcrman, James 
Korschun, Alarshall 
Lambert, Glenn 
Lasletr, Basil 
Lear, Robert 

Lipe, Joseph 

Matthews, Miles 
McGintv, David 
McNally, William 
Miller, John 

Murray, H., Pres. 

Page, Robert 
Pifer, Ronald 

Pollok, James 
Prizer, \\ illiam 
Rutenberg, David 
Scull, |ohn 
Scull. "Ward 

Serbell, John 
Seymour, Richard 
Stoebe, I'.dward 
Swan, Richard 
Tudor, Michael 
\'on Salzen, Kirk 
Ward, Douglas 



W hite, Fhomas 
W heeler, John 
Wood, George 
Wriuht, Charles 

S* V ■■/ ^rfT-: 



C^an I come back next year? 

Pi Kaps return and the first floor 
zoo once again makes itself heard . . . 
orchard blooms . . .Homecommg shows 
feature a flaming devil . . . alumni 
feted . . . the annual Rose Bail flnds 
Biair Butterfield chosen as our Rose 
. . . the football team hnally bows to 
Law School in a hardfought contest 
decided by tv\o touchdowns ... Pi 
Kaps continue their contributions to 
such student aflairs as MSGA, the Stu- 
dent Board of Governors, the YMCA, 
and Judicial Board. 

Attempting to improve the normally 
distant relationship between the frater- 
nities and the administration. Pi Kap 
initiated dinner programs and cocktail 
parties with the faculty . . . Fraternity's 
founding celebrated in December found 
Pi Kap the National Champion Chapter 
. . . Christmas party for orphans with 
Earl Sasser camouflaged behind a white 
beard. . . . Fall pledge class almost 
Spring pledge class. 

Another successful rush perpetrates 
Pi Kap with the addition of t\\ enty-rive 
new pledgii to the brotherhood . . . 
Spring intramurals keep the iratcrnit) 
busy . . . new pledges prove interest- 
ing??? . . . then the Pledge formal, 
Spring vacation with its chapter meet- 
ings in Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, and 


Nassau . . . and a final tribute to .Myrtle. 
From this it must be obvious that 
Mu chapter should be, and is, more than 
a silent hfiuse of men mterested primari- 
h' m their private ambitions and campus 
concerns. Rather, they work to build 
friendships that form the fraternity. 


1 lii.s i.s .mother jiilj liir . . . Mr. Clean! 

Kill the ref! 


AIsup, Charles 
Beasley, William 
Bcinitohr, C'arl 
Bell, Alexander 
Benson, C'lark 
Benson, Cjeorge 
Bernstein, Jerry 
Bittcrmann, Kim 

Biitterworrh, Robert 
('liandler, James 
("hapman, Walton 
C'hapman, Warren 
C'lark, Douglas 
C'layton, Carlylc 
(hoggin, rhomas 
Comfort, Joseph 

Cone, Alan 
("one, Arthur 
('ooper, David 
Davenport, Thomas 
Dingle, John 
I'.ason, William 
Krvin, Reid 
Evans, Ihomas 

Fcazell, Landon, Pres. 
['"lelds, George 
I'ogle, Rohert 
I'oushcc, Sam 
dates, Ronald 
(Irasso, Donald 
Ciraybeal, Robert 
Greenwood, Roger 

Hcancy, Mark 
Hebcrling, Jon 
Hight, \Villiam 
Ingram, John 
James, Robert 
Johnson, David 
Johnson, Paul 
Keesing, Hugo 

Kennedy, William 
Kincaid, Daniel 
Kyle, Albert 
Leach, Richard 
Lewis, Jeffrey 
Mason, Dwight 
McDonald, Joe 
McHugh, V\illiam 

McRoberts, Reed 
McWilliams, Barry 
Messick, Paul 
Mestre, Roberto 
Midura, Roger 
Myers, Eric 
Newton, Robert 
Nield, Thomas 

Osmun, Richard 
Painter, William 
Parkhurst, Charles 
Patton, Robert 
Pettes, David 
Price, Thomas 
Purslev, William 
Ratliff, Ray 

Reed, James 
Sammons, Jack 
Samson, Willis 
Sapp, Steven 
Sasser, William 
Sellers, William 
Severson, Gerald 
Sheheen, Robert 

Shoemaker, Raleigh 
Slaughter, Richard 
Steckmest, Thomas 
Stevens, Pierre 
Summers, Robert 
Turbiville, Richard 
Upchurch, Herbert 
\'an Nortwick, 

Warner, David 
Wertz, Kenneth 
\\ ilkerson. Jack 
Wright, Harold 

k^iA ^^k<^ 



The poetic big E's returned to Uukc 
to look tor their new section, only to 
find it with the Lizzards ot Craven 

\'ic show, while the brothers starred 
at some section parties, and the alumni 
commission gaped in awe. After Christ- 
mas vacation, the Eminent Chubby was 
replaced by the Eminent Stretch, and 
some stinging diatribes went out to 
various college newspapers. 

\M' went into rush optimisticalh', 
but the fickle finger of Eate surprised 
us this year and 19 of the shakeups 
were able to pledge. Obviously the 
Fuse w as lit. When the second semester 
reopened so did the tube room where 
Amos "n Andy remained the top at- 

Pay attention when 1 talk! 

traction. During the Spring semester 
D.W. tried basketball. Cliff tried book- 
ing, and the Passion Puppets just plain 
tried. 1 he Senior E"s maintained the 
vanishing image of the screamers of 
yesteryear through Joe College and 
ever successful beach weekends. 

I^co, the sheepish Hon. 

Quad. The first order of business was 
to brmg Leo to his new resting grounds, 
and, as usual, when there was work 
to be done, the Dobb's House set took 
off for a short cruise. 

\\'e booked it until 3.i'^"f made the 
Dean's Team, while the rest of the 
brothers went oft to Horn's Hollow, 
or got pinned or engaged, or learned to 
do the mad twist or the motor cycle 
stomp, but all of them showed up when 
our gang-tackling football team hit 
the field. Shortly after the football 
season, we retreated from Aycock 
house, and counter-attacked at Pegram. 

"Roids" Valle starred on the Erader 

rf' — 

^% i % 

J^ >^ ■•-.-' ■- "-"1,^v-*- 

That old man river. 


Albrcchr, Jerry 
Bennett, Bruce, 

Boehni, Michael 
Hixme, Worth 
Bouman, John 
iJnitcr, Carl 

Hrodnax, Lewis 
('armichael, CJcorge 
Ciift, Robert 
DeLeo, Michael 
Denton, Robert 
l.panchin, Alexis 

l"a\-, Robert 
lillette, Theodore 
Flynn, 1 homas 
I'rediani, Dale 
I\iller, Richard 
I'Vtc, Charles 

( iood\', |ohn 
Hall, John 
1 largrett, Haines 
Haus, Rein 
Hayes, John 
Hoiloway, Michael 

Horn, William 
Hughes, Kenneth 
Johnson, Robert 
Jones, Mac 
Kelly, George 
Little, Prcscott 

Loftus, Kevin 
Lowe, Rick 
Matthew s, 

McCarty, Kenneth 
McDowell, John 
McSpadden, Jack 

Mecham, Randall 
Michel, Randall 
Miller, Lawrence 
Morgan, Joe 
Padgette, Robert 
Rogers, John 

Ruby, Lucien 
Russ, Michael 
Smith, David 
Stetler, Peter 
Stoppelman, John 
Stroud, John 

Trippe, William 
\alenta, Frank 
Valle, David 
Vcrhev, Robert 
Wright, Glenn 





This was the year that was. W ith 
Consul Tom Mclchior in charge, Beta 
Lambda forged out an unprecedent- 
ed year. Under Hub's care, we held 
our first Derby ttrv, which was an 
unparalleled success. 

Pat became a railroad man, and we 
won top honors with our Homecoming 

display, \^'ith Hog-Bod, Lucas. Gutey, 
Rodne\', the Earl ot Hamlet, Garbage, 
Bill, Mike, and Charlie on the gridiron, 
the rest of us took to the IM field to 
defend eight years of supremacy. With 
Bruce in MSGA, Ale.x in SU, Ron in 
the Y, Craig in everything, and many 
Y-men and committee members, we 
stayed busy down campus, while con- 
tinuing to book it to maintain top 

To the victor, the spoils. 

Derby Day ... a first. 

scholastic standing. 

Studies notwithstanding, it was a 
prime social year, with the parties and 
openhouscs being highlighted by the 
Sw eetheart Weekend at Southern Pines 
and the annual spring migration to the 
Grand Strand. Herd showed the way 
for a great Rush, and second semester 
was with us. 

Despite the books, we found our 
way through Greek Week, Joe College, 
and the traditional Hawaiian Party. 
The semester finally ended — to the 
amazement of the pledges — taking w ith 
it Taylor's scholarship dynasty, the old 
Chris Miller, one-third of the Spitton, 
and other losses that we may be able 
to recoup. It was a year of the old and 
a year of the new — a year leaving 
great expectations for the next. This 
was the vcar that was. And how! 


Alstrin, John 
Barry, 1 homas 
Baumgartner, Bruce 
Bcasley, Alex 
Bratcr, Donald 
Burgess. Andrew- 
Burton, Richard 
Caine, Thomas 

Campbell, Lewis 
("ook, Tred 
(^ook, Robert 
Davenport, James 
Davis, Robert 
l''llis, Frampton 
I'A'ans, Ronald 
Falcone, David 

Fisher, Carl 
Fondren. Frank 
(iardner, Joseph 
Cionct, Richard 
Grant, Wesley 
(iutekunst, John 
Hasson, James 
Hay, Howard 

Helmes, Tucker 
Helms, Grady 
Henrw Randall 
Henry. Robert 
Hess, Bruce 
Holmes, Krie 
Houser, Roy 
Hubbard, Robert 

Hughes, Lowry 
Hughes, Roger 
Hybarger, Charles 
Jeffords, Dexter 
Jones, Roy 
Kinney, Fhomas 
Latirt, Cieorge 
Lieber, Todd 

Lindsay, Walter 
Lucas, Andrew 
Lyons, Ted 
Madison, Beauregard 
McCarthy, Anthony 
Mclchoir, Fhomas, 

Miller, C;hris 
Minard, Alan 

Mitchell, Jeffrey 
O'Kellev, Ronald 
Palmer. Phihp 
Parton. David 
Phillips. John 
Priest. Fred 
Rasnick. William 
Reamer. Richard 

Renneker. Michael 
Romp. Thomas 
Sands, Alexander 
Scott, Watson 
Scrravczza, William 
Shackford, Hilliard 
Simmons, \\ illiani 
Simon, Joseph 

Snead, Philip 
Solie, Guy 
Somers, William 
Stewart, Rodney 
Stitt, James 
Sullivan, John 
Sumner, VV'illiani 
Sweet, Charles 

Taylor, Joe 

Thackrey, Kent 
Tomko, David 
Travelstead, Malcolm 
X'olbcrg, Frank 
Waldron, Jonathan 
W hitley, Robert 
Wilcox, Everett 

\\ illis, John 
Wilson, Charles 
Wooden, Ernest 
Worthington, Craig 
Yates, Earl 
Young, William 

^mm^ JL 


1 "^t^. 

"> T^ 

^afe^-f ^^i^Aife ^r^4i^ 



H^-*> <ml^Smsm'^ .^pHHIHHP IQH|||Hr'^ - * 





Is anyone down there? 

The Xu"s returned to a ncwK- 
renovated section this \car — Duke 
style, that is. Sam and J.B. got our 
curtains and intercom while Wheeler, 
Blick, and Baer added our beautiful 
bar. "Senor" Pig-Pen controlled the 
fraternity, the Chronicle, and his Satur- 
day nights, but he and J.B. had very 
little control at the Cieneral Sherman. 
"Philsie" Lamotte, in general, led the 
IFC, and Simpson commanded the 
Duke Air Force, although Peter Pan's 
second floor squadron got in much 
more flying time. W'aldchen's car 
miraculously, is still around. "Honda" 
Hoffman returned, as inconspicuous 
as ever. Gooch's golden arm led us to 
staggering heights in football. "Lover 
Boy" Forth kept tight hold of the books, 

^^2?^J^§&' Kills Sucking Insects 

The Homecoming display stands erect. 

but he lost his C^how mein to the Arab. 
Despite Sandi's good cooking, Kraftie 
maintained his position as our top 
jock. Although "Tummy" Ake put up 
a good tight, the Swede took Santa 
honors and put on a spectacular, if not 
sober, show. FF lost a snowball fight, 
although the \u's did sustain casualties 
— a tew brothers and twenty-four 
window s. 

W'e brought in a fantastic pledge 
class, and "VVbff-Wbft" Wolbert con- 
tinued his four year pledge program. 
Spring Semester was tops in every 
respect from Joe College to the Z 
special, as we all lived lor those wild 
and wonderful week-ends. .\nd then 
the beach and the end ot another 
wcinderful year — and high hopes for 
the next. 

A tudst . . . 


Adams, Clifiord 
Ake, James 
Alexander, James 
Arenson, Ronald 
Baer, George 
Baggs, Jerry 
Bergen, Robert 
Blick, John 

Bredenberg, Allan 
Brigham, James 
Buder, John 
('helms, Cierald 
Clhikes, Peter 
("olnian, John 
Connor, Anthony 
Conroy, Paul 

Crane, Harold 
Dacko, Douglas 
Dickinson, Roger 
Drake, Wilton 
Ducker. Stuart 
Dunn. |eHre\' 
Edwards, Joseph 
lilmendort, Jon 

Flick, Michael 
Kord, Stanley 
Forth, David 
Forth, Paul 
Fraser, Oaig 
Freedman, I, eon 
Friesen, Roliert 
Gibson, McNeill 

Giles, Geoffrey 
Goodyear, (ilenn 
Hayes, Jun 
Hess, Richard 
Hoffman. David 
HuHnian. Frank 
Hufford. William 
Huntington, Richard 

lobst, Frederick 
Kamnicrer, Hal 
Kenerly, William 
Kraft, Richard 
Kundzins, John 
La.Motte. Phillips 
Lesesne, Joseph 
Levine, Robert 

Margulies, Robert 
Marshall. Julian 
Mathis. William 
Matthews, Walter 
Messer, Jay 
Miller, Jay 
Miller, John 
Milspaw, Luther 

Most, Robert 
Ness, Dale 
Patterson, ('harles 
Patton, Allen 
Peterson, Mike. Pres. 
Phelps, William 
Remigailo. Richard 
Roth. Robert 

Rutherford. Kenneth 
Sehw all. Joe 
.Simpson, Terry 
Stein, Richard 
Stoler, Stanley 
Stone, Sam 
Strackbcin, \\ iliiam 
Stubbs, Gary 

Taurman, John 
Tisdale. Norwood 
Underhill. John 
Waldman. Robert 
Waldo. James 
Webster. Arthur 
Wheeler, Michael 
Williams, Charles 

Wilson, Jeffrey 
Wolbert, Tim 
Wood, Robert 
Workman. F.rwin 
Ziegler, Dell 

p. WWW ^A f? 

^ f^ f^ i- JIJI^ J 


-» "^«f 



Is the East Campus tile m order? 

This was a year of consolidation 
and growth for Tau Epsilon Phi. The 
Holy .Model Rounders swept the Teps, 
and our own T.K. Duo lacked only a 
kazoo. Pledge activities were more 
original, including a treasure hunt for 
tube addicts. The Chancellor rented a 
room at PattishalTs in order to be near 
his car. Knarf found his pencils. Onion 
became the grossest narcoleptic in DU 
history. Zeller licked Schumer's prob- 
lem. When Fegles became Fang, Stick's 
head must have been affected; for he 
took celibacy vows. LIums' attempt to 
reapply to high school was unsuccessful. 
Koff kept in touch with Reality. Xis 
finally got the Flaming Five on the court, 
and courting centered a problem in his 
magic toe. Even though Trots' J.R. 
is the only EZB nurse, Wilt is going 
for an A.D. in Anne.v care. Although 
the rambling redbreasted Minor was 
on the sly, Sly spurred his wagon to 
victory. Our own Daedalus melted 
his wings under a sunlamp. Ci.H.'s 
temporary bout with reality was really 
no contest at all. In our weekly compe- 
tition, Newie and Bull were preseason 
favorites; but Bull took himself by the 
horns, and beat Newie b\- a mile. 
KaGee Daniels' associateship became 

protracted, and .M.J. found a last ray 
of hope. 

We again placed high in academics. 
A Christmas party and work at Lincoln 
Hospital highlighted our community 
projects. Spectacular parties, pledge 
dances, and banquets completed a year 
of fun, brotherhood, and hard work 
for TFP. 

Pc.kcr IXrbv: 

The card players — Llums, Stick, and Dave . 


Abcrncrhy, Roy 
Barton, James 
Berkow itz, IxonarJ 
Besric, Philip 
Bullock, Calvert 
Cohen, David 

Daniels, David 
Fegley, 1 homas 
Frank, Alan 
Friedman, Larr\' 
Goldberg, Steve 
Gorman, Henry 

Graitccr, Philip, 

Hudgins, Guy 
Jacobs, iVIark 
Jasper, Stuart 
Kofi", Stephen 
Kopp, Thomas 

Manning, Harris 
Nathanson, Howard 
Newmark, Howard 
Patter, Robinson 
Pcarlman, Michael 
Robertson, Dan 

Saks, Jerome 
Schumer, Dennis 
Seidel, Robert 
Sharoft, Barry 
Shorenstein, Stuart 
Smull, Michael 

Waxman, Edward 
Whitehead, John 
VVilt, David 
Winters, Paul 
Wollaeger, David 
Zeller, Michael 






Gamma Sigma settled into a red letter 
year and a new (or at least old and 

menagerie long enough to lose some- 
thing in Jarvis, Not to be outdone by a 
cat-box, other solid citadels of celibacy 
collapsed toward the East, while word 
hitered in that Dream Girl had become 
Mrs. Gourdhead. 

Spruce Pines had a certain glow that 
wasn't ]ust Peanuts, while the engineers 
found out what "Libido" meant. Cen- 
tral intelligence wired the halls tor 
sound, and a new course in phonetics 
was added to the files. What about 
intramurals? — Well, Zeren nose. The 
Christmas Party saw four off the deep 
end of the mistletoe. The Gru rushed 
about shining his teeth with soph 

Theta Chi formal. 

Cleansing the pinned brother's soul. 

soap, while Hoagie just didn't know- 
when to stop. 

Rush sent the c\cle spinning on in 
to the Spring under the well-Harted 
auspices of the returned prodigal. Bird 
came back from the summer thoroughly 
cowed and racked. Then, Greek Week, 
bawdy baseball, white coat and cham- 
pagne, .Myrtle Drive and Myrtle Beach. 
As usual, time ran out, leaving the 
WXen to think up a year to top this one. 

renovated) section overlooking the 
spacious main quad. The cx-inhabitants 
hauled away their gilded zoo, and soon 
a familiar red and white spread over 
the benches in front. Magoo woke up 
long enough to take the gavel and see 
six multifarious pledgii over the hot 

New card room furnishings attracted 
all the brethren, bar none, and gave 
Swinden a chance to lunch a la Queen 
of Spades — "C'mon, you guys, have a 
heart!" Homecoming netted a third 
prize along with several pairs of used 
trousers. The wee Texan about-taced 
Uncle Sam, and stayed away from his 

I can't hear you — I have shaving cream in my ear! 


Ackerman, \\ iliuiiii 
Anderson, I'nk 
Annbrecht, [)a\'id 
Atkins, Jim 
Baird, F.d\\ard 
Banks, Wlndcll 
Barldw, Richard 
Bond. John 
Bond, Robert 
Boycr, Brian 
Brooks, James 
Brown, Edward 
Brown, Paul 
Burr, Robert 
Carter, Edward 
Castles, Stephen 
Cobb. Lawrence 
Conners, Bruce 
Cooper, Walter 
Couper, (Charles 
Crea\'es, D<inald 
Crump, P. H. W. 
Daniel, Henry 
Daugherty, Robert 
Davis, Waynclec 
Dean, Gary 
Donley, John 
Dybdahl, Rand 
Earhardt, Kent 
Eason, Frederick 
Eckert, Alan 
Emslie, Richard 
Erickson, Roger 
Ewing, James 
Fishbach, l'"dward 
Fleck, Donald 
Fox, Philip 
Fox, Stephen 
Gahagan, Powell 
Gajewski, John 
Gaw , Donald 
Gort, Charles 
Gunter, Richard 
Hartley, Henry 
Hartwell, John, Pres. 
Her/berg, [)onald 
Hipp, Kenneth 
Hitchnian, Joseph 
Hoaglin, David 
Hudgins, Clifton 
Hutchison, Hugh 
Jacobus, Everett 
Jensen, Paul 
Johnson, Bruce 

Keim, Alfred 
Kneisel, Ed 
Lichty, Myron 
Lunsford, I)ennis 
Manes, Michael 
McCullers, Arnold 
McGinty, Herbert 
Menson, Robert 
Morgan, Zcb 

Nadler, V'ictor 
Nash, Thomas 
Nickle, Norman 
Norton, Richard 
Olson, V\ illiam 
Ogrinz, Alexander 
Patrick, C^arl 
Patterson, Michael 
Peabody, Arthur 

Peterlin, Boris 
Phillips, Lawrence 
Polderman, Ronald 
Purnell, Frederick 
Pyne, David 
Riggs, Lhoinas 
Shahan, Michael 
Slivinske, Dale 
Smythers, Alex 

Stevens, James 
Stevens, Joel 
Swinden, P.. Dennis 
Tarpley, John 
Tiee, Stephen 
Wagner, William 
Warlick, Paul 
Watson, David 
White, Richard 

i;riik ^ .^M Jik isi 


Williams, Keith 
W ise, Joseph 
Zcren. John 




It was unfortunately a year like all 
years for ZBT . . . Bluto began it as 
usual by injuring his knee and picking 
up a bad boil. Zeus forgot Fast Campus, 
while Grape made East forget him! 
Over at Hanes, Q caged Godzilla. 
Pixie led us — sometimes — until Noodle's 

"bloodless coup." Fog didn't behave 
like an engaged man, while Flesh 
didn't act like a campus leader. Zard 
found a friend in a tree, \\hile Art 
found one in "Smiling Bill!" 

Porky broke his three year famine, 
and Blitz took Gar to Bullock's — once! 
Blade insisted Spartanburg held all 
the action, but the Wit moved up to 
Mason City. Tricky Dick directed 

The Hot Nuts entertain . 

ZBl s paint the htidgc! 

If you can't cover your bet, then stay away from the table. 


Rush, among other things, while Plow- 
boy was harvesting lox and bagels. 
The Lecher set everyone up, especially 
himself! Momstcin helped Rabina keep 
the chapter room tidy. Agile constantly 
was in BIG trouble, and Big John led 
the Macy's Thanksgiving Da\- Parade. 
Holly hung a coat on Hook's nose by 
mistake, while Stumpy was mistaken 
for a fire hydrant by a dog from Philly. 
The Sophomores showed they had a lot 
of class — all low! 

Group activities for the year proved 
most successful, although the entry 
for the chariot race performed as those 
of past years had. Our mock election 
in Xoveniber was perhaps overshadowed 
b\' the fierce competition of the ugliest 
men on campus, but ever\one noticed 
our first place in the Follies. Was it 
a good year? Does it rain in Durham? 

Adler, Kenneth 
Amcry, Alan 
Aronoff, Stcplicn 
Banker, Alicliiicl 
B;irgman, Alan 
Beck, Laurence 
Bergcr, Frederick 
Bernian, Richard 
Berney, Richard 
Bierfeld, James 
Blitzer, Sidney 
Braun, |ory 
Brick, Jeffrey 
Bronson, Albert 
Brownstein, K. 
Burton, Edward 
Cohen, Irvin 
Coplan, Mark 
IJavis, Xick 
Dcneburg, Steve 
Dubin, Alan 
Fentin, Ciary 
Fleet, Jack 
Freund, Henry 
Cold, Philip 
Coldman, Harvey 
Cioldman, Joel 
Gradman, Alan 
Gray, Harry 
Griffith, William 
Hale, Michael 
Harris, Michael 
Helstein, Richard 
Klesmer, Harold 
Kneapler, David 
Leff, Michael 
Leikensohn, John 
Loescher, Steve 
Ludwig, Ronald 
Lutwick, William 
Lyon, Carl 
Mann, John 
Miller, Ed 
Novick, Donald 
Pousncr, Michael 
Reirtel, James 
Rosenthal, Robert 
Rothman, George 
Rubin, Hyman 

Rubin, Peter 
Rudberg, Joe 
Samuels, W'illiam 
Schorr, Stephen 
Silver, Martin 
Silvertorb, David 
Simons, Robert 
Spiegel, Mark 
Stoner, Michael 
Strohl, Daniel 
Tobias, Carl 
Vogdes, James 
Wade, John 
Wallas, Jonathan 

Warschoft, Bruce 
Wasserman, Mark 
\M'ingarten, Jon 
Winston, Arthur 
Zavelson, Thomas, 

Zimmer, Herb 




On April 9, 10, and 1 1 the Greeks 
of Duke campus combined forces to 
present another spectacular Greek 
Weekend. In the evening of April 9 
Mary Wells was the featured entertain- 
ment, and during the following after- 
noon the annual Greek games and 
carnival were presented. 

Again this year the games were higii- 
lighted 1)\- the fraternity chariot race. 
Other games, such as the greased pig 



race, gave the sororities of Duke a 
chance to display their athletic skill. 
Following the events, the fraternities 
and sororities put on a full-scale carnival 
with everything from a pie throw to 
a roulette wheel. That night the frats 
had parties as a climax to the weekend. 

■v. i 

Committee (o-Chainnjii: John Holder, Tom Shcrrard. 

Marv Wells "it" at Greek Week. 

Siftmn hjt to right: Al. Leri, A. IJuliiii, J. Roljertson, J. Modljn, R. Reanier, l'. l.ielier. StjnJiiiii: S. C^orcN', B. Suniner, ,M. MtAlpin, S. (lanipbell 




The basic living group for the 
Woman's College and for the School ot 
Nursing is the dormitory. Greeks and 
independents, and, on East Campus, 
upperclass and underclass women live 
together in an atmosphere ot acceptance 
and exchange. House activities are 
numerous and diverse, ranging troni a 
welcome tor mcommg treshmen in the 
fall, dorm parties and Sunday break- 
fasts, business meetings, to cultural 
programs and teas with Duke protessors. 
Dorm life has other salient features 
too — the switchboard and mikes, which 
announce phone calls and callers, the 
end board with its daily notices and 
its mascot, and, of course, the growth 
in personal relationships resulting from 
living closely with roommates and 

I'.ach East Campus dorm is governed 
bv a House Council elected annualK. 

HANES. Counselors Georgia lueedy, Dorothy \\ ilklnson, SonJra bcott. 

1 he council of students concerns itself 
with new suggestions, problems, and 
programs tor the house. The house 

counselors serve as advisors and co- 
ordinators between students and the 

AUDOMS. Counselor Carol Garris and Pres- 
ident Sally Middlebrooks. 

JARVIS. Counselor Lynn Lanhain and President Terri Patch. 


ALSPAUGH. Sealed: Counselor Barbara 

Shephard. Standmg: President Susie Smith. 

PEGRAM. Counselor .Mae Brasuell and President Peggy Pauley. 


V-tf.'^t'<fl<''"'-/ '-"J' ' 

BROW N. President Becky Frank and Counselor Mrs. Mildred Durdcn 

GILBERT: Counselor Evelyn Shakir and 
President Susie Cunningham. 


BASSETT. President Sandy Allen and t^ounsc- 
lor Eva Poythress. 

AVCOCK. President Paddy Moore and Counselor Nancy Carroll 



The Association of Indcpcndcnr 
Houses was formed last year as botli a 
conciliatory and an executive body and 
also as spokesman tor the residents of 
the seven independent houses. 

Replacing the Independent Dormitor\- 
('ouncil as the representative body ot 
the independent houses, the Association 
tunetioned this year under the leader- 
ship ot President I'ugene Garand. Dur- 
ing the year the Association played 
an active part in providing the campus 
independents with an avenue through 
which they could obtain their political 

and social objectives. In conjunction 
with the program outlined by the Uni- 
versity VXcekend Committee, the As- 
sociation supervised the "open houses" 
during the Saturda\- afternoon of Winter 
^^eekend and house parties during 
the other major weekends. In March, at 
the Hrst Duke University Nominating 
Convention, independent representation 
was made possible through the co- 
operation of the Association with the 
individual house delegations. 

As stated in its constitution, the 
Association serves a double purpose. 

In essence, it is a spokesman for the 
independent living groups in matters 
concerning all independents and arbi- 
trates disputes arising in the independent 

In order to be represented in the 
Association, a group must have at least 
35 members or occupy any of the seven 
independent houses, halls, or courts on 
West Campus. At least one third of the 
students of Trinity and I'ngineering 
Colleges are represented through this 

Lrji to right: J. Caraway, \\. Lamer, H. Brill, Chairman li. Garand, D. Becker, 1^. Langbauer, 1^. Cillman. 



The housemaster program at the 
University is designed primarily to 
provide advisors for the freshman 
dormitories. Each freshman house is 
supervised by a housemaster and a 
staff of several assistant housemasters, 
the number of staff members determined 
by the size of the house. The house- 
masters are graduate students who 
have had at least a year of work at 
Duke, and their assistants may be 
either undergraduate upperclassmen or 
graduate students. All the advisors are 
e.xpectcJ to have maintained a cumu- 

lative scholastic average of 2..'! in their 
academic career. 

The duties of the housemasters and 
assistant housemasters fall into three 
general categories: administration, 
counseling, and discipline. Their ad- 
ministrative duties include conductmg 
house meetings, supervising room ex- 
changes within the house, sponsoring 
the intramural program of the living 
group, and co-ordinating the activities 
of other freshman counseling groups, 
such as the Faculty Fellows and the 
VAICA Freshman Advisory Council. 

.Much of the housemasters' time is 
spent in dealing with disciplinary prob- 
lems in the dormitory. In this respect 
the housemasters frequently coordinate 
their action with the Dean's office 
and the .\ISGA Judicial Board. 

In the area of counsehng, the house- 
masters serve as intermediates between 
the students and the administration. 
They are available for discussion of 
the freshmen's academic or emotional 
problems, and freshmen receive their 
mid-semester grades at a private con- 
ference with their housemasters. 

Row 1, left to right: \V. Dillon, D. Craven, R. Sink. T. Graves, J, Cjirns. ««u 2: R. Johnson, R. Edgar, F. Campbell, C. Adams, L. Klute, S. Nurkin, 
Standing: C. Stephens, J. Harris, P. Ladcr, W. Coker, J. Heller. D. Lawson, W. Young, D. Hopkins, J. .\lcxander, S. Porter, C. '\\brthington, F. Kauf- 
hold, T. Evans, J. Peake, J. Parker. 





CJHEsi EY C. Herbert, I'rrs. 
Dennis H. Ferguson, Vice-Pres. 
C. Thomas Zimmer, Sec.-Treas. 


Nancy IMlkray, Fres. 
CaROI SoiTHMAYI), I'ice-Prfs. 

Marjorie O'Neall, Sec. 
Orinda Evans, Trejs. 


Dorothy Newton, Pres. 
Linda Clay% Vice-Pres. 
Cecile McConnell, Sec. 
Robin Shlmway, Treas. 


Bill Simpson, Pres. 

Thomas Treptow, Sec.-Treas. 


First tow: 

ABBOTT, John Alfred, III, Waynesboro, Pa.; Civil Evgi- 
neenng; Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, i, 4; ASCE :, ?, 4; Delta 
Mu I'aii 1, 2, 1, 4; Marchinfi Band 1. 2, 3, President 4. 
ADAMS, Clirt'ord S., San Mateo, (^alif.; Econimiics; Sigma 
Nu, Vice-Pres. 4; Alpha Kappa Psi; AFROTC 1; YMCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

ADAMS, Patricia Lee, McLean, \'a.; Political Science; Pi 
Beta Phi; Wliiis \Vho; Phi Kappa Delta; Sandals, Prcs.; 
Delta Phi Rho Alpha; Pi Sigma Alpha; Coordinate Board 2; 
Pep Board 1, Newman t;iub I, 2, 3, 4; WSGA 2, 4; YWCA 
1, 2, 3, 4, House Pres. 4. 

ADLAM, James Kenneth, Jr., Jcnkintown, Pa.; English: 
AFROTC 1; Campus Conservative Club 3, 4; Chapel Choir 
1, 2; Men's Glee Club 2, Hoof n Horn 2. Student Union 3; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Second row: 

AHNFELDT, Arnold Lorentz, Jr., Kensington, .Md., 
Pre-Med: Pre-.\lcd Society 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4. 
ALBF.RS, Barbara Jan, Grand Rapids, Mich.; English: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Who's Who; Phi Kappa Delta; Cheer- 
leader 2, 3, 4; YV\CA 2, 4, Vice-Pres. 3; Social Standards I . 
ALDRIDGE, John Graves, Burlington, N. C; Pre-Med; 
Alpha Tau Omega; FAC 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Shoe and 
Slipper C:iub 1 ; YMCA 1,2, 3, 4. 

ALEXANDER, Eloise Porter, Savannah, Ga.; English; 
Kappa Delta; Chronicle 2, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

ALLEN, Margaret Bothwell, Edina, .Minn.; English; Pi 
Beta Phi; Who's Who; Coordinate Board 2; F.\C 3, YWCA 
3; House Pres. 4; U. N. Model Assembly 3. 
ALLYN, Donald Lancy, Moorestown, N. J.; Chemistry; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2. 
ANDERSON, C. Robert, Columbus, Ga.; French; Tau Psi 

ANDERSON, Thomas J., Atlanta, Ga.; Music; Delta Mu 
Tau; Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4; Duke Ambassadors 1, 2, 
Manager 3, 4; Marching Band Drum Major 3, 4; Sym- 
phony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

ANUTTA, Lucilc Jamison, Hertfordshire, England; His- 
tory; Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman 4; Ivy; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2. 
APPLETON, Susan Elizabeth, Charlotte, N. C; History; 
Phi Beta Kappa, Ivy; Coordinate Board 1; YWCA 1,2. 
APPLEY.A.RD, Jo Ann, Glenview, 111.; Nursing; Who's 
Who; Santa Filomena; Chapel Choir 2; NSGA Vice-Pres. 3; 
Nurses' Honor Council I, 2, 3, Chairman 4; Nurses' Judicial 
Board 4; FAC 2. 

ARENSON, Ronald Lee, Pensacola, Fla.; Pre-Med; Sigma 
Nu; Campus Chest 2, 3; MSGA 1; FAC 2, 3, 4; Hillel 
Society 1, 2; Shoe and Slipper Club I, 2; YMCA 3; Fresh- 
man Track. 

Fifth row: 

ARGY, John, Hollywood, Fla.; Pre-Med; Pre-Med Society 

1, 2. 3; Chemistry Club 2; Student Union 2, 3. 

BACHMAN, Walter Ellsworth, III, Easton, Pa.; Economics; 

Delta Tau Delta; YMCA I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Golf 4. 

BADGETT, Alice Sheppard, Atlanta, Ga.; Education; 

Alpha Phi, Rush Chairman 3, Prcs. 4; Chantici.ker 2, 

Pre-.\lcd Society 1 ; Woman's Glee Club 1 , Hoof n Horn 

2; YWCA 1. 2, 3, 4. 

BAER, George James, Grosse Pointe, .Mich.; Business; 

Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Psi; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

BAILEY, Alice Jean, Wilmington, Del.; Nursing. 

BAIRD, t'dward F., .'\ldan, Pa.; Electrical Engineering; 

Theta Chi, Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; 

NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; E^ngineers Guidance Council 2, 3. 

B.'\KER, Judith Ann, Ashland, Ky.; Economics; Kappa 

Kappa Gamma; Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy, Coordinate Board 

1, 2; YWCA I, 2, 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Rush Advisor 4. 

BAKER, Susannah Carlin, Scarsdale, N. Y.; History; Delta 

Delta Delta. 




First row: 

BALDERSrON, Barbara, Glen Mills, Pa.; Art History; 

Kappa Alpha Theta, Sigma Delta Pi; FAC 4. 

BANKS, Lawrence Kirk, Greensboro, N. C.; History; 

Sigma ('hi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Varsity D; Lacrosse 2. 

BARBEL, Ronald Mills, Gary, N. C.; Pre-Med; Kappa 

Sigma, Pre-Med Society 2, 3. 

BARLOW, Richard Smith, Bardstown, Ky.; Political Scimce; 

1 hcta Chi; Debate Team I, 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1. 

Srctmd row: 

BARNES, Stephen P.; Huntington, N. Y.; Ecrmmnics; Delta 
Tau Delta; \ arsity D; lEC" Investigating Committee Chair- 
man 4; Fraternity Secretary 4. Track I, 2, 3, 4. 
BARNE7T, Elizabeth Anne, Atlanta, CJa.; French: Pi Beta 
Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Delta; Ivy, Tau Psi Omega; 
C'hanticieer 4; Chapel Choir 1 ; Episcopal Student Fel- 
lowship I, 2, 3, 4. 

BASS, Kenneth Carrington, III, Wilmington, Del.; Prr-Mcd; 
Beta "Eheta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa; Red Friars; lI'Ao'j Who; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; Phi F.ta Sigma; 
VAC. 2, 3; Men's Judicial Board 3, ('hairman 4, Traditions 
Board 2, SFAC 4; Student Chairman A.B. Duke Scholarship 
Program 3; Duke Forum, Chairman 4. 
BAUER, Euphemia Church, II, Westfield, N. J.; Nursing; 
Kappa Alpha Theta; Student-Faculty C^ommirtce I; Publi- 
cations Committee Cha rman 2, F'xecutivc C'ouncil of NSGA 
2; Woman's Chorus I, Hoof n Horn, 1, 2, 3, Recording 
Secretary 4; Executive Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Publications Board 
3, 4; Publication Committee (Hanes) 2, 3, 4; F'ditorial Board 
Chronicle 4; Order of the Chair 1,2,3,4. 

Third row: 

BAUMGARTNER, Bruce Richard, Fort Thomas, Ky.; 
Chemistry; Sigma Chi, Old Trinity Club; Chanticifer 1, 2, 
3. Assistant Editor 3; FAC 3, 4; MSGA 3, 4, Attorney 
(jcneral 4; lEC 2, 3, 4, Executive Board 4. 
B.W, Edna Grace, Dover, Ohio; History; Kappa Alpha 
I hcta; Ivy, FAC 3; YWCA 2. 

B.WES, Guy Anthony. Falls Church, \'a.; Political Science; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Who's Who; Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma 
.Mpha 3, Treas. 4; Bench and Bar 2, 3, 4; Men's Judicial 
Board 4; MSGA 1; International Club 3, 4. 
BEASLEY, Frederick Alexander, Aiken, S. C.; Political 
,SV/f«(-f,- Sigma C^hi, NROLC 1,2, 3,4. Student Union 1, 2, 3, 
Board of Governors 4; State Student Legislature of N. C. 
1. 2, 3.4; Commodore Club I. 2, 3.4; Baseball 1. 

Fourth row: 

BELL, \'irginia Douglas, Greensboro. N. C; English; 
Delta Delta Delta. 

BENJAMIN. Albert Edward, Jr., Baltimore, Md.; Political 
Science: E.^C 4; Pep Board 3, Chairman 4; President Inter- 
X'arsitv (Christian Fellowship 3, 4. 

BENJA.MIN, Lucinda Moore, New Fairfield, Conn.; 
German; Sigma Kappa, Delta Phi Alpha, Secretary; Chapel 
('hoir I, 2, 3; (Chancel Singers 2, 3, 4, Woman's Glee Club 
1, 2. 3, 4; Rush Advisor 4. 
BENNELT, Ann Louise, Raleigh, N. C; Mathematics; 
Delta Mu Tau; .Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2; Sympho- 
ny Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

BENNEF F, Bruce Rittenhousc. Atlanta, Ga.; Economics; 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec. 4. 

BENNETT, Diane Carol, Chicago, III.; Art History; Ivy; 

Hillel Society 1, 2; Student Union 3. 

BEXNETF, John Herbert, Washington, D. C; History; 

Pi Alpha Sigma; Campus Chest 3, Duke Players 2; Student 

Union 3, 4. 

BERGQUIST, Linda Ruth, Lake "V\brth, Fla.; English. 

Sixth row: 

BERRY, .■Man Douglas, Fort Thomas. Ky.; Chemistry; 
Phi Delta Iheta; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 
BERRY, Thomas Cornell, Jr., \'irginia Beach. \'a.; .Me- 
chanical Etigineermz: Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman 4; 
ASME 4, Engineers Guidance Council 2; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Commodore Club 1, 2. 3, 4. 

BEST, Richard Allen, Durham, N. C; Mechanical Engineer- 
ing; Phi Delta Theta; Beta Omega Sigma; AFROTC I, 2; 
ASME 4; Chapel Choir 1, 2; Men's Glee Club I, Vice- 
President 2; NSA 1; Harlequins I, 2, 3, Soccer 1, 2. 
BIERFELD, James Louis, Highland Park, III.; Pre-Med: 
Zeta Beta Tau; Chronicle 3; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Hillel 
Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1,2, 3. 


First tow: 

BLACK, Jane Elizabeth, ("olumbia, S. C; KIrmentary Edu- 
cation; Alpha Delta Pi; Advisor 4. 
BLA("K, (icorgc Broune, |r., Malvern, Pa.; I'syiiwiniiy; 
Delta Tail Delta, NROTC I. 

Bl.ACKARI), William RavnioiHl, jr., jaeksoiiville, I'la.; 
Mathematics; Alpha Tau Omega; MSGA 2, NROIC; 1, 2, 
', 4; Student Union 2, 3, 4; Joe College Steering Com- 
mittee 3, 4. 

BLIC.'K, John S., Jr., Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas; 
History; Sigma Nu. YMC:A I, 2, 3, 4. 

Second roir: 

BOSWKl.L, Richard Neal, Brunswick, Ga.; History; Phr 
Delta I heta, X'arsity D; Ch.4Ntici.eer I, 2, Asst. Bus. Mgr. 
?, Bus. Mgr. 4; Swimming I, 2; Lacrosse 1, 2, 3; Prc-Med 
Society 1, 2, 4. 

BOUiM.^N, John Karl, Binghamton, N. ^■., Political Science; 
Sigma Alpha Lpsilon; AFROTC 1, 2; Bench and Bar 1; 
Men's Glee Club I; Fraternity Sec. 3; Lacrosse I; Foot- 
ball 1. 

BOYD, Mary Brantley, Charlotte, N. C; Spanish; Sigma 
Delta Pi; Westminster Fellowship 1,2, .3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4, 
NSA 2. 

BOYLF.S, .Sandra Kay, Greensboro, N. C; English; FAC 4; 
Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; YWCA I, 2, 3. 

Third roil-: 

BRAC'Y, Benjamin Franklin, Indianapolis, Ind., Ecotioiiiics; 

Phi Delta Iheta; Varsity D; Football I, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 

1, 2. 3, 4. 

BRAUING, Barbara A., Sumter, S. C; History; Alpha 

Delta Pi. 

BR.^DSHER, Patricia Mary, Windsor, N. C; Economics; 

Pi Beta Phi; AIESEC 3, 4. 

BRADSHKR, Trinka, Durham, N. C; German; Alpha Chi 

Omega, YWC:A 4; Town Girls' Club I, 2. 

Fourth roiv: 

BRANNOCK, Larry Richard, Reidsville, N. C; Chetnistry. 
BRANSC:OMB, Ernest Jackson, Decatur, Ga.; History; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; AKROTC: 1. 
BRANILI'Y, Robert Lewdon, Durham, N. C:; Mechanical 
Eni;ineerinii; Town .Men's C.\uh 1, 2, Treas. 3. 
BREDDER, Roy Stanley, Mornstown, N. J.; History; 
Archii'e 3, Peer 3, Bus. Mgr. 4. 

Fifth row: 

BREWSTER, John Edwards, Jr., \\ heaton, II!.; Economics; 

Duke Outing Club I, 2, 3, 4. 

BRIDGEMAN, Kenneth Sterling, Richmond, \'a.; Political 

Science; .Alpha Kappa Psi; Archive, Bus. .Mgr. 4. 

BRILL, Houard Walter, Daytona Beach, Ela.; Political 

■Science; Pi Sigma Alpha; Lutheran Student Association 2, 3, 4. 

House President 4. 

BROKI'R, Nathanael, C^oncord, N. H.; Civil Ennmeerinn; 

ASC:E 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. 

.S;.v/// tow: 

BROOKS, C^harles Irving, .Memphis, Tenn.; Psychology; 

Newman (^lub 4. 

BROOKS. Donald Bradley, Moorestown, N.J,; Accounting; 

Alpha Tau Omega, Bench and Bar 1, 2, 4; House President 

1; WDBS 1, Y.MCA 1, 2, 3.4. 

BROV\N, Diane E., Durham, N. C., '/.oology; Pep Board 

1, Pre-,\led Society 4, YV\C:A 2, 3. 

BROWN, Nancy Sunderland, West Hartford, Conn.; Art 



First WW: 

BROWN, Paul Frederick, Clearwater, Fla.; Electrmil 
I'.iijii/ieeTmg: Theta Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kta Sigma; 
P] Mu F.psilon; Tau Beta Pi, Pres.; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma 
Pi Sigma; Executive Board IFC 3, 4; AIEE 4; Engineers 
Guidance Council 4; MSGA 2; \Aestminster Fellowship I, 2. 
BROWN, Ralph Edward, Durham, N. C; Cnil EngiiieeririSi; 
Delta Sigma Phi; AFROTC I, 2; ASCE 2, 3, 4. 
BROWN, Timothy S., Sharon, Conn.; Geology; WDBS 1; 
YMCA 1. 2, 3, 4. 

BROWNELL, Tempe Curry, Kensington, Md.; History; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Delta Pi, Episcopal Student 
I'ellowship 3, 4, YWCA 1. 

Second tow: 

BRUMMETT. Barbara Sue, Norwalk, Conn.; Art History; 

Pi Beta Phi. 

BURGESS, Andrew Lynn, Jr., Pensacola, P'la.; Mechanical 

Engineering.; Sigma Chi; ASME I, 2, 3, Pres. 4; The Diik- 

engineer 1, 2, 3, 4, NR07C 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 

3, Pres. 4. 

BURGESS, Becky Sue, Newport News, \a.; Anthropology; 

Pi Beta Phi; International Student Committee 4. 

BURGESS, Gail Merrell, Pompano Beach, Fla.; Science 

Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Student Union 1; YWCA 

3, 4. 

Third row: 

BURKE, David Lawrence, Winchester, Mass.; History; 

Alpha Tau Omega; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BURKE, John Robert, Richmond, \^a.; English; Duke 

Players 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4. 

BURNS, Judith Kaye, Birmingham, .Mich.; Sociology; 

Campus Chest 2; Chapel Choir 1; \\'oman's Glee Club 1, 2; 

V\SGA 4; YWCA 3. 

BURSLE.NL William Ashworth, Hyattsville, .\Id.; 


Fourth row: 

BL'RWELL, Jeanne Drosr, Greensboro, N. C; French; 

Symphony Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Terpsichorean 1, 2, 3; Ne- 

reidian I. 

BUI LER, .\larilvn Kay, .\IcComb, Miss.; English; Alpha 

Delta Pi. 

CALDV\ ELL, Elizabeth Kennedy, Dillon, S. C; Nursing. 

CALDWELL, Mark J., Clinton, Tenn.; Pre-.\led; Kappa 

Alpha; Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1. 

Fifth row: 

CALEEN, Reynold Laurence, Jr., Palm Beach, Fla.; His- 
tory; AFROTC 1, 2; Bench and Bar 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
CA.MPBELL, Anita Carol, .Maxwell AFB, Ala.; Zoology; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Who's Who; Woman's Judicial 
Board 3. 

CA.MPBELL, Robert Clarke, Clearwater, Fla.; Ciiil Engi- 
neering; Lambda Chi Alpha; ASCE 4; FAC 2, 3,4. 
CAMPBELL, Ruth Hallock, Washington, D. C; French; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Sixth row: 

CA.MERON, Betty Sue, Atlanta, Ga.; Elementary Education; 

Kappa Delta, \'ice-Pres.; Student Union 2. 

CA.MERON, Donald Curtis, Upper Montclair. N. J.; 

Sociology; Kappa Sigma, Treas. 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 

1, 2, 3,4; Semper Fidelis 2, 5, 4; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 

1, 2; Track I; NROTC I, 2, 3, 4. 

CARAWAY, James S., Jacksonville, Fla.; Pre-Med; Pre- 

Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 3, 4; A\estminster Fellowship; 

House President 4; Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. 

CARUEN, Gary Russell, Chattanooga, Tenn.; English; 

Alpha Delta Pi; Ivy; Coordinate Board 2; FAC 4. 


First TOIL-: 

CARDONA, \'irgini.i Dcbiirah, It. Bclvmr, \a.; Ni/rsifiK^ 
Social Standards 1, 2, .!, 4; Nurses' Judicial Board ', 4. 
CARl.nZ, Robert David. Durham, N. C, I'hysia: Phi 
Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Signia; Pi Mu Kpsilon, Su iiiiiiiiiif; 
I, 2, ?, 4. 

CARROLL, Dorothy Constance, Chappaqua, N. V., 
Fsviholijgy; KAC 4; Dorm Vice-Pres. 4; International Re- 
lations Koruiii. 

CAR\'I',R, Stephen George, Franklinville, N. C; History: 
Bench and Bar 4; Marching Band 4; Methodist Student 
Fellowship 4; Pre-Med Society 1, Young Repulihcans 
Club 4. 

Second row: 

CASHWELL, Leon Franklin, |r.. Raleigh, N. C; Vsx- 
chology: Men's Glee C;iub I, NRO IC 1, 2, ', 4; Pre-Med 
Society 1; C^oniinodore Club 4; ^■MCA 4, C^hairman, Youth 
Welfare Committee 4. 

CASTLE, Truman R., Glenvicw. 111.. I' Science: 
Phi Kappa Psi; AFROTC 1; YFAC: 2; Men's Glee' Club 1 ; 
MSCJA 1. 2. ?; Chairman Elections Board .i; State Student 
Legislature 2; .Model U.N. 2. .!; Y.VICA 1. 2. 3, 4; 
master 3. 

CAUDLE, Betsy Kathryn, Greensboro, N. C; Political 
Science; Zeta Tau .'Xlpha; FAC 4; ('hronicle 1; Woman's Glee 
Club 2, .?; Westminster Fellowship 1; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
CAWLEY. John Arnold, Jr., Elkhart, Ind.; Folitical Science: 
Lambda Chi Alpha. Court ot" Appeals 4, MSGA 1. 2. 3. 4. 
Men's Chorus 1, Y'MCA 1. 2. 3. 4. Fraternity President 4. 
Assistant Trcas. 3; Golf 1, 2. 3. 4. 

Third row: 

CAY'CE, E. Evans. Virginia Beach, \'a.; Electncil Eni;i- 

neerinz: AlEE 4. 

CHA.MBERS, John Alfred, Birmingham. Ala.; English: 

NROTC 3, 4. 

CHAMBLEE, Carole Annette, High Point, N. C; Nt/rsing,: 

Publications Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 2. 

CHAP.MAN. Russell. Christiana. Pa.; EnKlish; Duke 

Players 1, 2, 3, 4, Y'FAC 4, Hoot 'n Horn 1, Symposium 

Committee 4. 

Fourth row: 

CHARLWOOD, William Wesley. Durham. N. C.; W^- 

chaniciil Engineering; KippiSigmi; ASME 3. 4. Town .Men's 

Club 1,2. 

CLARK, Douglas Mason, Rye, N. Y. ; Electrical Engineering; 

Pi Kappa Phi; Track 1. 

CLARK. Jean lilizabeth. Stratford, Conn.; English; Chapel 

Choir I. 2; ('hancel .Singers 2; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 

Hoof 'n Horn 2, Feer 1. 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CLARKE. Jon Bruce, Denver, Colo.; History; Lambda Chi 

Alpha; Bench and Bar 1; NROTC I, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2. 

3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

CLARK. Richard Farnum. Norwick, Conn.; Engineering. 
CLARO, Ken Joseph. District Heights, Md.; Fsychologx: 
Phi Delta Theta; AFROTC I; Newman Club I; YMCA 1; 
Football I, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 3; \'arsity D. 
CLAY, Gertrude Linda, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Nursing; Method- 
ist Student F'ellowship 2, Nurses' Judicial Board; Nurses' 
Religious Council; \'icc-Pres. Senior Class. 
COBB. Lawrence Wells. Atlanta. C^a.; History; Theta Chi; 
Chapel Choir 1; Men's Glee Club I; Symphony Orchestra 
I, 2; Fraternity Secretary. 

Sixth row: 

COCHRANE, Camilla .McKec. \\ illingboro. N. J.. Re- 
ligion; Kappa Delta; Sandals; Class Vice-Pres. I. Class 
Pres. 3. 

COCKER. Wesley Louis. Arlington, Va.; History; Phi 
Delta Iheta; Who's Who; Omicron Delta Kappa, Y'ice- 
Pres.; Men's Glee Club 1; NROTC 1; Pre-Med Society 
1, 2, 3, 4, Baptist Student L'nion 2, 3, Student L'nion 3, 4. 
Symposium Committee; Duke Forum; Housemaster 3, 4; 
Lacrosse 1. 2; Track 3; Student Union Educational .'\ftairs 
Committee 3. 4; Student Life Committee 3. 4. 
COHOE. Geraldinc Ann. St. Petersburg, Fla.; Folitical 
Science; Zeta Tau Alpha. Treas. 3, Sec. 4; Ivy; F'AC 3; Pep 
Board I; YWCA 1. 2. 

COLCLOUCiH. Andrew E., Arlington. \"a.; History; 
Lambda Chi .Alpha; Debate Team 3, Cjptain 4. Men's 
Glee Club 1; NROTC 1, 2. 




Fint Toiv: 

COLEMAN, Linda Lorraine, Sunbury, Pa.; Pre-Med; 

Alpha Phi, Concert Band 1; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 5. 

COLL. John Peter, Jr., Carnegie, Pa.; Pohticjl Science; 

Alpha Tau Omega; Newman C^lub 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Joe 

("oilege Steering Committee; Lacrosse I, 2, 3, 4. 

CO.MBS, Mary Camille, .\lt. Airy, N. C; Political Science; 

Delta Gamma; Theta Alpha Phi; Chronicle 1; Duke Players 

1, 2, 4, Sec. 3; Hoof 'n Horn 1, 2, Sec. 3, 4; Peer 3; YVVCA 

i, 2; VVSGA 3; NSA 3. 

( 'ONN, Judith, Summit, N. J.; Elemenlary Education; Alpha 

Delta Pi. Treas. 3, Chaplain 4; YW'CA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Second row: 

CONNOR, Henry David, Louisville, Ky.; Chemistry; Phi 
Lambda Upsilon, Sec. 4. 

CONRAD, Carl Edward, Wilmington, Del.; Math; Con- 
cert Band 1, 2. 3, 4; Chronicle 4; .Marching Band I, 2; 
NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; .\ISGA 1, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 
1, 2; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Joe College Steering Committee 3, 
4; Student Union Board of Governors 4; Housemaster 4. 
C'OOEY, Karen .Maureen, Hagerstown, Md.; Political 
Science; Zeta Tau Alpha, \'icc-Pres. 3, Pres. 4. 
COOK, Barbara Ellen, Dayton, Ohio; Sociology-Anthro- 
pology; Phi Beta Kappa; Chronicle 1. 

Third row. 

COOPER, Betty Phillips, Durham. N. C; History; Alpha 
Delta Pi; Student Union 1,2, YWCA L 2. 
COOPER, Larrv Allen, Cuyahoga Ealls, Ohio; Math; 
Delta Sigma Phi;'NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3 ,4. 
CORDYACK, Cathryn Anne. Frederick. .Md.; Nursing; 
FAC 2; Newman Club 2; Student Union 2. 3, 4. 
CORN, Lila Carol, Shelby, N. C; Chemistry; Alpha Chi 
Omega; Religious Council 3; BSU 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Pan-Hellenic Council 2. 

Fourth tow: 

("ORNWELL, Susan Hipson, Lincolnton, N. C; Chemistry; 
Kappa Delta; Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4; Duke Players 3, 4; 
Woman's Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Hoof n Horn 3, 4. 
COTTER. Douglas Adrian. Skyland. N. C; Electrical 
Engineering; Who's Who; IEEE 2. 3. 4; Engineer's Guidance 
Council 3. 4; Engineering Student Council 2; Y.MCA I, 2, 
3, 4, Engineers Radio Association 1, Sec. -Treas. 2, Pres. 
3 4" Class Sec -Treas 2 

COTTER ILL, Susan Elizabeth, Chapel Hill, N. C; Political 
Science; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sandals; FAC 3; Student 
Union 1, 4. 

COVINGTON, James Edwin, Whiteville, N. C; Psy- 
chology; Phi Delta Theta, \'arsity D; FAC 3, 4; NROTC 
1,2; Pre-.Med Society 4; YMC-^ 1, 2, 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 

1, 2; Commodore Club 1.2; Football 1; Soccer 2; Lacrosse 

2, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

COWAN, Florence Allene, Sweetwater, Tenn.; Accounting; 

Kappa Delta; FAC 4; YV\'CA I, 2, 3, 4; Methodist Student 

Fellowship I, 2; Homecoming Queen 4. 

COW HERD, Frank Garnett. III. Laurel, Md.; Chemistry; 

Pre-.Med Society I. 2. 3. 4; BSU 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 

Club 1.2; Diving Team 1. 

COX, Carolyn Annette. Buena Park. Calif.; Chemistry; 

Delta Phi Alpha; FAC 4; Woman's Glee Club 1. YWCA 

2. 3. 4; WRA I. 2. 4. 

COX, Gwin Lee, Mt. Olive, N. C; French; Chapel Choir 

2, 3, 4; Woman's Glee Club 2, 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

COX, Joseph Harper. Jr., Wilmington, N. C; Mechanical 
Engineering; AS.ME 2, 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 
2, 3. 4. 

CREAXTS, Donald Winston. Evanston. III.; History; Theta 
Chi. .Marshal 3, Pres. 4; Bench and Bar 4; Chronicle 1, 2. 
CREOLE, Laney Tilson, Bristol, Tenn.; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2; Student Union 2, 3; 
YWCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

CRIST, Peter Beardsley, Downingtown, Pa.; Mechanical 
Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma, Sec. 4; AIEE 3, 4, Peer I, 2; 
Westminster Fellowship I, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 


First Toiv: 

CROMARTIE, VVilliam Freddie, Charlotte, N. C; Elec- 

trkal Engineering: Kappa Sigma; Football 1, 2, }. 4; X'arsity 


CROSBY. Marshall Robert, Gainesville, Fla.; Boimy. 

CROTHFRS, Phyllis Jean, Elkton, Md.; iV«ri;«i;; FAC 2; 

\\'onian's Glee Club 1 ; Nurses Honor Council 1 ; Class 

CRUikSHANK, Duight P., Parkensburg, W. \'a.; I're- 
MeJ: Phi Beta kappi. Delta Sigma Phi, Xiee-Pres. 4, Ph. Kta 
Sigma; Pre-Med Society I, J, i, 4; Order ot Hippocrat 4; 
Young Republicans Club I, J, 3, 4, Pres. i. 

Second row: 

CULBRETH, 1 homas Franklin, \'erona, N. J.; Mechanical 

Engineering; AFROTC 1, 2, i, 4; ASME 2, 3, 4; Men's 

Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Swimming I, 2. 

CURRY, James Lawson, Reidsville, Cia.; Accounting; 


CURTIS, James Michael, Rockville, Md.; History; Phi 

Delta Theta; X'arsity D, Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 5. 

CUTCHIN, Carolyn Jane, Sherrills Ford, N. C; Psy- 

chology; Methodist Student Fellowship 1, YW'CA 1, 3; 

International Club, Publicity Chairman. 

Third ro'ii': 

DAX'ENPORT, Gary Lee, Rocklcdge, Fla.; History. 

DAVIS, Anne Elizabeth, Winston-Salem, N. C; Religion; 

Alpha Delta Pi; Sandals; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Class 


DAVIS, Robert Errol, Aiken, S. C; Pre-Med; Sigma Chi; 

Varsity D; Football I, 2, 3, 4. 

DAVIS, Carol Ann, Boonsboro, Md.; \ursing; Student 

Union 1. 

Fourth row: 

DAV'IS, Grace Moore, Concord, N. C; History; Zeta Tau 
Alpha; Westminster Fellowship 1; YWCA I, 2, 3, 4. 
DAV'IS, Waynelee E., Jr., Annandale, Va.; Electrical Engi- 
neering; Theta Chi; AFROTC 2; Alpha Phi Omega 2; 
Football 1. 

DAVIDSON, Noel, Roanoke, Va.; Spanish; Sigma Kappa; 
Sigma Delta Pi; YWCA I, 2; Woman's Chorus 1; Inter- 
national Student Committee 2; Dorm Treasurer 4. 
Df'CKERl , Susan Pepper, St. Louis, Mo.; Zoology: Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; W.SGA 3; YW(;A 2, 4; Rush Advisor 4; 
Class \'ice-President 2. 

Fi/th row: 

DENTON, Kent Swindell, Washington, N. C; History: 
Phi Kappa Sigma; Freshman Advisory Council 2; Pre-Med 
Society 1,2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1. 
DENTON, Robert E., Washington, D. C; Physics: Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon, \'icc-Prcs. 4; Sigma Pi Sigma; NROTC' 
1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club I, 2, 3, 4. 
DILUORTH, Cathy Lewis, Hinsdale, 111.; English; Alpha 
Chi Omega, Rush ('hairman 3, Pres. 4; Dorm Secretary 3. 
DISC;0, Elizabeth Clare, Forest Hills, N. Y.; Nursing. 

Sixth roiv: 

DITTMAR, Susan Kay, Plainfield, N. J.; History; Campus 
Chest Co-Chairman 3; ('hanticieer 2, Co-ed Business 
Manager 3; F.AC 4; Social Standards 2, 3, YWCW Cabinet 
3; International Relations Forum 4, Class Secretary 2. 
DOBSON, Susan Hendry, Dallas, Te.x.; English; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma. 

DOELLE, John Charles, Grosse Pointc Park, Mich., 
Che?nistr\: Delta Phi Alpha; Pre-Med Society I, 2, 3, 4. 
DOGGETT, Maurine, Lakeland, Fla.; English; Who's Who; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Religious Council 2, 3, 4, .Methodist Stu- 
dent Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Phi Kappa Delta. 



First row: 

DONKIN, Deborah, State College, Pa.; Nursing,; Kappa 

Kappa Gamma. 

DOWNING, B. Jo.A.nn, Atlanta, Ga.; English; Kappa 

Alpha Theta, Pres. 4, Phi Kappa Delta; Chapel Choir I, 

Woman's Glee Club I, VWCA 1, 2, 5, 4. 

DOVLE, Larry James, Smisbury, Conn., Geology; Delta 

Sigma Phi, Sergeant-at-Arms 5, 4; NROTC 1, 2; Swim- 

mmg 1; C'ross Country I. 

DRI'ISIXGER, Leanora Ann, Cleveland, Ohio; Russian; 

Phi Beta Kappa, FAC 4; VV\CA I; Omega Tau Lambda 

i, 4. 

Second rot;-; 

DULA, Clyde Stephen, \\ inston-Salem, N. C; Accounting; 

Pi Kappa Alpha; Engineer's Guidance Council 2; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; .\1SGA Student Life Committee 2. 
DUNCAN, Alfred Tawresey, San Diego, Calif.; Civil 
Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Ass't. Treas. 4; ASCE 

2, 3, Publicity C^hairman 4; Engineering Student Council, 
Sec. 4. 

DUNCAN, Susan Gary, North Wilkesboro, N. C; Eng- 
ish; Delta Delta Delta;Woman's Judicial Board 4; Methodist 
Student Fellowship 1, 2. 
DUNLAP, Joseph Christopher, Raleigh, N. C; Psychology. 

Third roiv: 

DUNN, Ernest Lloyd, Timbcrlake, N. C; Botany; Phi Beta 
Kafipa, Phi Eta Sigma, Student Union 2, 3. 
DUSB.ABEK, Susan .Margaret, Chew Chase, Md.; iV«rj;ng. 
DU F TON, Robert W., Atlanta, Ga.; Math; Delta Sigma 
Phi; Chapel Choir 1; -Men's Glee Club 1, 2; NROTC 
I, 2, 3, 4, Religious Council 4; Shoe and Slipper Club I, 2, 
3, 4; Y.MCA L 2, 3, 4, Freshman Council 1, Student Re- 
ligious Life Chairman 4, Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 
DYE, John .Michael, Anderson, S. C; Mathematics; Arnold 
Air Society, Delta Phi Alpha; AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 4; 
Shoe and .Slipper Club 1, 2; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Duke Outing 
C:iub 3, 4. 

Fourth roiv: 

E.'XKES, Sylvia Faye, San Pedro Sula, Honduras; French; 
Pre-.Med Society 1; Baptist Student Union 2, 3, 4; Student 
Union 2, 4; Y\\'C;.\ 1, 2, 4. 

E.ASLF^Y, William King, Rock Hill, S. C; Psychology; Kappa 
Sigma; AFROTC 1, 2; Men's Glee Club 1; Shoe and Slipper 
Club 1, 2; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

EARNHARDl, Kent Cline, Winston-Salem, N. C; 
Sociologx-Anthropology; Theta Chi, Chapel Choir 4, Men's 
Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; .MSG.A 2, 3, 4; Lutheran Student 
.As.sociation I. 2, 3, 4, Student Union 3, 4; Y.MC^A 2, 3, 4; 
International C'lub 1, 4, Duke Delegate to U.N. .Model 
General .Assembly 3, State Student Legislature 3. 
E.-\SON, William Everette, Jr., Four Oaks, N. C; Eco- 
nomics; Pi Kappa Phi, Pres. 4, .MSG.A 2; Pre- .Med Society 1; 
House Pres. 1 . 

Fifth roii-: 

EC:KERD, John .Marcus, Marion, N. C; Pre-Med; Pre- 
.Med Society 3, 4; Lutheran Student Association 1; YMCA 
I, 2, 3, 4. 

ECKERT, ."Man Walter, Washington, D. C; Flngiish; Theta 
Chi; Lutheran Student .Association 2, 3, Pres. 4. 
FDl.lN, lohn C:harles, Wilmington, Del.; Pre-Med; Men's 
Glee C;!ub 1, 2; Pre-.Med Society 2, 3, 4. 
EDWARDS, Charles Randall, Goldsboro, N. C; Psy- 
chology; .Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Pre-.Med Society I, 2, 3; 
Shoe and Slipper Club 1 . 

Sixth roiv: 

I'DWARDS. Mary Ann, Greenville, S. C; Political Science; 

Uclt.i Delta Delta; Ch.^mici.eer 1, 2. 

I HRHARDl, Ursula Margaret, .Akron, Ohio; English; 

Wlws Who; White Duchy; Phi Kappa Delta, Delta Phi 

.Alpha, ('hronicle 4; Symposium C^ommittee 2, 3, 4, Student 

Lnion I, 2, 3, 4, Board of Governors 4, Y\\ C.-\ 1, Duke 

Forum 4. 

E1.I.-\S, John .Albert. Stratford, Conn.; Math; Phi Beta 

Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon. 

ENGLISH, L. Kay, .MacDill AFB, Fla.; Zoology; Ivy; 

Chronicle 4; Coordinate Board 2, Woman's Glee Club I. 


First roiv: 

EPANCHIN, Alexis, Sea C:iiff, N. V.; I'suholoKV. 

ERICKSON, Linda Elise, Glenview. 111., S/,,,„ish; Delta 

Delta Delta; Chanticleer 2, 3; Social Standards 2, Trcas. 

3; Social-Cultural C'oniniittce Chairman 4; Symposium 

Committee 4; U'SGA !, 4; VWCA 2, ?. 

ERICKSON, Roger Carl, Nettering, Ohio; Political Scimce; 

Thcta Chi. 

P'RNST, Mary Lucille, Fort Lauderdale, Ela.; Elementary 

Education; Delta Phi Rho Alpha; Newman Club 1, 2; 

YU'CA I, 2, 3, 4; WRA 2, .?; Dorm V'icc-Prcs. 4. 

Second row: 

ESSLINGER, Karen Jov, St. Louis, Mo.; Elementary 
Education: Alpha Chi Omega; FAC 4; Pep Board }. Y\\'C:A 
1, 2, .\ 4; NSA 3; UN Model General Assembly 2, 4, 
Secretariat 3. 

ESTES, Alice Holland, Roanoke, \'a.; 7.oology; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Ivy. 

ETHERIDGE, Lynn, Ridgefield, Conn.; Folitical Science; 
Kappa Alpha Thcta; Phi Beta Kappa; Who's Who; V\'hite 
Duchy; Phi Kappa Delta; Sandals; Delta Phi Rho Alpha; 
Pi Sigma Alpha; E.-\(; 3, C^hairman 4, International Re- 
lations Forum 3, 4; Duke Forum 4. 

E\'ANS, Orinda Dale, Avondale Estates, Ga.; Spanish; 
Pi Beta Phi; Sigma Delta Pi; Class Treas. 4, 

Third row: 

EVANS, Thomas S., South Salem, N. Y.; Political Science; 
Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Who's Who; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Pi; 
Pi Sigma Alpha; Bench and Bar 1; Chronicle 4; PAC 2; 
MSGA I, 3; Y.MCA I, Sec. 2, Vice-Prcs. 3, Pres. 4; 
Housemaster; Model UN General Assembly; Swimming 1. 
EVVELL, Judith, Parksley, Va.; History ; Delta Phi Rho 
Alpha; FAC 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; WRA Representative 2. 
FAIRBANKS, James Harold, Panama City, Ela.; English. 
FALCIANI, Ronald Brita, Hammonton. N. J.; Electrical 
Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi, Pres. 4; AIEE 3, 4; NROTC 
1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club I, 2, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Young Republicans' Club 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

FARNHA.M, Elsie Edith, W'ynnewood, Pa.; Nursing; Class 

Pres. 3; Student-Faculty Committee 3, 4; Social Committee 


FAULKNER, Virginia, New Ntrnon, N. J.; Chemistry; 

Who's Who; Ivy; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Delta Pi; Chronicle 

1, News Editor 2, Managing Editor 3, Associate Editor 4, 

Student Union 3; Publications Board 3, 4; WRA 1, 2, Sec. '. 

FE.AZELL. George Landon, Jr., Eairfa.x, \a., Pre-Med; Pi 

Kappa Phi; Campus Chest 2; FAC 3; Pre-.\led Society 

1, 2, 3, 4; Religious Council 3; Methodist Student Fellow- 
ship 3; YMCA 1, 2, 4, Cabinet 3; Harlequins I, 2, 3; IFC 

2, 3. 

FERGUSON, Barbara Ann, Statesville, N. C; Economics; 
Alpha Phi, Pres. 3; Campus Chest 1, 2; Chanticleer 1; 
FAC 4; Woman's Glee Club 3, 4; Methodist Student Fel- 
lowship 1; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fifth tow: 

FERGUSON, Dennis Henry, Springdale, Pa.; History; 

Delta Tau Delta; Who's Who; Old Trinity Club; Class Vice- 

Prcs. 4; Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. 

FERLIC, Sharon Stetzcr, Durham, N. C.; Nursing; Social 

Committee 3, 4. 

FERRELL, Malcolm Rea, Greensboro, N. C; History; 

Kappa Alpha. 

FESMIER, Barbara Joan, Woodbridge, Conn.; Nursing; 

Honor Council. 

Sixth row: 

FEV\', William Preston, Durham, N. C; Sociology; Phi 
Delta Theta; Bench and Bar 3, Sec. 4; House Ereas. 1. 
FINCHER, Doloris Ann, Charlotte, N. C; History; Phi 
Kappa Delta; Ivy; FAC 3; Student Union 2, 3; House Pres. 
4; International Relations Forum 4. 

FISCHER, .Martin Douglas, Greensboro, N. C; Business 
Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Master 3; Foot- 
ball I. 

FISHBACK, Edward Wilmott, Jr., Orlando, Fla.; Cn-il 
Engineering; Theta Chi; ASCE 4; Engineer's Guidance 
Council 4; Westminster Fellowship 1,2; Shoe and Slipper 
Club 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; IFC Pledging Committee 3, 
Chairman 4. 



h'lrU row: 

FISHER, Carl Kllis. Selma, Ala.; Pre-Med; Sigma Chi, V'lce- 

Pres. 3, 4; MSGA 5; Pre-Med Society -, 3, 4, Baptist Stu- 

lient Union 1; YMCA 1, 2, ?, 4. 

FISHKR, Rita ("arol, Pittsburgh, Pa., ChemiUry. 

I'l.lN'l, Beverly Hitchcock, Durham, N. C., Xiirsi/ii^; 

Nercidians 1, 2. 

FLOW IRS, George Horace, III, Richmond, Va.; Elec- 

tricil Eiiy.i>iernnn: Beta Theta Pi; If7;o'j Who: Old Trinity 

(!lub, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi; Housemaster .!; 

Sigma Pi Sigma, Fngmeer's Guidance C^ouncil 2, .^, 4, Men's 

Judicial Board 4, Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, YMCA I, 2, 

i, 4, Track 1, 2, ', 4; Soccer 1, 2; Cross Country !. 

Second roTj:: 

FOGLE, Robert Hart, .Marietta, Ohio, I'sycholony; Pi Kappa 
Phi; YMCA 1, 2, .3, 4; Football 1. 2, 3; Track J, 2, 3, 4. 
FORS.MAN, Dale H., Basking Ridge, N. J.; History; Hoof 
n Horn 3, 4; Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4. 
FOSTER, Charles Stephen, Charleston, W. Va.; Chemistry; 
Phi Kappa Psi; Beta Omega Sigma; Pre-Med Society I, 2, 
3, 4; Pciigram Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Track 1,2. 

FOUNFAIN, John Nicholas, High Point, N. C; Political 
Science; Bench and Bar 4; .Men's Glee Club 1 ; Student 
Union I . 

Third row: 

l''0.\, Judith Wcingarth, Kernersville, N. C; Hislo y; Delta 

.\lu Tau; .Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2; YVVCA 

I, 2, 3; Dormitory Pres. 5. 

FOX, Patrick B., Charleston, W. V'a.; Accounting,; Phi 

Kappa Psi, Treas. 3; Chrrmicle 2, 3, 4; Business Manager 4. 

F().\', Stephen Douglas, Roanoke, \'a.; English; I'heta Chi; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Fta Sigma, Vicc-Pres., ('hanticleer 

1; Chronicle ■i. FAC 1, UDBS 1. 

COSGROX'F, Ihomas A., Lutherville, Md.; Psychology; 

Phi Kappa Psi; Duke Players 1, 2; Freshman Advisory 

Council 2; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; 

Oimmodorc C'lub I, 2, 3,4. 

Eoiirth row: 

FR.ANC'IS, Jerry Douglas, Caroleen, N. C; Mechanical 
Engineering; ."XS.MF 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 
FRANK, Rebecca Joan, .Mt. Airy, N. C; English; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Delta, Ivy; FAC 3; Woman's Glee 
Club 1; Pep Board 1; Student Union 3, 4; VVRA 1; Dorm 
Pres. 4. 

ERASER, Edith Anne, Atlanta, Ga.; Political Science; Ivy, 
Sec, Phi Kappa Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, \'ice-Pres.; Social 
Standards 1, 2; Student Union 1, 2; V\'SGA 3; YWCA 
1, 2, 3, 4; NSA 3, 4, Co-ordinator 3; Duke Forum, Sec. 4; 
International Club 1, International Relations Forum 3, 4, 
('hairman 4; UN Model Assembly 3; State Student Legisla- 
ture 2, 3. 

FRA/!;R, Richard Andrew. Durham, N. C; Electrical Engi- 
neering; ('hapel (;hoir 2; .Marching Band 1, 2, 3; 
Student Fellowship I; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

FREUND, Henry Louis, Jr., Ladue, Mo.; English; Zeta 
Beta Tau; Chronicle 3, 4; Chanticleer 3; Hillel Society 1; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

FUR.STE, Nancy Dianne, Columbus, Ohio; Nursing; Stu- 
dent Nurse's Association I, 2, 4; Student Executive 
Council 3; .Methodist Student Fellowship 1; Student Union 
1, 2, 3. 

GAMBILL, Linda Kay, Wilkesboro, N. C; English; Delta 
(iamma; Ivy; House V'ice-Pres. 4. 

(i.\,M\llLL, Kenneth .MacNair, Scar.sdale, N. Y; Sociology; 
.Men's Cilec Club I; Shoe and Slipper Club 1. 

Sixth row: 

GAR.\ND, Eugene Armand, Centerport, N. Y.; Civil Engi- 
neering; Chi Epsilon; Order of St. Patrick; ASCE 2, 3, 4; 
Engineering Student Council 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe 
and Slipper (^lub 1, Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 
1, 2, 3, 4, House President; Rugby Club 3, 4, Pres. 4. 
Ci.^'I F.S, Gilbert Lawrence, High Point, N. C, Business 
Administration; Soccer 1,2; Swimnnng 1. 
CXTEVVOOD, Ihomas Schlev, Jr., Americus, Ga.; His- 
tory; FAC 4; Prc-.Med Society i, 2, 3, 4, YMC^A I, 2, 3, 4; 
Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. 

G.A 1"I IS, Daniel Richard, Charlotte, N. C;.; Political Scitnce; 
Beta Iheta Pi; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, .Shoe and Slipper Club 
I, 2; YMCA 1, 2; .Semper Fidelis, 3, 4. 


First row: 

GEGAUFF, Carol Louise, Gillette, N. J.; Spanish; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Chanticleer 1; Student Union :, 4; NSA 1, 2. 
GIBBONS, George Michael, Lenoir, N. C; History; Pre- 
Med Society I, 2, 3; Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GIBBONS, William Henry, Houston, Tex.; Business Ad- 
ministration; Kappa Alpha, Treas. 3, Sec. 4; AFROTC 1, 2; 
Chanticleer 1 . 

GIBSON, Norman Thomas, Hamlet, N. C; Political Science; 
Bench and Bar 1; V\DBS 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; French 
Plav 2; IIX: 2, 3. 

Second toid: 

GILLKSPIF, Sara Jean, Scarsdale, N. Y.; English; Delta 

Gamma, Prcs. 4; KAC 3. 

GILLILANO, Margaret Ann, Jacksonville, P'la.; English; 

Pi Beta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa; Symphony Orchestra 2, 3, 4; 

y\\'c;a 2, 4. 

GITTINGS, Karen Jeanne, Severna Park, Md.; Political 
Science; Kappa Alpha Theta; Chanticleer 3; YVV'CA 1,2; 
Rush Advisor 3, C^hairman 4. 

GNUSK, James Richard, Bethel Park, Pa.; Electrical Engi- 
neering; .\rnold Air Society; AFROTC I, 2, 3, 4; AlEE 4. 

Third roir: 

GR.'XHAM, Robert Bruce, Silver Spring, Md., Mechanical 
Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; 
ASMF 2, 3, 4; The DiikEngineer 3, 4; Engineers Guidance 
Council 2, 3, 4; Engineering Student Council 4; FAC 2, 3; 
NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1; Commodore 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GRAM, Caroline Lewis, Dunedin, Fla.; History; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Who's IVho; Ivy; Woman's Judicial Board 3; West- 
minster Fellowship 1. 

GRANEY, Michael Proctor, Middletown, Ohio; Psychology; 
Phi Kappa Psi, Vicc-Pres.; Bench and Bar 4; MSGA 3, 4; 
Pre-Mcd Society I, 2; Men's Chorus 1; Head MSGA 
Secretariat 4. 

GRANT, Norman Charles, Lakewood, N. J.; Electrical 
Engineering; Delta Mu Tau; AlFF. 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 
1, 2, 3, 4, Ass'r. Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4; 
Peer I, 2, Ass't. Editor 2; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

GRANT, Wesley Bennett, Kannapolis, N. C; Psychology; 

Sigma Chi; NROTC 1; Football i, 2, 3. 

GRANT, \\ illiam R., W innctka. III.; History; Pi Kappa 

Alpha; Debate Team I; WDBS 2. 

GRAYBEAL, Robert "Thomas, Marion, \'a.; (.'hemistry; 

Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Order of 

Hippocrates; Prc-Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GREEN, David Louis Darragh, Winston-Salem, N. C; 

Chemistry; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 4. 

Fifth row: 

GREEN, Robert E., Alexandria, \a.; History; Theta C'hi; 

NROTC 1, 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club I, 2, 3. 

(iREENLEAF, Henry McClellan, Jr., West Newton. 

Mass.; English; Beta Theta Pi; AFRO! C 1; Bench and 

Bar 4; MSCi.'\ 1; House Pres. I; Duke Students' Skydiving 

Club; Lacrosse I, 2. 

GREENLY, Michael Steven, Beaufort, S. C; English; 

Chanticleer 1, 2; MSGA 2, Hillel Society 1; Student 

Union I, 2. 

GREENWOOD, Roger Kent, Schenectady, N. Y.; Business 

Administration; Pi Kappa Phi, Treas. 3; Tennis 1, 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

GREIG, Elizabeth Boswcll, Glenshaw, Pa.; Mathematics; 

Alpha Chi Omega; Chapel Choir 1,2; Woman's Glee (^luli 

I, 2, 3. 

GREY, Leslie Carol, Raleigh, N. C:.; Philosophy; Delta 

Gamma; Chapel Choir 1, Woman's Glee C'lub 1. 

GRUBER, .Mayer Irwin, Columbia, S. C; History; Hillcl 

Society, V'ice-Pres. 2; Wrights Refuge Committee 1; 


GUEST, Susan Elizabeth, Darien, Conn.; Nursing. 




J?) (f^ 


First tow: 

GUNTER, Richard Arnold, Roanoke, \'a.; Mathematics; 

Theta Chi; Chronicle 1; W'DBS 1. 

GUPTON, Brenda Ann, Newport, Va.; Mathematics: 

Delta Phi Alpha, Diikc Players ?, Sec. 4; Woman's Glee 

Club I, 2, y. Hoof 'n Horn 3. 4. 

GURLF-IY, Hubert Taylor, Baltimore, Md.; Psychology; 

Pre-.\led Society 1 , 2, 4; Student Union 1 , 2. 

HAGOOD, Louis Reeve, III, Savannah, Ga.; Civil Engi- 

nferifi^: Pi Kappa Alpha; Beta Omega Sigma, ASCE 2, 3, 4; 

I'nginccnng Student Council 2, 3, Treas. 3; Symposium 

("ommittec ', 4, Student Philosophy Committee; Class 

Pres. 2. 

Second row: 

HALL, (;!cm Maurice, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Political Science; 
Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4, Hoof 'n Horn 2; Student Union 3, 4; 
Duke Forum 4; Homecoming Committee 4. 
H.^LL, Sandra Klizabcth, Silver Spring, i\ld.; Political 
Science; NSA 2; International Relations Forum 4; Edgc- 
niont \'oluntecr 3, 4. 

ILALL, Sara Elizabeth, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Economics; 
Delta Delta Delta, Prcs. 4; Hoof 'n Horn 2, 3, 4, Recording 
.Sec. 4; Pan-Hellenic 2, 3, Treas. 3; Playbill 3; Dormitory 
Treas. 3. 

HAMILTON. Martha Frances, St. Petersburg, Fla., His- 
tory: Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; FAC 4; 
Student Union 2, 3, 4; Board of Governors 4; Rush Ad- 
visor 3, United Nations Model Assembly Secretariat 3. 

Third row: 

HAMILEON, Roger Clark, Westerly, R. I.; Business Ad- 
ministration: Sigma Chi; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA I, 2, 
3, 4; Basketball 1, 2. 

HANDY, Susan Elizabeth, Crisfield, Md.; S'lirsing; FAC 2; 
Westminster Fellowship 4; Y\\ CA 3; Publications Board 
3, 4. 

HANNA, John Edward, Sarasota, Fla.; Pre-Med; Alpha Phi 
Omega 4; Marching Band 1,2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 
!, 4, YMCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

H.-\RDINC;, Bunnic, Santurce. Puerto Rico; History; Zeta 
Tau Alpha; Delta Phi Alpha; Campus Chest 2; Coordinate 
Board 3; Young Democrats, Sec. 3, Pres. 4. 

Fourth row: 

HARDING, Richard Hunt, Falls Church, Va.; Political 

Science; Alpha Tau Omega; AFROTC 1,2. 

HARCiRF I r, Haines Hilsman, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; Economics; 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AFROTC 1. 

HARPER, W ilmer Milton. Amherstdale, \\. Va.; Psy- 

clioloiiy: Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3; Duke Outing Club. 

H.ARRIS, C'. Marcus, Greensboro, N. C; Economics; Delta 

Tau Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi, Treas 4; Fraternity Treas. 

3, 4; Treas. 1; FAC 2; MSGA 1; Student Union 

3. 4; YMCA 3, Cabinet, 4; Basketball Manager 1, 2. 

Fifth row: 

HARRIS, John Weiss, Dallas, Te.x.; Accounting; Lambda 
('hi .-Mpha, Treas. 3, Scholarship Chairman 4; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Housemaster 4; Radio Council 3, 4, Shoe and Slipper 
Club 1,2; U DBS 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager 4; YMCA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

HARRIS, Judith Hoyt, Albemarle, N. C; History; Dehi 
Delta Delta, Social Chairman 3, Treas. 4; Rush Advisor 4. 
HARROLD, Joyce, Bronxville, N. Y.; Psychology; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; Psi Chi; Theta Alpha Phi; Coordinate 
Hoard 2, 3; Woman's Glee Club 1; Hoof 'n Horn 2, 3, 4; 
XS.A 3; Class Treas. 3; Dorm Vicc-Pres. 4, C^hairman East 
('ampus Elections Committee; \^ice-Pres. Elections Board. 
HARUOOD, Stephen Louis, St. Louis, Mo.; History; Phi 
Delta Theta. 

Sixth row: 

HAYCiOOD, Robert Earl, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Electrical Engi- 
neering: Pi Mu Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu, Treas. 4; AIEE 4; 
Engineers Ciuidance Council 4. 

HE-ALD, .Mary Caroline, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Political 
Science: Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Sigma Delta Pi; Chronicle 2; 
Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
NSA Sec. 3. 

HF'ATH, George Seaborn, Waycross, Ga.; Pre-Med; 
Chronicle 1; Pre-Xled Society I, 2, 3, 4; Young Republican 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HEEENER, Elizabeth Gray, Winston-Salem, N. C; Ele- 
mentary Education; Alpha Delta Pi. 


First row: 

HELLEKSON, Zoe Ann, W iliiiington, Del.; F.cimoiina; 

Campus Chest 2; Coordinate Board !, 4; V\\ CA 1, 2, 3, 4; 

WRA 1; House Trcas. 4; House Council 4; Duke Outing 

Club 4. 

HELMES, Charles Tucker, South Salem, N. \., Chemistry; 

Sigma C"hi; Prc-Med Society 1, 2, 5, 4; .Shoe and Slipper 

CUib I. 2, Student Union 2,' 3. VMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 1. 

HELMS, Kenneth Ucan, C'harlotte, N. C; l's\'choloi>\; 

Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HENDERSON, Harvey Ellett, Jr., C:oneord, Va., Chemistry; 

Alpha Tau Omega; Student Union 2, Joe College Steering 

Committee 4, Housemaster 4. 

Second roil-: 

HENDERSON, Mary Shepard, Charlotte, N. C.; Ele- 
mentary Eiiiicatioti; Alpha Delta Pi; Pep Board 1. 
HENRY, Hugh Littell, Circeneastle, Ind.; nysus; Delta 
Sigma Phi, Treas. 3; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu 
Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma 2, 3, 4; Debate Team 1; Young 
Republican.s C^lub 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4. 

HENSLEY. Julia Alice, Ruthertordton. N. C; Historx. 
HERBERT, Anne l-lizat>erh. W.^shington, D. C, Socwhxy; 
Campus Chest 1; .Methodist Student Fellowship I, YWCA 
I, 2, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

HERBERT, Chesley Carlisle, III, Gastonia, N. C; History; 
Phi Kappa Sigma, Who's Who; Old Trinity Club; Omicron 
Delta Kappa, Beta Omega .Sigma; Pi Sigma .\lpha; Order 
of Hippocrates; Fellowship of Christian .\thleres 1, 2, 3, 
Pres. 4, Court of Appeals 3; EAC 2, 3; Pre-.\led Society 3; 
Religious Council 2, 3, 4; C^lass Pres. 2, 4; House Pres. 1; 
Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HERBSTER, Ronald \\ illiam, Chester, Pa.; History; Phi 
Kappa Sigma; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HERIN, 1 homas James, Miami, Ela.; English; Who's Who; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, .Men's Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 
Religious (Council Treas. 3; YMCA I, 2, 3, Treas. 4; 
Methodist Student Fellowship 1,2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4. 
HF'SS, .\llan Pitner, River Forest, III.; History; House 
\'ice-Pres. 3. 

Fourth row: 

HESS, Doren W'illard, Jr., .Atlanta, Ga.; Physics; Sigma Pi 
Sigma; Delta Mu Tau. Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4; Hoot 'n 
Horn 3; Symphony Orchestra 2. 5, 4. 

HESS, Richard Mason, Wheeling, \\. \'a.; History; Sigma 
Nu, \'icc-Pres. 4; Chronicle I, 2, 3; Student Union I, 2, 3; 
Basketball I. 

HEUGH, William Richard, Port Jefferson, N. Y.; Eco- 
nomics; Beta Theta Pi, AEROTC 1, 2; Baseball I. 
HEUSNFR, Barbara Jeanne, Schenectady, N. Y., Xnrsinii. 

Fifth row: 

HEYL, W. Celeste, Fairfa.v, \'a.; English; Alpha Chi 

HILL, Herbert Morri.son, Sylvania, Ga.; Zoology; Delta 
Sigma Phi, Men's Cjice Club 1; Shoe and Slipper C'lub 
1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

HOCUTT, Quincy Barham, Clayton, N. C; Meckmujl 
Efii^ineerini;; .\SMI'" 3, 4; Chapel ("hoir I, 2; Mens Cilee 
Club 1,2, Pid'Emiineer 4. 

HOEE.MAN, Jacqueline, (Charleston, S. C!.; Science Edu- 
cation; F.AC 4; Pep Board 1, 2; YWCA I. 2, 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

HOLI..AR. Frankie Huitt. ('onover, N. C; Chemistry; Alpha 

(Chi Omega, F.A(C 3; Lutheran .Student As.sociation 2, 3, 4; 

Rush .Advisor 4. 

HOLLOWAY, Stephen .Michael, F.lkm, N. C; Sociology; 

Phi Delta Theta, X'arsity I); Shoe and Slipper Club 1,2; 

N \1CA 1, 2. 3. 4, Student Union 1; Fellowship of Christian 

.\thletes; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football I, 2, 5. 4. 

HOLMES, Helene .Solovioff. Arden, N. C.; Foiitical Science; 

Delta Phi .Alpha; Woman's Judicial Board 4; YV^'C.A 1, 2, 3; 

Episcopal Student Fellowship 1, 4. 

HOLT, Robert .A., Reading, .Mass.; History; Delta Tau 

Delta; Beta Omega Sigma; FAC 3; MSGA 3;' Basketball 1; 

L.icrosse 1, 2; Soccer 2, 3, 4. 


First tow: 

HOOVER, Merilyn Ann, Wheeling, W. Va.; Political 
Science: Pi Beta Phi; Woman's Judicial Board 4; YWCA I, 2. 
HORTON, Betty Jane, Durham, N. C; Elementary Edu- 

HOUGH, William Colton, Jr., East Williston, N. Y.; 
History; Phi Kappa Psi, Varsity D; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrest- 
ling 3. 

HOUYOUX, Jacques Richard, Kensington, Md.; Mathe- 
matics: Delta Sigma Phi; NROTC 4; Diving 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Second roic: 

HUBBARD, Kenneth Walton, Riverside, Conn.; History; 
Phi Delta Ihcta; Bench and Bar I, 2, 3, Pres. 4; YMCA 
I, 2, 3, 4; Soccer I, 2, 3, 4, IKC: Executive Board 3, 4, 
Treas. 4. 

HUBBARD. Robert Philhp, Urbana, 111., Mechanical Engi- 
neennv,: Sigma C.hi. ASME 2, 3, 4, DiikEncmeer 3, 4, .Manag- 
ing Editor 4, NROTC I, 2. 3, 4, Y.\K;A I, 2, 3, 4; Publi- 
cations Board 4; C^ommodorc C>lub I, 2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3. 
HUDSON, William Hill. Ill, Shelby, N. C; Business 
AdiiiinistTation; Lambda Chi Alpha; Chanticleer 2, 3; 
H.irlcquins 4. 

HUDSON, William James, Jr., Silver Spring, .\1d.; Eco- 
nomics: Delta Tau Delta; Shoe and Slipper 1, 2; YMCA 
1. 2, 3, 4. 

Third roir: 

HUGHf'S, Patricia Jane, Norwood, N. J.; Accounting; 

Tcrpsichorean 1,2, 3, 4, Trcas. 2, 3, Pres. 4. 

HUGHES, William Erank, \\ ilmette. III.; Fre-Med; Pre- 

Med Society I, 2, 3. 4. 

HUNEYCUTT, Charles Jerome, Jr., Charlotte, N. C; 

History; Phi Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Society, Football 

1, 2, 3, 4. 

HUNTLEY, Janet Taylor, Ellicott City, .\1d.; French; Kappa 

Kappa Gamma, Sec. 4; W'hos Who; Phi Kappa Delta; Tau Omega, (Coordinate Board 2, 3, WSGA 3, 4; Duke 

Iiiruiii 4, Junior Pan-hcl 1; Nereidian 2; WSGA Treas. 4; 

Coordinate Board Chairman 3. 

Fourth row: 

HYDEMAN, Elaine Louise, Kansas City, Mo.; Nursing. 

HYDER. Judy Eaye, Forest City, N. C.; Political Science; 

Kappa .'Mpha I'heta. 

HYRE, Nancy Jane, Boalsburg, Pa.; Sursing; EAC 2. 

INGRAM, Alice Acton, Lexington, Ky.; Science Education; 

Delta Delta Delta; Coordinate Board 2; Baptist Student 

Union; YV\ CA 1, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

INGRA.M, Doris Anne, Charleston, W. Va.; Chemistry; Ivy; 

YWCA 3, 4. 

JACKSON, Ann Louise, Quiney, A4ass.; Psychology. 

J.^CX)BSEN, Arthur Francis, Winston-Salem, N. C; 

.-iccounling: \'arsity D, Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 

I, 2, 3, 4! 

J.^NKLE, Benita Burton, Asheville, N. C; English; Eta 

Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Freshman YWCA Cabinet; 

YWCA 1, 4. 

Sixth row: 

JENNINGS, F. Carol, Western Springs, 111.; History; 
Delta Gamma; Duke Players 1,2, 3, Pres. 3; Theta Alpha 
Phi 3, 4; Joe College Steering Committee Vice-Chairman 4. 
JENNISON, Clint Clarinda, Norfolk, Va.; Art History; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Phi Beta Kappa; YWCA I, 2, 3; 
Class Treas. I. 

JEROME, Forrest Lenox, III, Coral Gables, Fla.; Psy- 
chology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Ch.\nticleer 1,2, 3, 4; Chronicle 
1; Hoof n Horn 4; Marching Band I, 2, 3; /'ccr I; Shoe 
and Slipper 1,2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Publications Board 4; 
Pep Band 1, 2. 

|0AC:H1MI, Carroll Liggett. Memphis, Tcnn.; Business 
'Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 
YMCA I, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 


First tow: 

JONES, Barbara, Mountainside, N. J.; History; Chapel 

Choir I, 2; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Baptist Student 

Union 1, 4; VW'CA 2, 3, 4. 

JONKS, Ralph \\.. Jr., Chatham, N. J.; Chemistry; Phi 

Lambda Upsilon. 

JOHNSKN, William Charles, \\ashington, I). C; Etectriail 

Enziritrniie,; Theta Chi; AIEE 2, 3, 4; WDBS I ; Track 1, 2, 

JOHNSON, Albert Koster, Mt. Gilead, N. C; History; 

Kappa Sigma; Peer 2; Shoe and Slipper Club 1; YAICA 

1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, 4. 

Second roiv: 

JOHNSON, Barbara Kay, Washington, D. C; Nursing; 

Santa Filomcna; Exeeutive Council 2; Lutheran Student 

Association 2. 

JOHNSON, Betty Ruth, Raleigh, N. C; Psychology; Alpha 

Chi Omega; \\'onian's Glee Club 2, 3; Pre-Med Society 

1, 2. 

JOHNSON, James Richard, Bethel Park, Pa.; History. 

JOHNSON, Jerry .\L, Lebanon, Ind.; Music; Episcopal 

Student Fellowship 1, Madrigal Singers 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Third rozi-: 

JOHNSEON, Robert Milton, Durham, N. C; Psychology; 
Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 3; Town Men's Club 3, 4; Outing 
Club 3, 4. 

JOHNSTON, Sallie Elizabeth, Fayetteville, N. C; History; 
Kappa Delta; Dorm Viee-Prcs.; Omega Tau Lambda. 
JORD.-\N, Ann Myers, Durham, N. C; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Kappa Delta; ^^'estminster Fellowship 1; Social 
Standards 2; YV\'CA I, 2, 3, 4. 

JORDAN, Robert Richard, Winston-Salem, N. C; History; 
Phi Kappa Sigma, Sec. 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2. 

Fourth row: 

KAIGHIN, James Griffith, Warren, Ohio; Mechanical 
Engineering.; \VVestling 1. 

KANE, Harry Joseph, Kinston, N. C; Economics; Beta 
Theta Pi. 

KASMAR, Patricia Mary, Charlotte, N. C; French; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Ivy; Tau Psi Omega; Episcopal Student Fel- 
lowship 3, 4; YWCA 1. 

KEESING, Hugo Arnold, Bethesda, Md.; Psychology; Pi 
Kappa Phi; Pre-AIed Society 1, 2, 3, 4; 'i'MCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

KELLEY, George Paul, Moorestown, N. J.; Civil Engineer- 
ing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; ASCE 2, 3, 4; Engineer's Guidance 
Council 4; NROTC I, 2, 3,4; Soccer 1; L;icrosse 1. 
KELLOGG, James McNaughton, Chicago, 111.; History. 
KELLY, Mary Elizabeth, Lynchburg, \'a.; French; YWCA 
1; International Club 2, Social Chairman 3, 4. 
KEIM, William Albert, \\'ashington, D. C; Cii-il Engi- 
neering; Phi Kappa Psi, Pres. 4; Tennis 1. 

Sixth row: 

KERMAN, David Douglas, Daytona Beach, Fla.; History; 
Phi Kappa Psi; V'arsity D; Hoof n Horn 2; iVlSGA 3; Pre- 
Med Society 1; Y'MC.\ 1; Sailing 4; Soccer 1; Wrestling 1; 
Lacrosse I, 2, 3, 4; Rugby 4. 

KERN, Alice C, Durham, N. C; Nursing; Pi Beta Phi; 
Who's iVho; Santa Filomena; FAC 2; Class Pres. 1, 2; 
Pres. NSGA 4; SEAC 4. 

KIMBALL, Robert David, Burlington, N. C; Business 
Administration; Untied C^hurch Campus Fellowship 1,2, 3, 4. 
KINARD, Gail Edith, Charlotte, N. C; Econo7)iics; Chapel 
Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Coordinate Board 2; Woman's Glee Club 
2, V'ice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; \\'oman's Chorus Vice-Pres. 1; 
Chancel Singers 2, 3, 4; Harlequins Pianist 1, 2. 



J J. K-' k^f- t^T^ 




FiVif Toiv: 

KING, Caleb J., Jacksonville, Fla.; Fre-Med; Pre-Mcd 
Society 4; .Men's Chorus; Swimming 4, Co-Captain. 
KING, Mollis Heaton. Chula Vista, Calif.; Ecommiics; 
Chronicle 4; Duke Players 2; Hoof 'n Horn 2, 4. 
KING, Richard Hartwick, Nashville, Tenn.; I'oliridjl 
Science; Alpha Tau Omega, Treas.; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 
KINNAMON, Noel James, Kernersville, N. C.; English; 
Chapel Choir 1,2; .Men's Glee Club I, 2. 

Second roir: 

KINSLEY, C'heryl Elaine, LaGrange, Ga.; Nursing; Wom- 
an's Judicial Board 4. 

KIRBV, Paul X'ernon, Silver Spring, .Md.; Eleclricd Engi- 
neering; .AlEF. 4; Engineers Guidance Council, 3, 4, .Method- 
ist Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; '\',MCA 1,2, 3, 4, Student 
Life ('ommittcc 2, 3. 

KIRK, Barbara Jean, Wilmington, Del.; Psychology; Co- 
ordinate Board 3; Social Standards 4; YV\'CA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Freshman Y Cabinet. 

KIR WAN, Patrick Bruce, Atlanta, Ga.; History; Phi Delta 
Theta, Prcs. 4. 

Third roiv: 

KISF.R, James Jacob, III, Hickory, N. C; Accounting; 

Kappia Alpha; Episcopal Student Fellowship I, 2; Shoe and 

Slipper 3; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Kl I (;HIN, John Summerell, A\akc Forest, N. C; Pre-Med; 

Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Pre- .Med Society 2, 4. 

KHCHING, Brent Gordon, Sharon Hill, Pa.; English; 

Kappa Sigma; Basketball I, 2, 3, 4. 

KITSINGER, Otto Cobb, II, Kermit, Texas; Political 

Science; Delta Phi Alpha; Bench and Bar 3. 4; Duke Players 

2, 3, 4; Pre-.Med Society I, 2; Shoe and Slipper 1; Y.MCA 

I, 2, 3, 4, Young Republican Club 1, 2, 3. 4. 

Fourth rov:: 

KIIIER.MAN, James Sidney, Jr., Norfolk, Va.; History; 
Pi Kappa Alpha; Pre-.Med Society 1, 2; Religious Council 
3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 1, 2; Swimming 1; Pi Kappa Alpha 

KLFS.MFR, Harold, Newport News, Va.; Pre-.Med; Zeta 
Beta Tau; Archive 1, 2; Religious Council 3; Hillel Society 
I, 2, 3. 4, Pres. 3. 

KLOCK, Douglas .M., Hilton, N. Y; English; Duke 
Players I, 2, 3, 4; Hoof 'n Horn I, 4; Y.MCA 1, 2. 3, 4. 
K()N1NGSBERGER, Rosine .Mane, Eindhoven, Nether- 
lands; Political Science; Alpha Chi Omega; NSA 3; Tau Psi 

Fifth roir: 

KOZICKI, Paula L., Jacksonville, Fla.; Political Science; 

Student Union 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Sigma Alpha 3, 4; 

Treas.; Nereidians 1,2, 3,4. 

KRASIN, Karalvn, Dallas. Texas; Psychology; Coordinate 

Board I; FAC 3;' Social Standards 2, 3;'WSGA. 

KRAYBILL, Susan F^milv, Durham, N. C; Elementary 

Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; YWCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

KRFBS. Richard Dietrich, Washington, D. C; Psychology; 

Phi Beta Kappa, NROTC 1. 2, 3; Westminster Fellowship 

1; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 1, 2, 3; Psi Chi 

Delta 4. 

Sixth Toir: 

KRUEGER, Evelyn Jeannine, Atlanta, Ga.; Religion; Phi 

Beta Kappa; Ivy; Woman's Judicial Board 3; .Methodist 

Student Fellowship 3, 4; Student Union 2; YWCA I, 2, 3, 4, 

FAC 4. 

KUNTZ. Lee Allan. .Miami Shores, Fla.; History; Phi 

Kappa Psi; M'lio's Who; Beta Omega Sigma, Hoof 'n Horn 

2; Student Union, \'ice-Chairman 4, UN .Model Assembly 2. 

KURTZ, Camille. Bethesda, .Md., French; Tau Psi Omega; 

YWCA 1. 2, 4; Duke Outine Club 2. 

LAKIN, Clifford Allen, .Miami Beach, Fla.; Pre-Med; 

Pre-.Med Society 1,2; Hillel Society 1; Men's Chorus 1. 


First tow: 

LAM, Richard Oinnid, l'\irniingt()n, Mich; l're-Mi\i. 
LA.MOl TK, Phillips Gihhs, Sahsbury, Md.; Kcimmnia; 
Sigma Nil; Who's Who: Old Trinity Club; Alpha Kappa Psi; 
I AC 2, 3; MSCJA 3; NROrC: l', 2, 3, 4; Student Union. 
Board ot Covcrnors 3; IKC, Prcs.; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
C'oinniodorc ('lub 1, 2, 3, Prcs. 4, C'lass Scc.-Trcas. 3. 
LANK, William Carr, St. Louis, Mo.; AaoiintiiiM,: Lhcta 
Chi; I'eer 1; Prc-Alcd Society 1; Newman Club; Shoe and 
Slipper Club 2; YMCA 4. 

LANG, Noel Elizabeth, Farniville, N. C; Economics: 
VWCA 1, 2, 3, 4, Dorm Sec. 3. 

Strofhi rati': 

LANCiBAUI'.R, Delmar Neil, Grosse Pointe, Mich.; 

Reli^,ion; Pre-.\led Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Duke Outing Club; 

House Prcs.; Soccer \. 

LANNINCi, Thomas Pinekney, Durham, N. C; Mechanical 

En^ineeririi;: .^SME 3, 4. 

LASSITER, Ann Rosena, .Smithheld, N. C; History; Pep 

Board I, 2, 3. 

LASSI'LER, Mildred Anne, Murfreesboro, N. C; Political 

Science: Kappa Delta; International Relations Forum 3, 4; 

Rush .Adviser 4. 

Third row: 

LATIMER, Eleanor Sue, High Point, N. C.; History; 
Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 4; Methodist -Student F'ellowship 1,2, 3, 4; 
VWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Publications Board 4. 
La\\'\RRE, ('laude Andrews, Jr., Nashville, Tenn.; English; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; NROTC^ 1, 2, 3, Company C'ommandcr 
4; Episcopal Student F'ellowship 3, 4; WBDS 1, 2; Commo- 
dore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 1. 

LAWYER, William Grove, Sarasota, Fla.; Political Science; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Pi Sigma Alpha 3, 4; Archive 1; Play- 
bill 3. 

LEAHY, Margaret Pennell New York, N. Y.; Art; Alpha 
Phi; Newman C;iub I, 2, 4. 

Fourth row: 

LeBAUER, Gail Ann Malevan, Durham, N. C; Nursing; 

Campus Chest 1,2; Symposium Comm. 3. 

LeCOMPTE, Margaret Leannc, St. Petersburg, Fla.; 

Spanish; Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Chairman 4; House 

\'ice-Pres. 4. 

LEE, Jackson Frederick, Jr., Fayettcville, N. C; Science 

Education; Delta Tau Delta; .Men's Cilee Club 1; Pre-i\Ied. 

Society I, 2, Westminster Fellowship 5, 4; Shoe and Slipper 

Club 1; Student Union 1; YMC^A 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2. 

LEE, Maybellc F"ay, Durham, N. C; Chemistry; Sailing 

Club Sec. 3; Student Union 1, 2. 

Fifth row: 

LEMLY, Thomas Adgcr, Shreveport, La.; History; Alpha 
Tau Omega, Prcs. 4; Chronicle 1, 4; Student Union 3, 4; 
Track 1 ; Ooss Country I . 

LEWELLEN, C:harles Ralph, Louisiana, Mo.; History; 
Student Union 3, 4, Swimming Manager 2. 
LEWIS, Mary (Caroline, Farniville, N. C; Nursing; Pre- 
Med Society I; Class Trcas. 3. 

LIFTON, Robert John, Park Ridge. III.; Socioloiiy; Delta 
Sigma Phi; Bench and Bar 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrest- 
ling 1. 

Sixth row: 

LINNEMANN, Richard Thomas, Burlington, N. C; 


LITAKER, Herbert Daniel, Charleston, AV. Va.; History; 

Kappa Alpha; Pre-Med Society ', 2; Methodist Student 

Fellowshih 1, 2, 3; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; YMCA 

1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3. 

LIVINGSTON, Barbara Janet, Amherst, Mass.; History; 

FAC 4; YWCA 1, 2, ^, 4. 

LIVINGSTON, William Curtis, III, Frankfort, Ky.; 

Accounting; NROTC 1, 2; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2; 

YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 


First row: 

I.OESCHER, Stephen C, Cincinnati, Ohio; Pre-.MeJ; 'Levi 

Beta Tau; Chapel Choir I, 2; Men's Glee Club 1. 2; Pre- 

Mcd Society 1, 2; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2; YMCA 

1, 2; IFC Public Relations Committee 2. 

Lf)FLlN, Ann Klizabeth, Rocky River, Ohio; History. 

LONON, Uanicl Johnson, Marion, N. C; History; Kappa 

Alpha, Vice-Pres. 3; Football 1,2, 3, 4, Captain 5. 

LOOPER, William Curtis, Gastonia, N. C; Pre-Med.; 

Kappa Alpha; Pre-Med Society 1; Baptist Student Union 

1, 2. 

SfCoii,i row: 

l.OPP. Irene Gulledge, Greensboro, N. C; Chemistry; Phi 

Beta Kappa; Ivy; Pi .\lu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Concert 

Band I, 2, 3,4. 

LO rSPEICH, Edgar S., Cincinnati, Ohio; Religion; Delta 

Sigma Phi; Pre-Med Society I; Student Union 2, 3; YFAC 

3; W'DBS 1; Methodist Student Fellowship 3, 4; Wesley 

Players 3, 4; Swimming 1. 

LOV'E, Catherine Jane Reeve, New York, N. Y.; English; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Theta Alpha Phi; Duke Players I, 2, 3; 

Hoof 'n Horn 3; Peer 3; Westminster Fellowship 1; YWCA 

], 2. 

LOVELAND, Richard Alden, New Canaan, Conn.; Elec- 

triejl EiigineerinR; AlEE 4; WDBS 3, 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

LOW, Heather Jane, Natrona Heights, Pa.; Political Science; 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Who's Who; Phi Beta Kappa; White 

Duchy; Phi Kappa Delta; Sandals; Ivy; Pi Sigma Alpha; 

Chapel Choir I ; Woman's Glee Club 1 ; Religious Council 

3; WSGA 2. Sec. 3, Pres. 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

I. OWE, Frank Rockwell, St. Simons Island, Ga.; Econermics; 

Kappa Alpha; Lacrosse 2. 

LOWERY, Thomas Andrew, Tyler, Texas; Pre-Med; 

Delta Sigma Phi; Order of Hippocrates; Marching Band 

1, 2. 3; Prc-Mcd Society 1, 2; Student Union I, 2, 3, 4; 

YMCA 4; Wrestling 1.' 

LOWRY, Michael Leo, Charleston, S. C; History; Beta 

Theta Pi; AFROTC I, 2; MSGA 3; Newman Club I, 2, 

3, 4; YMCA 1, 2. 

Fourth row: 

LUCE, Karen Wilman, Metuchen, N. J.; English; Delta 

Delta Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Social Standards 2, 3; 

Nereidians 1, 2, 3, 4; Rush Advisor 3. 

LUDW IG, Ronald Lewis, Shaker Heights, Ohio; Political 

Science; Zcta Beta Tau, Treas. 3; Archive 1, 2; Bench and 

Bar 1, 2, 3, 4; I'Liyhill 3; Hillel Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 

LUKINS, Joseph Lanier, Louisville, Ky.; Pre-Med; Phi 

Delta Theta; Old Trinitv Club; YFAC 3, 4; Pre-Med 

Society 1, 2; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3. 4; YMCA 3, 4. 

LULY, Helen Sparks, \'ero Beach, F'la.; Nursing. 

Fifth row: 

LUNDHOLM, Barbara Ruth, Ridgewood, N. J.; Nursing. 
LYNETT, Donald Michael, Fairfield, Conn.; History; Phi 
Delta Theta; Pre-Med Society 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 
LYON, Carl F., Jr., Sumter, S. C; Political Science; Zeta 
Beta Tau; Bench and Bar 4; Peer 1; Hillcl Society 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Shoe and Slipper Club 1,2; Joe College Steering Committee 
Chairman 3, 4. 

LYONS, Henry Thomas, Jr., Allentown, Pa.; Civil Engi- 
neering; Sigma Chi; ASCE 3; Newman Club 3; Student 
Union 2; Y.MCA 3. 

Sixth row: 

MacDONALD, Henry John, Jr., New Bern, N. C; Pre- 
Med; Phi Kappa Sigma; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, Student 
Union I, 2, 3, Board of Chairmen 4. 

AL'VCE, Ann Elizabeth, Richmond, Va.; History; Kappa 
Alpha Theta; Eta Sigma Phi, Rush Advisor 3; Ch.inticleer 
I, 2, 3, Editor 4; Publications Board 3, 4, Sec. 3. 
MacLANE, Charles Newell, Toledo, Ohio; Psychology; 
Phi Kappa Psi; Chapel Choir 1; Student Union 3; Tennis 1. 
.\1acLEAN, Ann Wilkie, South Bend, Ind.; Psychology; 
Alpha Chi Omega; 'V^'estminster Fellowship 3, 4; Student 
Union 3, 4. 


First Toiv: 

MANN, Ralph Emerson, II, Jacksonville, Fla.; History; 
MSGA 2, 3. 

MARGER, Donald, Miami, Fla.; Zoology; Pre-Med So- 
ciety 3. 4; Hillcl Society 1. 

MARTIN, Mary Bynuin, Tarboro, N. C; MMlumatics; 
Delta Cninima; Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Pi Mu Epsilon; 
YWCA 1. 2. 

MA'IHI'WS, Patricia Lee, Atlanta, Cia.; Chrmislry; Thota 
Alpha Phi, Prcs. 3; Duke Players I, 2, 3, Pres. 4; \V<)inan's 
Glee Club 1. 2; Hoot" 'n Horn I, 2, 3, 4; Chapel Choir 1. 

Second row: 

MATUZA, Albert Charles, MorrisviUe, Pa., History; 
Kappa Alpha; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MAUNEV, James Patrick, Fort Lawn, S. C; History; Pi 
Kappa Phi. 

MA.XWKLL, Jane Meredith, Durham, N. C; English; Ivy. 
McBRIDE, Robert Elliott, Winston-Salem, N. C; Eco- 
nomics: Delta Tau Delta, Pres. 3, 4; Men's Cilee Club 1,2; 
YMCA I, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 4; Baseball 1. 

Tliirii row: 

.McCARIHV, F. Anthony, Greenbelt, Md.; History; 
Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2; Hoof 'n Horn 3, 4, 
Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Shoe and 
Slipper Club I, 2, 3. 

McCarthy, James Vincent, Rumson, N. J.; Business 
Adiiiinislration: Kappa Alpha; \arsity D; NROTC I, 2, 
3, 4; Newman C'lub i, 2, 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 2, 3, 4; Track 
1, 2, 3, 4; Football I. 2, 3, Co-captain 4. 
McCARTY, Kristine Marie, Durham, N. C; Accounting. 
McCLAIN, John Clinton, Jr., .Anderson, S. C; Civil Engi- 
neering: Phi Delta Theta; Red Friars; Who's Who; Order 
of St. Patrick, Beta Omega Sigma; ASCE 2, 3, 4; Campus 
Chest 2; Engineers Guidance Council 2, 3; Engineering 
Student Council I, 3, Pres. 4, F.AC 2, 4, Jr. Chairman 3; 
Shoe and Slipper Club 1,2, Y.MCA 1, 2, 3,4; Class Prcs. 1, 3. 

Fourth row: 

Mct'LE.ARY, Jane Robinson, Baltimore, Md.; English; 
Kappa .Alpha 1 heta; Delta Phi Rho Alpha; Student Union 
1, 2, 3, Board of Governors 4; WR.A 2, Treas. 3, V'ice- 
Pres. 4. 

McCONNEL, Diana C, Ashcville, N. C; Spanish; WDBS 
1, 2, 3. 

McCONNELL, Tharon Cecile, Mooresville, N. C; Nurs- 
ing; \\bman's Glee Club 1 ; Methodist Student Fellowship 
1, 2, 3; Class Sec. 3, 4. 

McDORMAN, .Marshall Duer, Jr., Houston, Texas; 
Psychology; Phi Kappa Psi; .Men's Glee Club 1; NROTC 
1, 2, 3; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Lacrosse 2. 

Fifth row: 

McDOW ELL, C. Blake, III, Akron, Ohio; Electrical Engi- 
neering; Pi Mu Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi Sigma. 
McINTIRE, Joseph Neely, Goldsboro, N. C; Electrical 
Engineering, Radio Council 4. 

McLAIN," Milton Stanley, Raleigh, N. C; Che?nistry; Delta 
Sigma Phi; NROTC 1; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4. 
McNALLY, .Ann, Port Huron, .\Iich.; Mathematics; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; F.AC 4; Woman's Judicial Board 3; l''pisco- 
pai Student Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4; YVVC.A 2. 

Sixth row: 

McPHERSON, William \ann, Jr., Durham, N. C; History; 
Sigma Nu; Chronicle 1, 2, 3; Young Democrats Club, Pres. 
2, 3. 

MEEKER, Ellis Emily, "Washington, D. C; Elementary 
Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; FAC 3; Hoof 'n Horn 1, 2; 
Pep Board 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 4; Terpsichorean 2. 
MELCHIOR, "Ihomas F., La Grange, 111.; E.conumics; 
Sigma Chi, Prcs. 4, .Alpha Kappa Psi; Football I. 
MELLENCA.MP, .Mary Case, .Milwaukee, Wis.; rolitical 
Science; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Delta Pi; Campus 
Chest 3; YVVCA 4; International Student Committee Treas. 
1, 2, 3. 



First row: 

MELTON, Charles Reid, Houston, Texas; Sociology; Pre- 
Mcd Society 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 
I, 2. 

MF.NSON, Robert C, \\est Hartford, Conn.; Chemistry; 
I'hcta Chi, Trcas. 4; Peer 2, 4; Hoof 'n Horn 2; Wtst- 
ininstcT Fellowship 1; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; YMCA 
1, 2, 1, 4; Prc-Med Society 1. 

MKRRirr, Susan Gorham, Woodsdale, N. C; Sociolos,y; 
Kappa Delta; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Mli I /, Walter Cade, Jr., Elkin, N. C; Electrical Engineering; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu; Sigma Pi 
Sigma; Tau Beta Pi, Trcas.; AIEE 4; Engineers Guidance 
Council 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA I, 2, 3, 4; 
NROrC 1. 

Second row: 

Ml ^ER, Alan Howard, Great Neck, N. Y.; Chemistry; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Pre-.Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4. 
MIDGEET. Bernard Whitehead, Engelhard, N. C; His- 
tory: Delta Tau Delta. 

MKiA, Andrew Charles, Greensboro, N. C; Economics; 

MIL.LER, Ann Elizabeth, Morrisville, Pa.; History; Inter- 
national (;iub 1,2, 3, 4. 

ThirJ roir: 

.\1I1.LER, Christopher Glendon, Tulsa, Okla.; Business 

Aiimmistmtion; Sigma Chi; AFRO IC 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross 

Country 1. 

MIl.LER, Gray.son Brownlee, Jr., Norfolk, \'a.; History; 

Prc-.\Icd Society I, 2, 3, 4; Campus Conservatives 2, 3; 

Young Republicans 3, 4. 

MILLER, John Meredith, Jr., Alexandria, \'a.; English; 

C'hapcl C^hoir I; .Men's Glee Club L 2, 3, Treas. 4; Hoof 'n 

Horn 3; F^piscopal Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Student 

L'liion 3, 4; Madrigal Singers I; Chancel Singers 3, 4; 

^ \1CA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MILLER, Lawrence Everett, Jr.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; 

.\l,riliemjtics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi Mu F'psilon; NROTC 

I, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

.MILLER, Mindi, Peoria, III.; French; Kappa Alpha Iheta; 

Ivy; Tui Psi Omega. 

MINARD, .-Man L., Evanston, III.; F.conomics; Sigma Chi; 

Alpha Kappa Psi; NROTC I, 2, 3, 4; YMCA \, 2, 3, 4; 

Commodore Club L 2, 3, 4. 

MINIER, .Margaret Susan, Williamsburg, \"a.; Xiirsing. 

.MINNOTTE, David W'., Pittsburgh. Pa.; Meclumcal Engi- 

mering: Mho's Mho; Pi Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau 

.Sigma, Pres. 4; AS.ME 4; The DtikEngmeer 3, 4; Engineers 

Guidance Council 3, 4; FAC 4; Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; 

Y.MCA 1,2, 3, 4; Golf 1. 

Fifth row: 

MIFCHELL, John Wayne, Jr., Arlington, Va.; Pre-Med; 
Delta Sigma Phi; .Marching Band 3, 4; Pre-Med Society 
I, 2, i, 4; Y.\R;A 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2. 
.\iriC:HI'.LL, Perry Bedell, Atlanta, Ga.; English. 
MOELING, Walter Goos, l\', Alexander City, Ala.; His- 
tory; Alpha Tau Omega; V'arsity D; F'ootball I, 2, 3, 4; 
Wrestling I, 2. 

MOXAGHAN. Ralph Franklin. Jr., Arden, N, C; German; 
I)elt.i Phi Alpha, NROTC 1, 2. 

Sixth row: 

.MON IGO.MERY. Alexander Cochran. III. Highland Park, 
III.; Mjthemjtics: Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas.; Pi .Mu Epsilon; 
Sigma Pi Sigma; .\rnold .Air Society; .\FROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Shoe ;md Slipper Club 1, 2; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
.MOORE, Ardcan Carol, Aiken, S. C; Chemistry; YWCA I. 
MOORE, Dan Cockrill, Memphis, Tenn.; History; Pre- 
.Med Society 3, 4; Baptist Student Union 2, 3, 4; Student 
Union 2, 3; Outing Club 3, 4; Lacrosse 1. 
.MOORE, Fred Henry, Lookout .Mountain, Tenn.; Mathe- 
mjtics; Kappa Alpha, Who's Mho; FAC 2, 3; Pre-.Med So- 
ciety 1; Traditions Board 2; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; IFC, Vice- 
Pres. 4. 


FiTSI nriV: 

MOORK, Merry Dawn, Mt. Rainier, Md.; luiiication; 

House Pres. 4, Chapel Choir 1; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4; 

WDBS 3, 4; VVSGA 4. 

MOORF., Nancy Lee, Baltimore, Md.; History; Phi Mu; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy. 

MOORF, Richard Florton, Annandale, Va.; English; Delta 

Tau Delta. Sec. 3, \'ice-Prcs. 4. 

,\100Ri:Hi:LD. Wniiani Cuerrant, jr., Martinsville, Va.; 

Eiiiiliih; Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Omega Sigma; Order ot 

Hippocrates ?, 4; C'hapel C^hoir 1, 2, i; Men's Glee CAuh 

\.l, }; Pre-,\led Society 1, 3, 4; Y.MCA I, 2, .?, 4. 

Second ro^Li^: 

MORCiAN, Barbara Agnes, Asheville, N, C; History; 

Alpha Delta Pi, Sec. !; Phi Kappa Delta; Sandals; Student 

Union 2, .?, 4, Board of Governors, Sec. 4; FAC 3; UN 

.Model Assembly 3; Class Secretary 1; House Treas. 2; 

Pi Sigma Alpha 3, 4. 

,\10RC;.\N, Zeb Brent, .Marietta, Ohio; Chemistry; Thcta 

Chi; Delta Mu Tau; Concert Band 1; Marching Band 1, 2, 

3, 4; Prc-Med Society 1. 

.MORRIS, John Fdward, Washington, D. C; Mathematics; 

NROTC 1, 2; Newman Club I, 2, 3; Shoe and Slipper 

I, 2, 3; Student Union 2, 3. 

.MORRISON, Amy, Indianapolis, Ind.; French; Alpha Ph[. 

Ivy; Tau Psi Omega; Campus Chest 3; ("hapel Choir 2; 

Woman's Glee Club 2, 3. 

Third row. 

MORTON, John Broten, Wayne, 111.; Political Science; Beta 

Theta Pi; Varsity D; Shoe and Slipper Club 1,2; YMCA 

1,2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1, 2, 4; Soccer 1,2, 3, Captain 4. 

MOSFR, Robert Lee, Jr., Fayetteville, N. C; History; 

Lambda ('hi .\lpha; AFROTC I, 2, 3, 4; Chanticleer 2; 

Shoe and Slipper 1, 2; Y.MCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

MOSS, Beverly Jean, Ocala, Fla.; French; Alpha Chi 

Omega; Tau Psi Omega; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; French Hill 

Pres. 4. 

.MOSSBURG, Richard Hyatt, Silver Spring, Md.; Hislorx; 

Alpha Tau Omega; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3. 

Fourth row: 

MOTCH, Elton Franklin, Cleveland, Ohio; Mechanical 

Fng,ineennv.; Sigma Nu; ASME 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 

I, 2, 3; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

MOTCH, Patricia Pecor, Shelburn, Vt.; I'svcholoiiy; F'ta 

Sigma Phi 3, 4; Class Treas. 2; FAC 2. 

MUELLFR, Robert Joseph, Katonah, N. Y; Business Ad- 

viinistration; Kappa Sigma; Soccer 2; Baseball I, 2, 4. 

MURLLF.SS, Richard Spraguc, Staunton, Va.; Zoology; 

Men's Glee Club I; Pre-Med Society 3, 4; Outing Club 

I, 2, 3, 4. 

Fifth row: 

MURR.\Y, Nancy Mcintosh, Westport, Conn.; English; 

Pi Beta Phi; S;indals; FAC 3; WSGA I; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4, 

Class Pres. 2, 4. 

MYERS, .Marcia Rebecca, Lynchburg, Va.; Mathematics; 

Kappa Delta, \'ice-Pres. 3; House Sec. 3; Terpsichorean 

I, 2; FAC 4; YWCA 2. 

MYERS, Samuel Maxwell, Jr., Olanta, S. C.; Physics; Phi 

Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi .Mu Flpsilon; Sigma Pi 


NADA, Mary Burckel, Durham, N. C; Mathematics; Alpha 

Delta Pi; Chapel Choir 1; FAC 3; Woman's Glee Club I; 

YWCA I, 2; Pan Hellenic Council I, 2. 

Sixth row: 

NADA, Sherif Amin, Durham, N. C; Economics; Beta 
Omega Sigma; .Alpha Kappa Psi; Tau Psi Omega; Class 
Pres. 1,3; Chapel Choir 1,2; Men's Glee Club 1, 2. 
NAGEL, Hettie Garland, Gary, N. C; Nursing; Who's Who. 
NARTEN, Spike F., Durham, N. C; .Mechanical Engi- 
neering; Phi Delta Theta, \'icc-Pres. 4; Football 1 ; Swim- 
ming 1,2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 1. 

NFUF'ELD, Ronald, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Spanish; AF- 
ROTC I, 2, 3, Student Union. 


First Toir: 

NEWTON, Barbara Lillian, Wilson, N. C; History; Alpha 


NEWTON, Dorothy, Old Greenwich, Conn.; Nursing; 

Santa Filoniena. 

NEWTON. Jerry Lewis, III, Winston-Salem, N. C; 

Mathematics; Duke Players 2, 3; Hoof 'n Horn 1,2, 3. 

XOLL, Emmett Eugene, Millerstown, Pa.; Chemistry; Phi 

Kapp.i Psi; Concert Band 2; NROTC I, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 

I, 2, 3, 4; Semper Fidelis 3, Sec.-Treas. 4; Commodore 

Club 1, 2, 3,4; Soccer 1. 

Second rrrj:: 

NORCROSS, Regina Gertrude, Miami, Fla.; Zoology; Pre- 
Mcd Society 1,3; Symposium Committee 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 
Chairman Social Service; Terpsichorean 4. 
NORTON, Richard Allen, Greenwich, Conn.; History 
Ihcta Chi; Chapel Choir I; Men's Glee Club 1. 
NORTON, Susan Beard, Ft. Monroe, \'a.; Political Science 
Sigma Kappa; YV\"CA Freshman Cabinet 1; Nereidian 2 
ODOM, David Stanley, Greensboro, N. C; History; Phi 
Delta Theta; \arsity D; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3, 4 
VMCA I, 2, 3, 4; Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1, 2 
3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 4. 

I'liiTtl roil-: 

OGDEN, John Robert, Lake Bluff, 111., I're-Dental; Phi 

Kappa Psi, \'ice-Pres.; Swimming I, 2. 

OGRINZ, Alexander John, lU, Baltimore, Md.; Political 

Science; Iheta Chi; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Commodote Club I, 2, 3, 4; Dolphin 1, 2, Editor 3. 

OLSON, William Howard, New York, N. Y; Mathematics. 

O'NEALL, .\lariorie Ann, Orlando, Fla.; English; Pi Beta 

Phi, Treas. 1, Activities Chairman 2, Panhel Rep 3, Vice- 

Pres. 4; Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Sigma Delta Pi; Cheerleader 

2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treas. 2, Sec. 4. 

Fourth roir: 

ORR, Linda, Charlotte, N. C; French; Pi Beta Phi; Who's 

Who; Phi Beta Kappa; White Duchy; Phi Kappa Delta; 

Sandals; Ivy; Tau Psi Omega; Woman's Judicial Board Sec. 

3, Chairman 4; WSGA 4; Class Pres. 1; State Student 

Legislature Sec. 

ORR, Samuel .Marshall, Winston-Salem, N. C; Psychology; 

Alpha Tau Omega; Student Union 3, 4; Traditions Board 4; 

YMCA 4; Dad's Day Committee 4; House Vice-Pres. I; 

Track I. 

OSBORNE, I\largaret Alice, Taylorsville, N. C; Zoology; 

Ivy; Chapel Choir I, 3; \\"oman's Glee Club 1, 2. 

PAGE, Lynn, Andrews AFB, Md.; Nursing; FAC 2; 

S.SN.'X Committee Class Representative 3; .Medical School 

Yearbook 4. 

Fifth ro'-c:: 

PAPPS, Carol Baldwin, .Morristown, N. J.; English; Who's 
il'ho; Ivy; Chapel Choir I, 2; Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4; 
Duke Players I; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2; Hoof 'n Horn 2; 
YWCA 2, 3, 4; .Madrigal Singers 4; Duke Recorders Group 

2, 3; Delta .Mu Tau 3, 4. 

PARKER, John Jackson, Tallahassee, Fla.; Political Science; 
Phi Kappa Psi; Corsairs; Bench and Bar 1; NROTC 1, 2, 

3, 4; Methodist Student Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slip- 
per Club 1, 2, 4; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Commodore Club 
I, 2, 3, 4; Assistant Housemaster 4; Pi Sigma Alpha. 
P.^RKER, Lois Harriet, .Madison, N. J.; Nursing; Terpsi- 
chorean 1, 2, 3; Publications 3, 4. 

PARKS, Linda Warren, Durham, N. C; English; Phi 
Kappa Delta; Hoof 'n Horn 2, 3, Pres. 4; YWCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

PARSLEY, James .McNeill Archer, Hillsboro, N. C; 
I'lectrical Engineering; Pi -Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Eta 
Kappa Nu; AIEE 4; Engineers Guidance Council 4; Outing 
Club I. 2, 3, Treas. 4; Sailing Club 1, 2. 
PASSANTINO, Robert Joseph. New York, N. Y; Ac- 
counting; Alpha Kappa Psi; NROTC 1, 2, 3; Pre-.Med So- 
cietv I; Neuman Club I; Shoe and Slipper Club 1,2; Base- 
half I. 

P.\ IE, James Thayer, Jr., Orlando, Fla.; Business Ad- 
ministration; AFROtC 1, 2, 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Shoe 
and Slipper Club 1, 2. 

PATRICK, Camilla Norton, Richmond, \'a.; History; 
Kappa Delta; Chanticleer 4; Student Union 1, 2. 


First row. 

PATTERSON, Josephine, Tjrboro, N. C; Mjihrmjtics; 
AIEE 1, 2; YWCA 1, 2. 

PATTERSON, .Mich,icl Scott. CJrccnslioro, N. C: History; 
Theta Chi; Tau Psi Omega; Tail Kappa Alpha .<, 4; Dehatc 
Team 1, 2, 3, 4; MSGA I, 2; Student L'nion 1, 2, 3; YMC^A 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

PATI I'RSON, Svh-ia Eaith, Burlington. N. C; Art His- 
tory; Diike Players 4; Student Union 2. 3, 4, WDBS 2, 3, 4; 
Y\\'t".\ 1, 2, 3, 4; House Cultural Chairman. 
PATTON, Robert James, Jr., Ft. Worth, Te.\a.s; History; 
Pi Kappa Phi; AEROTC 1, 2; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; 
Student Union 1, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Second roir: 

PAUl.l'.Y, .Margaret Kathcrine, .Mcrriek, N. Y; Economics; 

Delta Delta Delta, House Secretary 3, Pres. 4; YWCA I, 2, 

3, 4. 

P.\U1.Y, .\nn Florence, Tcareck, N. J.; French; Kappa 

Alpha Fheta; Phi Beta Kappa; FAC 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PAUFY, Susan Jane, Cincinnati, Ohicj; History; Pi Beta 

Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Ivv; Sigma Delta Pi. 

PEABODY, Arthur Wriliam, Jr., Holden, Mass.; I'olitical 

Science; 1 beta C'hi. 

Third roll': 

PEAK, .Marilyn Jeanne, Hudson, Ohio; I'nlitical Science; Pi 

Sigma .Alpha; Coordinate Board 2, .Student Union 3, 4, 

YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PEAKE, James Rutlcdge, III, Norfolk, Vji.: 
viinistnuion; Alpha Kappa Psi; F'AC 3; 
Christian Science Group 

Business AJ- 
Pep Board 1, 2; 
4; Methodist Student Fellow- 
.ship I, 2; Shoe and Slipper I, 2; YAICA I, 2, 4, Cabinet 3; 
Housemaster 4; Tennis 1, 4. 

PEARSON, \aughn Craig, EUyn, III.; Econoiiiia; Delta 
Sigma Phi; Arnold Air Society; Alpha Kappa Psi; AFRO I C- 
1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 2, 3, 4; I'eer 1, 2; Lutheran Stu- 
dent Association I, 2; Shoe and Slipper Club I, 2; WDBS 
1, 2, 3; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3. 4. 

PENICK. Robert Douglas, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Mathe- 
?natics; Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, Vicc-Pres. 3, Sec. 4; Young 
Democrats Club 3. 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1,2; Student 
Union 4; Swimming .Manager I. 

Fourth row: 

PERSONS, Susan Lapsley, Durham, N. C; Sociology; Pi 
Beta Phi, Pres. 3; White Duchy; Sandals; WSGA Ass't. 
Treas. 2, Panhellenic Council Pres. 4. 

PETERS, Franklin Elliott, High Point, N. C; AUthematics; 
Pre-Med Society 2; Methodist Student F'ellowship 1, 2, 
3, 4; YMCA, Freshman Council I, Campus Co-op Com- 
mittee 2, 3,4. 

PETERSON, Gail Melinda, Naples, Fla.; Nursing; Campus 
Chest 3; Honor Council 2, 3, 4. 

PEIERSON, Michael I., Ft. Belvoir, \'a.; Political Science; 
Sigma Nu, Pres. 4; Who's Who; Red Friars; Beta Omega 
Sigma; AFROTC 1, 2; Bench and Bar 1, 2; Chronicle 1, 2, 3, 
Editor 4; Debate Team 3; Student Union 1, 2, 3; Publica- 
tions Board 3, 4; YMCA 2, 3. 

Fifth row. 

PETERSON, Wayne Terry 1, Durham, N. C; Flectncil 
Engineering; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi iMu Epsilon; 
Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE 2, 3, 4; 
Engineers Guidance Council 4; Men's Glee Club I ; Y.MCA 
1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1. 

PHYEER, Daniel \\ade, Geneva, 111.; Geology; Delta Tau 
Delta; Peer 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PICKRELL, Anna May, Durham, N. C; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Alpha Delta Pi; FAC 3; YWCA I, 2, 3; House 
Treasurer 4. 

PIGNONA, James Buckley. Jr., St. Albans. \'t.; Economics; 
Kappa Sigma; Pep Board 2; Shoe and Slipper ('lub 1,2, 3; 
YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; NSA 2; Basketball I. 

Sixth roir: 

PILCHER, Charles Alan, Juneau, Alaska; Mathematics; 
Lambda C;hi Alpha, Ritualist 3; Pre-Med Society 3, 4; 
Order of Hippocrates 4. 

PILGR.A.M, Ann Tonnelier, Frederick, Md.; tlngtish; 
Delta Delta Delta; Omega Tau Lambda; Coordinate Board 
3; Student Union 3; V\'SGA 4. 

PLACE, Jeffrey Wayne, Charlotte, N. C; Physics; Alpha 
Tau Omega; Sigma Pi Sigma. Treas. 4; Housemaster 3; 
Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

PLANT, .Mary .i^nn, Tallahassee, Fla.; English; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Who's Who; Phi Kappa Delta; Ivy; Sandals; Con- 
cert Band 1,2, 3, 4; Delta .Mu Tau; Symphony Orehesrra 
1, 2, 3, 4; WRA Board 1, 2. 


R Cp 




l^^l^^ ^ttjk .^v^^ .^^^ 

Rvl #»^^ h^^? ^^1 


First roiv: 

PLUMER, Mary Ellin, Durham, N. C; Edumtioii; Kappa 
Delta; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Rush Advisor 3; VVV'CA 
1, 2. 3. 

PLUMER, William Sloan, Jr., Durham, N. C; FAcctrical 
F.nfitneeritiii; Arnold Air Society; AFRO! C 1, 2, 3; Engi- 
neers Guidance (Council 4, VMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineers' 
Radio Association 1, 2, \'ice-President 3, 4. 
POE, John Robert, Durham, N. C; Political Scievce. 
POLLARD, James Edward, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Chi-mistry; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Pre-.\led Society 2, 3. 

Second roiv: 

PORTER, Stephen Tullis, Louisville, Ky.; Political Science: 
Beta Thcta Pi; I(7;«V Who; Beta Omega Sigma; Bench and 
Bar 4; E.'\C 2; Duke Eorum 4; Assistant Attorney General 
4; Class Trcas. I; House Pres. 1; Assistant Housemaster 4, 
Campus Party Chairman 4; Baseball 1; Swimming 1,2, 3, 4. 
POITER, E. Lindsay, Charlotte, N. C; Mechanical Fnv- 
neerinn: ASME 4; NROTC 1. 

POWELL, Shirley, .Middlesex, N. C; Wstory: Alpha Phi, 
Rush C^hairman 4; Campus Chest 1, 2; \\'oman"s Glee Club 
1, 2, 3; Young Democrats Club 2, Executive Board 3, Treas. 

POV\'ELL, Willis Warren, IH, Virginia Beach, Va.; His- 
tory: Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

POWERS, .Marilyn Elllis, Louisville, Ky.; English. 
PRICE, Ihomas O., Eitusville, Ela.; Electrical Eniiineerini>; 
Pi Kappa Phi; Who's Uho; Order of St. Patrick; Pi Mu 
Epsilon; .\IFCE 1; Engineers Guidance Council 3, Jr. Chair- 
man and Chairman, FAC 2; Y.MCA 4; Graduation Mar- 

PRIICHARD, Paul Baker, lU, Ware Shoals, N. C; 
Chemistry; AEROTC 1; FAC 4; Marching Band 1, 2; Pre- 
Med Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Campus Conservative (^lub 3, 4; 
Y.MC'.'V Youth Weltare Committee 3; House Secretary 3, 4. 
PUGH, Pamela LeRoy, Charlotte, N. C; Economics; Phi 
.\1u, Treas. 2, Pledge Trainer 3, Pres. 4; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Ivy; Pi Mu Epsilon; Chronicle 1; Coordinate Board 1, 2; 
Student Union 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; House Treas. 1, 2. 

Fourth roil-: 

PURDO.M, Ray Caldwell, Owensboro, Kv.; Physics. 
PURSLEY, William Elgin, Charlotte, N.'C; History: Pi 
Kappa Phi; Red Friars, Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Omega 
Sigma; FAC 2, 3, 4; Men's Judicial Board 4; MSGA Sena- 
tor I, 2; Symposium Committee 3, YMCA I, 2, 3, 4; Pi 
Sigma Alpha; Young Democrats. 

QUAITLEBAUAL Ann Louise, Monetta, S. C; English; 
Baptist Student Union 1; Executive Council 2, 3. 
R.4CKEL.MAN, Susan Janet, Indian Harbour Beach, Fla.; 
l's\cliolov.\; Phi .Mu, \'ice-Prcs. 2, Rush Chairman 3; Sandals; 
Methodist Student Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4; YWCA I, 2, 3, 4; 
Panhellenic Council; Senior Class Council; House Manager 

Fifth row: 

R.AMSEY, Sarah Helen, Sandston, \'a.; English; Archive 4; 
Campus Chest 1, 2, 3, 4; Ch.hntici.eer 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert 
Band 2; Woman's Glee Club 2, 3; Symphony Orchestra 2. 
R.\ND.\LL, Elizabeth Wilson. Baltimore, Md.; Psychology; 
F.^C 4; Pre- .Med Society 1, 2, 3; Episcopal Student Fellow- 
ship 1. 

RANKIN, Rush McCIure, Jr., Belmont, N. C; History; 
MSGA, Assistant to the President 4; Baptist Student Union, 
\"ice-Prcs. 3; Y.MCA I, 2, 3, 4; Independent C^ampus 
Party C'hairman 4. 

RAILIFF, Ray Edmond, Bluefield, W. Va.; Religion; Pi 
Kappa Phi; Who's Who; Old Trinity Club; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; FAC; MSGA I, Senator 2, 
Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; 
YMCA, Pres. Freshman Board 1,4; Pi Sigma Alpha. 

Sixth row: 

RE.\GAN, Robert Brian, W. Boylston, Mass.; Pre-Law; 
Lambda Chi ."Mpha; \arsity D; Newman Club 3, 4; AIESEC 
Vicc-Prcs. 3, Pres. 4; Golf 3, 4. 

RECTOR, Judith Ann, N. Merrick, N. Y'.; History; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Ivy; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony Or- 
chestra I, 2, 3, 4. 

REED, Robert Ramsey, Struthers, Ohio; Mechanical Engi- 
neering; Delta Sigma Phi, Pi .Mu Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau 
Sigma, \'icc-Pres. 4; .\S.ME 2, 3, Chairman 4; Engineers 
Guidance Council 2, 3, 4; Engineering Student C'ouncil 
3, 4; Religious Council 3 ; Methodist Student Fellowship 2, 3. 
REID, Sidney W., Jr., Freehold, N. J.; English. 


First roil': 

REIFFEL, James Andrew, Scarsdale, N. Y.; Psychology; 
Zeta Beta Tail, Social (-hairinan 3, Pros. 4; Order of Hippoc- 
rate,s; Pre-Med Society 1, 2, 1, 4; Hillel Society I, 2, 3, 4; 
Shoe and Slipper 1, 2; II-X' Invcstigatmg ('oininittee 3; 
Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. 

REICil'.R, John Krankhn, forest Hills, N. V; Sncwloay; 
Outing Cllul) 3. 4; International C'luli 1, 2. 
RF.MICiAll.O, Richard \'ladiniir, Arlington, \'a.; Chemistry; 
Sigma Nil, Sec. 4; Pre-Med Society I, 2, See. 4; Student 
Union 2. 3, 4; YlVlCA I, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. 
REYNOLDS, Anne Kathryn, Eayetteville, N. C; French; 
Alpha Phi; Panhcllcnic Council 2, 3; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Secoftd row: 

RICE, l.eon Eeftwich, III, Winston-Salcni, N. C; I'sy- 

cliiihi'ny; Alpha Tau Omega; EAC 3; Student Union, Social 

1, Major Attractions 2, 3, Board of Governors 4; Rugby 

2, i, 4. 

RICKI'.TTS, Maryann, Raleigh, N. C; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Recording Secretary; .Sandals, 
Sec; Woman's Judicial Board 3; Social Standards 2; YWCA 
i. 2, ?, 4. 

RIENSTRA, Joseph D., Arlington, \a.; I're-Med; March- 
ing Band 1,2; Pep Band 1; Sailing Club 1, Treas. 2, Pres. 3; 
Pre-Med .Society 1. 

RINI-HART, Carol B., Charlottesville, \'a.; Nursing; 
Wlio's Who; Chapel Choir I, 2; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2; 
7erpsiehorcan I, 2; Honor Council 2, 3, 4. 

Third row: 

ROBB, Mary Dyer, Durham. N. C; English; Kappa Delta; 

Phi Beta Kappa;' YWCA I, 2. 

ROBBINS, Jane Turney, Washington, D. C; History; Kappa 

Alpha Ehcta. 

ROBER1SON. Alartha Eleene, Camp Lcjeune, N. C; 

Nursing; Class Vice-Pres. 1; EAC 2; Nurses Judicial Board 

1, 2, 3, Chairman 4; NSGA Representative to WRA 2; 
Recording Sec. NSGA 3; Executive Committee NSGA 

2, 3, 4; Ncreidians 1, 2. 

RODRIGUES, Judith Leslie, Eayetteville, N. C; History; 
Chantici EER 2, 3, 4; EAC 3; Social Standards 2, 4; YV\'CA 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth row: 

ROGERS, Becky Ann, Lexington, N. C; I'sYchohn 
Beta Phi; Coordinate Board 2, 3; YWCA I, 2, 3, 4. 
ROGl'RS, Dilworth Thomas, Jr., Summit, N. J.; 
cholozy; Phi Kappa Psi; Pre-Med Society 4; Golf I. 
ROGERS. Linda Sue, Wilmington, Del.; Foltttcal Sc 
Alpha Chi Omega. Ivy; Pi Sigma Alpha; YWCA 1, 2, 
ROCjERS, \\ itliain Ereeman, Euquay Springs, N. 
Sociology; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; 'V'MCA 1, 2, 3, 

y; Pi 

3, 4, 

Fifth row: 

ROLLER'E, John M., Elint, Mich.; Pre-Med; Phi Delta 


ROLLINS, Overman Randolph, Morganton, N. C; 

Political Science; ]]'ho's Who; Phi Beta Kappa; Old Trinity 

Club; Omicron Delta Kappa; AERO'I C 1, 2, 3, 4; MSGA 

2, 3, 4; Symposium Committee 4. 

ROMP, I'homas Lcc, \ermilion, Ohio; Accounting; Sigma 

Chi, Treas. 3; EAC 3; Shoe and Slipper Club I, 2, 3, 4; 

Dad's Day Committee 3; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1. 

ROS.S, .\larcia .Moore, Columbus, Ohio; Historv; Kappa 

Alpha Theta; Who's Who; White Duchy; Sandals'; EAC 3; 

WSGA 2, 3. 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Sixth row: 

ROV\E, \crnon Dodds, III. Hcndcrsonvillc, N. C; Chetn- 
istry; Pi Mu Epsilon. Sigma Pi Sigma; Order of Hippocrates, 
President 4; ("hapel Choir 4; Pre-Med Society 1, 4; Men's 
Glee C;iub 3, 4. 

ROY, Susannah AL, Durham, N. C; PsYcholozv; Concert 
Band 1, 2. 4; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 4; YWC.'K I, 2, 3, 4. 
RUDISILL, Ben Richard, Jr., Cherryville, N. C; Business 
Administration; Kappa Alpha. Vice-Pres. 4; Alpha Kappa 
Psi, Pres. 4; AEROTC \. 2; Traditions Board 1; Golf 1. 
RUNDLi;.S, Charlotte, Durham, N. C; Zoology; Archive 
4; Woman's Judicial Board 4; Pre-Med Society 3, 4; Stu- 
dent Union 1, 2; Episcopal Student Eellowship 1, 2, 4, 
Publicity Chairman 3. 





Firsl roxi-. 

RVA\, John Austin. Jr., East Grand Rapids, Mich.; Pre- 
MeJ; Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Who's Who; 
Oniicron Delta Kappa; Beta Omega Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; 
.Men's Judicial Board; Symposium Committee; Basketball 1. 
SAINT-AMAND, Emilia Alice, Gaffncy, S. C; Elementary 
Education; Alpha Delta Pi; FAC 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3; 
VV\'(LA 1, 2; Homecoming Court 4. 

SALTER, Lowell Scott, Indianapolis, Ind.; Mechanical 
Engineering: Delta Tau Delta, Rush Chairman; .ASME 3, 4; 
The DiikEngineer 3, 4; Engineers Guidance Council 3, 4; 
I{piscopal Student Fellowship 1.2, 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper 
Club 1,2; V.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Sec.-Treas. 3. 
SA.MMONS, William Gary, Silver Spring, .\ld.; Political 
Science: Beta Theta Pi, Pres. 4; MSGA 4. 

Second roTi'.- 

S.'VSSER, William Earl, ^\alterboro, S. C; Mathematics; 
Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa, Pi .\lu Epsilon; Student 
Union 2, 3, 4. 

SAUNDERS, Sylvia Anne, High Point, N. C; Eletnemary 
Pull/cation; Sigma Kappa, Rush Chairman 3, Pres. 4; Chanti- 
( 1 11 R 1; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1. 
S( IILr:SlNGER, Sally Anne, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; 
Eiiiilish; Alpha Chi Omega. 

SC:HULTZ, Frederick Loomis, Jr., New \'ork, N. Y.; 
I'olirnal Science; Chronicle 1, News Editor 2, Assistant Man- 
aging Editor 3, Contributing Editor 4; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Men's C^horus I; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2. 

Third roil': 

SCO'E T, James .Matics, Bryn .Mawr, Pa.; Psychology; 
Kappa Sigma; Football 2, 3, 4. 

SCUFFHAM, James Ross, Jr., Concord, N. C; Electrical 
Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; AIEE 3, 4; .Marching Band 
1, 2, 3; Lutheran Student Association 1,2; Shoe and Slipper 
Club I, 2; V.MCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

SCULL, Ward Robinson, IH, Newport News. \'a.; Civil 
Engineering: Pi Kappa Alpha, \'ice-Pres.; .\SCE 3, 4; 
Engineers Guidance Council 2; Engineering Student Coun- 
cil, Sec. 3; Student Life Committee 2. 

SE.ARLF.S. Dennes Leigh, .Missoula, .Mont.; History; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; Chapel Choir I, 2; YW'CA 1, 2, 5, 4; 
.AIESEC 3, 4; National Collegiate Golf Tourney 3; Class 
Pres. 3. 

Fourth row: 

SE.\RLliS, Mary Alyce, Baltimore, Md.; Nursing; Alpha 

Delta Pi; F.AC 2; Hoof 'n Horn 2; Symposium Committee 

4; Student Union 1,2, 3, Board of Governors 4. 

SI',.ARS, Barbara Ruth, Dayton, Ohio; Psychology: Who's 

Who; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Delta, Pres. 4; Ivy. Pres. 2; 

Religious Council 3, 4; .Methodist Student Fellowship 2, 3; 

Svmposiuni Committee 2, W'SGA Legislator 3; YW'CA- 

\'. 2, 3, 4. 

SH.AB.AN, Janet .Anne, Cupertino, Calif.; Psycliology; 

Chronicle I, 2; NS.\ 3. 

SH.\RPE, Richard Dewey, Columbia, S. C; Chemistry; 

Pi .Mu Epsilon; Pre-.Med Society 3; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; 

Phi Lambda Upsilon. 

Fifth row: 

SHF.^RIN, Ronald Vance, Warrenton, N. C; History; 

.Methodist Student Fellowship; Student Union 1, 2. 

SHEFFIELD, Arlis Adelbert, Atlanta, Ga.; History; Phi 

Delta Theta, Choirister 3, Social Chairman 3, 4; NROTC 

1, 2; Y.MC.A 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1. 

SHEHEF.X, Robert Joseph, Camden, S. C; Political Science; 

Pi Kappa Phi; Who's Who; Red Friars; Omicron Delta 

Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Campus Chest 1,2; FAC 2, 3, 4; 

Newman Club I. 2, 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, Chairman 

Board of Governors 4; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

SHI\'F,S. William Barry, Salisbury, N. C; Chemistry; Delta 

Sigma Phi; Shoe and Slipper Club I, 2. 

Sixth row: 

SHU.MWAY, Robin Elizabeth, Cleveland Heights, Ohio; 
iXiirsing; Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; Nereidian 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; 
Class Treas. 4. 

SIDBURY, James Richard, Charlotte, N. C; Mathematics. 
SIG.MON, Donald Neal, Charlotte, N. C; History; Men's 
Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres., Personnel Director 4. 
SIMMONS, Judith Ann, Baltimore, Md.; Xursing; Method- 
ist Student Fellowship 1, 2; Social Standards 4. 


First ww: 

SIMON, Joseph Stephen, Columbia, iMo.; Civil Evgrneering; 
Sigma Chi; Chi Epsilon, Pres. 4; Tau Beta Pi, Sec. 4; Pi Alu 
Epsilon; ASCE 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Pre-Med Society 2, 3; 
Football 1, 2, 3. 

SIMPSON, Robert Lvndon, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.; I'olHicU 
Science; Debate Team 4; Duke Players 1; NROTC 1, 2; 
Student Union I, 2; State Student Legislature 2; UN Model 
Assembly 2. 

SIMPSON, Terry Allen, Orlando, Fla.; Electrical Evgi- 
iieeriiiv.: Sigma Nu; .Arnold Air Society; AFROTC 1, 2, 
3, 4, Drill Team 3, Commander 4; AIEE 4; FAC 3; Shoe and 
Slipper Club 1, 2. 

SI/VIPSON, William Anderson, Dublin, Va.; Civil Evgrneer- 
ing,; Kappa Alpha, Pres. 4; Who's Who; Class Pres. 4; Old 
Trinity Club; Order of St. Patrick; Varsity D; Pi Mu 
Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE 2, 3, 4; Engineering Student 
Council 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Secovd row: 

SITES, James Russell, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; I'liyna:; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Pi .\lu Epsilon, \'ice-Pres. 4; Sigma Pi Sigma, 
Pres. 4; Concert Band 1; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; \Vest- 
minster Fellowship 1. 2, 3, 4; American Institute of Physics, 
Pres. 4. 

STE\'ENS, Joel Bartktt, 111, Kingsport, Tenn.; Medhmical 
Engiveering; 7 heta Chi; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1,2, 
Sailing ('lub, Pres. 3; Sports Car Club 4. 
SMALL, Akien Thomas, Garden City, N. Y., I'clnicil 
Science; Kappa Sigma; Shoe and Shpper Club I, 2. 
SMFFH, Heather Howard, New York, N. Y; I'sychnloay; 
Kappa K;ippa Clamma; U'lto's Who; White Duchy; Plii 
Kappa Delta; Psi C^hi Delta; Religious Council 4; Sym- 
posium Committee 3; Y\\ CA 2, 3, Pres. 4. 

Third roiv: 

S.MITH, .Margaret Lyie, New Orleans, La.; French; Ivy; 
Woman's Judicial Board 4; Student Union 1; Y\\ CA 1, 2, 
3, 4. 

SMITH, John Andy, HI, Alexandria, \a.; History; Delta 
Mu Tau 2, 4; C'oncert Band I, 2, 4; Hoof 'n Horn 2; March- 
ing Band 1, 2, 4; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 4; Symphony 
Orchestra 2. 

SMITH, Mary Katherine, Durham, N. C; Nursing; Cheer- 
leader 2, 3; FAC 2; Class Treasurer I; Orientation Chair- 
man 5; Student Union 1; Pep Board 4; NSGA 3. 
SMITH, Patricia Ciray, Arlington, Va.; Political Science; 
Pi Sigma Alpha 3, 4; FAC 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fourth rov:: 

SMITH, Sandra Glynn, Covington, Va.; Mathe?natics. 

S.MIIH, Sarah Lynn, Covington, Va.; Physical Education; 

Delta Phi Rho Alpha; WRA 2, 3, Treas. 4. 

SMITH, Susan Elizabeth, Glenwood, III.; Political Science; 

Pi Beta Phi; Who's Who; Woman's Judicial Board 3; Social 

Standards 2; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; House Pres. 4; Chairman 

House President's Board. 

SMITH, Walter Aldine, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; English; Delta 

Mu Tau 2, 3, 4; Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4; Duke Ambassadors 

1, 2, 3, 4; Hoof'n Horn 2, 3, 4; Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4; 
Pre-Med Society I, 2; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Dad's Day Com- 
mittee 4. 

Fifth ro-,1-: 

S.MY'I H, Melinda Free, Kinston, N. C; Nursing; Student 

Union I, 2, 3; Nereidians I, 2, 3; NSGA Social Committee 

2, Chairman 3; NSGA Executive Committee 3. 
SNYDER, Stephen W, Peoria, III.; Mechanical Engineering; 
Phi Kappa Psi; Corsairs; ASME 2, 3, 4; NROTC 1, 2, 

3, 4; YMCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

SO, Philip Kin-Lok, \V'ilmington, Del.; Electrical Enii,ineer- 
inv.; AIEE 3, 4. 

SOU IHM.^YD, Carol Jean, VA'ashington, D. C; Economics; 
Zeta Tiu Alpha, Pres. 3; Delta Phi Rho Alpha, Chronicle I; 
Class Pres. 4; Rush Advisor 4; Panhellenic Council 2. 

Sixth roil-: 

SPENCER, John Calloway, Milton, Fla.; History; Phi 

Delta Theta, Pres. 4; Old Trinity Club; Who's Who; FAC 

2, 3; ,MSGA Senator 4; Traditions Board 3. 
ij STANFIFLD, Harry Terrell, Durham, N. C.; Chemistry; 

Arnold Air Society, Comptroller 3, Deputy Commander 4; 
I AFROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

, STEELE, Herbert Duane, McKeesport, Pa.; English; Beta 
\ Theta Pi; AFROTC 1; MSGA 2; Interfraternity Council 
' 2, 3, Rush Chairman 4. 

j STEELE, Ted VV'arren, Durham, N. C; Mechanical Engi- 
\ veering; ASiME 3, 4. 




First row: 

ST['",PHKNS, Ann Lyn, Blrnilnghani, Ala.; French: Phi 
Beta Kappa; Delta Phi Alpha; Tau Psi Omega, Scc.-Treas. 
4; Student Union 1,2; V'lce-Pres. French Hall 4. 
,S ri'.PHKNS, C'harles Garon, Tallaha.ssee, Fla.; Rmnatice[:,ihi^es: Delta Sigma Phi, Sec. .^; Sigma Delta Pi, \'ice- 
Pres. 3, Pre.s. 4, Lutheran Student As.sociation .?. 4; Method- 
ist Student KeIlo\v.ship 2; Housemaster 4; Special Observ- 
ances t'ommittee 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 

SIKVKNSON, Monica Lynne, Santiago, Chile; French; 
Pi Beta Phi; Woman's Judicial Board 4; YV\CA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
Sin I, Thomas Paul, Easton, Pa.; Foinical Science: Bench 
and Bar 1, 2; Ch.^nticleer 1, Sports Kditor 2; Student 
Government 3; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2; YMCA 
I, 2, 3, 4. 

Second row: 

SFONF2, Margaret Priscilla, Martinsville, \'a.; Flnglnh; 

Omega Tau Lambda 3, 4; YWCA 1. 

SIO\'KR, Pamela Anne, Langhorne, Pa.; Accounting: 

('hamk:ikkr 3, Peer I, 2; Newman Club 1, 2. 

SFRACKBEIN, William C, Arlington, \a.; History; 

Sigma Nu, Shoe and Slipper Club I, 2; Student Union 3; 

^'^1CA i , 2, 3, 4; Episcopal Student Fellowship 1. 

SIR1C:KLAND, William Franklin, Jacksonville, Fla.; 

I'rc~.\tnl: Men's Glee Club 1,3; MSGA 4; Pre-Med Society 

I, 2, 3, 4; Traditions Board Chairman 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Flnrd tow: 

SI ROUD, John Burke. Philadelphia, Pa.; History; Sigma 

Alpha Fpsilon, Pres. 4; Chapel Choir 1; NROTC i, 2, 3, 4. 

SULLIN'AN. John Lawrence, III, Silver Spring, Md.; Fre- 

Wed; Sigma Chi, Historian 3. 4; Order of Hippocrates; 

Phi Beta Kappa; FAC 2; Pre-Med Society I, 2, 3, 4; Shoe 

and Slipper Club I, 2, 3; YMCA 1, 2. 3, 4. 

SUTC'H, Ruth Marion. Cheshire, Conn.; Folitical Science; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Pi Sigma Alpha, Feer 2, 3; Social 

Standards 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 1. 2, 3, \'ice-Chairman 

Special Services 4. 

SWAIN, Lamar Marie, Washington, N. C; Englssii; Alpha 

Delta Pi, Pledge Trainer 4; FAC 3. 

Fourth row: 

SWATZBURG, Susan, Norwich, Conn.; \iirsing. 
TACKNFY, David Talbott, Falls Church, \'a.; Mechanical 
Engineering: Kappa Alpha, Historian 4; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Track 1. 

I ARPLI'Y, John Jorg, Fayetteville, N. C; Fre-Med; Theta 
Chi; Delta Phi Alpha; Pre-.\led Society I, 2. 3, 4; Track 1. 
T.-\RPI.FY, Mary Carol, Dallas, Texas; History; Sandals; 
Ivv; Delta Phi Alpha; FAC 4; Symposium Committee 
1,2, 4; YWCA 1; Student Union I. 2. 

Fifth row: 

FART, Lois McPhail, York, Pa.; Elementary Education; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Campus (^hest Sec. 1; \\ SCSA 2; 
YW('.-\ 3. International Student Committee. 
I AYI.OR, Edward Carl, \'irginia Beach, \'a.; (.:hemistry. 
I AYLOR. Rebecca Johnston, Gatesville, N. C; Pi Sigma 
Alpha, FAC 3. YWCA 1, 2, 3, House Vice-Pres. 
lEElS, Catherine Anne, .Miami, Fla.; English; Zcta Tau 
Alpha; YWCA 1. 

Sixth row: 

TE.MPLE, Nancy Llovd, ^\■inter Park. Fla.; Music; Alpha 
Chi Omega; Delta .\lu Tau 3, 4; Concert Band 1. 2, 3, 4; 
Duke Ambassadors 3, 4; Duke Players 4; FAC 4; Hoof 'n 
Horn 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 
3, 4. 

TEWELL, Michael Lee, Jr., Piedmont, S. C; Ciiil Engi- 
neering; ASCF" 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2, 3. 
THOMASSON, Sara Kathryn, .Martinsville, Va.; Mathe- 
f/iatics; Pi Beta Phi. 

THO.MPSON, Rebecca J., Roanoke Rapids, N. C, Fsy- 


hirst rov:: 

IHORN TON, JutK- WillLims, Macon, Ga.; lh$U:r\; Alpha 

Delta Pi, Prcs. 4; VV\(:A 1, 2, 3, 4. 

TICKTIN, Thomas Rock Hill, S. C; Vsycholo^y; 

Kappa Sigma, \'icc-Prcsiiicnr 3; AFROTC 1, 2; Shoe and 

Slipper c:iiii) I, 2; v.\k;a i, 2, 3, 4. 

TISI'", Larry T'du ard, W insron-Salcrn, N. C".; History; 
Alpha Tau ()mcga, IIX' I'vccutivc Board 4; House Trcas. I. 
riSON, R. Haskell, |r., Cieneva, HI.; F.nv.lislK Delta Tau 
Delta; Wlios Il7w,- N'arsitv D; Track 1, 2; Basketball 
1, 2. 3, 4. 

Second row: 

rirUS, Jane Wallace, Schenectady, N. Y.; History; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Ivy; Phi Kappa Delta; Eta Sigma Phi; Chroiiit/i- 

1; Woman's Cilee Club I, 2, WSCiA 4; YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

rODD, Norma, Hampton, \'a.; Xiirsi/iii. 

rODD, W ilhani Ahller, Cincinnati, Ohio; Zoology; Beta 
1 beta Pi; Dad's Day C^onwnittee C'hairman 4; Prc-Mcd 
Society 1,2, 3, 4; Episcopal Student Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4; 
YMCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

TREPTOW, Tom Victor, Milwaukee, Wis.; Electrical 
Engineeriufi; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon; AIEE 4; F.ngi- 
ncers Ciuidance C'ouncd 3, 4; Shoe and Slipper I, 2; Stu- 
dent Union 1, 2, 3; Board of Governors 4; VMCA 1, 2, 
3, 4; Class Sec. -Trcas. 4. 

Third row: 

TRICKEY, Robert Kent, Durham, N. C; Economics; 
Delta Mu Tau, Viee-Pres. 4; Omccrt Band I, 2, 3, Pres. 4; 
Duke Ambassadors 4, Marchmg Band 1, 2; Symphony Or- 
chestra I, 2, 3, 4; Town Men's Club 1; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 
TUUL, Mall, Yonkcrs, N. Y.; Political Science; Who's Who; 
Sandals; Phi Kappa Delta, \ icc-Pres. 4; Chapel Choir I; 
FAC 3; Woman's Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Social Standards 2, 
Student Union 3, Fine Arts ('ommittee Chairman 4; Madrigal 
Singers 2. 

UMSTEAD, Alexander Bruce, Jr., Durham, N. C; Eco- 
nmmcs; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Com- 
modore Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics Club 3, 4; Tennis 2. 
UNDERHILL, John Garrett, III, Washington, D. C; 
History; Sigma Nu; NROTC I, 2; WDBS I, 2, 3, Pro- 
duction Manager 4; Soccer 1, 2; Lacrosse 1, 2. 

Fourth row: 

UPCHURCH, Herbert Jackson, Jr., Columbia, S. C; 

Econo7nics; Pi Kappa Phi, Trcas. 4; Campus Chest 2; FAC 

3; MSGA 1; NROTC 1, 2. 

V^ALE, Kathryn Ann, Goldston, N. C; English; Who's Who; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Archive 3, E'ditor 4; Terpsichorean 3; 

Woman's Glee Club I, 2; Publications Board 3, 4. 

V'ALLE, David L., Leawood, Kan.; Zoology; Sigma Alpha 

Epsilon, Sec. 3, \'iee-Pres. 4, Old Trinity Club, Pre-Med 

Society 1; IFC Executive Board 4; Swimming 1, 2; Lacrosse 

1, 2, 3. 

\'AN DE REE, Carol Emily, Clinton, Md.; Mathematics; 

FAC 4, YWCA 1, 2, 3, 4; House Treas. 4. 

Fifth row: 

X'ANHOY, .Milton Spangler, Charlotte, N. C; English; 

Pre-Med Society 3; Episcopal Student Fellowship 3, 4; 

Student Union 3, 4. 

VAN SCI\T"R, Peter Travis, Nassau, Bahamas; Political 

Science; Beta Theta Pi; AFROTC I, 2; FAC 2. 

\'AUGHAN, Ronald James, Wilmington, Del.; Chemistry; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Era Sigma; Delta Mu Tau; Concert 

Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2. 

VERHEY, Robert Seymour, St. Paul, Minn.; Economics; 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Sixth row: 

VICK, Paul Allen, Raleigh, N. C; History; Phi Kappa 

Sigma; AFRO! C 1,2. 

VOLZ, Marlin Milton, Jr., Louisville, Ky.; Economics; 

Alpha Kappa Psi; AFROTC I, 2; Bench and Bar, Treas. 3, 

Pres. 4; YMCA 4. 

WADDFTL, John Layton, Jr., Marion, Ohio; Econojnics; 

Alpha Tau Omega; Old Trinity Club; Beta Omega Sigma; 

Yarsitv D; Alpha Kappa Psi, F'AC 2, 3; Methodist Student 

Fellowship I, 2, 3, 4; Traditions Board 3; YMCA I, 2, 3, 4; 

Class Athletic Representative 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WAITE, Robert Sears, Atlanta, Ga.; Chemistry; Varsity 

D; Shoe and Slipper Club I, 2; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Chemistry 

Club 2; Track 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 1, 2, 3. 




First roiv: 

WANG, You Luc, \\'ashington, D. C; I'olitiait Science; 
Phi Delta 7hcta; Chanticleer I, 4; Episcopal Student 
Kello\v,sliip 4; Tennis 1, 2. 

WAGGONER, John Philip, 111. Durham, N. C; Zoology; 
C'oncert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Marchmg Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Town 
Men's Club I, 2, 3, 4. 

WACiONER, Judith Ann, Scotia, N. Y.; History; Coordinate 
Board I; WRA 3; AIESEC 3, 4. 

W ALDEN, John Eranklin, Corpus Christi, Texas; Erigi- 
neerini>: Delta Tau Delta; Order of St. Patrick; Pi Mu 
Epsilon; Pi Tau Sigma; ASi\lE 3, 4; The DiikEnzineer 3, 4; 
Engineers Guidance Council 3; Engineering Student Coun- 
cil 4. 

Second row: 

WALSH, Michael Sherman, Jr., Clearwater, Fla.; Civil 
Hni^ineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; ASCE 2, 3, 4; Engineers 
Guidance Council 2; Engineering Student Council 3, 4; 
FAC 3, 4; YMCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Elections Board 3, 4; Track 
and C'ross C'ountry 1. 

WARD, Stanley Sidney, Roanoke, Va.; English; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. 

WARNER, Jonathan F., Old Brookville, N. Y.; English; 
Beta Ihcta Pi; Hoof n Horn 2; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 4. 
WARREN, William Thomas, Goldsboro, N, C; Electrical 
Engineerinfi; Who's Who; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon; 
Tau Beta Pi; .'\IE'T 4; Engineers Guidance Council 4; Engi- 
neers Radio .Association 1, 2, 3, Sec.-Trcas. 4; Eta Kappa 
Nu, Pres. 4; IEEE, Sec.-Treas. 4. 

Third row: 

WATERMAN, Patricia, Buffalo, N. Y; History; Delta 

Gamma; VAC. 4; Westminster Fellowship 4. 

V\ ATSON, Barbara Grace, Rowland, N. C; Music; Delta 

Mu Tiu 2, 3, 4; YV\C-'\ 1, 2, 4. 

\\ .ATSON, Wendy Patricia, .McLean, \a.; Mathetnatics; 

Phi Beta Kappa; Ivy; Pi Mu Epsilon; Delta Phi .Alpha, 

.Sigma Pi Sigma; Social Standards 3, 4; Student Union 1, 2, 

3, 4; House Judicial Committee 3, 4. 

\\T.A\'ER, Sarah Lynn, Baltimore, .Md.; English; Alpha 

Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. 

Fourth row: 

WT.BS ri{R, .Arthur Davidson, Jr., Lancaster, Pa.; Gernjm; 
Sigma Nu, Chaplain 4; Delta Phi .Alpha; IFC 2. 
WEINCiAR TEN, Ion, New York, N. Y; Psychology; Zeta 
Beta Tau; NROFC I; Shoe and Slipper Club 1, 2; Wrest- 
ling I, 2. 

WFISIGER, John Boiling, Menlo Park, Calif.; Economics; 
Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa Psi; YMCA 2; Track 
and Cross (Country 1, 2, 3. 

WELLS, William .Allen, Rome, Italy; History; Phi Delta 
Ihcta; Bench and Bar 1, 2, V'ice-Pres. 3; Shoe and Slipper 
Club I, 2; YMCA I, 2, 3, 4; House Council 1; Student 
Life Committee 3; Chairman Student Guide Service 3. 

Fifth row: 

W EST, Karen Collins, New York, N. Y; French; Pi Beta 
Phi, Sec. 2, 3; Woman's Judicial Board 4; Episcopal Student 
Fellowship I; House Council 1, 2, 3, 4; House Treas. 2, 3. 
\\ i;S IMORELAND, Jimmie David, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; 
History: Lambda Chi .Alpha, Sec. 3, 4; Hoof 'n Horn 1; 
NROJ C: 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.MCA 1, 2, 3, 4. 

W HEELI:R, Michael Olson, Grosse Pointe, Mich.; ,\le- 
clianiciil Engineering; Sigma Nu; ASME 2, Sec. 3, 4; .Shoe 
and Slipper I, 2, 3; YMCA I, 2, 3, 4. 

WHILE, Charles Denny, Jr., .Asheboro, N. C; History; 
H'ho's Who; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; FAC 2, 3, 4; Men's 
Glee Club 2, 4, Publicity Manager 3;MSGA 4; Men's 
Chorus I; Pulpit Committee, Religious Life Council; House 
Pres. 3; Association of Independent Houses, Sec. 3. 

Sixth row: 

WHITE, Thomas Stuart, Jr., Wilmctte, 111.; Economics; Pi 

Kappa .Alpha. 

\\ HITLEY, Lynda Carole, Jacksonville, Fla.; Mjthemutics; 

Pi .\lu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; Baptist Student Union 

2, 3, 4; Social Standards 2; Student Union 2, 3, Chairman 
Special Services Committee 4; UN Secretariat. 
WIGGINS, Robert Sterling, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.; English; 
\'arsity D; Methodist Student Fellowship 1; Cross Country 
and Track I, 2, 3, 4. 

WILLIA.MS, Ann .Mallov, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Gerinan; 
Zeta Tau Alpha; Ivy; Delta Phi Alpha, Pres. 4; Chronicle 

3, 4. 


First TOIL-: 

WILLIAMS, Boykm Krcdcnc, Jr., C:iijrlottc, 
t^. C; Political Scinice. 
I WILLIAMS, Donald Lee, Greensboro, N. C; 

WILLIAMS, Kdniond I5r.idy. Jr., C:hjrlottc, 
N. C. ; Chfinisfiv. 

WILLIA.MS, .Mary Krance.s. Boonville, N. C; 
History; Zeta Tan Alpha, \'iee-Pres. 4; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Wbnian'.s Jiidieial Board 4; 
Student Union 2, i; \\'SG.\ 4. 
WILLIAMSON, Jo.scph Kdward, Dhahran, 
Saudi Arabia; I'oliticat Science; Sigma Nu; 
Track I, 2. 

• Second rou-: 

WILSON, Donald George, Grccniawn, N. Y. 
History; AKRO It: I, 2, .i, 4. 
\\ ILSON, Mark K., Pointe Farms, 
Mich.; English; .Marching Band 2; Pre-Med 
.Society 1, 2, ', 4; Student Union 2, }. 4. 
WILSON, .Mary Pittman, Gainesville, Fla.; 
M.illiemalics; Kappa Alpha I'heta, Rush Chair- 
man 4; House V'lce-Pres. 4; Panhellenie 
Conned 4. 

WILSON, Wayne Richards, Durham, N. C; 
Economics; Phi Delta Iheta; Harlequins 1, 2; 
Cross Country 1,2; House \'ice-Pres. 1. 
WINSTEAD; Betty, Dallas, Texas; I'oiiticil 
Science; Pi Beta Phi. 

Third roii: 

\yiNSTON, Arthur Michael, Roslyn, N. Y,; 
Economics; Zeta Beta Tm, Chronicle I, 2, 3, 4; 
Hillel Society I, 2; Student Union 2; Publica- 
tions Board 4; Intramural Board 4. 
V\ ITHERSPOON, Jane C.uherme, Hagers- 
town, Md.; History; Kappa Delta, Sec. i; 
Social Standards 1,2, .!, 4; Student L'nion 1, 2. 
WITZENBURG, Gary Lee, Shaker Heights, 
Ohio; Mechaniciil Engineering; Delta Tau 
Delta; Pi .Mu Epsilon; ASME 4; DukEngineer 
.>, 4; Engineers Ciuidance Council .'. 
WOODRUFF, .Mary Kathryn, Englishtoun. 
N. J., History; Kappa .^Ipha Iheta, FAC 3, 
Rush Advisor 4. 

WOODS, Richard Byrd, Jr.; Chattanooga, 
Tenn.; Electricitl Engineering; Pi Mu Epsilon; 
AIEE 4, Religious ('ouncil 2, .>. 

Fourth row: 

WORLEY, Judy Jo, Kingsport, Tenn.; Eng- 
lish; Phi Beta Kappa; WSGA 1, 2, 3, 4; 
House (^Tuncil 4. 

VVORLHINGTON, Craig Winston, Ayden, 
N. C;.; I'olitiCiil Science; Sitfitu Chi, \lliu's Who; 
Red Friars; Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta 
Omega Sigma; Chronicle I, News Editor 2, 
Feature FIditor 3, Editorial Board 4, F"AC 3; 
Symposium Committee 2, 3, Chairman 4; 
Housemaster 4; UN .Model General Assembly 

1, 2, Sec. General 3, Pres. 4; Publications 
Board 3." 

V\ OR I HINGTON, Josh Bob, Kinston, 
N. C;.; History; Beta Iheta Pi, Social Chair- 
man 3, Vice-Pres. 4, AFROTC 1, 2. 
WRIGHT, Charles Ihomas, Jr., Raleigh, 
N. C; Civil Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; 
ASCE 2, 3, 4; NROTC I, 2, 3, 4. 
WRIGHT, Harold I'.verett, Charlotte, N. C; 
History; Pi Kappa Phi, NRO IC 1, 2, 3, 4. 

Fifth row. 

\ YAEGER, Carl Frederick, Jr., Ft. Lauder- 
dale, Fla.; Chemistry; Pre-.Med Society 1, 2, 3, 

I 4; Sigma Pi Sigma, Order ot Hippocrates, 

I Sec.-Treas. 4. 
YARBROUGH, Virginia Ileen. Thomasville, 

I N. C; English; Chapel Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Wom- 
an's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chancel Singers 

2, 4, Sec.-Treas. 3. 

YOUNG, Charles Granville, Kansas City, 
Mo.; History; Kappa Sigma; X'arsitv D; 
Basketball 1; Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. 
YOUNG, William W., Jr., Marietta, Pa.; 
Chemistry; Sigma Chi, Sec. 3; NROTC 1, 2, 3, 
4; Student Union 3; Housemaster 4; Cross 
Country 1 ; Baseball 1 , Soccer 2, 3, 4. 
YOUNGSTRO.M, Richard Earl, Prairie Vil- 
lage, Kan.; Chemistry; Concert Band 1; March- 
i ing Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union 4. 

. Sixth rov:: 

\ YUCEL, Guler F., Istanbul, Turkey; Physics; 
Delta Phi Alpha; Pre-.Med Society 1, 2; 
\ NSA I, 2, 3; International Club 1,2, ?, 4, Sec. 
I ZA\'ELSON, Thomas Michael, .Mansrield, 
j Ohio; Pre-Med; Zeta Beta Tau, Pres.; Who's 

£ ^ik 





lii^ itiM^aii 

Who; Red F'riars; Omicron Delta Kappa; 

Beta Omega Sigma; Court of Appeals 3; 

.Men's Judicial Board 4; Pre-.Med Society 1, 2; 

Student Union 1,2; Class Vice-Pres. 3; Soccer 


ZBIKOWSKI, Gwendolyn Ann, TerryviUe, 

Conn.; French. 

ZIMMER, Carl Thomas, South Bend, Ind.; 
Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha; Old 
Trinity Club; FAC 3, 4; Chronicle 2; IFC 
Executive Board Treas. 4; Class Sec.-Treas. 4. 
ZLOTOWITZ, Ruth Carolyn, Baltimore, Md., 
French; FAC 4; Hillel Society 1, 3, 4, Treas. 
2; Dorm Treas. 3. 



DoiGLAs Jones, Fres. 

Clyde H. Slease, III, \ ici-Vres. 

John McNally, Src-'Imis. 


C^wiiLLA Cochrane, Pres. 
I^ORENE Hebble, iicf-Pres. 
Carol Coblrn, Sec. 
Kmherine Land, Trens. 


Patrick Gross, Fres. 
Brenda Hemphill, Vicr-Fres. 
Carol Ann Hodges, Sec. 
I'l aine Tlrner, Treas. 


Lester Hill, Fres. 
Jeffrey Brick, Sec-Treas. 


First row: 

ABF.RCROMBIE, Brcnda Lcc, ZTA Greenville, S. C. 
ABFRNKl HV, Roy F., TE<I> Mr. Lclianon, Pa. 

ACKFRU'V, Robert E. Elmsford, N. Y. 

ADAMS, Dorothy Ann St. Albans, W. Va. 

ADAMS, Robert Charles, A FU Atlanta, Ga. 

Second row: 

C'harlottc, N. C. 

ADERHOLDT, Einda Diane 
AHREND F, Fhais Fdwina, AT 

Ridgcficld Park, N. J. 
AKE, James L., SiV Dover, Del. 

ALBRIGHT, William Umstead, Jr. Durham, N. C. 
ALEXANDER, Bruce Jarrard, ATA 

White Plains. N. Y. 

Third row: 

ALEXAN'DFR, Mary Beth 
ALLEN, Philip Henry, Jr., *Ki: 
AL'FMAN, C'harles Frederick 
ALX'AREZ, William Jan 
AMEN, Karen Sue, KA 

Cienevj, 111. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Alexandria, Va. 

Roanoke, Va. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

AMLEY, Robert B., AXA St. Petersburg, Fla. 

ANDERSEN, Manlvn Ruth Winter Haven, Fla. 

ANDERSON, Manoric Clare, KA Ashevillc, N. C. 
ANDERSON, William Eugene Oxford, N. C. 

ANDREWS, Robert Dunten Clayton, N. Y. 

Fifth row: 

ANNA. Timothv Eagan Clearwater, Fla. 

APGAR. Bonnie Gail East Meadow, N. Y. 

ARCHIE, William C. |r. Raleigh, N. C. 

ARMSTRONG, Charlton Preston, OKi; 

Greenville, S. C. 
ARMSTRONG, Robert N. Asheville, N. C. 

Sixth row: 

ARNOLD, Ingrid D., A* 
ASHBV, Donald Arthur, ATQ 
ASTLIY, Robert F., •I>A(-) 
AVERY, Dianne 
AVETT, Alice Ruth 

Seventh row: 

BACH, Thomas William 
BAGLEY', Faye Stevens 
BAILEY, Susan Rebecca 
BAKER, Sarah, AXU 
BAKER, William Hale, A FA 

Tullahoma, Tenn. 

Nassawadox, Va. 

Miami, Fla. 

McLean, Va. 

Hudson, N. C. 

.Marion, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Arlington, \'a. 

Decatur, 111. 

Leavenworth, Kan. 

Eighth row: 

BALESTRA, Melanic Leah, KA0 
BANNERMAN, Jeanne Elizabeth, 

BARBARE, Drayton West 

BASW ELL, David 

BAYLES, Susan Winttield, AT 

^Aaynesboro, Pa. 
Baton Rouge, La. 

Rock Hill, s. c;. 

St. Charles, 111. 
Arlington, \'a. 

Ninth row: 

BEACHAM, Dolly Elizabeth Norfolk, Xa. 

BECKER, Dennis H. Roslyn Heights, N. Y. 

BEINEKE, Betsy Lee, ZTA Fort Thomas, Ky. 

BELL, Alexander Wayne, riK<l) Shreveport, La. 

BELL, Barbara Lynn, KKF .Milwaukee, Wis. 

O ^ f^ 



^ jf^ jpi 


n ff p) p 

P ft P 

First row: 

BKLLF.W, Frances Loring 
BKLLMAN, Donald H. 
BKMIS. Linda Kay, KA 
BF.NDON. James A. 
BFNNER, Harry Robinson 

Greenville, S. C. 

Chniuni, ;\1d. 

Webster Groves, Mo. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Second roir: 

BIRf ;. Stefan David 
BFR(;F\, Robert E., SN 
BIRNSTFIN. Jerry Charles, IIK'h 
BILLINGS, Harold Dean 

Scarsdalc, N. Y. 

Big Rapids, Mich. 

I .ancasrer. Pa. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Tliiril roll:: 

BILLINGS, Mary Ellen 
BIRKKL, J. Wayne 

BISCHOFF, Douglas Knowles, A lA 

Lyndhurst. I'.ngland 
Eau Ciallie, Fla. 

BLAGK. Lovd Hall, Jr. 
BI.AGKSHEAR, V\illiam Maurice 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Macon, Ga. 

Panama C^ity, Fla. 

Fourth row: 

BLAGKWFLL, Sallv Anne, AAA Kerner.sville, N. C. 
BI.ANKFNSHIP. C:arol King, AF Bethlehem, Pa. 

Bl.ll ( H. lames Bedford, Jr. Springfield, Va. 

BLI 171 R, Sidney ,\t., |r., ZBF Baton Rouge, La. 

BH)I ,\ll KE, Lynn J. Clinton, N. J. 

Fifth roiv: 

BLOOMER, Elaine Jude 
BOHN, Clyde Markell, Jr. 
BOHNFl', Ann Louise 
BOONi:, Leslie Rae 
BOOP, John .Martin 

Sixth roz 

Old Saybrook, C^onn. 

Frederick, Md. 

Lyndonville. N. Y. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Durham, N. C. 

BOO I H, Judvth Flavne Oklahoma City, Okla. 

BORG.MANN, W ilham Frederick, Jr., Ki] 

Ft. Wavnc, Ind. 
BOUGHTON. James Murray Lafavette, Ind. 

BOX'ARD. Brian F-'dward, Ki: Svlvania, Ohio 

BOW ERMAN, Sharon .Mane, A<1> Darby, Pa. 

Seventh row: 

BOWERS, Susan Belvin, ZTA 
BOW ERS, W ilham Randolph 
BOWMAN, Frank Lee, ATD 
BOYD, Mary Stowc, KA 
B0M;R, Barry B., Ki: 

Gainesville, Fla. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

C'hattanooga, Tenn. 

Greensboro, N. G. 

Miami, Fla. 

Eighth row: 

BOYLE, William Johnston, Ir. 
BRACY, Christopher William, (-).\ 
BRADLEY, Samuel Mauney 
BRAUC:H, Catherine Carol 
BRFDI:NBERG, Allan Nelson, i:N 

Panama City, Fla. 

-Mlentown, Pa. 

.Arlington, Va. 

Ridgeuood, N. J. 

Bethany, Conn. 

Ninth row: 

BRIC:K, Jeffrey Michael, ZBT 
BRIENZA, Nicholas 
BRICiMON, Mary Kathlyn 
BRIM, I'hoinas Pittman 
BRINDLE, James H. 

Prairie X'lllage, Kan. 

College Park, Md. 

Chandler, N. C. 

Mount Airy, N. C. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 


First tow: 

BRINTON, Margo Ann 
BRlSCOi:, Mary Louise 
BRin ON, F.rncst Loring 
BRODli:, George Frankhn 
BROW N, Linda WVatt, KAH 

Hanover. Fa. 
( iolunilms, Ohio 
Kingsporr. Tenn. 

Rohin.s A.F.B., Ga. 

Riviera Beach, Fla. 

Second Toic: 

BROV\NLOW, lane Flizal.eth 
BROWNSFFIN, Kenncrli R.. /B F 
BRUC:F,. James W. 
BRVANF, Michael Lee, <i>A(-) 
BUCK, George Stephen, KA 

Third row: 

BUFFINGTON. Joan Kathlyn 
BUNCH, Charlotre Anne 
BURNS, Stanley 1 heodnre 
BURTON, Richard Spencer, I'.X 

.Me.vandria, \'a. 

|-.\anston. III. 

\\ ihiiingttm, Del. 

C'ocoa, Fla. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

C^atonsville, Md. 

Arte-sia, N. M. 

Racine, Wis, 

King.sporr, Tenn. 

Honeoye FalLs, N. Y. 

Fourth row: 

BYFRS, Maribcth, A* Winston-Salem, N. C. 

BYF.RS, 1 homas Burwell Forest City, N. C. 

CA.MPBFLL, lohn Laurence, A1'<1> Waynesboro, Pa. 
C:AMPBF:LL, "Stephen F.d« ard, HKA Barre, Vt. 

CAREW, Joan F., AAII \\ ilmington, Del. 

Fifth row: 

CARLTON, Cynthia D., AF Charlotte, N. C. 

CARNEY', Eugene Joseph, K- (Charlotte, N. C. 

CARPENTER, Thomas Sheridan, AT!.' 

Attleboro, Mass. 
CARRUTH, Carolyn Elizabeth, AAA Houston, Tex. 
CARRUTHFRS, Robert Bruce, AXA 

C'learwatcr, Fla. 

Sixth row: 

CARSON, Edith Fane, AF 
CARTER, Rilla Louise, AXQ 
CAR'IY, James Byron, Jr. 
CAVALARIS, Pamela Anna 
CHALK, Dorothy Squires, .W! 

Pilot Mountain, N. C. 

C(immerce, Ga. 

Dre.xel Hill, Pa. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Morehcad City, N. C. 

Sfzrnth row" 

CHAMBERLAIN, Christine, KA0 Scarsdale, N. Y. 
CHAMPION, M. Julia Wilson, N. C. 

CHANDLER, Margaret Hays, AAII 

Lookout Mountain, Tenn. 
CHANEY, Stephen Gifford Raleigh, N. C. 

C;HAP.\1AN, Walton Ford, HK* Washington, D. C. 

Eighth row: 

CHEETWOOD, John Simmons 

Bowling Green, Ohio 
CHEN, Melvin C. Falls Church, Va. 


Wassanaar, Netherlands 
CLAIRMONT, Nancy Eileen Lynchburg, \'a. 

CLARK, Kenneth Paul Silver Spring, Md. 

Ninth row: 

CLATANOFF, William Bernhard, Jr. 

Annapolis, Md. 
CLAY, James Hill, Jr. Winston-Salem, N. C. 

CLAYTON, Carlyle Andrew, HK* Raleigh, N. C. 
CLYDE. Samuel Dyer III, Ki; Wallmgtord, Pa. 

COBLE, Thomas Stanley III, <I'K1 Durham, N. C. 



First Toir: 

COBURN, Carol Ann, KA 
COFFIN, Patricia Jean, KAW 
COHEN, Michael Edward 
COLEMAN, Theodore Hamilton, 

CONANT, Talitha Nute 

Second row: 

CONE, Arthur Read III, HK* 
CONN, Claudia Gail, I'K 
C:OOKE, Lide Taylor 
COOPER, Susan Elizabeth 
COPLEY, Cathv Jane, AAA 

Middletown, Ohio 

Dover, Del. 

Pulaski, Tenn. 


Jacksonville, Fla. 
Durham, N. C. 

E. Aurora, N. Y. 

Columbus, Ga. 

Shrevcport, La. 

Houston, Texas 

Miami, Fla. 

riiird roir: 

COUCH, Lois Ruth Cioldshoro, N. C. 

t:OVINGTON, Donald Kingsley III Baltimore, Md. 
C:RAN.\1ER, Carol Jean Zanesville, Ohio 

C:RA\'ER, Leonard Hoyle, Jr., <l>Ki: 

Lexington, N. C. 
CRESWELL, Jay Stanley, Jr. Orlando, Fla. 

Fourth roil-: 

t^RUMLEY, Carole Anne Johnson City, Tenn. 

CRUSE, Charles Howard, AH* Kingsville, Md. 

CRUTCHER, Bryan Patterson, ATQ 

Charlotte, N. C. 
CULBRETH. John Thomas Lumberton, N. C. 

CUNNINGHAM, M. Suzie Houston, Texas 

I'iftli rote: 

DALl ON, Diana S., A* Oakland, C;alif. 

D.ANIEL, Dorothy Houston, ZTA,V\'ashington, D. C. 
DANLUCK, Thomas Richard, <I>K'J'- Miami, Fla. 
DANNER, Marv Fay, AXO Cincinnati, Ohio 

DANTZLER, .\iartha Lou Columbia, S. C. 

Sixth roiv: 

DAVENPORT, James Purnell, 
DA\'ENPOR I, Richard Drake 
DAXIDSON, Leslie La Verne, AF 
1).A\'IS, Douglas Edward 
DECKO, Kenneth Owen 

Seventh roi 


Garner, N. C. 

Evanston, 111. 

Kennctt, .Mo. 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Windsor, Conn. 

Durham, N. C. 

DEES, Nancy, KKF 

DkRAMUS, Judson Davie, Jr , KA 

Winsron-Salem, N. C, 
DEYO, Truman Eugene II, KH Oxford, Md. 

DEZFLL, Helen Elizabeth Jacksonville, Fla. 

DICKINSON, Roger Bradley, DN Lancaster, Pa. 

Eighth row: 

DILLARD, Nancy Gayle 
DISOTELL, William James 
DODSON, Kemper Harlan 
DOERNER, Susan Emilv, AAA 
DOUGLASS, Michael Albert 

Lynchburg, V^a. 

Youngstown. Ohio 

Nashville, Tenn. 

("ineinnati, Ohio 

Frankfort, Ind. 

S'inth roi 

DOW DY, W illiam LeRoy 
DOW LING, Louise Helen, KAW 
DOYLE, William Stowcll 
DRAKE, Arthur Spurgeon 
DUNN, Jeffrey David, i;N 

W inston-Salem, 

N. Y. 


N. C. 


First row: 

DUNN, Karen Ellen 
DURANA, Joan Christine 
EAGLE. Rohcrr Lee, WX 
EAS EBURN, loscph R., i;AE 
EDGAR. Ehonias Richard, Al 

Harrsdale, N. Y. 

W'inston-Salcni, N. C. 

Gharlotte, N. C. 

GoluEiilm.s, (ia. 

'1> Athens, Tcnn. 

Second row: 

I'.DGER'EON, Donald Kenneth, N. C. 

EDW ARDS, David |oel Durham, N. C. 

EHLERS, Bonnie Lu Fittslmrgh. Pa. 

EKX'ALL. X'ictoria Jean, KA Winston-Salem, N. (-. 
ELBERT, Jaret Gay New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Third row: 

ELLIOTT. James Wrnon Los Altos, Calif. 

ELLIOTT. William Bradley Hartsville, S. C. 

I'.LI.IS, Alfred Jennings Houston. Texas 

EMSLIi;, Richard Harvey. H.X Aiken. S. C. 

ENDSLEY, Margaret McQuiddy, KA 

.Sweetwater, Tenn. 

Fourth row: 

ENGEL, Darby Ann Chapin, S. C. 

ENGLE, Russell Wesley Evanston. III. 

ERTZINGER, Richard Paul. A lA. Washington, D. C. 
ERVIN. Rcid Hart, RK* \lrginia Beach, \'a. 

ESTABROOK, Watts Tracv 111 V\'ashington, D. C. 

Fifth row: 

EVANS, Jan Marion, <I>K1' 
EVANS, Janet Ellen 
EVANS, Jean Ury Turner 
EVANS, Sara Margaret 
EWALD, Ercderick Harvey 

Signal Mountain, Tenn. 

Sumter. S, C. 

Camp Hill. Pa. 

Dallas. Texas 

Ki; Birmingham, Mich. 

Sixth row: 


EALK. Elizabeth Owen 


EAY. Wavne Richard 

EENSl ERMACHER, Geoffrey M. Drexel Hill. Pa. 

Durham, N. C. 

Baton Rouge, La. 

Petersburg. \'a. 

X'lllanova. Pa. 

Seventh row: 

EENTIN, Gary Steven, ZBT Hollywood, Ela. 

FL\CCONE. Katherine Ann. ZTA Suniniitt. N. J. 
EIEDOREK. Bonnie Lee, A* North Canton, Ohio 
FIELDS, Glenn Dixon Annandale, \'a. 

PITTS, Sanford Burton III Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Eighth row: 

FITZGERALD. John Edmund 
FLECK. Donald Randolph. HX 
FLEMING, Robert Fuller 
FOLTZ, John A. 

Xitith row: 

FORBES, Sue Black 
FORD, Hoyt Stan, UN 
FORTH, Paul Taber, Jr., :i;N 
FOUSHFE, Sam Leon, Jr., PIK'I' 
FOWLER, James T. 

Altavista. \'a. 

Gillette, N. J. 

New York. N. Y. 

Henderson. N. C. 

Watertown, Conn. 

Wilson. N. C. 

Lunibcrton. N. C. 

Roanoke, \'a. 

Durham, N. C. 
Long Beach. Calif. 



(^ m O P f> 

D. /^ C ,(f^ 


^ W 6 ^ 

f ^ 


Fj>« mil-: 

FOU ;1.L:R, Preston LeRoy III, *Ki: Durham, N. C 
FOV\LER, W inston Gordon USAF Academy, Colo 
FOXLFV, Griffith \\ iHiam, HKA \\eston. Conn 

FRECH, Laurence Willard Florham Park, N. J 

FREEMAN, John R., BOO East Granby, Conn 

Second roiv: 

FREEMAN, Millard Phillip, IIKA Asheboro, N. C- 
FURNESS, Ihomas Adrian 111, Al* Enka, N. C- 
FUTCH, Judith Anne Burgaw, N. C. 

GALAN1\ Denise. A<J> Falls Church, Va. 

GATES, Ronald Monroe, nK<I) Newport News, \'a. 

Third tow: 

GlERING, John Louis, Ki] Poland, Ohio 

GlLBERl , Ripple Erskine, AAA Washington, D. C. 
GILBERT, Terry Scott Phoenix, Ariz. 

GILES. Harlan Raymond Avondalc Estates, Ga. 

GILES, V\ illiam Eenn, IIKA Savannah, Ga. 

Fourth Toir: 

GILLIATT, Cynthia Ann 
GILl.M.AN. Lvnn 1 homas 
GITHENS, Nancy L. 
GODFREY, Jean Lee 
GOLDMAN, Joel Alan, ZBT 

Fifth Tozi': 

Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Decorah. Iowa 

Durham, N. C. 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Kingston, N. Y. 

GOODMON, James Fletcher. IIKA Raleigh, N. C. 
GORDON, Thomas Frederick, Jr. Durham. N. C. 
GOSNELL, Jack Leslie, Jr., Ai;* Aiken, S. C. 

GOTER, Carol Jean, ilK Kings Mountain, N. C. 

GR.AGG, Margaret Elizabeth Boone, N. C. 

Sixth wzv: 

GREEN, Alma Sue 
GREENE, \irt.Mnia Louise. AXU 
GREENWOOD, Phyllis Kent 
GRE(;ORY, Linda Belle 
GRI\1E,S. Judith Anne 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Birmingham, ."Via. 

Enka, N. C. 

Sandston, \'a. 

Orangeburg, S. C. 

Sezenth toiv: 

GRL\L\I, Karen Louise 
GROSS, Patricia Cann, HB* 
GROSS, William Hunt. <I>K>r- 

Short Hills, N.J. 
Cincinnati, Ohio 
Los Altos, Calif. 
.Monterrey, .Mexico 

GUTEKUNST, John William, i-W Sellcrsvillc, Pa. 

Eighth row: 

GUTH. David Lee 
GUTHRIE, Richard Y. 
HABBERSEl T, Linda Dian 
HACKETT, 1 homas S. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Oak Park, III. 

.Media, Pa. 

Lampeter, Pa. 

HAINES, Margaret Bower, AAA South Bend, Ind. 

Ninth row: 

HALFMAN, .Marsha Anne Chatham, N. J. 

HAMMOND, Evelyn Braden Nashville, Tenn. 

H.'\RDY, Robert Gerald, K.4 Amman, Jordan 
HARMON, Perry Grant, Jr., B0n 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

H.ARNED, Margaret Lynn Louisville, Ky. 


First roiv: 

HAROLD, i:).ivid William 
HARRIS, Michael Nathan. 715 1 
HARRISON, Kenton Frank, Jr., Kl 

Williamsvillc, N. Y. 
HARRISON, Ru.ssdl Sage. Jr. 
HARRY, Karhrvn Alice 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Hamlet, N. C. 
Bluffton. S. C. 

HART. Judy Lee, KA0 Atlanta, Ga. 

HA rSC;Hl':K, lacqueline Michelle Circensboro, N. G. 
HAX'F.RICK, Stephen Drake, A lA Coliimhus, Ohio 
HAY, Howard C:iinton, i;.\ Bethcsda, Md. 

HAYDEN, Maryloii Melbourne, Fla. 

Thiril row: 

HFBBLE, Lorene Douglas, IIB<1> Swarthmore, Pa. 

HI'.GK, Janet Elizabeth X'allev Stream, N. Y. 

HFir/ENRAl F.R. \\ ilson Drew (irove Clity, Pa. 
HF.LBIG, Herbert Russell Scarsdale, N. Y 

HELLEKSON, Judith Bea Greenville, Del. 

Fourth row: 

HEELER, Julian Dean Charleston, S. C. 

HELSTEIN. Richard S., ZBT .Scarsdale, N. Y. 

HEMPHILL. Brcnda Stewart Baltimore, Md. 

HENRY, Elizabeth Michael Coral Gables, Fla. 

HERITAGE, William Holt, Jr., A7 A Arlington, Va. 

Fifth row: 


HEROY. John Newman, Jr 
HER\ FY, .Martha Cole 
HEU ES, Jeremy Joan, IIB<I> 
HICKMAN, Scot George, A FA 

Sixth row: 

HIGDOX, Wendy Lou, KA© 
HIGH. Harold G., Ai]* 
HR;HE, William Patterson, IIK<I> 
HILEY, Elizabeth Anne 
HILL, Charles Alfred 

W. Haven, Cbnn. 

X'lllanova, Pa. 

Bethesda, Md. 

Maumce, Ohio 

DeKalb, III. 

State College, Pa. 

\'allcy Forge, Pa. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Rockville, Md. 

Akron, Ohio 

Seventh row: 

HILL, Lester, <l>Ki; Williamsville, N. Y 

HHCHCOCK, Bouldin Stark, '['Kl" 

Lawrencevillc, N. J. 
HOAGLIN, David C., ©X South Charleston, W. Va. 
HODGES, Carol Ann, AAH Westfield, N. 1. 

HOELLE, Mary Christine, HB* Marblehead, Mass. 

Eighth row: 

HOLBER1 , James Marion, <l)Ae Lookout Alt., Tenn. 
HOLDER, John Fleming, "tAH Highland Park, III. 
HOL.MES, Frances Lynn, AAII 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
HOMER, Edwin Nick, <I>K>I" Wilton, Conn. 

HOOKER. Elizabeth Kinard, AP Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Ninth row: 

HOPKINS, David Harold, B0n Durham, N. C. 

HOPPE, Jean Ellen, AAH Alexandria, Va. 

HORTON, Elizabeth Ann Arlington, Va. 

HOV\ARD, Dervl Johnson Raleigh, N. C. 

HOWARD, William Kenneth, Jr. Durham, N. C. 



^ p f% p^ 



First rov:: 

HOW SKR, Roy Davis, i:X Myrtle Ikach, S. C. 

HUFFMAN, Frank Jackson, Jr., ilN 

Blvthcville, Ark. 
HUFFORD, William Clarence. SN Pensacola, Fla. 
HL'CIHFS, Roger William, SX Summit, N. J. 

HUl CHINS, Melissa Ann, KAO Terre Haute, Ind. 

Secoiiil roil'.- 

HYBARGER, Charles Patrick. i:X Beltsville. Md. 
K:FLAND. Steven D. Syosset. N. Y. 

IMFRSHFIX. Allen W. Miami. Fla. 

INCE. Ann. KA(-) Houston. Texas 

INGRAM. John Edgar. nK<J> Garden City, N. Y. 

riiir,! WW: 

1AC;KS0N. Janice Claire 
lACKSON. Jay W.. AD* 
■|AC;OBSFN. Mardi Lee 
II.FFORDS. Uc.xter Lee. i;X 

IFNKIN.S. James Jav 

White Plains. N. Y. 

Petersburg, \'a. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Roslyn, N. Y. 

Greenville, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

JOHNSON, David Moise, HK* 
lOHNSON, Judith Harris 
lOHNSON, .Michael L., Ai;* 
lOHNSON, Sharon A., AF 
lOHNSON, Sue Wynne, AF 

Fifth roir: 

[ONES, Douglas Lamar, KA 
■|ONi:S, Edwin Lee. Ill 
JONES, Lois Catherine, AAA 
lONES, Margaret C^arnwath 
JONES, Susan Ellen, A<I> 

Sixth roiv: 

lONES, V\illiam Du ight, ATQ 
lORDAN, Charleenc Lance, -t.M 
KALE, Richard Bevins, Jr. 
KAUFE.MAN, Sidney Lloyd 
KAUFF.\L\N, Susan Lane 

Skaneateles, N. Y. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Arlington, Va. 

Short Hills, N. J. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Houston. Texas 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Shelby, N. C. 

Wallingford, Pa. 

East Orange. N. J. 

Richmond. \a. 

Wilmington. N. C. 

.\lebane, N. C. 

Ridley Park, Pa. 

Crystal Lake, 111. 

Seventh ro-iv: 

KAUFHOLD, Francis Frederick, ATA 

St. Croix, Virgin Islands 
KAUFMAN, John Pearse, <S>KZ Roanoke, Va. 

KAUSCH, James Walter, AKA 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
KEITH, Samuel John, A-'I' Nokomis, Fla. 

KELLER, Robert Jeremiah, A I A .Miami Beach, Fla. 

Fi^hth roiv: 

KELSO, Mary Lynn, HB* New Bern, N. C. 

KENNEDY. Eliza Jane. AAIT Shaker Heights, Ohio 
KENNEDY, Louise Brown Rules Creek, N. C. 

KI NNI l)Y, W Ellis, HK* Owatonna, .Minn. 
KERNODLE. John Robert. Jr. Burlington, N, C. 

SiHth roiv: 

KI'RZ, Leonorc 

KEl NER, Jack C. 

KINER, Frances A. 

KlNCi. David Hastings, Al"* 

KINNEY, I homas Roberts, ::i;X 

New York, N. Y. 

Hickory, N. C. 

.Madison. N. J. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 


First row: 

KINSEY, D. Roger Alhcrt, WX 
KNODi:, Chark-s Srcplu-n 
kOON. Crawford Brvan 
KOVAC, Karen T, KKF 

SyosSL-t, N. Y. 
Washington, I). C'. 
New Bremen, Ohio 

Hiekory, N. C. 

Indialantic, Fla. 

Smiiiii row: 

KRONCKE, Frederick George, Jr., <I>KS 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
KRONENFELD, Jcrrold Ernest, ZB 1 

Hendersonvdle, N. (-. 
KUNZ, Susan Margaret Pittsburgh, Pa. 

LACY, Carol Sue Tucson, Ariz. 

LADER, Phdip Patrick St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Third row: 

LAND, Katharine Northern Durham, N. C. 

LARSEN, Charles III, A lA Lakeland, Fla. 

LATIMER, Eleasc (Covington \\ inston-.Salcni, N. C 
La\'1A, Dennis Allan, KA Rahway, N. J. 

LAWSON, David Hardiiian, A TA Perry, Ga. 

Fourth row: 

LAWYER, Mary Patricia, KKT 

LeCRAFT, J. Karen 
LEFTV\1CH, Linda Allison 
LEVINE, Jane Rue, KAH 
LEVINE, Michael Henry, Ki; 

West Palm Beach, Fla. 

Oberlin, Ohio 

Cullowhee, N. C. 

Bethesda. Md. 

New York, N. Y. 

Fifth row: 

LEWIS, Harvie Huey 
LEWIS, Jean Frances, AAA 
LEWIS, Jeffrey Edward, IIK'I> 
LICH TY, Myron Roy, HX 
LIEBER, Todd Michael, IIX 

Sixth row: 

LIGHT, Frank Gristock, K- 
LIGON, Edward Stovall, AXA 
LINDSAY, Walter Hill, Jr., i'X 
LITTLE, Georgiandra, <t>M 
LOCKHART, Martha Anne 

Sevrnth row: 

LOSEE, Alan W., B0n 
LOW, Thomas Aiken 
LUCAS, Andrew John, SX 

Eighth row: 

LUNDRY, Karen Muriel, 
LUNSFORD, Dennis Lee, 
LUSK, Rodney Hammond 
LYLE, Susan Wendy 
MacLeod, Rod, Bwn 

Ninth row: 


Bessemer, Ala. 

Omaha, Neb. 

Delaware, Ohio 

Port Edwards, Wis. 

Lansdowne, Pa. 

C;(.llegeville, Pa. 

Manhasset, N. Y 

Hin.sdale, III. 

Honolulu, Hawaii 

Aiken, S. C:. 

Houston, Texas 
Damascus, Md. 
Durham, N. C^. 
Richmond, \a. 
Hialeah, Fla. 

Summit, N. I. 

Severna Park, Md. 

(nlllipoll.s, Ohio 

I law thorne, N. J. 

Chillieothe, Ohio 

MACOMBER, Mary Janet, AAH Waterville, Me. 
MAHLA, Frederick Tice W ilmington, Del. 

MALLEY, Kathleen Pendleton, Z TA 

Chevy Chase, Md. 
MALONE, Margaret Ann Alexandria, \'a. 

MANES, Michael Randolph, eX Alexandria, \a. 


^0 ''^. ^ p p 


^ ^ P /I P 

u^^' ^ry^ ^J r - 

^^^C ^!^ ^M 

First row: 

AIANNINC;, Donald Owen Arlington, Va. 

A'lANOl.A, Frank Albert Alexandria, V'a. 

MARIN, John Warren, KS Farrell, Pa. 

MARKS, Mary Ann Huntington, Ind. 

MARSHALL, Holcombe Tucker III Rome, Ga. 

Second roil-: 

MARSHALL, Julian Randolph, Jr.. 

MATHKWS, Louise Ann. IIB-I- 
MAI HKV\SON, James R., Jr. 
AlA'ITHBXS, Harriet Lcanna 


Durham, N. C. 

Hingham, Mass. 

Walhngford, Pa. 

Danville, Va. 

Batesburg, S. C. 

TlnrJ roil': 

MA I 1 III WS, Walter Sid, SIN 
MAY. M.inlvn 
MAVLS, ludith Carol 
M,:C:LKN"AHAN, William Lyon, 

McCOMB, Flizabeth Ellen, KKl' 

Parris Island, S. C. 
Franklin, La. 
.Meriden, Conn. 
<J>K '1' 

Hillsborough, Calif. 
Greensboro, N. C. 



Fourth roir: 

\1( CRFARV, Robert Hodge, AXA 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 
MiCULLFRS, Fdwin Randolph, AXA 

Durham, N. C. 
M. CULI.FRS, Linwood Arnold, f)X Durham, N. C. 
\U DOUGLE, Dorothy Ellen, AAH Charlotte, N. C. 
McGARRITY, David Michael, <i>K1' Trenton, N.J. 

Fiftli row: 

McGINTY, David Jackson, HKA C:harlotte, N. C. 
M( KKF, William Harold, KA Charlotte, N. C. 

M. NABK, lohn I homas II, KA Charleston, W. Va. 
M( .\ALLY, William John HI, RKA 

Ft. Benning, Ga. 
McPHERSON, Alexander Orlando, Fla. 

Sixth Toir: 

M< 1 K;HE, Carvn Lvnne, KAO Narberth, Pa. 

MFARS, Scott Olletti Ai:<l> Bolivar, Pa. 

MFFKS, .Marcia Kay Camillus, N. Y. 

MFHAFFEY, Peggy Jeannette Rockdale, Texas 

MENDENH.-YLL, Dianne Joyce, h<i> Johnstown, Pa. 

Sevntth row: 

MIWI'.. Michael James Dover, Mass. 

MIDLRA, Roger Bernard, IIK'J' Wilmington, Del. 
M11.LI:R, l))ann Mane Winter Park, Fla. 

MlLl.l'R, loan, KKF Annapolis, Md. 

MILLER, John Cleveland Hayes, Jr.,IIKA 

Mobile, Ala. 

Fi<;hth row: 

MILLER, Wayne Hamilton Arlington, \'a. 

MOCK, Frank ALicKenzie, K.-Y Los ,\ngeles, Calif. 
MOGER, S. Esther, IIB* Lexmeton, Va. 

MON I GOMERY, Jane Wise, AAIl Orlando, Fla. 
MOORE. William Brvan Charleston, S. C. 

Ninth row: 

MORALES, Edith .\L San Juan, Puerto Rico 

MORENG, James Robert, <1>A0 Ridgcfield, N. J. 

MORG.AN, Charles Eugene Asheboro, N. C. 

MORRIS, lohn Gideon, <t>Afc) Geneva, Ala. 

MORRIS, Robert Frederick Maitland, Fla. 


First roll': 

MORRISON. ,\1ich;icl Lewis 0;ik Ridge, Tenn. 

MOSS, Sara Frances. .\M\ W.isliington, N. C. 

MOXLKY, John Dean, Jr.. .\.\A Clearwater, Fla. 

MURRAY, Harry Murphy. Jr.. [IKA 

Huntsville, Ala. 
NADLFR. J. X'ietor, HX Farainus. N. J. 

Smmd rrnv: 

NASH, Thomas Hawkes III, H\ 
NFWBV. Fhonias A., jr. 
NFW MARK. Howard. FF'I' 
NFWSOMi:, Carol Anne 
NKWTON, Riehard iiurton 

Durham, N. ('. 

Richmond. \'a. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

I.a Habra, C'alif. 

I lagerstown, ,Md. 

Third roil:: 

NICHOLS, Barbara Carolyn, i;K Bay V'illage, Ohio 
NK'OLL, Christine. AAA C'olorado Springs, Colo. 
NORB^•. Laurence H. Osage, Iowa 

NORRLS, Katherine Cecilia Salisbury, N. C. 

NORRIS, Kenneth Farl, Al A Alexandria, \a. 

Fourth row: 

NORWOOD, Larry Randell. A I"A 

NURKIN. Harrv Abraham. A FA 
NUZUAL Linda Lee 
O'CONNOR, Fileen I heresa, AXU 
OMAN, Laura Virginia 

Lauderdale. Fla. 

Durham. N. C. 

Aiken. S. C. 

Atlanta, Cia. 

Scranton, Pa. 

Toledo, Ohio 

Fifth roiv: 

OSMUN, Richard George, UK* 
PADGETT, Ray William, Jr., Ai;<t> 

Spartanburg, S. C. 
PAGE. James Frederick Washington, D. C. 

PAGE. Robert Foster. HKA Rockv Mount. N. C. 
PARSONS. Donald Oscar Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sixth roil': 

PAICH, Teresa Ann, A All 
PAl TERSON, Sharon Kav 
PA'FION, David Drake. I'X 
PAYNE, Lura Rudisill, KA 
PENFIELD, C:ameron Wallace 

Honolulu, Hawaii 

New Canaan, Conn. 

Dearborn, Mich. 

Belmont, N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Seventh row: 

PENNINGTON, Charles William. Al'-I- 

C'hattanooga, Tenn. 
PERRY. Chrtord Webster. Jr.. BHII 

Wmston-Salem, N. C. 
PET ERSON, Sally Machcn, KKF Hyattsville, Md. 
PFIZENMAYER, Rickard Frank Rocky River, Ohio 
PHARR, Diana Louise. AAA Montgomery, Ala. 

F.iiihth row: 

PHII.BRICK. lamce Lynne 
PHILLIP.S. Elisabeth Leigh. I IB* 
PHILLIPS, (dcnn Patrick, ^KM' 
PHILLIPS, Katharine Allen, Z 1 A 
PHILLIPS, William Hart 

Fiast Cireenwieh, R. I. 

Durham, N. C. 

New Orleans, La. 

Memphis. Tenn. 

Durham, N. C. 

Ninth row: 

PHIPPS. Roy Mangum. |r. 
PK:KERINCi. Mary Elizabeth 
P1C;KETT, Anne Caldwell 
PIERCE, Peter Wood, AXA 
PIFER, Ronald Jan, OKA 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Bethel, Maine 

Durham, N. C. 




First roir: 

PIRTLE, Ronald Clayton, AS* Stone Mountain. Ga. 
PIXLEY, Stephen Snvder Batavia, N. Y. 

POLLOK, James Lawrence, HKA Robbins, N. C. 
POSTLETHWAn . Raymond AVbodrow, Jr. 

Durham, N. C. 
POTOCKI, Mary Jane, KA Winter Park, Fla. 

Stroud rrrd:: 

PRIDI AUX, Penny Hewitt, N. J. 

PRIMM. Richard Kirbv. <I>Ki; Thomasville, N. C. 
PROCTOR, Marcia Joellvn, ZTA Athens, Ga. 

PURNELL, Frederick, Jr., 0X Norwood. .Mass. 

P^■M•:. Robm David, 0X Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. 

Third roiv: 

RANDALL. David Stewart. Jr., ATU 

New York. N. Y. 
RANKIN. Rosalie Annette, A.XU .Arlinjiton. \'a. 

RAY, Carolyn Lcnora Burnsvillc, N. C. 

R.^Y, Michael Evan Nashville, Tenn. 

REEYES, Sara Kathryn, KA6 Atlanta, Ga. 

Fourth roil': 

REICHMAN, James Alexander, Ar* 

Washington, D. C. 
REKAIT,. Harold Louis Annapolis. ,\Id. 

REPASS. Randolph Kent Norwell, .Mass. 

REU EER. Jerilvn G., OB* Wcxtord. Pa. 

RI;YLING. Theodora R. Roslyn, N. Y. 

Fifth row: 

REYNOLDS. Susan \'. 
RICE, Carol Ann 
RICE, Sheila S. 
RIDENHOUR, Robert Burks 
RITTER, Martha Lucille, <I>M 

Levvisville, N. C. 

Milledgeville. Ga. 

Riverside, Conn. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Saratoga, Calif. 

Si\th nni: 

ROBER I SON. David Fudge Pittsrield, .Mass. 

ROBER I SON, James Hoge. *K T Bethlehem, Pa. 

ROBINSON, James T. Baltimore, .Md. 

RODRIAN. Susan Kav Evansville. Ind. 

ROC;i:RS. Charles Henry Lockhart. Fla. 

Sei-mth rou-: 

ROGERS. lohn Stuart, SAE Gainesville, Ga. 

ROMP. Walter Gary Avery. Ohio 

ROPER. E. Rebecca, KKF McLean, Va. 

ROSIR. .Antoinette Camillc Washington, D. C. 

ROW L.\ND, Suzanne Elizabeth, KA Sumter, S. C. 

Fii^hth roii:: Y. Carol J. 
RLDIN. John Jesse III 
RUDOLF, ludith Anne 
RUPP. Daniel Robert. <t>AH 
RLPP. Glenn N.. A lU 

.\';///// roir: 

SALINGER, Jill Hudson, KA 
SALTER, Mark Heath 
SAMP.SON, Eleanor A. 
SAPP, Karen Lewis, ZTA 
SAPP, Robert Holmes 

^\'cst(>ort, Conn. 

Durham, N. C. 

Neenah, W is. 

Columbus, Ohio 

Partridge Run, N. J. 

Durham, N. C. 

Galveston, Texas 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Leaksville, N. C. 

Maplcwood, N. J. 


First row: 

SAW'VKR, Marrha lane, KA0 Elizabeth City, N. C. 
SC;HK:K, Custav Albm, ATA Ahllvillc, N. J. 

SCm.OSSI-R, Haul Michael X'irgiiiia Beach. \'a. 

SC;HMlI)r. Barbara 1 .ee. KA Scarsdale, N. Y. 

SCHUMER, Dennis Robert, 1 E^l' Glen Burnie, Md. 

Second roii': 

S('OTT, Elisabeth Carolyn 
SC:On , Julia Ann 
SC:0 IT, Watson T, I'X 
SCRIBNER, Hillis Mairy, A-l> 

SEAHOLAl, I'.hzabeth Ann 

Rock Hill, S. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

C;hevy C:hase, Md. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Third row: 

SELE, Michael Marvin 
SESSOMS, Howard Clitton 
SETTLEMYI'R, W illiani B.nd 
SEYMOUR, William Martin 
SHACKFORD, James Hilliard. 

Et. Lauderdale. Fla. 

I.umbcrton, N. C. 

.Short Hills. N. J. 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 


Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Fourth row: 

SHARP, Christopher Patrick New York, N. Y. 

SH.-^RP. Robert Randolph Wilmington. Del. 

SHEARON. Elder Leconis Memphis, Tenn. 

SHERRARD, Ehomas Johnson. <I>KS 

Pompano Beach, Ela. 
SHERRILL, William Franklin, KA 

W'inston-Salem, N. C. 

Fifth row: 

SHIVES, Aubrey Courtney. 

Jr.. Al"'l> 

SHORE, Carey Deane 
SILVT^R. Martin David. ZBE 
SEMMONS. Douglas I'.dward 

Cireenvillc. S. C 

("harlotte, N. C 

Rock ford, III 

Silver Spring. Md 

Easley. S. C 

Sixth row: 

SIMMONS. Wilham Bruce. Jr.. i:X Mt. Airv. N. C. 
SIMPSON. Lucia Elisabeth, A<t> 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
SIMS. Larry D. Oklahoma City. Okla. 

SINCLAIR. I'imothy Anderson. KA 

Nashville. Tenn. 
SITTERLEY. Jean Elizabeth Bethlehem. Pa. 

Srirnth row: 

SLA I ER. Frank M.. ATD 

SLOCUM, Nancy Beth, IIB'h 
SMELTZ, Carol Jane, AE 
SMITH, Barbara H. 

Winter Park. Ela. 

Birmingham. Ala. 

C.lumbia. S. C. 
W ilmington. Del. 

Wcstfield. N. J. 

Eighth row: 

SMITH. Brian Campbell 
SMITH. Julie Anne, KKE 
SMI IH. Norman .Austin 
SMITH, Robert Kinscy 
SMITH, Robert Zane 

Ninth row: 

SNIDER, Richard Hoy, Jr. 
SNOW. Elizabeth B. ' 
SNYDER, Carol Ann 
SNYDER, Mary Ann 
SNYDER, Mary Elizabeth. AT 

C^hattanooga. Tenn. 

Springfield. \'a. 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Falls Church, \'a. 

Lyndonvillc. N. Y. 

Huntsville. Ala. 

Morristown, N. J. 

Boone. N. C. 

Darling, Pa. 



O p ft 

P fiS^ o 

SOUTHERN, Samuel Ogburn Raleigh, N. C. 

SPIX'K, Martha Lorajnc, "J-.V! Raleigh, N. C. 

SPI\'[:Y, Peggy Jolenc Oklahoma City. Okla. 

STANLF'.Y, Margaret Judith, AAfl Columbia, S. C. 
STANSBURY, Dale Guinn, KA0 Greensboro, N. C. 

Secotiii roiv: 

STARNS, Byron F.., >t>M-) 
SI AUKKPIR. Robert Flihu 
S lAUFFKR. V\ illiam Rov 
SI FAD, Nancv \\ hitc 
STECKEL, Martin Hall. Ai'* 

ThirJ roXL-: 

SIERLING, Lesley J. 
STF\"FNS, Barry Wade 
S I F\FNS, James Hervev, H.\ 
S1i:\\ AR I , Rodney Owen, IX 
SI ILES, Christopher Scott, AXA 

Fourth rozi': 

SI ONE, William Frazier. HK* 
SrOPPl I.MAX. John S.. ZAF 
SI ROUPF, Sandra Patricia. AT 
S I LBBS. .Sura Margaret. KKF 
S 1 UllSIRUP, Stanley Kirk. l.\ 

Carbondale. Ill, 

Rochester. N. Y. 

Louis\'illc. Ky, 

Durham. N. C. 

Hollywood, Fla. 

Wendell, N. C. 

Aiken, S. C. 

Baltimore. Md. 

Burlington. X. C. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Gold.<-boro, N. C. 

\\ ilmington. Del. 

C^harlortc, N. C. 

Denver. Colo. 

Rockford, 111. 

Fifth roii': 

.SI UEBXER. Jon Woodtord. .\.\A St. Louis. Mo. 

SURBAUGH. CJcorgcAnn. AX<2 Anderson. Ind. 

SU I HERLAXD. John David Port Clinton. Ohio 

SI II XOFF, Hendrik Gerard Port Chester, N. Y. 

I ARW A I FR. Xancy PeneloFC ZTA 

Harriman, Tenn. 

.SV-17/; Tcu^: 

lA'I F. lames Kr.ox I\\ Al* 
I AM.(JR. Richard Keith 
I AYLOR. W ilham Ralph 
I HACKRFY. Kent Dean. I'X 
I HOMA.S. Richard Stanley 

Bolivar. Tenn. 

Burlington. N. C. 

High Point, N. C. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Beaufort, S. C. 

Seienth niv: 

IHOMPSOX. Janet Mills. AAA Bellairc, Texas 

I HORXBURY. Elizabeth Helen 

Port Washington, X. ^'. 
I HORX'IOX. Fhomas Spruill Delrav Beach. Fla. 

I I.XSLEY. Ethel Marion, AAA Tokyo. Japan 

FODD, Brenda Gay Frederickrown, Ohio 

Fi'^hth roxi-: 

I RFDICK, Trafton. |r.. Kl" 
I RFXLER. \\ illiam Bernard 
1 RL'SI.CW . lohn Douglas 
I UC;KI;R, Xancy Anne 
I URNER, Flame Ward 

Pennington, N. J. 

Circcnvillc. S. C. 

Raleigh. X. C. 

Chestnut Hill. Mass. 

Baltimore, Md. 

XiNth Wii': 

lURXER. George Robert III. 'I'Ki: 

TURNER, Sandra jane 
I URXER, Suzanne Louise. AAA 
LROUHARI. James Burwcll III 
\ ACFXDAK. Stephen T. <t>Kl 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Carrizozo, X. .\L 

Wboster. Ohio 

Arlington. \'a. 

Scranton. Pa. 

Tenth ro-a-: 

\ ANDERBLOE.MEX. Richard Louis, Kl 

\anLANDINGHAM. David Jennings 

Lenoir, N. C. 

Jackson, .Miss. 
Atlanta, Ga. 

\-OLLAND. Craig Stevens, AS* 
VonSALZEN, Kirk Keyes, FIKA 

West Hartford, Conn 
\"OSE, .Martha Dunbar Sanford, Fla 

First Toiv: 

VVALDRON, Jonathan Charles, i:\' 

Mountain Lakes, N. J. 
W'ALKF.R, Beatrice Anne St. Petersburg, Fla. 

WALKER, Margaret Bates Durham, N. C. 

WALKKR, Samuel Austin 111 Birnnngham, Mich. 

W'ALSTON, Daisy Powell Tarboro, N.'C. 

Second TOii': 

WANLLSS, Julia McNeil, AAA 
WARl-lKLD. William Ross 
WARNER, Dav.J Michael, IIK'I' 

Springheld, 111. 
Maplewood, N. J. 

WARNER, Janet Lancaster 
WATSON, David, 0X 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Palm Beach, Fla. 

\'irginia Beach, Va. 

Third roil': 

WATSON, Susan Dale Long Beach, Calif. 

WEIDEMANN, Michael Thomas, ilAE 

Newport, R. 1. 
W EINHARDT, Lewis William, Jr., 1^'\> 

Baltimore, Md. 
WELFARE, Kathleen, AAH Winston-Salem, N. C. 
WERTZ, Kenneth Lee, HK* Springfield, Va. 

Fourth row: 

WEST, M. Lee Warsaw, N. C. 

WEST, Ruth Tinsley, ZTA Clark's Summit, Pa. 

WHELAND, Robert Clayton Chicago, 111. 

WHISNANT, Lynn ' C;harlotte, N. C. 

WHITE, Robert Marshall, <I'AH Arlington, Va. 

Fifth row: 

WHITE, Sarah Noyes, AAH Greenville, S. C. 

WHITEHEAD, Philip Grantham, HKA Tampa, Fla. 
WHITKNIGHT, Patricia Ellen Westfield, N. J. 

WHII LEV, Robert Beniamin, ^X Jack.sonville, Fla. 
WHITMORE, Gene Manhasset, N. Y. 

Sixth row: 

WIDELL, Robert Warner Balboa, Canal Zone 

WILCOX, Everett Hammock, -X Clearwater, Fla. 
WILKF'S, Kenneth Earl Huntington, W. Va. 

\\ ILLERT, Lorrame \'ee Forest Hills, N. Y. 

WILLIAMS, Alice June, KA Raleigh, N. C. 

Seventh row: 

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Kemper, AAH 

Cartersvillc, Ga. 
W ILLIA.MS, Keary Robert, ATQ Grundy, Va. 

WILLIAMS, Martha Lee Houston, Texas 

WILLIA.MS, Schuyler L., KKF Midland, Mich. 

\\ ILLIS, Mary Hazel, AAH Hickory, N. C. 

Eighth row: 

WILSON, Charles Edward, SX 
W ISK, Hiram Joseph III, HX 
WISHART, Elaine Florence 
WOBUS, Elizabeth Anne 
WOLTER, Carl Senning, <i>Ki: 

Ninth row: 

WOODARD, Dee Anne, KA 
WOODEN, Ernest E. Ill, ZX 
WOOLLEY, Eloise 
WRIGHT, Robm Ann, AXQ 
YATES, Earl Wesley, :SX 

Tenth row: 

YEATON, Richard Ivan 
YOUNG, Donald Francis 
YOUNG, Robert 
YOUNG, Susan Gaynelle 
ZEREN, John Charles, 0X 
ZIMMER, VVilham Allen, KS 

Evanston, 111. 

Gibsonville, N. C. 

L^nion, N. J. 

Belleville, 111. 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Miami, Fla. 

Houston, Texas 

Hamlet, N. C. 

Framingham, .Mass. 

Arlington, Va. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Towson, Md. 

Poland, Ohio 



Stuart McKaig, Pres. 
William Kenerly, \ ue-I'res. 
Guy Solie, Sec-Treas. 


J \N \\ HiTE, Pres. 
Lauren Homer, \ ice-Pres. 


.\L\RTHA Crutcher, Trecis. 


Alice Kimel, Pres. 
Maureen \Aard, Vjce-Pres. 
Brenda Sue Hardin, Sec. 
Gretchen Capehari, Treas. 


Tom Allen, Pres. 
Edward Brown, Vice-Pres. 


First row: 

ABKF,, Helen Lucille, A\U 

ACKKRMAN, V\illiain J;ieksoTi, WX 

ACRKE, Jackie, 7.TA Atlanta, 

ADUINGTON, Ann .Marie, KA Charlottesville, 
AHMANN, C;erald Black St. Charles, Mo. 

AITKEN, James LeMaster, *K '1'' Lincoln, Neli. 

Orlanilo, Lla. 


Second roiv: 

ALBRKCHT, Jerry Linn Fndicott, N. Y. 

ALC:OCK, Jane Moore New York, N. Y. 

ALDKN, lohn Thomas, Jr., <I'A(-) Rockville, Ind. 
ALDRUXiK, \'.rtrinia Kern Rocky Mount, N. C. 
ALFXANDLR, Pamela Gay, AXU King, N. C. 

ALEXANDLR, Randolph V.. ATA Evanston, III. 

Third row: 

ALKORI), Judith Eleanor, KA W'estport, Conn. 

ALLEN, Hollis Southport, Conn. 
ALLEN, Thomas Stringfield, I IK A Bnrlington, Vt. 

ALLEN, Margaret Ashby, iJK Richmond, Va. 

ALLEN, John Robert Arhngton, \'a. 

ALLISON, Nancy Elinor Riverside, III. 

Fourth row: 

ALPER, Harvey Paul Charlotte, N. C. 

ALTER, Carol Ann Toledo, Ohio 

ALl HOUSE, Sandra Louise, AXQ 

Swarthmorc, Pa. 
ALVAREZ, Richard Michael, ^KS Roanoke, \'a. 
AMERY, Joe Alan, ZBT Wilmington, Del. 

ANDERSON, Erik Marshall, BX 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Fifth row: 

ANDERSON, Jane Catherine New York, N. Y. 

ANDERSON, McCutchen Brooks, AXA 

Bishopville, S. C. 
ARMBRECHT, David Lee, &X 
ASKEW, Elizabeth Anne 
AUMAN, James Richard, *Ki; 
AVERHT, Richard G. Ill, Al"* 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Sixth tow: 

BA(X;S, William Jerold, IN 
BAILEY, Claire Grace, A* 
BAILEY, Hoyt Spurgeon, 5;N 
BAILY, Lorianne, KKF 
BALLEW, Steve Early 
BALUSS, Mary Eleanor, AP 

Richmond, Va. 

Hamilton, N. Y. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Centrcvillc, \'a. 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

Macon, Ga. 

Englevvood, Colo. 

Inman, S. C. 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Sevmth tow: 

BARGMAN, Alan Richard, 
BARHAM, James Eldred 
BARNE:S, Leroy Robert, Jr. 
BARRY, Thomas R., ZX 
BAR! LEI T, Mary Lee 
BAY, Barbara Ann 


Buffalo, N. Y. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Eairfa.x, Va. 

Tupelo, Miss. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Tampa, Fla. 

Eighth tow: 

BAYLIN, Eric Alfred Durham, N. C. 

BEACH, Lawrence Murphy, *K>r WcstHeld, N. J. 

BI'^ACH, Roberta Kay Winston-Salem, N. C. 

BEALE, David Brooks Cx-ntervillc, Tenn. 

BEALE, Delores Janeil, AAA Winter Park, Fla. 

BEAM, Michael Garey Westlake, Ohio 

Ninth tow: 
BECK, Jean Marie 
BECK, Laurence David, ZBT 
BFHNKEN, Kenneth Charles 
BEISCHER, Rose Marie 
BELL, James Douglas, Ben 
BELL, Susanna Marie, AAFI 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mexico (Jity, Max. 

Painter, Va. 

Pensacola, Fla. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

High Point, N. C. 

Tenth row: 

BELX'IN, Jeanne Love, ZTA Savannah, Ga. 

BENDER, Douglas Edward Frceport, 111. 

BENNET'F, Donald Edward Reisterstoun, Md. 

BENSON, Clark William II, UK* Murphy, N. C. 
BENSON, Craig Burgess, BMH .Memphis, Tenn. 
BENSON, George Goodwin, HK* Pittsburgh, Pa. 

iT^ ^ ify 

O ^ O 

^^ ^ ^ ^ p) 

^S^^^aV^ diM^M 



fs p p 

a ^ a ^ (^ p 

f^ P) f) ^ f ^^ ^ 

> i^. e> p m ^ 

f^ p n p o 

J5i c f" f!*^ r^ ^ 

BENSON, Jo, I1B<1> Richmond, Va. 

BERMAN, Richard Kenneth, ZBT 

Jackson Heights, N. Y. 
BEST, Alexander Hulvei, AXA Towson, Md. 

BETHEL, James E., BHII Rome, Ga. 

BIBB, Louise Randolph, <t'.M Charlottesville, Va. 

BINGHAM, James Carleton Kershaw, S. C. 

Srcond roil-: 

BIRKHEAD. David Kcchn Falls C;hurch. \a. 


Washington, D. C. 
BIVINS, William Pannill, Jr. .Maitland, Fla. 

BI.AKE, Robert Lincoln Durham, N. C. 

Bl.AKESLFiE, Carol Lillian Baltimore, Md. 

BLATl, Virginia Elizabeth 

Chatham, N. J. 

Third roir: 

BOEHM, Gerhard A. W. Huntsville, Ala. 

BOOEH, Lyndall Lee, KKF Atlanta, Ga. 

BOO! H, Michael Chaney \V Palm Beach, Ela. 

BOUCHARD, Elaine Marilyn, KA 

Springfield, N. J. 
BOUKNIGHT, Lillian Marie AV Columbia, S. C. 
BOVENDER, Jack Oliver, Jr., A.XA 

Rural Hill, N. C. 
Fourth row: 

BOW'P'N, Frederick Hardv Jacksonville, Fla. 

BOW ER, Pauline Hamilton, *,\1 Annapolis, Md. 
BOW ERS. Elizabeth Ann Wheeling, W. Va. 

I50VER, Brian Edward, eX Springfield, Mass. 

BOVLAN, Kathleen Ford, KKF New Orleans, La. 
BRAIBANTI, Ralph Lynn Durham, N. C. 

I-'iflli roil-: 

BRASHLI£R, Richard John, Jr., 

BRATER, Donald Craig, SX 
BRAUN, Jorv Lewis, ZBT 
BREEDLO\'E. Kendall Harold 
BRIDGE, Thomas Peter 
BRIGHA.M, James R., Jr., SN 


Geneva, 111. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Arlington, Va. 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Carbondale, III. 

Sixth roil': 

BRINKMEYER, .Mary Elizabeth, KA0 

Washington, D. C. 
BROCKETT, Peter Charles, ATQ 

Daytona Beach, Fla. 
BRODNAX, Lewis Meriwether, Jr., SAE 

Eutaw, Ala. 
BROOKS, James Clyde, Jr., 0X Atlanta, Ga. 

BROSKE, Stuart Page, "tA© Huntington, W. V'a. 
BROW N, Archie Wart, Jr. Morganton, N. C. 

Sivriith row. 

BROWN, Edward B., 0X Atlanta, Ga. 
BROWN, Louise Lambeth, AAH Charlotte, N. C. 

BROW N, Marv Loure, AAA Beatrice. Neb. 

BROWN, Rose \'irginia W. Columbia, S. C. 

BROWN, Sallie Louise, SK Hvattsville, Md. 

BROWN, Sheila Gayle Landis, N. C. 

Eiglith row: 

BROW N, William Baldw in, Jr. 
BROWNE. Charles Gerrall 
BRUHWEL, Roger Alfred 
BRYANT, Charles Alfred 
BRYANT, James N.. SAE 
BRYCE, John Stephen 





State College, Pa 

Kennett Square, Pa 

N. C. 
N. C. 

e, Ind. 

Ninth row: 

BUCK. William Peter Portland, Ore. 

BULLINGTON, Richard Earle Hollvwood, Fla. 
BULLOCK. Calvert Riggs, TE* Miami, Fla. 

BU.MGARNER, John Edmond, KA 

Lexington, N. C. 
BURCH, Barbara Anna. ZTA Edgewater, .Md. 

BURCHESKY. Kenneth Michael Utica. N. Y. 

Tenth row: 

BURLEY, Katharine Duell, <i>.M 
BURKE, Bettv E., KKF 
BURNINGHAM. Kent Sessions 
BURTON, Edward .Miles, ZBT 
BURTON, Judith Murdock 
BURTS, Richard Clyde III 

Richmond, \'a. 

Houston, Tex. 

Alexandria, Va. 

.Miami Beach, Fla. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

Davidson, N. C. 


Cannon AFB, N. ,\1. 

Elmwdod Park, III. 

Maxwell AKB, Ala. 

Rivcrton, N. J. 

Winnctka, 111. 
Tarboro, N. C. 

First Row: 

BUTLER, Karherinc Alice Chappaqua, N. Y. 

BU ILER, Warwiek Woods, Jr., Ai;<l> 

San Juan, Puerto Rico 
BU I I, B.irli.ira Shepherd Pensacola, Ela. 

BU r I ERWOR IH, Alvin Swepson, AXA 

Newport New.s, \'a. 
BUTTERVVORTH, Robert Stuart. UK* 

Richville, N. Y. 
BYRNE, Suzanne Barding New York, N. Y. 

Seco/hi roll-: 
CALDWELl., James Eugene, IIKA 

Memphis, Tenn. 
CAMERON, Jean Jatncson, d'M 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

CA.MPBEl.L, Barbara Carol 

C:A\1PBELI„ Dennis Marion 
CA A IFBEl. L.James Barry 
CAPEHAR E, Gretchcn Hall 
Third row: 

CARLILE, Catherine Jane, KKF 
CARLISLE. Louise Green. AAH 
CARLTON, Carolme Dearing 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Manhasset, N. Y. 
CARNEY, Robert Spencer, Jr. Memphis. Tenn. 

CARVER. Alexander Henry III. ATO 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Fourth row: 

t:ASEY, William Joseph 
CAS FEES, Stephen Henry, HX 
CAW LEY, ludith Ann. AAIl 
CHA.MPION. Jane Kirby 
t:HANCE. Frank Crawford 
CHARLES, Nancy Louise 
Fifth row: 
CHARLESW ORI H, Donald Rodey 

S. Pasadena, Calif. 
CHATHAM, Kenneth Dalc^AG 

Silver Spring, Md. 
CHILDS, Kathlynn Elizabeth, ZTA 

Alexandria, Va. 
C:HU.\1BLEY, Mary Louise Greensboro, N. C. 

CLARK, Carolyn \ an Duyn Alexandria, \a. 

CLARKE, William Linus University Park. Md. 

Sixth row: 

CLAUSET, Karl Harold, Jr. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
CLAYTON, Everett McCord III, IIKA 

Nashville, Tenn. 
CLAYTON, Jean Moore Asheville, N. C. 

CLEARY, Geraldine Ruth N. \ero Beach. Fla. 

CLIFF. William Alan. ATA Chatham, N. J. 

CLINTON, Barbara Brought.m, AAA 

.Memphis, Tenn. 
Sevfiith row: 
CLOSE, John Phelps 
t:OCKE. Norman Atwater, i^KH' 
COGGIN, J. Thomas. Jr., UK* 
COIL. James Hubert III. ATQ 
C:OLE.\L\N. .\larcia Ethel 

Arlington. Va. 

Big Pine Key, Fla. 

Elkhart. Ind. 

Danville. Va. 

Lake Mary. Fla. 

Fort Hood. Tex. 

New York. N. Y. 

Radnor. Pa. 

Elmira. N. Y. 

Mobile. Ala. 

Mooresville, N. C. 

COLEMAN, Richard Lindahl Jacksonville, Fla. 

Eighth row: 

COLEMAN, Samuel Fhomas, Jr., <i>Md 

Tulsa, Ok la. 
COLEY. Stephen Craig, AXA Washington, D. C. 
COLLIER, Vivian Houston, Tex. 

COLW ELL, Carolvn Kay, KA0 I.akcwood, Ohio 
C00C;LER, lohn Bee, KS Brooksville, Fla. 

COOKE, Ru.ssell Yale Greenvale. N. Y. 

Ninth row: 

COOPER. David Francis. IIK'F Norfolk. \a. 

COREY, Steve James, ATil Charleston, W. Va. 

COSLER, C^onstance H.. KA Columbus. Ohio 

GOTTEN, .Michael A. Fuquay Springs, N. C. 

(X)\'EY, Eunice Gelinc, ZTA Richmond, \'a. 

COW AR I, Dorothy Anne, KA Atlanta, Ga. 

Tenth row: 

COW,\L\N, .Mark Irvin 
C:OX, Abrani |ones III 
COX, Monty Wbodall 
CRAIG, Margaret Corinne 
CRATER, Helen Graves 
CRAW FORD, Jacqueline Ann 

Eau Gallic, Fla. 

Hendersonville, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

McComb, Miss. 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

Miami, Fla. 

fi^ P^ <^ P P 

^ fl P f^ a 


Q ^ ^ ^ §i ^ 


p Pi 

J? o p P ^ P 

First row: 

CROSLAND, Jack Wcathcrly, a>A(-) 

Dallas, Texas 
CROSSNO. Johnny Leon lintield, N. C. 

CROW, V\illiam Cecil, Jr. Arlington, V'a. 

CROWDINC;, Edward F. Ill, AH* 

Baltimore, Md. 
CROWTXL, Ann Leete St. Joseph, Mich. 

CROWELL, George Henry, <I'Ar-) 

Ponte \'edra. Ma. 
Second tow: 
CRUTCHER, Martha Shaekford, AAA 

Nashville, Tenn. 
CUBBISON, I'.duin Pritehett C;icar«ater, Ela. 

GULP, Rebecca Ann, KA Ciold Hill, N. C. 

CUNNINGHAM, Kenneth Earl, Al'<t> 

West Ro.tbury, Mass. 
CUTTER, Norman Craig Baltimore, Md. 

CUTTING, John Tindal, Jr. Charleston, S. C. 

ThiTil roiv: 

DACKO, Dougla.s .Mitchell, SN Monessen, Pa. 

l).M)SON, Dana Irving Ponipano Beach, Kla. 

DANIEL, John Harris.m, Jr., I'AE 

Washington, D. G. 
DANIELS, David L. Arlington, \'a. 

DARLAND, Jane Grcviston, AT 

Mason City, Iowa 
DARLING, Malcolm Breed Groton, Mass. 

Sparta, N. C. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Richmond, \'a. 

Casper, W'y". 

Chatham, N. J. 

Towanda, Pa. 

W ilmington, Del. 

Chatham, N. J. 
Santa Ana, Calif. 

Brookville, Pa. 

Kinnelon, N. J. 
Camp Springs, Md. 

Fourth roiv: 

DARR, Erances Payne, AAII 
DA\IS, George Edward, 't-KS 
1)A\IS, Holly V\il.son 
DA\'1S, Kathleen Anne 
DAVES, Laurel Rhea 
DAY'EON, Nancy E. 

Fifth roiv: 

DEAN, I. (iary, G\ 
DiCAPRIO, Jack Irwin 
DEEGAN, Sandra Jean 
DEEMER, Alexandra Jane 
DFMURO. Dehby, 7.TA 
Dl N ION, Dianna Lee 

Sixth row: 

i)E \'Y\T.R, Mary Elizabeth, IIB'I- Hartsdale, N. Y. 

DEWAR, Sam Davis, Jr., BWR Bethel, N. C. 

DICK, Erances Colelough Durham, N. C. 

DIE I /, Peter C, ATA Winnetka, 111. 
DIX'INE, Jennie Lou, AXQ Winston-Salem, N. C. 

DODDS, Ann Margaret, KAW Dallas, Texas 

Seventh row: 

DOM.MERICH, Rosemary Jeanne, KA 

Coral Gables, Ela. 
DONOHUE. Patricia Carol, AF St. Louis, Mo. 

DORSET T, Marion Nash, ZTA Mt. Gilead, N. C. 
DOUCiLAS, Margaret Ann Chew C:hase, Md. 

DRAPER. Darnel, |r., IIKA Winter Park, Ela. 

DUBIN, Alan Leslie, ZBT Baltimore, Md. 

Fighth row: 

DlBOIS, .\1o11v, riB* 

DUCKER. .Stuart Reiley, i'N 

DUCKEIl, Laura 

DUFFY, Edward loseph 

DUKE, Robert Lee 

DUNAWAY, David Harrv, IIK'I 

Birmingham, Mich. 

Davton, Ohio 

Ashcville, N. C. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Newsoms, Va. 

Xirith roi 

Jacksonville, N. C. 

DUNAWAY, John Marson, i:AE Rockmart, Ga. 
DUNSMORE, Carolyn Mary West Orange, N. J. 
DURLACH, Richard Stevens Columbia, S. C. 

DURREI'I. loseph Park Timpa, Fla. 

1)U IKO. Paula Helen, AXQ Little Falls, N. J. 

DYBDAHL, Rand Edwin, WX Wichita, Kan. 

Tenth row: 

I ARLE, Mary Elizabeth Dayton, Ohio 

I ARLi:, Mary Elizabeth, KKF Greensboro, N. C. 
I ASON, Frederick Jackson, Jr., HX Raleigh, N. C. 
I BBER I . Susan Marcia Leesport, Pa. 

IX^K, Linda Ann, KKF Baltimore, Md. 

EIXiER 1 ON, Charles Newton, Jr. 

Goldsboro, N. C. 


First row: 

FDGFRTON, lane Ellen 
KHRHARin, Rolf Frederick 
FlCHFRl. Martha Jane 
FLFFN, Martha, AXi 

ELLINGTON, Elizabeth Gill 

Marion, Ind. 

College Park, Ga. 

Akron, Ohio 

Hollyv\'ood, I'la. 


West Palm Beach, Fla. 
, A* Kittrell, N. C. 

Second row: 

ELLIS, Framp E., SN 
ELLIS, Peggy Jo 
EMFINGER, Carol Ann 
ENGEL, Wilson F. 
ERVIN, Sarah Ruth, ITB* 
EYSENBACH, Wendell Elliot 

Washington, U. C. 

Greenville, S. C. 

West Point, Ga. 

Annandalc, Va, 

Charlotte, N. C. 

W'inston-Salem, N. C. 

Third row: 

FAGAN, Brcnda Lynn 
FARRAH, Jere 1 iffm 
FED'NEY, Dorothy Lorene 
FEGLEY, Thomas Lee, TE* 
FF.I.DMANN, Peter, i]AE 

Granada Hills, Calif. 

Glen Cove, N. Y. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Leu'isburg, Pa. 

Lakewood, N. J. 

Sarasota, F"la. 

Fourth row: 

FINKLEA, Samuel Leon III Colunilna, S. C. 
FISHER, W'. Robinson Pittsburgh, Pa. 
FLEF-n-, Jack, ZBT Jacksonvdie, Fla. 
FLETCHER, Brcnda Flame MansHeld, Mass. 

FLINTOM, Sarah Ann 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Greensboro, N. C. 

Fifth row: 

FLYNN, Thomas Earl, SAE Bayville, N. Y'. 
EOLLIN, Jo Anne Dunedin, Fla. 
FONDREN, Frank Burkett, SX 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 
FORRESTER, Sandra Nadine Atlantic Beach, Fla. 
FOUKE, Judith Lynn Uayton, Ohio 
FRANKLIN, Emily Kaye Raleigh, N. C. 

Sixth row: 

ERASER, Walter Bayard Huey, B0n 

Old Hickory, Tcnn. 
FREDIANI, Dale Steven, SAE Manlius, N. Y. 

FRENZEL, James Charles Durham, N. C. 

FRIAS, Claudia, KA Virginia Beach, Va. 

EROHVVIRTH, Richard A. Fairfield, Conn. 

FROST, Jack Nowell 

W'inston-Salem, N. C. 

Seventh row: 

FROST, Marsha Lynn, KA Ridgevvood, N. J. 

FULLER, Ford Prioleau III, IIKA \'erona, Italy 
FULLERTON, Richard Sandlin 

W inston-Salcni, N. C. 
FUTRELL, Betty Brookes Lynchburg, Va. 

GADDIS, Geoffrey Beach Butler, Pa. 

GAHAGAN, Luther Powell, Jr., HX 

Savannah, Ga. 
Eifihth row: 

GALLOP, Marshall Aubrey Elizabeth City, N. C. 
GALT, Susan Thomas, KA0 

Pretoria, Rep. S. Africa 
GARDINER, Judith Kay, KKF Dallas, Tex. 

GARNER, Alice Lynne Rome, Ga. 

GARREFE, Bowman S., Jr., AXA Perkasic, Pa. 
GARRETT, Thomas Harris III St. Paul, Minn. 

Ninth row: 
GARSIDE, Nancy Jo 
GATEWOOD, Arthur Smith, A: 

GAUNT, David Hamilton, Al A 
GAUS, Elizabeth Ann, AXQ 
GAVV, Donald Stephen, (-^X 
GELLER, Roger Joseph, BHII 

Tenth row: 

GIBBS, George Edward 
GILES, Geoffrey Novash, i;N 
GILLESPIE, Winifred Ruth 
GLASS, Frank Walter, Jr. 
GNUSE, Mary Kathryn, AXQ 
GONE! , Richard Frank, i;X 

Chicago, III. 

Falls Church, \'a. 

Hadley, Mass. 

Bethcsda, Md. 

Arlington, Va. 
Brof>kline, Mass. 

Beaufort, N. C. 

Severna Park, Md. 

Franklin, N. C. 

Norton, Va. 

Bethel Park, Pa. 

Arlington, Va. 

P r^ ^ 

^ a ^ n ^.^ 


^' A (^ A P 


^tk£i^j^^. kiki^d.k 


9 p, ^ 

^ P Q 
A P» ^ (^ 

^* O i& 

GOODRIDGE, David Ransom Vero Beach, Fla. 
GOODYEAR, Glenn Johnson, SN 

Lumberton, N. C. 
GOTLIEB, Edward Marvin 
GOULD, Robert W. 
GRAGG. Judith Lynne. AAA 
GRAHAM, Robin Elizabeth 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Rocky River, Ohio 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Mascoutah, III. 

Miami Beach. Fla. 

Miami, Fla. 

Catskill, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 

Second row: 

GRANT, Edward Donald III Baton Rouge, La. 

GRA\'ES, William Thompson, ■I'Ki: Wilson, N. C. 
GREEN, Jade Noel Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

GREGORY, Claiborne B., <I>Ki: San Antonio, Tex. 
GRIER, Richard Lowrv Charlotte, N. C. 

GRIFFEl H, Betty Marie Greenville, N. C. 

Third row: 

GRIFFITH, William Patrick .Marion, N. C. 

C:RL\1, Carolyn Ruth Salisbury, N. C. 

GROSS, Richard Ruttcr Crantord, N. J. 

GRO\TS, Nicholas Ihomas Winter Park. Fla. 

GUDEN, Judith Creech, AF Babylon, N. Y. 

GURKIN, Janet Elizabeth Raleigh, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

H.^.-^S, Thomas Leonard, ATQ 

H.\GIST, Susan Lee 

HALE, Michael Kenneth. ZBT 

HALL, Patricia Elaine, ZTA 

HALLENBECK, Gerald Thomas 

HALLOWIXL, John Hamilton 

Fifth row: 

HAMBY, Sandra Alice Dobson, N. C. 

HAMILTON, Carol Ann V\illiamsville, N. Y. 

HA.MIL'I ON, Tyler Grant, ATA 

Chestcrland, Ohio 
HANES, Eldridge Copenhavcr, BOIl 

PEilftown, N. C. 
HANNON. John Robert, AD* .\laitland, Fla. 

HARDENBURG. Kathryn Aline, KKF 

College Park, .Md. 
Sixth row: 

H.\RDIN, Brcnda Sue Lancaster, S. C. 

HARLAN, Roberta Deann Columbus, Ohio 

HARMANSON, Betsy Hutton, AAH 

Arlington, \'a. 
HARRIS, Henry Paul Atlantic, N. C. 

FL^RRIS, Joe Frank, <I>A0 Atlanta. Ga. 

HARRIS, William Watson, ATA Memphis, Tenn. 

Seventh row: 

HASSLER, Diane Jane, HB* 

H.-\SSON, James Keith, Jr., i;X 

HASW ELL, Eddy S. 

HART, William j. 

HAUCHMAN. Ma.xme Elizabeth 

HAUGLAND, Charles Clayton 

Bogota, Colombia 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

Wayne, N. J. 

Durham, N. C. 

Aberdeen, Md. 

Seattle, Wash. 

Eighth row: 

HAVERFIELD, Marcia Mae Ring, AAA 

Lakeuood, Ohio 
HAYDOCK, John Spahr Atlanta, Ga. 

H.AYES, James Craig, SN .Marietta. N. C. 

HAYES, .Margaret Sue West Hartford, Conn. 

HAY.\L'\N, Joyce Lee, AF W inter Haven, Fla. 

HAYNES, Katherine Darreline Dallas, Texas 

Ninth row: 


Atlanta, Ga. 
HEBERLING, Jon Lcland, nK<l> .Mohne, III. 

HEM.MENWAY, Peter William, EKA 

Summit, N. J. 
HEMPHILL, David Courtland, KS 

Caroleen, N. C. 
HENDLEY, Joyce Clarisse, A.XQ Ocala, Fla. 

HENNEY, David Keith North .Merrick, N. "i". 

Tenth row: 

HENRY, Randall Albert, i;\' Topeka, Kan. 

HENSLEE, Judith Gwen West Orange, N. J. 

HERR.VIANN, Wtndy Elizabeth, AAA 

Oxford, Md. 
HESS, Jeffrey Bruce, 1"X Wilmington, Del. 

HIATT, Joseph Spurgeon III Southern Pines, N. C. 
HICKS, .Marion Laurence, "{"KT Ft. Worth, Tex. 


First Toiv: 

HIESERiMAN, James Edward 
HIGH, William Lank 
HILD, Marilyn Jean 
HILL, Harrv Kdu ard, Jr. 
HlLl,. Rutns Carter. Ai:<t> 
HINES, John Moore, 'I'AB 

Second roil': 
HINSON, Mollv Jo 
HIPP, Kenneth Bvron, 0X 
HI rCH, Robert Rnsscll 
HOCKKR, Beverly jean, AT 
HOIKIi:, Susan Irene, Z I'A 
HOFFMAN, David Stuart, i:N 

Decatur, Ala. 

Boone, N. C. 

Moncssen, Pa. 

.■\rhngton, \'a. 

Park Fore.^it, 111. 

Hou.ston, I ex. 

Whitevillc, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Milford, N. J. 

Littleton, Colo. 

Ale.xandria, Va. 

Arlington, \^a. 

Third row: 

HOKANSON, Dean 1 homas, Al A Bethesda, Md. 

HOLLINGSHEAD, Robert Lawrence 

Jersey City, N. J. 
HOLMES, Barry L. Tulsa, Okla. 

HOMER, Lauren Booth, AAA Pelhani, N. Y. 

HOPKINS, Shelton George Houston, Tex. 

HORN, Judith Cecelia Chappaqua, N. Y 

Fourth roiv: 

HORW'ITZ, Patricia Gail Atlanta, Ga. 

HOUCiHTON, Dudley Woodward Monroe, La. 

HOWARD, Penny Dianne, ZTA Durham, N. C. 

HOW IE, Robert George, Jr. Newport Beach, Cal. 
HOY, John Julian, -W'A Swansea, Mass. 

HUBER, David Garrett Indianapolis, Ind. 

Ormond Beach, Fla. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Pottstown, Pa. 

T ransfer. Pa. 

Caracas, Venezuela 

Leominster, Mass. 

Fifth roii\- 

HUCiGINS, Michael Olaf 
HUNNICU 11 , Bruce Alan 
HUNT, David, Arthur, IIKA 
HUNT, David Jeffrey 
HUNl ER, David L. 

Sixth roiv: 

HUNTING! ON, Richard, i;N Wayne, N. J. 

HURLER, Ellenmarie East Haddam, Conn. 

HYDE, Robert Todd, |r., BBH Atlantic Beach, Fla. 
lOBST, Frederick William, i;N Metuchen, N. J. 
IRWIN, Kathy Ann, KKF Midland, Texas 

JACK, Patricia Marie Levittown, N. Y. 

Seventh row: 

JACKSON, Grace Tyler Placentia, Calif. 

JACOBS, Mark Neil, TE* Staten Island, N. Y. 

JACOBUS, Everett Franklin, Jr. 0X Madison, N. J. 
JAMES, Margaret Louise, AF Charlotte, N. C. 

JARDEN. George W. Short Hills, N. I. 

JARRARD, Jerry Michael, AS* 

New Canaan, Conn. 

Eighth row: 

JENSEN, Paul Edward, eX 
JOHNSON, Annette Karen, i;K 
JOHNSON, Eduin Jcthro, <1>K'!' 
JOHNSON, John Douglas 
JOHNSON, Robert Alan 
JOHNSON, Robert Clover 

Ninth row: 
lONES, Carol-Rae 
JONES, Hamill Dice, Jr. 
JONES, J. Michael, Al Q 
JONES, Michael Fisher, AXA 
JONES, Rochelle Pamela 
JONES, Roy Bradley, SX 

Lafayette Hill, Pa. 

Hollywood, Fla. 

Springfield, Pa. 

War, W. Va. 

F'alls Church, Va. 

Durham, N. C. 

Madison, N. J. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Fairfield, N. C. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Tenth row: 

JORDAN, Robert Wood Tulsa, Okla. 

KARMIOL, .Mary Anne, AXU Garden City, N. Y. 

KAl ZBERG, Richard \\. Langlcy AFB, Va. 

KAUFFMAN, Bruce Lee, KZ AUentown, Pa. 

KEEN, Barbara Anne Vero Beach, Fla. 
KEEVER, John Francis, Jr., ATQ Asheville, N. C. 

a p o r» p (*^, 

f^ P ^ Q ^ 

9 P ^- f^ (% 

(S^ '■* 

^ ^ 

mk J^MrhAr^^AMlk 



jP ^ (^ O f^ ^. 

P T' ff^ p A 



F/rjr roir: 

KFIM, Alfred S., OX 

KI NDALL, Gene Roger 

Kl XKRLY, William Dudley, 

KI:N\FR1.V, John Charles 

Kl NWOR IHY, Dcane 

kl'^RN, Karen Louise 

Middlctown, Pa. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

^N Salisbury, N. C. 

Belmont, N. C. 

Center Square, Pa. 

New Orleans, La. 

Second wu:: 

KETTERING, James Richard, Jr., <I>A0 

Fairmont, W. \'a. 

Oak Park. 111. 
KILPATRICK, Judith Anne Akron, Ohio 

Kl MIL. Alice Ann Charlotte, N. C. 

KINCAID, Daniel Edward, OK* 

Bessemer City, N. C. 
KINNAN, Joseph Francis, KA Bradenton, Fla. 

Third roir: 

KIRK, Scott Montgomery Patterson Oxon Hill, Md. 

KISFR, Sylvia Diannc Landis, N. C. 

KLEIN, Doriannc B. Madi.son, N.J. 

KLEIN, Jane Lcc, AAA Darien, Conn. 

KLU IT Z, June C;arol Salisbury, N. C. 

KNO.X, Elizabeth Anne Alvin, Texas 

l-'oiirth roir: 

KNU'I SON, Carole. KA 
KOLL, Brenda Kristen, OB* 
KOXANZ, Jacqueline, AT 
KREGLOW , Alan Frank, Jr. 
KRIS I , Joseph Leonard 
KL'CK, Barbara Mane 

Fifth roir: 

KYLE, Albert Sidney, DK* 
LaALASON, Robert Barry 
I. A. MB, Harold L. 
LAMBERT, Glenn Earl, Jr. 
I.ANGSTON, X'lctor Ncnn 
LAPHAM, Samuel Pcyre 

.SV.V//; row: 

LaPOINTE, Jack G., QXA Charlotte, N. C. 

LARSON, Mary Anne Gloucester, Mass. 

LASLETT, Basil George Frederick, Jr., OKA 

F'ayetteville, N. C. 
L.ATTA, Robert Lester Randallstown, Md. 

LAUBER, Curtis Allan Drexel Hill, Pa. 

LAWRENCE, William Leroy Montclair, N. J. 

Seventh roir: 

LEACH, Richard McPhail, OK* 

Washington, N. C. 
LEAR, Robert T, HKA Fayetteville, N. Y. 

LEE, .Mary Dean Milledgeville, Ga. 

LEXFR'I ON. Kim. KA Norfolk, Va. 

LEW IS, Anne Marie, AXO Morehead City, N. C. 
LEW IS, Clarence Henry, Jr. Arlington, W. 

Millbrook, N. Y. 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 

I'nglewood, N. J. 

Washington, D, C. 

Broad Brook, C-onn. 

Watching, N. J. 

N. Arlington, Va. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Charleston, W. \^a. 

OKA Norfolk, Va. 

Henderson, N. C. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Eighth row: 

LEV\;iS, Donald Alexander, Jr. 
LF.WIS, Louanne Kriener 
I.INDEGREN, John Emory 
LIPE. Joseph Alexander, IIKA 
LIITLE, Dora Anne, AT 

Oswego, N. V. 

Durham, N. C. 

Mullins, S. C. 

Landis, N. C. 

Wadesboro, N. C. 

LIXINGSFON, John Scott, AXA Kensington, Md. 

Xi/ith roir: 

LOETUS, Kevin Wesley, SAE 

LORCH, Robert Knieling 
LUECKER, John Howard 
LUNSFORD, Ernest Jackson, Jr 
LUIW K:K, \\ illiam Roy. ZB I 
LYONS, Karlcn Ruth, AAII 

East Cleveland, Ohio 

Roanoke, \'a. 

V\ilmcttC; 111. 

Roxboro, N. C". 

Richmond, \'a. 

Sheffield, Ala. 

Tenth row: 

MABRY, Larry David Albemarle, N. C. 

Mac^DONALD, Sarah Harris, ZTA 

Scverna Park, Md. 
MACK, Johnny Joseph, ATQ Mooresville, N. C. 
.\l.\JOR, Nina Louise Washington, D. C. 

MALLAHAN, .Vlelinda Sue, A* 

Balboa, Panama Canal Zone 
MALONE, William Beniamin Alexandria, \'a. 


First roiv: 

MALONF.Y, Parricij Ann, A* 

MANN, lames D. 

MANN, Idlin l?LTtr.i[ii, ZBT 

MARKFi., Miriui K. 

MARSHALL, Ihoiiuisin Lcc 

MARTIN, Albert Pcrcr 

Second row: 

MARTIN, Jnmcs Addison, Ir. 

MA.SON, Linda Brown, 'I'M 

MA.SSKV, David S.indL-rs 

MA IlILWSON, lames Wall.icc 

.\L\ 11 111 W.S, Marv 

ALA IIHIKS, Carl Pnncc 

Third row: 

MAZZA, KflTrcy Paget Lantana, Fla. 

McALPIN, Malcolm Mitchell, <I>A0 Convent, N. J. 
McCAN'lS, Carol Margaret, AV 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 
McCARTY, Kenneth Scott, Jr. Durham, N. C. 

McCOLLUAL Douglass John, <t>\& 

Washington, D. C. 
McCREERY, Richard Allen, ATA Gaston, Ind. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Richmoiul, \'a. 

Sprmgheld, Pa. 

Ilillshoro. N. C. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Danville, \a. 

Yorktoun, \'a. 

Siinthrield, N. C. 

L\iulon\'ille, N. Y. 

Cireensboro, N. C. 

Sumnut, N. J. 

Fourth row: 


Andrew, Jr., AS* 

Newport News, X'a. 
McDonald, joe Howard, IIK* Atlanta, CJa. 

McFARLANF, Carolyn Summit, N. J. 

McGlNTY, Herbert Kendrick, 0X 

Washington, D. C. 
McINTIRF. William Ray Midland, Mich. 

McKAIG, Albert Stuart, <I>Ki; Atlanta, Ga. 

Fifth row: 

McKEE, Andrea Lvnnc Charleston, S. C. 

McKNlGHl, Judith I'.loise, SK Bradford, Pa. 

McMlLLEN, Michael t:arlton Wilmington, Del. 
McWlLLIAMS, Frederick Barry, IIK<t> 

Akron, Ohio 
MEANS, Christina Frances, A<I> Gales Ferry, Conn. 
MELLH, Nikki Jane Fairfa.x, \'a. 

Sixth row: 

MELSON, Janet Louise, AAA W'yomissing, Pa. 

MERCATORIS, Morris David, Jr., BHH 

Meadvillc, Pa. 
MF.RIAM, Melissa Lcc Durham, N. C. 

MERSEREAU, John Bradford, AS* Augusta, Ga. 
MESSIER, Pauline Judith West Orange, N, J. 

MEYER, Nancy Lynn, AXQ Temple Terrace, Fla. 

Falls Church, \'a. 

Metairie, La. 

F'anwood, N. J. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Allentown, Pa. 

Atlanta, CJa. 

Durham, N. C. 

Trappe, Md. 

C'olumbia, Mo. 

High Point, N. C. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Brunswick, Me. 

Seirnth row: 

MICHAEL, John Rhodes, KA 
MICKAL, Marie \irginia, KKF 
MILES, John Blair, <I>A(-) 
MILLER, Craig S. 
MILLER, John Cassel, Jr. 
MILLS, Sally Ingram, KA 

Eighth row: 

MITCHELL, Mary \astie 
MOCK, Charles A. 
MODLIN, John Frederic, <1>AH 
MONROE, Mary Eugenia, AT 
MOORE, George Daniel, A FA 

Ninth row: 

MOORE, .Martha Claire, A<1> Camden, S. C. 

MOORE, Sara Nell Granite Falls, N. C. 

MORRIS, Sarah Katherine, KKF Amcricus, Cia. 

MORRISON, Andrew Lewis, <1'A(-) 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
MORRISON, Diane Elizabeth Floral Park, N. Y. 
MOSS, Richard I'ilton Wyoinissing, Pa. 

Tenth row: 

MOST, Robert King, SN Canton, Pa. 

MUMFORD, Herbert U indsor Gaithcrsburg, Md. 
MUNSON, Kathryn Talcott Grosse Pointe, Mich. 
MURRAY, Katherine (i., IIB'I' Schenectady, N. Y. 
MYERS, Mark V\ithington, A TA Naperville, III. 
NADEL, Barbara Sherry New York, N. Y. 

f^ p CT\ i^. 

f P 9 ^: 

P ^ O f^ O 

a ^^ ^ /^ a. 

Mm i m^BS^m^^. mi:M2 ^^m 


f f» ^ 

rs ^ p p ^ ^ 

Q p a p f^ « 

pi p p ci o #^ 

p. a p p p j^ 

XASH, Rebecca Aldridge 
NAl ION'S, Michael Thomas 
NEHMS. Jeffrey Howard 
NEI.SON, Marsha Lynn 
NEVVLIN, \'ictoria Elizabeth 
NEWTON. Joseph E. 

Second roiv: 


NICKLESS, James Peck 
NIX, Katherine Sutton, KA0 
NOLFH, Irances Louise 
NOR IH, Joseph O., Jr. 
O'BRIEN, Jane Ashton 

Third Toiv: 

ODELL, Pamela Neepier, AF 
ODONNELL, William A., ATQ 
O'KELLEV, Ronald Lee, I'X 
0PPI;N'HEIMER, Robert Henry 
OR PEN. C^ay Sandra 

Durham. N. C. 

.Macon, Ga. 

Darien. Conn. 

Charleston. S. C. 

Randleman, N. C. 

Old Greenwich, Conn. 

Short Hills, N. J. 

Clemson, S. C. 

Kno.xville, Tenn. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

ORR. Peter Allen, ATD 

Fourth ro'ii-: 

ORX'ALD. Todd Busse. <I>A(-) 
0\\ ENS, Edward Johnson, Jr. 
OWENS. Louis Fairfa.x. Jr. 
OZAG. John William 
O/BOLT, Judv Grace 

.Maitland, E'la. 

Pottstown, Pa. 

Asheville, N. C. 

St. Louis, .Mo. 

Glenside, Pa. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

W yncote. Pa. 

Springfield, III. 

Richardson. Alaska 

Whaleyvillc, Va. 

.Marion. III. 

Walterboro, S. C. 

Fifth roiv: 

P-A( E. John .Sanderson. AS<I> Tallahassee, Fla. 

PACKARD, Robert Alan, Jr.. *K>F 

W inston-Salem, N. C. 
PADGETT. David Emerson Fayetteville, N. C. 

P.ACiE. Kenneth Thomas Wareham, .Mass. 

PAIN lER. \\ illiam Graham Fort Defiance, Va. 

PAL.MER. Phihp Gendron, i:\' Sumter, S. C. 

Sixth TOIL': 

PARKER. .Mary Julia. <1>.\1 Raleigh, N. C. 

PASOTTO, Frederick Watford Charlotte, N. C. 
PATE. Sara Elizabeth. AAII Rowland, N. C. 

PATTERSON, Barbara J. \\ ilmmgton, N. C. 

PATTERSON, Charles Greenwood III. ZN 

Lynchburg, Va. 
PATTON, \'icky Lee, AAH .\lcbanc, N. C. 

Seventh roii:: 
PAL'W, .Michael lohn 
PI ARLSI I'.IN. Leslie 
PECK. Donald Allen 
PERETT, William Gregory 
PERRY, Thomas Granger 
PE I ERLIN, Tatiana .Mania 

Fi^iitli row: 

PFEIFFER, Carl Frederick, 'I>A(-) 

Columbia, .Mo. 

.Miami Beach, Fla. 

Arlington, Va. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Durham, N. C. 

PFOHL, Barbara Ann 

PHILLIPS, Donald Arthur 

PHILLIPS. John Gray. IX 

PHILLIPS. Lawrence \'ince. Jr.. BX .McLean. \a. 

PHILLIPS. Paula Ruth, HB* Lakewood, Ohio 

iMorristown, N. J. 
Jacksonville, Ha. 
Silver Spring, Md. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Xinth roiv: 

PIERCY. Glenn Thomas 
PILLING, Cynthia Lynn, AXQ 
POL, George Jona, Jr. 
POPPENDIECK, Janet Elizabeth 

PORTER, Judy Ann, AAA 
POS r, Brenda .Mae 

Rochester. N. Y. 
Baltimore, .Md. 
Durham, N. C. 

Alexandria, \'a. 

Wilmington, Del. 

East Haven, Conn. 

Tenth roiv: 

POSE. Richard Edmond, Al A Houston, Texas 

PO I TER, Grafton .Moore, Jr. 

Shawnee Mission, Kansas 
POTTERTON, Carol Thayer 

.Avondale Estates, Ga. 
POWELL, James Lee Shelby, N. C. 

POWERS, Charlotte Anne Winston-Salem, N. C. 
POWERS, Ervin Townsend Bennettsville, S. C 


First row: 

PRANCF::, Norman Randolph 

BIoomfi(.-kl Hills, Mich. 
PRAl HER, Patricia loan Meadvillc, Pa. 

PRATT, G. Thomas,' Jr., BWII 

Northampton, Mass. 
PRINGLE, Ashmead Eorrester 111, BWII 

Charleston, S. G. 
PRITCHARD, Richard Halford Ware Shoals, S. C. 
PUTZELL, Edwin Joseph III, H.\ Ladue, .Mo. 

Second mil': 
RAMSEY, Erank David 
RANSBURG, Jean Elizabeth, KA 

RAPER, lulian Robert III 

RA 1 ELLE, Michael John, BHlI 

RAY, Mary Elizabeth 

Third row: 

REA.MER, Richard Rankm, I'X 
RECTOR, Rondall Charles, Kl 
REDDING, Rosemary I.eit'h 
REDINGER, Robert Paul 
REIDER, Richard Koons,<l>A0 
REILLY', Susan Jane 

Shaw AEB, S. C. 
Charlotte, N. C. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Barrnigton, R. I. 

Miami, Ela. 

Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Salisbury, N. C. 

Washington, D. C. 

Kensington, ,Md. 

Dover, Ohio 

La Porte, Ind. 

Garden City, N. Y. 

Fourth row: 

REUBEN, Wilhelmina Matilda Sumter, S. C. 

REYNOLDS, luha l.yn, A\U f:harleston. W'. Va. 
REYNOLDS, "Staton C:hrvst, Kl Piciua, Ohio 

RHOADS, Rebecca Ann, AAII Durham, N. C. 

RICH, Elizabeth Holmes, KKP .Milwaukee, V\'is. 

RICHMOND, Ann Louise, KA 

Et. Kn 


Fifth row: 

RIEDY, Robert Frederick, Ki: Allentown, Pa. 

RIGGS. Robert Thomas, (-)X .McKeesport, Pa. 

RINKEMA, .Marsha Lynn, KA Naperville, III. 
RIVERA, Phoebe Joan Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 

ROBBINS, Henry Haywood, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. 

ROBERTS, Patricia Anne, AAH Wilson, N. C. 

Sixth row: 

ROBERTS, Thomas Luther, Jr., 

ROBERTSON, Victoria Jean, KKI 
ROBINSON, Lindsay Opic 
ROCCHIO, Diane Leighton, KKF 


Ft. Lauderdale, Ela. 

Alexandria, Va. 

Biloxi, Miss. 

■Metuchen, N. J. 

Richmond, Va. 

Seventh row: 

ROGERS. Nora Lea. AAH 

ROMANO, Dennis Michael 

ROMIG, Bruce 

ROPER, Jane .McNeill, AF 

ROSE, John William, Jr., Al O 

ROSE, Marvin Bruce, Jr. 

Midland, Texas 

W inston-Salem, N. C. 

Wesrport, Conn. 

Annandale, Va. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Birmingham. Ala. 

Petersburg, \'a. 

Eighth row: 
ROSS, Alan L. 
ROSS, Alfred Kern 
ROTH.MAN, Bonnie Sue 
ROTHMAN, George K.. ZBT 
RUBIN. Hvman Svlvan, ZBT 
RUBIN, Peter Jonathan, ZB I 

Stamford, Conn. 

Elkin, N. C. 

New Hope, Pa. 

Oxford, Pa. 

Columbia. S. C. 

Bath, Me. 

Ninth row: 

RUGGLES, William Miles Columbus, Ohio 

RUMSEV, John A., Chatham. N. J. 

RUTENBERG, David Charles, OKA 

Jackson Heights, N. Y'. 
SAFFORD, Barbara Sheralyn 

Clarendon Hills. 111. 
SAL.MON, Helen Jane, ZTA Houston, Texas 

SAMMONS, Jack Lee, HK* Decatur, Ga. 

Tenth row: 

SANDS, Alexander Paul, SX Reidsville, N. C. 

SANDUSKY, Chad Bingly College Park, Ga. 

SAYER. Alan Brooke Charleston, S. C. 

SCARBOROUGH, Lynn Atlanta, Ga. 

SCHADT, Charles Frederick, Jr., B0n 

g t Memphis, Tenn. 
SCHENCK, Ralph Frederick " _ Avon, N. J. 

; ft, ^'^ B 

A ^ A P ^ 


m ^ P 

P ^' 1^ p P 



a m p jB f--^ 

f* i!^ r, p c^ 

Sf~i fv^ pT ^^ ^^ 


P A /^ P ^ P) 

^f ? ^ 1^ ^ 

First TOIL': 

SC:HIR0, Gregory \V. Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. 

SCHLUUFRBERG, Herbert Henry. 'I'K T 

Balnrnorc, Mii, 
SCHMIDT, Havard Ewin, KKP Louisville, Ky. 

SC^HMIDT, James Ross Potrstown, Pa. 

SCHORR, Stephen Arthur, ZBT 

SCHUERMAN, Karen Kay, A* 

Second roiv: 

SCHWAB, Joseph Richard i;N 

SC'OTT, Bernadette Frances 
SC:01 F, David Steele 
SCOFF, Kathy P. 
SCOTT. Michael Harlev, ZN 
SCOTT, Susan 

Third row: 

SEAMAN'S, Richard Eraser, 
SFRBFl.F, John Dorncr, OKA 
SHARRA F1 . luhe Marie, ZTA 
SHAW CiFR, Helen Martha, KKI' 
SHEPPARD. Margaret E., AAA 

Elkins Park. Pa. 
Chappaqua, N. Y. 

Oak Park, Illinois 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Rock Hill. S. C. 

Weston, Conn. 

Concord. Mass. 

Dauphin, Pa. 

Norfolk, \a. 

.Suniinit. N. J. 

.J..I..1 ....v.v, ...a.f,«.^v ..... ___ Bradenton, F'la. 

SHOEMAKER, Raleigh Alexander Charlotte, N. C. 

Fourth TOiv: 

SHORT. Nancv Pelton C^oluinbia, S. C. 
SHUFORD. Thomas Wilson III. KA Lenoir. N. C. 

SIDDALL. Patrick. BHTI Fairfax. Va. 

Sll (;I;L. Jerrold Stanley Silver Spring. Md. 

SIkFS. Walter Edwin. ATU Charlotte, N. C. 

S1\L\10N'S, \aughan Paul Atlanta, Ga. 

/■";///; roiv: 

SIMPSON. Jon Harold. ATA Cottonwood. Ariz. 

SIOS FROM. Karen Ellen Charlottesville. Va. 

S\L\I.I., Phihp Winslow, '1>AH Charlotte, N. C. 
SMIIH, C^assandra IMizabeth Winston-Salem, N. C. 

S.\1I IH, David Wesley. i;AE N. Caldwell. N. J. 

SMITH, Donald Douglas Tulsa, Okla. 

Sixth row: 

S.MFFH, Howard W., A7 A Yardlev, Pa. 
SMFFH, Michael Edward, 'I'K'I' Spartanburg, S. C. 

SMFFH. Ralph Wilson Dallas, Texas 

SMI I H, Sandra Luise. AAA Rochester, N. Y. 

SMI I H. Steven Lee, AS* Baltimore, Md. 

SNOW, Rodney W. Spray, N. C. 

Seventh row: 

SOI.IF. Guy Thomson. SX .Madison, Wis. 

SO.\l.\lF.R\ILLE, Donald Paul II, IIN 

Beaufort, S. C. 
SOUTHERN, Gilbert Edwin, Jr. 

Winston-Salcm, N. C. 
SPEIGHT, Margaret Louise Farmville, N. C. 

STAFFORD, Susan Graham, KA6) Matthews, N. C. 
STALLINGS, Alice Leone High Point, N. C. 

Fig,lith row: 

STA.MES. Paul Theologytis 
SIANLEY. Ellen Gail. AAIl 
SFARRET'F, Andrea Lynn 
S'TWUSS. Benianiin George 
STEAD. Lucy I'llen, A.\Q 
STEIIZ, .Molly DeKlyn, KA0 

Matawan, N. J. 
Columbia. S. C. 
Fast Point, Ga. 
Faston. Md. 
Durham, N. C. 
Glenview, III. 

Ninth row: 

STEPHENS. Sharon Paine Roanoke, Va. 

SFEV\'ARF. lohn Douglas. BHII \\ ilmington, Del. 
STEWART. William Ray, ATU 

Southbridge. .Mass. 
STINSON, Nancv Ellen Roanoke, Va. 

S FOEBE, Edw ard Robert, Jr., RKA Endwcll, N. Y. 
SI OGNER, Kathrvn Joyce Goldsboro, N. C. 

Tenth row: 

S I OKF.S, Roger William 
SI ONE, Bruce Winchester 
S'FONE, Sam, TN 
STOVALL, .\nne Wvnan, A* 
S FR.\T1 ON, Sherm Lee 
SFRAWN, Betsy Ann, RB* 

Medway, Mass. 
Lexington, Mass. 
Crystal Lake, III. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Laurel, Fla. 

Charlotte, N. C. 


First row: 

STRAW IHI.R, Tcri Frances Yonkcrs, N. Y. 

STRICKLAND, Oi.inne Claire, i;K Mavport, Fla. 
SlRINGFIiLLOW, Walter A. Ill, <1>AH ' 

W'innerka, III. 
STROMAN, Dorothy M. Alt. Pleasant. S. C". 

SIROUD, Di.xie Janet Charlotte, N. C. 

SULLIV'AN, Elizabeth Ann Wayland, Mass. 

Sftofid roll". 

SUMNFR, William Fin.she, I'X Gaffncy, S. C. 

SUI-'.RKFN, Susan Ann Dohhs Ferry, N. Y. 

SW'INDFN, I'.lbert Dennis, |r., H.\ Fairfax, \'a. 

TAF'F, Richard Chessoii, <I«AH Greenville, N. C. 

TAR.\SOFF, Barrv Joel, BHII N. Plainhcld, N. J. 

TASKFR, Richard W illiarn Lynnheld, Mass. 

Third roil-: 

TATE, Judith Ruth, KKP Dallas, Texas 

TFAL, James Robert Charlotte, N. C. 

1 HOMAS, Larry Walter Beaufort, S. C. 

THOMPSON, Arthur Shearon Southern Pines, N. C. 

THOMPSON, loseph Madi.son Raleigh, N. C. 

THOMPSON, "Richard Baker Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Fourth row: 

THOMPSON, William Horace, 

THORE, Robert Eddie 
TICE, Stephen Alonzo 
TIL! ON, CJracc Louise 

TOKAZ, Arthur I ik 

•I Br 


South Bend, Ind. 

C:harlotte, N. C. 

Ft. Myers, Fla. 

.Arlington, Mass. 


St. Louis, Mo. 
("olumbia, S. C. 

Fifth row: 

TOWSLEF, Polly Ellen, OB* Cartersvillc, Ga. 

TR.W'IS, Frances X'irginia England AFB, La. 

TRIPPE, William Lambert, 1\'^E Atlanta. Ga. 

TROFMAN, Richard C:arrington. ATA 

West Orange, N. J. 
TUDOR, Michael Simon, IIKA Pmevillc, La. 

TURBI\'ILLE, Richard Butler, IIK'F 

San Antonio, Texas 

Sixth row: 

TURNER, Arthur Fred 
TWOMEV, Judith Anne 
\'ALIN, Margaret Suzanne 
\'ANDVKE. Allen Holstead 
VANN, Arthur III, KA 
VAN NOR! V\K:K, William 

Orlando, Fla. 

Quakcrtown, Pa. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Cireenville, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Alva, Jr., IIK* 

Jack.sonvillc, Fla. 

Sfirnth row: 

VARELA, Arthur Alexis, Jr. 
VINCENT, Wendy Carolyn 
VOGDES, James ,\L III, ZB F 
VOLK, Laura Zelle 
VOLZ, Karen Diane, KA0 
VOS, Betty, <I«M 

Alexandria, \a. 

Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Collingswood, N. J. 

F'lemington, N. J. 

Louisville, Ky. 

McLean, \'a. 

Eighth row: 

V^REELAND, Arthur Alexander, AXA Ruxton, Md. 
WAGNER, William Orr Upland, Calif. 

WALKER, Ann Kristine, AAA 

La Romana, Dominican Rep. 
WALKER, Leo Lautton Springfield, Va. 

WALKER, Linda Ann, KKF Cincinnati, Ohio 

WALKER, Stephen Lawrence, BBU 

Suminerville, S. C. 
Ninth row: 

WALL, Joseph Edward Burlington, N. C. 

WALSH, Kathy Lynn Quito, Ecuador 

WALTERS, Bonnie Lee Middlesex, N. J. 

WARD, Mary Elizabeth, KKF Chesapeake, Va. 
WARD, iMaurecn L., KA0 Hockessin, Del. 

WARING, Mary Randolph Elkin, N. C. 

Tenth row: 

WARREN, Linda Ruth Bon Air, Va. 

WARREN, Mary Lou, AXQ Luthervillc, Md. 

WAFERFALL, Kathleen Stillwater, Okla. 
WATSON, Richard L. Ill, AXA Durham, N. C. 

W AYNE, James Henry, Jr. Jacksonville, N. C. 

WEART, Christine C, AAA Pensacola, Fla. 

^ p -P f^ 

/% ^ a fi p 


9 ^ fSP 


p f^ f^ A # 

> f^ p n f^ o 

^ f\f^ - Ir ^ 

p^ p e f^ r> 

Pi f^ f^ B 

r^ a rj a 

tfi^i r^ ^^4^1^ 

WEBB, Sara Gorham, IIB-Ij Washington, D. C. 

WKBHR, John Edward Pittslmrgh, Pa. 

WEBSTER, Charles Marshall Rumson, N. J. 

\\ I'BS'IER, Dana Lehr, AXA New Canaan, Conn. 
Will. AND, Barbara Jean, OB* Wauwatosa, Wis. 
W EIR, Jeremy Langhornc, Pa. 

StroiiJ row: 

W IISNER, John Ralph 

W ELBORN, H. Craig 

WEECH, David Sewali 

W ELEER, Joseph Michael, ATQ 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Branford, Conn. 
Greencastle, Pa. 

WELLS, Rita Gertrude 
WERXER. Jcffcry S. 

Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Wallace, N. C. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Gatfney, S. C. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Nutley, X. J. 

Danen, ( !onn. 
Durham, N. C. 

Till r J row: 

W HEELER, William Hcnrv 

W HI EE, Jan, AAH 

W 111 IE, Xathaniel Bradshaw, Jr. 

W HI (LEV, Richard James 

W II SEIV, I). Bruce, Jr., 'J-AH 

W IGGI.XS, Richard Calvin 

For nth row: 

W IKI', Antionette Ray Lexington, N. C. 

W ILCO.X, Kent Westbrook Winston-Salem, N. C. 
W ILCOX, Margaret Moore, <I>M Charleston, S. C. 
\\ ILEOXG, Walter Thomas Athens, Ga. 

W lEKIXSOX, Jerry Cokcr AXA Louisville, Tenn. 
WILLL\.\1S, Alice Sue Arlington, V'a. 

Fifth row: 

W ILLIA.MS, James Alexander 
W II.I.IAMS, KatherineRoss 
W I El. EWES, Richard Allen 
W 1 1,1,1 A MS, Robert Browning 
W ILLSON, Donna Jean 
WILMOT, Barbara Mary 

\\est Point, .Miss. 

St. Davids, Pa. 

Auburn, Miss. 

\\alnut Cove, N. C, 

N. Augusta, S. C. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

Sixth row: 

WILSOX, Helen, KA0 Atlanta, Ga. 

WIESOX. lohn Christian Winston-Salem, N. C. 

W ILSOX. John Page, KA Durham, N. C. 

WILE, David Ellsworth, TE* Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
V\ IXKLER, Wendy W. Caldwell, N. J. 

WISCHMEYER, Nancy Louise, AXQ 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Seventh row: 

W ITHF'RS, Carolyn Leslie Spartanburg, S. C. 

W I I 1 EXBERG, Pauline Hicksville, N. Y. 

W OLBER E, Eimothy Hamilton, i:N 

Ellicot City, Mo. 
WOLFE, Kristen Jane Ft. \\'alton Beach, E^la. 

WOOD, lanct Linda Tobaccoville, N. C. 

WOOD, Robert Gary Pasadena, Calif. 

Eiiilitli row: 

WOOD, Robert Lewis, SN Rye, N. Y. 

WOOD, Sara Lynn Silcr City, N. C. 
WOODARD, Stephen Charles, ATA Clostcr, N. J. 

WOOLLEY. Patti, AF Oak Park, 111. 

WOREUL, Stephen Craig Anchorage, Ky. 
WOR IHIXGTOX, Robin Lee Sunnyvale, Calif. 

Xi/ith row: 

W YATT, Emilv Hughes, <I>.\1 Raleigh, N. C. 

YOUXGER, John J., ATQ Champaign, 111. 

Z.iMSER. Kent Ames, .\.XA St. Petersburg, Fla. 

ZAMBETTI, \"ictor John, <I>A0 Jacksonville, E'la. 
ZEGER, Dennis Anson .Mercersburg, Pa. 

ZELLER, Michael Raymond, TE* Jamaica, N. Y. 

Tenth row: 

ZIFGLER, Richard Dell, SN Wilmington, Del. 

ZIMMER, Herbert 1., ZBT Wilmington, N. C. 

ZIM.MER.MAX, Carolyn Frances, RB* 

Cireensboro, N. C. 
ZUKER, Fred Raymond, ATQ Chattanooga, Tenn. 


till IE 

OMK * 




SiE\E Sapp, I'res. 

Mark Copian, Vuc-I'rrs. 

Ron Rus, Sec. 

Lauri:n<:i Greenblrg. Trrtis. 


Anne Mize, Pres. 
Sandra Lymberis, \ ue-Pres. 
Pei.gv Pringle, Sec. 
\\\R\ Drise, Trejs. 


IiNA Prk E, Pres. 
Beck^ Bloomer, \ ice-Pres. 
Nancy Moore, Sec. 
Sandra Singleton, Trdu. 


J \< K Haves, Pres. 

Tom Steckmesi , Sec.-Treas. 


First Toiv: 

ABRAMS, liidith Fllcn 
ADKINSON, .\l.irt;.ircr lane 
AD1,KR, KciiTuth Ellinc 
AGNEW, Mary E. 
AITKEN, Shawn 
ALBRECHT, William Francis 

Miami, Fla. 

W'ashingron, I). C^. 

New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Wyoniissing. Pa. 

New York, N. ^^ 

Hvattsville, Md. 

Second roir: 

ALI.FN, Deanna Ruth 

AL.S TRIN, John Christopher 

A1„SUP, Charles Weklen 

Al IMANN, Kerhev "nivlor 

ANDFRSI \, Dana kmihall 

ANDERSON, C:harles Alexaiuier 

Huntington, N. Y. 

keniluorth, III. 

Hiintsville, .\\.\. 

C;hevy Clhase, Md. 

Glen C:ove, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 

Third roii': 

ANDERSON, Sarah Ciraham 
ANDERSON, Susan Catherine 
ANDERSON, \irginia Laurel 
AN FHF.S, Ciarv Harrison 
ARCHER, lames Douglas 
AREY, Sylvia Ann 

Charleston, S. C~. 

Ruxton, Md. 

Ashevillc, N. C. 

\\ ilmington, Del. 

("harleston, V\'. \'a. 

Aberdeen, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

ARICO, Daniel Joseph 
ARNETT, Carroll Dwight 
ARNOLD, Riehard Storz, Jr. 
ARONOFF, Stephen Louis 
AR IHUR. kav Kristin 

Elizabeth, Pa. 

Rowleshurg, W". \'a. 

DeW itt, N. Y. 

Dallas, Fe.xas 

Burlington, N. C. 

AR IFILR, Riehard Houghton Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Fifth roil': 

AR 1 HLR, I homas Carlton 
ASFIEORD, William Henry, III 
Al KINS, Jimmv Dale 
ATKINSON, Riehard Bernard 
AULD, Robert Hunt 
BAAR, Leslie Ann 

Sixth row: 

BABCOCK, Catherine Ruth 
BACHELDER, David Macleod 
BACON, David Gardner 
BAGLEY, Nancy Lu 
BAILEY, James H. P., jr. 
BAILEY, Sharron Kay 

Ferrum, \'a. 
Radnor, Pa. 

Mt. Airy, N. C. 

Elkin, N. C. 

Charleston, W. \'a. 

Dearborn, Mich. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

C^oosa Pines, Ala. 

Middletown, C'onn. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Largo, Fla. 

Seventh row: 

BALLAAL Barbara [oanne ^\'ynnewood, Pa. 
BANKER, Michael "lan West Hempstead, N. Y. 

BAN'FA. Robert .\Lison Appleton, Wis. 

BARNES, Riehard Sturges, Jr. F:nglewood, N. J. 

BARNHAR F, Philip William, Jr. Arlington, Va. 

BARNHILL, Peggy Elaine Miami, Fla. 

Eif>hth row: 

BARONE, Anthony Andrew 

Chicago, III. 

BARR, Joel 

Orlando, Fla. 

BARRON, C;ene Gordon 

Madison, Tenn. 

BARFHEL, Carol Ann 

Wayne, N. J. 

BASSE'F'F, Sandra W R. 

Albui]ueri]ue, N. M. 

BAl TS, Richard Thomas 

Kettering, Ohio 

Ninth row: 

BAXLEY, Berry Dale 

Atlanta, Ga. 

BEALL. Ninian, Jr. 

I'.dge water, Md. 

BEASLEY, William Howard, 

Ill Dallas, Fe.xas 

BEATH, Andrew Eindlcy 

Clearwater, F'la. 

BEA'FTY, Wayne Arthur 

Statesville, N. C. 

BECKETT, Leslie 

Blackburg, \'a. 

Tenth row: 

BEEM, Carol Ann 

Nashville, Tenn. 

BELL, Keith Whitman 

Bethesda. Md. 

BELL, Kenneth Louis 

Weston, (^onn. 

BELL. W illiam Henry, Jr. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

BEL EON, Katherine Ann 

Houston, Texas 

BENEDIC F, Philip C. 

Britton, Mich, 

J 5 c, v^ r Q 

C^ f^ f^ *♦ 3 

^'-* !^^ T^^ T- p 

^:, P- P P 

^hdtk > 


P- f^ t. 


^f ^^ c^.r 

^ (^ ^ 

o r 

First roil-: 

BKNNKIT, Gregory Charles Maywood, 111. 
BI'NNETl , Jo Alice Asheville. N. C. 
BKNNt 1 r, Linda G. Little Silver, N. J. 
BF'.NSON. Lance Stewart Falls C:hurch, Va. 
BFNZ. Steven C:arl Adrian, Mich. 
BKRG, Barbara Karen Shaker Heights, Ohio 

SeronJ toil-: 

BFRG, Patricia Gray 
BFRC;FR. Frederick, Allen 
BFRCiHORN, Linda Christine 
BFRGMAN. Fnc Charles 
BFRKFV, W ilhani Gordon 
BFRNFR, Anita Frlmgsdotter 

Midland, Texas 

Clayton, Mo. 

C;hatham, N. J. 

Hudson, N. Y. 

Fishkill, N, Y. 

Allison Park, Pa. 

Thir,i roiv: 

HI RXF^-, Richard 1 homas 
BIRS. Fllen Sne 
BFSF, Robert Bruce, Jr. 
BFXACQUA, Donna Gavle 
BINGHAM, lames Hugh' 
BLACKMORF, Flizabeth Anne 

South Orange, N. J. 

York, Pa. 

Higginsville, Mo, 

X'ienna, V'a. 

Lexington, N. C. 

Livingston, N. j. 

l-'otirlh roil': 

BLA F FAU, Steven Joseph 
BLFCKWFNN, Brian Michael 
BLFSSINX;. Katherine Ann 
BLOOMFR, Rebecca Jane 
BOFHNL Douglas Waterman 
BCX.FR, John Charles 

Severna Park, Md, 

New York, N. Y. 

Waterville, .Me. 

Rockville, Ind. 

Arlington, Va. 

Concord. N. C. 

Fifth roil-: 

BOGFR, Kenneth Snead 
BOGGFSS. Blake Rainage 
BOLDFN, 1 imothy 
BOLF, Roberta -Susan 
BOLIN'GFR, Janet .Marie 
BOND, John Buchanan, Jr. 

("oncord, N. C. 

Fairmont W, Va. 

Newport News, Va. 

Pittsficld, .Mass, 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Arlington, Va. 

Srxth roil-: 

BOND, Robert Stephen Baltimore, Md. 
BORFMAN, Judith Ann W'antagh, N. Y. 
BOSW 1 1.1., Peter Bruce Rockford, 111. 
BO ISFORD. Lvdia Ware Charlotte, N. C. 
BCJUGHXFR. Robert Fulker.son West Nift'lin, Pa. 
BOVV'.MAN, Jacquelyn Cutler Jamestown, N. Y. 

Seventh ro-d:: 

BOX, P.itrick 

BRADLFY, Nancy Christina 
BRADSHFR, Maricn Flizabeth 
BRADY, l.ucv B. 
BRALFV, Judith Ann 
BRANNON, Donald Ray 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

.Sanford, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Portsmouth, R. L 

Largo, Fla. 

Graham, N. C, 

Eighth roil-: 

BRFNl/FR, Jon Wendell 
BRISI.AL, lill Havelin 
BRIW 1 R, fanet Anne 
BRIDGF, .Arthur 
BRIMM. Martha Carol 
BRl I 1. \\,ide Hampton, 111 

Urbana, III. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Bethesda, .Md. 

Wilnictte, HI. 

Decatur, Ga. 

I imonium, .Md. 

\inth rrrj:: 

BRin INCiHAM, Marion Alice Macon, Ga. 
BRODFRSON, Janet C;hristine Pittsford, N. Y. 
BRONSON, Albert .Michael .Montgomerv, Ala. 
BROOKS, Howard Richard Lebanon, Pa. 
BROOKS, Marv Linda Conway, S. C. 
BROSS. (;ary \\ayne New Orleans, La. 

'Fritlh roii-: 

BROl HFRS, David Hume 
BROWN. M., Jr. 
BROW N, David Bulluck 
BROW N, Donald Walter 
BROW N, Fdith Lvnn 
BROWN, Fred Taylor 

.Morganton, N, C. 

Lewisvillc, Texas 

Greenville, Del. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Bethesda, .Md. 

StatesviUe, X. C. 


Fnsr roil': 

KKOWN. Icrc.niah l-.iluurd Savvillc. N. Y. 

BROWX, l.iruia Joanne Rc.lHnt; Hills, Calil. 

BROWN, Wvatt Livingstone, Jr. Circcnville, N. C:. 

BUI:NKI1., lohn Charlorrcsvilk-, \'a. 

BURCHA.Ni, Ccnevicve Gary, Ind. 

BURR, Robert ,\l.iuriee .Morri.stow n, N. J. 

Sirnihi wiv: 

BUR ION', lohn Tvson 
BUR ION, 1 hec.dore Hughes 
BUSSMV. Joe Pavnter, Jr. 
BUTIS, John Davis, Jr. 
BYK, Sara .Anne 
C.AI.FSTRO, Kenneth Miehael 

Thomasville, N. C. 

Springfield, Pa. 

C'hesapeake, \'a. 

Closter, N. J. 

W ilmington, Del. 

New Haven, ("onn. 

Tliird roil-: 

CALLISON, Tolliver Cleveland, 
C'ALVER, James Stevan 
c:A.MPBELI., Lewi.s Byrns 
CAMPBKl.l., Ronald Michael 
CAPUTO, Fatrieia Joanne 
C;ARLS0N, Hrenda Jean 

Ill Gaffney, S. C. 

Charlottesville, \'a. 

Winchester, \'a. 

Annapolis, Aid. 

Teaneck, N. J. 

Chappaqua, N. V. 

Fourth row: 

CARNAHAN, Ellen Dcnisc 
CARPENl KR, Judith l.ce 
CARRITHERS. Ashlev Kent 
CARTER, Edward Bates, |r. 
CAR IER, Rohm Charles 
CENSER, Jaek Richard 

Chatham, N. J. 

Attleboro, Mass. 

Gates Mills, Ohio 

W'llnnngton, Del. 

l[is\\ich, .Mass. 

.Memphis, Icnn. 

Fiftli row: 

CHAP.MAN, Carol McLean, \a. 
CHAPMAN, Kathryn Elizaheth Newport. R. I. 
C:HAPMAN, Warren Arthur Seabrook, Texas 
C;HARLE1. James l).ivid Summit, N. J. 
CHENAULE, David l.arkin Eranktort, Kv. 
CHESTNU E, Kenneth Spaulding 

Wilmington, N. C. 

5/.V//; roil': 

CHIKES, Peter George 
C;HISH0LM, Stuart 
CHOATE, John Lee 
CHRISTLAN. John I homas, Jr. 
CHRONISl ER, Carl Stewart 
CHURCHMAN, Charles VVesle; 

Washington, D. C. 

Manha"sset, N. Y. 

Miltord, Mich. 

Durham, N. C. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

y Springfield, Pa. 

Seventh row: 

CLARKE, Paul Graham 
CLAYTON, Diane Marie 
CLAYTON, Tcrrv Lee 
CLIETON, William Lacv, |r. 
C0C:KR1LL, Betty Boyd 
C:OHEN, David Louis 

Liverpool, N. ^'. 

Westport, C^onn. 

Fairfax, V'a. 

Waco, Texas 

Annapolis, Md. 

Silver Spring, Aid. 

F.ifihth row: 

t:OHi:N, Irvin .Morris 
COKER, John Leslie 
COLBORNE, Robert Alan 
COl.DEN, W ilham C;adwalladef 
COLi;, Stella Jane 
COLE, Susan Ann 

Baltimore, Md. 

Pulaski, \-a. 

Columbus, Ohio 

Scotia, N. Y. 

Durham, N. C. 

Charleston, W. \'a. 

Ninth row: 

COLE.\L\N. Donald Bruce 
COLE,\LAN, Patrick Daniel 
COLLIER, Mike Warren 
COLLINS, Alvra Low 
COL.\L\N, John P. 
CONE, Alan Oaig 

Sewicklcy, Pa. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Ft. Alyers, Fla. 

MarshviUe, N. C. 

Chamblee, Ga. 

East Aurora, N. Y. 

Tenth row: 

CONNOR, Anthony Joseph W 
CONNORS. Bruce Hartmann 
CONROY. Paul Robert 
CONSIDINE, James Corbin 
COOK, Frederic .Mason, 111 
COOK. Robert Eranklm 

"est Simsbury, ("onn. 

Little Silver. N. J. 

Kensington, .Md. 

Midland, Texas 

Wayne, Pa. 

Charlotte, N. C. 


^\ /^^ i^S 

^- f?^ fr ^ 1^ -P 

Q P P ^ ^ 


P'^P^ 9 C' r 

^ P r p f^ ri 

" .n 

,^ ^ ^^ €^ ^^ '"^ 

O ^ ^ Q ^ 

.|«_i wy |>>J ^-' l^p 
.'^ MM ^ ^ ■" ■ 

A f^ P P 

A ^ P ^ ^ 5-' r 

^ o #^ 

Krj/ TOi;-; 

COOK, Robert Nevin, Jr. 
COOPF.R, Jere Louise 
COOPl'R, Robert MacAdam 
COOPER, Wliltcr Alan 
COPLAX, Mark B. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Washington, D. C. 

Lexington, Ky. 

Norfolk, \'a. 

Columbia, S. C. 

inston-Salem, N. C. 

Sfcotid roii: 

CORNWELL, Jane Elizabeth 
COnON, Robert Bevendge, jr. 
COUPER, C:harles Cowling 
COURIC, Charles Maturon 
COURl, Sarah Lewis 
COWING, Marguerite Pratt 

Lincolnton, N. C. 

Media, Pa. 

Waynesboro, Va. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Williamsburg, \'a. 

Rivcrdale, N. Y. 

Third T011-: 

CRANE, Karen Mar 
CRARY, Donald 
CRA lER. Richard Riker 
CRAW FORD, Michael Clark 
CROMAREIE, I honias Houstor 
CROSBY, Gilbert Turner 

Westfield, N. J. 

Houston, Texas 

Springfield, Mass. 

Oil City, Pa. 

1 Parksley, V'a. 

Gainesville, Fla. 

Fourth roii': 

CROSS, Charles Joseph 
CROSS, Robert Scott 
C:R0SS, William Wood 
CROWELL, Dale Jones 
CROWELL, John David 
CROWLEY, Christopher Owen 

New York, N. Y. 

Clearwater, Fla. 

Neenah, Wis. 

Fort Lee, V'a. 

,Sarasota, Fla. 

Arlington, Va. 

Fifth roll': 

CUMMINGS, Jasper Lee, Jr. R 
CURETON, Kenneth Allison 
CUSTARD, Linda Jane 
CUTTER, Matthew 
DAI, Tzc Ping 
DALSON, Judic Kav 

.ocky Mount, N. C. 

Greenville, S. C. 

Charlottesville, Va. 

Durham, N. H. 

Durham, N. C. 

Birmingham, Mich. 

,SV.v//; row: 

DAME, Christian William Edwards, N. Y. 

D'ANNUN/IO, Albert Michael McKees Port, Pa. 
DAUGHERIY, Robert Frederick Durham, N. C:. 
DAUL, Charles Reems Morristown, N. J. 

DAX'ANl , Charles Blowing Rock, N. C. 

DAVENPORT. Thomas Earl Valdosta, Ga. 

Seventh row: 

DAVID, Clifford Baynes 
DA\'IS, Clayton \\ illiam 
DA\'1S, lohn lefferson 
1)A\'IS, jiilic Ann 
DAXIS, Linda Elizabeth 
1)A\IS, Mary Anne 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

.Southern Pines, N. C. 

Macon, Ga. 

Houston. Texas 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Eighth row: 

DAVIS. Nickv S. 
DA\'IS. Pamela Clarice 
DA\LS, Walter Burke, 111 
DA\ISON. Jane Cornell 
DAW SON, Douglas Scott 
DAY, Gale Unger 

Huntington, N. Y. 

W'inston-Salcm, N. C. 

Williamsburg, Va. 

Port Huron, Mich. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Roanoke, \'a. 

\inth row: 

DEAL, Marv tlhristina 
DEAL. W infred Watt 
DEAN, Barbara 
DEATON, Aundrea Jean 
dkBEERS, Anne Carlisle 
DF'F'N, Stephanie 

Dallas, Texas 

Ft. Lauderdale, F"la. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Rocky Mount, N. C 

Washington, D. C. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Tenth row: 

DEI'.RING, Barbara Jeanne Richardson, Texas 
DeJAGER, Gretchen I'.lise Cincinnati, Ohio 
DELANEY, Christopher Kevin Falls Church, \'a. 
DELANY, Dorothy Patrice Joanna, S. C. 
DENENBERG, Steven Lawrence Hewlett, N. Y. 
DENMAN, Joyce Mary Mount Pleasant, S. C. 


hirst roic: 

DENNY, Harhara Jean 
Di PRII SI , Ihiinias Baxter 
1)1 W All. lane Drew 
DICKENS, janie.s Hubert 
DII.EO. Miehael Insepli Port 
DINGLE. John Patrick 

Uniondalc, N. Y. 

Shelby, N. C. 

Lalavette tllll. Pa. 

Sanl.ird, N. C:. 

Washington. N. Y. 

Fairfax, \'a. 

Stioiiii rim': 

DiPASQU.-\EE. John Wood 
DIXON. Antoinette Lynn 
DOGCEEI. Abigail 
DOLSON, James Erederiek. |r. 
DONLEY. John Ihomas 

Buffalo. N. Y. 

Pensacola, Ela. 

Lakeland. I'la. 
.'Mexandria. \'a. 
Alexandria. \'a. 

Ashland, Ohio 

I'hiril row: 

DONNEl.L. Mark Lind.scy 
DONOXAN. tiregory Alden 
DOLSON, Barbara Bruce 
DOW. Bonnie Lucille 
DRAKi:, Rodwell. Ir. 
DRENNEN, David Holmes 

Lebanon. Teiin. 

.Alexandria. \'a. 

Bcthesda. Md. 

Milwaukee. Wis. 

Macon. N. C. 

Bcthesda. .\ld. 

F/innh rou-: 

DRESSI R. Anita I'drvce Charlotte. N. C. 
DRUSi;. Marv leanne Racine. Wis. 
Di BOSE, David McLean Gable, S. C. 
DcBOSE, Howard McRoy, Jr. Lakeland, Ela. 
DUEEEE. Judson 'Sates. |r. Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 
DUNC-^N, Douglas Wadsworth Charlotte, N. C. 

Fifth row: 

DUNLI Z, Rebecca 
DUNLAP, Louise Cecil 
DUNNlNCri'ON. C;an Hurlbut 
Di PUY. William E. S. 
DYE, Alan Page 
I'DGAR, Christopher Linton 

Easton. Pa. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

W ilmington. DeL 

Quincy. 111. 

Eustis, Ela. 

Athens, Tenn. 

Sixth row: 

1 DLOW. Robert Blair 
EDWARDS. Joseph Byron 
I:DWARDS. Kenneth Richard 
EGGLES EON. John IVed, Jr. 
EIBLINC;. David Michael 
ElSENBERt;, Bonnie .Sheila 

Washington, D. C. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

C'harleston. W. \'a. 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Columbus, Ohio 

Washington. D. C 

St-vfftth row: 

El EEL, James Riley 
1 LDREDGE, Victoria Mary 
1 LLETT, James Wiley 
ELLIOTT, Jeffrey Lance 
I'.LLIS, Robert Lindlcy 
|;LMEND0RF, Jon Rice 

Chicago. 111. 

Indianapolis. Ind. 

Aiken. S. C:. 

Montclair, N. J. 

Bradenton. Ela. 

Bedford, Mass. 

F.inhth row: 

EMME'LI . Carolyn Birmingham, Mich. 

I'NEll l.D. Lucy Elizabeth Houston. Ecxas 

ENGEL. Susan Jean Durham, N. C. 
ERIC:KS0N. Jaciiuehn Nieoll Winston-Salcm. N. C. 

ERICKSON, Robert Alan Sarasota. Ela. 

ERLANGER, Peggy Ruth Waterburv. Conn. 

Ninth row: 

ETHER. Deborah Jean 
EIHRIIKiE. Larrv Clayton 
EXANS. John Oliver. Jr. 
EVERHARl . Margaret Stone 
EWING. James Oaig 
EYSEL. Bruce Barton 

Media. Pa. 
Louis\ille. Kv. 
Raleigh. N. C. 
C:ainp Hill. Pa. 
("anton. Ohio 
Columbus. Ga. 

Tenth row: 

FABRICANT. Sheila Miriam 
FAIRBURN. Kathleen Jean 
F'ALK. Bcniainin. Jr. 
EALK. Martin Elmer 
FALLIS. Sara Jane 
FAR.MER, Elizabeth Bailey 

Hollywood, Ela. 

C;herrv Point. N. C. 

Crystal Lake. 111. 

Alexandria, \'a. 

Charlotte. N. C. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

i^ S^ f% c^ 


^^ -^ w^' -^rrrsf ^|«*— » ^■^-f 

^ P f^ P !f^ 

<^ f^ €^ 8 t' €^ 

|!^ p P ,p i^. a 

# f r p ^ :. 


J^^^ fc>^ f-^^^ Cj -^^ 

f)f^^ 9 P C^ 

9 t , ^ ("' f^ ^ 

T'/ ft" ti*' 


# ^ 9 

A^lfiS^ tfri4^ ^^iY^ 

f^ ^ ^ lf^ (^ I5 

FARMF.R, Jcannetre Wooding 
FARMI'.R. Susan Carol 
KA^■. Rolicrt Woods 
FKKl.V, Patrick Scott 
FKK:H'HNGER, Gan- Richard 
FFRCiL'SON. John Howe, Jr. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Richmond, Va. 

V'lllanova, Pa. 

.Mountain.side, N. J. 

Arlington, \'a. 

Silver Spring, .\ld. 

Sfcond rozi: 

FIFLUS, George Stone Mobile, Ala. 

FILFKl TF. Fhcodore Oerting, III .Mobile, Ala. 

F1NX:H, Phillip Randolph Henderson, N. C. 

FINFMAN. Alvin Jay Jamaica, N. Y. 

FINKI'L. Richard Lawrence .Massapcqua, N. Y. 

FISGHFR, Kenneth Clyde Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Third TOIL-: 

FISHF'R. Janice C'arol Upper Montclair, N. J. 

FLAGLFR, Joan Helen Wavne, Pa. 

FLFISCH.MAXX, Jeffrey Williamsvillc, N. Y. 

FLFMING. Stewart Thomas Huntington, N. Y. 

FLICK, .Michael R. Mexico 10, D. F., Mexico 

I LORY, Katharine Knox Charlotte, N. C. 

Fourth row: 

FOFLLER, Carl Walter, Jr. 

Warwick, R. I. 

FOO'FF, Sally Harris 

New York, N. Y. 

FORD, lohn Ellis 

Berkley, Calif. 

FORGY, B. Keith 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

FORRES! ER, Teresa Lynn 

Tampa, Fla. 

FORTH, David Stephens 

Roanoke, \'a. 

Fiflh T011-: 

FOSS, Philip Theodore, Jr. 

Darien, Conn. 

FOSTER, Romeo Jay 

Campobello, S. C. 

EO.X, James Robert 

Hickory, N. C. 

FOX, Phihp Alan 

Wantagh, N. Y. 

FOX, Robert Edward 

Quantico, \'a. 

ERASER, Craig Booth 

Shawnee Mission, Kan. 

Sixth ro-ii-: 

ERASER. Linda Sue 

Bay X'illage, Ohio 

FRA/.II R, Donald H. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

FREDERICK, Constance 

Jcnkintown, Pa. 

FRFEl)\L-\\, Leon David 

Bav Shore, N. Y. 

FRI FMAN, ludith Louise 

Dunn, N. C. 

FREEMAN. "W illiam .Morris 

. Jr. Statesville, N. C. 

St-zrnth roii': 

FRENCH, Christie Chaplin 

Denville, N. J. 

FRENCH. Jacqueline .Marv 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

FRENCH, Robert Sheldon' 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

FRIFSEN, Robert Hattan 

Shawnee .Mission, Kan. 

ERFFZ. Robert Leslie 

Flemington, N. J. 

FROEBER, Sarah .Mariorie 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Eighth roiL-: 

FROFLICH, Philip Nissen 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

FUDGE. Marv Beth 

Hillsborough, N. C. 

FULLER, Chcrvl Lvnnc 

Chambersburg, Pa. 

FULLER, Richard Boiling 

Washington, D. C. 

FULLER. Russell Benton 

Columbus, Ohio 

FULLER, Ihomas Ralph, Jr 

Johnson City, Tenn. 

\inth roii': 

FULLER'EON, .Marvellen A. Arlington, Va. 

EULl ON, Pennv Pacific Palisades, Calif. 

EYEE, C:harles Raymond, Jr. Elk Grove Village, 111. 
GADDIS, Steven Earl Falls Church, Va. 

(i.\ILI.Y, Irnia Jean Cornelia, Ga. 

( ;.AJEV\ SKI, John Frederic Grosse Pointe, .Mich. 

Tenth roil': 

(i.\LE, Donald Ira, Jr. Damascus. .\ld. 

(iALLAGHER, Helen Faith Westbury, N. Y 
GANAWAY, George Kenneth 

West Palm Beach, Fla. 

C;ARDNER, Joseph Buford, HI Cave Citv, Ky. 

(iARDNER, .Marv Ruth Durham, N. C. 

GARR, David Ross .Miami, Fla. 


First roiv: 

CiARRF.TT, Gloria Joan Hunringdon X'allc 

CARRini, William Marvin, Jr. 

i)K [ A C;AR/A, Anita 

GAU I HIFR, Joseph Harold 

tii'.IKR, Ciail llkn 

C;KN TRY, BLniaiiiin Iranklm, J 

Second row: 

Gi:OKKRKY, Alan Francis 
GFRBF, Ronald \\ illiaiii 
C;FRI:X, Xarasha 
GFRHOLD. C:arol Drunette 
C;FRKFN, I'homas Michael 
(;iBSOX, John McNeill 

Tliird row: 

GIBSON, Thomas Benjamin 
GFASS. Richard Gasper 
GLFNN, James Harold, Jr. 
GODWIN, Jane Oaven 
CiOFF, Gharlcs Austin 

Fourth row: 

GOHDES, Dorothy Mary 
GOI.DBFRG, Stephen Norman 
GOLDFN, Stephen CNiarlcs 
GOLDMAN. Harvev Joseph 
CiOI.DMAN. Stephen Mark 
GOODkIN, Donald F'.lliot 

Spartanburg, S. C>. 
Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Hftniewood, 111. 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Raleigh, N. G. 

Silver Spring, Md. 
N. Merrick, N. Y. 
Washington, D. C". 
Towson. Md. 
Stamford, (>)nn. 
Laurinburg, N. G. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 

Florala, Ala. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

Durham, N. G. 

Greensboro, N. C. 

W inter Ha\en, F'la. 

Durham, N. C. 

Pikesville, .\ld. 

White Flams, N. V 

Madison, N. J. 

Denver, Oilo. 

.Miami Beach, Fla. 

Fifth row: 

GOODSON, William Alexander III 

W inston-.Salem, N. G. 

GOODWIN, V\ illiani Olin Fairmont, W. \'a. 

GOSNFLL. Katharine A. .Monticcllo, Ark. 

GOSS, Roy Alfred Ashburn, Cla. 

GRAD.\1.\N, Alan Howard Jack.sonville, Fla. 

GR.-\FFY, l.inda Bevan N'irginia Beach, \'a. 

Sixth row: 

GRANISH, David Arthur 
GRANT, C:heryl F. 
GRANT, Gordon Fowler 
GRASSO, Donald loseph 
(iRA\"FS, Pamela Anne 

Nashville, Tenn. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Baltimore, Md. 

Newark, N. J. 

W ilmington, Del. 

GRANTS, W illiam Williams, III Greensboro, N. G. 

Seventh row: 
CiRAY, John William 
GRGIGH, Marv Margaret 
GREEN, Kathleen Elizabeth 
GREEN, Shannon Mane 
GREEN, Walter Guerry, III 
GREENBERG, Lawrence Allan 

Eighth row: 

GREENE, William Nod 
GRIER, Betsy Jane 
GRIFFIN, Fred Bvnum 
GRIFFITH, Beverly Carol 
GRKiGS, Ihomas Shearman 
GRUBER, Robert Walter 

Ninth row: 
GUMPERTZ, Janis Laurie 

Burton, S. (;. 

\'alparaiso, Ind. 

Largo, Fla. 

Springfield, \'a. 

Burlington, N. C. 

Asheville, N. C. 

Lees Summit, Mo. 

Pinchurst, N. C. 

London, U, K. 

Lake Wales, Fla. 

Miami, Fla. 

Bay C;ity, .\lich. 

Athens, Greece 

GUNN, Thomas F'.dward 
GUY, William Harvey 
GWYNN, Ronald Mitchell 
HAAS, Richard Keith 

North Hollywood, ("alif. 

Lynwood, (^aht. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ciibsonia, Pa. 

C;harles Heights, S. G. 

Tenth row: 

HAGKETT, lames Davis 
HACKLING, Roger William 
HAHLBOHM, \irginia Ellen 
HAILE, Kenneth Lee, Jr. 
HALES, Gelia Elaine 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Dallas, Pa. 

Manhasset, N. N'. 

Gookeville, Tenn. 

W'ooster, Ohio 

'/ehulon, N. G. 

© W^ ^ ti Q 

a a P D O 
^ ^ tS ^ ^ f^ 

£i k^,M .^^ A I ^4>^.^k 


f^ p r^ f ^1 

^ p rv (^ a 


c> p f^ m 

r^ p o f) f^ 

p p D f^' p* 1^ 


(%£^, P n o f*> 

First row: 

HALL, Charles Anthony 
HAl. L.John Raymond 
HALL, Sandra Lee 
HA\I\1, Nancy Anne 
HAMMOND, Joseph Samuel 
HAMRIGK, Florence Carlotta 

\\ indsor, .\. G. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

-Atlanta, Ga. 

Vardley, Pa. 

Americus, Ga. 

Gatfncy, S. C. 

Sfcond roil-; 

HANAHURV. Susan Jean 
HANDLFR, Eric Paul 
HARDFKOPF, James Douglas 

\V. Pair 
HARDING, Bcrtrand Morrison, Jr. 

Alexandria, \'a. 
HARDWICK, Wavne Randol Gainesville, Fla. 

HARKRADKR. Sarah Graves Mount Airy, N. C. 

."Xnnandale, \'a. 
Durham. N. C. 

Beach, Fl 

ThirJ roiv: 

HARMON, John C., Ill .\nnandale, \'a. 
IIARI'I R. lohn Fitch South Charleston, W. X'a. 
HARRIS, lack. Jr. Charlotte, N. C. 
HARRIS. |oe Newton Cheyenne, Wyo. 
11 ARRIS. I'homas Adams Greensboro, N. C. 
inR 1 . \ljrg.iret Louise Durham, N. C. 

Fa/ntli ro'Li': 

HARTLF.Y, Henry Hibbard. |r. 

HARVKV. lanice Lvnn 
HASTINGS. Fhzabcth Ann 
HAICHFLL. lanice Margaret 
HAICHFR. John Chris 

Winter Haven, Fla. 

Wake Forest, N. C. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Glen Fllyn, 111. 

l-umberton, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Fi/rh ro-^-: 

H.-W. James T honias 
HAVF.S. John McWane 
HAVNFS, lohn Barry 
HFAD, M.'Connna 
HF.-\RN. James (Christopher 

.Maple Glen. Pa. 

Flkhart, Ind. 

Durham, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 

.Atlanta. Ga. 

S'lxlh rfj-^-: 

HI A FON, Alan Parker 
HIM ON. David William 
111 IF. Dennis 
III I.LFR. John William 
HI 1,1, MANN. Richard. Jr. 
HKLM. Citherine Jo 

Homestead, Fla. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

PenKasie. Pa. 

Asheville, N. C. 

Stroudsburg, Pa. 

Hagerstown, Md. 

Sr-Vc-lltll ra\l-: 

HFLPIN, \Lirk Lee 
HI NDI RSHOI. .Marsha Lvnn 
HFNDFRSON, David .Martin 
HFNDFRSON, Frederick Leieh 
HFNDFRSON. Margaret Anne 
HFNDRl.X. Susan Gray 

Brookline, .Mass. 

Lima, Ohio 

Tyler, Texas 

1 Gainesville, Fla. 

.Mooresville, N. C. 

Jackson, .Miss. 

Eighth row: 

HFNKIN. Russell David 
HFNR^. lames Charles 
HFNRV. James Farl. Jr. 
HFNRV. Robert Oaig 
HF.NSLFV, Patricia 
HFRBFRl , Gordon Bruce 

Washington. D. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Knoxville, Tenn. 

Topeka. Kan. 

San Antonio, Texas 

Durham, N. C. 

\inlh rfrj.-: 

f^FRI,OCKI R, Betty 
HI RNANDF/. .Michael Dave 
HI RRINti. Monnie Teesue 
HFRZBFRG, Donald Dale 
HFVMAN, Leslie Ann 
Hl(;C;iNS, Beverly Anne 

Albemarle, N. C. 

Miami, Fla. 

Cayce, S. C. 

\'ienna, \'a. 

Durham. N. C. 

.Atlanta, Ga. 

ItHlh ri/ii: 

HILL. C'onstance .\nne 
HILL. Mary Lee 
HINSON. Howard Jeffrey 
HI K.HMAN, |o.<;eph .Michael 
HOBSON, lovcc Ann 
HOFF.MAN, John Fletcher 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

.Mobile, Ala. 

Newport News, Va. 

Aiken, S. C. 

Richmond, \'a. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 


First row: 

HOCiUK, Richard Denver 

Atlanta, Ga. 


Gloversville, N. Y'. 

HOLLOW AY, David Michael 

Massapeqiia Park, N. Y. 

HOLLOWAY, Susan Curtis 

McLean, \'a. 

HOLL, Janet Lee 

Richmond, \'a. 

HONLYC;U LL, Truett MacDonald 

Huntsville, Ala. 

Seaind roiv: 

HOOKS, Alfred James 

Savannah, tia. 

HO L'LENSTEIN, Lhoma.s Broun 

Millersburg, Pa. 

HOW ARD, James Brown, N. C. 

HOWARD, Stephen Morris 

C^olumtiu.s. Ga. 

HOW E, Rohcrt Hartley 

Hamilton, Mont. 

HUBLNER, Louis Frederick 

Gainesville, Ela. 

Third roiv: 

HUDGINS, Clifton Turner, Jr. 

Falls C:hurch, \a. 

HUDSON, Annette 

Washington, D. C. 

HUGHES, David Alan 

Dallas, Texas 

HUGHES, Donald luigene 

Cheverly, Md. 

HUGHES, Kenneth Michael 

Westport, Conn. 

HULL, Terry Wayne 

Kernersville, N. C^. 

Fourth roiv: 

HULT,\LliN, Tami Jean 

Portsmouth, \'a. 

HUME, Nicholas 

Chappaqua, N. Y. 

HUMPHREY, Sue Katherinc 

Bethesda, Md. 

HUMPHREYS, Kathenne Kirk 

C^harleston, S. C. 

HUNEER, Dirk U hitacre 

Blanchestcr, Ohio 

HURDLE, F.itricia Ann 

Fayettevillc, N. C;. 

Fifth roiv: 

HU FCHISON, Lynn Margaret 

Fort Lauderdale, Ela. 
HY'SONG, James Barton Hendersonville, N. C. 

IDEN, Robert Winrteld Akron, Ohio 

IRWIN, Kathleen l-li/.al.eth Maplewood, N. J. 

ISHERV\ OOD, Juliet Kibbey 

St. Croi.v, U. S. Virgin Islands 
ISHMAEL, William Earl Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Sixth roiv: 

IX'ERSON, Virginia Helen 
I.ACXSON, C^onstance Elaine 
lA.MES, Thomas III 
lASPER, Stuart Paul 
"JENKINS, Gordon Womble 

Sfiriith roiv: 

JERNIGAN, Jerry Wyche 
JOI'.RG, Karen Elizabeth 
lOHN, David \aughan 
JOHNSON, Deborah Diane 
lOHNSOX, Gary Curtis 
JOHNSON, Michael Benton 

F.ii^hth roiv: 

lOHNSON, Paul Edward 
lOHNSON, Robert Tracy 
lOllNSON, Terry 
lOHNSON, William Scott 
jC)HNS'ION, Kristin Jean 
JONi;S, Annabel Lambeth 

Ninth roiv: 
lONES, Catherine 
■jONES, Ellis Dequillar, III 
lONF.S, Greg G. 
10Ni:S, James V\illiam 
JONES, Joseph Walter 
JONES, Leslie Marion 

Tenth roiv: 

JONES, Pierce Hollev 
JORDAN, Patsy Jane 
KAHL, Stephen Bruce 
KALOT, James William 
KAL.MBACH, Sharon Anne 

Mobile. Ala. 

Durham, N. C^. 

Louisville, Ky. 

Miami, I'la. 

V\'inston-Salem, N. (-. 

Cincinnati, Ohio 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

New Bern, N. C. 

Selma, N. C. 

('harleston, W. \a. 

Arlington, \'a. 

Morrisville, Pa. 

Middletown, R. 1. 

Richmond, \'a. 

Tallahassee, Ela. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Durham, N. C. 

Maitland, Fla. 

Ft. Rueker, .■\la. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

.Atlanta Ga. 

Melbourne, Fla. 

Durham, N. C^. 

Mountainside, N. J. 

("orning, N. S. 

Kettering, Ohio 

Atlanta, Ga. 

P f^ ^ ,P ^ 

p rt D ^ r^ ^ 

I Air ^ifilk Ji. htd^M 

..-^ ,.., O P n ..:„ 

^ (^ m 



f^, f\ -^ A P 

^ f (S v^ P f) 

^ (r> fl f p o 

f\ p ^ !«i <^ r 

F;>jr row: 

KAXDRA, Karen Ann 
KA I /. Arnold Jerome 
KAl /, Steven Philip 
KELLKY, John Cissel 
KKLLV, Leslie Marion 

SiconJ roil-: 

KKL1A-, Michael Lem 
KF.LSO. Christine Wbodward 
KENDALL. Mary Ellen 
KEWA. Lee Mountcastle 
KIWI l)V, Joseph Aloysius 

Third ro^j:: 
Kl RX, Rosclla Mae 
Kl RNODLE, Ann Cole 
Kll I ER. Maryjosette 
Kll \, Oaig Lawrence 
KI\II5ALL, Susan jean 
Kl\li:, Roy Caldwell 

Fourth roll': 
KlXCi. CMare X'ickers 
KIXC,, Mary Ann 
KIXXWA', Jonathan Craig 
KIRCHHOEE. Terence Allen 
KLAUSS, Raymond John 
Kl.iSE, Elizalieth Wren 

h'tffh row: 

KXAPI', Erederick Parkinson 

KXAPP, David Turner 

KXAPP, Xancy Louise 

KXI API.ER, David Lawrence 

KXIISEL. Ed Moore 

KOHMS, Patricia Kay 

Snlh row: 

KOLOD/IEJ, Timothy Michael 
KOPCHICK, John Harrison 
KOPP, I homas Gregory 
KORSCHLX, Howard Marshall 
KOSLOSKI. (Catharine Hinton 
KOI '/IN. Edith Marilvn 

\\ indesmere. Ela. 

WestHeld. N.J. 

Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Omaha. Neb. 

Rockville, .\ld. 

Denver, Colo. 

Raleigh. N. C. 

Greenville. S. C. 

Washington. D. C. 

Charleston, W'. Va. 

Bowie, Md. 

Newport News. \'i. 

Charles Town. W'. \'a. 

Burlington, N. C. 

Baltimore. Md. 

Cincinnati. Ohio 

Haddonfield, N. J. 

Glen Ridge, N. J. 

Baltimore. .\ld. 

Chapel Hill, N. C. 

.Arlington. \'a 

Te.xas City. Texas 

Glenshaw, Pa. 

.Miami, Fla. 

W ilmington, N. C. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 

Macon, Ga. 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

.Atlanta. Ga. 

Irvington, N. J. 

Amsterdam. N. Y. 

Muir. Mich. 

Nashville. Tenn. 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Collierville, Tenn. 

Washington, D. C. 

Seventh row: 
KRAAS. Robert Alfred 
KRA\1\1. Douglas John 
KRECI R. David Lawrence 
kUXD/IXS. John Ludvig 
KUX I Z. Susan Ashton 
KLHSCHE, .Mary Margaret 

Eighth row: 
LAC'Y, Kenneth Eric 
I.AXDAU. Michael Roy 
LAXDBERG. lean Ellen 
LANDES. James David 
LANE. Harold Hooker, jr. 
LANE. Nathan III 

Xinth row: 

L.\NE. Patricia Louise 

LANG. Alan Robert 

L.\NG. Benjamin Cjaines 

LANG. Enid Diane 

L.\7 IFF". George Sam 

LAUGHLIX. Robert Newton 

Tenth row: 

LAVINE. David Maurice 
LAWRENCE. Glenn Robert 
LAV\REN(T.. V\illiam Bcniamin 
LAWSON. Charles .\ndrcw 
LAW'SON. George Mathews, jr. 
LAW \\ ILL. Patricia Anne 

Bethesda. Md. 

Allentown. Pa. 

Portsmouth. \'a. 

McLean. \'a. 

Wallingford, Pa. 

Avondale F'states, Ga. 

Rochester. N. Y. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Evanston. III. 

Minneapolis. Minn. 

Washington. D. C. 

Bala-Cynwyd. Pa. 

Stamford. Conn. 
Brookline. .Mass. 
CJaincsville. Fla. 
Kankakee, III. 
Jacksonville, Fla. 
Scarsdale. N. Y. 

Hyattsvillc. .Md. 

Cranston. R.I. 

Nanricoke, Pa. 

Macon, Ga. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Washington. D. C. 


First roil.': 

LAZARUS. Lewis Tcrrv 

LEACH, C;hjrlcs Howard, |r. 

Ll'AC:iL Robert Jav 

LI'lKil'RWOOl), WillMin l.iv 

Li:i:, (lavle B.irklev 

LKKS, Robert Ccrald 

Second roiv: 

LKGGKTT, Camilla Hodge.s 

LIIGHTOX, William Rado 

LI I ICH, Alae 

Li;i I H, I5etsv Wilson 

LkLAM), Candace Mane 

LKNNOX, Barbara Crawford 

TliirJ roil': 

Lr*'SESNF., loseph Baneroft 
LEVINE, Robert .Stephen 
LEWIS, Michael James 
LIBBEY, Andrea Ruth 
LIGON, Daniel Jackson 
LILES, Kathleen 

Fourth roii^: 
LILLY, Jeffrey Arnet 
LIMKiREN, Luray Marie 
LINK, Betsv Bel! 
LINK, Heidi Ann 
LIPPARD, Daniel Brooks 
LITAKER, ;\L Eloise 

Fifth ron- 

Effic Jeanne 
Prescott Manning, Jr 
Dennis I heodore 

LORD, Richard Stockton, Jr. 

LOSEY, Cathy 

LOWENBACH, Trude Sellin 

Sixth roiv: 

LUDV\'IG. William C;arl 
LUKSIS. William loseph 
LUNDHOLM. Richard Henry 
LUN.SON. James Eugene. Jr. 
LU.Sl IG. C;arma Lee 
LYMBERIS. Sandra Jean 

Srirnth roil': 
LYNC;H. Eranccs Hiller 
MACCHIO. Georgia Anne 
^^«;LEOD. Onstance Chase 
MAC:OMBER. Emilv C;hoate 
MacPHERSON. Ronni Elaine 
MAHLER, Louis Bruce 

Plkesville. Md. 

Darien. C'onn. 

lall.s Church, \'a. 

< )ak Ridge. Tcnn. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Kansas ( 'ity. Mo, 

Washington, N. C. 

("hatham, N. J. 

.•\tlanta, Ga. 

Washington. D. C. 

New ^■ork. N. Y. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Spartanburg, S. C'. 

N. Bellmorc, N. Y. 

Mis.soula, Mont. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Hickory, N. C. 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Pcnsacola, Ela. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Oreland. Pa. 

Warren, Pa. 

Lansdowne, Pa. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Wadesboro. N. C. 

.Mexanuria, Va. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Oak Ridge. Tcnn. 

Miami, Fla. 


N. C 

(^hillicDthe. Ohio 
West Mifflin, Pa. 
Ridgewood, N. J. 
Arlington. Va. 
CleniTTions, N. C-. 
Charlotte. N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Ft. Lauderdale, F"la. 

Miami Beach, Ha. 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Needhani, Mass. 

Eighth row: 

MANGELS, Brooke Noble 
MANNING, David Huntington 
MANNING, Donald Earl 
MANNING, Harris Robert III 
MANSHIP, John Calvin 
MARGULIES, Robert Elliot 

Lutherville, Md. 

Ho-Ho Kus, N.J. 

Batesburg. S. C^. 

("harlcston, S. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ninth roiv: 

MARSHAK, Robert Joseph Williston Park, N. Y. 
MARTZ, David Joshua, Jr. Williamsport. Pa. 

MASON, J. Dwight Rockvillc Ontre, N. Y. 

MATTHEV\S, Charlotte Anne Durham, N. C. 

MATTHEWS. Lawrence Ryder 

Mountain Brook, Ala. 
MATTHEWS, M.irvin Miles Sandston, \a. 

Tenth row: 

MATTHEWS, Scott Lyman 
,\LJk'n HIAS, Dennis Howard 
MAIT 0.\, Teresa Faye 
MAULDIN, Lennox Caroline 
MAY, Dennis Eugene 
MAY, Gary Lee 

Washingtiin, D. C 

Norfolk, \a. 

( "olumbia, .S. C. 

Biltmore, N. C". 

Durham, N. C. 

Atlanta, C!a. 

i:--}- ^:^ O P ^ 



can ^.; 

^!l ^ -i^ 

l^f ^ C3 C^ 

^^\ <^^ 

fy^ ^^T^" 





^' cj p^ ^ 

o O P f*^' /^ 

P ^ (^ ^3 

p a .a p p 

pop .p 

F/rj^ roir: 

MAY, Michael Dennis 
^1A^', Riindolph Joseph 
MAVNARD. James Barry 
MAYO. Alvin H. 
McADAMS, Ann Ehzabcth 
McCAMPBELL, Donna Jean 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Georgetown, S. C. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Hickory, N. C. 

Secimd roil-: 

M( :C;AR lER, Pender Munro .Miami, Fla. 

Mc.CARTT, Mary Margaret Knoxvillc, Tenn. 
McClelland, Robert James 

Haddon Hcight.s, N. J. 

McCI.L'RE, Charles Gettys Atlanta, Ga. 

.\1<(:0R,\1K;K, Xancy Campbell Stuart, Fla. 

AkCOY, Anne Tulsa, Okla. 

linrd rov:: 

NUCRARY, William X'ernon 

\1( DONALD, Gordon Paul 

\1. DOWKLL, John G. 

,\lc II.YF.A. David I':dward Ill.lN, Chiton Lee 

\1( GOLGH, \'incent Edward, Jr. 

Ashcvillc, N. C. 

Bcthe.sda, Md. 

Wauvvatosa, Wis. 

Candler, N. C. 

Charleston. S. C. 

Orlando, Fla. 

Fniirth TOIL-: 

M, GRANE, Margaret Rose 

M< HUGH, William Richard 

Ml KELLAR, Clinton 

\1< Kl.SSACK, Linda Joyce 

,\1(:L.\IN, Thomas Elliott 

McLAURlN, .Mary Louise 

I'iflh roiv: 

Ml LE.'\N, James Ivan 

\1< NEELY, .Mary Jane 

\1.()U1NN, Larry Oswald 

\b ROBER FS, Reed 

All SPADDEN, Jack Dobbs, I 

M F.CHAM, Randall Brent 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

New Orleans, La. 

Charleston, S. C. 

Carthage, Texas 

Overland Park, Kan. 

Bamberg, S. C. 

Spartanburg, S. C. 

Kensington, Md. 

Boerne, Texas 

Houston, Texas 

Birmingham, Ala. 

Phoenix, .'\riz. 

.S'/i7// roir: 

MFDNICK, Andrea Bery 

Mlh.S, Leonard Roger 

Ml II R, (icorgc Ernest 

Ml II:R. Robert Charles 

.MI'.LOLING, U illiam Raynor 

MESSER, Jay James 

Lynbrook, N. Y. 

Lynnheld, Mass. 

Durham, N. C. 

New Hyde Park, N. Y. 

Huntsville, Ala. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Sezrnth row: 

MESSICK. Paul Saunders, Jr. Durham, N. C. 

Buenos Aires, .Argentina 

MFSIRI . Robert Goar 
\1FF/. Richard Harold 
MFI7GER. Kazie 
MEYER, Anne Stewart 
.MEYER, Karen Sue 

Bowie. Md. 

Corpus Christi, Texas 

.McLean, \'a. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

EifilHh row: 

MF^'ERS, Marionc Winn 

MICHEL. Randall tienrge 

MII.BOLRM;, Robert Earl, Jr. 

MII.E.S, Duke 

MILFY, Alan Douglas 

MILLAR, David Bruce 

Xi/irh row: 

MIl.LI'R, Bcniamin Neelv 111 
MILLER, Craig Stephen 
MILLER, Gradv Wilson III 
MILLER, John Randolph 
MILLER, Randall CliHord 
.MILLER, Richard Sterrctt 

Truth row: 

MILLER, Robert Alan 
MII.NFS. W illiam Cieorge 
MILSP.AW , Luther Emer.son, Jr. 
MININ.SOHN, Harvey William 
MINNICH, Kendal Robert 
All 1 CHELL, Jeffrey Guy 

A\'innctka, III. 

Glendora, ("alif. 

C'olunibus, Ohio 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

Annandale, Va. 

Ligonicr, Pa. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Houston, Texas 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Charleston, W. \^a. 

Alinneapolis, Alinn. 

Summit, N. J. 

Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. 

Bellevue, Pa. 

\ enetia. Pa. 

Lakewood, N. J. 

Asheville, N. C. 

Wilmette, 111. 


I'lrst wiv: 

MlTCHliLI., Karen I.miisc 
iMIZF, Anne Hrounsitn 
MI/.KLL, C:athcrinc l-eah 
MONK, Mary Beth 
MONTGOMKRV, Marilyn Isal 

MOODY, Jane 

I'dina, .Minn. 

Atehi.son, Kan. 

Ft. Lauderdale, I'la. 

York, Pa. 


Cilen Rock, N.J. 
Charlotte, N, C. 

Second TOTi'.- 

MOON, Alma Gradv 
MOON, Rov Onnuody 
MOORF,, Charles Miehacl 
MOORF,, Margaret l-hzalieth 
MOORF, Alarv Berkeley 
MOORF, Naneyjaniee ' 

Rome, N. Y. 

San .■\ngelo, Texas 

Millington, Tenn. 

Sands Point, N. N. 

Neu Castle, Pa. 

Aiken, S. C:. 

Third row: 

M OR ETZ, Joseph A Urea III 
MORITZ, Joan Kllen 
MORRIS, Kelly Jon 
MOSFR, Thomas FInier, jr. 
MUMMA, Robert Mann,' jr. 
MURPHY, Claire l.exyis 

Iliekory, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Beltsville, Md. 

I'le.inor, W. \'a. 

\\i)rmle\ sburg. Pa. 

.\tlanta, Ga. 

Fourth row: 

MURPHY, Linda Lee 
MURPHY, Raymond Wells, Jr. 
MURPHY, Robert Paul 
MURRAY, Charles Bennett 
MURRAY, Riehard 1 homas 
MU.SSFR, Kathleen Marguerite 

T itusville, N. J. 

Washington, D. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Lynchburg, \a. 

Rochester, N. Y'. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 

Fifth row: 

MYFRS, Fric Robert Camp Hill, Pa. 
MYFRS, Gail Alison F''aston, ('onn. 
MYERS, Wilbur Lconald, Jr. Charlotte, N. C. 
NATHANSON, Howard Gordon 

Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
NAULTY', Stephen |ohn Roscmont, Pa. 
NAUTA, HaringJ.W. Newton, i\Lass. 

Sixth row: 

NELLIS. James Francis 
NELSON, Hugh Thomas 
NELSON, .Meredith Ann 
NELSON, William Edward 
NELSON, William Hcnson, Jr. 

Havertown, Pa. 

[■".Imhurst, 111. 

Jacksonville, I'la. 

J\lilwaukee, Wis. 

Beaufort, S. C. 

St. Albans, W. Xa. 

Sevinth row: 

NESS, Dale Sorlie Falls Church, \'a. 
NFUALA.NN, Clharlcs Pilgrim Tucson, Ariz. 
NFV\'LIN, Ann Elizabeth Liberty, N. C:. 
NF".W.\!AN, Susan Ellen Indianapolis, Ind. 
NEWTON, Robert Owen Shawnee-Mission, Kan. 
NICHOLS, John Warren, Jr. Dallas, Te.xas 

Fiiihth row: 

NI DIFFER, Fred Worley 
NOE, Bruce Douglas 
NOLTING, Sara Frances 
NORRIS, Edwin Lloyd 
NORTON, Carolyn Ruth 
NOYES, Sarah Alien 

Bristol, Tenn. 

Ada, (^hio 

Gainesville, Fla. 

Columbus, Ohio 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Marion, N. C:. 

Xiiith row: 

O'BRIEN, Judith Ellen 
OBRYON, Tom Watson, Jr. 
OES'FERLE, James Leon 
OGRODNICK, Dayid Mitchell 

OLSON, John William 
OR.MSBY, G«ynne Lula 

Newport, R. 1. 

Chevy Chase, .\ld. 

Hammond, Ind. 

Toms River, N. J. 
C:harlotte, N. C. 
Chesapeake, \'a. 

Tenth row: 

OSTER, Svea Sarah 
0\\ I'^N.S, Rosclyne Yvonne 
PACKARD, Michael David 
PADGETl E, Robert Lewis 
PAGE, .Mary Michael 
PAGE, Nancy Bowcn 

Sarasota, Fla. 
Kinston, N, C. 
Pcnsacola, E'la. 

•Atlanta, Ga. 

Tulsa, Okla. 
Kinston, N. C. 



t m 

^*> p o |i| p a 

5 f. r", O f^ 

1^ p Pi P 

^ p5 P f^ |?i 



m cs 

First row: 

PAINF-:, Sancira Carhleen 
PAIXIKR, Alkn Buford 
PAIM I R. (icorgc Lee 
PAl.MI'R, Carol Lynn 
PALMI R. Parricia Lee 
PALMKR, Thomas Edwin 

Sfctind row: 

PANMLL. Linda Susannc 
PARK, Icrtrcv Joseph 
PARK, Meredith Thomas 
PARKIR, Pamela Ann 
PARMISANO. Phil.p Martin 
PARRISH, Richard Wavne 

W. Orange, N. J. 

Washington, D. C. 

Woodbridge, N. J, 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Berw vn. Pa. 

Durham, N. C:. 

C^atonsville. Md. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

KIkins. W. \a. 

Richmond, \'a. 

ilinj row: 

PARTNTV, Patricia Ann Miami, Kla. 

PA I RICK, Carl Llovd Columlms, Ga. 

PAR IRIUGE, Christine Elizabeth 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
PATTERSON, Sally Elizabeth Alexandria, Va. 

P.'\TTON, George Allen Nashville, Tenn. 

PA ETON, William Joseph Camp Lejeune, N. C. 

Foil rill row: 

PE.^RCE. Karen Maria Memphis, Tenn. 

PEARl.MAX. Michael Allen Silver Spring, Md. 

PENDERGRAS T. William Jcrtcrson, Jr. 

Atlanta, Ga. 
PENEIELD, Susan Bourne East Setauket. N. Y. 

PIOPLES, .Sarah \'ann Warrcnton. N. C. 

PE lERLlN, Boris Matija Durham, N. C. 

Fifili row: 

PETERSEN. Marsha Carolyn 

Daricn, Conn. 

PEl ROSINO, Alarvanne Eliza 

3cth Durham, N. C. 

PI TEES, Sara Miles 

.•\tlanta, Ga. 

PE 1 rV. Lee Davis, Jr. 

Columbia. S. C. 

PEEIEEER. Margaret Elyse 

Baltimore, Md. 

PHARES, Robert Charles 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Sixth row: 

PHELPS, William Calef, Jr. 

Bethesda, Md. 

PHILLIP.S, William Bruce 

Setauket, N. Y. 


Charlotte, N. C. 

PICKARD. Tempa Olivia 

Kennctt, Mo. 

Pll RCE. Ray \aughn 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

PIERCV, Elizabeth Day 

Rochester, N. \'. 

Srvtiitli row: 

Pll RSON. Henry Owens .Mac 

Gill Baltimore, .\ld. 

PIPER. Patricia Ellen 

Lock Haver, Pa. 

Pm .\L\N, DeW itt Kcnnieth, 


Charlotte, N. C. 

Pn IS. Rodney Creamer 

Charlotte, N. C. 

PLACE. Stephen Richard 

Bay \'illage, Ohio 

PLAMONDON. Paula Bridget 

Santa Barbara, Calif 

Kiiihth row: 

PLANT, Peggy Ann 

Ann .Arbor, .\lich. 

POI\ Donald Bryce 

Springfield, \'a. 

POI". Susan Eavc 

Durham, N. CI. 

POLDERMAN, Ronald Lee 


pper Montclair, N. J. 

POR I ER, Margaret Ann 

Ealls (;hurch, Va. 

PORTO, James X'lnccnt. Jr. 

Elorence. S. C. 

\iNth row: 

POSEY, Susan Patricia 

Asheville. N. C. 

POUSNER, Michael Morris 

Atlanta, Ga. 

POW ELL, Deboran Leigh 

Haverford, Pa. 

PRAl.L. Robin Louise 

.\lerion Station, Pa. 

PREISMAN. Wavne Arnold 

.Arlington, V^a. 

PREN IIS. Richard Ereenian. J 

r. Dcs .Moines, Iowa 

I, mil row: 

PRESTON. Lois Elaine 

Columbus, Ohio 

PRIBYL. Richard Edward 

.Metuchen, N. J. 

PRIMMERMAN. Oarles Alan Bedford. .Mass. 

PRINC;E„ Chesley Hammond 

Lutherville, Md. 

PRK:E, Christina Louise 

Arlington, Va. 

PR INGLE, Margaret Gunning 

Charleston, S. C. 


First Toiv: 

PROCHASKA, Stephanie West Hartford, Conn. 

PRODGERS, Toby Batson 

Bad Godesberg, Germany 

PR0SS1':R, Pererman Ridge Baton Rouge, La. 

RAMSI'S, Julian Little Atlanta, Ga. 

RAMSLV, CJaylon luigene Port.siiioutli, N. H. 

RANnKC:KKR, Carolyn Ami Knoxville, Tenn. 

Second roil': 

RANDOLPH, Dolores Annette High Shoals, N. C. 

RANKIN, Louise Bell 
RAW LINGS, Roger Bernard 
RAY, James C. 
Ri: ARDON, Bonita Kathryn 
REDMOND, John Andrew 

Belmont, N. C. 

Garden City, N. Y. 

Ashburn, Ga. 

Durham, N. C. 

Cirecnville, S. ('. 

ThirJ row: 

RHED, James Stewart, Jr. 
REED, Joseph William 
REEEE, Edward Miehael 
REICH, Charles Erank 
REICHLEY, Nancy Marlyn 
REID, Caroline Baskin 

Lansdownc, Pa. 

\\'ashington, D. C. 

Boca Raton, Fla. 

Naugatuek, Conn. 

Washington, D. C". 

Wilmington, Del. 

Fourth roiv: 

REIFSNYDER, Riehard William 

Huntington \allcy. Pa. 
RHl'TT, Nancy Ann College Park, Ga. 
RIOIARDS, Lillian Campbell Sprmgficld, Va. 
RICHARDSON, Geraldine Miami, Fla. 
RICHARDSON. John Terry Thomasvillc, N. C. 
RICHl ER, William Hutton Gallatin, Tenn. 

Fifth TOIL-: 

RIESENFELD, Robert John 
RIGGS, David Alan 
RINGWALD, Barbara Lee 
ROADS, Miehael Blaine 
ROBBINS, John Coe 
ROBBINS, Rosalind Jo 

Oradcll, N. J. 

Auburn, N. Y. 

Gary, N. C. 

Pompano, Beach, Fla. 

High Point, N. C. 

Springfield, \'a. 

Sixth row: 

ROBERSON, Sam Edgar 
ROBERTS, Bruce Allen 
ROBERTS, Carole Ann 
ROBERTS, Lucy Anne 
ROBERTS, Michael Anderson, 

Maryville, Tenn. 

Wilmington, Del. 

Lake View, N. Y. 

Forest City, N. C. 

Richmond, Xa. 

Jr. Ramsey, N. J. 

Sen-nth row: 

ROBERTS, Pamela 
ROBINSON, George Michael 
ROBINSON, Jennie Neel 
ROCHE, Kerry John 

Tenafly, N. J. 

Salem. Va. 

Orange, Va. 

Sedalia, Mo. 

Savannah, Ga. 

Hollywood, Fla. 

Fii^hth row: 
ROCK. Jay Thomas 
ROGERS, Joe Mark 
ROGI'.RS, Paul Hamilton 
ROLLINS, X'lnton Lee 
ROOl , Mark Woodson 
ROSE, Patricia Shreve 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gary, N. C. 

Hartsville, S. C. 

Morganton, N. C. 

Jacksonville, Fla. 

Falls Church, Va. 

Ninth row: 

ROSEN! HAL, Robert Mark Baton Rouge, La. 
ROSER, Robert Hutchms, Jr. 

Massapcqua Park, N. Y. 
ROSS, Marion Luc Durham, N. C. 
ROTELLA, Peter Anthony 

Huntington Station, N. Y. 
ROTH, Joanne Silver Spring, Md. 
ROTH, Robert Andrew Wilmington, Del. 

Tenth row: 

RUDBERG, Joe Arthur Dallas, Te.xas 

RUDIN, Welda Ruth Dutham. N. C. 

RUIS, Ronald Harold II Orlando, Fla. 

RUNNING, Robert Elmer Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

RUTHERFORD, Kenneth Alan Tupelo, Miss. 

RYDER, Timothy White Summit, N. J. 

i -4 • " £l W^ ^'' 

4 1^1 


1 "-"' ^ 

J:^ <*^ a o 


^ 9 ^ P 


f^ r^> ^ p O (^ 

SAID, Grace Helen Beirut, Lebanon 

SAKS, Jerome Harold Bccklcy, VV. Va. 

SALSBURY, Stuart Marshall Baltimore, Md. 
SALTER, Manuel Lee, Jr. 

Huntington Station, N. Y. 

SAMSON, Willis Kendrick Syracuse, N. Y. 

SANDERSON, Timothy Alonzo Norfolk, \'a. 

Stcond roii': 
SANDS, Blase Dale 
SANFORD, Sarah U hitncy 
SAPP, James Stephen 
SA PP. Janet Marilyn 
SCHECHTER, Arnold Morris 

Arlington. V^a. 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Ashevillc. N. C. 

Maplcwood, N. J. 

Kinston, N. C. 

.SCHERK, Ghrisman George, Jr. Forest Hills, N. Y. 

Third WiV: 

SGHINNERER, Sandra Jean 
.SCHNURE, James P. 
SC:H0DDE, Joseph Albert 
SCHOUD1 , Russell Lawrence 
SCHRODI.R, Grctchcn Wood 
SCO F I , Beth Rollmgs 

Washington, D. C. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Santa Rosa, Calif. 

Alexandria, \'a. 

Racine, Wis. 

Rock Hill, S. C. 

Fourth roiv: 

S(X_)T 1 , Elizabeth Shippen Tate Athens, Ga. 

SC^Ol F. Richard Lynn Louisville, Ky. 

SCREWS, Peggy Mane Columbus, Ga. 
SCULL, John Corson Newport News, Va. 

SI IDEL, Robert K. Mcnichen, N. J. 

SI ILERS, Jack La Vale, Md. 

Fifih roil-: 

SEXERSON, Gerald Raymond Milwaukee, Wis. 

SHACKEORD, \irginia Pauline 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

SHAHAN, Michael Ellsworth Palm Harbor, Fla. 

SHAND, Beth Kirkwood, Mo. 

SHAPINS, Frank Donald \cto Beach, Ela. 

SHAROEE. Barrv Lee Denver, Colo. 

Sixth roll': 

SHEARER, Rees Rucker 
SHEPARD, \'irginia Elizabeth 
SHEPPARD, Margaret Ann 
SHI RRARD, Marcia Jeanne 
SHIPP, Robert Turner 
SHIRLEY, Susan Ollenc 

Arlington, \'a. 

Massapequa, N. Y. 

Catonsville, Md. 

Woodbridge, N. J. 

McLean, V'a. 

\\ inston-Salem, N. C. 

Srvriith roii': 

SH1\F:S, Fletcher Groce 
SHORENSl EIN, Stuart Alan 
SHLRC;L1FF, Frances Margaret 
SIKORA, Robert Francis 
S1L\ ERMAN, Frederick Irwin 
SILVERMAN, Thomas Duncan 

Greenville, S. C. 

Roslyn, N. Y. 

Tullahoma, Tenn. 

Great Neck, N. Y. 

.Miami, Ha. 

Fayetteville, N. Y. 

Etfihth row: 

SIMON. Steven Edward 
SIMONS, Robert Alan 
SIMONS, Wilham John 
SIMS, Thomas Courtland 
SINGLETARY, Gail Dalton 
SINGLETON, Sandra Louise 

Ninth roil': 

SIZE.MORE. Frank Julian HI 
SKINNER, Ernest Michael 
SLADE, V\illiam Samual 
SLAUGHTER, Richard Groos 
SI.IMNSKE, Dale Arthur 
SLUDFR, Larry Lan 

Truth roTi'; 

SMALL, Margaret Hocker 
SMALL, Mary Buchanan 
SMILARI, Lauren Kathleen 
SMI FH, Darland Conrad 
SMITH, Dinah Yates 
SMITH, Gregory Lynn 

New London, Conn- 

Kansas City, Mo- 

Wilson, N. C. 

.Montgomery, W. V'a. 

Durham, N. C. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

High Point, N. C. 

Montauk, N. Y. 

Baxley, Ga. 

.-Austin, Texas 

Scotch Plains, N. J. 

Enka, N. C. 

San Francisco, Calif. 

Glade Spring, Va. 

Ridgewood, N. J. 

Jackson, Miss. 

Kahuku, Hawaii 

Jacobus, Pa. 


First tow: 

SMITH, Jaquclin Lucy Fisk 
SMITH, John Howard 
SMI TH, Kingston Earl 
SMITH, I.indi Kay 
SMI III, Rnhin 
SMHH, Sharon A. 

Haymarket, Va. 

Dclray Beach, Fla. 

Newport News, \'a. 

Springfield, Va. 

Jacksonville, F'la. 

Somerville, N. J. 

Second Toir: 

SMIl H, Wendy Jean Gainesville, Ga. 
SMV 1 HF.RS, Alex Jackson Penrield, N. V. 
SNI- Al), Philip Irout Baltimore, Md. 
SNTKRINGKR, W ilhani James \\ Annapolis, Md. 
SNIDOW, Anne Walhngford Spartanlmrg, S. C. 
SNO rHFRLV, Jane Di.von High Point, N. C. 

Third roir: 

SNYDFR, William Gordon Oradell, N. J. 
SPIFGFL, Mark Alexander Beverly Hills, Calif. 
SPINFLLI, Betty Jean Fort Walton Beach, Fla. 
S TACKHOUSE, Douglas Edward 

North Plainficid, N. J. 
STADIFM, Hyman Kinston, N. C. 
S'FADLER, Judy Lynn Rcidsville, N. C. 

Fourth roir: 

STANFORD, Ann Leslie 
STANLEY, Ronald Jay 
STANLEY, Sharon Lea 
STARK, Steven Zachary 
S F. CLAIR, Mary Diane 
S"II:C:KMEST, Thomas Lee 

Winnetka, III. 

Kernersville, N. C. 

Fort Bragg, N. C. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

Beckley, W. Va. 

Rye, N. Y 

Fifth tow: 

STEIN, Richard Allan 
SI FILER, Peter Miles 
STEX'ENS, Pierre \ andale 
STEWART, Frances Linda 
STEWART. Samuel Keatley 
STICK NEY, Jean Cool 

Rehoboth Beach, Del. 
Kenmorc, N. Y 
Canonsburg, Pa. 
Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Plymouth, Mass. 
Texarkana, Ark. 

Sixth row: 

S'FOESSEL, Doris Anne 
SFOKFS, Joseph Powell 
STOKES, Paul Mason 
SI OLER, Stanley 
STONEY, James Richard 
STROHL, Daniel Schuyler 

Smyrna, Ga. 

Hendersonville, N. C. 

Miami Springs, Fla. 

N. Bellmore, N. Y 

Warrenton, N. C". 

East Orange, N. J. 

Sei-enth row: 

STRONG, .\larcia Jean 
STUART, Allen Reynolds 
SI UART, William Kelly 
STUBBS, Constance Lynn 
STUBBS, Gary Winterson 
SULLIV'AN, Edward Joseph 

Pensacola, Fla. 
White Pine, Tenn. 

Durham, N. C. 

Middletown. Ohio 

Carlisle, Pa. 

Irvington, N. J. 

Eighth row: 

SULLIVAN, Virginia Ellen 
SUMMERS, Linnea Ann 
SUALMERS, Rolicrt Taylor 
SUSSMAN, William Charles 
SWAN, Nancie Kaye 
SWANN, William Cecil 

Baltimore, Md. 

Chevy Chase, Md. 

Johnson City, Tenn. 

Coral Gables, Fla. 

New York, N. Y. 

Asheville, N. C. 

Ninth row: 

SWANSON, Karen Jean 
SWEET. Charles \'ann 
SWT.TNAAL John Wilber 
TAFT, Thomas Fleming 
TARASUK, William Elarion 
TAURMAN, John David 

Snyder, N. Y 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Greenville, N. C. 

Bridgeport, Conn. 

Dayton, Ohio 

Tentli row: 

TAYLOR, Clinton 
TAYLOR, William Roy, Jr. 
TELGE, Mark Charles 
TI£RRY, Richard Franklin 
THOMAS, David Joseph 

Durham, N. C. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

South Hill, Va. 

Manchester, N. H. 

Elm Grove, W. \'a. 

Stamford, Conn. 


P P f^ f) 

C) t^ ^ 

1 ~ 

^ {jf!| ^1 

i^i^i^M^ #iii 
P /**• p^ p 

P ^ |f!| 

^ ^ c^ C^ n. 



•^tv^ - 1 


p f^ p l»^ ^ f^, 

r r o a A a 

^ iD p f\ P ^ 

f ^, r ^ o ^- f^ 

^ fl ^ ^ ^ O 

First tow: 

THOMAS, Wilbur Wells, III Bethesda, Md. 

1 HO.MPSON, Arthur Blair, III V\ilton, Conn. 

THO.MPSOX, John Gill Centerville, Tenn. 

IHORM ON, Robert Bannaton Goldsboro, N. C. 

riBONK, James P'ugene Rockville Centre, N. Y'. 

ll.MMERMAN, William B. Charlotte, N. C. 

Srcorici row: 

TISDALE, Norwood Boyd Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 
TOBIAS, Carl William Petersburg, \'a. 

TOPPING, Joseph Cameron, Jr. Plymouth, N. C. 
rOWNSEND, John Seaman Champbcrsburg, Pa. 
TRACY, Deborah Ann Pittsfield. .Mass. 

TREDW.W, James Winston Richmond, Va. 

Third row: 

1 RE.MLETT, Robert Stephen Grecnevillc, Tenn. 
TRIA, John Joseph, Jr. Kings Mountain, N. C. 

1 RIBLEY, Nancy Greenville, N. C. 

T RIPLETT, Silence Stewart Chevy Chase, Md. 

I RUAX, Allan Bradley Berwick, Pa. 

1 SCHAN, Donald Nelson, Jr. Wynnewood, Pa. 

Fourth row: 

TSCHUDI, Alice Jane 
TUKE, Thomas Geoffrey 
TURNBULL, Donald Hamilton 

I URNER, Ann Rosamond 

1 URNER, Carlan 
TURNER, Carmen Irma 

Ridgcwood, N. J. 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Durham, N. C. 

Newark, Del. 

Fifth row: 

TYLER, Joan Frances 
TYLKA, Leonard Charles 
UDDSTRO.M, Kristi Blair 
LHL. Leslie Ann 
ULRICH, Dorn Wilco.x 
UPMEYER, Neil Albert 

Hampton, Va. 

Fords, N. J. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Alli.son Park, Pa. 

Fairport, N. Y. 

Clearwater, Fla. 

Sixth row: 

X'ALA. Charlene Rose Westchester, 111. 
\ALDES, James Franklin Atlanta, Ga. 
\ALEX1 A, Frank Louis, jr. Irmo, S. C. 
\-ANDE WATER. William Joseph Staunton, Va. 
\'AN DUSEN. Richard Abbott Bethesda, .\ld. 
\-AN .\lin ER. Anne Jarlcth Manhasset, N. Y. 

Seventh row: 

X^AUGHAN, Sarah Dee 
\EATCH, Jesse William, III 
\T,NTO. \cra Cecelia 
\-ERNON, Michael Lee 
\TCCELLIO, \'icki Co 
\'ICKERS, Ronald 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Erenton, N. J. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

lorado Springs, Colo. 

Ft. Worth, Texas 

Eighth row: 

\'INCENT, Dale I... Ir. Arlington, \a. 

VINTEN-JOHANSEN, Dorte Bethesda, Md. 

\'IRGIN, Eduard Warren Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

\"I\'I.A.N, Sandra Washington, D. C. 

X'OGELSANG, Robert Frederick Landenbcrg, Pa. 
W.ADDELL, Mark Cherrington Denver, Colo. 

\inth row: 

WADE, Andrew Stuart 

WADE, Ruth Elizabeth 

\\ ALD.MAN. Robert James 

W ALDO, James Robert 

\\ ALKER. Emily Elizabeth 

W ALKER, Susan Elise 

Truth row: 

W ALKER, Roscoe, III 

W ALKER. Wesley 

\\ ALL. Dons Claudeene 

W ALLACE, William Oscar 

W ALTER, Henrv 

W ALTON, Carolee Ann 

Spring City, Pa. 

W inston-Salem, N. C. 

Elmont, N. Y. 

Shawnee, Okla. 

('harlotte, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Englewood, Colo. 

W ilmington, N. C. 

Durham, N. C. 

Washington, N. C. 

Lititz, Pa. 

Princeton, N. J. 


First tow: 

WARD, Douglas Alan 

WARDER, Sarah I'.lizahcth 

W ARDl.K, joann 

WARK, Christine I.DrcllL- 

WARLICK, Paul William, Jr. 

AM-stlakc, Ohio 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

V\'ilniingti)ii, Del. 

Short Hills, N. j. 

Ashcvillc, N. C. 

WARNER, Cierret Preston OKI Brookville, N. ^■. 

Seco/itl row: 

WARNER, lames Root, Ir. Fayetteville, N. C. 

WARREN, Riehard Paul Charlotte, N. C. 

WARSC:H0EE, Bmee Atlanta, Ga. 

WASSERMAN, Mark Marl.lehead, Mass. 
WA'I EREIELD, William Cnnnellv Oreland, Pa. 

WA IKINS, David Phillips, Jr. Anderson, S. C. 

Third row: 

WATSON, Lola Carolyn 

WA I SON, Thomas Richard 

WAUC:H, Marilyn 

\\ EA\'ER, Carolyn .Marguerite 

U EBB, Patricia Irene 

WEBB, William Calvin, Jr. 

Fourth row: 

WEIKERT, Suzanne 

WELDV, Barbara Ann 

W El.l.ER, Wi.rth Hamilton 

WEI. I.MAN, Dave 

W E1.1.S, Carl Eranklin 

\\ ELLS, James Harry 

Raleigh, N. C. 

WiLson, N. C:. 

Westliury, N. Y. 

.Memphis, Tenn. 

Mount Airy, N. C. 

Dallas, Texas 

Mansfield, Ohio 

Lake Forest, 111. 

Oiral Gables, E'la. 

Huntington, W. \'a. 

Brandon, Ha. 

Hatboro, Pa. 

Ftftli row: 


W IS I, Helen McKinley 

\\ EVRK.K, Max 1 homas Wi 

W HALIN, David .Milton 

WHE'ESTONK, Carol Jean 

WHITE, Charles David 

Peoria, 111. 

Suffolk, \'a. 

liam Lynwood, Calit. 

Richmond, Ky. 

Hagcrstown, .Md. 

KnoxviUe, Tenn. 

Sixth tow: 

WHITE, Frank Alan Avon, Conn. 

W HI lEHEAD. John Frederick Washington, D. C. 
W HII FLAW, Robert .Simeon, Jr. Decatur, Ga. 

W Hll ING, Helen Hudson Eramingham, .Mass. 

WHITNEY, Dick K. Alansheld, Ohio 

WICKERSHA.M, John Richard 

Managua, Nicaragua 

Seventh row: 

WILC:0\', Margaret Lcc Springfield, Pa. 
\\ ILKFRSON, Jack Clement, Jr. Shreveport, La. 

\\ ILKERSON, Richard Nathan Parris Island, S. C. 

W ILLARD, James A. Louisville, Kv. 

WILLIA.MS, Charles Bruce, Jr. Jack.sonville, Fla. 

WILLIA.MS, Charles Dowling Munfordville, Kv. 

Fii!,hth row: 

WILLIAMS, Franklin Brenhol 


V\'inston-Salem, N. C. 

WILLIAMS, Keith Colby 

Mexico, Mexico 

WILLIAMS, Peggy Ann' 

Falls Church, \a. 

WII.l.lAM.S, Phillip (iamcs 

Norton, \'a. 

WILLIAMS, Wendy Marjorie 

New Vernon, N. J. 

WILLIS, Helen Elizabeth 

Hickory, N. (". 

Ninth row: 

WILLIS, John Kclver 

Johnson City, Tenn. 

WILSON, Anne EVancine 

Tallahassee, Fla. 

W ILSON, David Brooks 

.Mayfield, Ky. 

WILSON, Elizabeth Anne 

Dahloncga, Ga. 

WILSON, James Chamberlain 

Gainesville, Fla. 

W ILSON, Jeffrey W. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fenrh row: 


('olumbia. Mo. 

W INGAl E, Larry Lynn 

Raleigh, N. C. 

W IN 1 ERS, Paul Regan 

.Miami, Fla. 

Wn HERS, Alan V\illiam 

Irving, Tex. 

WOLF, Mary Julia 

Hagerstown, .Md. 

WOLF, Robert Grant 

Drexcl Hill, Pa. 

EDk tfR^ 

p ,^ o a p p 

-> (Ts :"» ^ O 


p |li w 

First row: 

WOLFE, John Frederick Wmston-Sjlcm, N. C. 

WOLFF, Karl Francis Michael Jackson, Miss. 

W OLLAFGER, David Paul Southern Pines, N. C. 
W OXNACOTT, William Curtis Thornwnod, N. Y. 
WOOD, C.arol Anne Cherry Hill, N. J. 

\\ OOD, George Roland Greensboro, N. C. 

C) ifi^ C^^ p 

r^ ^ .f^. o ^ f^ 

O (^ ^ P 

f^ h^ ^ 

Si-cond TOIL': 

WOOD, Thomas Kendrick 

WOODALL, Frank Alley 

WOODRUFF, Sharon Elise 

W OODW ARD, Everett Wayne 

WORK. Jack 

W ORKMAN, Ervvin Franklin, Jr 

Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Erwin, N. C. 

Lanham, Md. 

Havcrtown, Pa. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Orinda, Calif. 

Third rotv: 

WORTHINGTON, John A\alter Canton, Ohio 

W RKiHI", Archie Taylor, III Washington, D. C. 
W RIGHT, Glenn Patton Charlotte, N. C. 

\\ UFHRMANN, David Bruce Chatham, N. J. 

WUNSCH, James Stevenson Traverse City, Mich. 
WYATF, Alton Edward Goldsboro, N. C. 

Fourth roir: 

WYATT, Alvah LaFaughan, 
WYLIE, John Colligan 
YACXF'R, Martin Simon 
YOUNG, David Russell 
YOUNG, Henrv Newton 
YOUNG, James Albert 

Fifth row. 

YOUNG, Kenneth Wharton, Jr. 
YOUNGER, .Mary Margaret 
ZELLER, -Margaret Stephanie 
ZIRKLE, Alfred Terrv 
ZODDA, Alfred Travis, Jr. 

\\'est Point, V^a. 

\\ instcd. Conn. 

Linden, N. J. 

W. Lafayette, Ind. 

Princeton, N. J. 

Auburn, Ala. 

Burlington, N. C. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Hazlchurst, Miss. 

Blacksburg, \'a. 

Woodbury, N. Y. 



The 1965 Chaniicleer wishes to 
express gratitude to those concerned 
few who are not directly connected 
with the staff' but have had no small 
part in helping a few rough ideas 
and sketchy dreams materialize into 
what has been printed here: 

Dr. Richard H. Leach and the Pub- 
lications Board. 

Air. William F. Griffith, Mr. Allen 
Parrent, and Mrs. Margaret Wilkins 
of the Office of Student Activities. 

Mr. Stephen C. Harward, Comp- 
troller and Internal Auditor, for financial 
and practical advice. 

Dr. Clarence E. Whitefield, Director 
ot Public Information and his staff". 

Mr. Glenn E. Mann, Director, and 
Air. Joe Brusie of the Office of Athletic 

Air. W. F. Stray horn and the staff' of 
the Information Desk. 

Mr. Price Coursey, Charlotte Engrav- 
ing Company, for his patient, skillful, 
and guiding hand in coordination of the 
many facets involved — aid which often 
transcends his specific function as 
merely a professionally interested en- 
graving and yearbook specialist. 

Air. Jospeh F. Phelps, Edwards & 

Broughton Company, and his w ife Lucy 
tor professional help and a wonderful 
working vacation in Charlotte. 

Air. Fay Smith, Air. James Churchill, 
and Air. William Judd of Smith Studios 
for excellent portrait photography. 

Air. Ralph Jordan, Wmibly-Kincey 
Service, Air. Herman Kass, Universal 
Pictures, and Air. Ton\' Randall, Uni- 
versal Pictures, for prompt response 
in our hour of need. 

Vantine Studio for excellent fraternity 
and sorority portraits. 

Air. A. F. Alurphy, Jr., for photo- 
graphic coverage of the Army Game. 

Mr. Don Rice, New York Herald 
Tribune, for away-game football cover- 

The yearbook of Tulane University. 

Air. Thad Sparks, University Photog- 

Joe and Arabella. 

The Archive for turning the radio 
down when we asked. 

The combined Editorial and Business 
staffs for their consistent and loyal 
help throughout the year — most of the 
book belongs to them. 




Abbott, John Alfred '65, 

127 Clayton Ave., Waynesboro, Pa 88, 146, 187. 327 

Abercrombie, Brenda L. '66, Rt. 2, Greenville, S. C. 279 3^9 
Abernethy, Roy F., Jr. '66, 

625 Briarwood Ave.. Pittsburgh, Pa 313, 359 

Abke, Helen Lucille "67, 935 27th St., Orlando, Fia...257, 375 
Abrams. Judith Ellen '68, 7236 SW 55th St., Miami, Fla. 263, 391 

Ackerley, Robert E. '66, 3 Leaf Place, Elmsford, N. Y 359 

Ackerman, William Jacksone "67, 

4309 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va 315, 375 

Acree, Jackie "67, 

1702 Council Bluff Dr. NE, Atlanta. Ga 279. 375 

Adams, Clifford Sweet "65, 

515 Warren Rd., San Mateo, Calif 311, 324, 327 

Adams, Dorothy Ann "66, 

978 Laing St., St. Alban.s, W. Va 124. 359 

Adams, Douglas Glenn '67, 1840 Harlem Blvd., Rockford, 111. 
Adams, Patricia Lee "65 

4228 Dalmation Dr., McLean, Va 87, 275, 327 

Adams, Robert C. "66, 895 Davis Dr. NW, Atlanta, Ga...283', 359 
Addington. .Ann Marie "67. 

327 Dover Rd.. Carrsbrook, Charlottesville, Va. 269, 375 

Adelson, Barbara Patz "66, 2007 House Ave., Durham. N. C. 
Aderholdt, Lmda Diane "66, 1232 Bethel Rd., Charlotte, N. C...359 
Adkinson, Margaret Jane "68, 

5907 Welborn Dr.. Washington. D. C 391 

Adlam, James Kenneth "65, 1731 Hilltop Rd., Jenkintown. Pa...327 
Adler, Kenneth Elliot '68, 4 Upland Rd., New Rochelle, N. 'V'...317 
Agnew, Mary Elizabeth "68, 

1544 Rose Virginia Rd., Wyomissing, Pa 123, 391 

Ahmann. Gerald Black "67, 217 N. 3rd St., St. Charles, Mo. 375 
Ahnfeldt, .Arnold L., Jr. "65, 

3333 University Blvd., Kensington, Md. .88, 184, 185, 327 
Ahrendt, Thais E. '66, 

54 Union Place. Ridgefield Park. N. J 265, 359 

Aitken, James Lamaster '68, 

2733 Sheridan Blvd., Lincoln, Neb 375 

Aitken. Shawn "68. 301 East 66th St., New York. N. Y 391 

Ake, James L. "66, Lynnhaven Dr.. Dover, Del. 311 3S9 

Aksel, Sezer "65, 913/1 Mithat Pasa Caddes. Turkey 
Albers, Barbara Jan "65, 1838 Argentina Dr. SE, 

East Grand Rapids, Mich 130, 131 ''47 ''71 317 

Albrecht, Jerry Linn "67, 3001 Vale St., Endicott,' N. Y. 307, 375 
Albrecht. William F., Jr. "68, 

3905 Calverton Dr.. Hyattsville. Md 391 

Albright. William U., Jr. "66, 2107 Ruff in St., Durham, N. C...359 
Alccck, Jane Moore '67, 415 E 52nd St., New York, N. Y...375 
Alden, John Thomas '67, 

303 N. College St.. Rockville. Ind II 1, 1 13, 114, 132, 297, 375 

Aldridge, John Graves '65, 

Country Club Dr., Mt. Airy, N. C 283, 327 

Aldridge, Virginia Kern '67, 

1106 Lafayette Ave., Rocky Mount, N. C 374, 375 

Alexander. Bruce J. '66. 

41 Prescott Ave., White Plains, N. Y 289, 359 

Alexander, Eloise P. "66, II 31st St., Savannah, Ga...269, 327 
Ale.xander, James P. "66, 

149 Terrell Mill Dr., Marietta, Ga 175, 311 3"'4 

Alexander, John C. "68, 

3821 Hawthorne Rd., Rocky Mount. N. C 214 

Alexander, Mary Beth "66. 

1429 Marion Court. Geneva, 111 P") P6 359 

-Alexander, Pamela Gay "67. Box 144. King, N. C .' 257, 375 

Alexander. Randolph Foote "67, 

2233 Schiller St.. Wilmette, 111 ___ 184, 216, 289, 375 

Alfcrd. Judith Eleanor "67, 

3 Wake Robin Rd., Westport, Conn 81, 209, 375 

Allen, Deanna Ruth "68, 15 Carnegie Ave., Huntington,' N. Y. 391 
Allen. Hollis "67. 46 Willow St.. Southport. Conn. 375 

Allen. John Robert "67, 

6212 30th St. N.. Arlington, Va 144, 147, 375 

Allen, Margaret Ashby '67, 

213 Lock Lane, Richmond, Va 118, 277, 375 

Allen, Margaret Bothwell '65, 

4208 Sunnyside Rd., Edina, Minneapolis, Minn. ''75 3''7 

Allen, Philip H. '66, 

216 Parsons Dr., Syracuse, N. Y 220, 301, 359 

Allen, Thomas Stringfield '67, 

1027 Pine St.. Burlington, Vt.... 303 374 375 

Alley, James Carl "65, ISO^NW 100th Terrace, Miami" Shores, Fla. 
Allison. Nancy Elinor "67, 342 Northwood Rd.. Riverside, III. 375 
Allyn, Donald Lancy "65, 

612 N. Washington Ave., Moorestown, N. J. 3''7 

Alper, Harvey Paul "67. 4722 Gaynor Rd., Charlotte. N C 375 
Alstnn, John C. "68, 422 Abbotsford Rd,, Kenilworth, III 309 391 

Alsup. Charles Weldon '68, 

500 Owens Dr., Huntsville, .Ala 305 391 

Alter, Carol Ann "67, 2818 Kendale, Toledo, Ohio ' 375 

Althouse, Sandra Louise '67, 

50 Woodbrook Lane, Swarthmore, Pa 257 375 

Altman, Charles F. "66, 

814 Morningside Rd.. Ridgewood, N. J. 359 

Altmann. Kerbey Taylor "68, 

32 W. Kirke St., Chevy Chase. Md 155 391 

Altreuter. Richard W. "67, 3 1 Lockwood Place, Fair Haven N J 
Alvarez, Richard Michael "67. 

3235 Mud Lick Rd., Roanoke. Va. 301 375 

Alvarez. William J. "67, 

3235 Mud Lick Rd., Roanoke, Va.... 291 359 

Amen. Karen Sue "66, 

255 Hempstead Place, Charlotte, N. C 269, 359 

Amery. Joe Alan "67, 

126 Rockingham Rd., Wilmington, Del. 172 317 375 

Amiey, Robert B. "66, 

950 41st St. N., St. Petersburg, Fla 295 359 

Andersen, Dana Kimball "68, 

5 New Woods Rd., Glen Cove, N. Y 185, 391 

Andersen. Marilyn Ruth '66, 

540 .Ave. F. SE, Winter Haven. Fla. 359 

Anderson. Charles A. '68. 502 E. Forest Hii'ls Blvd.. Durham N C 
Anderson, Charles R. '65, 1520 Hilton Ave., Columbus Ga 3''"7 
Anderson, Erik Marshall "67, 

666 49 St. S.. St. Petersburg, Fla 147 31'! 375 

Anderson, Jane Catherine "67, 

826th Medical Group, APO 845, N. Y.. N. Y. 81 375 

Anderson, Marjorie C. "66. 33 Forest Rd., Asheville, N. cr 269 359 
Anderson, McCutchen B. "67, 

211 S. Heyward St., Bishopville, S. C 295 37<; 

Anderson, Nancy Ruth "68. 2020 Sunset Ave., Durham, N. C..-119 
Anderson, Sarah Graham "68, 

Physics Dept., Citadel, Charleston, S. C 150, 275, 391 

Anderson, Susan C. L. "68, 2 Malvern St., Towson, Md. 
Anderson, Thomas J. '65, 

100 First Ave. SE, Atlanta, Ga.-.88, 144. 146. 147, 185. 327 
Anderson, Virginia Laurel "68, 

33 Forest Rd., .Asheville, N. C 118, 269. 391 

Anderson, William Eugene "66, 

100 E. Front St., Oxford, N. C 192 359 

Anderson, William Holt "67, 

415 E. Willowbrook Dr., Burlington, N. C 283 

Andrews, Craig Neal "65, 

CO Allis Chalmers, York Works, York, Pa. 
.Andrews. Robert D. "66, Rt. 2. Clayton, N. Y. 146 359 

.Anna. Timothy E. "66, 

1001 Jeffords St., Clearwater, Fla... 81, 128, 359 

Anthes, Gary Harrison "68, 

324 Snuff Mill Rd.. Wilmington, Del. 285 391 

Anutta, Lucile J. '65, HQ 3rd Air Force, 

USAFE Box 888, APO 125, New York, N. Y. 263 3''7 

.Apgar, Bonnie G. "66, 95 Pengon Circle, E. Meadow, N. y!..359 
Appleton. Susan Elizabeth "65. 

1808 Truman Rd., Charlotte, N. C 327 

.Applevard, Jo Ann '65, 1209 Milwaukee Ave., 

Glenview. Ill 66, 122, 123, 126, 134, 327 

Arab, George M. '68, 1354 Stimson St., Jacksonville, Fla 185 

Archer, James Douglas '68, 

5501 Washington Ave. SE, Charleston, W. Va. 144 146 391 
Archie, William C, Jr. '66, 

3101 Churchill Rd., Raleigh. N. C _ 149. 3'>9 

.Arey. Sylvia Ann "68, 

404 Lakeshore Dr.. Aberdeen. N. C 185. 261, 391 

Arenson, Ronald Lee '65, 

1900 E. Leonard St., Pensacola, Fla 311 327 

.Argy, John '65, 1058 Polk St., Hollywood. Fla. ' 327 

Arico. Daniel Joseph '68. Rt. 3. Elizabeth, Pa 391 

•Armbrecht, David Lee '67, 

7666 Yarmouth Dr., Richmond, Va 315. 375 

Armstrong. Charlton P.. Ill '66. 

406 Belmont Ave.. Greenville. S. C 247. 301. 359 

Arnett, Carroll Dwight '68, 

Box 275, Rowlesburg, W. Va 149. 391 

Arnold. Herman Ross. Ill '67. 

5130 Powers Ferry Rd. NW. Atlanta. Ga 202. 297 

Arnold. Ingrid D. '66, 211 Park Circle. Tullahoma. Tenn...261. 359 
Arnold. Richard Storz. Jr. '68. 

229 Wellington Rd., Dewitt, N. Y 242. 295. 391 

Aronoff. Stephen Louis '68, 

5551 Drane Dr.. Dallas, Texas 317, 391 

Arthur. Kay Kristin '68, 

522 Shadowbrook Dr., Burlington, N. C 147. 391 

Arthur, Richard Houghton '68, 

715 Bleeker Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y 195, 303, 391 

Arthur. Thomas Carlton "68, 

Fcrrum Junior College, Ferrum, Va. 391 

Ash. Andrew W. "66. 130 Beverly Place. Dayton, Ohio 299 

Ashby. Donald A. 'bl. Nassawadox, Va 135, 202, 283, 359 

Ashford, William H., Ill '68. 

152 Biddulph Rd., Radnor. Pa 192, 391 

Ashmun, Raymond V.. Jr. '65, 3505 W. Scott Place, Denver, Colo. 
Askew, Elizabeth Anne '67, 

9 E. Kendrick Ave., Hamilton, N. Y 375 

Astley. Robert F. '66. 270 NW 110 St.. Miami, Fla...202. 297, 359 
Atkins, Jimmv Dale "68, 

1039 N. Main St., Mt. Airy, N. C 315, 391 

Atkinson, Richard B. '68, 

551 W. Main St., Elkin, N. C Ill, 295, 395 

Atwill, Lionel Anthony '67, 

Skydrift Farm. Willsboro, N. Y 242, 297 

Auld, Robert Hunt '68, 

1404 Oakmont Rd.. Charleston, W. Va 242, 297, 391 

Auman. James Richard '67, 206 Penny St., Garner, N. C...30I, 375 
Averitt, Richard G., Ill '67. 

1300 74th St. N., St. Petersburg, Fla 287, 375 

Avery, Dianne '66, 5908 Lemon Rd., McLean, Va 359 

Avett, Alice Ruth '66, Box 25, Hudson, N. C...97. 124, 134, 359 
Aydlett, Dorothy B. '66, 

420 W. Main St., Elizabeth City, N. C 133 

Baar, Leslie ,'\nn '68, 539 Kingsbury, Dearborn, Mich 391 

Babcock, Catherine Ruth '68, 

1607 Canterbury Rd., Raleigh, N. C 255, 257, 391 

Bach, Thomas W. '66, 210 Ashworth Circle, Marion, N. C 359 

Bachelder, David MacLeod '68, Coosa Pines, Ala 297, 391 

Bachman, Walter E.. Ill '65, Bethman Rd., Easton, Pa...327, 289 
Backus, Michael E. '66, 

Dogwood .Acres, Rt. 6, Johnson City, Tenn 114, 303 

Bacon, David Gardner '68, 

401 Newfield St.. Middletown, Conn 287, 391 

Badgett, Alice Sheppard '65, 

767 Braemar Ave. SW, Atlanta, Ga 261, 327 

Baer. George James "65, 

829 Balfour Rd., Grosse Pointe Park, Mich 311, 327 

Baggs, William Jerold '67, 

Rt. 1, Box 86, Centerville, Va 144, 311, 375 

Bagley, Faye S. '66, 5353 Northside Dr. NW, Atlanta, Ga...359 
Bagley, Nancy Lu '68. 

5353 Northside Dr. NW, Atlanta, Ga 279, 391 

Bailey, Alice Jean '65, 2523 Blackwood Rd., Wilmington, Del. ..327 
Bailey. Claire Grace '67, 

508 Clove Rd., Staten Island, N. Y 261, 375 

Bailey, Hoyt Spurgeon "67, 785 Forest Hill Rd., Macon, Ga...375 

Bailey, James H. Pou, Jr. "68, Box 1916, Raleigh, N. C 391 

Bailey, Sharron Kay "68, 

125 Harbor View Lane, Largo, Fla 265, 391 

Bailey. Susan R. "66, 4313 N. 39th St., Arlington, Va 359 

Baily, Lorianne "67, 15 S. Lane, Englewood, Colo 271, 375 

Baird, Edward F. '65, 

429 Aldan Ave., Aldan, Pa 77, 79, 86, 190, 315, 327 

Baker, Judith Ann '65, 

618 Amanda Dr., Bellefonte, Ashland, Ky 271, 327 

Baker, Sarah L. '66, 

42 South Shore Dr., Decatur. Ill 142, 143, 150, 253, 359 

Baker, Susannah Carlin "65, 

120 Round Hill Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 263, 327 

Baker, William H. "66, 

Qtrs 3 USP Reservation, Leavenworth, Kan 289, 359 

Balderston, Barbara '65, Box 190, Glen Mills, Pa. .81, 133, 267, 328 
Balestra, Melanie Leah '66, 

950 Sunset Ave., Waynesboro, Pa 125, 267, 359 

Balitsaris, Peter M. "65, Rotherwood Dr., Knoxville, Tenn 291 

Ball, Ann Katharine '67, 

1315 W. State St., Geneva. 111... 130, 248, 267 

Ballam, Barbara Joanne '68, 270 Kent Rd., Wynnewood, Pa.. .391 

Ballew, Steve Early '67, Box 362, Inman, S. C 149, 375 

Ballou, Charles Wilkins '67, 

The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Spgs, W. Va. 
Baluss, Mary Eleanor '67, 

2315 Westdale Dr.. Fayetteville. N. C 129, 265. 317, 375 

Banker, Michael Ian "68, 

342 Pakford St.. West Hempstead, N. Y 129, 317, 319 

Banks. Lawrence "65, 110 Beverly Place, Greensboro, N. C...328 

Banks, Wendell P. B. '65, 73 17th St. NE, Atlanta, Ga 315 

Banner, Worth Durham "68, 627 Powell St.. Williamsburg, Va...l92 
Bannerman. Jeanne E. '66, 

655 Nelson Dr., Baton Rouge, La 254, 263, 359 

Banta, Robert Mason '68, 1520 Palisades Dr., Appleton, Wis.. .391 
Barbare. Drayton W. '66. 

1516 India Hook Rd.. Rock Hill, S. C 359 

Barbee, Ronald Mills '65, 

3000 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, N. C 328 

Bargman, Alan Richard '67, 

182 Commonwealth Ave., Buffalo. N. Y 317, 375 

Barham, James Eldred "67, 3001 Exmoor Rd., Columbia, S. C...375 

Barlow, Richard Smith '65, 

112 Hillcrest Dr., Bardstown, Ky 315, 328 

Barnes, Leroy Robert, Jr. '67, 

403 Beaumont St., Fairfax, Va 149, 293, 375 

Barnes, Pamela Sue '66, 

2456 Rockville Centre Pk.. Oceanside, N. Y. 
Barnes, Richard Sturges '68, 

49 Brayton St.. Fnglewood. N. J..._ 149, |)j5, 39| 

Barnes. Stephen P. '65, 

287 W. Neck Rd., Huntington, N. Y 239, 289 3''8 

Barnett. Elizabeth Anne '65, 

2628 Rivers Rd. NW, Atlanta, Ga...80, 160 18'' ''75 3->8 
Barnhart, Philip W.. Jr. '68, -. - - . - 

2398 N. Quincy St., Arlington, Va 168 391 

Barnhill, Peggy Elaine '68, 

4790 SW 78th St., Miami, Fla 259 391 

Barone, Anthony Andrew '68, 846 Cornelia, Chicago lii ->'>9 391 
Barr, Joel '68, 1909 Gerda Terrace, Orlando, Fla. "-Si's ' 391 
Barrett. Drew James. Ill "67, 

USNSA 133, FPO New York, N. Y. ''O"' --36 ''91 

Barrmger, Jerry Allen "67, 

203 Franklin Ave., Concord, N. C 202, 236 291 

Barrios, Gerald John '66, " " ' 

1657 N. Treasure Dr., Miami Beach, Fla 289 

Barron, Gene Gordon "68, 

1009 Townley Dr., Madison, Tenn 160 391 

Barry. Thomas Ross "67, 

1104 Armstrong Lane, Tupelo, Miss 192, 309 375 

Barthel, Carol Ann "68, 4 Morgan St., Wayne, N J "" ' 391 
Bartlett, Mary Lee "67, 

900 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore, Md. |34 375 

Bass, Kenneth C, III "65, 

402 Crest Rd., Carrcroft, Wilmington, Del. .65, 88, IP 285 3^8 
Bassett, Sandra V. "68, 

7506 Summer Ave. NE, Albuquerque, N. M. 391 

Baswell, David Lee P. "66, 

970 N. Second Ave., St. Charles, III 136 359 

Batts. Richard Thomas '68, 

936 Gardner Rd.. Kettering, Ohio 185 391 

Bauer, Euphemia C. "65, 

1171 East Broad St.. Westfield, N. J... 125, 152, \^». 328 
Bauer, Richard Allen "67, 803 W. Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Baumgartner. Bruce R. "65, 

36 Earnscliff Court, Fort Thomas, Ky 67, 114, 132, 309 3''8 

Baxley, Berry Dale "68, 1046 Dean Dr. NW, Atlanta, Ga. 185* 391 
Baxter, Thomas W. '66, 1803 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C. 
Bay, Barbara Ann '67, 

1499 Rivershores Way, Tampa, Fla 150 375 

Bay, Edna Grace '65, 300 E. 12th St., Dover, Ohio.. 267, 328 
Bayes, Guy Anthony '65, 

5524 Park Rd., Falls Church, Va 85, 112, 328 

Bayles, Susan W. '66, 

3525 N. Delaware Ave., Arlington, Va 265, 359 

Baylin. Eric Alfred '67, 

2535 Wrightwood Ave., Durham, N. C 375 

Beach. Lawrence Murphy '67. 

716 Saunders Ave., Westfield, N. J 299 375 

Beach, Roberta Kay "67, 

2319 Maplewood Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C...172, 184, 185, 375 

Beacham, Dolly E. "66, 181 E. Evans St., Norfolk, Va 359 

Beale, David Brooks "67, 

109 Arnold St., Centerville, Tenn 88, 144, 146, 375 

Beale, Delores Janeil "67, 

120 Benmore Dr., Winter Park, Fla 263, 375 

Beall, Ninian, Jr. "68. Rt. 2, Box 236, Edgewater, Md. 192, 391 
Beam, Michael G. "67, 

23502 Westwood Rd., Westlake, Ohio 239, 375 

Beasley, Frederick Alex '65, 

205 Barnard Ave. SE, Aiken, S. C... 174. 19'' 309 328 

Beasley. William H., Ill "68, 

3701 Greenbrier Dr., Dallas, Texas 305, 391 

Beath, Andrew Findley "68, 

1741 Golfview Dr., Clearwater, Fla 214, 242, 297, 391 

Beatty. Wayne Arthur "68, Rt. 8, Box 204, Statesville, N. c! 391 
Beck, Alan D. "66, 688 Doblin St., Elmont, N. Y. 
Beck, Jean Marie '67, 

7438 Normandy Lane, Philadelphia, Pa 119, 147, 375 

Beck, Laurence David "67, 

Calle de Tres Picos 102, Mexico 5 DF, Mexico. .3 17, 375 
Becker, Dennis H. '66. 

5 Old Brick Rd., Roslyn Heights. N. Y 323, 359 

Beckett, Leslie '68, 306 Montgomery St.. Blacksburg, Va 391 

Bedworth, Griffith B. '67, Deer Run Rd., Woodbridge, Conn. 
Beem, Carol Ann '68, 

5127 Pritchett Dr., Nashville, Tenn 273, 391 

Behnken, Kenneth Charles "67, 

Box 156 ARFD, Painter, Va 149, 375 

Beineke, Betsy L. '66, 158 Holiday Lane. Ft. Thomas, Ky...279, 359 

Beischer, Rose Marie "67, 847 Gerhardt Dr., Pensacola, Fla 375 

Bell, Alexander W. "66, 

3316 Alexander, Shreveport, La 112, 132, 171, 302, 359 

Bell. Barbara L. '66. 

318 E. Willow Rd.. Milwaukee. Wis 166, 271, 37S 

Bell, James Douglas '67, 

6405 N. Lake Dr., Milwaukee, Wis 132. 216. 28S. 175 

Bell. Keith Whitman "68. 6506 Bells Mill Rd.. Bethesda. Md...391 
Bell. Kenneth l.ouis '68. Newtown Turnpike, Weston, Conn. 391 
Bell. Sarah Ellen '65. Bo.\ 162. Spruce Pine, N. C. 
Bell. Susanna Marie '67. 

1203 Greenway Dr.. High Point, N. C 259, 375 

Bell. Virginia Douglas "65. 

208 Country Club Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 263 3^8 

Bell. William Henry. Jr. "68. 

280 Vee Lynn Dr.. Pittsburgh. Pa 293, 391 

Bellew. Frances Loring '66. 144 Sunset Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 360 
Bellman. Donald H.. Jr. '66. 

5807 Chillumgate Rd., Hyattsville, Md 360 

Belton, Katherine Ann '68, 

2319 Shakespeare, Houston, Texas 150, 391 

Belvin, Jeanne Love '67, 

19 Flinn Dr., Wymberley, Savannah, Ga 279, 375 

Bemis, Linda K. '66. 

673 Elmwood Ave.. Webster Groves. Mo 85, 269. 360 

Bender. Douglas Edward '67, 

24 W. Empire St., Freeport, 111 144, 146. 375 

Bendon, James A. '66. 

2230 NE 17th Court. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla... 360 

Benedict. Philip C. '68. 

12640 Monroe Rd.. Britton, Mich.._ 229. 301. 391 

Benjamin. Albert E., Jr. '65, 

6300 Holly Lane, Baltimore, Md 85. 248. 328 

Benjamin. Lucinda Moore "65. 

Box 3. New Fairfield. Conn 142, 150, 277, 328 

Benner, Harry R. "66, 

2401 Pennsylvania Ave.. Wilmington, Del 360 

Bennett, Ann Louise "65, 

2638 Kilgore Ave.. Raleigh, N. C 147 3''8 

Bennett. Bruce R. "65. 

3600 Cantrell Rd. NE, Atlanta. Ga.. 83, 281, 307, 328 

Bennett. Diane Carol '65. Durham. N. C 328 

Bennett. Donald Edward "67, 9 Austin Rd.. Reisterstown, Md...375 
Bennett. Gregory Charles "68, 406 S. 4th Ave., Maywood, 111. ..392 
Bennett. Jo Alice '68, 135 Lookout Dr., Asheville, N. C..269, 392 
Bennett, John Herbert "65, 

5000 Randall Lane, Washington, D. C 328 

Bennett. Linda Gates "68. 

7 Lippincott Rd.. Little Silver, N. J 150, 392 

Benson. Clark William, II '67, Box 86, Murphy, N, C...305, 375 
Benson, Craig Burgess '67. 

4202 Grandview. Memphis, Tenn 285, 375 

Benson. George Goodwin '67, 

34 Hillman St., Pittsburgh, Pa 132. 241. 305, 375 

Benson, Jo "67, 7113 Pine Tree Rd.. Richmond, Va...275, 376 
Benson. Kathleen Jones "65. 

c/o Law School. Duke Univ., Durham, N. C. 
Benson. Lance Stewart "68. 

605 Greenwich St.. Falls Church. Va 172, 392 

Benz. Steven Carl "68. 3031 Spielman Rd., Adrian, Mich...303, 392 
Berg, Barbara Karen '68, 

3108 Woodbury Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 259, 392 

Berg, Patricia Gray "68, 

1607 W, Tennessee. Midland. Texas 255, 271, 39i 

Berg, Stefan D. "66. 4 Coralvn Rd.. Scarsdale. N. Y.....'. ' 360 

Bergehn. Kristine "66. Rt. I, Big Rapids, Mich 279, 360 

Bergen, Robert E. "66, 600 Wilson Dr., Lancaster. Pa. 311 360 
Berger. Frederick Allen "68. 

7415 Byron Place. Clayton. Mo 185. 317. 392 

Berghorn. Linda Christine "68. 

5 Crestwood Dr.. Chatham, N. J 182. 392 

Bergman. Eric Charles "68, 22 Riverledge Rd., Fludson, N. Y...392 
Bergquist. Linda Ruth '65. 

183 .Auburn Dr.. Lake Worth. Fla 328 

Berkey. William Gordon "68. Shirley Ave., Fishkili, N. Y 392 

Berkowitz. Leonard Jay "67, 

4420 Toledo .St.. Coral Gables. Fla 146. 313 

Berman. Richard Kenneth '67, 

31-40 89th St., Jackson Heights. N. Y 317. 376 

Berner. Anita '68. 

2890 Cavey Crest Circle. Allison Park. Pa 39^ 

Berney. Richard Thomas '68. 

74 White Oak Dr.. South Orange. N. J 149. 317. 392 

Bernstein, Jerry C. '66. 

Bell P Apts.. 205 E. Vance St.. Wilson, N. C 305, 360 

Berry, Alan Douglas "65, 

77 Taylor Ave.. Fort Thomas, Ky 202, 297, 328 

Berry, Thomas Cornell. Jr. "65. 1111 E. Bay Shore Dr.. 

Cavalier Park, Virginia Beach. Va 188, 295, 328 

Bers, Ellen Sue '68, 175 Peyton Rd., York, Pa 279," 392 

Berson, Robert C, Jr. "66, 

1902 National Bank Comm. Bldg.. San .-Antonio. Texas 
Bertrand. Barbara Barclay "65, 

345 Ponce De Leon Place, Orlando, Fla. 

Bertsch, John Roger '66, 

3131 Midland Dr. SE, Grand Rapids, Mich 
Best, Alexander Hulvei '67. 

934 Ellendale Dr.. Towson 4. Md. 84 196 ''95 376 
Best. Richard Allen '65. 905 Exum St.. Durham'. N C " ' 3->8 
Best. Robert Bruce. Jr. "68, 

2()4 F. 18th St.. Higginsville. Mo. 391 

Besnc Philip B. "66. 2525 N. Ridgeview Rd., Anington, Va." 3n 
Bethel. James Eugene 67. 8 Ridgewood Rd., Rome, Ga. 285 "370 
Bevacqua. Donna Gayle "67, 203 Branch Rd.. Vienna, Va 39^ 
Bibb, Louise Randolph '67, " 

1.545 Dairy Rd.. Charlottesville. Va. ->73 306 

Bierfeld. James Louis '65. ' ^"^ 

275 Ivy Lane. Highland Park. 111. 3,7 328 

Billmgs. Harold D. '66. Box 55. Stoneville n" C ' 360 

Billmgs. Mary Ellen '66. 24 Acken Dr.. Clark N J 360 

Bingham. James Carleton "67, 

Mineral Mining Corp., Kershaw. S. C. -"ifi 376 

Bingham. James Hugh "68. " 

314 E. Center St., Lexington, N. C. 138 ">14 301 39'' 

l\[lt A n^'^H^i^'^^V-^L'^''"^ °'- ^^" bailie'. Fla:..136,' 360 
Birkhead, David Keehn 67, 

653 Queen Anne Ter.. Falls Church, Va. 163 376 

Bischoff. Douglas K. '66. 

6421 N. Berkeley Blvd.. Milwaukee 17. Wis "'89 360 

Bittermann. Kim Allan '67. ' 

3717 Chesterfield Dr., Washington 22 D C 132 305 376 
Bivms, William P., Jr. "67, 

2343 Hunterfield Rd., Maitland. Fla 149 376 

Blaec. George Browne. Jr. "67, 

Live Rd.. Rt. 2. Malvern, Pa.. isg -i-iq 

Black. Jane Elizabeth "65, " 

1518 Adger Rd.. Columbia. S. C. -159 319 

ll"""^' h°^t^,^^^- 'U '^^' -^^" '^'"8 ^^^'^^ Dr.: Macon: Ga:. 360 
Blackard. William Raymond "65. 

3531 Hedrick St., Jacksonville 5, Fla. 175 197 783 39Q 

Blackmore. Elizabeth Anne '68. ' ' 

25 Lexington Dr.. Livingston. N. J. 763 -iqn 

Blackshear. William M.. Jr. '66 

1215 West 11th St., Panama City, Fla...79. 132, 185 360 
Blackwelder, Blake W. '67. 3419 Lowell St. NW Wash 16" D C 
Blackwell. Sally A. '66. 

131 Hastings Dr., Kernersville, N. C. 88 ''63 360 

Blake. Robert Lincoln. Jr. '67. . - -• 

609 Ruby St.. Durham. N. C 172 376 

Blakely. John T. '66. 1810 Sherwood Dr.. Beloit Wis ' 297 

Blakeslee. Carol Lillian '67, 

1002 Argonne Dr.. Baltimore 18. Md 375 

Blankenship, Carol K. '66. 

1832 Eastman Ave.. Bethlehem, Pa. 196 392 

Blatt. Virginia Elizabeth '67. 276 Hillside Ave., Chatham:N j" 392 
Blattau, Steven Joseph '68, 

11 St. Ives Dr., Severna Park, Md 182 3''9 

Bleckwenn, Brian Michael "68, " 

710 Barbara Blvd., Franklin Sq.. L. I., N. Y. 392 

Blessing, Katharine Ann "68, 

6 Cherry Hill Dr.. Waterville, Maine ]«-> 39-) 

Blick. John S.. Ill "66. • 

Box 9102 Duke Station. Durham, N. C. 311 379 

Bl.tch. James B., Jr. "66, 6104 Backlick Rd., SpringfieTd, Va.' 360 
Blitzer. Sidney M., Jr. "66, 

2445 Terrace Ave.. Baton Rouge. La. 176 317 360 

Bloemeke. Lynn J. "66. 47 Main St.. Clinton. N. J. 130, 15o' 360 
B ohm, Barbara Ann "65, 108 N. Cedar Dr., Greenwood S c' ''77 

Bloomer, Elaine J. "66, "" 

P. O. Box 323, Old Saybrook, Conn 87, 180, 18^ 360 

Bloomer. Rebecca Jane '68, 

502 W. York St.. RockviUe. Ind 126 ^75 390 39'' 

Bodkin. Robin Orr '68, ■ , . ^ 

2617 Glendale Ave., S, Charleston, W. Va. 714 

Boehm. Douglas Waterman '68. " 

1044 South 26th St., .'Arlington, Va. 392 

Boehm. Gerhard Arnold W. '68, 

1311 Hermitage Ave. SE. Hu'ntsville. Ala 185 376 

Boehm. Michael William "66. 

115 Woodlawn Dr.. Chattanooga. Tenn 307 

Boger. John Charles "68. 

Ill Country Club Dr.. Concord. N. C 169, 392 

Boger, Kenneth Snead "68. 

1 1 1 Country Club Dr.. Concord. N. C 392 

Boggess. Blake Ramage '68. 

222 Locust Ave.. Fairmont. W. Va 149, 392 

Bohn. Clyde M.. Jr. '66. 1603 Rosemont Ave., Frederick, Md...360 
Bohnet. Ann Louise '66. 8 Eagle St.. Lyndonville, N. Y. 123. 360 
Bolch. Lucy Bishopric '66. 2211 Morehead Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Bolden. Timothy '68. 1044 48th St., Newport News. Va...l96. 392 
Bole, Roberta Susan '68, 

39 Dan Ave., Pittsfield, Mass 143, 150, 265, 392 

Bolinger, Janet Marie '68, 2 Overhills Dr.. St. Louis. Mo...2'7.5, 392 
Boll, Sarah Virginia '65, 

209 Washington St.. W. Charleston 2, W. Va. 
Bolton, Peter Kemble '67. Old Camden Rd., Cheraw, S. C...295 

Bond, John Buchanan, Jr. '68, 

4124 N. :5th Place, Arlington 7, Va 180, 315, 392 

Bond. Robert Stephen '68, 

1904 Winford Rd., Baltimore 14, Md 315, 392 

Bond. Stephen F. '66, 

SIO Snell Isle Blvd., St. Petersburg, Fla 295 

Booher, Kerniil R.. Jr. '66. 

6111 Hillcrest Terrace, Parkershiirg, W. Va. 
Boone. Leslie R. '66. 

Rua Ben. Artigas 511. Rio do Janeiro, Brazil. ...8 1, 119, 360 
Boone, Worth Howard, Jr. '67, 

28(11 Carolina Ave.. Roanoke, Va 307 

Boop, John M. '66. 5160 Emory Circle, Jacksonville, Fla 360 

Booth, Jiidvth E. '66, 

3017 NW 16th St., Oklahoma City, Okia 133, 175, 360 

Booth, Lyndall Lee "67. 

1310 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta. Ga 271, 376 

Booth, Michael Chaney '67, 

4915 S. Olive Ave., W. Palm Beach, Fla 376 

Boreman, Judith Ann '68, 

3474 Hawthorne Dr., Wantagh, N. Y 265, 392 

Borgmann, William F., Jr. '66, 

1137 lUsley, Fort Wayne. Ind 293, 360 

Boslough, James Gibson '67, 4040 East 6th Ave., Denver, Colo. 
Bost. Juanita Mae '65. P. O. Bo.\ 4, Eagle Springs. N. C. 

Boswell, Peter Bruce '68, 1419 National Ave., Rockford, III 392 

Boswell, Richard Neal '65, 

Rt. 2, Canal Rd.. Brunswick, Ga 90, 161, 297, 329 

Botsford, Lydia Ware '68, 

1427 Ferncliff Rd., Charlotte, N. C 265, 392 

Bottcher. Dana Clarke '65, 44 Highland St., Holden, Mass. 
Bouchard. Elaine Marilyn "67, 

253 Hillside Ave.. Springfield, N. J 269, 376 

Boughner, Robert F. '68, 

4140 Lebanon Church Rd.. West Mifflin, Pa 392 

Boughton, James M. '66, 

2105 Crestview Court, Lafayette, Ind 107. 168, 360 

Bouknight, Lillian Marie '67, 

326 N. Lucas St.. W. Columbia, S. C 150. 176. 376 

Bouman, John Karl '65. 

8 Westerly Way. Birmingham, N. Y 307, 329 

Bovard, Brian E. '66. 

5960 Indian Trail, Sylvania, Ohio 241, 281, 293, 360 

Bovender, Jack Oliver '67, Rt. 2, Rural Hall, N. C 295, 376 

Bowen. Frederick Hardy '67, 

4102 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville. Fla 376 

Bower. Pauline Hamilton '67, 

Rt. 2, Box 54. Annapolis, Md 145, 376 

Bowerman, Sharon M. '66, 921 Main St., Darby, Pa... 150, 261. 360 
Bowers, Elizabeth Ann '67, 28 Oak Park, Wheeling, W. Va...376 
Bowers, Susan Belvin '66, 

Rt. 3, Box 359, Gainesville. Fla 254. 279, 360 

Bowers, William R. '66, Rt. 3, Butler, Ind 360 

Bowman, Frank L. '66, 

4403 Kemp Dr., Chattanooga. Tenn 192, 283. 360 

Bowman. Jacquelvn Cutter '68, 

60 Durant Ave., Jamestown. N. Y 143, 150, 391 

Box, Patrick '68, 7843 Wildwood Rd.. Jacksonville, Fla 391 

Boyd, Mary Brantley '65, 

5630 Timber Lane, Charlotte 7, N. C 329 

Boyd, Mary S. '66, 

2206 Madison Ave., Greensboro, N. C 81, 269, 360 

Boyer, Barry B. '66, 

5801 SW 86th St.. Miami 43, Fla 293, 360 

Boyer, Brian Edward '67, 

91 Jeffrey Rd.. Springfield, Mass 192. 315, 376 

Boylan, Kathleen Ford '67, 

6 Dunleith Court, New Orleans, La 271, 376 

Bovie, William J., Jr. "66, 

235 Bunkers Cove Rd., Panama City, Fla 360 

Boyles, Sandra Kay '65, 

4009 Friendly Rd., Greensboro, N. C 133, 329 

Boyte, Harry Chatten '67, 1574 Clifton Rd. NE, Atlanta, Ga. 
Bracy. Benjamin F. '65. 

550 Middleton St. NE. Orangeburg, S. C 202, 297, 329 

Bracy, Christopher W. '66, 

1936 Washington St., Allentown. Pa 360 

Brading. Barbara Alice '65. 1 1 Swan Dr., Sumter, S. C...329, 359 

Bradley, Nancy Christina '68, 505 Gulf St.. Sanford, N. C 391 

Bradley, Samuel M. '66, 

2324 N. Powhatan St., Arlington, Va 85, 132, 360 

Bradsher, Catherine Ward '65, 118 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Bradsher. Marien E. '68, 

118 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C 257, 391 

Bradsher, Patricia Mary '65, 

421 Carolina Circle, Durham, N. C 275. 329 

Brady, Lucy Birnie "68, 

25 Mark Lane. Portsmouth, R. 1 150, 269, 391 

Brady. Monica M. '66, 926 Gillespie Ave., Portage, Pa. 
Braibanti, Claire J. '66. 2614 Stuart Dr.. Durham. N. C. 
Braibanti. Ralph Lynn '67, 2614 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C 376 

Braley, Judith Ann '68, 

1062 Fountainhead Dr., Largo, Fla 119, 257, 391 

Brannock. Larry Richard '65, Rt. 1, Reidsville, N. C 329 

Brannon, Donald Ray '68, 

601 Johnson Ave., Graham, N. C 138. 214. 391 

Branstomh. E. Jackson. Jr. '65, 

506 .Acorn Court. Chattanooga, Tenn.. 329 

Brantley, Robert L. '65, Rt. 4, Box 249 D, Durham, N. C 329 

Braren. Richard Eugene '68, 455 Poinciana Dr., Sarasota. Fla. 
Brashlcr, Richard John '67, 406 Peck Rd., Geneva, III. .287, 376 
Brater, Carl Timothy '67, 

1503 Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Mich 132, 307 

Brater. Donald Craig '67, 

104 Hillside Rd.. Oak Ridge, Tenn 309, 376 

Branch, Catherine Carol '66, 

530 Van Biiren St., Ridgewood, N. J 360 

Braun. Jory Lewis '67, 

2255 Lenox Rd. NE Apt. C5. Atlanta, Ga 317, 376 

Bredder, Roy Stanley '65, 

49 Skyline Dr.. Morristown, N. J 158, 166, 329 

Bredenberg, Allan N. '66. Hopbrook Rd., Bethany, Conn. .311, 360 
Breedlove. Kendall H. '68, 2629 N. Florida St., Arlington, Va...376 
Brenizer. Jon Wendell '68, 

Richmond State Hospital. Richmond, Ind 295, 392 

Breslau, Jill Havelin '68, 

5313 Inglewood Lane, Raleigh, N. C 259, 392 

Brewer, Janet Anne "68, 7504 Granada Dr., Bethesda, Md...392 

Brewster. John E.. Jr. '65, 1220 N. Main St., Wheaton, 111 329 

Brian. Jane Lang '65, 801 Louise Cr., Durham, N. C. 
Brick, Jeffrey M. '66, 

5516 W. 81st St., Prairie Village. Kan 86, 113, 317. 358, 360 

Bridge, Arthur '68, 2144 Thornwood Ave., Wilmette, 111 392 

Bridge, Thomas Peter '67, 

3606 Driftwood Dr., Charlotte, N. C 

Bridgeman Kenneth S. '65, 

2517 Hilliard Rd., Richmond, Va 158, 164, 

Brienza, Nicholas '66, 

3502 Duke St., College Park, Md 77, 79, 86, 135, 

Brigham. James Remmers, Jr. '67, 

909 W. Chautauqua St., Carbondale, 111 311, 

Bright. Robert Nail '67. 1204 Confederate Ave., Richmond, 

Brigmon. Mary K. '66, Rt. 3. Candler, N. C 178, 

Brill, Howard W. '65, 

2725 Dach Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla 85. 323, 

Brim. Thomas P. '66, Rt. 2, Mount Airy, N. C 

Brimm, Martha Carol '68, 

3044 Briarcliff Rd. NE, Atlanta. Ga 

Brindle. James H. '66, 

3334 N. Third St.. Harrisburg, Pa 146. 196. 

Brinkmeyer. Mary E. '67. 

5913 Welborn Dr., Wa,shington, D. C 267, 

Brinton, Margo A. '66, R.D. 5, Hanover, Pa 184, 

Briscoe. Mary L. "66, 

105 S. Parkview Ave.. Columbus, Ohio 155, 172, 

Britt. Wade Hampton. Ill '68. 

310 E. Timonium Rd., Timonium, Md 

Brittingham. Marion Alice '68, 

Qtr. B. USN Ordnance Plant, Macon, Ga 

Britton, Ernest L. '66, 1010 Wateree St.. Kingsport. Tenn... 
Brocket!. Peter Charles '67, 

P. O. Box 1070. Daytona Beach. Fla 283, 

Broderson, Janet C. '68. 120 S. Main St., Pittsford, N. Y 

Brodie, George F. '66, 

469 Officers Cr. East, Robins A.F.B., Ga 149, 

Brodnax, Lewis M. '67. Rt. 2, Box 145, Eutaw, Ala 307, 

Broker. Nathanael '65. 18 Rockland Rd., Concord, N.H. .240, 
Bronson. Albert Michael '68, 

3545 Bankhead Ave., Montgomerv, Ala 317, 

Brooks, Charles Irving '65, 135 E. 42nd St., New York, N. Y.. 
Brooks. Donald Bradley '65, 

217 Winding Way, Morristown, N. J 

Brooks. Howard Richard '68, 

427 Cumberland St., Lebanon, Pa 

Brooks. James Clyde '67. 

35 Alden Ave. NW, Atlanta, Ga....88, 144, 146, 315, 376 

Brooks, Mary Linda '68. 905 Lakeside Dr., Conway, S. C 392 

Broske, Stuart P. '67, 

1457 Edwards St., Huntington, W. Va 132, 297, 376 

Bross, Gary Wayne '68, 

7420 Hampson St.. New Orleans, La 144, 193, 392 

Brothers, David Hume '68, 

409 W. Union St., Morganton, N. C 392 

Browder. David Castner '68, 3253 Beals Branch Rd., Louisville, Ky. 
Brown, Archie Watt, Jr. '67, 207 Lenoir St.. Morganton, N. C...376 
Brown, Clinton Marion, Jr. '68, 

174 Hedgerow. Rt. 2, Lewisville, Texas 239, 392 

Brown, David Bulluck '68, 

P. O. Box 3757, Greenville, Del 295, 392 

Brown. Diane Elizabeth '65, 

1709 Vista St.. Durham, N. C 180, 329 

Brown. Donald Walter, Jr. '68. 3917 S, Delaware, Tulsa, Okla,-.392 

















Brown, Edith Lynn '68. 

9613 Alta Vista Terr., Bethesda, Md 143, ISO 39'' 

Brown, Edward B., Jr. "67. 

883 Plymouth Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 315 374 376 

Brown, Fred T. "68, Statesville, N. C ''17' 39'' 

Brown. Harold Clifford. Jr. "65, " 

68 Che.sopeian Trail, Lynnhaven. Va 
Brown, Jeremiah Edwards "68, 

66 Edwards St., Sayville L.I.. N. Y. 393 

Brown, Linda Joanne -68. 27 Georgeff Rd.. Rolling Hiiis, "Calif 

Brown, Linda W. 66, Riviera Beach, Fla 267 361 

Brown, Louise Lambeth "67, 

2415 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, N. C 259 376 

Brown. Mary Loure '67, 806 N. Ninth St.. Beatrice, Neb. ~263 376 
Brown, Nancy Sunderland '65, 

15 Hunter Dr., W. Hartford. Conn 329 

Brown. Paul Frederick. Jr. '65, 

904 Allen Dr., Clearwater, Fla 77, 79, 86, 135, 180, 3|5 330 

Brown, Ralph Edward "65, 1631 Marion Ave.. Durham N C 330 
Brown. Rose Virginia '67, 

1037 AugU!,ta St.. West Columbia, S. C. 123 PS 376 

Brown, Sallie Louise '67, 

6513 40th Ave., Univ. Park. Hyattsville, Md. 277 376 
Brown, .Sheila Gayle '67, Bo.\ 119. Landis. N. C. 248 254 376 
Brown, Steven Ravett '67, 4607 Norwood Dr., Chevy Chase, Md 
Brown, Timothy Scott '65, Stonewall Farm, Sharon, Conn 330 
Brown, Wyatt L., Jr, '68, 1905 E. 6th St., Greenville N C 393 
Brown, William B.. Jr. '67, 

4602 Roanoke Ct.. Midland, Mich. 147 376 

Browne. Charles G. '67. Rt. 2. Cherryville, N. C. ' 376 

Brownell. Tempe Curry '65, 

9709 E. Re.xhill Dr.. Kensington. Md. 81 ''71 330 

Brownlow, Jane E. '66, 811 S. Overlook Dr.. Alexandria Va" 361 
Brownstein. Kenneth R. '66, 

8823 Forest View. Skokie. 111. 3 17 35] 

Bruce, James W. '66. 1300 Clifford Rd., Wiimington 5, Del! 361 
Bruhwel, Roger Alfred '67, 

4816 Lamont Dr.. Charlotte 9. N. C. 376 

Brummett, Barbara Sue '65, 

Belair Rd., Norwalk, Conn 254, 275 330 

Bryant, Charles A. '67, ~' 

400 N. Cherokee St., Taylorville, 111. 83 376 

Bryant, James N. '67. 1340 Park Hills Ave.. State College Pa 376 
Bryant. Michael L. '66. 

717 N. Indian River Dr.. Cocoa, Fla.. 110. Ill 13"' 197 361 
Bryce. John Stephen '67. 

Lincoln & Fairthorne St., Kennett Square. Pa 376 

Buchanan, Robert T. '65. Box 9319 Duke Station, Durham N " C 
Buck, George S. '66. 

4059 Abingdon Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. ""gi 361 

Buck. William Peter "67, "'" " 

2770 SW Patton Lane, Portland 1, Ore 376 

Buckman, Barbara G. '66. 

2637 Red Fox Rd., Orange Park. Fla 180 ''63 

Buder. John Joseph '67. 59 Carman Rd.. Scarsdale N Y ' 311 
Buenfil. John '68. 909 Rockland Ave.. Charlottesville. Va 393 
Buffington. Joan K. '66, 

6008 Edmondson Ave.. Catonsville 28, Md. 1 "iS. 16'' 361 
Bugg, John E. '66, 1544 Hermitage Court, Durham, N. C ' ''91 
Bullington. Richard E. '67, 420 S. 57 Terrace. Hollywood Fla 376 
Bullock. Calvert Riggs '67, 

7631 SW 53 Court, Miami 43, Fla 192, 313 376 

Bumgarner, John Edmond '67, 

1521 Winston Rd.. Lexington. N. C 202, "'80 ''91 376 

Bunch, Charlotte A. '66. 

702 Mann Ave., Artesia, N. Mexico 130. 171 361 

Bunck. Sue A. '66. 725 Kentuckv St.. Racine. Wis. 133 259 361 
Burch. Barbara Anna "67. Rt. 4. Box 524. Edgewater. Md ''79 376 
Burcham. Genevieve R. '68. 138 Glen Park Ave.. Garv. Ind' 393 
Burchesky. Kenneth M. '67, 

1 Brantwood Lane, Utica 3, N. Y 185, 376 

Burdette. Marvin David '65, 

500 W. Mercer Ave.. College Park. Ga 202. 291 

Burgess, Andrew Lynn, Jr. "65, Pensacola, Fla.. 188, 309 330 
Burgess, Becky S. '66. 

414 Woodroff Rd., Newport News, Va 119, 275, 330 

Burgess, Gail Merrell '65, 

2505 N. Riverside Dr.. Pompano Beach. Fla. ''54 ''71 330 
Burgstahler, Robert J. '66, 6246 Hills Dr., Birmingham, Mich 
Burke, Betty Edwards '67, 

1832 Lexington, Houston 6, Tex 193, 283, 330 

Burke, David Lawrence '65, 

51 Emerson Rd., Winchester, Mass 193, 283, 330 

Burke, John R. '66, 3017 Seminary Ave.. Richmond, Va. 330 

Burley, Katharine D. '67, 

8207 Metcalf Dr., Richmond 27, Va 147, 181. 273. 376 

Burningham. Kent S. '67. 

704 S. Lincoln Ave.. Alexandria. Va 136. 376 

Burns, John G. '66, 1126 Lynbrook Dr., Charlotte 7, N. C..!..303 
Burns, Judith Kaye '65. 1256 Henrietta, Birmingham, Mich. 330 
Burns, Stanley T. '66, 4407 Glen Eden Rd.. Kingsport, Tenn. 361 


Burr, Robert M. '68. 

20 Raynor Rd., Morristown, N. J. 193 315 3q^ 

Burslem, William A., Jr. '65, 

5710 38lh Ave., Hyattsville, Md. 303 

Burton. Edward M. '67. 

1720 S. Treasure Dr., Miami Beach 41, Fla 317 376 

Burton, John Tyson '68, Rt. 1. Thomasville N C ' 393 

Burton. Judith M. '67. 

3904 Tazewell Pike. KnoxviUe 18, Tenn 37fi 

Burton, Richard S. "66. 

7 Boughton Hill Rd.. Honeoye Falls, N Y 30Q 361 

Burton, Theodore Hughes '68, 

145 Locust Ave., Springfield, Pa. 393 

Burts, Richard Clyde, III '67, 

Box 485, Davidson, N. C 136, 143, 145 149 376 

Burwell, James H. '68, 

110 Homewood Ave., Greensboro, N. C 
Burwell. Jeanne Drost '65. 

110 Homewood Ave., Greensboro, N C 
Bussey, Joe P., Jr. '68. 

1406 Willow Ave.. Chesapeake. Va.. 138 ''14 301 393 

Butler. David Harry '67. ' " • - ■ j^- 

1598 Beecher St. SW, Atlanta 10, Ga. 202 

Butler, Katherine A, "67, 

15 Woodland Place, Chappaqua, N Y 377 

Butler. Marilyn Kay '66. 526 Burke St., McComb. ■Miss 330 

Butler. Warwick Woods '67. 

Box 2371. San Juan, P. R. . lAn ->S7 377 

Butt. Barbara S. '67. ' ^" 

511 W. Moreno St.. Pensacola, Fla. PS 134 377 393 

Bulterworth, .Mvin S.. Ill '67, 

40 Milford Rd.. Newport News. Va 795 377 

Butterworth. Robert S. '67. Main St.. Richvil'le.'N " Y "305 377 
Butts. John Davis, Jr. '68, 44 Poplar St., Closter. N. J. 185' tm 
Bye, Sara Anne '68. 

31 Vilone Rd.. Vilone Village, Wilmington 5, Del 393 

Byers, Maribeth '66, 

2841 Monticello Dr., Winston-Salem. N. C. 143. 150 ^61 361 
Byers. Thomas B. '66. Box 350. Forest City N C " ' ' 361 

Byrd. Hal C. Jr. '66. ' 

1009 Glendalyn Cr.. Spartanburg, S. C US 303 

Byrne. Suzanne Barding '67, 

Armed Forces Staff Coll., Norfolk 1 1 Va 377 

Came, Thomas P. '67. 57 Beekman Rd.. Summit, N. 'j."""24"8"" 309 
Caldwell, Elizabeth K. '65. Box 126. Dillon S C 330 

Caldwell. James E. '66. 

320 Colonial Rd.. Memphis 17. Tenn. 114 303 377 

Caldwell. Mark J. "66, ' 

113 Timothy Ave., Clinton, Tenn 202 ''91 330 

Caleen, Reynold Laurence '65, " 

221 Jamaica Lane, Palm Beach, Fla. 330 

Calestro. Kenneth M. '68, 

25 Stevens St.. New Haven 11, Conn... 393 

Callison, Tolliver C. Ill '68, 202 Pine St., Gaffney S C 393 

Caltagirone, Wm. Andrew "65, 

10 Tuttle Rd.. Briarcliff Manor. N. Y 
Calver. James Stevan "68, 

1614 Oxford Rd.. Charlottesville. Va 393 

Cameron. Betty Sue '65, 

335 Brentwood Terr., NE. Atlanta. Ga 169 330 

Cameron. Donald Curtis '65. 

41 Marquette Rd.. Upper Montclair. N. J. 293 330 

Cameron. Jean J. '67. " " "- 

2961 Manchester Rd.. Shaker Heights. Ohio 273 377 

Campbell. ,'\nita Carol '65. 4 Bransby, Savannah Ga 27l' 330 
Campbell, Barbara C. "67, ' 

1708 Kasserine PI.. Cannon AFB. N M 18'' 377 

Campbell. Dennis M. '67, "' ' 

7909 Oakleaf Ave,, Elmwood Park, III. 146 377 

Campbell. James B. '67, 4 Bransby Dr., Savannah!" Ga' 377 
Campbell, James S.. Ill '66. 6711 Burlwood Rd.. Charlotte N C 
Campbell, John L. '66. 

230 Philadelphia Ave.. Waynesboro, Pa. 144 ''87 361 

Campbell. Lewis B. '68. . - . - 

18 S. Stewart St.. Winchester. Va 309, 393 

Campbell. Robert C. '65, 1239 Keene Rd., Clearwater. Fla. " 330 
Campbell. Ronald M. '68. 165 Williams Dr.. Annapolis, Md 393 
Campbell, Ruth H. "65, 

4838 Rockwood Pkwy., Washington, D. C 271 330 

Campbell, Stephen E. '66. 

Orchard Terr.. Graniteville, Vt 303, 318, 361 

Cannon, Eugene B. '68, 366 Lexington Rd., Asheboro,"N. c'...214 
Capehart. Gretchen H. '67. 

600 Overlook Rd.. Riverton. N. J 274. 277 

Caputo. Patricia J. '68. I 126 Wilson Ave., Teaneck, N.J. .265, 393 
Caraway, James S. '65, 

1981 Greenwood .^ve., Jacksonville 5, Fla 323, 330 

Garden, Gary R. '65, 

434 S. Crest Rd.. Chattanooga 4. Tenn... 100. 133, 259, 330 
Cardona, Virginia D. '65, 
525 Thayer Ave., Apt, 119, Silver Spring, Md 122, 126, 331 

Carew, Joan F. "66, 

412 Stafford Rd., Wilmington 3, Del 95, 259, 361 

Carithers, Susan '65, 3010 St. Johns Ave., Jacksonville, Fla...267 
Carlile, Catherine J. '67, 518 Elder Ln., Winnetka, III. ..271, 377 
Carlisle, Louise G. '67. 805 Main St.. Tarboro, N. C...259, 377 
Carlitz, Robert D. "65, 2303 Cranford Rd., Durham, N. C...79, 331 
Carlo, John W. '66, 

121 W. Cameron Rd.. Falls Church, Va 202, 297 

Carlson. Brenda J. "68, 

243 Hamilton Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y 265, 393 

Carlson. Richard B. '65, 307 Anderson Blvd.. Geneva, III. 
Carlton. Caroline D. '67. 

166 Reynolds Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 172, 377 

Carlton, Cynthia D. '66, 

2211 Mecklenburg Ave.. Charlotte, N. C 265. 361 

Carmichael. George J., Ill '67, 

591 Park Ave., Manhasset, N. Y 307, 377 

Carnahan, Ellen D. '68, 

257 Fairmount Ave., Chatham. N. J 182. 393 

Carney. Eugene J., Jr. '66, 

831 Queens Rd., Charlotte, N. C 293, 361 

Carney, Robert S., Jr. '67, 

500 Colonial Rd.. Memphis, Tenn 166, 377 

Carpenter, Judith L. '68, Ridgewood Rd., Attleboro, Mass. 393 
Carpenter, Thomas S. '66. 

Ridgewood Rd.. Attleboro, Mass 283, 361 

Carr, Edith P. '65, 

6951 Louis XIV St.. New Orleans 24, La 180, 263 

Carrington. James E. '67, 1905 Erwin Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Carrithers. Ashley K. '68, Epping Rd.. Gates Mills, Ohio..289, 393 
Carroll, Dorothy C. '65, 

2 Southview Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y 133, 331 

Carruth. Carolyn E. "66, 

5545 Candlewood Dr., Houston, Texas 263, 361 

Carruthers, Robert B. "66, 

1768 Druid Rd.. Clearwater, Fla 132, 191, 295, 361 

Carson, Edith J. '66. Main St., Pilot Mountain, N. C...265, 361 
Carter, Edward B., Jr. '68, 

18 Wayne Dr.. Wilmington, Del 315, 393 

Carter, Rilla L. '66, Rt. 2. Commerce, Ga 81, 150, 257, 361 

Carter, Robin C. '68. 

20 Masconomet Rd.. Ipswich. Mass 193, 291, 393 

Carty, James B.. Jr. '66. 

2217 Winding Way. Drexel Hill. Pa 185, 361 

Carver, Alexander H., Ill '67, 

2833 NE 35th Ct., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 192. 283, 377 

Carver, Stephen G. '65, 

Rt. 1, Box 216, Franklinville, N. C 146, 193, 331 

Casey, William J., Jr. '67, 

1083 N. Montana St.. Arlington, Va ...185, 377 

Cashwell, Leon F. '65. Rt. 6, Raleigh, N. C.-.128. 132, 193, 331 
Castle, Truman R. '65, 334 Wilmette Ave.. Glenview, 111.331 
Castles, Stephen H. "67, Box 420. Big Pine Key, FIa...315, 377 
Caudle, Betsv K. '65, 

1202 Northwood St.. Greensboro, N. C. 133, 279, 331 

Causey, Brent E. '66. 526 Chisholm St., Sanford, N. C. 303 

Cavalaris, Pamela A. '66, 114 Robinson St., Greenville, S. C. .361 
Cavanagh, Mary Ann '65, 215 N. 17th St., Wilmington, N. C. 
Cawley. John A., Jr. '65, 

3606 Gordon Rd., Elkhart, Ind 113, 295, 331 

Cawley, Judith A. '67, 

3606 Gordon Rd., Elkhart. Ind 248, 259, 377 

Cayce, Edgar E., Jr. '65, 

1565 Michigan Ave., Virginia Beach, Va 331 

Ceder, Nancy P. '65, 10 Roberts Ct.. Maraga, Calif. 

Censer, Jack R. '68, 753 N. Hollywood. Memphis, Tenn 393 

Chalk, Dorothy S. '66, 

2800 Evans St., Morehead City, N. C 254, 257. 361 

Chamberlain, Christine '66, 

89 Highland Rd.. Scarsdale. N. Y 267, 361 

Chambers, John A. '65, 

453 Sunset Dr.. Birmingham 16, Ala 190. 331 

Chamblee, Carole A. '65, 622 Westwood, High Point, N. C...331 

Champion. Jane K. '67, 122 Layton Ave., Danville, Va 377 

Champion, Mary J. '66, 1601 Branch St., Wilson, N. C 361 

Chance, Frank C. '68, Box 493, Lake Mary, Fla 377 

Chandler, James G. '68, 601 Stillwell Ave., Alexandria, Va. 305 
Chandler. Margaret H. '66, 

107 Glenview St.. Lookout Mt., Tenn 259, 361 

Chaney, Stephen G. '66, 1000 Glen Eden Dr., Raleigh, N. C...36I 
Chang, Jack H .T. '65, 

Apt. 1-B, 647 W. 20th St., New York 34, N. Y. 
Chapman. Carol '68, 4403 Hardy Dr.. McLean, Va. .125. 150, 393 

Chapman, Kathryn E. '68, 29 Toppa Blvd., Newport, R. I. 393 

Chapman, Russell '66, Rt. 1, Christiana, Pa. .133, 155, 171, 331 
Chapman, Walton F. '66, 

5314 Truman Ave.. .Alexandria, Va 305, 361 

Chapman, Warren A. '68. 

207 Denton Dr., Seabrook, Texas 229, 305, 393 

Charles, Nancy L. '67, 5580 1 Carter St., Killeen, Texas 377 

Charlesworth, Donald R. '67, 

1303 Lyndon St., S. Pasadena, Calif 377 

Charlet. James D. '68, 4 Sherman Ave.. Summit, N. J 393 

Charlwood, William W. '65. 

114 W. Trinity Ave., Durham, N. C 293, 331 

Chatham. Kenneth D. '67, 

317 Southwest Dr., Silver Spring, Md 202, 297, 377 

Cheatham. Robert L. '66, First National Bank Bldg., Pulaski, Tenn. 
Cheetwood. John S. '66, 

333 N. Main. Bowling Green, Ohio 186, 361 

Chelius, Gerald E. '67, 1030 Marleigh Cir., Towson, Md...34, 242 
Chen. Melvin C. '66, 2123 Willow Ln., Falls Church, Va. 361 
Chenault, David L. '68, 

203 Tanglewood Dr.. Frankfort. Ky 149, 303, 393 

Chestnut, Kenneth S. '68. 37 Mercer Ave., Wilmington, N. C...393 
Chewning. Thomas O.. Jr. '67, 6719 Davista Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Chikes. Peter G. '68, 4401 Burlington PI. NW, 

Washington 16, D. C 113, 129, 311, 393 

Chikls. Kathlynn E. '67, 

1107 Pinebrook Rd.. Alexandria, Va 279, 377 

Chisholm. Paul S.. Jr. '68, 95 Revere Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. 393 
Choale. John L. '68, 

2095 W. Commerce Rd., Milford, Mich 196, 299, 393 

Christensen, Signe A. '66, 

Schouvlaan 10. Wassenaar, Netherlands 361 

Christian. John T.. Ill '68, 1312 Dollar Ave., Durham. N. C...393 
Chronister, Carl S. '68, 422 Park Terr., Harrisburg, Pa... 1 86. 393 
Chumbley. Mary Louise '67, 

3500 Normandy Rd.. Greensboro, N. C 377 

Churchman. Charles W. '68. 

20 S. Britton Rd., Springfield, Pa 299, 393 

Ciompi, Niccolo A. '68. 33 Kimberly Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Clairmont. Nancy E. '66, 21 18 Westei^ly Dr., Lynchburg. Va. 361 
Clark, Carolyn V. '67, 

Apt. 702, 4701 Kenmore Ave., Alexandria, Va 377 

Clark. Douglas M. '65, 110 Drake Smith Ln., Rye, N. Y...305, 331 

Clark, Dumont F. '67, 674 Franklin St., Denver, Colo 185 

Clark, Jean E. '65. 196 Anson St., Stratford, Conn 331 

Clark, John W. '65, Box 208, Lexington, N. C 104 

Clark. Kenneth P. '66, 

2505 Eccleston St., Silver Spring, Md 104, 186. 361 

Clark. Richard F. '65, 61 E. Town St., Norwich, Conn. 331 
Clarke, Jon B. '65, 2501 Albion St., Denver 7. Colo. 295. 331 
Clarke, Paul G. '68, 1950 SE 21st St., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 393 
Clarke, William L. '67. 

4105 Tennyson Rd.. University Park, Md 377 

Claro. Kenneth J. '66. 3113 Brewton St., 

District Heights, Md.. Wash. 28. D. C 297. 331 

Clatanoff. William B. '66. 26 Franklin St.. Annapolis. Md. 361 
Clauset. Karl H.. Jr. '67. 

2532 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 177, 377 

Clay, Gertrude L. '65. 

Caixa Postal 2009. Sao Paula, Brazil 126, 326, 331 

Clay, James H., Jr. '66, 

420 Pennsylvania Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 152, 153 

Clayton, Carlyle A. '66. 

2607 Van Dyke Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 79, 305, 361 

Clayton. Diane M. '68, 32 Tamarac Rd.. Westport, Conn. ..143, 393 
Clayton, Everett M., Ill '68, 

109 Blackburn Dr., Nashville, Tenn 303, 377 

Clayton. Jean M. '67. 17 St. Charles PI., Asheville, N. C...377 

Clayton, Terry L. '68. 725 Ranger Rd., Fairfax, Va 393 

Cleary, Geraldine R. '67, 

2609 Victory Blvd., Vero Beach, Fla 81, 119. 377 

Cliff. William A. '67, 

555 Main St., Apt. 9-A. Chatham, N. J 289, 377 

Clifton, William L., Jr. '68, 

2601 Austin Ave., Waco, Texas. 87, 129, 195. 293, 393 

Cline, Janet A. '66, 18 Crestfield Rd., Wilmington, Del. 
Clinton, Barbara B. '67, 298 Wallace Rd.. Memphis, Tenn.. .377 
Close, John P. '68. Plaza Salamanca 9, Madrid. Spain. .299, 377 
Clyde, Samuel D.. Ill '66. 28 Brookside Rd.. Wallingford, Pa. 361 
Coates. Richard J.. Ill '68, 120 Woodberry Rd., Leesburg. Va...285 
Cobb, Lawrence W. '65, 

212 Midvale Dr. NE. Atlanta 5, Ga 315, 331 

Coble, Thomas S., Ill '66. 

2005 W. Club Rd.. Durham, N. C 236, 301. 361 

Coburn, Carol A. '66, 

3204 Poinciana Rd., Middletown, Ohio 269, 358, 362 

Cochrane, Camilla M. '66, 

76 Hawthorne Ln., Levittown, N. J 269, 331, 358 

Cocke, Norman A. '67, 865 Tall Oaks Rd., Radnor, Pa...299, 377 
Cocker, Wesley L. '65, 

5904 N. Kith Rd.. Arlington 5, Va 324, 331 

Cockrill. Betty B. '68. 761 Balboa Ave.. Coronado. Calif.. .279. 393 

Coffin, Carl V. '67, 630 Hillcrest Rd., Midland. Mich 146, 299 

Coffin. Patricia '66. 213 N. State St., Dover, Del... 160, 267, 362 
Coggin, John Thomas, Jr. '67, 

1222 W. Clinton St., Elmira, N. Y 305, 377 

Cohen, David Louis '68, 

10304 Cherry Tree Lane, Silver Spring, Md...l43, 149, 313, 393 
Cohen, Irvin Morris '68, 

4176 Crestheights Rd., Baltimore 15, Md 317, 393 

Cohen. Michael E. '66, Sunset Dr.. Pulaski. Tenn...l44. 146, 362 
Cohoe. Geraldine Ann '65. 

310 26th Ave. N.. St. Petersburg. Fla 279, 331 

Coil, James Hubert. Ill '67. 65 Kingsway. Mobile, Ala 283, 377 

Coker. John Leslie "68. Box 729, Pulaski, Va 393 

Colborne, Robert Alan '68. 

2635 Woodstock Rd.. Columbus, Ohio 393 

Colcough, Andrew E. '65, 

3608 N. Albemarle St.. Arlington, "Va... IT) 331 

Colden. William C. Ill '68, 12 Slater Dr.. Scotia. N. Y. " 287 

Cole. Stella Jane '68. 2723 Stuart Dr.. Durham. N. C.-i50. 393 
Cole. Susan Ann "68. 

313 Mt. View Dr.. Charleston. W. Va _ 259. 393 

Coleman. Donald Bruce "68. 

348 Henry Ave.. Sewickley, Pa 165. 393 

Coleman. John Lawrence '67. 

255 NW 47th St., Miami. Fla 202. 291 

Coleman. Linda Lorraine '65. 

666 Ninth St.. Sunhury. Pa 149. 261 33'' 

Coleman, Marcia Ethel '67, 

Rt. 4. Box 364. Mooresville, N. C 146. 29^ 393 

Coleman. Patrick Daniel '68. 

7311 Dunleith Ct.. Cincinnati 43. Ohio 146, 295. 393 

Coleman. Richard Lindahl "67, 

6601 Sunset Dr.. Jacksonville 8. Fla 377 

Coleman. Samuel Thomas. Jr. '67, 

3055 E. 38th Place. Tulsa 5. Okla 240. 297. 377 

Coleman. Theodore H.. Jr. '66. 

6601 Sunset Dr.. Jacksonville 8. Fla 362 

Coley. Stephen Craig '67. 

3941 Van Ne,ss St. NW. Washington 16, D.C. 192, 295 377 
Coll, John Peter. Jr. '65, 315 Thomas St., Carnegie, Pa. 283. 332 
Collier, Mike Warren '68, 

Rt. 4. Box 327. Ft. Myers. Fla 196. 293. 393 

Collier. Vivian '67. 1 Birdsall. Houston 7, Texas ."...81. 377 

Collins. Karen '65 

American Embassy. Box 810 .^PO 80. New York, N. Y. 

Collins. Myra Lou '68. Rt. 3. Marshville. N. C ' 393 

Collins. Robert G. '66, 72 Libby Place, Middletown, N. J 285 

Collins. Sandra Mary '65, 41 Fenwick Road, Fort Monroe Va 
Colman, John Peter. Jr. '68, 

3305 David Rd., Chamblee. Ga 311. 393 

Colwell. Carolyn Kay '67. 

1088 Kenneth Dr.. Lakewood 7. Ohio 267. 377 

Combs. Mary Camille '65. 

245 Fairview Ave.. Mount Airy, N. C _ 152, 332 

Comfort. Joseph A. '66, 

421 Kings Highway W.. Haddonfield. N. J 305 

Compton. Susan Victoria '67. 6 Beekman Terr.. Summit. N. J. 275 
Conant. Talitha N. "66. Rt. 3, Garrett Rd., Durham, N. C...362 
Cone. .Man Craig "68. 

1781 Hubbard Rd.. East Aurora. N. Y 305. 393 

Cone. .Arthur R. "66. 

1781 Hubbard Rd.. East Aurora. N. Y. 132 ""U 305 36"' 
Conkey. Clement S.. Jr. "67. 14 Hesketh St., Chevy Chase iV. Md" 
Conn. Claudia G. '66. 

2800 Gardenia St.. Columbus. Ga 79. 277, 362 

Conn. Judith "65, 23 Knob Hill Dr.. Summitt. N. J 259", 332 

Connor. Anthony Joseph "68, 

9 Quorn Hunt Rd.. West Simsbury. Conn.. 311. 393 

Connor. Henry David "65. 205 Sherrin .^ve.. Louisville 7. Ky. 332 
Connors. Bruce Hartmann "68. 

57 Kings Rd.. Little Silver. N. J _ 315. 393 

Conrad. Carl Edward "65. 1209 Redleaf Carrcroft. 

Wilmington 3. Del 144. 174. 176. 193. 332 

Conroy. Paul Robert. Jr. '68, 

4510 Saul Rd.. Kensington. Md 169. 196. 311. 393 

Considine. James Corbin "68. 

2500 Neely. Medland. Texas 289. 393 

Cooey. Karen Maureen '65. 

947 Forest Dr.. Hagerstown, Md 100, 104, 279. 3^2 

Coogler. John Bee '67, 

175 Mt. Fair Ave.. Brooksville. Fla 293 377 

Cook. Barbara Ellen '65 

2545 Auburn Ave., Dayton 6. Ohio- 149, 332 

Cook. Frederic Mason. Ill '68. 

788 Holly Rd., Wayne. Pa... 193. 309. 393 

Cook Kathryn Harris "66. 2518 Englewood Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Cook. Robert Franklin '68, 

5934 Creola Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 111. 141. 309 393 

Cook. Robert Nevin '68. 

62 Rawson Woods Cr.. Cincinnati 20. Ohio 394 

Cookie. Lide T. '66, 119 Taliaferro Place. Shreveport, La 362 

Cooke, Russell Y. '68, 21 .Addison Lane. Greenvale, N. Y 377 

Cooley, Larena Mary '68. Truth or Consequence.s, N. M. 
Cooper. Betty Phillips '65. 

2413 Prince St.. Durham, N. C 259, 332 

Cooper, David Francis '67, 

1016 Cambridge Crescent. Norfolk 8, Va 305. 377 

Cooper, Jere Louise '68, 

3816 Brandywine St. NW. Washington 16. D. C... 305, 377 

Cooper, Larry A. '66, 

2933 Ivanhoe Rd., Cuyhoga Falls. Ohio 19'' ''87 33-' 

Cooper. Richard A. '66. 2374 Timber Ridge Court. Decatur" Ga' 
Cooper. Robert Macadam '68, 

1 1 Lansdowne Estates. Lexington. Ky. 195 394 

Cooper. Susan E. '66, 202 Kinkaid School Dr., Houston, Texas 36'' 
Cooper. Walter Alan '68, 

1341 Surrey Crescent, Norfolk. Va 315 394 

Copeland, Alexander, III '66. 

2332 Crogdon Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. 301 

Coplan. Markey Beryl '68, 

1619 Wyndham Rd.. Columbia. S. C. 111. 185 317 390 394 
Copley Cathy J. '66. 6150 SW 112 St.. Miami. Fla.. " 263 " 36' 

Corbell. Dee "68. P. O. Box 716. Roanoke Rapids. N. C 394 

Corbm. Lee Lewis. "65. 354 Beaufort Ave.. Livingston, N. J. 265 
Cordyack. Cathryn Anne "65, 

406 Fairview Awe., Frederick, Md 33-) 

Corey, Steven James '67, 

900 Maple Rd.. Charleston. W. Va 283. 318 377 

Corn. Lila Carol "65. 512 W. Warren St., Sheiijy, N. C. 259 332 
Cornwell. Jane Elizabeth '68. 

812 N. Oak St.. Lincolnton. N. C 394 

Cornwell. Susan Hipson "65. 

812 N. Oak St.. Lincolnton, N. C 150. 154 155 332 

Corwin. James Albert "67. Box 966. E. Hampton, N. Y..146. 196 
Cosgrove. Thomas Joseph "65. 

103 Belmore Rd.. Lutherville. Md 192, 336 

Cosier, Constance H. "67. 

181 S. Dawson Ave.. Columbus 9. Ohio 377 

Gotten. Michael Avent "67. 

611 Aiken Pky.. Fuquav Springs, N. C 377 

Cotter. Douglas Adrian "65. 

P. O. Box 56. Skyland. N. C 76 13^ 167 33'' 

Cotterill. Susan E. '65. " 

413 Gooseneck Rd.. Chapel Hill. N. C. 85 -)67 332 

Cotton. Robert B.. Jr. '68. 1503 Old Orchard Rd.. Media Pa" 394 
Couch. Lois R. "66. 1011 S. Best St.. Goldsboro. N. C. 362 

Coulter. Ann C. "66. 5407 Sharon Rd.. Washington. D. C 265 

Couper. Charles Cowling "68. 

1925 Cherokee Rd.. Waynesboro. Va 315. 394 

Couric. Charles Maturon "68. 

1520 Scotland Ave.. Charlotte. N. C 394 

Coursen. Donald Frank "67. 514 Morgan Ave., Palmyra, N. J. 
Court. Sarah Lewis "68. 

608 Pollard Pk.. Williamsburg. Va 120. 255, 267, 394 

Covey. Eunice Geline "67. 

5001 New Kent Rd.. Richmond 25. Va. 279 377 

Covington. Donald K.. Ill "66. 

4205 Elsrode Ave.. Baltimore 14. Md....88. 144, 146. 362 
Covington. James Edwin '65. 

103 Richardson St.. Whiteville. N. C 242. 297. 332 

Cowan. Florence Allene '65. 

313 Central Ave.. Sweetwater. Tenn 100. 101. 269, 332 

Cowart. Dorothv Anne '66. 

18 Blackland' Rd. NW. Atlanta 5, Ga 269, 377 

Cowherd. Frank G.. Ill '65. Baltimore Ave., N. Laurel, Md.. 332 
Cowling. Marguerite Pratt "68. 

297 W. 253rd St.. New York 71. N. Y 394 

Cowman. Mark Irvin "67. 

80 Richard Dr.. Hamden 14. Conn 377 

Cox. .Abram Jones. Ill "67. 

804 5th Ave. W.. Hendersonville. N. C 239, 293, 379 

Cox. Carolyn A. "66. 1064 Brenner Dr., Gardena, Calif... 133, 332 
Cox, Gwin Lee "65, 

P. O. Box 223. Mt. Olive, N. C 143. 150. 332 

Cox. Joseph Harper, Jr. "65. 

126 Green Forest Dr.. Wilmington. N. C 135, 332 

Cox, Monty Woodall "67, 1718 Vista St.. Durham, N. C. 377 

Cozart. Elizabeth M. "65. 814 Berkeley St.. Durham. N. C. 

Craig. Margaret Corinne "67. 816 N. St., McComb, Miss 377 

Craig. Timothv T.. Jr. '67. 

1132 E. Sugar Creek Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Crandall. Bowen S.. Jr. '67. 

Scientists Cliff No. 348. Port Republic. Md. 192 

Crane, Harold E., Ill '67. 

321 Parkside .Ave., Pittsburgh 34, Pa 311 

Crane. Karen Margaret '68. 

614 Lenox Ave.. Westfield. N. J 259. 394 

Cranmer. Carol J. '66. 

3300 Dresden Rd.. Zanesville. Ohio 144, 362 

Crary. Donald '68. 5323 Jackwood. Houston. Texas 160, 394 

Crater. Helen Graves '67. 12 Parkway Dr., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 377 
Crater. Richard Riker '68, 

132 Dwighl Rd.. Springfield, Mass 192, 394 

Craver, Leonard H.. Jr. "66. 

102 Magnolia Rd.. Lexington. N. C 301. 362 

Crawford. Jacqueline .Ann "67. 

18440 Caribbean Blvd.. Miami. Fla 377 

Crawford, Michael Clark '68, 

516 W. Third St.. Oil City. Pa 283. 394 

Creaves. Donald W. '65, 618 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, lll...3i5, 332 
Credle, Laney '65, Bristol. Tenn 332 

Credle, John H. '65, 708 Vance Dr.. Bristol, Tenn. 
Creech. John H. "65, 

448 Goldsboro Ave.. CaroMna Beach. N. C 

Creswell, Jay S.. Jr. "66. 

802 Siimmerlin Ave. SE. Orlando. Fla 163, 

Crist. Peter Beardsly "65, 

3 Taylor Rd.. Downington. Pa 86, 188, 

Cromartie, Thomas Hoiistonff '68, Adelaine St., Parksley, Va.. 
Cromartie, William F. '65. 

1228 Skyview Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 202, 

Crosbv, Gilbert Turner '68, 

1854 NW 11th Rd.. Gainesville. Fla 

Crosbv. Marshall Robert '65, 

1S54 NW 11th Rd.. Gainesville, Fla 

Crosland. Jack Weatherly '67, 

3546 Colgate, Dallas 25, Texas 297, 

Cross, Charles Joseph '68, 

230 East 209 St.. New York 70. N. Y 

Cross, Robert Scott '68. 

1458 Parkwood St., Clearwater, Fla 295, 

Cross. William Wood. Jr. '68, 

910 East Forest Ave.. Neenah. Wis 285, 

Crossno, Johnny Leon '67. 

211 Whitfield St., Enfield, N. C 149, 

Crothers Phyllis Jean '65, 

Elkton, Md 122, 134. 

Jr. "67, 

305 Hermitage Dr., 
Crow, William Cecil, 

1258 N. Buchanan St.. Arlington 5, Va.. 

.239. 247, 297, 



Crowding, Edward F.. Ill '67, 

915 Dunellen Dr., Baltimore 4, Md 287 

Crowell, Ann Leete "67, 420 Ridgeway, St. Joseph, Mich 

Crowell, Dale Jones "68. 339 Buna Rd., Ft. Lee, Va 

Crowell. George H.. Ill "67, 

Bo.x 646, Ponte Vedra Beach. Fla 
Crowell, John David '68, 81 Fillmore Dr., Sarasota, Fla... 
Crowley, Christopher Owen '68, 

2725 S. Ives St.. Arlington 2. Va 285. 

Cruikshank. Dwight P.. IV '65, 

1201 16th St., Parkersburg, W. Va 88, 287, 

Crumley. Carole A. '66, 

811 W. Maple St.. Johnson City, Tenn 

Crump, Philip H. W. '66. 

4110 Tuckahoe Lane, Memphis, Tenn... 164. 

Cruse, Charles H. '66, 

Box 273 Miller Rd.. Kingsville. Md 192. 

Crutcher. Bryan P. '66. 

1514 Scotland Ave., Charlotte, N. C 

Crutcher, Martha S. '67, 

895 Oak Valley Lane, Nashville, Tenn... 118, 263, 374, 
Cubbison, Edwin Pritchett "67, 

1311 Weber Dr.. Clearwater, Fla 81, 

Cudlin. Joseph John '67. 13 Barry Dr.. E. Northport, N. Y.. 

Culbreth. John T. "66, RED 4. Lumberton, N. C 

Culbreth, Thomas Franklin '65, 

8 Birdseye Glen, Verona, N. J 149, 188, 194, 

Culp, Rebecca Ann '67, Rl. 2. Gold Hill. N. C 269. 

Cummings, Jasper Lee. Jr. "68. 

1118 W. Haven Blvd.. Rocky Mount, N. C 199. 

Cuninggim, Penelope A. '66, 8000 Crescent Dr., Clayton, 
Cunningham, Kenneth Earl '67, 

28 Wren St., W. Roxbury, Mass 287. 

Cunningham. Marianne S. '66, 

405 Timberwild, Houston 24, Tex 

Curcio, Susan Mary "68, 

Caixa Posta 14 F. Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Cureton, Kenneth A. "68. 

20 N. Avondale Dr., Greenville, S. C 

Curry, James L. '65, Reidsville. Ga 

Curtis, James M. '65, 

No. 4. Wesley Ct.. Rockville, Md 202, 297, 

Custard, Linda Jane '68, 

2628 Jefferson Park Cr.. Charlottesville, Va 261, 

Cutchin. Carolyn J. "65. Sherrills Ford, N. C 178, 

Cutter, Matthew '68, 67 Mill Rd., Durham. N. C...195, 
Cutter, Norman C. '68. 3117 Weaver Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. 

Cuttino, John T., Jr. '67, Rt. 5, Box 362. Charleston, S. C 

Dacko. Douglas M. '67. 

105 Reed A\t.. Monessen. Pa 143, 149, 311, 

Dadson, Dana I. "67. 421 E. 4th St.. Pompano Beach, Fla.-149, 

Dai. Tze Ping "68. 2404 Perkins Rd.. Durham, N. C 

Dalson. Judie Kay "68. 3584 Tuxedo Rd. NW. Atlanta. Ga 

Dalton. Diana S. "66, 

6388 Brookside Ave.. Oakland. Calif.. 119, 261, 

Dame. Christian W. "68. Box 73, Edwards, N. Y 

Dandrea. Frederick E. "68, 1 1 1 Ticonderoga Dr., Warwick, 
Daniel, Dorothy H. '66, 

5502 Cromwell Dr., Washington 16, D. C 279 

Daniel. Henry S., IV '67, 

1201 Meadow Brook Rd., Waynesboro, Va 

Daniel. John H., Jr. '67. 

5502 Cromwell Dr., Washington, D. C 291 

Daniels, David L. '67, Hdqts. U.S. Eucom, 

Mad Apo 128. New York, N. Y 192, 313, 378 

291 Daniels, Harry D. '65, 3021 Churchill Rd., Raleigh, N. C. 

Danluck, Thomas R. '66, 
362 112 NE 111st, Miami Shores, Fla 241, 299, 362 

Danner, Mary F. '66. 

332 5539 Pinecrest Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 257, 362 

394 Dannunzio, Albert M. '68. 

1624 Meyer Ave., Port Vue, McKeesport, Pa... 146, 196, 394 
■>,■>,■<, Dantzler, Martha L. '66, 

3520 Wilmol Ave.. Columbia, S. C 85, 116, 362 

394 Darden, Carolyn R. '66. 1509 Elm St., Conway, S. C. 

Darland. Jane C. '67, 839 First St., Mason City. Iowa.. 164, 265, 378 

333 Darling. Malcolm B. '67. Lawrence AC, Groton, Mass.. .233, 378 
Darr, Frances P. '67, Box 235, Sparta, N. C..-161, 259, 378 

378 Daugherty, Robert F. "68. 

904 Dacian Ave.. Durham. N. C 239, 315, 394 

394 Daul. Charles R. '68, 6 Wedgewood Ln., Morristown, N. J. 394 

Davant. Charles '68. 

394 Blowing Rock Hospital, Blowing Rock, N. C 185, 394 

Davenport. Gary L. '65. 

394 1723 Hubbard Dr., Rockledge, Fla 333. 394 

Davenport. James P. '66. 

378 403 Virginia Ave.. Garner, N. C 309, 362 

Davenport. Richard D. '66, 

333 1212 Central St.. Evanston, 111 185, 362 

Davenport, Thomas E. '68. 

378 1210 McRee Dr.. Valdosta, Ga 305, 394 

David, Clifford B. "68. 
378 1237 Campbell Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. .144. 147. 149. 394 

.378 Davidson, Leslie L. '66, 

.394 603 College Ave., Kennett, Mo 155, 265, 362 

Davidson, Noel '65. 

378 2033 Darlington Rd.. SW. Roanoke. Va 277, 333 

394 Davis, Adrienne R. '67. 1 1 Morningside Ave., Yardley, Pa. 

Davis, Allan '66, Richmond. Va 285 

394 Davis, Anne E. '65, 235 Arbor Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C...259, 333 

Davis, Carol Ann '65. Rt. 2, Boonsboro, Md 333 

333 Davis, Clayton W. '68. 

450 S. Ridge St.. Southern Pines, N. C 394 

362 Davis. Douglas E. '66, 1533 Bunts Rd.. Lakewood. Ohio 362 

Davis, George E. '67. 210 Emery Dr., Nashville 14, Tenn. .301. 378 

315 Davis, Grace M. '65, 181 N. Spring .St., Concord, N. C 333 

Davis. Holly W. "67. 

36-' 3308 W. Franklin St., Richmond 21, Va 116, 378 

Davis, John J. "68, 2589 Date Ave., Macon, Ga 129, 394 

362 Davis, Julie A. '68, 

10203 Candlewood Dr.. Houston. Texas 267, 394 

378 Davis, Kathleen A. "67, 623 E. 13th St.. Casper, Wyo...l44, 378 

Davis. Larry E. '68, 

378 4507 Columbia St., Portsmouth. Va 214, 283 

293 Davis, Laurel R. '67. 45 Rose Terr.. Chatham. N. J 378 

.362 Davis, Linda E. "68, 3327 Coleridge Dr.. Raleigh, N. C 394 

Davis, Mary Anne "68, 

333 3785 Castlegate Dr., Atlanta. Ga 150, 394 

378 Davis, Nicky S. '68, 

20 Whitewood Ct., Huntington L. I., N. Y 317, 394 

394 Davis, Pamela C. '68, 

Mo 723 N. Stratford Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 394 

Davis. Robert E. '65, 1004 Byrnes Rd.. Aiken, S. C..-202, 309, 333 
378 Davis, Walter B.. Ill '68. 

Coke Garrett House. Nicholson St., Williamsburg, Va ..394 

..362 Davis, Waynelee E., Jr. '65. 

4800 Ravensworth Rd.. Annandale, Va 315, 333 

Davison. Jane C. '68. 2920 Military St., Port Huron, Mich. .394 
Dawson. Douglas S. "68, 

..394 7899 N. Central Ave., Indianapolis. Ind 394 

..333 Dawson, Thomas Roszelle 

Day. Gale U. "68, 
333 1862 Greenwood Rd. SW, Roanoke, Va...l44, 146, 147, 394 

Dayton. Nancy E. "67, Box 190, Towanda, Pa 180, 378 

394 Deal. Mary C. "68. 

333 3817 Stratford, Dallas 5. Texas 143. 150. 180. 271, 394 

394 Deal, Winfred W. '68, 

.378 2805 W. 5th Ct., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 196, 214, 301, 394 

.378 Dean. Barbara '68, 

1349 Lenox Rd. SE, Grand Rapids, Mich 131. 275. 394 

378 Dean. John Gary "67, 

378 107 Edgeroad Ln.. Wilmington 3. Del 315. 378 

231 Deaton. Aundrea J. "68. 

■394 512 Tarboro St., Rocky Mount. N. C 125, 394 

Debeers, Anne C. '68, 5135 Newport Ave.. Wash. 16, D. C...394 

362 Decaprio, Jack 1. '67, 37 Runnymede Ln., Chatham. N. J 378 

..394 Deckert, Susan P. '65, 4 Devondale, St. Louis 30. Mo.. .27 1. 333 

R. I. Decko. Kenneth O. "66. 792A Windsor Ave., Windsor, Conn. .362 

Deegan, Sandra Jean "67, 1793 S. Lawrence Rd., 

367 Navy 990, c/o FPO, San Francisco, Calif 184, 185. 378 

Deemer, Alexandra J. "67, 135 Jefferson St., Brookville, Pa.. .378 

.315 Deen. Stephanie L. "68, 147 E. King St.. Lancaster. Pa. ..279, 394 

Deering, Barbara J. "68, 435 Terr. Dr.. Richardson, Texas..263, 394 

378 Dees, Nancy "66, 413 Carolina Cir., Durham, N. C-133, 271, 362 

Dejager. Gretchen E. '68, 

8118 Lancewood Ct., Cincinnati, Ohio 271, 194 

De La Garza. Anita Jean '68, 1 1 1 Dittman Ln.. Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Delaney, Christopher K. '68, 

704 Meridian St., Falls Church, Va. "(Sg 793 394 

Delaney, Gale P. K. '66, 

2026 Ashton Cir.. Salt Lake City, Utah 303 

Delany. Dorothy P. '68. Pickens St.. Joanna. S. C. 394 

Deleot. Charles F. '67. 

729 Barnsdale Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 285 

Delse. Maureen K. '65. 

3419 H. Giasson St., Durham, N. C 279, 378 

Demuro. Deborah '67. Boonton Ave.. Kinnelon. N. J. 279* 378 
Denenherg. Steven L. '68. 

270 Willard Dr.. Hewlett. N. Y 169. '(17 394 

Denman. Joyce M. '68, 

6 Lakeview Dr., The Grove. Mt. Pleasant. S. C 394 

Denny, Barbara J. '68. 391 Emerson PI., Uniondale, N. Y. 394 
Denton. Dianna Lee '67. 

5474 Lorraine Dr.. Camp Springs. Md. 378 

Denton. Kent S. '65. 

324 E. Second St.. Washington. N. C...138. 202. 301 103 
Denton, Robert E. '65. 

5474 Lorraine Dr.. Camp Springs. Md 192. 107 333 

Depriest. Thomas B. '68. 

201 Worthington St.. Shelby. N. C 146 ]T> 395 

Deramus. Judson D.. Jr. "66. 

2201 Buena Vista Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 83. 291 362 
Desaulniers. Donald H. '65, 511 Barnsdale Dr.. Raleigh. N. C 
Devonshire. James L. '68. 

180 Jefferson St., Carneys Point. N. J 214 ''9\ 

Devyver. Mary E. '67. 

123 Caterson Terr.. Hartsdale. N. Y 275. 378 

Dewalt. Jane Drew '68. 

4220 Presidential Dr.. Lafayette Hill. Pa 271, 395 

Dewar. Donald B. "66. James St.. Bethel, N. C.... " 285 

Dewar. Sam D.. Jr. "67, Box 38, Bethel, N. C. 785 378 

Deyo. Truman E. '67, Box 223, Oxford, Md. 293' 36'' 

Dezell. Helen E. '66. " 

1309 Hollywood Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla 184. 362 

Dick. Frances Colclough '67, 

3005 Norwich Way, Durham. N. C 88, 378 

Dickens, James H. 68. Rt. 3, Box 110, Sanford, N. C ...395 

Dickinson. Roger B. '67. 

1294 Hillside Dr.. Lancaster. Pa 311 36'' 

Dileo. Michael J. '68. 

2 Coiuitry Club Dr.. Port Washington. N. Y 395 

Dillard. Nancy G. '66. 3301 Wilson Ave.. Lynchburg, Va 362 

Dillon. Robert G. '65, 164 Dillon Ave.. Elkin. N C 3''4 

Diltz. Peter C. '67, 576 Oak St.. Winnetka, 111. 233, 289 "378 
Dilworth. Cathy Lewis '65. 

112 N. Washington St.. Hinsdale. Ill 257. 333 

Dingle. John P. '68. 14 Norman Ave.. Fairfax, Va...lll. 3,05. 395 
Dipasquale. John Wood '68. 

254 Grant St.. Buffalo 13. N. Y. 143 149 39S 

Disco. Elizabeth C. '65. 

100-48 75th St.. Forest Hills 75. N. Y _ 333 

Disotell. William James '66, 26 Elva Ave.. Youngstown, Ohio 362 
Dittmar. Susan Kay "65, 

956 Leiand Ave.. Plainfield. N. J 133^ 335 

Ditto. John K. '66. 756 Arnold Ave.. Greenville, Miss" '.. 172 

Divine. Jennie Lou '67, 

2027 Faculty Dr.. Winston-Salem, N. C 87. 169, 257 378 

Dixon. Antoinette Lynn '68. 

Qtrs. 37. Naval Air Station. Pensacola. Fla 259. 395 

Dobson. Susan H. '65. 

4942 Crooked Ln.. Dallas. Texas 271. 331 

Dodds, Ann Margaret '67, 

6054 Waggoner Dr.. Dallas 30. Texas __81. 255. 267. 378 

Dodson. Kemper H. '66, 

1012 Tyne Blvd.. Nashville. Tenn I 14 if,'' 

Doelle. John Charles '65. 

829 Grand Marais. Grosse Pointe Park 30. Mich 185. 133 

Doerner. Susan E. '66, 

600 Doepke Ln., Cincinnati, Ohio 263, 362 

Doggett, Abigail '68. 

504 S. Lake Ave.. Lakeland. Fla 131 -'7S 395 

Doggett. Maurine '65. 504 S. Lake Ave.. Lakeland. Fl'a.'sV, 333 
Dolson. James F., Jr. '68. 

708 S. Overlook Dr.. Alexandria. Va._ 395 

Dommerich. Rosemary J. '67. 

6910 Granada Blvd'. Coral Gables 46, Fla 269, 378 

Donaldson. Nicki Sue '68. 

1409 Park Terr. Dr.. Alexandria. Va 257. 39'i 

Donkin. Deborah '65, 777 W. Park .Ave.. State Coliege.~Pa'. 114 
Donley, John Thomas '68. 

130 Samaritan Ave., Ashland, Ohio 315, 395 

Donnell. Mark L. '68. 113 S. Tarver, Lebanon, Tenn...289", 39"! 
Donohue, Patricia Carol '67. 

23 Heather Hill Ln., St. Louis 32. Mo..... 26S, 378 

Donovan. Gregory A. '68. 

700 Stillwell Ave.. Alexandria. Va I49, 395 

Dorros. George L. '66. 4000 Tunlow Rd. NW. Washington D C 
Uorsett, Marion N. '67, ' ' ' 

206 W. First Ave., Mt. Gilead. N. C. 279 378 

Dorsey. Ronald S. '65, 31 D Brookwood Garden, Buriinrton. N C 
Dotson, Barbara B. '68. ' 

7706 Geranium St.. Bethesda 14, Md ->77 39^ 

Douglas, Margaret Ann '67, " ' 

7315 Delfield St.. Chevy Chase, Md. 378 

Dow^'Bonl^e'L""'68' '^^' ' '*''^S^*°°'^ Dr.',"Fran"kfort."lnd:::362 

Dow''R^berV°E^'^67 ^'" ^"''^"'^^" ''' ^is 143, 150, 395 

Rockland Park, Short Beach. Conn. 138 202 301 

Dowdee. John W. '66. 2522 Rochelle St.. Durham N C ' 
Dowdy. William L. '66. ' ' ' 

506 Sunset Dr.. Lebanon. Tenn. 193 -i<c-) 

Dowling. Louise H. '66. 

21 Revere Rd.. Manhasset. N. Y.... i67 36'' 

Downmg. Barbara Joann '65. " ' ' ~ 

1711 Barnesdale Way. NE, Atlanta 9, Ga. 100 ^67 334 
Doyle. Larry James '65. • -j-* 

6 Wescott Rd.. Simsbury. Conn. tgj 334 

Doyle. William S. '66. Hillside Dr.. Lowell'Mich. r69' 36'' 
Drake. Arthur S. '66. 1888 Faculty Dr.. Winston-Salem N C 36^ 
Drake, Wilton Rodwell '68. Macon. N. C. Ill 31 | 39s 

Draper. Daniel. Jr. '67. ' ^ ■ - - 

2171 Glencoe Rd.. Winter Park. Fla. 303 378 

Dreisinger. Leanora Ann '65. 

20125 Scottsdale Blvd.. Shaker Hts. 22, Ohio 334 

Drennen. David Holmes '68. 

8001 Aberdeen Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md 149 ''85 395 

Dresser. Anita Edryce '68. " 

5000 Allen Rd. East. Charlotte. N. C 150 395 

Drew. William F.. Jr. '66. 409 Westview Ave.. Anderson s'c 301 
Droitcour. John Michael '67. 310 Kirby Ave., Warvvick R I 
Drulis. Charles Richard '65. 

13 Tealbrook Dr.. Ladue 41. Mo tc ''91 

Druse. Mary Jeanne '68. ~ "' 

3019 N. Chatham St.. Racine, Wis. 271 390 395 

Dubach. Jurg Walter '67. Guggistrasse 8, Lucerne, Switzerland 
Dubm. Alan Leslie '67. 

8519 Stevenswood Rd.. Baltimore 7. Md 317 318 378 

Dubois. Mary '67. 185 Tilbury Rd.. Birmingham, Mich. 275 378 
Dubose. David McClean '68. RFD. Gable S C ''87' 395 

Dubose. Howard McRoy. Jr. '68. " ' 

2130 Benford. Lakeland. Fla....". 39 159 \j-, 

Ducker. Stuart Reiley. Ill '67, 

223 Harmon Blvd., Dayton 19. Ohio 311 378 

Duckett. Laura Jean '67. 

112 Louisiana Ave.. Asheville, N. C 134 378 

Duffee. Judson Yates. Jr. '68. 

1402 E. Circle Dr.. Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 395 

Duffey. Nora Edith '67. 2124 Sprunt St.. Durham, N. C 

Duffy. Edward Joseph '67. 

721 S. E. 7th St.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 184 185 378 

Duke. Robert Lee '67. P. O. Box. Newsome. Va ' 378 

Dula. Clyde Stephen '65. 

3389 Nottingham Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 334 

Dunaway. David Harry '67, 

607 Jarman St.. Jacksonville. N. C 202. 378 

Dunaway. John Marson '67, 

534 N. Marble St.. Rockmart. Ga 146 378 

Duncan. .Alfred Tawresey '65. 

2125 Central Ave.. Alameda. Calif 115, 187. 295 334 

Duncan. Douglas Wadsworth '68. 

2213 Roswell Ave.. Charlotte 7. N. C 295. 395 

Duncan. Susan Gary '65. 

101 Pilson St.. N. Wilkesboro, N. C 263, 334 

Dunford. Sylvia Diane "67, 

910 N. Stratford Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 180 

Dunitz. Rebecca '68. 414 Old Mill Rd., Easton, Pa. ieO, 395 
Dunlap. Joseph C. '65. 2213 Lash .Ave.. Raleigh, N. C. 334 
Dunlap. Louise Cecil '68, 

1209 Marietta Ave.. Lancaster, Pa 267, 395 

Dunn. Ernest Lloyd '65. 

1019 Hay St.. P. O. Box 3246. Favetteville. N. C. 334 

Dunn. Jeffrey David '66. 

2860 San Fernando Rd.. Jacksonville. Fla 311. 362 

Dunn, Karen Ellen '66, 35 Rockledge Rd.. Hartsdale. N. "^...363 
Dunn. Mary Brewton '67. 70 Minnisink Rd.. Short Hills. N. J. ..271 
Dunnington. Gansevoort H. '68. 

2307 W. 18th St.. Wilmington. Del 144. 146. 295, 395 

Dunsmoor, David Miles '67. Truesdale Lake, S. Salem. N. Y. 
Dunsmore. Carolyn Mary '67. 

28 Randolph PI.. West Orange, N. J 378 

Dupuy. William E. S. '68. 1842 Grove Ave.. Quincy. III. ..285, 395 
Durana, Joan C. '66, 857 Kenwick Dr.. Winston-Saiem. N. C.-.363 
Durlach. Richard Stevens '68, 

6025 Lakeshore Dr., Columbia, S. C 163. 166. 185, 378 

Durrett, Joseph Park '67, 

2416 Sunset Dr., Tampa 9, Fla 295, 378 

Dusbabek, Susan Margaret '65. 

5315 Chamberlin Ave., Chevy Chase, Md 334 

Diitko, Paula Helen '67, 26 Reiners Rd., Little Falls, N. J. ..257, 378 
Dutton, Robert Wayne '65, 

4X3 E. Wesley Rd. NE. Atlanta 5, Ga...l28, 192, 287, 334 
Dybdahl, Rand Edwin '67. 

2319 N. Yale, Wichita 20, Kan 315, 378 

Dye, Alan Page '68, 

530 Washington Ave., Eustis, Fla 185, 395 

Dye, John Michael '65. 

Old Portman Rd.. Anderson. S. C 132. 196. 285. 334 

Eagle, Robert L. "66. 4047 Hiddenbrook Dr.. Charlotte. N. C...363 
Eakes. Sylvia Faye "65. 

Apartado 64, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C. A 334 

Earle, Mary Elizabeth '67, 

307 Mimosa Dr., Greensboro, N. C 130, 271, 378 

Earle. Mary Elizabeth '67. 1115 Wilson Dr., Dayton 7, Ohio.. .378 
Earnhardt. Kent Cline '65. 

2619 Glenhaven Lane. Winston-Salem, N, C 315, 334 

Easley, William King '65, 

844 Myrtle Dr., Rock Hill, S. C 293, 334 

Eason, Frederick Jackson '67, 

922 W. Johnson St., Raleigh, N. C 315, 378 

Eason, William E., Jr. '65, Stanley St., Four Oaks, N. C...305, 334 
Eason, Virginia Watson '65, 802 W. Chapel Hill St., Durham, N. C. 
Eastburn, Joseph R. '66, 

3327 Meadowbrook Dr., Columbus, Ga 146, 363 

Ebbert, Susan Marcia "67, Fox Lake, R. D. 1, Leesport, Pa.. .378 

Ebert, Sally Tuck '67, 216 Spring Valley, Wilmington, Del 279 

Echols, Paul Clinton '66, 

680 Palmera Ave., Pacific Palisades, Calif. 
Eck. Linda Ann '67. 

314 Broadmoor Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md 271, 378 

Eckerd, John Marcus '65. Box 29. Marion, N. C 334 

Eckert, Alan Walter '65, 

4584 Inkian Rock Terr. NW, Washington 7, D. C 315, 334 

Edgar, Christopher L. '68, 

1534 Crestway Dr.. Rt. 5. Athens. Tenn 287. 395 

Edgar. Thomas R. '66. 

Rt. 5, Box 200, Athens, Tenn 115, 287, 324, 363 

Edgerton, Charles N., Jr. '67, 

1600 E. Mulberry St., Goldsboro, N. C 378 

Edgerton, Donald K. '66. 

Rt. 6, Box 356. Goldsboro. N. C. 83. 136. 192, 363 

Edgerton, Jane Ellen '67, R.R, 3, Marion, Ohio 379 

Edlin, John Charles '65, 

107 Blue Rock Rd., Edgewood Hills, Wilmington, Del 334 

Ediow. Robert Blair '68, 

2861 Brandywine St. NW, Washington 8, D. C 136, 395 

Edwards, Charles Randall '65, 

Rt. 6, Box 488, Goldsboro. N. C 333 

Edwards, David J. '66, 1700 High St., Durham, N. C...185, 363 
Edwards. Joseph Byron '68. 

610 West Polo Dr.. Clayton, Mo 168, 311. 395 

Edwards. Kenneth Richard '68, 

711 Bigley Ave., Charleston, W. Va 395 

Edwards, Mary Ann '65, 

140 Fernwood Lane, Greenville, S. C 263, 334 

Eggleston, John Fred, Jr. '68, 

6708 Tuckassegee Rd., Charlotte, N. C 395 

Ehlers, Bonnie Lu '66, 

714 Country Club Dr.. Pittsburgh 34. Pa 123. 363 

Ehrensperger, Elaine '67. 508 Oakhill Dr., College Park, Ga...379 
Ehrhardt. Rolf Frederick '67. 

547 Overwood Dr., Akron 13, Ohio 379 

Ehrhardt, Ursula Margaret '65, 

547 Overwood Dr., Akron 13, Ohio 64, 171, 174, 334 

Eibing, David Michael '68, 

255 Ceramic Dr., Columbus 14, Ohio 185, 289, 395 

Eichert, Martha Jane '67, 2847 Lincoln St., Hollywood, Fla 379 

Eisenberg, Bonnie Sheila '68, 

2800 Ellicott St. NW., Washington, D. C 395 

Eitel, James Riley '68. 10745 S. Seeley, Chicago 43, III. ..293, 395 
Ekvall, Victoria J. '66, 

300 Fairfax Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C 269, 363 

Elbert. Jaret G. '66. 554 Webster Ave.. New Rochelle, N. Y 363 

Eldredge. Victoria Mary '68. 

7950 Lincoln Blvd.. Indianapolis, Ind 395 

Elfen. Martha Candice '67, 

216 Bunker Ranch Rd., W. Palm Beach, Fla 257, 379 

Elias, John Albert '65. 1584 Elm St.. Stratford. Conn 334 

Ellett. James Wiley '68. 

1040 Valley Green Dr.. Aiken. S. C 287. 395 

Ellington. Elizabeth Gill '67. RFD 1. Kittrell. N. C 261. 379 

Elliott, James V. '66. 177 Frederick Ct.. Los Altos. Calif 363 

Elliott. Jeffrey Lance '68, 

200 Valley Rd., Montclair, N. J 242, 395 

Elliott, William B. "66, 

1503 Richardson Circle, Hartsville, S. C 146, 169, 363 

Ellis, Alfred J., Jr. '66. 8138 Pilot St., Houston 34, Texas 363 
Ellis, Frampton E.. Ill '67, 

5308 Portsmouth Rd., Washington 16, D. C 309, 379 

Ellis, Peggy Jo '67, 

1205 N. Main St., Greenville, S. C 124, 134, 379 

Ellis, Robert Lindley '68, 3001 West 7th Ave., Bradenton, Fla,.-395 
Elmendorf, Jon Rice '68, 

3 Offutt Rd., L. G. Hanscom Field, Bedford, Mass... 193, 311, 395 
Emfinger, Carol Ann '67, 

Rt. 1, Box 263A, West Point, Ga 150, 379 

Emmett, Carolyn '68, 816 Colonial Ct., Birmingham, Mich. ..395 
Emslie, Richard H. '66, 114 Gyles Rd., Aiken, S. C...315, 363 
Endsley, Margaret M. '66, 

1313 Peachtree St., Sweetwater, Tenn 269, 363 

Enfield, Lucy Elizabeth '68, 

6344 Wake Forest, Houston, Texas 150, 271, 395 

Engel, Darby Ann '66, Rt. 1, Box 40, Chapin, S. C 363 

Engel, Susan Jean '68, 2501 Wrightwood Ave., Durham, N. C...395 
Engel. Wilson F.. Ill '67. 1026 Manchester Ave.. Norfolk, Va...379 
Engle, Russell W. '66, 26045 Ross Dr., Detroit, Mich... 155, 363 
English, Loellen Kay '65, 

1 Hillshoro Loop, MacDill AFB, Fla 334 

Epanchin, Alexis '65, 27 Brown St., Sea Cliff, L. I., N. Y...307, 335 
Erickson. Jacquelin N. '68. 

3233 Pennington Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C...118. 150, 261, 395 
Erickson, Linda Elise '65, 

2011 E. Burr Oak Dr., Glenview, III... 117, 119, 176, 263, 335 
Erickson, Robert Alan '68, 

5454 Avenida Del Mare, Sarasota, Fla 395 

Erickson, Roger Carl '65, 

109 Foxridge Dr., Kettering 29, Ohio 315, 335 

Erlanger, Peggy Ruth '68, 34 Gail Dr., Waterbury, Conn 395 

Ernst, Mary Lucille '65, 

1921 NE 7th Place, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 87, 180, 335 

Ertzinger, Richard P. '66, 4422 Ellicott St. NW, Wash., D. C 363 

Ervin, Reid Hart '66, 

115 77th St., Virginia Beach, Va 132, 214, 305, 363 

Ervin, Sarah Ruth '67, 

2035 Sharon Lane, Charlotte, N. C 275. 379 

Esslinger, Karen Joy '65, 

1 Clayton Downs, St. Louis 31, Mo 257, 335 

Estabrook, Watts T., Ill '66, 

5822 Ogden Ct., Chevy Chase, Md 363 

Estes, Alice Holland '65, 

2306 Mt. Vernon Rd. SW, Roanoke, Va 335 

Ether, Deborah Jean '68, 

715 Hemlock Rd., Media, Pa 143, 150, 395 

Etheridge, Lynn '65, 

Deer Hill Dr., Ridgefield, Conn 64, 133, 267, 335 

Ethridge, Larry Clayton '68, 

3603 Hycliffe Ave., Louisville, Ky 214, 301, 395 

Evans, Edith B. '66, Box 146, Centreville, Va 119, 263 

Evans, Jan M. '66, 

606 James Blvd., Signal Mount, Tenn 280, 301, 363 

Evans, Janet E. '66, 817 Mathis St., Sumter, S. C 363 

Evans, Jean Dry Turner '66, 3005 Lincoln St., Camp Hill, Pa,. .363 
Evans, John Oliver, Jr. '68, 

2201 Beechridge Rd., Raleigh. N. C 395 

Evans. Margo Kellow '65. 110 E. Ridge St.. Lansford, Pa. 
Evans. Mary Christine '67. 

3599 Flintpoint Way. Cincinnati 27, Ohio 275 

Evans, Orinda Dale '65, 

61 Berkeley Rd., Avondale Estates, Ga 96, 231, 275, 326, 335 

Evans. Sara M. '66. 3542 University Blvd., Dallas, Tex.. .130, 363 
Evans. Thomas Steven '65. 

P. O. Box 116. South Salem. N. Y 128. 129, 305, 324, 335 

Everhart, Anne C. '66. Box 266. Churchland, Va 269 

Everhart, Margaret Stone '68, 

3107 Lincoln St., Camp Hill, Pa 143, 150, 271, 395 

Ewald, Frederick H. '66, 

3835 S. Miller Way, Birmingham, Mich 241, 293, 363 

Eweli, Judith '65, Parksley, Va 155, 180, 335 

Ewing, James Craig '68. 

2418 Dunkeith Dr. NW. Canton 8. Ohio 147, 315 

Eysel, Bruce Barton '68, 4021 Crestview Dr., Columbus, Ga...395 
Eysenbach, Wendell Elliot '67, 

2484 Lyndhurst Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 379 

Fabricant, Sheila Miriam '68, 

5749 Madison St., Hollywood, Fla 395 

Fackler, Peter C. '66. Jondel Farm, Embreeville, Pa 293 

Fagan, Brenda Lynn '67, 

Qtrs. H Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Fla 379 

Fairbank, Mary '66, 1515 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C...I47, 363 
Fairbank. William G. '67. 

c/o Aramco Box 331. Dhahran. Saudi Arabia 
Fairbanks. James Harold '65, 

1607 Lake Ave., Panama City. Fla 335 

Fairburn. Kathleen Jean '68, 

32 Adams Dr., Cherry Point, N. C 279. 395 

Falciani. Ronald Brita '65. 

22 Allen Lane. Hammonton. N. J 193, 281. 287, 335 

Falcone, David J. '66. 1402 Woodburn Rd.. Durham, N. C 309 

Falk, Benjamin, Jr. '68, 

645 S. McHenry Ave., Crystal Lake, III-.,,.,, ...214, 395 

Falk. Elizabeth O. '66, 

1457 Pollard Parkway, Baton Rouge. La 118, 163, 167, 363 

Falk, Martin Elmer "68, 105 Virginia Ave., Alexandria, Va 395 

Fallis. Sara Jane '68. 

1519 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C 259. 395 

Farber. Mark B. '66, 410 Oak Hill Rd., Petersburg. Va...303, 363 
Farmer. Elizabeth Bailev "68. 

1011 Country Club Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 267, 395 

Farmer. Jeanette Wooding '68, 

37 Putnam Dr. NW, Atlanta, Ga 395 

Farmer. Susan Carol '68. 

8600 Chippenham Rd.. Richmond 35, Va 259, 269, 396 

Farnham. Elsie Edith '65. 

402 Penn Rd.. Wynnewood. Pa 124, 335 

Farrah. Jere Tiffin "67. Sunview Dr., Glen Cove, N, Y 379 

Farrell, Francis D., Jr. '67, Forest Hills, Aberdeen. N. C 311 

Fassino. Stephen '67. 5 Stafford Ave., Woodbury. N. Y. 
Faulkner. Laura Vireinia '65. 

Sand Spring Rd.. 'New Vernon. N. J 158, 162, 

Fay. Robert Woods '68. 

707 Knox Rd.. Villanova, Pa 146, 307, 

Fay, Wayne R. "66, 707 Knox Rd., Villanova, Pa 

Feazell. George Landon. Jr. "65. 

516 Courtley Ct.. Fairfax. Va 281. 305, 

Feely, Patrick Scott '68. 

Ivy Hill Mountain Ave.. Mountainside, N. J 

Feeney. Dorothv Lorene '67. 

1633 Oakdale Rd.. Charlotte 8. N. C 239, 

Fegley, Thomas Lee '67, 

247 Stein Lane, Lewisburg, Pa 135, 313, 

Feichtinger. Garv Richard '68. 

5618 N. 33 St.. Arlington. Va 239, 

Feldmann. Peter '67. 1050 Ridge Ave., Lakewood, N. J 

Fenstermacher. Geoffrey '66. 

5212 Oleander Rd.. Drexel Hill. Pa 

Fentin. Garv S. "66. 4110 Taylor St., Hollywood, Fla...317. 
Fergus, John "67, 333 E. 55th St., New York 22. N. Y. 
Ferguson. Barbara Ann '65. 

RED 2. Statesville, N. C 133. 261, 335, 

Ferguson. Dennis Henry '65. 

380 School St.. Springdale. Pa 67, 220, 289, 326, 

Ferguson. James M. '66. 19 Churchill Rd.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Ferguson, John Howe '68, 10024 Reddick Dr., Silver Spring. 
Ferlic. Sharon Stetzer '65, 

1727 Kaneville Rd.. Geneva. Ill 125. 

Ferrell. Malcolm Rea '66, 

2 Fleming Circle, Greensboro, N. C 291, 

Ferris. John "68. 2424 Hamlin Lane, Sarasota, Fla 195. 

Fesmier, Barbara Joan '65, 

Newton Rd. Woodbridge. New Haven 15, Conn 123, 

Few, William Preston '65, 

208 Buchanan Blvd., Durham. N. C 186. 297. 

Fiaccone. Katherine A. '66, 

35 Dale Drive, Summit, N. J 133. 279. 

Fiedorek. Bonnie L. '66. 

234 Weber Ave.. North Canton. Ohio 261. 

Fields. George Stone "68. 1950 Hunter Ave.. Mobile, Ala. .305. 
Fields, Glenn D.. Jr. '66. 1112 Lake Blvd.. .4nnandale, Va... 
Fillette. Theodore O. '68, 

3976 N. Byronall Dr.. Mobile. Ala 113, 307. 

Fillmore. Harriet '66. Unitv Village. Lees Summit. Mo 

Finch. Phillip Randolph "68.' P. O. Box 862. Henderson. N. C. 
Fincher. Doloris Ann "65. 

RED 4. Box 520-B. Charlotte 8. N. C 335 

Fineman. .Mvin Jav '68. 

80-80 Kent St.. Jamaica 32. N. Y 185, 396 

Finkel, Richard Lawrence '68. 

17 Rumson Rd.. Massapequa, N. Y 299, 396 

Finklea, Samuel Leon. Ill '67. 

Sun View Lake. Rt. 4. Columbia. S. C 136, 195. 379 

Fischer. Kenneth Clyde '68. 385 E. 18 St.. Brooklyn 26, N. Y...396 
Fischer. Martin Douglas "65. 

227 Delhi Rd.. Scarsdale. N. Y.. 311. 335 

Fishbach. Edward W.. Jr. "65. 

2507 Shrewsbury Rd.. Orlando. Fla 135. 315. 335 

Fisher. Carl Ellis "65. 

913 Ladayne Ave.. Selma. Ala 185, 281, 309, 336 

Fisher. Janice Carol '68. 

548 Highland Ave., Upper Montclair, N. J 396 

Fisher. Rita Carol '65. 

227 Longue Vue Dr., Pittsburgh 28, Pa 149, 336 

Fisher. William Robinson '67. 

Jerkyll Island Branch. Box 52, Brunswick, Ga 143, 303, 379 

Fitts. Sanford B., Ill "67, 

519 Oaklawn .Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C 363 

Fitzgerald. John Edmund '67. 603 8th St.. Altavista, Va...l85. 363 

Fitzsimons. James P. '66. 39 Norwood Dr.. Gillette. N. J 363 

Flagler. Joan Helen "68. 404 Grange Rd.. Wayne, Pa 396 

Fleck. Donald R. "66. 

43-01 169 St.. Flushing 58, N. Y 132. 158, 163. 315, 363 

Fleet, Jack '67, 825 Waterman Rd. S., Jacksonville, Fla...317, 379 




















Fleischmann, Jeffrey "68. 

251 Frankhauser Rd.. Williamsville 21, N. Y 396 

Fleming. Robert Fuller "66, 

Rt. 2. Box 319. Henderson. N. C 363, 396 

Fleming, Stewart Thomas "68, 

Wincoma Dr.. Huntington. N. Y 193. 293. 396 

Fletcher. Brenda Elaine "67, 42 Park St.. Mansfield. Mass 379 

Flick. Michael Robin '68. 

1614 Tyler Ave.. Falls Church. Va 311, 396 

Flinchbaugh. Judith Anne '67. 

852 Lehigh Ave.. Lancaster. Pa 379 

Flint. Beverly Hitchcock '65. 

Jericho Manor Bldg. 16, Apt. 245, Jenkintown, Pa 336 

Flintom. Sarah Ann '67, 

621 Candlewood Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 379 

Flory. Katharine Knox '68. 

3301 Eastburn Rd.. Charlotte 10. N. C - 273, 396 

Flowers. George H.. Ill "65. 

11 Oak Lane, Richmond 26. Va 67, 77. 112. 285, 336 

Flvnn. Thomas Earl "67. 

32 Godfrey Ave.. Bayville, L. I., N. Y 307, 379 

Foeller, Carl Walter, Jr. '68, 

114 Brunswick Dr., Warwick, R. 1 185. 396 

Fogle. Robert Hart '65. 

424 Fifth St.. Marietta. Ohio 239, 305, 336 

Foley. Robert E. "67. 1 1 Chappelle St.. Warrenton, Va. 

FoUin. Jo Anne "67. 1655 Santa Ana Dr., Dunedin, Fla 379 

Foltz, John A. "66. 45 Trumbull St.. Watertown, Conn... 144, 363 
Fondren, Frank B.. Ill "67, 

302 Jackson St., Roanoke Rapids. N. C 202. 307, 379 

Foote, Sally Harris "68, 

602 W. Taylor Run Parkway, Alexandria. Va 275. 396 

Forbes. Sue B. "66. 317 Lafayette Dr.. Wilson. N. C 130. 363 

Ford. Hoyt S. "66, RED 3, Lumberton, N. C...184, 311, 363 
Ford. John Ellis "68. 637 Ane Tree Dr., Virginia Beach, Va...396 
Forgv. Byron Keith "68. 

2725 N. E. 25th Court. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. ..136. 185. 287, 396 
Forrester. Sandra Nadine "67. 

Box 243. Atlantic Beach. Fla 143. 150, 379 

Forrester, Teresa Lynn '68, 

4502 Ferncroft Circle, Tampa 9, Fla 259, 396 

Forsman. Dale Henrv '66, 

23 Tysley St., Basking Ridge, N. J 146. 336 

Forth. David Stephens '68, 

3321 Heywood .Ave.. Roanoke, Va 185, 311, 396 

Forth, Paul T.. Jr. '66. 3321 Heywood .Ave.. Roanoke, Va...31 1, 363 
Foss. Philip Theodore. Jr. '68. 

17 Royle Rd.. Darien. Conn 293, 396 

Foster. Charles Stephen '65. 1417 Broad St., Durham, N. C 336 

Foster. Romeo Jay "68. Rt. 1. Campobello. S. C 396 

Fouke. Judith Lvnn "67. 

4351 Overland Trail. Dayton 29. Ohio 267, 379 

Fountain, John N. '66, 1 105 W. Wood Ave., High Point, N. C...336 
Foushee. Sam L.. Jr. '66. 

1524 Fairfax Rd.. Durham. N. C 191. 305, 363 

Fowler. James T.. Ill '66. 

24 Rivo Alto Canal. Long Beach 3, Calif 231, 363 

Fowler, Preston L.. Ill '66. 709 W. Cobb St.. Durham, N. C...301 
Fowler, Winston G. '66. 

Quarters 4120. US.A Academy. Colo 196. 364 

Fox, Barbara N. '66. 945 W. Outer Dr.. Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Fox. James Robert '68, RED 5. Box 593. Hickory, N. C...396 
Fox. Judith Weingarth '65. 

285 S. Main St.. Kernersville. N. C 336 

Fox. Patrick Bovd "65. 

658 Gordon Dr.. Charleston 4. W. Va 158. 162. 167, 299, 336 

Fox, Philip Alan "68, Box 116, ,\ngier, N. C 315, 396 

Fox. Robert Edward "68. .Apt 3079 DMCS, Quantico, Va 193 

Fox. Stephen Douglas "65, 

3767 Wilmont Ave. NW, Roanoke, Va 315, 336 

Foxlev. Griffhh W. "66, 

Blueberry Hill Rd.. Weston. Conn 303, 364 

Foyle. Robert Michael '68, 

115 Diamond Bridge .Ave., Hawthorne, N. J 214, 291 

Francis, Jerrv Douglas '66, 

Box 211. Caroleen. N. C 188, 202, 336 

Franck. Martha Dillard '65, Rt. 1, Chatmoss, Martinsville. Va. 
Frank. .Alan H. '66. 

6112 N. Lake Dr.. Whitefish Bay, Wis 152, 154, 155, 313 

Frank, Rebecca Joan '65, 

631 Willow St.. Mount Airy, N. C 176. 336 

Franklin. Emih Kave "67. 

2605 Wade .Ave.. Raleigh. N. C 147. 379 

Fraser, Craig Booth "68, 

8133 Juniper Dr.. Shawnee Mission, Kan 239. 311, 396 

Fraser, Edith .Anne "65. 

4007 Club Dr. NE, .Atlanta 19. Ga 85, 336 

Fraser. Linda Sue "68. 

287 Bradley Rd.. Bay Village. Ohio 143. 150, 263, 396 

Fraser, Walter Baird H. "67, 

1301 Birdsall St., Old Hickory. Tenn 285, 379 

Frazer, Richard A. '65, 4520 Anvers Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Frazier, Donald Hoagland '68, 

8290 Remington Dr., Pittshiirgh 37, Pa 295, 

Freeh, Laurence W. '66, 51 .'Vfton Dr., Florham Park, N. J 

Frederick, Constance '68, 791 Wooded Rd., .lenkintown. Pa. 

Frediani, Dale Steven '67, Rt. 2, Manlius, N. Y 307, 

Freedman, Leon David '68, 

64 Sunset Rd., Bay Shore, N. Y 311, 

Freeman, John R. '66, 

Newgate Rd., East Granby, Conn 158, 161, 285, 

Freeman, Judith Louise '68, 110 S. Layton Ave., Dunn, N. C. 
Freeman, Millard P. '66, 

1312 Meadowbrook Rd., Asheboro, N. C 303. 

Freeman, William M., Jr. "68, 

225 Best St.. Statesville, N. C 196, 

Freiberg, Ann H. '66, 

Deepwood Eagle Dr., Stamford, Conn 167, 168, 175, 

French, Christie Chaplin '68. Norris Rd., Denville, N. J 

French, Jacqueline Mary '68, 

6100 Leonardo St.. Coral Gables 46, Fla 

French, Robert Sheldon '68, 

104 Guilford Place, Spartanburg, S. C 303 

Frenzel, James Charles '67, 3950 Bristol Rd.. Durham, N. c' 
Freund, Henry Louis, Jr. '65, 

2 Ladue Acres, Ladue 24, Mo 162, 317, 

Frias, Claudia '67, 

5165 Langston Rd., Virginia Beach, Va 269, 

Friedlein, David H. '65, 

Wright School. 3131 Roxboro Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Friedman, Larry A. '66, 810 Hyde Court, Silver Spring, Md. 
Friesen. Robert Hattan '68, 

3725 West 64 St., Shawnee Mission, Kan. 311 

Iritz, Robert Leslie '68, 

22 Pennsylvania Ave., Flemington, N. J 301, 

Froeber, Sarah Marjorie '68, 

227 Roslyn Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 271 

Froelich, Philip Nissen '68, 

725 Blackwood Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 

Frohwirth. Richard Arnold '67, 

35 Livingston St., Fairfield, Conn 

Frost, Jack Nowell '67, 

623 Oaklawn Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 

Frost, Marsha Lynn '67, 

273 Eastside Ave., Ridgewood, N. J 119 ''69 

Fudge, Mary Beth '68, Rt. 2, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Fuller, Beckwith L. '66, 302 N. Wayne St., Milledgevilie, Ga 

Fuller, Cheryl Lynne '68, 

1779 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, Pa 

Fuller, Foed Prioleau, III '67, HQ Setaf Comptroller, 

APO 168 NY, N. Y 142, 143, 149 303 

Fuller, Richard Boiling '68, 

2923 Bellevue Terr.. NW, Wash. 16, D. C...I43, 149, 307 
Fuller, Russell Benton '68, 

3158 Glenrich Parkway, Columbus 21, Ohio 113 

Fuller. Thomas Ralph, Jr. '68, 

1202 Weaver Ave., Johnson City, Tenn 303 

Fullerton, Maryellen A. '68, 

2722 N. Yucatan St., Arlington, Va. 
Fullerton. Richard S. '67, 

2421 Country Club Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 

Fulton. Penelope '68. 

1717 Alta Mura Rd.. Pacific Palisades. Calif 271, 

Furlong, Richard Michael '66, 

6 W. Lake Ave., Baltimore 10, Md 

Furness, Thomas A., Ill '66. 

13 Hillcrest St., Enka, N. C ...84, 115, 194. 287 

Furste, Nancy Dianne '65. 

3125 Bembridge Rd., Columbus 21, Ohio 

Futch. Judith A. '66, Box 245, Burgaw, N. C. 168 

Futrell. Betty Brookes '67, "' ' 

1111 Rhode Island Ave., Lynchburg, Va 123, 134, 

Fyfe, Charles Raymond, Jr. '68, 

8 Evergreen St.. Elk Grove Vill. Ill 191. 307, 

Gabennesch, Howard R. '66. 102 Hartweg Ave., Ft. Thomas 
Gabriel, John Richard '65, 67 Arbor Dr., Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J. 
Gaddis, Geoffrey Beach '67, 228 W. Penn St., Butler, Pa 156 
Gaddis, Steven Earl '68, 

303 Creswell Dr., Falls Church, Va 149, 186, 

Gahagan, Luther Powell, Jr. '67, 

215 E. 46 St., Savannah, Ga 315, 

Gailey, Irma Jean '68, 

62 Chenocetah Dr., Cornelia, Ga 263, 

Gajewski, John Frederick '68, 

1320 Grayton Rd., Grosse Pointe Park, Mich 315, 

Galant, Denise '66, 

710 Meridian St., Falls Church. Va 254 ''61 

Gale, Donald Ira, Jr. '68, 

24915 Ridge Rd.. Damascus, Md 146, 149 

Gallagher, Helen Faith '68, 33 Whitney St.. Westbury.N. Y. 
Gallop, Marshall Aubrey '67, 

705 N. Read St., Elizabeth City, N. C 





36 4 





































Gait, Susan Thomas '67, 129 .Mbert .St., Waterkloofpretoria 

Transvaal, Republic of South Africa 26?' 379 

Gamhill, Linda Kay '65, 

401 Curtis Bridge Rd., Wilkesboro, N. C 265 336 

Gamehn, Susan Widstrom '65, 3310 A Glasson St., Durham N C 
Gammill, Kenneth MacNair '65, 

26 Mt. Joy Ave.. Scarsdale, N. Y 386 

Ganaway, George Kenneth '68, 

3315 Eastview Ave., West Palm Beach, Fla. 396 

Garand, Eugene Armand '65, Prospect Rd 

Centerport N. Y 76, 78, 115, 176. 187, 190, 323, 336 

Gardmer, Judith Kay 67, 5506 Druid Lane, Dallas, Tex ^71 379 
Gardner, Joseph B., Ill '68, 

207 Owens St., Cave City, Ky 309 395 

Gardner, Mary Ruth '68, 

601 N. Hyde Park Ave., Durham, N. C. 395 

Garner, Alice Lynne '67, 210 W. Lakeshore Dr., Rome G'a"379 
Garr, David Ross '68, 1779 SW 16th Terr., Miami, Fla' 185 396 
Garrett, Bowman S., Jr. '67, 

Box 269, Rt. 2, Perkasie, Pa 295 379 

Garrett, Gloria Joan '68. 

3920 Pine Rd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 157 397 

Garrett, Thomas H., Ill '67, 

780 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul 5, Minn, 185 241 379 

Garrett, William M., Jr. '68, 

135 Avant St., Spartanburg, S. C 397 

Garside, Nancy Jo '67. 6254 N. Kilpatrick. Chicago, III. i 50 379 
Gates, Gilbert Lawrence '65, 

Emerywood Court Apts.. High Point, N. C. 83 336 

Gates, Ronald M. '66, 

1 Miles Cary Rd., Newport News, Va. 148, 149 305 364 
Gatewood, Arthur Smith '67, 

7731 Lakeview Dr., Falls Church, Va.. . 379 

Gatewood. Thomas Schley '65, 

Macon Rd., Americus, Ga 128, P9 138 336 

Gattis, Daniel R. '66, 418 Lyilteton Dr.. Charlotte 7" N C ' 336 
Gaunt, David Hamilton '67, 

23 N. Maple St., Hadley, Mass 289 379 

Gaus, Elizabeth Ann '67, 

Apt. 108, 7400 Lakeview Dr., Bethesda, Md 257 379 

Gauthier, Joseph Harold '68, 

1516 186th Place, Homewood, III 289 397 

Gaw, Donald Stephen '67, Nav Comm Sta Navy 535,' 

FPO San Francisco. Calif 191 "315 379 

Gay, Ellen G. '66, 5346 Wenonah, Dallas, Tex. ''7 1 

Gegauff, Carol Louise '65, 101 Western Blvd., Giliette N J 337 
Geier, Gail Ellen '68, 4036 Overbrook Court, 

Nashville 4, Tenn " j^j 

Geller, Roger Joseph '67, 

57 Bereford Rd., Brookline, Mass 28^, 379 

Gentry, Benjamin F., Jr. '68, 

5622 Old Stage Rd., Raleigh, N. C ]85 397 

Geoffrey, Alan Francis '68, 

19 Hill Top Rd., Silver Spring, Md... 144 146 397 

Gerbe, Ronald William '68, 

1619 Tulip Ave., North Merrick, N. Y. 113 185 ''97 397 
Geren, Natasha '68, 

4914 Upton St. NW, Washington, D. C 104 397 

Gerhold, Carol Drunette '68, 

626 Charles St. Ave., Towson, Md 150, 397 

Gerken, Thomas Michael '68, 

95 Foxwood Rd., Stamford, Conn 185, 397 

Gibbons, George Michael '65, 

215 Highland Ave., Lenoir, N. C 337 

Gibbons, Thomas Field '67, 4804 Cameliia Lane, Victoria'Tex 
Gibbons, William H., Ill '66, 

9946 Rockbrook Dr., Dallas 20, Tex 291. 337 

Gibbs. George Edward '67. P. O. Box 246, Beaufort, N ~C 379 
Gibson, John McNeill '68, 

709 McLean St.. Laurinburg. N. C 311, 397 

Gibson. Norman T. '65, 106 Charlotte St., Hamlet, N. C...I85', 337 
Gibson. Thomas Benjamin '68, 

105 Fall View Terrace, Ithaca, N. Y 146, 397 

Giering, John L. '66, 89 Katahdin Dr., Poland, Ohio 293' 364 
Gilbert, Ripple E. '66, 

3711 Huntington St. NW, Washington 15, D. C. 99, 263 364 
Gilbert. Terry S. '66, 

480 E. Ocotillo Rd., Phoenix, Ariz 83, 293, 364 

Giles, Geoffrey Novash '67. 

208 Old County Rd.. Severna Park, Md 149, 311, 379 

Giles, Harlan R. '66, 848 Stratford Rd.. Avondale Estates, Ga. 364 
Giles. William F., II '66, 411 E. 45th St., Savannah, Ga. 303, 364 
Gillespie, Sara Jean '65, 14 Sage Terr., Scarsdale, N. Y. 265, 337 
Gillespie, Winifred Ruth '67. 35 Porter St., Franklin, N. C 379 
Gilliatt, Cynthia A. '66, 

780 Moorland Dr., Grosse Pte. 36, Mich... 116, 117, 118 364 
Gillies, Herbert Bates '66, 50 Ardmore Rd., Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J. 
Gilliland, Margaret Ann '65, 

4587 Huntingdon Rd., Jacksonville 1, Fla... .147, 275, 337 
Gillman, Lynn T. '66, 918 Pleasant Ave., Decorah, Iowa 323 364 
Gillman, Michael I. '65, 

6939 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. 132 

Gitenstein, Mark Henry '68. P. O. Box 327, Florala. Ala 397 

Githens, Nancy L. "66, 

4427 Chapel Hill Rd.. Durham, N. C 88. 144, 147, 364 

Gittings, Karen Jeanne '65, 

226 St Ives Dr., Severna Park, Md 267. 337 

Glacken. Edward Scott '66. 

5113 Manning Dr.. Bethesda, Md 202. 236, 297 

Glass, Frank Walter, Jr. '67, 

1124 Virginia Ave., Norton, Va 145, 155, 379 

Glass. Richard Casper '68, 

1930 Sycamore St., Bethlehem, Pa 285, 397 

Glenn, James Harold '68, 

P. O. Box 421. Luxembourg City. Luxembourg.. 185, 196. 397 
Gnuse, Jame.s Richard '65, 

2614 Stratmore Lane, Bethel Park, Pa 84, 196. 337 

Gnuse. Mary Kathryn '67. 

2614 Stratmore Lane, Bethel Park. Pa 257, 379 

Goddard, Sarah Lane '67, Rt. 3, Box 312, Gainesville, Fla. 
Godfrey. Jean L. '66, 313 Hillcrest Rd.. Chapel Hill, N. C...364 
Godwin. Jane Craven '68, 

510 N. Mendenhall St.. Greensboro. N. C 397 

Goff, Charles Austin '68, 

P. O. Box 1046. Winter Haven, Fla 163, 315, 397 

Gohdes, Dorothy Mary '68, 

2737 Circle Dr.. Durham, N. C 150, 397 

Gohdes. Eleanor Clara '65. 2737 Circle Dr., Durham, N. C...166 
Goins. Herbert Lee, Jr. '68, 

2301 Sharon Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 214, 291 

Gold, Philip W. '66. 856 18th St., Newport News, Va 317 

Goldberg. Stephen Norman '68, 

3420 Manor Hill Rd.. PikesviUe 8. Md 185. 313. 397 

Golden, Stephen Charles '68, 

34 Richbell Rd., White Plains. N. Y _ .303, 397 

Goldfarb, Jeffrey Alan '68. 214-15 33 Ave., Bayside 61, N. Y. 
Goldman. Harvey Joseph '68, 

55 Crestview Ave.. Madison. N. J 317, 397 

Goldman. Joel A. '67, 

31 Griffin Dr.. Kingston. N. Y..... 202. 317. 364 

Goldman. Stephen Mark '68, 

3091 South Fillmore Way, Denver 10, Col 172, 397 

Gonet. Richard Frank '67, 

4007 N. Woodstock St.. Arlington 7, Va 309, 379 

Goodkin, Donald Elliot '68, 

830 NE 179 Terr.. N. Miami Beach, Fla 397 

Goodmark, Jerry J. '66. 

130 Greenwood Dr.. West Palm Beach, Fla. 
Gcodmon. James Fletcher '66. 615 Spring St.. Raleigh. N. C...364 
Goodridge. David Ransom '67. 

P. O. Box 1268, Vero Beach, Fla 380 

Goodson, William A., HI '68, 

2415 Buena Vista Rd.. Wmston-Salem, N. C 287, 397 

Goodwin. William Olin '68, 612 Country Club Rd.. 

Fairmont. W. Va 113, 143, 149, 185. 297 

Goody. John Burton '65, 

7 Sullivan Dr.. Severna Park. Md 242, 307 

Goodyear, Glenn Johnson '67, 

Barken Ten Mile Rd.. Lumberton. N. C 216, 311, 380 

Gordon, Rebecca Huntley '66, Lakewood Dr., Monroe, N. C. 
Gordon, Thomas F., Jr. '66. 

2715 Augusta Dr., Durham. N. C 87, 364 

Gorman, David Lawrence '68, 

Indian Head Rd.. Riverside. Conn 289 

Gorman, Henry '67, 7 Maloclap Dr., Honolulu 18, Hawaii 313 

Gosnell. Jack L., Jr. '66. 1015 Kerr Dr., Aiken, S. C...287, 364 
Gosnell. Katharine Amanda '68. 

803 N. Siemens, Monticello. Ark 277, 397 

Goss, Roy Alfred '68, P. O. Box 229, Ashburn, Ga...l43. 149, 397 
Goter, Carol Jean "66, 

606 Hillside Dr.. Kings Mt.. N. C 144, 277. 364 

Gotlieb. Edward Marvin '67, 

1333 Stillwood Dr. NE. Atlanta. Ga 242. 380 

Gould. Robert W. '67, 

21846 Riveroaks, Rocky River 16, Ohio 289. 380 

Gradman. .'Man Howard '68. 

5436 Los Santos Way. Jacksonville. Fla 317, 397 

Graffy, Linda Bevan "68. 

4224 Ben Gunn Rd.. Virginia Beach, Va 397 

Gragg, Judith Lynne '67, 

3361 Northwood Dr.. Memphis, Tenn 380 

Gragg, Margaret Elizabeth '66. 

125 Orchard St., Boone, N. C 118, 263, 364 

Graham, Andrew Tredway '67, 2927 Harvard Dr., Madison 5, Wis. 
Graham, Robert Bruce '65, 904 Brantford Ave.. 

Silver Spring. Md 77, 165, 188, 192, 289, 337 

Graham, Robin Elizabeth '67. 

904 Brantford Ave., Silver Spring, Md 380 

Graitcer, Philip L. '66, 

157 E. Plumstead Ave., Lansdowne, Pa 281, 313 

Gram, Caroline Lewis '65, Cedar Creek Court, Donedin, Fla. ..337 
Graney, Michael Proctor '65, 

2706 Sherman Ave., Middletown, Ohio 299, 337 

Granish. David Arthur '68, 718 Starlit Rd.. Nashville 9, Tenn 
Grant, Cheryl Eileen '68, 

3209 Idlewild Circle, Chattanooga 11, Tenn 255, 259, 

Grant. Edward Donald. Ill '67. 

7325 Richards Dr., Baton Rouge, La 

Grant, Gordon Fowler '68, 

613 Wilton Rd., Towson 4, Md 172, 231, 

Grant. Norman Charles '65. 

131 First St., Lakewood, N. J 88, 146, 

Grant, Wesley Bennett '65, 

303 William St., Kannapolis, N. C 309, 

Grant, William Robert '65, 

33 Indian Hill Rd.. Winnetka, 111 307, 

Grantham, Diane Wood '67. 5423 Northfield Rd., Bethesda 14, 
Grasso. Donald Joseph '68. 

436 Ridge St.. Newark 4. N. J 305, 

Graves. Pamela Anne '68. 

1401 Trevalley Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del 

Graves. William Thompson '67. 

1213 Watson Dr.. Wilson, N. C. 193 3'>4 

Graves, William W.. Ill '68. 

300 Kimberly Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 301, 

Gray. Harry P. '66, 

773 Palmetto St.. Spartanburg, S. C 86, 135. 

Gray. John William '68. RED 316-A, Burton, S. C...111, 287, 
Graybeal, Robert Thomas '65, 

222 North St., Marion. Va 88, 305, 

Grcich, Mary Margaret '68, RR 4, Box 347, Valparaiso, Ind. 
Green, Alma Sue '66, 

2022 East Ninth St.. Charlotte, N. C 

Green. David Louis D. '65, 

1172 S. Hawthorne Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 

Green. Jade Noel '67. 

872 Caledonia Ave.. Cleveland Hgts. 12. Ohio 

Green, Kathleen Elizabeth '68, 

486 W. Overbrook St.. Largo. Fla 18S. 261, 

Green, Robert Ethan, III '66, 

1399 Condit Court. Alexandria, Va 

Green. Shannon Marie '68, 

6431 Northanna Dr., Springfield. Va 147, 

Green, Walter Guerry. Ill '68. 

P. O. Box 621, Burlington, N. C 

Greenberg, Lawrence Allano '68, 

327 Stratford Rd.. Asheville, N. C Ill, 340. 

Greene, Virginia L. '66. 

1941 Shades Crest Rd., Birmingham 16. Ala.. .87, 143, 257, 
Greene, William Noel '68, 

P. O. Box 313. Lees Summit. Mo 149, 

Greenleaf, Henry M., Jr. '65, 

32 Prince St.. West Newton. Mass 285, 

Greenly, Michael Steven '65, 

404 Meritta Ave.. Box 950, Beaufort, S. C 

Greenwood. Phyllis K. '66, 

13 Orchard Ave.. Enka, N. C 116. 117. 120, 

Greenwood. Roger Kent '65. 

1701 Dorwaldt Blvd., Schenectady 9, N. Y 240. 305. 

Gregory. Claiborne B.. Jr. '67. 

636 Lamont, San Antonio, Tex 240, 301, 

Gregory, Linda B. '66. 214 Early Ave., Sandston, Va 

Greig, Elizabeth Boswell '65, 

Bedlam Manner. 110 Shadycrest Dr., Glenshaw, Pa. ..257, 
Grev, Leslie C. '66, 

2612 Glenwood .^ve., .'Kpt. O. Raleigh. N. C 265, 

Grier. Betsy Jane '68, Box 791, Pinehurst, N. C 

Grier. Richard Lowry '67. 

Rt. 2, Box 1133 A. Charlotte, N. C 143. 149, 

Griffeth. Betty Marie '67. 

235 Lowndes Ave.. Greenville, S. C 134. 275, 

Griffin, Fred Bynum '68, 

Navv No 100 Box 45, F P O New York, N.Y...193. 303, 
Griffith. Beverlv Carol '68, 1041 Sunset Dr., Lake Wales, Fla.. 
Griffith. William Patrick '67. 

26 S. Main St.. Marion, N. C 317. 

Griggs. Thomas S.. Jr. '68. 

44U Palm Lane. Miami 37. Fla 202. 297. 

Grim. Carolyn Ruth '67, 

716 W. Henderson St.. Salisbury. N. C 180, 

Grimes, Judith A. '67, 1 185 Wilson St. NE, Orangeburg, S. C. 
Grimm. Karen Louise '66. 

18 Kilmer Dr.. Short Hills, N. J 122, 124, 

Gross, Patricia Carin '66, 

785 Watch Hill Lane. Cincinnati 30. Ohio.. 124. 125, 358, 
Gross. Richard Rutter '67, 116 Orange Ave., 

Cranford, N. J 88. 143. 146. 149. 156, 192. 196, 

Gross. William H. '66. 11791 Plateau. Los Altos. Calif.. .299. 
Groves, Nicholas Thomas '67, 

1142 Washington Ave., Winter Park, Fla 149, 

Grubb, Wyndl Theron '67, 217 Bayer St., High Point, N. C. 
Gruber, Mayer I. '65, 2717 Heyward St., Columbia, S. C... 
Gruber. Robert Walter '68, 

2220 McKinley, Bay City, Mich 303, 






































Gryparis, George '68, 

!2 Afroditis St., Pal Faliron, Athens, Greece 239, 397 

Giickenherger, Wayne Bing '67, 

546 Woodhrook Lane, Cincinnati 15, Ohio 242, 285 

Gudcn, Judith Creech '67, 

131 Paumanake Ave.. Babylon, N. Y 265, 380 

Guest, Susan Elizabeth '65, 

Stony Brook Rd. S., S. Darien, Conn 125, 337 

Guidon, Marietta F. "65. 

Queens Mansions, Bastion Rd., Box 773, Bombay 1, India. .269 
Gummey, Jenifer "65, 1138 Youngsford Rd., Gladwyne, Pa. 
Gumpertz, Janis Laurie '68, 

156 Glencoe Rd., Glencoe, 111 261. 397 

Gunn, Thomas Edward "68, 

10820 Lewis Rd., Lynwood, Calif 193, 299, 397 

Gunter, Richard Arnold '65, 

4515 Eden Dr. NW, Roanoke, Va 315, 338 

Gupton, Brenda Ann '65. 

Bo.x 18, Rt. 2. Newport, Va 154, 155. 338 

Gurkin, Janet Elizabeth "67, 3021 Medlin Dr., Raleigh, N. C...380 
Gurley. Hubert Taylor "65, 

1205 Frederick Rd.. Baltimore 28, Md 338 

Gustafson, Eric W. "66, 

Rio Guayalevo 304 NTE, Monterrey N L, Mex...299, 364 
Gutekunst, John W. '66, 

55 Grandview Ave., Sellersville, Pa 309, 364 

Guth, David L. "66, 6434 Hartwait St., Baltimore, Md 364 

Guthrie, Richard Y. "66, 547 Belleforte, Oak Park, III 364 

Guy, William Harvey "68, 

6944 Claridge Place, Pittsburgh, Pa 217, 239, 397 

Gwynn, Ronald Mitchell '68, 

608 Greenspring Dr., Gibsonia, Pa 144, 397 

Haas, Peter Hudson "67, 191 W. Norwalk Rd., Darien, Conn. 
Haas, Richard Keith "68, 

2329 Falcon Rd.. Charleston Hgts., S. C 397 

Haas. Thomas Leonard "67, 

2860 Ridgewood Cr. NW, Atlanta 27, Ga 283, 380 

Habbersett. Linda Dian "66. 143 Valley Rd., Media, Pa 364 

Haberstick, Kathy Fair "67, 

2183 Garrick Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa 275 

Hackett, James Davis "68, 

2884 Brewster Rd.. Cleveland 24, Ohio 143, 149. 397 

Hackett. Thomas S. "66. Box 105. Lampeter, Pa...l24, 192, 364 

Hackling, Roger William "68, Rt. I, Dallas. Pa 136, 397 

Hackney, Edward J., Jr. "66, 3824 Darby Rd.. Durham, N. C...181 
Hagist, Susan Lee '67. 

113 A East Main St., Mascoutah, 111 255, 275. 380 

Hagood. Louis Reeve, HI '65, 

119 E. 64th St.. Savannah, Ga 303, 338 

Hahlbohm, Virginia Ellen "68, 

146 Payne Whitney Lane, Manhasset, N. Y.. .182, 261, 397 
Haigh, Arthur H., Ill "66, 

29 Westridge Dr., Asheville, N. C 285 

Haile, Kenneth Lee. Jr. "68, 

314 S. Maple St.. Cookeville, Tenn 185, 397 

Haines, Margaret B. '66, 

821 Gartner Ave., S. Bend 17, Ind 263, 364 

Halderman, John R. "68, 1591 Gasche St., Wooster, Ohio 397 

Hale, Michael Kenneth "67, 

775 W. 50th St., Miami Beach 40, Fla 317, 370 

Hales, Celia Elaine "68. Box 396, Zebulon, N. C .397 

Haley, Betty B. "66, 

1508 Greenwood Lane. Rock Hill. S. C 87, 180, 267 

Halfman. Marsha Anne "66, 12 Inwood Rd., Chatham, N. J. ..364 

Hall. Charles Anthony "68. P. O. Box 215, Windsor, N. C 398 

Hall, Clem Maurice '65, 

4210 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh 13, Pa 162. 338 

Hall, John Raymond '68, 

1701 Forest Glen Rd., Silver Spring, Md 307, 398 

Hall, Patricia E. "67, 

6252 S. W. 50th St.. Miami 55, Fla 279, 390 

Hall. Sandra Elizabeth "65, 

9218 Glenville Rd.. Silver Spring, Md 338, 390 

Hall, Sandra Lee "68, 1954 Clairmont Terr. NE. Atlanta, Ga. 
Hall, Sara E. '65, 

1788 Middlehurst Rd.. Cleveland Heights. Ohio. .153, 263, 338 
Hallenbeck, Gerald Thomas '67, 

33 James PI., Catskill. N. Y 192, 380 

Hallowell, John H.. Jr. '67, 

2709 Augusta Dr., Durham, N. C 380 

Hamby, Sandra A. '67, Rt. I. Dobson, N. C 216, 380 

Hamilton, Carol Ann '67, 

166 Los Robles, Williamsville, Buffalo 21. N. Y 380 

Hamilton. Martha F. '65. 

440 Coffee Pot Riviera, St. Petersburg. Fla... 133. 174. 267, 338 
Hamilton, Roger C. "65. 

34 Highland Ave., Westerly, R. 1 192, 338 

Hamilton, Tyler G. "67. 

9021 Mayfield Rd., Chesterland, Ohio 289, 380 

Hamm, Nancy Ann "68, 

2431 Huntington Dr., Bridgeville, Pa 398 

Hammond, Evelyn B. "66, 

519 Belle Meade Blvd., Nashville, Tenn 158, 166, 364 

Hammond. Joseph S. "68, 407 W. Hill St., Americus, Ga 398 

Hamrick, Florence C. '68, 

600 Petty St., Gaffney, S. C 259, 398 

Hanahury, Susan J. '68. 

4201 Mason Ridge Dr., Annandale, Va. 279 398 

Handler, Eric Paul '68, 

2529 Perkins Rd., Durham, N. C 242, 295, 398 

Handy, Susan Elizabeth "65, 

Main St., Crisfield, Md 125, 338 

Hanes, Eldridge C. "67, 

Box 1413, Winston-Salem, N. C 187, 242, 285, 380 

Hanna, Frank F. "67, 

40000 Massachusetts Ave., Washington, D. C 192, 242 

Hanna, John Edward "65, 

25 N. Blvd. of Presidents, Sarasota, Fla. ..136, 146. 185, 338 

Hanna, Stevan T. "66, 201 Edgewood Rd., Staunton, Va 283 

Hannon, John Robert '67, 

840 Arapaho Trail, Maitland, Fla 191, 287, 380 

Hardekopf, James D. '68. 

7010 Carissa Cr.. W. Palm Beach, Fla .398 

Hardenburg. Kathryn A. '66, 

7505 Hopkins Ave., College Park, Md 271, 380 

Hardin, Brenda Sue "67, 

137 Hillcrest Ave., Lancaster, S. C 134, 374, 380 

Hardin, Marvin O. "66, Box 789, Rock Hill. S. C. 
Harding, Bertrand M.. Jr., 

1304 Park Terrace Dr., Alexandria, Va... 398 

Harding, Mary Howard "65, 

ATO Hq. Antilles Command, APO 851, New York, N. Y...338 
Harding, Richard Hunt "65, 

6936 Greentree Rd., Falls Church, Va 283, 338 

Hardwick, Wayne R. "68, 

749 N. W. 34th St., Gainesville, Fla 185, 285, 398 

Hardy, Robert G. "67, 

U. S. Aid/Amman State Dept.. Washington, D. C...291, 364 
Hargrett, Haines Hilsman "65, 

355 Hillside Dr. NW, Atlanta 5, Ga 307, 338 

Harkrader, Sarah G. '68, 

1315 Crescent Dr., Mt. Airy, N. C 161, 398 

Harlan. Roberta Deann '67, 

27 Garden Rd,. Columbus 14, Ohio 87, 380 

Harmanson, Betsy H. "67, 

3607 N. Nelson St.. Arlington 7, Va 87, 118, 259, 380 

Harmon. John Calvin, III "68, 

7412 Carmine St., Annandale, Va 398 

Harmon, Perry Grant, Jr. "66. 

2310 Buena Vista Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C...132, 285, 364 
Harned, Margaret L. "66, 1821 Gresham Rd.. Louisville, Ky. .364 
Harold. David W. "66. 735 N. Belvedere, Memphis, Tenn. .132, 365 
Harper, Harry Williams "65, 626 Peachtree St.. Reeky Mount, N. C. 
Harper, John Fitch "68, 

1713 Massey Cr., S. Charleston 3, W. Va 144, 146, 398 

Harper. Wilmer M. '65, Amherstdale, W. Va 338 

Harrington. Kent M. "66, 

386 Oakridge Dr., Rochester 17. N. Y 303 

Harrington, Thomas E. "66, 

715 Maybank Dr.. Hendersonville, N. C 297 

Harris, Charles Marcus "65. 

305 Victoria St., Greensboro, N. C 338 

Harris, Henry Paul "67, Atlantic, N. C 380 

Harris, Jack "68, 

4227 Tottenham Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 295, 398 

Harris, Joe Frank "67, 

4764 Mystic Dr.. Atlanta 5, Ga 247, 297, 380 

Harris, Joe Newton "68. 

1446 E. San Miguel, Colorado Springs, Col 287. 398 

Harris, John Weiss "65, 

4407 Glenleigh Dr., Dallas, Tex 167, 295, 338 

Harris, Judith H. "65, Box 286, Albemarle, N. C 338 

Harris, Michael N. '66, 

1752 Homestead Ave. NE, Atlanta, Ga 128, 317, 365 

Harris, Thomas Adams '68, 

305 Victoria St., Greensboro. N. C 289. 398 

Harris, William W., Ill '67, 

1108 Kings Park Rd., Memphis. Tenn 289. 380 

Harrison, Fenton F., Jr. '66, 

213 Lehn Springs Dr., Williamsville 21, N. Y 236, 293, 365 

Harrison, Michael B. '67. 2722 Circle Dr.. Durham, N. C. 
Harrison. Russell S., Jr. '66, 

Box 1032, Lumberton, N. C. 85, 186, 365 

Harrold, Joyce '65, 2 The High Road, Bronxville, N. Y...271, 338 

Harry, Kathryn A. '66, Bluffton, S. C 365 

Harry, Kathryn Fentress "66, 

359 John Anderson Dr., Ormond Beach, Fla. 
Hart, Judy L. "66, 

1104 Zimmer Dr. NE. Atlanta 6, Ga 267, 365 

Hart, Margaret Louise "68. 

2324 Duke Univ. Rd., Durham, N. C 398 

Hart. William Johnson "67, 

2324 Duke Univ. Rd., Durham. N. C 380 

Hartgen, David T. '66, 109 Forest Ave., Orono, Maine 
Hartley. Henry H. '68, 

200 Seventh St. NE, "Winter Haven, Fla 185, 315, 398 

Hartsfield. Anne W. '68. 

135 W. Sycamore Ave., Wake Forest, N. C 185, 398 

Hartwell, John W. '65, 

4517 S. Cameron St., Tampa 11, Fla 136, 315 

Harvey, Janice L. '68, 54 Keswick Rd., Buffalo 26, N. Y 398 

Harwood. Stephen Louis '65, 

9159 Garber Rd.. Crestwood, Mo 297, 338 

Haseltine. Douglas Swain '67, 

4520 Grove Ave., Apt. 1, Richmond, Va. 
Haskell. Bruce Vinal "65, 113 Laredo Way St., Petersburg. Fla. 
Haskett. Barbara J. "66. 114 Seagrove Rd., Portsmouth, 'Va...254 
Hasse, Gordon A., Jr. '66, 210 Loney St., Philadelphia, Pa.. .285 
Hassler. Diane Jane '67, 

c/o Intercol. Apt Aeroo 3533, Bogota, Columbia. .275. 380 
Hasson. James Keith, Jr. '67, 

6425 Sherwood Dr., Kno,xville, Tenn 132, 309, 380 

Hastings. Elizabeth Ann "68, 

288 Spring Ave., Glen Ellyn, 111 275. 398 

Haswell. Eddv Stearns '67, 

16 Beechwood Dr.. Wayne, N. J 146. 149, 185, 380 

Hatchell. Janice Margaret '68. PO Box 289, Lumberton, N. C. 
Hatcher, John Chris '68. 4774 Kitty Hawk Dr., Atlanta, Ga...398 
Hatschek. J. Michele '66. 

216 Elmwood Dr., Greensboro. N. C 119, 150, 365 

Hauchmann. Maxine E. "67. Hillcrest Dr., Aberdeen, Md 380 

Haugland, Charles Clayton "67, 

1011 Olympic Nat. Life Bl., Seattle. Wash 186, 380 

Haus. Rein "65, 1050 Ridge Ave., Lakewood, N. J 307 

Haverfield. Marcia Mae "67. 

18093 Clifton Rd.. Lakewood, Ohio 182, 263, 380 

Haverick. Stephen D. "67, 

272 Eastmoor Blvd., Columbus. Ohio 289. 365 

Hawkey. R. Stevenson, Jr. "65. 

Box 1802, Arabian Amer. Oil Co.. Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 
Hay, Howard C. "66, 

109 Columbia Rd., Oak Ridge. Tenn 132, 309. 365 

Hay. James Thomas "68, 

1742 Norristown Rd.. Maple Glen. Pa.... 146, 149, 185, 398 

Hayden, Marylou "66, 131 Minton Rd., Melbourne. Fla 365 

Haydock. John Spahr '67, 

3236 Spreading Oak Dr.. Atlanta. Ga 380 

Hayes. James Craig '67, P. O. Box 4, Marietta, N. C..-143, 311, 380 
Hayes, John McWane '68. 

1610 Lawndale Rd., Elkhart. Ind 115, 307, 390, 398 

Haves, Margaret Sue '66. 48 .Stoner Dr., W. Hartford. Conn...380 

Hayes. Robert Cannon '67, Box 884, Concord, N. C 301 

Hayes. Roger Grayson '67, 

Rt. 8. Box 469. Monroe, N. C 202. 291 

Haygood. Robert Earl '65. 

177 Warwick Dr.. Pittsburgh. Pa 86, 135, 338 

Hayman. Joyce Lee "67, 

1800 16th St. NW. Winterhaven. Fla 124, 265, 380 

Haynes, John Barry "68. Box 2723 W. Durham, Durham. N. C...398 
Havnes. Katherine D. "67. 

6454 Westlake. Dallas. Tex 154, 155, 380 

Hays, Davis Addison "65, 1611 N. Greenbrier St., Arlington. Va. 
Head, Mary Corinna "68. 

1003 Urban Ave., Durham, N. C 257. 398 

Heald. Mary Caroline "65, 

208 Thorton Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn 338 

Heanev, Mark '68, 

908 Fariston Dr., Dre.xel Hill, Pa 305. 398 

Hearn. James Christopher '68. 

231 Tara Trail NW. Atlanta, Ga 295. 398 

Heath. George Seaborn '65. 616 Owens St., Waycross, Ga...338 
Heaton, Alan Parker "68. Everglades National Park. 

P. O. Box 279. Homestead. Fla 186. 398 

Heaton. David William "68. 

13 Chipper Rd.. St. Louis, Mo 283. 398 

Hebble. Lorene D. '66, 

306 N. Chester Rd., Swarthmore, Pa 275, 358, 365 

Hebblewhite, Mary Croft "67. 

52 Interlochen Dr. NE, Atlanta. Ga 263. 380 

Heberling. Jon Leiand '67. 1001 26 Ave.. Moline. III. ..305. 370 
Heck. Janet Elizabeth '66. 

12 Crowell PI.. Valley Stream. N. Y 365 

Heefner, Elizabeth Grav "65, 

450 Westover Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C 259, 338 

Heitzenrater. Wilson D. "67. 

1072 Sunset Dr., Clarion, Pa 142, 143, 149, 365 

Helbig. Herbert R.. Ill '67, 

29 Tunstall Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y 365 

Helf. Dennis "68. 101 N. Ridge Rd., Perkasie. Pa 398 

Hellekson, Judith B. "66, 

601 Old Kennet Rd., Greenville. Del 365 

Hellekson, Zoe Ann '65, 

601 Old Kennet Rd., Greenville, Del 118, 339 

Heller, John William '68, 

1510 Mvrtle Dr.. Danville. Ill 295, 398 

Heller. Julian D. "66, 6139 Riviera Manor Dr., 

Jacksonville, Fla 132, 158, 166. 324, 365 

Hellman. Richard, II "68. 

Clearview Lane N. 5th St.. Stroudsburg, Pa 146, 398 

Helm, Catherine Jo "68, 

124 East Irvin Ave.. Hagerstown, Md 143, 150, 398 

Helmes, Charles Tucker "65. RFD 1. South Salem, N. Y...309, 339 
Helms. Gradv Thomas. Jr. "66, 

805 W. Franklin St.. Monroe, N. C 309 

Helms, Kenneth Dean '65. 

2643 Clydesdale T599A35. Charlotte. N. C 236, 339 

Helpm. Mark Lee '68. 43 Summit Ave.. Brookline, Mass...293, 398 
Helstem. Richard S., Jr. '66, 

23 Fenimore Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y 136, 317, 365 

Hemmenway. Peter William '67. 

35 Badeau Ave.. Summit, N. J 303, 380 

Hemphill. Brenda S. "66. 

103 Glenrae Dr.. Baltimore, Md 358, 365 

Hemphill. David C. "67, Box 52, Caroleen, N. C 293, 380 

Hendershot. Marsha Lynn '68. 

2407 Lakewood Ave.. Lima. Ohio 398 

Henderson. David Martin "68, 

908 Donnybrook, Tyler. Tex 295. 398 

Henderson, Frederick L. '68. 

506 S. W. 21st Ave., Gainesville, Fla 242. 283, 398 

Henderson. Harvey E.. Jr. '65, Rt. 1, Concord, Va..-283, 339 
Henderson, Margaret .Anne '68. Rt. 4, Mooresville, N. C.-...398 
Henderson. Mary Shepard '65. 

2115 Radcliffe Ave., Charlotte, N. C 259, 339 

Hendlev. Joyce Clarisse '67, 

Rt. 2. Box 215a, Ocala. Fla 257, 380 

Hendrix. Susan Gray '68. 

3818 Redbud Rd., Jackson. Miss 265. 398 

Henkin, Maurice, Jr. '67, 8206 Aspen Way, Elkins Park, Pa. 
Henkin. Russell David "68, 

1028 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, D. C.....293. 398 
Hennev. David K. '67. 

6 Fusion Rd., N. Merrick, N. Y 299, 380 

Henney. Susan Jeannette "67. 

2395 Kensington Dr.. Columbus, Ohio 269 

Henry. Elizabeth M. '66, 

525 Sevilla Ave., Coral Gables. Fla 365 

Henry, Hugh Littell "65, 

404 Linwood Dr., Greencastle, Ind 79, 287. 339 

Henry, James Charles "68, 3526 Sheridain Dr.. Durham. N. C...398 
Henrv. James Earl. Jr. "68. 8112 Cortelan Dr.. Knoxville, Tenn. 
Henrv. Randall A. "67. 

19.30 Pembroke Lane, Topeka. Kan 309, 380 

Henry. Robert Craig "68, 1930 Pembroke Lane, Topeka, Kan...398 
Henslee. Judith Gwen '67, 

.Apt. 3. 21 Hutton Ave.. W. Orange. N. J 265. 380 

Hensley. Julia Alice '65. Box 109, Rutherfordton, N. C 339 

Hensley. Patricia '68, 

2027 Flamingo Dr.. San Antonio, Tex 279. 398 

Herbert. Anne Elizabeth '65. 

Glenn Heights. Chapel Hill, N. C 339 

Herbert. Chesley C. Ill "65. 

1200 South St.. Gastonia. N. C...67, 85, 88, 138, 301. 326, 339 
Herbert. Gordon Bruce "68, 

46 Beverly Dr.. Durham, N. C 239. 301, 398 

Herbster. Ronald William '65, 

28 W. Roland Rd.. Chester. Pa 220, 339 

Herin. Thomas James '65. 

153 SE 15th Rd.. Miami 36. Fla 128. 129, 149, 339 

Heritage. William H.. Jr. '66. 

2904 N. Dinwiddle St.. .'Arlington. Va 289, 365 

Herlocker. Betty "68. 

1426 White Oak Ave.. Albemarle. N. C 182, 261. 398 

Hernandez. Michael Dave '68. 

6915 Red Rd.. S. Miami. Fla 185, 285, 398 

Herov. John N.. Jr. "67, 

23 Forest Terr.. W. Haven 16, Conn 287, 365 

Herring. Monnie Teesue "68. 600 L. Ave., Cayce, S. C 158, 398 

Herrmann. Wendy Elizabeth "67. 

3435 S. 8th St., Arlington 4, Va 263, 380 

Herron. John W. '67, 

1952 Montgomery Ave.. Villanova. Pa 295, 365 

Hervey, Martha C. "66. 

Apt. 101. 10307 Montrose .\ve.. Bethesda 14, Md 79, 365 

Herzberg, Donald Dale "68, 

Box 130. Rt. 5. Vienna. Va 192. 315. 398 

Hess. Allan Pitner "65. 914 Lathrop Ave.. River Forest. Ill 339 

Hess, Doren Willard. Jr. "65. 

1518 Grant Dr. NE, Atlanta 19. Ga 144, 147, 339 

Hess, Jeffrey Bruce '67. 

4601 Beechwold Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del 185. 309. 385 

Hess. Richard Mason '65. 

20 Birch Ave.. Wheeling. W. Va 311. 339 

Heugh. William Richard '65. 

Belle Terre. Port Jefferson. N. Y 285, 339 

Heusner, Barbara Jeanne "65, 

2209 Garden Dr., Schenectady, N. Y 339 

Hewcs. Jeremy J. '66, ?07 Mohawk Place, Mauniee, Ohio. .275, 365 
Hevl. Wenonah C. '65, 503 Andrew.s Dr., Fairfax, Va...257, 339 
Hevman, Leslie Ann '68, 1216 Woodbiirn Rd., Durham, N. C...398 
Heyman. Mical B. "66. 1216 Woodhiirn Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Hiatt, Joseph S., Ill '67, 

Bo,\ 85, Southern Pines. N. C 148, 149, 380 

Hickman, Scot G. '66, 228 Knollwood Dr., Dekalh, 111...289, 365 
Hicks. IMarion L., Jr. '67, 

500 Hazelwood Dr., Ft. 'Worth, Te.x 81, 299, 380 

Hiday, Lanny L. "66, Box 321, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 88, 144. 147 

Hieserman, James Edward '67, 

2202 Stratford Rd.. Decatur. Ala 144, 147. 381 

Higdon. Wendv Lou '66. 

914 Rohin Rd.. State College, Pa 267, 365 

Higgins, Beverly ,'\nne "68, 

5305 Greenland Rd, NE, Atlanta, Ga 150, 398 

High, Harold G. "66. Quarry Lane, 

Valley Foree Mt, Valley Forge, Pa 84. 195. 287. 365 

High. William Lank '67, 235 Oak St„ Boone, N. C...184. 185, 381 
Highsmith. James L.. Jr. '67. 2152 Cloister Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Hight. William P. "66, 

1624 Statesville Blvd.. Salisbury. N. C...110, HI, 133, 305. 365 

Hild. Marilyn Jean '67. 103 Scenery Blvd.. Monessen, Pa 381 

Hilev, Elizabeth A. '66. 

1.3111 Evanston St.. RockviUe. Md 143. 150. 365 

Hill. Charles A., Jr. "66. 572 Vinita Ave., Akron, Ohio 365 

Hill. Constance Anne '68. 

1131 Pinewood Dr.. Pittsburgh 16. Pa 398 

Hill. Dan W.. Ill "66. 4014 Dover Rd.. Durham. N. C...241. 291 
Hill. Harry E.. Jr. "67. 

172 Berkshire Lane, Virginia Beach, Va 381 

Hill. Herbert Morrison '65. 200 Curtis St., Sylvania, Ga,..287, 331 
Hill, Lester "66, 

91 Fleetwood Terr., Williamsville 21, N. Y 301, 328. 365 

Hill, Mary Lee "68, 

3815 Claridge Rd., Mobile 8. Ala 160. 269. 398 

Hill. Rufus Carter '67. 150 Lester. Park Forest, I1I...236. 287. 381 
Hines. John Moore '67. 5309 Mandell, Houston. Tex. .236. 297. 381 
Hinson. Howard Jeffrey '68. 

127 Parkway Dr.. Newport News. Va 398 

Hinson. Molly Jo '67. Rt. 3, Box 26, Whiteville, N. C 381 

Hipp. Kenneth Bvron "67. 

127 Bradford Dr.. Charlotte 8, N. C 315. 381 

Hitch, Robert Russell "67. 

Spring Acres Rt. 1. Milford. N. J 179. 381 

Hitchcock. Bouldin S. '67. 

5S Green Ave.. Lawrenceville. N. J 185. 365 

Hitchman. Joseph Michael "68, 

132 Summerall Ct.. Aiken. S. C 315. 398 

Hoadlev. Richard A. '66. 

1411 Newton Rd.. Lancaster, Pa 194. 285 

Hoaglin. David C. "66, 

103 Gabriel. S. Charleston. W. Va 79, 315, 365 

Hobbs, William K, "66. 1201 Northwood St.. Greensboro, N. C. 
Hobson, Joyce Ann '68, 

225 E. 15th St.. Richmond. Va 160. 185. 398 

Hocker. Beverly Jean "67. 

1450 Crestridge Dr.. Littleton. Col 254, 265, 381 

Hocutt, Quincy Barham "65, 

328 S. Barbour St., Clayton, N. C 86, 336 

Hodge, Susan Irene "67. 

6014 Lomack Ct., Alexandria, Va 279, 381 

Hodges, Carol Ann '66. 

Goetlijfstraut 94. The Hague. Netherlands 358, 365 

Hoelle, Mary C. "66, 

48 Harbor Ave.. Marblehead. Mass 81, 275. 365 

Hoffman. David S. "67, 

4424 N. 25th St.. Arlington 7, Va 311, 339. 381 

Hoffman. Jacqueline "65, 

Box 3348 St. Andrews Dr., Charleston, S. C 133 

Hoffman, John Fletcher "68, 

354 Manchester Rd.. Ridgewood. N. J 295. 398 

Hogue. Richard Denver "68. 

3330 W. Manor Lane, Atlanta II, Ga 399 

Hokanson. Dean Thomas '67, 

3505 Burling Terr., Bethesda 14, Md 289, 381 

Holbert, James M.. Jr. "66, 

415 Park Rd., Lookout Mt., Tenn 233, 297, 365 

Holder, John F. "66, 

408 Prospect Ave., Highland Park, 111 233, 297, 318, 365 

Hollar, Frankie Huitt "65, Rt. 3, Conover. N. C .257, 339 

Hollenbeck, Mary '68, 42nd Ave,, Gloversville, N. Y...150, 399 
Hollingshead, Robert L. '67. 

133 Manhattan Ave.. Jersey City 7. N. J ...186, 240. 381 

Holloway. David Michael "68. 

9 Block Blvd.. Massapequa Park. N. Y 307, 399 

Holloway, Stephen M. "65. 

1318 N. Bridge St., Elkin, N. C 202, 236. 297. 339 

Holloway. Susan Curtis '68. 

7504 Old Dominion Dr.. McLean, Va 399 

Holmes. Barry Luther '67, 

1110 E. 24th PI., Tulsa 14, Okla 285, 381 

Holmes. Eric Mills "65, 77 Brumley St.. Concord, N. C 309 

Holmes, Frances L. "66, 

520 Buckingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 259, 365 

Holmes, Helene S. "65, Rt. 1, Box 25A, Arden, N, C. 121, 339 
Holt, Janet Lee "68, 715 W. 33rd St.. Richmond 25, Va. 267, 399 
Holt, Robert Alan '65, 

8 Gardner Rd., Reading, Mass 216, 289, 339 

Homer, Edwin N. '66, 

323 Olmstead Hill Rd., Wilton, Conn 239, 299, 365 

Homer. Lauren Booth '67. 

66 Highbrook Ave.. Pelham. N. Y 118. 263. 374. 381 

Honeycutt. Truett M. '68, 

229 Drake Ave. SW. Huntsville, Ala 196 399 

Hooker. Elizabeth K. "66, 

508 Pittsboro St.. Chapel Hill. N. C 365 

Hooks. Alfred James '68. 

1000 Crosby St.. Savannah, Ga 196, 399 

Hoover, Merilyn A. '65. 

38 Orchard Rd.. Wheeling. W. Va 90, 91. 100. 121. 275. 340 

Hopkins. Beverly Colvin '65. 3420 D. Mordecai St.. Durham. N. C. 
Hopkins. David H. '66, 

2016 Myrtle Dr.. Durham, N. C...128. 136. 171. 285, 324, 365 
Hopkins, Shelton George '67, 

4527 Ivanhoe St.. Houston 27. Tex 303. 381 

Hoppe, Jean E. "66, 1314 Trinity Dr., Alexandria, Va...259, 365 
Horn, Judith Cecelia '67, 

25 Westorehand Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y. 381 

Horn. William Charles '68, 

818 E. Forest Hills Blvd., Durham, N. C 387 

Horton. Betty Jane '65. 2403 Prince St., Durham, N, C 340 

Horton, Elizabeth A. '66. 

2861 So. Abingdon St., Arlington, Va 143, 150, 365 

Horwitz, Patricia Gail '67, 

1650 Pelham Rd. NE. Atlanta 9, Ga 381 

Hottenstein. Thomas Brown '68. 

412 Berrysburg Rd., Millersburg, Pa 299, 399 

Hough, William Colton, Jr. "65, 

18 Meadow Lane, E. Williston, Long Island, N. Y...216, 340 

Hough, Zoe Anne "67, Rt. 1, Huntersville, N. C 261 

Houghton. Dudley W. "67. 

214 Country Club Rd.. Monroe. La .231. 381 

Houseknecht. Peter S. "65, 10 Logan PI., Rowayton, Conn 192 

Houyoux, Jacques Richard '65, 

9624 Colver St., Kensington, Md 190, 287, 340 

Howard. Deryl J. '66. P. O. Box 1995. Raleigh. N. C 365 

Howard. James Brown '68. 106 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C. 399 
Howard. Penny Dianne "67, 

2320 Huron Cr.. Durham, N. C 279. 381 

Howard. Stephen Morris '68. 

Alomar St. Marys Rd., Columbus, Ga 301, 399 

Howard. William K.. Jr. '66, 

106 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C 195, 365 

Howe, Robert Hartley "68. 

810 S. 4th St.. Hamilton, Mont 143, 149, 399 

Howie, Robert George, Jr. '67, 

.MOQ 2113, Camp Lejeune. N. C 381 

Howser. Roy Davis. Ill '66, 

5702 Long Leaf Dr., Myrtle Beach. S. C 366. 389 

Hoy. John Julian '67. 56 Pearse Rd.. Swansea. Mass 217. 381 

Hubbard. Kenneth Walton '65. 

Gilliam Lane, Riverside, Conn 216, 280, 297, 340 

Hubbard. Robert Phillip '65. 

2106 S. Race St.. Urbana. III.... 158. 188. 309. 340 

Hubener. Louis Frederick '68. 

703 NW 19th St.. Gainesville, Fla.... 242, 289, 399 

Huber, David Garrett '67, 

490 Westwood Rd., Indianapolis, Ind 381 

Hudgins, Clifton T.. Jr. '68. 

6 Overhill Rd.. Falls Church. Va 144, 146, 315, 399 

Hudgins, Guy "67, 

3600 N. Ocean Shore Blvd.. Ormond Beach, Fla 313, 381 

Hudson. Annette '68. 

6414 Walnut St. SE. Washington. D. C 124. 150. 399 

Hudson. William Hill, 111 '65, 

916 Elizabeth Rd.. Shelby, N. C 295. 340 

Hudson. William James, Jr. '65. 

11214 Byhee St.. Silver Spring. Md 289, 340 

Huffman, Frank J., Jr. '66, 

319 Missouri St., Steele, Mo 128, 132, 311, 366 

Hufford. William Clarence "66, 

1901 E. Mallorv St., Pensacola, Fla 311, 366 

Huggins, Michael Olaf "67. 5523 E. 37 St., Tulsa 35, Okla 381 

Hughes, David Alan "68. 6748 Avalon. Dallas 14, Tex 399 

Hughes, Donald Eugene "68. 

5708 Euclid St.. Cheverly, Md 146, 161, 399 

Hughes, Kenneth Michael '68, 

4 Little Lane. Westport, Conn 307. 399 

Hughes. Lowry Dawson. Ill '66, 

110 Arbor Dr.. Ho-Ho-Kos. N. J 236. 309 

Hughes, Patricia Jane '65, 

75 Booth Ave., Englewood, N. J 121. 181, 340 

Hughes, Roger William '67, 

10 Warwick Rd.. Summit, N. J 203, 

Hughes, Terry R. '66, 6 Deer Trail Rd.. Saddle River, N. J. 
Hughes, William F., Ill '65, 4073 Bunker Lane, Wilmette. III. 
Hulen, Myron C. '65, 4683 Duke Station. Durham, N. C. 

Hull, Terry Wayne "68, Rt. 3, Kernersville, N. C ., 

Hultman, Tamela Jean '68, 

3817 Greenway Ct. E.. Portsmouth, Va 

Hume, Nicholas '68, 75 Cowdin Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y 

Humphrey, Sue Katherine '68, 

7902 Kentbury Dr., Bethesda 14, Md 150, 271, 

Humphreys. Josephine T. '67, 

29 Tradd St., Charleston, S. C 171, 

Humphreys, Katherine K. '68, 

29 Tradd St.. Charleston, S. C 275. 

Huneycutt. Charles J., Jr. '65, 3 E. Devonshire St., 

Winston-Salem, N. C 84, 194, 202, 301, 

Hunnicutt, Bruce Alan '67, 

Crestwod Dr. Rt. 18. Pottstown, Pa 

Hunt, David Arthur '67, RD 1 Rt. 18, Transfer, Pa... 149, 
Hunt, David Jeffrey '67. Apartado 329, Caracas, Venezuela. 
Hunter, David Lamson '67, 79 Orchard St., Leominster, Mass.. 

Hunter, Dirk Whitacre '68, RR 2, Blanchester, Ohio.. 

Hurler, Ellenmarie '67, Main St., East Haddam, Conn 

Huntington, William R., IV '67, 

2 Lake Dr. W., Wayne, N. J 311. 

Huntley. Janet Taylor '65. 

717 Whitehall Rd.. Ellicott City, Md...80, 116, 117, 271. 
Hurdle, Patricia Ann '68, 

2503 Mirror Lake Dr.. Fayetteville, N. C 255, 273, 

Hurst. Carol Jean '67, Tanglewood Dr., Durham, N. C. 
Huston, William G. '66, 

Trefethens Landing, Peaks Island, Me 

Hutcheson, Thomas A. '66, 

1000 Chestnut Ave., Wilmette, 111 171, 

Hutchins, Melissa A. '66, 

1160 Gilchrist Rd., Terre Haute, Ind 267, 

Hutchison. Hugh Joseph '67. 32 Laurel St., Stratford, Conn. 
Hutchison, Lynn Margaret '68, 

417 Bayberry Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla ......143. 265. 

Hvbarger, Charles P. '66, 4308 Kennv St., Beltsville, Md...309, 
Hyde, Robert Todd, Jr. '67, 

386 10th St., Atlantic Beach, Fla 132, 285. 

Hydeman, Elaine Louise '65, 6101 McGee. Kansas City, Mo. 
Hyder, Judy F. '66, 

23 Brdwy Alexander Mills, Forest City, N. C...85, 116, 267, 

Hyre, Nancy Jane '65, Box 45-B, Rt. 1, Boalsburg, Pa 

Hysong, James Barton '68, 

Rt. 5, Box 54, HendersonviUe, N. C 192, 214, 291, 

Iceland, Steven D. '66, 32 Marlene Dr., Syosset, N. Y...217. 
Iden, Robert Winfield '68, 

1267 Lisa Ann Dr., Akron. Ohio 144, 146, 

Imershein, Allen W. '66, 6440 SW 82nd St., S, Miami, Fla 

Ince, Ann '66, 

1914 Dunstan Rd., Houston 5, Tex 267, 

Ingle. Frank W. '66. 2929 Doric Ave., Jacksonville 1, Fla. 
Ingram. Doris Ann '65, 

806 Main St., Charleston 2, W. Va 130, 

Ingram. John E. '66, 

167 Tullamore Rd.. Garden City L. I., N. Y 196, 305, 

Ingram, Mary Alice Acton '65, 

Green Acres, Box 784, Danville, Ky 

Innis, James R. '65, 102 Nottingham Rd.. Richmond, Va. 
lobst, Frederick William '67. 

100 Woodbridge .'\ve., Metuchen, N. J 311, 

Irwin, Kathleen Elizabeth '68. 

162 Wyoming Ave., Maplewood, N. J 263. 

Irwin, Kathy Ann '67, 1911 W. Missouri, Midland, Tex.. .271, 
Isherwood, Juliet Kibbey '68, Judiths Fancy. 

Christiansted, St Croix. U.S.. Virgin Islands 

Ishmael, William Earl '68. 

Brier Hill Motel. Mt. Sterling, Ky 196, 

Israel, Linda L. '66. 705 Ward St., Marietta, Ohio..214, 
luzzolino, John Joseph '68, 

29 Vine St., Hillside. N. J 263, 

Iverson. Virginia Helen '68, 1907 Dauphin St., Mobile, Ala. 
Jabbour, Jane Linda '67, 

1954 Greenwood Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla 

Jack, Patricia Marie '67, 

78 Stonecutter Rd.. Levittown, N. Y 

Jackson, Ann Louise '65, 142 Davis St., WoUaston 70, Mass.. 
Jackson, Constance Elaine '68, 

1927 Cecil St., Durham, N. C 145. 150. 

Jackson, Grace Tyler '67, 

5972 San Souci Circle. Huntington Beach, Calif 

Jackson. Janice Claire '66, 

60 Grandview Ave.. White Plains, N. Y 

Jackson, Jay William '66, 

1847 Walton St., Petersburg, Va 195. 287. 

Jacobs, Mark Neil '67. 

Willowbrook State School, Staten Island. N. Y 313, 

Jacobsen, Arthur Francis '65, 

2040 WUIowee Lane, Winston-Salem, N. C 217, 239, 






























Jacobsen, Mardi L. '66, 

5918 S. Marion Place, Tulsa, Okla 145, 366 

Jacobus. Everett F., Jr. '67, 

9 Glendale Rd., Madison, N. J 315. 381 

James. Margaret Louise '67, 

519 Meadowbrook Rd.. Charlotte 7, N. C 144, 265, 381 

James, Robert Leslie 66, 914 Snowden Dr., Lake Worth, Fla.. .305 
James. Thomas. Ill '68, 240 S. Peterson Ave., Louisville, Ky...399 
Jamieson. Robert J. '65, 410 N. Queen St.. Durham, N. C...202, 301 
Jankle, Benita Burton '65, 

173 Merrimon Ave., Asheville. N. C 340 

Jarden. George Whitfield '67. 

21 Wordsworth Rd.. Short Hills, N. J 381 

Jarman, John H. 66, 144 Old House Off. Bldg., Washington, D. C. 
Jarrard, Jerry Michael '67, 

25 Butler Lane, New Canaan, Conn 132, 287. 381 

Jasper. Stuart Paul '68, 

4480 SW 13 St., Miami, Fla 186. 313, 399 

Jeffords. Dexter L. '66, 

2 Greenway Flower Hill. Roslyn. N. Y 309. 366 

Jenkins, Gordon Womble '68, 

2137 Warwick Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 295, 399 

Jenkins. James J. '66, 605 E. Fifth St., Greenville, N. C...239, 366 
Jennings, Frances Carol '65, 

4021 Wolf Rd.. Western Springs. Ill 152. 176, 265. 340 

Jennings. Jerri Lee '68, 

2923 Ravogli Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 265, 399 

Jennison, Clint Clarinda '65, 

Armed Forces Staff Coll., Norfolk 11, Va 271, 340 

Jensen, Paul Edward '67. 

4126 Presidential Dr.. Lafayette Hill, Pa 146, 193, 315. 381 

Jernigan, Jerry Wyche '68. 

3415 Dogwood Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 301, 399 

Jerome, Forrest Lenox '65, 

421 Como Ave.. Coral Gables, Fla 158, 161, 303, 340 

Joachimi, Carroll Liggett '65, 

3958 Central Ave., Memphis. Tenn 192. 295, 340 

Joerg, Karen Elizabeth '68. 

2424 Wrightwood Ave.. Durham, N. C 399 

John. David Vaughan '68. 

929 Magnolia St.. Winston-Salem, N. C 185, 285. 399 

Johnsen, William Charles '65, 

4711 44th St. NW, Washington 16, D. C 341 

Johnson, Albert Foster '65, Box 302, Mt. Gilead, N. C...293, 341 
Johnson, Annette Karen '67. 

927 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Fla 277, 381 

Johnson, Barbara Kay '65. 

6613-31 St. NW. Washington 15. D. C 66, 341 

Johnson. Betty Ruth '65, 

2702 Fairview Rd.. Raleigh, N. C 257, 341 

Johnson, Bruce H. '66. 1618 E 3rd St., Duluth 12, Minn 315 

Johnson. Carol Lynne '67, 

901 Newberry Dr., Richardson. Tex 263 

Johnson. Clifford R. '66. 806 Enderby Dr.. Alexandria, Va. 
Johnson. David M. '66. 

R.D. 1. Skaneateles. N. Y 217, 239, 305. 366 

Johnson. Deborah Diane '68. 

524 Watson Ave.. New Bern. N. C 261. 399 

Johnson. Edwin Jethro '67. 

420 Prospect Rd.. Springfield, Pa 233, 299, 381 

Johnson. Gary Curtis '68. 

410 Griswold St.. Selma. N. C 144. 146. 399 

Johnson. James Richard '65, 

5397 Brightwood Rd.. Bethel Park, Pa 341 

Johnson. Jerry Mvchvle '65. 1907 N. Lebanon. Lebanon, Ind. ..341 

Johnson, John Douglas '67. Box 633, War, W. Va 202, 381 

Johnson. Judith H. '66, 

1235 W. Henderson St.. Salisbury, N. C 366 

Johnston. Kristin Jean '68, 

2043 Wahala Nene, Tallahassee, Fla 399 

Johnson. Michael Benton '68. 

1139 Mulberry Cr.. Charleston, W. Va 287. 399 

Johnson. Michael E. '66. 

4223 S. 36 St., .Arlington, Va 291, 366 

Johnson, Paul Edward '68. 

3907 N. Chesterbrook Rd.. .-Krlington 7. Va 305. 399 

Johnson. Robert Alan '67. 

1419 Farm Hill Cr., Falls Church. Va 309. 381, 399 

Johnson. Robert Clover '67. 

3107 Cornwall Rd.. Durham. N. C 381 

Johnson, Robert Tracy '68. 

1021 Buckingham Way. Morrisville, Pa 399 

Johnson, Sandra Leigh '67, Box 146, Lillington, N. C. 
Johnson. Sharon A. '66. 

103 Browning Rd., Short Hills, N. J 265. 366 

Johnson. Sue W. '66, 

407 Hammell Rd., Greensboro. N. C 265, 366 

Johnson, Terry '68. 91 Kane St.. Middletown, R. 1 399 

Johnson. William Scott '68, 

3226 Archdale Rd., Richmond. Va 399 

Johnston. Robert Milton '65, 

2310 W. Club Blvd., Durham. N. C 341 

Johnston. Sallie E. '65. 

314 Birnam Rd., Fayetteville, N. C 

Joki. Erik '68. 60 Short St.. Taunton. Mass. 
Jones, Annabel Lambeth '68. 

1800 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte. N. C 

Jones. Barbara Jean Ross '65. 

Far View Dr.. Mountainside, N. J 

Jones. Catherine '68, 

1233 Westlake Ave.. Cleveland 7, Ohio 267, 

Jones, Carol Rae '67, 5 Arlena Ct., Madison, N. J... 147, 
Jones, Douglas L. "66, 

406 Fall River Rd.. Houston 24. Tex 240. 247. 291. 358. 

Jones. Edwin L.. Ill '66, 

1800 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte. N C 

Jones. Ellis D.. Ill '68. 

3207 Fayetteville St.. Durham. N. C 

Jones, Gregory Oilman "68, 

2327 Chinook Trail, Maitland. Fla 110. 111. 239. 

Jones. Hamill Dice. Jr. '67, 

1402 Claremont Dr.. Falls Church, Va 

Jones, James McAndrew, Jr. '65, 

953 E. Fairview Ave.. Montgomery. Ala 149, 307, 

Jones. James William "68, 5 Wilson Ave.. Ozark. Ala 

Jones. John Michael "67. 

1233 Heather Lane, Charlotte 9. N. C 113, 132, 283, 

Jones, Joseph Walter '68. 2045 Myra St.. Jacksonville 4. Fla.. 
Jones, Leslie Marion "68, 

4045 Peachtree Dunwoody, Atlanta 5, Ga 259. 

Jones. Lois C. '67, 210 Grover St., Shelby, N. C 263, 

Jones, Margaret C. '66, 

207 Country Club Lane, Wallingford, Pa 

Jones, Michael F. '67. Fairfield. N. C 85, 295, 

Jones, Pierce Holley "68, 

1516 Devonshire Dr.. Melbourne. Fla 

Jones. Ralph W.. Jr. '65, 6 Ferndale Rd.. Chatham, N. J 

Jones. Rochelle Pamela "67, 

1509 N. Victoria Pk Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 118. 

Jones. Roy Bradley '67, 

2622 Pickett Rd., Durham. N. C 309, 

Jones, Susan E. "66, 

67 Lenox Ave., East Orange. N. J 261, 

Jones, William D. "66, 

711 Glendale Dr.. Richmond 29. Va 202, 

Jordan, Ann Myers '65, 147 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C...269, 
Jordan, Charleen Lance '66, 

224 N. 27th St., Wilmington, N. C 254, 273, 

Jordan, Patsy Jane '68, 

147 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C 267, 

Jordan, Robert Richard '65. 

Box 5197 Ardmore Stat.. Winston-Salem. N. C 301, 

Jordan. Robert Wood '67. 

2445 E. 36 PL. Tulsa 5. Okia 132, 

Joslin, Frances Lydia '67, 1500 Ferncliff Rd., Charlotte, N 
Joynes, Charles D. '66, 

6228 Powhatan Ave., Norfolk 8, Va 79. 

Jubanowsky, David Lyon '68, 

310 Indian Trail. Mountainside. N. J 

Kadaster, Omer I. "66, 

Ziraat Mahallesi. Muvazi Sokak No. 5. Ankara. Turkey 
Kahl. Stephen Bruce "68. 

222 Watauga Ave.. Corning, N. Y 144, 146, 295, 

Kaighin, James Griffith '66, 

543 Butler Rd.. Warren, Ohio 341, 

Kalot, James William '68, 126 Castle Dr., Kettering 29, Ohio. 
Kale. Richard B.. Jr. "66. 

601 S. Fifth St.. Mebane. N. C 83, 

Kalmbach, Sharon Anne '68, 

6310 Cherry Tree Lane, Atlanta 28. Ga 

Kammerer. Hal '68, Box 225, Windermere, Fla 311, 

Kane. Harry J. '66. 910 W. Highland Ave.. Kinston, N. C. 
Kandra. Karen Ann "68. 

149 S. Euclid, Westfield, N. J 259. 

Karmiol. Mary Anne '67. 

36 Clinton Rd., Garden City, N. Y 134, 142, 143, 257, 

Kasmar, Patricia Mary '65, 

6613 Williams Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 

Katz. Arnold Jerome '68. 5139 Beeler St.. Pittsburgh. Pa 

Katz. Steven Philip '68. 717 N. 57th Ave.. Omaha 32. Neb... 
Katzberg. Richard Wier '67. 

765 Hickory Cr.. Myrtle Beach. AFB. S. C 185. 

Kauffman, Bruce Lee '67, 

2825 Liberty St.. AUentown, Pa 236, 293, 

Kauffman, Sidney L. '66, 634 Clymer Lane, Ridley Park. Pa... 
Kauffman. Susan L. '66, 831 Lake Ave.. Crystal Lake. III. 
Kaufhold. Francis F. "66. Gen. Del. Christiansted. 

St. Croix. U. S. Virgin Islands... 191. 289, 324, 

Kaufman, John P. '66. 

2511 Cornwallis Ave., Roanoke, Va 132, 301, 

Kausch. James W. '66. 

230 Chester Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 

Keagy, Blair A. "66. 1113 Twenty Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa 

Keeler, Robert Jerome '67. 

269, 341 Sagoc Corozal, Dept. De Bolivar, Colombia, S. A 303 

Keen. Barbara Anne "67, 

Rt. 1. Box 260. Citrus Rd., Vero Beach, Fla 81, 381 

399 Keesing, Hugo Arnold "65, 

7809 Greentwig Rd., Bethesda, Md 305. 341 

341 Keever, John Francis, Jr. "67. 

1021 5th Ave. NW. Hickory, N. C 283, 381 

399 Keim, Alfred Sylvester "68, 

381 8 E. Main St.. Middletown, Pa 315, 382 

Keim, William Albert '65, 
366 5006 Klingle St. NW. Washington 16, D. C...187, 281, 299, 341 

Keith. Samuel J. '66, Rt.l, Box 514, Nokomis, Fla. ..287, 366 
.366 Keller. Robert J. "66, 

1844 W. 23rd St., Miami Beach, Fla 191, 289, 303, 366 

399 Kellett, Sherry A. "66, 

1400 Seminole Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 184, 263 

399 Kelley, George Paul "65, 

116 Forest Rd.. Moorestown, N. J 187, 192. 307, 341 

.381 Kelley. John Cissell "68, 

4605 Great Oak Rd.. Rockville. Md 293, 400 

399 Kellogg, James McNaughton "65, 

.185 232 E. Walton PI., Chicago 11, 111 341 

Kelly, Leslie Marion "68, 

381 375 Gilpin St.. Denver. Col 143, 150, 269, 400 

399 Kelly, Mary Elizabeth "65, 320 Langhorne, Lynchburg, Va...341 

Kelly. Michael Lem "68. 5412 Parkwood Dr., Raleigh 9. N. C. .400 
399 Kelso. Christine Woodward "68, 

366 16 W. Montclair Ave., Greenville, S. C 400 

Kelso. Mary Lynn '66, 

.366 1212 Green Spring Rd., New Bern, N. C 275, 366 

381 Kelts. Frances White '65. 

Varsity Apt., Underwood Ave., Durham, N. C. 
.399 Kelts, Richard Goddard '65, 82-F Lionel Ave.. Waltham, Mass. 

.341 Kendall, Gene Roger '67, 

1608 S. Benbow Rd., Greensboro. N. C 382 

381 Kendall, Mary Ellen '68, 

7907 Indian Queen Pt. Rd., Washington, D. C 400 

381 Kenerly. William Dudley '67, 

1040 Roundknob Ave.. Salisbury. N. C... 193, 311, 374, 382 
366 Kenna, Lee Mountcastle. Jr. '68. 

114 Ashby Ave., Charleston 4, W. Va 285, 400 

283 Kennedy, Eliza Jane '66, 

341 21249 Colby Rd., Shaker Hgts., Ohio. 122, 123, 124, 259, 366 

Kennedy. Joseph Aloysius '68, 

366 12611 Brunswick Lane, Bowie, Md 229. 400 

Kennedy. Louise B. '66. Box 85, Buies Creek, N. C 366 

399 Kennedy. William E., Jr. '66, 

1211 Kast Ave., Owatonna, Minn.. .128, 132, 171, 191, 305, 366 
341 Kennerly, John Charles '67, Box 265, Belmont. N. C...132. 382 

Kennickell. David '68, 

381 3 Warren Dr.. Newport News. Va 192, 400 

C. Kenworthy, Deane '67, 

1422 Walnut St.. Dekalb Park, Norristown, Pa 125, 382 

289 Kerbow, Sandra Clay '65, 1022 Alabama Ave., Durham, N. C, 

Kerman. David Douglas '65, 
399 2616 S. Peninsula Dr., Daytona Beach, Fla.. .242. 299, 341 

Kern, Alice Corbly '65, 

3623 Dover Rd.. Durham, N. C 66, 122. 275, 341 

Kern. Karen Louise '67. 

399 1319 Mendez St.. New Orleans 22, La 382 

Kern. Rosella Mae '68, 
399 712 Jefferson Ave.. Charlestown, W. Va 400 

399 Kernodle. Ann Cole '68, 
3465 Edgewood Ave., Burlington, N. C 147, 400 

366 Kernodle. John R., Jr. '67, 

246^ Edgewood Ave., Burlington, N. C 366 

.399 Kerz. Lenore '66. 333 E. 79th St., New York, N. Y 366 

400 Ketner, Jack C, Jr. "67, 154 13th Ave. NW, Hickory, N. C...366 
.341 Kettering. James R.. Jr. '67. 

729 Coleman Ave., Fairmont, W. Va 297, 382 

400 Kettlestrings, Robert D. "67, 

835 N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, III 303, 382 

381 Kiefer. Mary Josette "68, 120 S. Rolling Rd., Baltimore, Md 400 

Kien, Craig Lawrence "68, 

.341 8796 Colerain Pike, Cincinnati 39. Ohio 185. 400 

.400 Kiesau. Robert F. "66, 13075 SW 60th Ave.. Miami 56, Fla. 

.400 Kilpatrick, Judith Anne "67, 

98 Gilpin Rd., Akron 13, Ohio 81, 382 

381 Kimball. Robert David '65, 

522 Parkview Dr., Burlington. N. C 341 

381 Kimball, Susan Jean "68, 

.366 631 Mt. Vernon Ave., Haddonfield, N. J 182. 400 

366 Kime. Roy Caldwell "68, 60 Lincoln St., Glen Ridge, N. J 400 

Kimel, Alice Ann "67, 
366 2119 Princeton Ave., Charlotte, N. C 122. 124, 134. 374. 382 

Kinard, Gail Edith "65. 
366 5825 Lansing Dr., Charlotte 11, N. C 142, 143, 150, 341 

Kincaid, Daniel Edward "67, 

.366 202 W. Virginia Ave., Bessemer City, N. C 149, 305, 382 

299 Kiner, Frances A. '66, 11 Lawrence Rd., Madison, N. J 366 

King. Caleb Jewette '65, 

Apt. 510, 1062 Lancaster Ave.. Rosemont, Pa 

King. Clare Vickers "68. 

4313 St. Paul St.. Baltimore 18. Md 

King, David H. '66. 

1364 Belmont Ave.. Schenectady, N. Y 287 

King, Mollis H. "66, 3064 Main St., Chula Vista, Calif 

King. Marv Ann '68, 

512 Dogwood Dr., Chapel Hill. N. C 279, 

King, Richard Hartwick "65, 

834 E. Kendall Dr.. Nashville 9. Tenn 192, 283, 

Kinnamon, Noel James '65. Rt. 1. Kernersville, N. C 

Kinnan, Joseph Francis '67. 

3309 2nd Ave. W., Bradenton, Fla 202, 291. 

Kinnev. Jonathan Craig "68, 

3636 N. 38th St.. Arlington. Va 172, 

Kinnev. Thomas R. '66. 

D. U. Medical Center, Durham. N. C 309, 

Kinsey. D. Roger Albert "66. Laurel Hollow, Syosset. N. Y.. 
Kinsley, Cheryl Elaine "65, 

705 Piney Woods Dr.. La Grange, Ga 103. 126. 

Kirhy. John Mason "68. 715 Leeward Dr.. Baton Rouge, La. 
Kirby. Paul Vernon "65. 2009 Lanier Dr.. Silver Spring. Md.. 
Kirby. Smith Sarah Howe "66. 2511 Club Blvd.. Durham, N 
Kirchhoff. Terence Allen '68. 

1814-15th Ave. N.. Texas City, Tex 

Kirk, Barbara Jean '65, 3213 Centerville Rd., 

Sedgely Farms. Wilmington 7, Del 119, 

Kirk, Scott Montgomerv P. '67, 

5406 Boulder Dr.. O.xon Hill. Md 

Kirksey. William E. '66. 

204 Homewood Ave., Greensboro, N. C 

Kirwan. Patrick Bruce '65. 

306 Woodward Way NW. .■\tlanta, Ga 281, 297, 

Kiser, James Jacob, III "65, 

824 7th St. NW. Hickory, N. C 291. 

Kiser, Sylvia Dianne "67. 

404 5th St.. Landis. N. C... 119, 150, 

Kitchin. John Summerell '65, Rt. 2. Wake Forest, N. C...30I, 
Kitching, Brent Gordon "65, 

308 Oak Ave.. Sharon Hill. Pa 220. 

Kitsinger. Otto C. II "65. Box 131, Kermit, Tex 186, 

Kitterman, James S.. Jr. '65. 

1105 N. Shore Rd.. Norfolk, Va 137, 303, 

Kittrell, Warren Cary '67, 

7625 Forest Rd.. Cincinnati. Ohio 144. 

Klauss. Raymond John '68. 

207 Morewood Rd.. Glenshaw, Pa 229, 

Klein. Dorianne Babbitt '67. 

143 Woodland Rd.. Madison. N. J 

Klein. Jane Lee '67, 11 Wilson Rd., Darien, Conn 263, 

Klesmer. Harold '65. 

1109 Wickham Ave.. Newport News, Va 317, 

Kliner, Virginia Ann "65, 

118 Meadowbrook Rd., N. Plainfield, N .J. 
Klise. Elizabeth Wren "68, 

<!380 SW 76th St.. Miami 43. Fla...- 

Klock, Douglas M. "65. 125 Brook St.. Hilton, N. Y 

Kluttz. June Carol "67. 230 N. Jackson St.. Salisbury. N. C. 
Knape. Frederick P. "68, 2809 Willow St., Wilmington. N. C. 
Knapp. David Turner "68. 

28 Bradford Dr., Syracuse. N. Y 191, 

Knapp, Nancy Louise '68, 

661 Forest Hill Road. Macon. Ga 143, 150, 160. 273. 

Kneapler. David Lawrence "68. 

545 Vibella Ave.. Coral Gables, Fla 317, 

Kneisel. Edmund Moore '68, 

I "540 Mt. Paran Rd. NW. Atlanta 27, Ga 315, 

Knode. Charles S. "66. 2333 Q St. SE, Washington, D. C 

Knox. Elizabeth Anne "67. 26 Hurtsgreen Lane. Alvin, Tex... 
Knutson. Carole "67, 

Millbrook School for Boys. Millbrook. N. Y. .142. 150. 269. 
Koch, John L "66, 175 W. 12th St., New York. N. Y. 
Koff, Stephen A. "66. 

840 East Broadway, Long Beach, N. Y 146, 

Kohms. Patricia Kay '68. 22 N. 43rd St., Irvington, N. J... 
Koll. Brenda Kristen "67. 

2611 B.E. 4th St.. Pompano Beach, Fla.. .120, 182, 275. 
Kolodny. Margaret loan '67, 

1121 Barkley Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 

Kolodziej, Timothy M. "68. 

72 James St.. Amsterdam, N. Y 229. 

Kominsk, Dianne "66, 

427 W. Monroe St.. New Bremen, Ohio 263, 

Konanz, H. Jacqueline "67. 

130 Walnut St., Englewood, N. J 265. 

Koningsberger. Rosine M. '65, 

118 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. N. C 257, 

Koon, Crawford B., Jr. "66, 1141 8th St. SE, Hickory. N. C. 
Kopchick. John Harrison '68, 

Box 201, Muir, Mich Ill, 185 

Kopp, Thomas Greaory '68, 

342 836 Kendall Dr., Nashville, Tenn 313, 400 

Korschun, Howard Marshall "68, 

400 601 S. Oleander St.. Goldsboro, N. C 303. 400 

Kosloski. Catherine H. "68. 

366 152 Walnut St.. Collierville. Tenn 131, 180, 400 

.342 Kotzin, Edith Marilyn '68. 349 O St. SW, Washington. D. C...400 

Kovac. Karen T. "66. 322 Fourth Ave.. Indialantic, Fla. ..271, 367 
400 Kozicki. Paula Louise "65, 

7339 San Carlos Rd., Jacksonville 7, Fla 342 

342 Kraas, Robert Alfred "68. 

342 7101 Longwood Dr.. Bethesda 34. Md 400 

Kraft. Richard W. "66. 1111 Maris Stella Ave.. Slidell. La...202, 311 
382 Kramm. Douglas John. Jr. '68, 

3343 Trexler Blvd., Allentown, Pa 149, 196, 400 

400 Krasin. Karalvn Emilie "65. Box 886, Las Vegas, N. Mexico. .342 

Kraybill, Susan Emily '65. 2726 Circle Dr.. Durham, N. C 342 

366 Krebs, Richard Dietrich '65, 

.367 7613 Halleck St. SE. Washington 28, D. C 342 

Kreger. David Lawrence '68, 

342 408 Sycamore Rd.. Portsmouth. Va 400 

Kreglow. .-Man F.. Jr. "67. 

34-1 Suite 613 1801 Eye St., Washington 6, D. C 185, 382 

C Krimmel. John Henry "68. 10 Sussex Rd., Mt. Holly, N. J. .214. 291 

Krist. Joseph L.. Jr. "67, RFD Box 248, Broad Brook, Conn. .382 
400 Kritzer. John Moffet "68. 

911 Wildwood Lane. Northbrook. 111...- 283 

342 Kroncke. Fredrick G.. Jr. "66. 

623 Cedar St., Roanoke Rapids, N. C 132, 301. 367 

382 Kronenfeld. Jerrold E. '66, 

205 S. Carolina Ave.. Hendersonville, N. C 367 

i<)\ Krueger. Evelvn Jeannine '65. 

3088 Lenox Rd. NE. Atlanta 5. Ga 342 

34'' Kuck. Barbara Marie "67. 

Edgemont Rd. Watchung. Plainfield. N. J 382 

342 Kundzins. John Ludwig '68. Rt. 2, Box 363, McLean, Va..-311, 400 

Kuntz. Lee Allan '65. 

382 975 NE 94 St.. Miami Shores. Fla 132. 174, 175, 299, 342 

342 Kuntz. Susan Ashton '68. 

Wallingford .■\rms. Wallingford. Pa 176, 400 

34'' Kunz. Susan Margaret "66, 

342 6908 Thomas Blvd.. Pittsburgh 8, Pa 122, 125, 367 

Kurtz. Camille '65. 

342 9999 Old Georgetown Rd.. Bethesda. Md 80. 342 

Kutsche. Marv Margaret "68. 

146 13 Berkeley Rd.. Avondale Estates, Ga 126, 400 

Kyle. Albert Sidney '67. 

400 3157 N. Pollard St.. N. .Arlington. Va 191. 305, 382 

La Varre, Claude A., Jr. "65, 106 Thunderbird Apts., 

382 Whitland Ave., Nashville. Tenn 192, 343 

382 Lacy. Carol S. "66. 4034 E. Burns St., Tucson, Ariz 143, 367 

Lacy, Kenneth Eric "68. 

34"' 324 .Avondale Rd.. Rochester. N. Y 144. 400 

Lader. Philip P. "66. 5680 Grove St. S.. 

St. Petersburg. Fla 85. 113, 171, 240. 324. 367 

Lakin. Clifford Allen "65, 

400 6953 Harding Ave.. Miami Beach. Fla 342 

342 Lam. Richard Conrad "65. 

..382 28130 Westbrook. Farmington, Mich 67, 233, 299, 343 

400 Lamason. Robert Barry "67, 

2612 Westworth Rd.. Bahimore 34. Md 191. 382 

83 400 Lamb. Harold Leon. Jr. "67. 

521 S. Fort Dr.. Charleston. W. Va 382 

400 Lambert. Glenn Earl. Jr. "67. 

USN Quarters SP 34C. N.AS Norfolk, Va 303. 382 

400 Lamond. William W.. Ill "65. 6019 River Rd.. Norfolk 5. Va. 

Lamont. Eugenia G. "66. 345 W. 58th St.. New York 19, N. Y. 
400 Lamotte. Phillips Gibbs "65, 

.367 317 Newton St., Salisbury, Md 67, 190. 250, 311, 343 

.382 Land, Katharine N. "66. 

402 Morehead Ave., Durham. N. C 358, 367 

Landau, Michael Roy "68, 

Quarters HN Naval ,Air St, Jacksonville, Fla 400 

Landberg. Jean Ellen "68. 2754 Lawndale Ave.. Evanston. III. ..400 
Landerman. Lawrence R. '66. 15 Sequin Rd.. W. Hartford. Conn. 
Landes. James David "68, 

4607 Moorland .Ave.. Minneapolis 24. Minn 400 

Lane. Harold Hooker. Jr. "68. 

3960 Langlev Ct. NW. Washington. D. C 400 

Lane. Nathan. 'ill "68. 

27 W. Amherst Rd.. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa 242, 400 

Lane. Patricia Louise "68. 

366 Briar Brae Rd.. Stamford. Conn 144, 147, 400 

Lane. William C. "66. 7539 Byron PI.. St. Louis. Mo 343 

Lang. .Alan Robert "68. 385 Lee St., Brookline, Mass 169, 400 

Lang. Benjamin Gaines '68, 

1617 NW 10th Ave.. Gainesville, Fla 400 

Lang, Enid Diane "68, 13 Chatham Cr.. Kankakee, 111... 150, 400 
Lang, Noel Elizabeth "65, 

106 E. Church St.. Farmville. N. C 343 

Langbauer. Delmar Neil "65. 
85, 400 227 Dean Lane, Grosse Pointe 36, Mich 323, 343 









Langston, Victor Vann "67. 442 Norvell St., Henderson, N. C...382 
Lanier, Irving William 'b5. 

1813 Holly Hill Dr.. Falls Church. Va 323 

Lanning. Thomas Pinckney "65, 

3007 Surrey Rd.. Hope Valley. Durham, N. C 343 

Lapham. Samuel Peyre '67. 

4 Greenhill St.. Charleston. S. C 195, 382 

LaPointe, John Graham '68, 

1626 Hertford Rd., Charlotte, N. C 295, 382 

Larsen, Charles, III '66, 

991 Lake Hollingsworth Dr.. Lakeland. Fla... 289, 367 
Larsh, Robert N. '66. Rt. 1, Box 356, Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Larson, Maryanne "67, 5 N. Kilby St., Gloucester, Mass. .. 382 
Lasky. Robert Emerson '68, 3106 Great Ave., Cheverly, Md. 
Laslett, Basil George, Jr. "67. 

314 W. Park Dr., Fayetteville, N. C 303, 

Lassiter, Ann Rosena "65, 

211 S. 2nd St., Smilhfield. N. C 269, 

Lassiter, Mildred Anne '65, 

302 Sewell St., Murfreesboro, N. C 

Latiff, George Sam '68. 

4401 Worth Dr. E. Jacksonville. Fla 185, 309, 

Latimer, Eleanor Sue '65, 

1108 Ferndale Dr.. High Point, N. C 158, 

Latimer. Elease C. "66, 

131 Buckingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 

Latta, Robert Lester '67, 

76 Culberson Rd., Basking Ridge, N. J 

Lauher, Curtis Allan '67, 

Mil Ormond Ave., Drexel Hill. Pa 216, 

Laughlin, Robert Newton "68, 

22 Kempster Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 242, 297, 

Lavia, Dennis A. "66, 626 Elm Ave., Rahway, N. J. ..291, 
Lavine. David Maurice "68, 

4101 Underwood St., Hyattsville, Md 185, 242, 289, 

Lawrence, Glenn Robert '68, 

88 Wallaston St.. Cranston, R. 1 287, 

Lawrence, William B. '68, 1 William St., Nanticoke, Pa '. 

Lawrence. William Leroy "67, 

16 Clairidge Ct., Montclair, N. J 

Lawson, Charles Andrew "68, 570 Adrian PI., Macon, Ga... 
Lawson, David H. "66, 

1736 Houston Lake Rd., Perry, Ga 289, 324, 

Lawson, George M.. Jr. "68, 

964 Buckingham Cr. NW, Atlanta 5, Ga 

Lawver, Mary P. "66. 217 Elwa PI.. W. Palm Beach, Fla...27i 
Lawwill. Patricia Anne "68, 

3737 Fessenden St. NW, Washington 16, D. C 

Lawyer. William Grove, II '65, 

2928 Tanglewood Way, Sarasota, Fla 295, 

Lazarus, Lewis Terry "68, 

Woodvalley & Marcie Dr., Pikesville, Md 185, 

Leach, Charles Howard, Jr. "68. 

173 Middlesex Rd.. Darien, Conn 144 147 

Leach. Richard McPhail '67, 

P. O. Box 804, Washington, N. C 305. 

Leach, Robert Jay "68, 

1009 Maplewood Dr., Falls Church, Va 

Leahy, Margaret Pennell "65, 

Usmtmsa APO 616, New York. N. Y 261, 

Lear, Robert Tallman "67, 

2 Thornwood Lane, Fayetteville. N. Y 216. 303, 

Lebauer, Gail Malevan "65, 

22375 Fairmount Blvd., Shaker Hgts. 18, Ohio 

Lecompte, Margaret Leanne "65, 

1500 13th St. N., St. Petersburg, Fla 267, 

LeCraft, Joan K. "66, 

166 S. Cedar St.. Oberlin. Ohio 117, 119, 

Ledgerwood, William Jay "68, 

110 E. Tennessee Ave.. Oak Ridge, Tenn 

Lee, Calvin "67, 408 Morgan St., Durham, N. C 

Lee. Gayle Barkley "68, 

40 Countryside Lane, St. Louis 24, Mo 275, 

Lee, Jackson Frederick "66, 

114 Hale St., Fayetteville, N. C 289 

Lee, Marydean "67, 120 S. Clark St., Milledgeville, Ga 

Lee, Maybelle Fay "65, 408 Morgan St., Durham, N. C. 
Lees. Robert Gerald "68. 617 E. 73 St.. Kansas City 31, Mo.... 
Left, Michael Gary '67, 

1249 Spring Valley Lane, Atlanta, Ga 317, 

Leftwich, Linda A. '66, P. O. Box 1 14. Cullowhee, N. C 

Leggett, Camilla Hodges '68, 

Rt. 3, Box 104, Washington, N. C 169, 

Legwin. Jean E. "66, 3240 Ramey Cr., Orlando, Fla 

Leighton, William Rado '68. 97 Sunset Dr.. Chatham, N. J... 
Leikensohn. John Robert '67. 

30 Walnut St., Staten Island 10, N. Y 317 

Leitch, Alae Risse '68, 

1817 Charline Dr. NE. Atlanta 6. Ga 267 401 

Leith, Betsy Wilson '68, 

2323 Tracy PI. NW, Washington, D. C 257 401 














, 367 











Leiand, Candace Marie '68, 

ODCPO Shape, APO 55 New York, N. Y. .150. 257, 
Lemly, Thomas A. "66, 

947 Ontario, Shreveport, La 175, 281, 283, 

Lennox, Barbara Crawford "68, 

4610 Weldin Rd.. Wilmington 3. Del 150, 

Lesesne, Joseph Bancroft "68, 

1340 Pinecrest Rd.. Spartanburg, S. C 192, 311, 

Leverton, Helen Kimbrough "67, 

112 Forrestal Dr., Norfolk, Va -'69 

Levine, Jane R. "66, 6203 Melvern Dr., Bethesda, Md. 267* 
Levine. Michael H. "67, 

5251 Fieldston Rd.. New York 71. N. Y. 
Levine, Robert Stephen "68, 

2401 Joel Dr., N. Bellmore L. I., N. Y Ill, 185, 311, 

Lewellen. Charles Ralph '65. 

5 Grandview Hgts.. Louisiana, Mo 

Lewis, Anne Marie "67, 

2911 Arendell St., Morehead City, N, C 150, 257, 

Lewis, Clarence Henry, Jr. '67, 

2506 2nd St. S., Arlington 4, Va 

Lewis, Doneld A.. Jr. '67. 10 Draper St., Oswego N Y 
Lewis. Harvie H. "66. 305 S. 7th St., Bessemer Ala 
Lewis, Jean Frances '66, 1513 S. 97 St., Omaha, Neb 
Lewis, Jeffrey E. "66. 

Armstrong Rd., Delaware, Ohio 184, 305, 

Lewis, Louanne Kriener '68, 

c/o Duke Hospital, Durham, N. C 

Lewis, Mary Caroline "65, Box 5, Farmville, N. C. 125 

Lewis. Michael James '68, 

27 Marylin Dr.. Missoula. Mont 229 

Lewis, Seth Victor '67, 3915 Atlantic Ave., Atjantic City, N j' 
Libbey. Andrea Ruth '68, 

245 Granby, Room 507, Norfolk, Va 265, 

Liccardo, James Frank '66, 

357 Berryman PI., Orange, N. J 220. 236, 

Lichty. Myron R. '66. 1091 Wisconsin River Dr., 

Port Edwards. Wis 132, 143, 315, 

Lieber, Todd M. '66, 

345 Lincoln Ave., Lansdowne, Pa 309, 318, 

Lifton, Robert John "65, 

925 S. Western, Park Ridge. 111. ->87 

Light, Frank G. '66. 

82 Sixth Ave.. Collegeville, Pa 293 

Ligon, Daniel Jackson "68, 

526 11th Ave. Cr. NW. Hickory, N. C 231, 

Ligon, Edward S. "66. 

15 Whistler Rd.. Manhasset, N. Y 242, 281, 295, 

Liles. Kathleen '68, 3645 Shamley Dr., Birmingham 13, Ala. 
Lilly. Jeffrey .^Kmet '68. Ill Ladderback Lane, Devon, Pa... 
Lindegren, John Emory "67, 

P. O. Box 384, Mullins, S. C 136, 144, 149, 195, 

Lindgren, Luray Marie "68, 

1535 Providence Rd., Charlotte 7, N. C. "'75 

Lindsay. Walter H., Jr. "66, 

919 S. County Line Rd.. Hinsdale. Ill 132, 309 

Link, Betsy Bell '68, 306 Burton Rd.. Oreland, Pa. 267* 

Link, Heidi Ann '68, 26 Brook St., Warren, Pa 

Linnemann, Richard Thomas '65, 

591 Parkview Dr., Burlington, N. C 

Lipe, Joseph Alexander "67. Box 187, Landis, N. C 303, 

Lippard, Daniel Brooks "68, 

293 Jackson Ave.. Lansdowne, Pa. 
Litaker. Herbert D. "65, 

510 42nd St. SE. Charleston, W. Va 202, 

Litaker, Margaret Eloise "68, 

1600 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte 7, N. C 261, 

Little, Dora Anne '67, 

602 S. Greene St., Wadesboro, N. C 265, 

Little, Effie Jeanne "68, 

206 Rose Terr., Wadesboro. N. C 259, 

Little. Georgiandra '66. 

940 Hunakai St.. Honolulu. Hawaii 273 

Little. Prescott M., Jr. '68, 

1 1 Edgewood Terr., Alexandria, Va 242, 307. 

Livingston, Barbara Janet '65, 

161 High St., Amherst, Mass ...133, 

Livingston, John Scott '67, 

3315 Wake Dr., Kensington, Md 295, 

Livingston, William C. "65, 

121 Tanglewood Dr., Frankfort, Ky 

Lockhart. Martha A. "66, 516 Piatt Terr., Aiken, S. C 

Loescher, Stephen Charles "67, 

6028 Oakwood Ave., Cincinnati 24, Ohio 317, 

Loflin, Ann Elizabeth "65, 

901 Orchard Park Dr., Rocky River, Ohio 

Loftus, Kevin Wesley "67, 

16281 OakhiU Rd.. E. Cleveland 12, Ohio 307, 

Logan. Dennis Theodore '68, 

1230 Country Club Dr.. Lancaster, Pa... 1 44, 146. 239. 
Lonon, Daniel Johnson '65, 

Rt. 4, Box 164, Marion, N. C 202, 291 









































Lonon, Robert W.. Jr. '66, Rt. 8, Box 92A. Charlotte, N. C. 
Looper, William Curtis '65, 

403 Oakhurst Ave.. Gastonia, N. C 344 

Lopp, Irene GuUedge '65, 

2111 Mimosa Dr.. Greensboro. N. C 144, 146, 344 

Lorch, Robert Knieling '67, 

2561 Inglewood Rd. SW. Roanoke, Va 301, 382 

Lord. Richard Stockton, Jr. '68, 

306 E. Forest Rd.. Oak Ridge, Tenn 401 

Losee, Alan W. '66, 

147 Hickory Ridge Dr., Houston 24, Texas 285, 367 

Losey, Cathy Hamilton '68, 

6969 SW 82 Court, S. Miami. Fla 120, 401 

Lotspeich, Edgar S.. Ill '65. 

518 Evanswood PL. Cincinnati 20, Ohio 287, 344 

Love, Catherine J. Reeve '65. 

525 E. 89th St. Apt. IC, New York, N. Y 344 

Loveland, Richard A. '65, Box 31, New Canaan, Conn 344 

Low, Heather Jane '65, 1124 Cambridge St., 

Natrona Hgts.. Pa 64. 100, 102, 116, 117, 267, 344 

Low, Thomas A. '66. 26630 Ridge Rd., Damascus, Md...l46, 367 
Lowe. Frank Rockwell '65. 

QTRS A Glynco Naval Sta., Brunswick, Ga 291, 344 

Lowe, Mary Spalding '67, Qtrs QQ N A S, Jacksonville, Fla.. .259 
Lowe, Richard Best '65, 

2832 Brainard Rd., Cleveland 24, Ohio 307 

Lowenbach. Torry '66. Rt. 3, Box 309, Durham. N. C 367 

Lowenbach, Trude Sellin '68, Box 309. Rt. 3. Durham, N. C...401 
Lowery, Thomas Andrew '65, 

614 Windsor PI.. Tyler. Texas 287, 344 

Lowry, Michael Leo '65. 

7 St. Denis Dr. Moreland, Charleston, S. C 285, 344 

Lucas, Andrew John '66, 

3301 Kensington Ave., Richmond, Va 202. 309, 367 

Luce, Karen Wiman '65, Plainfield Rd., Metuchen, N. J. .263, 344 
Luciano, James Thomas '66, 

2121 Peachtree Dr.. Wilmington 5. Del 202. 283 

Ludwig, Ronald Lewis '65. 

3337 Aberdeen Rd.. Shaker Hgts.. Ohio 186, 317. 344 

Ludwig, William Carl '68. 

One Shawnee Dr.. Chillicothe, Ohio 143, 149, 401 

Ludwigsen, Joy E. '66. 6245 W. 10 Ave.. Hialeah. Fla 367 

Luecker. John Howard '67. 629 Gregory Ave.. Wilmette. III. .382 
Lukins. Joseph Lanier '65, 

1228 Eastern Parkway, Louisville 4. Ky 67, 297, 344 

Luksis, William Joseph '68. 

216 Commonwealth Ave., W. Mifflin, Pa 214 

Luly. Helen Sparks '65. 2530 Fairway Dr., Vero Beach, Fla...344 
Lundholm. Barbara Ruth '65, 

190 Orchard PI., Ridgewood, N. J 344 

Lundholm. Richard Henry '68, 

190 Orchard PI.. Ridgewood, N. J 299, 401 

Lundry, Karen M. '66. 91 Woodland Ave.. Summit, N. J. .275, 367 
Lunsford. Dennis L. '67, 

36 Ben Oaks Dr. West. Severna Park, Md 315, 367 

Lunsford, Ernest J., Jr. '67, 

Wesleyan Hgts.. Ro.xboro. N. C 142. 143. 149. 382 

Lunson, James Eugene, Jr. '68. 

56 N. 34th St.. Arlington 7, Va 401 

Lusk, Rodney Hammond '66, 

Lower River Rd., Gallipolis, Ohio 367 

Lustig, Carma Lee '68, 

Reynolds Memorial Park, Clemmons. N. C 401 

Lutwick, William Roy '67. 

4306 Grove Ave., Richmond 21, Va 317, 382 

Lyle. Susan W. '66. 88 Parmelee Ave.. Hawthorne. N. J. ..367 
Lymberis, Sandra Jean '68. 

2514 Red Fox Trail. Charlotte 11, N. C 259, 390, 401 

Lynch, Donald Michael '65. 

908 Burr St.. Fairfield. Conn 202, 297, 344 

Lynch, Frances Hiller '68. 

435 Wonderwood Dr., Charlotte 7, N. C 401 

Lyon, Carl Francis, Jr. '65. 

2 Frank Clark St.. Sumter. S. C 176, 317, 344 

Lyons, Douglas S. '66, 

27 Carl Brandt Dr., P. O. 293, Shalimar, Fla 297 

Lyons, Henry T.. Jr. '66, 915 N. 15th St.. Allentown. Pa.. .309. 344 
Lyons, Karlen Ruth '67, 1 1 1 Hiwassee Dr.. Sheffield. Ala. .259, 382 

Maas, Frederick Henry '67. 526 Churchill Rd.. McLean. Va 167 

Mabry, Larry David '67, 420 Cannon Ave., Albemarle, N. C...382 
Maccaughelty, Thomas C. '66, 

4016 Bristol Rd., Durham. N. C 85 

Macchio. Georgia .•\nne '68, 

4181 SW 22nd Terr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 401 

MacDonald, Henry John '65. 

1607 Tryon Rd.. New Bern. N. C 301. 344 

MacDonald, Sarah Harris '67, 

8 Evergreen Trail, Severna Park, Md 182, 279, 382 

MacDuff, Allen N. "66, 2733 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Mace, Ann Elizabeth '65, 

4309 Gary Street Rd., Richmond 21, Va 158, 160. 267, 344 

Mack. Johnny Joseph '67, 

313 E. Center Ave., Mooresville, N. C 202. 283, 382 

MacLane, Charles Newell '65. 

2503 Manchester, Toledo. Ohio 257, 299, 344 

MacLean, Anne Wilkie "66. 

1521 E. Washington Ave., South Bend 17, Ind 344 

MacLeod, Constance Chase '68, 

2880 Fairgreen Dr., Miami Beach. Fla 267, 401 

MacLeod. Roderick A. '66, 

56 Fruit Hill Dr., Chillicothe, Ohio 135. 285. 367 

Macomber, Emily Choate '68, 15 Oak St., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y...401 
Macomber. Mary J. '66. Roberts Union. 

Colby Col.. Waterville. Me 87, 161, 180, 182, 259, 367 

MacPherson, Ronni Elaine '68. 

110 West Overlook Dr., Oak Ridge. Tenn 279, 401 

Madden. Michael G. '66. 221 Flint Dr.. Fairfield, Ala. 
Madison, James Beauregard '67, 

2120 mini Rd.. Springfield, III 309 

Mahla. Frederick T. '66, 

128 Marcella Rd. WEB FM, Wilmington. Del 149, 367 

Mahler. Louis Bruce '68. 61 Fair Oaks Pk.. Needham, Mass 401 

Mahoney. John E. '67, 7018 Charles Ridge Rd., Towson, Md...287 
Major, Nina Louise '67. 

3708 R St. NW. Washington 7. D. C 180, 182, 382 

Mallahan, Melinda Sue '67, 

Box 321, Balboa. Canal Zone 144. 261, 382 

Malley, Kathleen P. '66, 

24 Quincy St.. Chevy Chase 15, Md 279, 367 

Malmstrom, Richard A.. Jr. '66. 

26 Birdseye Glen. Verona. N. J 299 

Malone, Margaret A. '66. 

613 N. Ripley St.. Alexandria, Va 80, 367 

Malone, William Benjamin '67, 

613 N. Ripley St.. Alexandria. Va 80, 195, 382 

Maloney. Patricia Ann '67, 

1227 Crystal Lake Dr.. Orlando, Fla 261, 383 

Manes. Michael Randolph '65. 

437 Argyle Dr., Alexandria. Va 192, 315, 367 

Mangels, Brooke Noble '68. 

Box 505. RED 1, W. Joppard. Lutherville. Md..267, 
Mann. James Dendy '67. 425 Crest Dr.. Birmingham 9. Ala... 
Mann. John Bertram '67. 

6801 Park Ave.. Richmond 26, Va 317, 

Mann, Ralph Emerson, II '65, 

4108 Sudbury Ave.. Jacksonville 1. Fla 

Manning. David Huntington '68. 

9 Cleverdon Rd., Ho-Ho-Kus, N. J 

Manning. Donald Earl '68. 715 Willis St., Batesburg, S. C. 
Manning. Donald O. '66, 

617 N. Jackson St.. Arlington. Va 158. 

Manning, Harris Robert '68, 

1300 N. Edgewater Dr.. Charieston, S. C 313, 

Manola. Frank A. "66. 

1606 Fort Hunt Rd.. .Alexandria. Va...88. 144, 146, 187, 
Manship. John Calvin, Jr. '68, 

2412 Hatherlv Rd.. Charlotte 9. N. C 

Marger, Donald '65, 2510 SW 4th St.. Miami, Fla 

Margulies. Robert Elliot '68, 

23"! Orr Rd.. Pittsburgh 34. Pa 185. 311, 401 

Marin. John W. '66. 

1215 Washington St.. Farrell. Pa 220. 293, 368 

Markel, Marian Kay '67, 

421 Larchwood Rd.. Springfield, Pa 125, 383 

Marks, Mary A. '66. 1120 N. Jefferson St., Huntington, Ind. .368 
Marshak, Robert Joseph '68, 

130 Park Ave.. Williston Park, N. Y 146, 401 

Marshall. Holcombe T. '66. 4 Robin St., Rome, Ga 368 

Marshall. Julian R.. Jr. '66. 

706 E. Forest Hills Blvd.. Durham. N. C 311 

Marshall. Marianna "66. 

Off Martins Lane, Hingham. Mass 257, 368 

Marshall. Thomasin Lee "67, Rt. 3, Hillsboro. N. C 383 

Martin. Albert Peter '67, 

2669 N. Terr. Ave., Milwaukee 11, Wis 383 

Martin, James A.. Jr. '67. 156 Capri Ct.. Danville, Va 383 

Martin, Johanna Sibley '65, 

210 Osceola Way. Palm Beach. Fla 271 

Martin, Mary Bynum '65, 

1209 Main St.. Tarboro. N. C 79, 265, 345 

Martz, David Joshua. Jr. '68, 

US Naval Sta.. MSTS Off.. San Juan. Puerto Rico 401 

Mason. John Dwight '68, 28 Cedar Ave., 

Rockville Centre, Long Island, N. Y 185. 305. 401 

Mason. Linda Brown '67, .Artillery Rd.. Yorktown. Va...273, 383 
Massev. David Sanders '68. 

232' A Market St.. Smithfield. N. C 383 

Matheson, Robert Edward '67, 

101 Edgewood Dr.. Boone, N. C 202. 297 

Mathews. Louise A. '66. 21 Brookside Dr.. Wallingford. Pa. .368 
Mathews. Patricia Lee '65, 

1136 Flamingo SW, Atlanta, Ga 152, 154, 155. 345 









Mathewson, James W., Jr. '67, 

10177 W. Lyndonville Rd., Lyndonville, N. Y 301, 383 

Mathis, Cynthia '66, 

Esso Standard Libya. Box 385, Tripoli, Libya 267, 368 

Matthews, Charlotte .^nn '68, 

829 Wilkerson .Ave., Durham. N. C 142, 143, 150, 401 

Matthews, Harriet L. '66, 301 Academy St., Batesburg, S. C 368 

Matthews, Lawrence Ryder '68, 

2540 Canterbury Rd., Mt. Brook, Ala 307, 401 

Matthews. Marvin Miles '68, 

101 E. Wootton Rd., Sandston, Va 303, 401 

Matthews, Mary Louise '67, 

1311 Lakewood Dr., Greensboro, N. C 275, 383 

Matthews, Scott Lvman '68, 

4421 Hawthorne St. NW, Washington, D. C 401 

Matthews, Walter S., Ill "66, 

Quarters 205, Parris Island. S. C 311, 368 

Matthias, Dennis Howard '68, 

520 N. Shore Rd., Norfolk 5, Va 401 

Matthies, Carl Prince '67, 99 Fernwood Rd., Summit, N. J 383 

Mattox, Teresa Faye '68. 205 Tram Rd., Columbia, S. C 401 

Mattson, Gerald Arthur '65, 751 17th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Matuza, Albert Charles '66. 

211 Louise Dr., Morrisville, Pa 202, 291, 345 

Mauldin, Lennox Caroline '68, 1101 Circle Dr.. Dover, Del 401 

Mauney, James Patrick '65, 

P. O. Box 8, Ft. Lawn, S. C 192, 345 

Maxwell, Jane Meredith '65, 142 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C...345 
May, Dennis Eugene '68, 

2510 State St., Durham, N. C 192, 231, 295, 401 

May, Gary Lee '68, 

2669 Black Forest Trail, Atlanta 11, Ga 295, 401 

May, Marilyn '66, 913 First St., Franklin, La 368 

May, Michael Dennis '68, 

2025 Crestland Dr., Ann Arbor, Mich 143, 149, 195, 402 

May, Randolph Joseph '68, 

1132 Country Club Rd.. Wilmington, N. C .295, 402 

Mayes, Judith Carol '65, 66 Alexander Dr., Meriden, Conn 368 

Maynard, James Barry '68, 407 Meeting St., Georgetown, S. C...402 
Mayo, Alvin Herod, Jr. '68, 

31001 Edgewood Rd., Cleveland 24, Ohio 289, 402 

Mayo, Elizabeth J. '66, 

1548 Lee Ave.. Tallahassee. Fla 81. 88. 145, 269 

Mazza, Jeffrey Paget "67, 

6641 High Ridge Rd., Lake Worth, Fla 136, 185, 383 

Mc.Adams, Ann Elizabeth '68, 

2214 Wheeler Rd., Raleigh, N. C 257, 402 

McAlpin, Malcolm Mitchel '67, 

Treadwell Ave.. Convent, N. J 233, 297, 318, 383 

McBride, Robert Elliott '65, 

126 Buckingham Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 281, 289, 345 

McCampbell, Donna Jean '68, 533 First St., Hickory, N. C...402 
McCants. Carol Margaret '67, 

2101 NW 62nd St., Oklahoma City 12, Okla 265, 383 

McCarter, Pender Munro '68. 

1540 NE 140th St.. N. Miami, Fla 402 

McCarthy, F. Anthony '65. 

6 J Ridge Rd.. Greenbelt. Md 146, 309, 345 

McCarthy, James Vincent '65, 

19 Ridge Rd.. Rumson. N. J 202, 291, 345 

McCartt, Mary Margaret '68, 

2700 Buffat Mill Rd.. Knoxville. Tenn 150, 402 

McCarty, Kenneth Scott '67, 

2713 Dogwood Rd., Durham. N. C 307. 383 

McCarty, Kristine Marie '65, 

2713 Dogwood Rd., Durham, N. C 345 

McClain, John Clinton, Jr. '65, 

416 North St., Anderson, S. C...65, 76, 115, 132, 187, 297, 345 
McCleary, Dennis Lee '68, 1249 Luane Ave., Fullerton, Calif. 
McCleary, Jane Robinson "65, 

4310 Roland Ave., Baltimore 10. Md 87, 174, 180, 267, 345 

McClelland, Robert James '68, 

1101 Prospect Ridge Blvd., Haddon Heights, N. J 402 

McClenahan. William L. '67, 

20 Acorn Dr., Hillsborough, Calif 368 

McClure, Charles Gettys '68, 

2920 Clairmont Rd.. Atlanta, Ga 402 

McCollum, Douglass John '67, 

5129 Macomb St. NW, Washington 16, D. C 297, 383 

McComb, Elizabeth E. '66, 

3909 Henderson Rd., Greensboro, N. C 119, 271, 368 

McConnel. Diana C. '65, 373 Vanderbilt Rd.. Asheville, N. C...345 
McConnell, Tharon Cecile '65, 

Rt. 4. Box 437. Mooresville, N. C 326, 345 

McCormick, Nancy Campbell '68, 

110 Atlanta Ave., Stuart, Fla .402 

McCoy, Anne A. '68, 

3750 South Xanthus, Tulsa. Okla 120, 275, 402 

McCrary, William V., Jr. '68, 

5 A. Chunns Grove Rd.. Asheville, N. C 283, 402 

McCreary, Robert H. "66, 

2653 W. Bay Isle Dr., St. Petersburg, Fla 295, 368 

McCreery, Richard A. "67, 

USOM Ediic. APO 143, San Francisco, Calif 185, 383 

McCullers, Edwin R. '66, 

517 E. Club Blvd.. Durham, N. C 193, 368 

McCullers, Linwood A. '66, 

112 E. Maynard Ave., Durham, N. C...78, 79, 187, 315, 368 
McCurdy, John Andrew, Jr. '67, 

312 Bataan Rd., Ft. Lee, Va 146, 287, 383 

McDermott, Malcolm E. '67, 

10501 Memorial Dr., Houston, Tex 289 

McDonald, Gordon Paul '68, 

7111 Broxburn Dr., Bethesda 34, Md 231, 295, 402 

McDonald, Joe Howard '67, 

2358 Armand Rd. NE, Atlanta 5, Ga 132, 305, 383 

McDorman, Marshall D. '66, 

327 Chapel Bell Lane, Houston 24, Tex 299, 345 

McDougle, Dorothy E. '66, 

1820 Sterling Rd., Charlotte, N. C 259, 368 

McDowell, C. Blake, III '65, 

2260 Tinkham Rd., Akron 13, Ohio 77, 345 

McDowell. John Gilbert '68, 

3161 Menomonee River Pky., Milwaukee, Wis 307, 402 

McElyea, David Edward '68, 

Rt. 1, Box 475, Candler, N. C 214, 217, 402 

McFarlane, Carolyn '67, 11 Twombly Dr., Summit, N. J 383 

McGarrity, David M. '66, 

107 Palmer Lane, Trenton, N. J 293, 368 

McGee. Virginia Allison "66, 

802 Green St., Apt. E-1, Durham, N. C. 
McGhee, George D. "67, 

315 W. Trinity Ave., Apt. 10, Durham, N. C. 
McGhee, James Brian "67, 714 E. Hammond St., Durham, N. C. 
McGinty, David Jackson "67, 

2200 Pembroke Ave., Charlotte 7, N. C 303 

McGinty, Herbert K., Ill "67, 

6517 Broad St.. Washington 16, D. C 315, 383 

McGlothlin, Clifton Lee "68. 

nil Pauline Ave., Charleston, S. C 192, 402 

McGoush, Vincent E., Jr. "68, 

1251 Chichester Ave., Orlando, Fla 287, 402 

McGrane, Margaret Rose "68, 

2305 Elizabeth Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C 180, 402 

McGraw, Geoffrey Ray "68, S. Millbrook RFD, Millbrook. N. Y. 
McGuire, Judith Hoover '67, 

647 W. 58th St. Terrace, Kansas City, Mo 263 

McHugh, William R., HI '68, 

7911 Freret St.. New Orleans, La 305, 402 

Mclntire, Joseph Neely '65, 

1311 Robin St., Goldsboro, N. C 167, 345 

Mclntire, William Ray "67, 

3803 Orchard Dr., Midland, Mich 144, 146, 383 

Mcintosh. Susan '66, Westover Park, Stanford, Conn. 
McKaig, Albert Stuart, 111 '67, 

4513 Club Circle NE. Atlanta 19, Ga 192, 301, 374, 383 

McKee, Andrea Lynne '67, 

441 Parkdale Dr., Charleston 45, S. C 383 

McKee. William H. '66, 

1121 Queens Rd. W., Charlotte, N. C 291, 368 

McKellar, Clinton, Jr. '68, 

1549 N. Jefferson St., Arlington 5, Va 129, 402 

McKissack. Linda Joyce '68, 

810 Mockingbird Lane. Carthage, Texas 144, 402 

McKnight, Judith E. '67, 25 Oakwood Ave., Bradford, Pa.. .277, 383 
McLain, Milton Stanley '65, 

3400 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, N. C ..176, 287, 345 

McLain, Thomas Elliott '68, 

6101 W. 85th Terrace, Overland Park, Kan 160, 402 

McLaurin. Mary Louise '68, 

502 Railroad Ave.. Bamberg, S. C 161, 259, 402 

McLean, James Ivan '68, 

2415 Country Club Rd., Spartanburg, S. C 402 

McMillen, Michael C. '67, 

200 W. Pembrey Dr., Wilmington 3, Del 146, 383 

McNabb, John T., Jr. '66, 

4110 Lancaster Ave. SE, Charleston, W, Va 291, 368 

McNally, Ann '65. 

4579 Lakeshore Rd., Port Huron, Mich 271. 345 

McNally, William J.. Ill '66. 

Public Inform. Officer, USAIC, Fort Benning, Ga...303, 358, 368 
McNeely, Mary Jane '68, 

9805 Hillridge Dr., Kensington. Md 267, 402 

McPherson, Alexander, Jr. '66. 

4707 Larado Place, Orlando, Fla 368 

McPherson, William V., Jr. "66, Rt. 2. Durham. N. C 345 

McQuillan, Hugh Dean, Jr. "67, 

Rt. 2. Terre Haute, Ind 166, 289 

McQuinn, Larry O. "68, Box 878, Boerne, Tex 193, 402 

McRoberts, Reed "68, 

3627 New Castle Dr., Houston 27. Texas. .229, 239, 305, 402 
McSpadden, Jack Dobbs, Jr. "68. 

2641 Crest Rd., Birmingham 9, Ala 307, 402 

McTighe, Caryn L. '66, 

221 N. Wynnewood Ave., Narberth. Pa 133, 267. 

McWilliams. Frederick B. '67, 

201 Hampshire Rd., Akron, Ohio 305, 

Means, Christina F. "67, Rl. 1, Box 370, Greenland, N. H.. 

Mears, Scott O. '66, Shaffer St., Bolivar, Pa 287, 

Mecham, Randall Brent '68. 

1939 E. Missouri Ave., Apt. 18, Phoenix, Ariz.. .143, 307, 
Mednick, Andrea B. '68, 

432 Vincent .'\ve., Lynbrook. N. Y 182, 

Meeker, E. Emily '65, 

5012 Worthington Dr., Washington 16. D. C...94, 247, 267, 
Meeks, Marcia Kay '66, 203 Farmington Dr., CarmiUus, N. Y.. 
Mees, Leonard Roger '68, 

165 Walnut St., Lynfield, Mass 229, 

Mehaffey, Peggy J. '66, 

701 Murray St., Rockdale, Texas 130, 

Meier, George Ernest '68, 113 Pinecrest Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Meier. Robert Charles '68. 

122 Primrose Dr., New Hyde Park, N. Y 146, 

Meilh. Nikki Jane '67, Rt. 1, Box 580, Fairfax, Va 

Melchior, Thomas F. '65, 

5325 Stone Ave., La Grange, 111 309, 

Mellencamp, Mary Case '65, 

2937 N. Summit Ave., Milwaukee 11, Wis 271, 

MeloiinH. WijHam R.. Jr. '68. 

3315 O'Hara Rd., Huntsville, Ala 

Melson, Janet Louise '67, 1128 Lehigh Ave., Wyomissing, Pa.. 
Melton, Charles Reid '65, 

7019 Northampton Way. Houston 24, Texas 

Mendenhall. Dianne J. '66. 

114 Alberta Ave., Johnstown, Pa 261, 

Menne, Michael J. '66, Crest Dr., Dover, Mass 145, 

Menson. Robert C. '66, 

818 Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N. C 315, 

Mercatoris, Morris D., Jr. '68, 

1120 Lakemont Dr., Meadville, Pa 

Meriam, Melissa Lee '67. 3434 Rugby Rd., Durham, N. C 

Merritt, Susan G. '65. Rt. 2. Woodsdale, N. C 269, 

Merritt. William Eaton, Jr. '67, 

184 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta 5, Ga 

Mersereau. John B. '67, 

758 Tripps Court, Augusta, Ga 242, 287, 

Messer, Jay James '68, 

8429 Bordeau Ave. N., Jacksonville 11, Fla 311, 

Messick, Paul Saunders. Jr. '68, 

30 Hawthorne Dr., Durham, N. C 214, 305, 

Messier, Pauline Judith '67, 

19 Orange Hgts. Ave., West Orange. N. J 

Mestre, Roberto Goar '68, Lima 1261, .Argentina 305, 

Metz, Richard H. '68. 12411 Stirrup Lane. Bowie. Md...l86. 
Metz. Walter Cade, Jr. "65 

457 Hawthorne Rd.. Elkin, N. C 77, 79, 86, 135, 

Metzger, Mary Catherine '68. 

418 Pennington, Corpus Christi, Texas 263, 

Meyer, Alan Howard '65, 

48 Wensley Dr., Great Neck. N. Y 88. 

Meyer. Anne Stewart '68. 5961 Lemon Rd., McLean, Va.-275, 
Meyer. Karen Sue '68, 18 Roclare Lane. St. Louis 31, Mo.... 
Mever, Nancy Lynn "67. 

.307 Bannockburn .\\e.. Temple Terrace, Fla 

Meyers. Marjorie W. "68. 

642 Maple St.. Winnetka. Ill 131 

Michael. John Rhodes '67, 

3942 Suitland Rd. SE, Washington 23, D, C 236, 289 

Michel. Randall George '68, 

865 E. Comstock Ave., Glendora, Calif 

Mickal, Marie Virginia '67, 

40 Nassau Dr., Metairie, La 119, 180, 271, 

Middlebrooks. Sara H. '66. 

4723 Prince Edward Dr.. Jacksonville 1. Fla 171, 

Midgett, Bernard W. '65. Englehard, N. C 289, 

Midura. Roger B. '66, 

410 Tyrone Ave., Wilmington. Del 305, 

Miga, .'\ndrew Charles '65. 

flO W. Avondale. Greensboro, N. C 

Milbourne. Robert E., Jr. '68. 

2606 Stanberv Dr.. Columbus 9. Ohio 287, 

Miles, Duke '68, 249 E. 6th Ave.. Tallahassee, Fla 

Miles, John Blair '67, 30 Farley Ave., Fanwood, N. J 297, 

Miley, Alan D. '68, P. O. Box 167, Annandale. Va 

Millar, David Bruce '68, 313 Summit Ave., Legonier, Pa 

Miller, Ann Elizabeth '65. 6 Radcliffe St., Morrisville. Pa... 
Miller. Benjamin Neely '68. 

766 Spring Lake, Columbia, S. C 185, 248. 

Miller, Chris G. "65, 1855 E. 42nd St., Tulsa, Okia 309, 

Miller, Christie P. '65, 3537 T St., Washington, D. C. 
Miller, Craig Scott '67, 

108 Chatham PI.. Windyhush, Wilmington 3. Del 

Miller, Craig Stephen '68, 

2424 Addison, Houston 25, Texas 283, 

























.87, 182, 368 















Miller, Diann Marie '66, 

1410 Gene St., Winter Park, Fla 

Miller. A. Edgar. Jr. '66. 

4205 Anderson Rd., Coral Gables, Fla 317 

Miller, Grady Wilson, III '68, 

4207 Western Blvd., Raleigh, N. C 193, 402 

Miller, Grayson Brownlee "65, 

1540 Boiling Ave.. Norfolk 8. Va 346 

Miller, Jay B., Jr. "67. 5101 8th Rd. S., Arlington 4, Va 311 

Miller, Joan J. "66, 

1928 Carrollton Rd., Annapolis, Md 142, 271, 368 

Miller. John C. '66, 

2029 Point Legere, Mobile, Ala 114, 303, 368 

Miller, John Cassel, Jr. '67. 447 S. 17th St., Allentown, Pa 383 

Miller, John Meredith, Jr. '65, Qtrs. 8, NAS, Pensacola, Fla 346 

Miller, John Randolph '68, 

4605 Venable Ave. SE, Charleston 4, W. Va 311. 402 

Miller, Kenneth T.. Jr. '67, Box 1, Jameston, N. C 301 

Miller. Lawrence Everett '65, 

3616 Anderson Ave., Chattanooga 11, Tenn 190, 307, 346 

Miller, Mary M. '65, 315 Stonegate Rd., Peoria, 111 267, 346 

Miller. Randall Clifford '68, 

2500 Netherwood Dr., Greensboro, N. C 229, 301, 402 

Miller. Richard Sterrett '68. 50 Rotary Dr., Summit, N. J 402 

Miller. Robert Alan '68. 

214 Augur Ave.. Ft. Leavenworth, Kan 289, 402 

Miller. Robert J. "66. 16732 Scottsdale Blvd., Shaker Hgts 20, Ohio 
Miller, Wayne H. '66. 

4509 N. Dittmar Rd., Arlington 7, Va 167, 192, 368 

Mills, Sally Ingram '67. 

51 Blackland Rd. NW, Atlanta 5, Ga 269, 383 

Milner, Laura Moss '67, 579 SMS, Walker AFB, N. M. 
Milnes. William George '68, 

102 S. Bryant Ave., Bellevue. Pgh. 2, Pa 402 

Milspaw, Luther Emerson '68, 

Ridgeview Dr.. R. D. 1, Venetia, Pa 144, 146, 311, 402 

Minard, Alan L. '65, 1311 Monroe, Evanston, I11...192, 309, 346 
Minier, Margaret Susan '65, 

494 Burnham Rd.. Williamsburg. Va 346 

Mininsohn. Harvev William "68, 

818 Princeton .Ave.. Lakewood. N. J 402 

Minnich. Kendal Robert "68. 

175 Bent Tree Rd.. Asheville, N. C 402 

Minnotte. David W. '65, 310 Oak Forest Dr., 

Pittsburgh 16, Pa 76, 86, 135, 158, 165, 346 

Minturn. Eric B. '67. 107 Rae Ave.. Devola, Marietta, Ohio.. .287 
Misenheimer, Lawrence G. '65, 

Box 477. Rockwell. N. C 154, 155 

Mitchell, .'Sirthur W. "66, 23 Runde Lane, Bloomfield, Conn 216 

Mitchell, Carolyn Lee "68, 

442 Mammoth Oaks Dr.. Charlotte, N. C. 
Mitchell. Harold Alden '67. 2947 N. 26th St.. Arlington 7, Va...299 
Mitchell. Jeffrey Guy '68. 200 Lawndale, Wilmette, III. .309. 402 
Mitchell, John Wayne, Jr. '65. 

1538 N. Ivanhoe St., Arlington 5, Va 185, 287, 346 

Mitchell, Karen Louise '68, 

5124 Skvline Dr., Edina 24. Minn 275, 403 

Mitchell. Mary Vastie '67. 916 Plum St., Durham, N. C...185, 383 

Mitchell, Perrv Bedell '65. 3986 Club Dr., Atlanta 19, Ga 346 

Mitchell, Susan L. '66, 925 Golfview Rd., Glenview, 111. 
Mize. .Anne Brownson '68, 

R. R. 2, Atchison, Kan 275, 390. 403 

Mizell, Catherine Leah '68, 

2107 SE 21st St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 125, 403 

Mock, Charles .Addison '67, Trappe, Md 239, 383 

Mock. Frank M. '66. 

6600 West 6th St., Los Angeles 48, Calif 110, 111, 291, 368 

Mock. Victoria Leola '65, 1700 Pigeon Point Rd., Beaufort, S. C. 
Modlin. John Frederic '67, 

706 Thilly, Columbia, Mo 132, 240, 297, 318, 383 

Moeling, Walter G.. IV '65, 

Graves Sub Division. Alexander City, Ala 202, 283, 346 

Moger. S. Esther "66, 506 Jackson Ave., Lexington, Va...275, 368 
Monashan, Ralph F. "65, 

354~Sycamore Dr.. Rt. 2. Box 170, Arden, N. C 346 

Monk, Marv Beth "68, 

135 N. Strathcona Dr.. York, Pa 124, 182, 403 

Monroe, Marv Eugenia "67, 

128 Penny Rd.. High Point, N. C 265, 383 

Montague, Martha Wray "67, 

1306 Avondale .Ave., Jacksonville, Fla 259, 383 

Montague. Richard Bidwell '68. Spruce Pine, N. C. 
Monteomerv. .Alexander C. '65. 

370 Barberry Rd.. Highland Park, 111 79, 84, 104, 194, 303, 346 

Montgomerv, Jane W. '66, 

1306 Edgewater Ct.. Orlando, Fla 117, 118, 259, 368 

Montgomery. Marilyn 1. "68. 

167 Pinelyn Rd.. Glen Rock, N. J 403 

Moody, Jane Dugald "68, 1653 Hertford Rd., Charlotte, N. C...403 
Moon, Alma Grady '68, 

10 Sandys Cr.. Mounted Rt., Rome, N. Y 155, 403 

Moon, Roy Dunwody "68, 544 S. Parkway, San Angelo, Tex.. .403 

Moore, Ardean Carol '65. 818 Boardman Rd., Aiken, S. C 346 

Moore. Charles Michael "68, Rt. 1, Millington, Tenn 403 

Moore. Charles N., Jr. "68, 82 Doncaster Rd., Kenmore, N. Y. 
Moore, Dan Cockrill '65, 

187! Snowden Ave.. Memphis 7. Tenn 184. 185, 289, 346 

Moore, Frank D.. Jr. '68. Box 4012, Mobile, Ala. 
Moore, Fred Henry '65, 

101 Eastview St., I^ookout Mt.. Tenn 280, 291, 346 

Moore. George Daniel '67. 30 Forrestal Dr., Brunswick, Me. ..383 
Moore. Margaret Klizaheth "68. 

20 Round Hill l.ane. Sands Point, N, Y 403 

Moore. Martha Claire '67, 

1507 Park Cr., Camden. S. C 81. 261. 383 

Moore, Mary Berkeley '68. 

3128 Wilmington Rd.. New Castle. Pa 143. 279. 403 

Moore. Merrv Dawn '65. 

4605 29th St.. Mt. Ranier, Md 169, 347 

Moore, Nancy Janice '68, 

818 Boardman Rd.. Aiken, S. C 273, 390, 403 

Moore, Nancy Lee '65, 207 Taplow Rd., Baltimore 12, Md...347 
Moore, Natalie Christine '67, 

Box 6574, Southboro Stat., W. Palm Beach. Fla 81, 271 

Moore. Richard Horton '65, 

7505 Walton Lane, Annandale, Va 191, 289, 347 

Moore, Sara Nell '67, 

Box 100. Falls Ave.. Granite Falls. N. C 155, 261, 383 

Moore. Susan Caroline '67. 2331 Hempstead Rd., Toledo 6, Ohio 
Moore, Thaddeus D. '66, 

612 Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro, N, C 291 

Moore, William B. '66. Rt. 6, Box 175, N. Charleston. S. C 368 

Moorefield. William G.. Jr. '65. 

1110 Mulberry Rd.. Martinsville. Va 283, 247 

Morales, Edith M. '66, Box 4472, San Juan, Puerto Rico 368 

Morales, Reginald Wilfred '67, 

Box 4472, San Juan. Puerto Rico 192 

Moreng. James R. '66. 527 Bergen Blvd., Ridgefield, N, J...297, 368 
Moretz. Joseph Alfred. HI '68, 

P. O. Box 579. Hickory, N. C 144, 146, 231, 403 

Morgan, Barbara Agnes '65, 

3 Deerfield Rd., Asheville, N. C 259. 347 

Morgan. Charles E. '66. 1025 Parkview St., Asheboro, N. C.-368 
Morgan. Joseph Alexander '67. 

103 W. Delafield Ave.. Durham, N. C 307 

Morgan. Zeb Brent '65, 

1412 Colgate Rd.. Marietta, Ohio 146, 315, 347 

Moritz. Joan Ellen '68. 

2601 Knollwood Rd.. Charlotte 7. N. C 403 

Morris. John Edward '65. 

5205 Albermarle St., Washington 16, D. C 347 

Morris. John G.. Jr. '66, 

N. Trinity .St.. Geneva, Ala ..- - 202, 297, 368 

Morris. Kelly Jon '68. 11710 Emack Rd., Beltsville, Md...lll. 403 
Morris. Robert F. '66, 

119 Hallie Ct.. Maitland. Fla 146, 195, 368 

Morris, Sarah Katherine '67, 

415 Judy Lane. Americus, Ga 271, 383 

Morrison, Amy '65, 

4450 North Park, Indianapolis 5. Ind 80, 261, 347 

Morrison, Andrew Lewis '67, 

4450 N. Park Ave., Indianapolis 5. Ind 132, 297, 383 

Morrison, Diane Elizabeth '67, 

41 Mayfair Ave.. Floral Park. N. Y 125, 134, 269, 383 

Morrison, Michael L. '66. 104 Gordon Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn. ..369 
Morton. John Broten '65, 

Box 126, Surrey Rd.. Wayne, III 216, 347 

Moser. Robert Lee. Jr. "65, 

512 Westmont Dr.. Fayetteville. N. C 84. 196, 295. 347 

Moser, Thomas Elmer. Ill '68, 

The Red House, Eleanor, W. Va 403 

Moss, Beverly J. '65, 

1839 Duval Rd.. Ocala, Fla 80, 257, 347 

Moss, John David Jr. '65. 2909 Aquilla St., Tampa, Fla 194 

Moss. Richard Tilton '67, 

1516 Dauphin Ave.. Wyomissing, Pa 383 

Moss. Sara F. '66. 727 Short Dr., Washington. N. C 259. 369 

Mossburg. Richard Hyatt '65. 

8907 Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring. Md 283, 347 

Most, Robert King '67. 25 1st St., Canton, Pa 311, 383 

Motch, Elton Franklin '65, 

22250 McCauley Rd.. Cleveland 22, Ohio 188. 347 

Motch, Patricia Pecor '65, Shelburne Shore, Shelburne, Vt 347 

Mount, Zelma Frann '66, 82 Pearce Ave., Manasquan, N. J... 122 
Moxley. John D.. Jr. '66. 

2001 Croydon Dr.. Clearwater, Fla 84, 132, 196, 295, 369 

Mueller, Jonathan Hayes '68, 

1001 Gloria Ave.. Durham. N. C ...147, 148, 347 

Mueller. Robert J. '65, Mt. Hollv Rd.. Katonah. N. Y 216 

Mulder. Sarah M. '66. 109 Burnside Rd.. Villanova, Pa 275 

Mumford. Herbert W.. Ill '67. 

202 Cedar .Ave.. Gaithersburg. Md 383 

Mumma. Robert Mann, 11 '68, 

Pennsboro Manor, Wormleysburg, Md 403 

Munson. Kathryn Talcott '67, 

167 Moross Rd., Grosse Pt. Farms 36, Mich 118, 383 

Murlless, Richard Sprague '65, 

312 Valley View Dr.. Staunton. Va 347 

Murphy. Claire Lewise '68. 

3690 Northside Dr. NW, Atlanta 5, Ga 259, 403 

Murphy. Linda Lee '68. 

River Dr.. Box 335. Titusville, N. J 126. 403 

Murphy. Raymond Wells. Jr. '68, 

2919 S. Dakota Ave. NE. Washington 18. D. C 403 

Murphy, Robert Paul '68. 1109 Griffith Rd.. Monroe, N. C...403 
Murray. Charles B., Ill '68, 

1944 Hillsdale Rd.. Lynchburg, Va 195, 248, 281, 423 

Murray, Harry M., Jr. '66. 

1006 Cole Dr.. Huntsville. Ala 84, 196, 303, 369 

Murray, Katherine G. '67, 

1191 Ruffner Rd.. Schenectady 9, N. Y 87, 116, 275. 383 

Murray, Nancy Mcintosh '65. 

51 Hillspoint Rd., Westport, Conn 275, 326, 347 

Murray, Richard Thomas '68, 

96 Elmcroft Rd., Rochester 9, N. Y 403 

Musser, Kathleen M. '68. 

527 Devon Rd., Camp Hill, Pa 144, 261, 403 

Myers, Eric Robert '68. 

28 Cedar Cliff Dr., Camp Hill, Pa Ill, 305, 403 

Myers, Gail Alison '68, 33 Southfield Rd., Hasten, Conn...l20, 403 
Myers. Marcia Rebecca '65. 

1616 Lanchorne Rd., Lynchburg, Va 133, 269, 347 

Myers, Mark Withington '68, 324 S. Loomis St., Naperville, III. ..383 

Myers. Samuel Maxwell Jr. '65, Olanta, S. C 347 

Myers. Wilbur Leonald. Jr. '68, 

1372 Carolyn Dr.. Charlotte 5, N. C 403 

Nada, Mary B. '65, Durham. N. C 79, 347 

Nada, Sherif Amin '65, Durham, 'N. C 347 

Nadel. Barbara Sherry '67, 

917 Ogden Ave.. New York 52, N. Y 383 

Nadler, Julian V. '66. 

721 Chadwick Dr., Paramus. N. J 315, 369 

Nagel, Hettie Garland '65, 

Box 396. Gary, N. C 122. 124. 347 

Narten. Lyman Foote, II '65, 

2566 Wellington Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio.. 1 88, 297, 347 
Nash. Rebecca Aldridge '67, 

1800 Sprunt St.. Durham, N. C 384 

Nash. Thomas Hawkes, III '67, 

2527 Wrightwood Ave.. Durham, N. C 144. 146, 315, 369 

Nathanson, Howard Gorden '68, 

99 Canterbury Gate. Lynbrook. N. Y 313, 369 

Nations, Michael Thomas '67, 4416 Old Club Rd., Macon, Ga...384 
Naulty. Stephen John '68. 

1240 Wendover Ave.. Rosemont. Pa 185, 403 

Nauta. Haring Jetse '68. 196 Kent Rd., Newton, Mass 403 

Naylor, Virginia Wright '67, 

401 Hawthorne Rd.. Baltimore 10, Md 275 

Neal. Kent Conrad '67. 1344 Brooks Ave.. Raleigh. N. C. ...301 
Nehms. Jeffrey Howard '67, 

10 Hamilton Lane. Darien, Conn 384 

Neil, Loyd E. '66. 244 Deming Rd., Berlin, Conn 149 

Neithammer. John E. '68. 

515 Kathmere Rd.. Havertown. Pa 192. 242, 283, 403 

Nellis, James '68. 223 Claremont, Elmhurst, 111 403 

Nelson, Hugh Thomas '68, 

6933 Madrid Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla 403 

Nelson. Marsha Lynn '67. 4 Brennon St., Charleston, S. C 384 

Nelson. Meredith Ann '68. 

7536 N. Boyd Wav. Milwaukee, Wis 131. 143, 172, 403 

Nelson, William Edward '68, P. O. Box 325, Beaufort, S. C 403 

Nelson. William H.. Jr. '68, 

1137 Summit Dr.. Albans, W. Va 403 

Ness. Dale Sorlie '68, 

1331 Barger Dr.. Falls Church, Va 311, 403 

Neufeld, Ronald Charles "65, 

1222 Bay View Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 347 

Neumann, Charles P.. Jr. '68. 

2335 E. Elm St.. Tucson, Ariz 179, 192, 242, 289, 403 

Newby, Thomas A.. Jr. '66. 

2426 McRae Rd.. Bon Air 35, Va 369 

Newlin, Ann Elizabeth '68. Rt. 2. Liberty. N. C 143, 403 

Newlin. Victoria E. '67. 208 Shaw St., Randleman, N. C 384 

Newman. Susan Ellen '68. 

4749 Andover Square. Indianapolis, Ind 271, 403 

Newmark, Howard '66, 

1970 Fisher Trail NE, Atlanta, Ga 313, 369 

Newsome, Carol Anne '66, 

1901 West 8th St.. Los Angeles 57. Calif 369 

Newstedt. Stephen P. '65. 235 Stanberry Ave., Columbus 9. Ohio 
Newton. Barbara L. '65, 

1309 W. Nash St.. Wilson. N. C 261, 348 

Newton, Dorothy Louise '65, 

22 Lockwood Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn. .66, 124, 326. 348 
Newton. Jerry Lewis, III '65, 

1616 Reynolda Rd„ Winston-Salem, N. C 348 

Newton, Joseph E. '67, 

22 Lockwood Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn 384 

Newton, Richard B. "66, 

38 Coffman Ave., Hagerstown, Md 192, 239. 369 

Newton. Robert Owen '68, 

6038 Maple Ave.. Shawnee-Mission. Kan 143. 149, 305, 403 

Nichols, Barbara C. '66. 

516 Glen Park Dr.. Bay Village 40, Ohio. .254, 277, 369 
Nichols, John Warren. Jr. '68, 

7707 Idlewood, Dallas, Tex 299, 403 

Nicholson, Judith Ann '67, 

46 Farley Rd.. Short Hills, N. J 79, 259, 384 

Nickle, Norman S. '67, 

34 W. Baltimore Ave.. Clifton Hgts., Pa 315 

Nickless, James P. "67, 

216 Duke St., Clemson, S. C 384 

Nicoll, Christine '66, 

4 Third St.. Colorado Springs, Col 263, 369 

Nidiffer, Fred W. '68, 

308 Lavinder Lane, Bristol, Tenn 403 

Nield, Thomas VanDoren '67, 

219 Clemmer Ave., Akron, Ohio 305 

Nix. Katharine S. '67, 

3829 Maloney Rd. SW. Knoxville 20, Tenn 267, 384 

Noe, Bruce Douglas '68, Rt. 3, Ada, Ohio 403 

Noll, Emmett E. '65, 

31 W. Market St.. Millerstown. Pa 192. 348 

Nolph. Frances Louise "67, 

860 Ostrom Ave.. Syracuse, N. Y 384 

Nolting. Sara Frances '68, 

3310 SW 13th St.. Gainesville. Fla 403 

Norby, Laurence H. '66. 

416 S. Seventh St.. Osage, Iowa 369 

Norcross, Regina G. '65, 

515 NE 101st St.. Miami 38. Fla 181, 348 

Norris, Edwin Lloyd '68, 

2713 Wexford Rd., Columbus 21, Ohio 289, 403 

Norris, Katherine C. '67. 

Rt. 1, Box 780'/2, Salisbury, N. C 369 

Norris. Kenneth E. '66, 

1601 Old Stage Rd., Alexandria, Va 289. 369 

North, Joseph Oswell, Jr. "67, Deer Park, Greenwich, Conn. .384 
Norton, Carolyn Ruth '68, 

Pinecroft Rd.. Greenwich, Conn 143, 261, 403 

Norton, Richard Allen '65, 

Pinecroft Rd., Greenwich, Conn 136, 315, 348 

Norton, Susan Beard '66, 

608 S. Duke St.. Durham. N. C 348 

Norwood. Larry R. '66, 

630 NW 40th St., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla... 135, 165, 289, 369 
Nottingham, Jon Martin '65, 1821 Birmingham St., Durham, N. C. 
Novick, Donald N. '67. 

1998 Larchmont Rd., Akron. Ohio 317 

Noyes, Sarah Allen '68, Crescent Dr., Marion, N. C...257, 403 
Nozak, Kazu '66, 2720 Erwin Rd.. Durham, N. C. 
Nurkin, Harry A. '66. 

112 N. Dillard St., Durham, N. C 128, 289, 369 

Nuzum, Linda L. '66. 102 Ellenton St., Aiken, S. C 369 

Nye. Richard A. '66, Hawkhill. Rt. 2. McLean. Va. 

O'Brien, Jane A. '67, 6100 Lansing Dr.. Charlotte. N. C 384 

O'Brien, Jennet H. '68, 1017 Anderson St., Durham, N. C. 
O'Brien, Judith Ellen '68, 

37 Red Cross Ave., Newport, R. 1 257, 403 

O'Bryon. Tom Watson, II '68, 

7905 Cypress Place, Chevy Chase, Md 403 

O'Connor, Eileen T. '66. 

360 Robin Hood Rd. NE, Atlanta, Ga 257, 369 

Odell, Pamela N. '67. 

1850 Chinook Trail, Maitland, Fla 265, 384 

Odom. Carolyn S. '66, 2812 Chelsea Cr., Durham. N. C 275 

Odom. David S. '65, 

5705 Brooks Lane, Greensboro, N. C...138, 202, 236. 297. 348 
O'Donnell, William A., ill '67, 

635 King St., Pottstown, Pa.— 241. 283, 384 

Oesterle, James L. '68. 

7048 Knickerbocker. Hammond, Ind 403 

Ogden, John Robert '65, 

230 E. Woodland Rd.. Lake Bluff, III 299, 348 

Ogrinz, Alexander John '65, 

3200 Parkside Dr.. Baltimore 14, Md 193, 315, 348 

Ogrodnick, David M. '68, 

27 Mitchell Dr.. Toms River, N. J 299, 403 

O'Kelley. Ronald Lee '67, 

158 Brucemont Cr., Asheville, N. C 309, 384 

Oliver. Paul E. '66. 2224 Albans. Houston 5, Texas 
Olson. John William '68, 

3301 Sunnybrook Dr.. Charlotte, N. C 403 

Olson, William H. '65. 7766 Jrru.. Box 40 FPO 100, 

c/o Postmaster, New York, N. Y 315, 348 

Oman, Laura '66, 1704 Clay Ave., Dunmore, Pa 369 

O'Neall, Marjorie Ann '65, 

1111 Bryn Mawr Ave., Orlando. Fla 81, 275, 326, 348 

216, 384 








Oppenheimer, Robert H. '67, 

10 Enfield Rd., St. Louis 32, Mo 

Ormsby, Gwynne Lula '68, 

RFD 2, Box 191 H, Portsmouth, Va 

Orpen, Gay Sandra '67. 228 Berkeley Rd., Glenside, Pa 

Orr, Linda '65, 

2241 Sanford Lane, Charlotte. N. C...64. 80. 116. 121. 275, 
Orr. Peter Allen '67, 

2931 Windsor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 283. 

Orr, Samuel M.. Ill '66, 

2931 Windsor Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 114, 283, 

Orvald, Todd B. '67, 

250 N. Bent Rd., Wyncote, Pa 202, 297, 

Osborne. Margaret Alice '65, 

P. O. Box 353, Taylorsville, N. C 

Osmun, Richard G. '66. 3543 Edgevale, Toledo, Ohio.. 305, 
Oster, Svea Sarah '68, 2163 Waldemere St., Sarasota, Fla.... 
Overaker. Sally Johanna '67. 

2505 Lowell Ave., Springfield, 111 267, 

Owens, Edward J., Jr. '67, 

Apt. C, Bldg. 202, Richardson Dr., Ft. Richardson, Alaska.. 
Owens, Louis Fairfax, Jr. '67, 

Box 158, Whaleyville, Va 196, 

Owens, Roselyne Y. '68, 1751 Hardee Rd.. Kinston, N. C 

Oyewole. Anthony '66. University of Ibadan, Nigeria 
Ozag, John William '67, 823 N. Marion St., Oak Park, 111.. 
Ozbolt, Judy Grace '67, 

405 Ravenwood Rd.. Walterboro, S. C 124, 

Pace, John Sanderson '67, 

1307 Dillard St., Tallahassee, Fla 287, 

Packard, Michael David "68, 

312 W. Gonzalez St.. Pensacola, Fla 

Packard, Robert Alan. Jr. '67, 

671 Chester Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 191, 299, 

Padgett, David Emerson '67, 

807 Cape Fear Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. . .143. 149, 239, 
Padgett, Ray W.. Jr. '67, 

144 Briarwood Rd., Spartanburg. S. C 287, 

Padgett, Robert Lewis '68. 

3172 Rockingham Dr., Atlanta, Ga 307, 

Page, James F. '66. 

31 15 Westover Dr. SE, Washington 20, D. C 

Page. Kenneth T. '67, 

186 High St., Wareham. Mass 289, 

Page, Lynn '65, 5010 Maugh Rd., McLean, Va 

Page, Mary Michael '68, 

2144 E. 24th St.. Tulsa 14, Okla 

Page. Nancy B. '68. 

1910 Greenbriar Rd.. Kinston. N. C 142, 143, 150, 

Page, Robert F. '66, 

803 Sycamore St.. Rocky Mount. N. C 303, 

Paine, Sandra C. '68. 27 Fairview Ave.. W. Orange, N. J 

Painter, Allen Buford '68. 

7131 9th St. NW. Washington. D. C 214. 299, 

Painter, George Lee '68, 283 Main St.. Woodbridge, N. J 

Painter. William G., Ill "67. Ft. Defiance. Va 305, 

Palmer, Carol Lynn "68, 

10019 Lorain Ave.. Silver Spring, Md 125, 

Palmer, John A.. Jr. "66, 

Massanutten Military Acad.. Woodstock, Va 

Palmer, Patricia Lee "68, 

1110 Signal Hill Lane, Berwyn, Pa 263, 

Palmer. Philip G. "67. 19 Palmer Dr.. Sumter, S. C 309. 

Palmer. Thomas E. "68. 

2525 Highland Ave.. Durham, N. C 

Pannill. Linda S. "68. 

418 Locust Dr.. Catonsville, Md 

Papps, Carol Baldwin "65, ,,,,,. 

8 Mackenzie Rd., Mornstown, N. J 144, 14>, 

Park, Jeffrey J. "68, 

5762 North Shore Dr.. Milwaukee 17, Wis 166, 

Park, Meridith Thomas "68, 

5421 Dutchess St., Charlotte, N. C 

Parker. Daniel "67, 

RAC Sea Field Office. APO 146, San Francisco, Calif.... 
Parker. John Jackson "65, 

1714 Sunset Lane, Tallahassee, Fla 192, 324. 

Parker, Leighton Brown "65. P. O. Box 478, Manning, S. C 
Parker, Lois Harriet "65, 25 Ferndale Rd.. Madison. N. J... 125 

Parker. Mary Julia "67, . ^ „ .^, „ ^^, 

304 Bickett Rd.. Raleigh 9, N. C -73. 

Parker. Pamela Ann "68. 

412 Pinecrest Rd. NE. Atlanta 5, Ga 267, 

Parker, Rodger B. "67, 

■'75 W. 63rd St., Hialeah, Fla -0- 

Parkhurst, Charles J. "66, 221 Riggs Dr.. Clemson, S. C 

Parks, Linda Warren "65, 

3110 Buckingham Rd., Durham. N. C 152, 153. 176. 

Parmesano. Philip Martin "68, 

P. O. Box 869, Elkins, W. Va 196, 

Parsley, James McNeill '65, „ ,n o<: nc 

P. O. Box 598, Hillsboro, N. C 77, 79, 86, 135, 

























. 348 





.154. 155. 



Parsons, Donald O. '66. 474 Summit Dr., Pittsburgh 34, Pa... 
Parrish. Richard Wayne '68. 

532: Parker St.. Richmond, Va... 146. 

Partney. Patricia Ann '68. 

8800 SW 1 14 Terrace. Miami 56. Fla 263, 

Partridge. Christine E. '68. 

616 Perugia Way. Los Angeles, Calif 263, 

Pasotto. Frederick W. '67, 

3427 Barringer Dr., Charlotte 8. N. C... 
Passantino. Robert J. '65. 

498 West End Ave.. New York 24. N 
Patch. Teresa A. '66, 

7904 College Lane, Annandale, Va 247, 259, 

Pate, James Thayer. Jr. '65, 

775 Ellwood St.. Orlando. Fla 196. 

Pate. Sara Elizabeth '67, P. O. Box 356, Rowland, N. C...259, 
Patrick, Camilla Norton '65, 

1623 Pope Ave., Richmond 27. Va 160. 269. 

Patrick. Carl Lloyd '68, 1818 Preston Dr., Columbus, Ga...315, 
Patterson, Barbara Jean '67, 

110 S. Audubon Blvd., Wilmington, N. C 

Patterson, Charles G., Ill '67, 

1611 Langhorne Rd., Lynchburg, Va 146, 311, 

Patterson, David Robert '67, 

Bo.\ 574, Randolph A. F. B., Texas 

Patterson. John C. Jr. '66, 1319 Betton Rd., Tallahassee, 

Patterson, Josephine '65, 100 Marshall St.. Tarboro, N. C 

Patterson, Michael Scott '65, 

1004 Fairmont, Greensboro, N. C 315, 

Patterson. Patrice E. '68, 

3930 Plymouth Rd., Durham, N. C 143, 150, 

Patterson, Sarah E. '68, 

1405 Juliana Place, Alexandria, Va 131, 275, 

Patterson, Sharon Kay '66. 

9 Sleepy Hollow Rd.. New Canaan, Conn 126, 

Patterson, Svlvia Faith '65, 

2706 Alamance Rd., Burlington, N. C 169, 

Patton, David D. '66, 

15812 Middlebury Dr., Dearborn, Mich 309, 

Patton, George Allen, Jr. '68, 

2414 Sterling Rd., Nashville, Tenn 311, 

Patton, Robert James. Jr. '65, 

6844 Brants Lane, Ft. Worth 16, Texas 305, 

Patton, Vicky Lee '67, Rt. 4, Mebane, N. C 259, 

Patton, William Joseph '68, 

5651 Oregon St., Camp LeJeune, N. C 193. 

Pauley. Margaret K. '65. 

107 Frankel Blvd., Merrick, N. Y 100. 263, 

Pauly, Ann Florence '65, 

1305 Sussex Rd., W. Englewood. N. J 267, 

Pauly. Susan Jane '65. 

3600 Mound Way. Mariemont 27. Ohio 275, 

Pauw. Michael John '67. 305 McNab Dr.. Columbia. Mo.. 

Payne. Lura R. '66, Box 425, Belmont, N. C 269, 

Peabody, Arthur W.. Jr. '65, 

85 Highland St.. Holden. Mass 315, 

Peak. Marilyn J. '65. 7690 Huntington Rd., Hudson, Ohio... 
Peake. James Rulledge. Ill '65. 

900 Larchmont Crescent. Norfolk. Va 324, 

Pearce. Karen Maria '68, 273 McLean St., Memphis, Tenn,... 
Pearlman, Michael Allen '68, 

809 Malcolm Dr., Silver Spring, Md 144, 313, 

Pearlstein, Leslie '67, 

2451 Brickell Ave.. Apt. 5E. Miami. Fla 185. 

Pearson. Vaughn C. '65. 

795 Hill Ave.. Glen Ellyn. Ill 146, 287, 

Peck, Benjamin S. '66, 707 Delmont St.. High Point. N. C. . 
Peck. Donald Allen '67. 

2530 N. Vernon St.. Arlington, Va 87. 

Pendergrast. William J.. Jr. '68, 

3398 Briarcliff Rd., Atlanta, Ga 144, 

Penfield, Cameron W. '66, 1005 Meade Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Penfield. Susan B. '68. 

Satterlv Rd.. East Setauket. N. Y 261. 

Penick. Robert D. '65. 

503 Las Lomas Dr.. Chattanooga 11, Tenn .. 

Pennington. Charles W. '66. 4713 Biltmore Ave.. 

Chattanooga. Tenn 143. 149. 192. 287. 

Peoples. Sarah Vann '68. Box 643. Warrenton. N. C 

Perantie. Thomas Mark '67. Box 324, Balboa, Canal Zone. 
Perett. William Gregory '67. 

1315 S. Sandusky. Tulsa, Okia .149, 169, 231, 

Perrine, Kenneth P. '65. 1 16 NE 97th St.. Miami Shores 38. Fl 
Perry. Clifford W.. Jr. '66. 

2443 Reynolds Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C 132. 241, 285. 

Perry. Thomas Granger '67. 

4313 Estes Ave., Nashville 12. Tenn 

Persons, Susan L. '65, 

723 Anderson St., Durham, N. C 

Persons. Walter S.. Ill '67. 612 Swift Ave 
Peterlin. Boris M. '68. 

1212 Arnette Ave.. Durham, N, C 146, 315 


































....64, 254. 275. 
Durham. N. C. 







Peterlin. Tatjana M. '67, 1212 Arnette Ave., Durham, N. C 384 

Peters. Franklin Elliott '65. 

822 Quaker Lane. High Point. N. C 349 

Petersen. Marsha Carolyn '68, 126 West Ave., Darien. Conn. .404 
Peterson. Atley Padgett '67, 346 Seabreese Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. 
Peterson, Gail Melinda '65, 

6800 Highview Terrace, Hyattsville. Md 123, 349 

Peterson, Michael Iver '65, Student Detachment, 

Army War College, 

Carlisle Barracks, Pa 65, 132, 158, 162, 281, 311, 349 

Peterson, Sally M. '66. 

3572 Dean Dr.. Apt. M., Hyattsville, Md 122, 134, 271, 369 

Peterson, Wayne T. '65, 

Lake Ridge Dr.. RFD 5. Marlborough. Conn. 77. 79. 135. 349 
Petrosino. Marvanne E. '68. 

2303 Lednuiii St., Apt. F, Durham, N. C 404 

Pcttes, David Moon '67, 

1749 Hummingbird Lane, Atlanta 7, Ga 305 

Pettes. Sara M. '68, 

1749 Hummingbird Lane, Atlanta 7, Ga 131, 404 

Petty, Lee Davis, Jr. '68, 

3310 Monroe St., Columbia, S. C 113, 301, 404 

Pew, William M. '66. 12 Welwyn Rd., Wayne, Pa. 
Pfeiffer. Carl F. '67, 

109 Washington St.. Morristown, N. J. 297, 384 

Pfeiffer. Margaret E. '68. 

S. Rolling Rd. & Gun Rd.. Catonsville 28. Md 279, 404 

Pfizenmayer. Richard F. '66, 20050 Parkview Ave., 

Rocky River 16, Ohio 113, 132, 136, 369 

Pfohl, Barbara Ann '67, 

3829 Bess Rd., Jacksonville II, Fla 130, 384 

Phares, Robert Charles '68, 

150 N. Beverly Cr.. Oak Ridge, Tenn 144, 146, 404 

Pharr. Diana '66, 

1301 Wedgewood. Montgomery, Ala 81, 263, 369 

Phelps, William C. Jr. '68, 

10008 Holmhurst Rd., Bethesda 14, Md 185, 311, 404 

Philbrick, Janice L. '66, 15 Friendly Rd., E. Greenwich, R. L..369 
Phillips, Donald Arthur '67, 

10321 Crestmoor Dr.. Silver Spring, Md 143, 149, 384 

Phillips, Elisabeth L. '66. 

2517 Perkins Rd.. Durham. N. C 275. 369 

Phillips. Glenn P. '66. 61 OK Ave., New Orleans 23, La.. .299, 369 
Phillips. John Gray '67. 

201 Kent Ct.. Pittsburgh 34. Pa 309, 384 

Phillips, Katharine A. '66. 

999 Audubon Dr., Memphis, Tenn 279, 369 

Phillips, Lawrence V., Jr. '67, 

P. O. Box 283, McLean, Va 315, 384 

Phillips, Paula Ruth '67, 

1537 Larchmont Ave., Lakewood 7, Ohio 130, 275, 384 

Phillips, William Bruce '68. 

Box 186. Setauket. Long Island, N. Y 239. 285. 404 

Phillips, William H. '66, 1212 Landon St., Durham, N. C 369 

Phipps. William Lewis '68. 

5023 Old Stage Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 214. 291 

Phipps. Roy M. '66. 

1416 West Haven Blvd., Rocky Mount, N. C 369. 241 

Phyfer. Daniel W. '66. 1016 Ray St., Geneva, 111 349 

Piccirillo, John A. '66, 

612 Dwyer Place. Westbury, Long Island, N. Y. 
Pickard. Ann '68. 

1945 Randolph Rd., Charlotte. N. C 150, 155, 182, 404 

Pickard, Tempa Olivia '68, 

403 N. Vandeventer, Kennett, Mo 255, 263, 404 

Pickering, Mary E. '66, 315 Cutler St.. Raleigh. N. C...150. 155. 369 
Pickett, Anne C. '66, 

1700 Duke University Rd., Durham, N. C. 121. 369 

Pickrell. Anna Mav '65. 3 Sylvan Rd.. Durham. N. C...259. 349 
Pierce. Daniel G. '66. 205 Elmwood Dr.. Greensboro, N. C. 

Pierce. Peter W. '66. Box 14, Bethel. Maine 192, 295, 369 

Pierce, Ray V.. Ill '68, 

14 Tillinghast Place, Buffalo, N. Y --149. 404 

Piercy. Elizabeth Day '68. 

161 Locust Hill Dr.. Rochester. N. Y 150. 404 

Piercy. Glenn Thomas '67. 4 

161 Locust Hill Dr.. Rochester 18. N. Y ...384 

Pierson, Henry Owens '68. 

6306 Pinehurst Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md 242, 404 

Pifer. Ronald J. '66. 3817 Somerset Dr.. Durham. N. C 369 

Pignona. James B. '66. 15 Farrar St.. Saint Albans. Vt...293. 349 
Pilcher. Charles Alan '65. 533 Main St.. Juneau. Alaska. .295. 349 
Pilgram. Ann T. '65. 

311 Rockwell Terr.. Frederick. Md 116. 176. 263. 349 

Pilling. Cynthia Lynn '67. 

401 F. Gittings Ave.. Baltimore 12, Md 257, 384 

Piper, Patricia Ellen '68. 

980 F. Water St.. Lock Haven. Pa... 142. 143. 150. 303. 404 
Pirtle. Ronald C. '66. 

1201 Valerie Wood Dr.. Stone Mountain, Ga 287. 370 

Pittard. Fdwin Albert. Jr. '67. 1285 Centreville Rd.. Manassas. Va. 
Pittman. Dewitt K.. Jr. '68. 

6700 Monroe Rd., Charlotte 5, N. C 110, 111, 295, 404 

Johnson. Beth Pittman '65, 6700 Monroe Rd.. Charlotte 5. N. C. 
Pitts. Rodney Creamer "68. 

429 Eastover Rd.. Charlotte 7, N. C 404 

Pixley, Stephen S. "66, 218 East Ave., Batavia. N. Y..._ __37() 

Place. Jeffrey Wayne '65, 

705 E. Worthington Ave., Charlotte. N. C. 
Place. Stephen Richard '68. 

20123 Lorain Rd.. Apt. 411, Fairview Park, Ohio..285, 
Plamondon. Paula Bridget "68, 

627 Calle Rinconada. Santa Barbara. Calif 275. 

Plant. Margaret Ann '68. 

2311 Woodside, .Ann Arbor. Mich 257, 

Plant, Mary Ann '65, 

230 Westminster Dr., Tallahassee, Fla _ 144. 

Plumer. Mary Draley '65, Atlas Apts. 1, Durham, N. C 

Plumer, William Sloan. Jr. '65. 

2360 E. Main St.. Pahokee. Fla 86, 167, 

Podger. Kenneth A., Jr. '66. 

217 E. Markham Ave.. Durham. N. C 

Poe, Donald Bryce '68. 5307 Danville St., Springfield, Va... 
Poe. George Jona, Jr. 67. 

P. O. Box 1514. Durham. N. C 295. 

Poe, John R.. Jr. '66, 

2524 Banner St.. Durham. N. C 110. 132, 

Poe. Susan Faye '68. 

2524 Banner St., Durham, N. C 118. 120. 269. 

Polderman, Ronald Lee '68. 

35 McCosh Rd.. Upper Montclair. N. J .149, 315. 

Politano. Paul M. '66. 1610 Hollywood St.. Durham, N. C. 
Polk. Raemon M. '66, 1362 Seminole Dr.. Greensboro. N. C. 
Pollard. James Edward '65, 

2831 Edwards Ave. South. St. Petersburg, Fla. .. 295. 

Pollok, James L. '66. Box 188. Robbins. N. C 303", 

Pope, Liston, Jr. "65, 400 Canner St.. New Haven. Conn. 
Poppendieck. Janet E. '67. 

1118 Valley Dr.. Alexandria. Va __ 171, 

Porter, Charles R. '67. Sealight 45. Dresser St., Newport. R. I. 
Porter, Judy Ann '67. 2005 Kynwyd Rd., 

N. Graylyn Crest. Wilmington 3. Del 263, 

Porter, Margaret Ann '68. 

455 Valley Lane. Falls Church. Va 143. 150. 

Porter. Stephen Tullis '65, 

726 Fairhill Dr.. Louisville 7. Ky 285, 324. 

Porto. James Vincent. Jr. '68, 

407 Graham St., Florence. S. C .301. 

Posey. Susan Patricia '68. 530 Biltmore Ave.. Asheville, N. C. 
Post. Brenda Mae '67. 49 Chidsey Ave., E. Haven 12. Conn.. 
Post. Richard Edmond '67. 

5333 Deliver, Houston 27, Texas 184, 185, 289, 

Postlethwait, Raymond, Jr. '66, 

1513 Pinecrest Rd., Durham. N. C 

Potocki. Mary Jane '66. 

2102 Howard Dr.. Winter Park. Fla 121. 269. 

Potter. Elisha L. '65. 

2700 Rothwood Dr.. Charlotte 7. N. C 188, 

Potter. Grafton Moore. Jr. '67. 

2700 W. 67 Ter., Shawnee Mission. Kan 

Potterton. Carol Thayer '67. 

3214 Majestic Cr.. Avondale Estates, Ga 

Pousner. Michael Morris '68. 

1905 Wildwood PI. NE. Atlanta 24, Ga 317, 

Powell. Deborah Leigh '68, 

100 College .Ave.. Haverford, Pa 123, 

Powell, James Lee '67. 

805 Jefferson St.. Shelby. N. C 136. 

Powell, Shirley Ann "65. Box 219. Middlesex, N. C...261. 
Powell. Thomas C. '66. 4421 Kelnepa Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Powell. Willis Warren. Ill '65. 

5545 Normandy Ave.. Virginia Beach, Va 

Powers, Charlotte Anne '67, 

529 Jersey Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C 

Powers. Ervin T. '67. 

825 W. Main St.. Bennettsville, S. C 287, 

Powers, Marilyn Ellis '65, 211 Gibson Rd., Louisville 7, Ky.... 
Prall, Robin Louise '68. 

231 Hamilton Rd.. Merion Station. Pa 126. 143. 150. 

Prance, Norman R. '67. 

1500 Kirkway. Bloomfieid Hills. Mich 132, 169, 

Prather. Patricia Joan '67. 396 Sunset Dr., Meadville, Pa 

Pratt, George Thomas, Jr. '68. 

83 Round Hill Rd.. Northampton. Mass 285, 385 

Preisman. Wavne .Arnold '68. 

3181 N. Pollard St.. Arlington 7, Va 287, 404 

Prentis. Richard F.. Jr. '68. 

1233 37th St., Des Moines. Iowa..... ...295, 404 

Pressfield, Steven '65, 20 Sarles Lane, Pleasantville, N. Y. 
Pressman. Ellen Martha '65. 

5615 Southwestern. Dallas 9. Texas 85. 171. 174 

Preston. Lois Elaine '68. 

2339 Brookwood Rd.. Columbus 9, Ohio 261. 404 

Pribyl, Richard Edward '68, 80 Mason Dr., Metuchen. N. J 404 

Price. Christina Louise "68, 

1712 N. Veitch St., Arlington, Va 86. 279, 390. 404 

































Price, Thomas O. '65, 

2722 Fairoaks Rd., Decatur, Ga 76, 122, 132, 135. 305, 350 

Prideaux. Penelope Ann '66, 

13 Cupsaw Ave., Ringwood. N. J.... 370 

Priest. Fred Owen '67. 505 Superior St., Oak Park, ill. ..245, 309 
Primm. Richard K. '66. 

511 Primm Circle. Thomasville. N. C ...132, 301, 370 

Primmerman. Charles Alan "68. 

88 Fletcher Rd.. Bedford. Mass 404 

Prince. Chesley H. '68. 2 Woodland Ct.. Lutherville. Md. 149 404 
Prmgle, Ashmead F.. Ill '67. 

2, S. C. 

85. 385 

i. C. 390. 404 

S. C...... .132. 185. 350 

S. C 154. 155. 195. 385 









32 S. Battery St.. Charleston 
Prmgle. Margaret G. '68. 

32 S. Battery St., Charleston 2. ! 
Pritchard. Paul Baker '65. 

1 1 Saluda Heights. Ware Shoals. 
Pritchard. Richard H. '67. 

1 1 Saluda Heights. Ware Shoals. 
Prizer. William F.. Jr. '67. 

220 E. Fillmore St., Petersburg, Va 144, 146 

Prochaska. Stephanie '68. 5 Bishop Rd., West Hartford, Conn 
Proctor, Marcia J. '66. 

211 University Dr.. Athens. Ga ...154. 155, 279, 

Prodgers, Toby Batson '68, 215 Pinehurst Dr., Enterprise, Ala. 405 
Prosser. Peterman R. '68, 

6724 Esplanade Ave.. Baton Rouge, La 217, 405 

Pruitt. Louise T. '66. 235 Eastland Ave.. Pelham. N. Y. 
Pugh. Pamela Leroy '65, 

6342 Burlwood Road. Charlotte. N. C. '•73 350 

Purdom. Ray Caldwell '65. 

3113 Imperial Place, Owensboro, Ky 350 

Purnell, Frederick. Jr. '66, 38 Earle St.. Norwood, Mass.. .3 15. 370 
Pursley. William Elgin. Jr. '65, 

Rt. 3. Whippoorwill Dr.. Charlotte. N. C...65. 112. 132 305 
Putzell. Edwin Joseph. Ill '67. 

800 N. Lindhereh Blvd.. St. Louis 66, Mo. 1 '^4. 155 
Pyne. Robin D. G. '66. 

Freeport. Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas 315, 

Quattlebaum. .Ann Louise '65. Rt. I, Box 9, Monetta, S. C. 
Quesenberry, William O.. Jr. '67. 

10506 Greenacres Dr.. Silver Spring. Md. 
Rackelman. Susan J. '65. 

109 .Anona Place. Satellite Beach, Fla 273, 

Radlein. John L., Jr. "68. 4 Ann St.. New City, New York ''99 
Ramho. Jini 67. 517 B Willow St., 

Shawview His.. Shaw AFB. Sumter. S. C 164. 

Ramsev. Elizabeth A. '66. 

2901 Clover Rd.. Charlotte. N. C 181, 279 

Ramsey. Frank David '67. 1918 West Blvd., Charlotte 8, N. C. 
Ramsey. Gaylon Eugene '68, 

362 Sherburne Rd.. Westover AFB. Mass... 160, 195, 293, 405 
Ramsey. Julian Little '68. 

3167 Downwood Cr.. Atlanta 27. Ga 405 

Ramsey. Sarah Helen '65. Rt. 1. Box 295. Sandston, 'Va. 350 
Randall, David S., Jr. '66, 

Division P & P Shape. APO 55. New York, N. Y. 191. 283 370 
Randall, Elizabeth W. '65. 

723 St. Johns Rd.. Baltimore 10. Md 350 

Randecker. Carolyn .Ann '68. 

1321 Park Glen Rd.. Knoxville. Tenn ...405 

Randolph. Dolores Annette "68. 

3 Cherry St.. High Shoals. N. C 190, 405 

Rankin. Louise Bell '68. 19 Todd St.. Belmont. N. C 405 

Rankin. Rosalie A. "66. 

3801 N. Nelson St.. Arlington 7. Va 
Rankin. Rush McClure. Jr. "65. 

315 Dogwood Lane. Belmont. N. C 

Ransburg. Jean E. "67. 

5615 Washington Blvd.. Indianapolis 
Raper. Julian Robert, III "67, 

275 Rumstick Rd.. Barrington. R. I 385 

Rasnick. William Horton '66, 

104 Hemlock Lane. Tyler Pk.. Bristol, Tenn 309 

Rastall. Margaret Lang '65. 301 Trenton Blvd.. Sea Girt. N. J. 
Ratelle. Michael J. '67. 

6935 NW 3rd Ave.. Miami 50. Fla 28'^ 385 

Ratliff. Ray Edmond '65. 

2915 Oak Grove. Bluefield. W. Va 67. 85, 110. 111. 305, 350 

Rawlings. Roger Bernard '68, 

355 Kilburn Rd. S.. Garden City. L. I.. N. Y.... 405 

Ray. Carolyn L. '66. P. O. Box 181. Burnsville. N. C 370 

Rav. James Claude '68. 

Washington St.. .Ashburn. Ga 143. 149. 1S4. 40^ 

Ray. Mary Elizabeth '67, 1409 17 Way SW, Birmingham, .Ala...385 
Rav. Michael Evan '67, 

218 19th Ave. N.. Jacksonville Beach. Fla..... 370 

Reagan. Robert Brian "66. 

163 Prospect St.. W. Boylston. Mass 350 

Reamer. Richard Rankin "67. 

1 1 I W. Colonial Dr.. Salisbury. N. C.....242. 318, 309, 385 
Reardon. Bonita Kathrvn "68. 

2K21 Winton Rd.. Durham. N. C... 405 

Reback, Diane J. "66. 1218 Devere Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 


257. 370 

1 14. 144. 350 

Ind 269. 385 

Rector. Jiidilh Ann '6.'!. 

15 Abbott Ave.. North Merrick. N. Y 88. 144, 

Rector, Rondall Charles "67, 

7416 Hansford St., Washington 28. D. C 

Redding. Rosemary Leigh '67. 

9809 Hillridge 'Dr.. Kensington, Md 267, 

Redinger. Robert Paul "67. .503 N. Walnut St., Dover, Ohio. 
Redmond. John Andrew '68. 

17 Proffitt Cv.. Greenville, S. C 149. 

Reed. Barbara Patterson "68, 

427 Plymouth Ave.. Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Reed. Donald B. '65, 2709 .loyner Rd., Durham, N. C. 
Reed, Gregory Lee '67, Rt. 1, Box 20 B. Brookeyille. Md. .. 
Reed. James Stewart '68, 

320 Lincoln Ave.. Lansdowne, Pa .305. 

Reed, Joseph William '68. 

6637 Barnaby St., Washington. D. C... 

Reed. Robert Ramsey '65. 

Sexton St.. Strulhers, Ohio .77, 79, 86. 115. 188, 287, 

Edward Michael '68, 

Alexander Palm Rd., Boca Raton, 


Monroe, N 

C. .. 


.....1 16. 133. 267, 
Naugatuck, Conn. 

16. D. C. 




..202, 297, 


il, 93. 247. 


Reese. Marcus Lee '68, 604 Pate St 
Reeves, Sara Kathrvn '66, 

4382 Skyland Dr. NE. Atlanta 5, G 
Reich, Charles Frank '68, 108 Hilltop Rd 
Reichley, Nancy Marlyn '68, 

5219 Massachusetts Ave., Washington 
Reichman. James A. '67, 

5812 Osceola Rd., Highpoint. Md 

Reid, Caroline Baskin '68. 820 Greenwood 

Westover Hills. Wilmington 7, Del 

Reid. Sidney W., Jr. '65, 

RoberlsviUe Rd.. Box 302B, Freehold, N 
Reider. Richard Koons, Jr. '67. 

2115 Woodlawn Dr., Laporte, Ind 

Reiffel, James A. "66, 

15 Harcourt Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 

Reifsnyder. Richard W. "68. 

477 Leonard Rd.. Huntingdon Valley, Pa 
Reiger. John Franklin '65, 

57 Continental Ave., Forest Hills. N. Y 

Reilly. Susan Jane '67, 

67 Transverse Rd., Garden City, N. Y 

Reiss. Joyce B. '67, 857 Louise Circle. Durham. N. C. 
Rekate. J4arold L.' 66, 811 Chesapeake Ave., Annapolis. Md. 
Remigailo. Richard V. '65, 

4727 N. Dittmar Rd., Arlington 7, Va 311, 

Renneker. Michael Thomas '67, 

75 Blenheim Rd.. Columbus 14. Ohio 202. 

Repass, Randolph K. '66. Green St., NorweU, Mass 167, 

Reuben, Wilhelmina M. '67, 

Morris College. Sumter, S. C 

Reuter, Jerilyn G. '66. 

Little Meadows Rd.. Wexford, Pa.... 
Reyling, Theodora R. '66, 

450 Bryant Ave., Roslyn Harbor. N 
Reynolds. Anne Kathryn '65, 

1822 McGougan Rd". Fayettevi 
Reynolds, Benoni O. V. "66, 

4074 35th St. N.. Arlington 7, 
Reynolds. John C. '66, 

1158 5th Ave. Apt 16B, New 
Reynolds. Julia Lyn '67, 

860 Edgewood Dr., Charleston, 
Reynolds, Staton Chryst '67. 

Rt. 3. Box 324, Piqua. Ohio 

Reynolds, Susan V. '66. 

717 Shallowford Rd., Lewisvillt 
Rhett. Nancv Ann '68. 

3866 Northwest Dr.. College 
Rhoads. Rebecca Ann '67. 

2404 Prince St.. Durham, N. 
Rhodes, Linda Sue '65, 9916 Holmhurst Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. 
Rice. Carol A. '66, 

P. O. Box 202, Milledgeville. Ga 133. 

Rice, Charles Edgar, III '67. 

438 Argyle Dr.. Falls Church. Va 

Rice. Leon Leftwich. Ill '65. 

2550 Warwick Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 174. 283. 

Rice. Sheila Sanford '66, 18 Bayside Terr., Riverside. Conn. 
Rich. Elizabeth H. "67, 

4747 North Lake Dr.. Milwaukee 11. Wis 130. 271. 

Rich. Simon B. '67, New Lake Farm. Belhaven. N. C 

Richards. Lillian C. '68, 6114 Amherst Ave., Springfield. Va. 
Richardson. David P. '65. 

1449 E. Goodrich Lane. Milwaukee 17. Wis. 
Richardson. Geraldine "68. 

12100 SW 64th Ave., Miami. Fla .279. 

Richardson. James G.. Ill '67. 

2200 NW 9th PI.. Gainesville. Fla 

Richardson, John Terry '68. 

910 Liberty Dr.. Thomasville. N. C 138, 214. 301. 




















lie, N. C 


York City, N. 
W. Va 


N. C 161. 






















Texas 259 

269, 385 






Richardson, Susan V. "67, 

119 Rhode Island St.. Dyess AFB, Abilene, 
Richmond, Ann Louise '67, Provost Marshal, 

.Atlanta Army Depot, Forest Park, Ga 

Richter, William Hutton '68. 

1030 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin, Tenn 185, 

Ricketts, Maryann '65, P. O. Box 10727, Raleigh, N, C...271, 
Ridenhour, Robert B. '66, 602 Edgevale Rd.. Baltimore, Md. 
Ricily. Robert Frederick '67, 

621 N. Graham St., Allentown. Pa 293, 

Rienstra. Joseph D. '66. 4641 N. 24th St., Arlington. Va 351 

Riesent'eld, Robert John '68, 

561 Summit Ave., Oradell, N. J 

Riggs, David Alan '68, 46 Charles St., Auburn, N. Y.. 
Riggs, Robert Thomas '67, 

1512 Summit St.. McKeesport, Pa 155, 315, 385 

Rinehart. Carol Brisbane '65, 

1861 Westview Rd.. Charlottesville. Va.. 
Ringwald, Barbara Lee '68, 

1021 Warren Ave., Gary. N. C 144, 365, 405 

Rinkema, Marsha Lynn '67, 

333 Spruce Dr., Naperville, III 269 38 5 

Ritter. Martha L. '66, 

19304 Falmouth Ct., Saratoga, Calif 273. 

Rivera, James Rodolfo W. '66. University Libraries, 

Univ. of Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 88, 

Rivera, Phoebe Joan '67. 

Univ. of Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras. P. R 

Roads. Michael Blaine '68. 

2731 NE 52nd .St.. Pompano Beach. Fla 

Robh. Mary Dyer '65. 3902 Eton Rd.. Durham. N. C 269. 

Robbins. Henry H. Jr. '67, 

2115 Providence Rd.. Charlotte 7. N. C 385 

Robbins, Jane Turney '65. 

3100 Foxhall Rd., Washington 16, D. C 267, 

Robbins. John Coe '68. 809 Parkway. High Point. N. C...285. 
Robbins, Rosalind Jo '68, 

5704 Bellington Ave., No. Springfield, Va 269, 

Roberson. Samuel Edgar '68, 1504 Court St '' 
Roberts, .Ann '68, 

1105 Crestover Rd., Wilmington, Del 
Roberts, Bruce Allen '68. 

7367 Old Lake Shore. Lake View. N. Y 

Roberts, Carole Ann "68, 

606 Caroleen Rd., Forest City, N. C 267, 

Roberts, Lucy Anne '68, 

4811 Monumental St.. Richmond. Va 

Roberts, Michael A., Jr. '68. 

12619 Gravelly Lake Dr., Tacoma. Wash 193, 

Roberts, Pamela '68. 21 Kenwood Rd., Tenafly, N. J 
Roberts. Patricia Anne '67, 

904 Tremont Rd., Wilson, N. C 

Roberts, Thomas L., Jr. '67, 

1029 SE 12th Way, Ft. Lauderdale. FI 






Maryville, Tenn. ..405 

118, 405 






....259, 385 
.289, 385 

Toledo 16, Ohio 

Roberts. William A. '65, 244 Wilson St 
Robertson. Dan Greer '68, 

1247 Terrace Dr.. Salem, Va 313, 405 

Robertson, David Fudge '67, 

25 Elmview Ter.. Pittsfield, Mass 166, 370 

Robertson, James H. '66, 

1797 W. Union Blvd., Bethlehem. Pa 293, 318, 370 

Robertson, Jane Gwyn '68, Box 69, Orange, Va 259, 405 

Robertson, Jock Dalberto '67. 

411 Westgrove Blvd.. Alexandria. Va 287. 385 

Robertson, Martha Eleene '65, 

MCQ 2116. Camp LeJeune, N. C 122, 126, 351 

Robertson, Victoria Jean '67, 

119 Wiltshire Blvd., Biloxi, Miss 125, 271. 385 

Robinson. Beth Ann '67, Esso Standard Sekiyv Kk, 

Yamashita Cho No. 8. P. O. Box 404, Yokohama, Japan. .3 85 
Robinson. George Michael '68, 

1701 W. 10th St.. Sedalia, Mo 287, 405 

Robinson, Hugh B., Jr. '65. 1914 Stonehurst Rd., Winter Park. Fla. 
Robinson. James T. '66. 

1664 Aberdeen Rd.. Baltimore. Md 79. 138. 217. 370 

Robinson, Jennie Neel '68, 41 I East 52nd St., Savannah, Ga...405 
Robinson. Lindsay Opie '67. 

8000 Cameron Rd.. Richmond. Va 385 

Robinson. Sandra Jean '65. 154 Dalmeny Rd.. Briarcliff 1. N. Y. 
Rocchio. Diane Leighton '67. 

1205 Community Lane. Midland. Texas 271. 385 

Rock. Jay Thomas' '68. 701 Academy Place. Pittsburgh, Pa.. .405 
Roche. Kerry John '68, 

5101 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood. Fla 289, 405 

Rodin, Steven G. '66, 61 Catherine Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y 285 

Rodrian. Susan K. '66, 

1320 Greenfield Rd.. Evansville. Ind 133, 370 

Rodrigues. Judith Leslie '65, 

6400 White Wall Dr., Fayetteville. N. C 351 

Rogers. Charles H. '66. 

P. O. Box 306, Lockhart, Fla 77, 86. 149. 370 

Rogers. Becky .Ann '65. 

202 Woodhaven Dr.. Lexington, N. C 100, 275. 351 

Rogers, Dilworth T.. Jr. "65, 

43 Bedford Rd., Summit. N. J 299, 351 

Rogers Joe Mark '68, 608 Austin Ave., Gary, N. C. ' 405 

Rogers, John Stuart '67, 1502 Blue Ridge Dr. NE. 

Gainesville. Ga 202 307 370 

Rogers, Linda Sue '65, ~ 

1105 Greenhill Ave., Wilmington 3, Del. gS 257 351 

Rogers, Myra S. '66, 99 Gracelyn Rd., Asheville N C 119 ^63 
Rogers, Nora Lea '67, 239 Marlboro Lane, 

Rt. 7, Winston-Salem, N. C ...87, 160, 180 ""^9 385 

Rogers, Paul Hamilton '68, Rt. 1, Hartsville, S. C. 217. 239' 40S 
Rogers, William Freeman "65, 

210 E. Academy St.. Fuquav Springs, N. C. 351 

Rollert, John Michael '65, 3410 Parkside Dr., Flint, Mich ''97 351 
Rolhns, Overman Randolph '65. 

103 West Muting St.. Morganton, N. C...67, 8^5, 171 194 3«11 
Rolhns, Vinton Lee '68, 

103 W. Meeting St., Morganton, N. C 196 40S 

Romana, Dennis Michael '67, 41 Guyer Rd., Westport, Conn' 385 
Romig, Bruce '67, 853 Ridge Rd., Annandale, Va. 196 38"! 

Romp, Thomas Lee '65. 

550 E. Liberty St., Vermilion, Ohio 309 3';i 

Romp, Walter G. '66. " ' 

Box 7. Avery, Ohio 132, 136, 184, I8S 370 

Root, Mark Woodson '68, 

3924 DuPont Circle, Jacksonville 5, Fla. 18"; ''99 4()<; 

Roper. Emily R. "66. 

110 Woodside Dr., McLean, Va 133 -"yi 370 

Roper. Jane McNeill '67, ---■,- 

7805 Winston. Philadelphia, Pa... . ->65 385 

Rose, Patricia Shreve '68, " 

6920 Pinetree Terr., Falls Church, Va. ''79 40"; 

Rose, John William, Jr. '67, 

1785 Shades Crest Rd., Birmingham 16. Ala. ''83 38"; 

Rose, Marvin Bruce, Jr. '67, 

1683 Mt. Vernon Ave., Petersburg, Va. ->40 385 

Rosenthal. Robert Mark '68, "~ ' ' " 

2475 Nicholson Dr.. Baton Rouge, La. 196 317 40<; 

Roser. Antoinette C. '66 . . - 

2716 31st St. SE, Washington, D. C... PI 143 370 

Roser, Robert Hutchins '68, ' " " 

4 Prade Lane, Ma.ssapequa Park, N. Y 155 196 405 

Ross. Alan Lawrence '67, 

179 Hunting Ridge Rd., Stanford, Conn. 19'' 385 

Ross, Alfred Kern '67, 206 Hawthorne Rd., Elkin, N. C. 168 385 
Ross, Marcia Moore '65, - , - 

267 N. Parkview Ave., Columbus 9, Ohio..64. 119, 267 351 
Ross Marion Lue '68, 2811 Chelsea Cr., Durham, N. C, 279 46s 
Rotelhi, Peter .Anthony '68, 

96 East 12th St.. Huntington Sta., N. Y. ^91 40S 

Roth. Joanne '68. "" ' 

10203 McKenney Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. 40s 

Roth, Robert Andrew, Jr. '68. 

102 Oklahoma Ave.. Wilmington. Del. 311 405 

Rothman. Bonnie Sue '67, Rt. 2, New Hope, Pa ' 385 

Kothman, George Kopel '67, 85 Pine St., Oxford Pa '3'l7"'385 
Rowe. Vernon Dodds, III '65, 803 Old Spartanburg Rd 

Hendersonville, N. C 87. 143, 1*84 3M 

Rowland. Suzanne E. '66, 

718 W. Hampton Ave.. Sumter. S. C. . ^69 370 

Roy. Susannah M. '65. 

604 N. Gregson St., Durham, N. C. 88 144 351 

Roznoy, Carol J. '66. 141 North Ave.. Westport, Conn. ' 370 
Rubm, Hyman Sylvan '67, 

306 Saluda Ave., Columbia. S. C. 317 385 

Rubin. Peter Jonathan '67, " ' " " 

684 High St.. Bath. Maine 317 3^5 

Ruby. Lucien. Jr. '66. Park Ave., Ma'disonvilie. Kv i87' 307 
Rudberg. Joe Arthur '68. 

6124 Meadow Crest, Dallas 30, Texas 3|7 405 

Rudm, John Jesse, III '67, 1640 Marion Ave.. Durham N c" 370 

Rudm. Welda Ruth '68. 

1640 Marion Ave.. Durham. N. C 144 dns 

Rudisill, Ben Richard, Jr. '65. 

409 S. Elm St.. Cherry ville, N. C. 83 -"gi 3^1 

Rudolf. Judith A. '66. " ' 

716 Reed St.. Neenah, Wis 160 179 370 

Ruggero, John Clement '67, 1500 College Rd.. Raleigh," N. C. 88 
Ruggles, William Miles '67, 

295 S. Parkview Ave.. Columbus 9. Ohio 3R5 

Ruis, Ronald Harold, Jr. '68, 

1916 S. Ferncreek Ave.. Orlando. Fla. Ill -'9\ 390 405 
Rumsey. John Almy, Jr. '67, 12 Duchamp PI. Chatham'. N. j". 38"'! 
Rundles. Charlotte '65, 132 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham N C '3S| 
Rundles. "Ward Frederick '67. 132 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham. 'n"c 
Running. Robert Elmer '68. 

631 Rapids St.. Roanoke Rapids. N. C 4n<; 

Rupp. Daniel R. '66. 

2001 Tremont Rd., Columbus 21. Ohio.. 186 ''97 370 

Rupp. Glenn N. '66. ~ 

317 Partridge Run. Mountainside, N. J. --83 37n 

Rushforth. George M. '66, 250 Seneca Place, Westfield. N.J...283 

Russ, Michael Claude '66, 

2684 Birchwood Dr., NE. Atlanta 5, Ga 307 

Rutenberg. David Charles '67, 

34-35 76th St.. Jackson Heights 72, N. Y...196. 202. 303 385 
Rutherford. Kenneth .-Man '68, 

213 N. Madison St., Tupelo. Miss 143 149 3| 405 

Ryan. Francis William '68. ' . - . -tu. 

103 Blakeley Rd., Garden City, Chester, Pa. 138 tu •'Ql 

Ryan. ,lohn Au.stin, Jr. '65. ' " " ' ~ 

1707 Wealthy SE. Grand Rapids 6, Mich..... 1 13, 301 35? 

^^f/^^o""",!^^ ^''■'^ ■^^' -1 S""s" Dr., Summit, N. J." 149 405 
Saffard. Barbara S. '67, " 

81 Norfolk Ave., Clarendon Hills, 111 157 305 

Said Grace Helen '68, P. O. Box 1076. Beirut. Lebanon.. Tl 9. 406 
Saint Amand. Emilia A. 65, 

802 College Dr.. Gaffney, S. C 92, 100, 133 ^59 35'. 

Saks, Jerome Harold '68, " "" ' 

423 Woodlawn Ave.. Beckley, W. Va 3 1 •) Anf. 

Salinger. Jill H. '66. ^'-- '^"^ 

3444 Rugby Rd., Hope Valley. Durham. N. C ''69 370 
Salmon. Helen Jane '67, '" ' ' 

2122 McClendon .St.. Houston 25, Texas -'79 3x<r 

Sa sbury. Stuart Marshall '68. 4108 Hwy.. Baltimore's ' Md 406 
Salter, Lowell Scott, Jr. '65, "-tuo 

7407 Glenview Dr. W., Indianapolis 50. ]nd...l46. 289 35'' 
Salter. Manuel Lee. Jr. '68. 

187 West Hills Rd.. Huntington Sla., N Y 406 

Salter. Mark H. '66. Moodv House 

Box 1126, 2228 Seawall ' Blvd., Galveston. Texas 185 370 
Sammons. Jack Lee. Jr. '67. -. -/o 

2753 Ponderosa Cr., Decatur, Ga. . 19"' 30S 3S'i 

Sammons. William Cary '65. 

812 Tanley Rd.. Silver Spring, Md 281 285 352 

Sampson, E eanor A. '66. 1 10 River Dr., Lancaster, Pa.' lei' 370 
Samuels. William Oscar "67. " 

1020 Nine .Acres Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 317 

Samson, Willis Kendrick '68. 

609 Broad Syracuse. Syracuse 10. N. Y. 185 117 406 
Sanderson, Timothv Alonzo '68, " ' 

6.316 Colgate Ave., Norfolk, Va 193 40fi 

Sandlm. David Edward '65. 

107 Stedman St., Favetteville, N C 
Sands, Alexander P., Ill '67. 

1118 S. Main St.. Reidsvil'le. N. C. 309 3S<; 

Sands. Blase Dale '68. 6144 N. 12th Rd., Arlington, Va." 287 406 
Sanduskv. Chad Binglv '67, 

3906 Northwest Dr.'. College Park. Ga 149 IS*! 385 

Sanford, Sarah Whitney '68, 

Old Bedford Rd., Greenwich, Conn 
Sapp, James Stephen '68. 

S,in ^'""^'^J*''■•■, ■■^'}}V''^^^' N. C 111. 136, 305, 390, 406 

Sapp, Janet Marilyn 68, 

50 Hickory Dr.. Maplewood. N. J. ->f,j ^ofi 

Sapp. Karen L. '66, " ' "° 

102 Hamilton St., Leaksville. N. C. 81 ''79 370 

Sapp. Robert Holmes '66. ' ' ^^° 

198 Wyoming Ave.. Maplewood. N. J 370 

.Sasser. William Earl '65. ^'" 

320 Warren St.. Walterboro, S. C. 79 305 35-) 

.Saunders. Mary M. '67, ' 

504 W. Main St.. Elizabeth Citv. N. C if,! 

Saunders. Sylvia .Anne "65. 

1322 Greenway Dr., High Point, N. C. -'77 35-) 
Sawyer. Martha Jane "67. ■■ ' 

101 South .Ash St.. Elizabeth Citv. N C P'' ''67 371 
Sayer, Alan Brooke '67, Rt. 4. Box 575 A. Charlestonr's "c ' 385 
Sayetta. Rona Beth '67. 2502 Randolph Place. Birmingham p'Ala 
Scarborough. Lvnn '67, 

4610 Club Terr. NE. Atlanta 19. Ga. ''69 3ss 

Schad. Susan Patterson '65, " ' ^^ 

1405 Van Steffv .Ave.. Wyomissine. Pa 13 3 971 

Schadt. Charles F.. Jr. '67, ' 

4281 Montrose Dr.. Memphis 17, Tenn ''85 385 

Schechter. Arnold Morris '68, Box 614, Kinston, N 'c 406 
Schenck. Raloh F., Jr. "67, 

311 Woodland Ave.. Avon-By-The-Sea N J 3S<; 

Scherf. Chrisman G.. Jr. '68. 

102 06 Ascan Ave.. Forest Hills 75, N. Y. 185 193 406 
Schick. Gu.stav A. '66. ~ 

550 W. Main St.. Millville. N. J. 
Schinnerer. Sandra Jean '68, 

5015 River Hill Rd., Washington, D. C 
SchiDke, Michael Hardv '67. 

18 Briarwood Rd.. W. Hartford. Conn i5-> 

Schiro. Gregory William '67. 

150 Berkshire Rd., Hasbrouck Hats.. N J 386 

Schlesinaer. Sally Anne '65. 3173 Fairmount Blvd 

Cleveland Hats. 18. Ohio ->%j 35-) 

Schlogl. John George '67. 132 Ra'dcliff Cr., 'Durham" n"c " 195 
Schlnsser, Paul M. '66 " 


.150. 406 

289, 371 

404 Elmont St.. Lynn Haven Station. Virginia Beach Va 371 
.Schluderberg. Herbert H. '67. 

5023 Gwynn Oak .Ave.. Baltimore 7. Md 163. 3 


Ml. Iw Rcl., Pomoiui, N. Y..289 

...269. 371 


116, 267 

Pa. .289, 406 

Schmid, Ronald F. '68, Thicls 
Schmidt, Barbara Lee '66. 

13 Shady Lane, Scarsdale. N. >'. 
Schmidt, Havard Fwin "67, 

3760 Upper River Rd.. Louisville 7, Ky 271, 386 

Schmidt, James Ross, Jr. '67, 

417 Highland Rd., Pottstown, Pa , 

Schmitt, Leslie Flaine '67, 

1170 Prospect Rd., Pittshiirgh 27, Pa 

Schnure, James Piirdy '68, R. D. 2, Selinsgrove, 
Schodde, Joseph Albert '68, 

2147 Grace Dr.. Santa Rosa. Calif 406 

Schoenfeld, Brian L. '68, 1028 Covington Lane, Norfolk, Va, 
Schorr, Stephen .Arthur '67, 

815 W. Church Rd., Elkins Pk. 17, Pa 317, 383 

Schondt, Russell Lawrence '68, 

4801 Kenmore Ave., Alexandria, Va 406 

Schroder, Gretchen Wood '68, 932 Russet St., Racine, Wis 404 

Schiierman, Karen Kay '67, 

4.^ Meadow Lane, Chappaqua, N. 
Schultz, Frederick L., Jr. '65. 

485 Hillside Dr. NW. Atlanta 5, 
Schumacher, Sallv Ann '65, 

1017 Welberl Rd.. Lakewood 7, 
Schumer, Dennis R. '66, 1428 Isted Rd.. Glen Burnic. Md...3l3, 371 
Schwab, Joseph Richard '67, 

1015 N. Flmwood A\e.. Oak Park. Ill 110. 132. 311, 386 

Schweiger, Don Albert '68, 316 Arizona St.. Portsmouth. Va. 
Schweitzer. Edward C, Jr. '67, 487 Broadview, Highland Park, III. 
Scott, Bernadette F. '67, 

221 Wales Ave., Charlotte 9, N. C 119, 

Scott, Beth Rollings '68, 

1381 Ebenezer Rd.. Rock Hill. S. C ..119. 

Scott. David Steele '67, 

3700 Freedom Dr., Charlotte. N. C 143, 

Scott, Elisabeth C. '66. 719 College Ave,, Rock Hill, S. 
Scott. Elizabeth Shippen "68, 

498 Highland Ave.. Athens, Ga 150, 

Scott, James Matics '65, 

933 Old Gulph Rd.. Bryn Mawr. Pa. 90 

Scott. Julia A. '66. 3700 Freedom Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Scott, Kathryn Phillips '67, 

1307 Hillcrest Rd.. Lancaster, Pa 118 

Y 261, 286 

Ga 352 

Ohio 121, 271 







261, 406 

202, 352 
.118, 371 



Scott, Michael H. '67, 622 Hanover Ct., Rock Hill, S. C 
Scott, Richard Lynn '68, 

4706 Kittyhawk Way, Louisville 7, Ky 406 

Scott, Susan '67, Lvons Plain Rd., Weston, Conn 386 

Scott, Watson T. '66, 

4125 Leland St.. Chevy Chase 15, Md 309, 371 

Screws, Peggy Marie '68, 306 Pine St., Eastman, Ga 406 

Scribner, Hillis M. '66, Edificio Kavanagh, 

FLA 1065 Dep. 9 B, Buenos Aires. Rep. Argentina..261, 371 
Scuffham, James Ross, Jr. '65, 

318 Scenic Dr., Concord, N. C. 287, 352 

Scull, John Corson '68, 

2 Milford Rd., Newport News, Va 303 406 

Scull, Ward Robinson, III '65, 

2 Milford Rd., Newport News, Va 78, 187, 303, 352 

Seaholm, Elizabeth Anne '66, 

8658 Riverwood Dr., Richmond 29, Va 371 

Seamans, Richard Eraser "67, 

New Monument St., Concord, Mass 149, 295, 386 

Searles, Dennes Leigh '65, 

3130 Elms Park Dr., Missoula, Mont 271, 352 

Searles, Mary Alyce '65, 

5916 Evrith Ave., Baltimore 6, Md 171, 174, 259, 352 

Sears, Barbara Ruth '65, 411 Marathon Ave.. Dayton 6, Ohio 3S2 
Seidel, Robert K. '68. 

102 Clarendon Ct., Metuchen, N. J.... 185, 313, 406 

Selden, Stephen J. '66, 22 Pleasant St.. W. Hartford, Conn. 216 
Self, Michael M. '66. 

4413 NE 21st Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla...l36, 163, 196, 371 
Sellers, Harvey James, III '68, 8 Grant Dr.. Lavale, Md. 185, 406 
Sellers, William P.. IV '67, 1 1 1 Oak Grove Rd., Norfolk 5, Va...305 
Serbell, John Dorner '67, Hillside Rd.. Dauphin, Pa. .303, 386 
Serravezza. William J. '67, 

12 Robert Martin Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y 202, 309 

Sessoms, Howard C. '66. 6t)4 E. Seventh St.. Lumberton, N. C. 371 
Settlemver, William B. '66, 

58 Minnisink Rd., Short Hills, 
Severson, Gerald Raymond '68, 

7615 Mason Dells, Dallas 30, 
Seymour, Richard G. '66, 

223 Pine Grove Rd., Southern Pines 
Seymour, William M. '66, 

5712 17th .St. NW, Washington, D. C. 

Shaban. Janet Anne '65, 7940 Fall Ct., Cupertino, Calif 352 

Shackford, James H. '66, 

812 NW 41st St., Oklahoma City 18. Okla.. 
Shackford. Virginia P. '68, 

812 NW 41st St., Oklahoma City 
Shahan, Michael Ellsworth '68, 

172 B U S Oval West, Plattsburgh 

N. J __. 

Texas 239. 305, 

N. C. . 

18, Okla 



309, 371 

271, 406 

Y...315, 406 



Cedar Ave., 

15, 406 


Denver, Colo,. 

Shand, Beth '68, 

74 Thorncliff, Kirkwood 22, Mo 161, 182 

Shapins, Frank Donald '68, 

P. O. Box 952, Vero Beach 
Sharoff, Barry Lee '68, 5735 E, 
Sharp, Christopher P. '66, 

108A Ft. Crockett, Galveston, Texas 

Sharp, Robert R. '66, 700 Milltown Rd., Wilmington 8, Del 
Sharpe, Richard Dewey '65, 

1232 Newnham Dr., Columbia, S. C 

Sharratt. Julie Marie '67, 

7403 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, 
Shasby, Douglas Michael '67, 

146 Wildwood, Youngstown 12. 
Shaw, Maria S. '66. 20 Briar Brae 
Shawger. Helen Martha '67. 

23 Highland Dr.. Summit, N. J , 271. 386 

Shearer, Rees Rucker '68, 

3125 N. Abingdon St.. Arlington, Va 

Shearin, Ronald Vance '65, Box 36S, Warrenton N C 
Shearon, Elder L., Ill "66, 

2826 Lombardy, Memphis, Tenn P8 163 

.Sheffield. Arlis Adelbert '65. 

No. 55 Pharr Rd. NW. Atlanta, Ga .....297, 

Shebeen, Robert Joseph '65, 

169 Chesnut St., Camden, S. C... 65, 174, 305, 



Rd., Darien, 


202, 233, 

Conn 166, 








L. I.. N. Y 


Lancaster, Pa. 

142. 143. 150, 

Md 386, 

Puerto Rico 

Shenk, David Scott '66, 700 McGrann Blvd 
Shepard, Virginia E. '68, 

120 Clark Ave., Massapequa 
Sheppard, Margaret Ann '68, 

311 Ave., Catonsville 
Sheppard. Margaret Emily '67. 

First Nat. City Bank N. Y., San Juan 
Sherman, Carolyn L. '66. 

1303 Garner Ave., Schenectady. N. Y 

Sherrard, Marcia Jeanne '68, 

43 Crocus St., Woodbridge, N. J 

Sherrard. Thomas J., Ill '66, 

1936 SE 17th Ct., Pompano Beach, Fla.... 132, 247 301 3 18 
Sherrill, William F. '66. 

101 Avalon Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C 291, 

Shipp, Robert Turner '68, 2054 Kirhy Rd., McLean, Va.... 
Shirley, Susan Ollene '68, 

1947 Faculty Dr., Winston-Salem, N. C 172, 269, 

Shives, Aubrey C, Jr. '66, 

25 Ashley Ave., Greenville, S. C 287, 

Shives, Fletcher Groce '68, 25 Ashley Ave., Greenville S C 
Shives, William B. '65, 

98 Shives St., Salisbury, N. C 146, ''87 

Shoemaker, Raleigh A. '67. 

1220 E. Morehead St.. Charlotte 3. N. C 305, 

Shoop, Richard Arthur '67, 

364 W. 9th St.. Salem. Ohio 146 

Shore, Carey D. '66, 901 Colville Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 133, 
Shorenstein. Stuart Alan '68. 

55 Spruce Dr., Roslyn, L. I., N. Y 313, 

Short, Beverly Arlene '67, 217 Johnston Rd., Bridgeville, Pa, 
Short, Nancy Pelton '67, 

3840 Edinburgh Rd., Columbia 4, S. C. 
Shuford, Thomas W., Ill '67, 

308 Third Ave. SE. Lenoir. 
Shnmwav. Robin Elizabeth '65. 

2164 Chatfield Dr.. Cleveland 
Shurcliff, Frances M. '68, 

307 W. Grizzard, Tullahoma. 
Sidbury, James Richard '65, 

1309 Heather Lane, Charlotte 
Siddall, Patrick '67, 

5419 Taney Ave., Alexandria, Va 192. 285, 

Siebold, Guy L. '67. 1121 N. Church, Rockford, 111 196, 

Siegel, Jerrold Stanley "67, 

8805 Leonard Dr., Silver Spring, Md 146, 

Sifers, Christina '66, 5735 High Dr., Shawnee Mission. Kan.. 
Sigmon. Donald Neal '65. 3117 Tuckaseegee Rd.. 

Charlotte 8. N. C .142, 143. 148, 149, 

Sijthoff, Hendrik G. M. '67, 2 Robins Roost, Port Chester, N 
Sikes, Walter Edwin '67, 

2424 Barry St., Charlotte 5, N. C 283, 

Sikora, Robert Francis "68, 

256 22 Kensington Place, Great Neck, N. Y 144. 

Silver, Martin D. '66. 

9512 Cle.ment Rd.. Silver Spring. Md 79, 135, 317, 

Silverforb, David Bruce '67. 7315 Holmes, Kansas City, Mo.. 
Silverman, Frederick I. '68, 

86 Ray Heights Dr.. Miami, Fla Ill, 

Silverman, Thomas Duncan '68, 

125 Margo Lane. Fayetteville, N. Y 

N. C. 


Heights 6, Ohio.. 182, 326, 

Tenn ...169, 265, 

9, N. C 

Simmons. Douglas E. '66, Rt 
Simmons, Judith Ann '65, 

313 Old Trail, Baltimore 
Simmons, Vaughan Paul "67, 

1140 Vista Trail, Atlanta 24, Ga, 

Box 587, Easley, S. C...231, 

































-78, 79, 187, 309, 




281, 291, 326, 



Simmons, William B.. Jr. "66, 

130 W. Lebannon St.. Mount Airy. N. C 
Simon. .lo,seph Stephen '65, 

411 Edgewood, Columbia, Mo 
Simon, Steven Edward '68, 

75 Nob Hill Rd.. New London, Conn 

Simons, Robert Alan '68, 

1236 W. 69th St., Kansas City 13, Mo 

Simons, William John "68, 

614 Raleigh Rd.. Wilson, N. C 

Simpson. John Gibb "65, 406 Watts St.. Durham. N. C 
Simpson, Jon Harold "67, Bo.\ 14, Cottonwood. .Ariz. 
Simpson. Lucia E. "66, 

763 Barnsdale Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C 261. 

Simpson. Robert L., Jr. "65. 

1602 Challen Ave., Jacksonville 5, Fla 

Simpson. Terry Allen "65. 

3207 Cullen Lake Shore Dr., Orlando, Fla. .84. 194. 311. 
Simpson. William A. "65, Box 188, 

Dublin, Va...67, 76, 78. 79. 115. 187, 20 
Sims, Larry D. "66. 

3629 Northwest 12 St.. Oklahoma City 7, 
Sims. Thomas Courtland "68. 

605 Second Ave.. Montgomery. W. Va 

Sinclair, Timothy A. "66, 

1688 Olter Creek Rd., Nashville, Tenn...83, 84, 196 
Smgletary, Gail Dalton "68, 

32 Beverly Dr., Durham, N. C 

Singleton, Sandra Louise "68, 

201 Murry Hill Dr.. Lancaster. Pa 

Sites. James Russell '65. 

101 Powell Rd.. Oak Ridge. Tenn 79. 

Sitterley. Jean Elizabeth '66. 

10 Langhorne Ave., Bethlehem, Pa 
Sizemore, Frank Julian "68, 

629 Colonial Dr., High Point, N. C 138. 214, 301 

Sjostrom, Karen Ellen "67, 

2111 Dominion Dr.. Charlottesville, "Va 

Skinner, Ernest Michael "68, 

773rd Radar Squadron, Montauk, N. Y. 169 193 

Slade. William Samual "68, RED 4, Ba.xley, Ga 17'' 

Slater, Frank M. "67. 

1730 Legion Dr.. Winter Park. El 
Slaughter, Celia R. "66. 

810 Linwood Rd.. Birmingham 5. Ala 

Slaughter. Richard Gross "68. 

Rt. 5. Bo.\ 62. Austin 45, Texas 
Slease. Clyde H., Ill "66. 

637 Pitcairn Place. Pittsburgh. Pa U"" 

Slivinske, Dale .-Arthur "68, 

309 Haven Ave.. Scotch Plains, N. 
Slocum, Nancy E. "66, 

1539 Kathwood Dr., Columbia, S 
Sluder, Larry Lan "68, Box 15, Enka, 
Small, Alden Thomas "65, 

118 Chestnut St.. Garden City, N. 
Small. Margaret Hocker '68. 

564 Fairmont Rd.. Linthicum, Md 

Small, Mary Buchanan '68. RED 2, Glade Springs Va 
Small. Phillip Winslow '67, 

1932 Sharon Lane, Charlotte 7. N. C 247, 297, 

Smeltz. Carol J. "66. 

419 Concord Ave.. Wilmington 3. Del 
Smilari. Laurin Kathleen "68, 

8 W. Glen .Ave.. Ridgewood, N. J 

Smith. Barbara H. '66. 

795 Knollwood Terrace. Westfield. N. J 161. 

Smith, Brian C. "66, 1310 Lawrence Rd., Chattanooga, "Tenn' 
Smith, Carolyn Linwood "65, 

2221 Whitman Rd.. Raleigh, N. C 

Smith. Cassandra E. "68. 

3000 Eondley Rd., Winston-Salem. N. C 

Smith. Darland Conrad "68, 

110 Leavell Woods Dr.. Jackson 4. Miss.... 143. 149 
Smith. David Wesley '67, 

58 Evergreen Dr.. N. Caldwell, N. J 
Smith. Dinah Yates "68, 1427 Cole Mill Rd. 
Smith. Donald Douglas "67, 

314 S. Darlington, Tulsa 12, Okla... 

Smith, Gregory Lynn "68, 14 S. Main St.. Jacobus 
Smith. Heather Howard "65. 

8 France Place. Larchmont. N. Y.... ...64. 130. 271, 

Smith, Howard William "67. 1 1 Twin Circle Ct., Yardley, Pa" 
Smith, Jaquelin Lucy F. "68. 

Greenwood Farm, Hay Market. Va 143 

Smith. John A., Ill "65, 

3415 Javins Dr.. Alexandria. Va 136. 146. 196. 

Smith, John Howard "68, 

1109 NE Second Ave., Delray Beach, Fla.. 
Smith, Julie A. "66, 7415 Falmouth St 
Smith, Kingston Earl '68, 

110 Woodland Dr., Newport News, Va 239, 295, 


. C 

N. C. 


































J 293, 353 




N. C. 












Springfield, Va...27l, 







Va 271, 407 


121. 353 

.100. 248. 353 








Smith. Lindi Kay "68, 

7415 Falmouth St., Springfield, 
Smith, Margaret L. "65, 

1119 Jefferson Ave.. New Orleans, 
Smith, Mary Katherine "65, 

1817 Glendale Ave.. Durham. N. C. 
Smith. Michael Edward '67, 

218 Saratoga Ave., Spartanburg, S. 
Smith. Norman A. "66, 

6914 Linda Lake Dr., Charlotte 5, N. 
Smith. Patricia G. '66. 

3443 North Venice St.. Arlington 7. Va. 
Smith. Ralph Wilson "67, 4632 Fairfax Ave., Dallas 9 
Smith, Robert K. "66, 

505 S. Taylor St.. Rocky Mount, N. 
Smith. Robert Z. "66, 16 Hazelton St.. Falls Church. Va...ii4! 
Smith. Robin "68, 1361 Saint Elmo Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. 
Smith, Sally Lynne "67, 1575 Friar Tuck Rd. NE, Atlanta 9, 
Smith, Sandra Glynn "65, Rt. 3, Box 401, Covington, Va. 
Smith. Sandra Luise '67, 

56 Elmore Rd.. Rochester 18, N. Y 263, 

Smith, Sarah Lynn '65, 

Rt. 3, Box 401, Covington, Va 87. 

Smith, Sharon Alice "68, 

2 East Cadillac Dr.. Somerville, N. J 

Smith. Ste\'en Lee "67. 

917 Wellington Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md.. 
Smith. Susan Elizabeth '65. 

1028 Ohio St., Glenwood. III.. 116 

Smith. Walter Aldine, Jr. "65, 

1170 Mount Paran Rd. NW, Atlanta 5, Ga...l46, 
Smith. Wendy Jean '68, 

440 Ridgewood Ave. NW. Gainesville. Ga 407 

Smithers. John Early '68. 5344 Tanev Ave., Alexandria, Va. 






180, 353 
.275, 407 




169, 353 

McLean, Va.. 
Hanover. Pa. 


.315, 407 

.242, 309, 407 

Smull, Michael W. '67. 4200 Forest Lane 
Smyth, Melinda Free '65, 301 Baer .Ave. 
Smythers. .Alex Jackson '68, 

1932 Baird Rd.. Penfield, N. Y 

Snead. Philip Trout '68. 

6915 York Rd.. Baltimore 12. Md 

Sneeringer. Wm. James. IV '68. 

906 Poplar St.. .Annapolis. Md 40 161 

Snider. Richard H., Jr. '66.169 Maple Ave.. Oakfield, N Y 79 371 
Snidow, .Anne Wallingford '68. 

364 Connecticut .Ave., Spartanburg, S. C... 407 

Snotherly. Jane Dixon '68, 1001 Westwood, High Point N C 407 
Snow, Elizabeth B. '66, 

1712 Hermitage Ave. SE. Huntsville, Ala 371 

Snow, Rodney Wayne '67, Stadium Dr., Spray, N. C. 386 
Snyder, Carol Ann '66, 62 Lake Rd.. Morristown, N. J ]->'> 371 

Snyder. Mary A. "66. 1315 Green Way Dr.. High Point, N C 371 
Snyder, Mary E. "66, 

...254. 265, 371 







Darlington Rd.. Darling. Pa... 
Snyder. Stephen Wilson "65. 

900 W. Moss Ave., Peoria. 
Snyder, William Gordon '68, 

840 Midland Rd.. Oradell, N 
So. Philip Kinlok '65, 

2207 Lido Lane. Holiday Hi: 
Solie. Guy Thomson '67. 

4213 "V'uma Dr.. Madison II 
Somers, William R. "66, 

421 W. Vanderbilt Dr., Oak 
Sommerville. Donald Paul "67. 

1509 Pigeon Point Rd.. Beaufort 
Southern, Gilbert E., Jr. "67, 

2447 Jefferson Ave., Winston-Salem. 
Southern. Samuel O. "66, 

2715 Barmettler St., Raleigh, N. C 

Southmayd. Carol Jean "65, 4902 Fort Sumner Dr., 

Washington 16, D. C 87, 180, 279, 3''6 353 

Speck, Martha L. '66, 3204 Churchill Rd., Raleigh. N. C...273. 372 
Speight, Margaret Louise "67. Rt. 1, Farmville. N C 

Fla...... 67, 110. 297, 


Beverly Hills. Calif .....317, 

J 136, 

i. Wilmington 3. Del...... 353 

Wis.-... 132, 309, 374, 386 

Ridge, Tenn 185. 309 

S. C 164, 

N. C 172. 







Spencer. John Calloway 

104 Elmira St.. Milton. 
Spiegel. Mark .Alexander 

807 North Elm Dr.. 
Spinelli. Betty Jean "68, 

613 E. Robinwood Dr 
Spivey. Pegev Jolene "66, 

221 W. 3rd St.. 8 Sooner City. Norman, Okla 372 

Spnngman, Janet Elaine '67, 1215 Elm St.. Glenview. III. 

St. Clair. Mary Diane '68. 108 W. Va. St.. Beckley. W. Va. 407 
St. Petery, Louis Bert '65, 754 River Rd.. Orange Park. Fla. 
Stackhouse. Douglas E. '68, 

315 Muriel .Ave., N. Plainfield. N 
Stadiem. Hyman '68. 1201 Sutton Dr., 
Stadler, Judy Lvnn '68, 

104 McCollum Dr.. Reidsville. N. C 
Stafford. Susan Graham '67, 

Box 3I4A. Rt. I. Matthews. N. C 267. 

Stallings. .Alice Leone '67. 

222 East Lake Dr., Thomasville, N. C 386 

Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.. 

. J .....144. 

Kinston. N. C. 





.279, 407 


Stames, Paul Theologytis '67, 

304 Main St., Malawan, N. J _ 295 

Stamile. Patrick M. '66. 13 Milton St., RFD 1, Sayviiie. N 
Stanfiold, Harry T. '65, 

3101 Hope Valley Rd.. Durham. N. C 84, 19h, 

Stanford. Ann Leslie '68, 

Rt. 1. Bo\ .v'i-D, Chapel Ct., Timo.iium. MJ 
Stanford. Herschel E., Jr. '66, 

4146 Paran Pines Dr., .Atlanta, Ga. 
Ellen Gail '67. 

Columbia, S. C. 

Columbia, S. C 133, 259, 

'68. 134 Stanley Dr., Kerner.sville,' N. C 









259. 386 

N. C. 

N. C 


1st Place, 
...112, 132, 


...125, 267, 
.160, 267, 









.88, 146, 372 



Devine St., 
Margaret J 
Devine St.. 
Ronald Jay 
Sharon Lea '68 
32 Capron St., Fort Bragg 
Stansbury, Dale G. '66, 

2116 Wright Ave., Greensboro 
Stark, Steven Zachary "68, 

1908 Millersville Pike. Lancaster, 
Slarns. Byron E.. Jr. '66, 1123 NW 

■Apt. 18, Gainesville. Fla 

Starrett, Andrea Lynn "67, 

2685 Kimmeridge Dr., East Point 
Stauffer. Robert E. "66, 

353 Oakridge Dr., Rochester. N. Y 
Stauffer. William R. '66, 

605 Wimpleton Place, Louisville 6, Ky 

Stauss, Benjamin George '67, Rt. 4, Bex 69. Easton Md 
Stavms, Charles F. "66. 1215 92nd St., Niagara Falls N Y 
Stead, Lucy Ellen "67, 2122 Myrtle Dr.. Durham N C ""i7 
Stead, Nancy W. '66, 2122 Myrtle Dr.. Durham N 
Steckel. Martin H. '66. 

2123 Roosevelt St., Hollywood. Fla... 202 

Steckmest, Thomas Lee '68, 

66 Beverly Dr., Rye. N. Y 146 30S 

Steele, Herbert Duane '65, 

1215 Summit St.. McKeesport. Pa. "'8'> 

Steele. Ted Warren "65, ~ " 

610 Walnut Ave., Charlotte 8. N. C. 188 

Stein, Richard Allan "68, 

102 St. Lawrence St., Rehaboth Beach, Del. 
Steitz, Molly Deklyn "67. 2015 Grove St., Glenview 
Stephens, .Ann Lyn "65. 

620 Manchester Lane, Birmingham 9, Ala. 
Stephens, Charles Garon '65, 

1105 Circle Dr.. Tallahassee, Fla. 314 354 

Stephens. Michael Allan '67, 415 E. Maione St.. Hanford"" Cafif 
Stephens, Sharon Paine '67, 

Apt. 5-2601 Westover Ave., Roanoke. Va. 
Stephenson. William Henry '68. 

267 Woodberry Dr., Bloomfield Hill, Mich 138 
Sterlmg, Lesley J. '66. P. O. Box 116^. Raleigh N C 
Stetler. Peter Miles "68, 

86 Danbury La., Kenmore 17, N. Y. 19^ 24 
Stevens, Barry W. "66, 

1306 Abbeville Ave. NW, Aiken. S. C. 
Stevens, James H.. Jr. "66, 

5827 Falkirk Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. 
Stevens. Joel B.. Ill "65, 

4527 Brookridge Dr.. Kingsport. Tenn...l79, 188 315 
Stevens. Lvnn B. "66, 

7741 SW 134th Terrace. Miami, Fla 133 

Stevens, Pierre Vandale "68, 

307 Belmont Ave., Cannonsburg, Pa III. 

Stevenson. Monica Lynne '65, 

.American Embassy, Santiago. Chile 121, 

Stewart, Clorea Elizabeth '67, P. O. Box 66, Easton, 
Stewart, Frances Linda "68, 77 Warrior Rd.. Drexel Hi 
Stewart, James Edward "66. "Verdiers Bluff. Beaufort, S 
Stewart, Jolin Douglas "67, 1204 Covington Rd., 

Carrcroft. Wilmington 3. Del 192, 

Stewart. Rodney O. '66, 

1717 Foster Court. Burlington. N. C 

Stewart, Samuel K.. Jr. "68, 

15 Cushman St.. Plymouth. Mass. 146 149 

Stewart, William Ray "67, 

137 Country Club Place, Southbridge, Mass 283. 

287, 372 

390, 407 



.311. 407 
.267. 386 



n4, 283 

307, 407 

.216, 372 




305. 407 



II. Pa. 


C 315 

285, 386 

.309, 372 



Beech St.. Te.xarkana, Ark 407 


Stickney. Jean Cook "68. 230: 
Stiles, Christopher S. '66, 

630 27th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 196 "^36 ''9S 37-1 
Stmison. William Richard "67, 621 SW 37th Ave., Miami Fla 
Stinson, Nancy Ellen "67, 

1926 Cambridge Ave. SW, Roanoke, Va.. 
Stitt, James Roger "67. 

26603 N. Woodland Rd.. Beachwood 24, Ohio. 
Stitt, Thomas Paul "65, 1 10 Upper Shawnee Ave., Easton Pa 
Stoaks, Joy Elizabeth "67, 

CO U. S. Embassy. APO 146. San Francisco. Calif 
Stoebe. Edward Robert "67, 

3734 Maplehurst Dr.. Endwell, N. Y... 
Stoessel, Doris Anne "68, 

3050 S. Cobb Dr. Bid. 19-B, Smyrna, Ga 



-150, 303, 386 


149. 287, 

Stogner, Kathryn Jovce '67, 

212 Nellis Dr., Goldsboro, N. C 

Stokes, Joseph Powell '68, 

1324 Highland Ave., Hendersonville. N 
Stokes, Paul Mason '68, 1071 Falcon Ave., 

Miami Springs, Fla 142' 143 

Stokes. Roger William '67, 

467 Main St.. W. Mcdway, Mass. i9-> 

Stoler. Stanley '68, " 

2612 Sawmill Rd., N. Bellmore, N. Y 185 311 

Stone, Bruce Winchester '67, 

5 Berwick Rd., Lexington 73, Mass. 
Stone, Margaret Priscilla "65, 

801 Starling Ave.. Martinsville, Va 

Stone, Sam George "67, 

367 Richmond Lane, Crystal Lake, III. 179 311 

.Stone, William F. "67. " 

2100 E. Walnut, Goldsboro, N. C 

.Stoner, Michael A. "66, 235 Brandon Court, Danvilie Va 

Stoney. James Richard "68. Box 28, Warrenton N C 
Stoppelman, John E. '66, 

3415 Franklin Place, Wilmington 
Stovall, Anne Wynan '67, 

1734 Tippah Ave., Charlotte 5, 
Stover. Carol June '66, 

Apt. C 441, 311 N. 20th St., Arlington 1, Va 
Stover, Pamela Anne '65. 502 Station Ave.. Langhorne Pa 

St., Arlington 7, Va. 
'67, Box 274, Laurel, Fla 

, Del... 
N. C. 


155, 261, 


7, N. C.....87, 118, 275, 


-126. 134, 
-192. 307, 



..261, 407 

Strackbein, William C. 

3505 No. Abingdon 
Stratton. Sherman Lee 
Strawn, Betsy Ann "67, 

2108 Sherwood Ave., Charlotte 
Strawther. Teri Frances "67, 

110 Shore View Dr., Yonkers, N, 
Strickland, Dianne Claire "67, 

1438 Palmer St., Mayport, Fla. 
Strickland. William F. "65. 

4421 Iroquois Ave.. Jacksonville. Fla. 114 

Strmgfellow. Walter, III "67, 

964 Cherry St., Winnetka, 111. 197 

Strohl, Daniel Schuyler "68, " ' 

320 S. Harrison St., East Orange, N. J. 185 317 

Stroman, Dorothy Mae "67, ' ' ' 

119 Simmons St., Mt. Pleasant, S. C. 
Strong, Marcia Jean '68, 

1523 Gulf Beach Highway, Pensacola, Fla 
Stroud, Dixie Janet '67, 

2522 Country Club Lane, Charlotte, N C 
Stroud, John Burke '65, 

35 Champlin St., Newport, R. I 

Stroupe, Sandra P. "66, 

2300 Laburnum Ave., Charlotte, N. C. 
Stuart. Allen Reynolds "68. Box 265, White Pine Tenn 
Stuart. William Kelly "68, 2234 Woodrow St.. Durham N 
Stubbs. Constance Lynn "68, 

3106 Poinciana Rd., Middletown, Ohio. 
Stubbs, Gary Winterson '68, 

501 S. College St., Carlisle, Pa 311 

Stubbs, Rowena M. '66. 

4975 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville 1, Fla 180 

Stubbs, Sara M. '66. 3080 S. Detroit Way, Denver, Colo... 27 1", 
Studstrup. Stanley K. "66. 

1928 Boscobel Ct., Rockford, III 2I6, 

Stuebner, Jon W. "66, 

18 Dromara Rd., St. Louis 24, Mo 295, 

Suerken, Susan Ann '67, 

98 Mohican Park Ave., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y 

Sullivan. Edward Joseph "68, 

39 Bamford Place, Irvington. N. J 

Sullivan. Elizabeth Ann '67, 

36 Orchard Lane. Wayland. Mass 

Sullivan, John Lawrence "65, 

12916 Crisfield Rd.. Wheaton. Md 

Sullivan, Margaret H. '65. 301 Cherry Dr., Boone, N. C. 
Sullivan, Virginia Ellen '68, 

2711 Bayonne Ave.. Baltimore 14. Md 269. 

Summers, Linnea .Ann '68, 

5406 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md 255. 

Summers. Robert Taylor '68, 

1010 East 8th Ave., Johnson City, Tenn... 

Sumner, William Emslie '67, 

144 Anthony St.. Gaffney, 
Surbaugh. Georgeann "66. 

R. R. 6. Box 78. Anderson, 
Sussman. William Charles '68, 

849 Ave., Coral Gables 46, Fla 143. 

Sutch, Ruth Marian '65, 

148 Cedar Lane, Cheshire, Conn 85, 

Sutherland, John D. '66, 

Rt. I. Box 374R, Port Clinton. Ohio 

Swagart, Harry Augustus "67, 

14100 River Rd., RFD 3, Box 118A, Gaithersburg, Md, 

S. C. 





.309, 318, 
















































Swain. Lamar Marie "65, 

603 Small St., Wash. Park, Washington, N. C 259, 

Swan, Nancy Kaye "68, 

66TAC Recon. Wing Hdqtrs., APO 17, New York 

Swann, William Cecil "68, 

21 Browntown Rd., Asheville, N. C ..- 

Swanson, Karen Jean '68, 63 Darwin Dr., Snyder 26, N. Y 

Swaringen, Cheryl Clinton '66. 

705 B West Wendover Ave., Greensboro, N. C 

Swatzburg. Susan '65, Scotland Rd., Norwich, Conn 

Sweet, Charles Vaiin "68, 

4985 Lake Forrest Dr. NW, Atlanta 5, Ga 309, 

Sweet, Penny "65, 137 Parkview Ave., Penndel, Pa. 

Sweger, Daniel Marion '65, 707 Gallion Ave., Pittsburgh 26, 

Swennes. Robert Harvey, II '67, 

8424 Mt. Tibet Dr.. El Paso 4, Texas 164, 

Swetnam, John Wilber "68, 

1702 S. Lakewood, Tulsa, Okla 145, 

Swinden. Elbert Dennis, Jr. "67, 

6003 Dean Dr., MacLean, Va 315, 

Swinnev, John G. "67, 

201 Hempstead Place, Charlotte 7, N. C 

Swogger, Richard Lee "67. 

12580 Chillicothe Rd., Chesterland, Ohio 
Swomley. Michael Thomas "68, 

3212 Brightwood Ave., Baltimore 7, Md 214. 

Sythoff. Hendrick Gerard "66. Port Chester, N. Y 

Tacknev, David Talbott '65. 

709 Berry St., Falls Church, Va 188, 192, 291, 

Taft, Richard Chesson '67, 

1707 E. 5th St., Greenville, N. C 297, 

Taft, Thomas Fleming "68, 

119 W. 3rd St., Greenville, N. C Ill, 138, 301, 

Tarasoff, Barry Joel "67, 

567 Greenbrook Rd., N. Plainfield. N. J 285, 

Tarasuk, William C. "68. 

306 Marion St., Bridgeport. Conn 287. 

Tarpley, John Jorg "65. 

3629 Drayton Rd.. Fayetteville. N. C 315. 

Tarpley. Mary Carol "65. 

6635 Highgate Lane. Dallas 14. Texas 171, 

Tart, Lois McPhail "65, 454 W. Market St., York, Pa. ..133, 271, 
Tarwater. Nancy P. '66. Rt. 4. Box 65. Harriman, Tenn...279, 
Tasker, Richard William '67, 

96 Locksley Rd., l.vnnfield. Mass 

Tate, James K., IV '66, 

416 S. Union St., Bolivar. Tenn 193. 287, 

Tate, Judith Ruth '67, 

6530 Robin Rd., Dallas 9, Texas 247, 271, 

Taurman, John David '68. 

350 Greensboro Dr., Dayton, Ohio ..311, 

Tavernise, Michele '68, 208 Watts St., Durham. N. C. 

Tavernise. Pia '65. 208 Watts St.. Durham. N. C 

Taylor. Clinton "68. 

375 Idlewyld Dr.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 163, 

Taylor. Edward Carl "65. 3844 Thalia Dr.. Virginia Beach. Va.. 
Taylor. Jeremy Wade '67. 1211 S. 25th St.. Arlington. Va.. 
Taylor. Joe Todd. Ill '65. 

222 N. Milford Dr.. Salisbury. N. C 196. 

Taylor. Rebecca J. "65, Gatesville, N. C 

Taylor, Richard K. "66, Rt. 3, Burlington, N. C 

Taylor. William R. "66. 1409 Lyndhurst Dr.. 

Emerywood Forest. High Point. N. C 143. 149. 

Taylor. William Rov. Jr. '68, 

801 S. Mecklenburg Ave., South Hill. Va 149. 

Teal. James Robert "67. 

520 Grandin Rd.. Charlotte 8, N. C 136, 299, 

Teets, Catherine Anne "65, 

762! SW 64th Ct., Miami 43, Fla 

Telge, Mark Charles "68. 

1779 Elm St., Manchester, N. H 214, 291, 

Temple, Nancy Lloyd "65. 

271 Brewer Ave., Winter Park, Fla 88, 144, 145. 257. 

Terry. Richard Franklin "68. 

14 Lenox Ave.. Wheeling. W. Va 143. 149, 185, 195, 

Tewell. Michael Lee "65. Box 144. Piedmont, S. C,..187, 
Thackrev, Kent D. "66, 

102 W. Rosemary Lane, Falls Church, Va....l32, 
Thomas, David Joseph "68, 

33 Clover Hill Dr.. .Stamford. Conn 214. 

Thomas. Larry Walter "67. 

1604 Camellia Rd., Beaufort, S. C 191. 196. 

Thomas. Richard S. "66. 

Box 355. Beaufort. S. C 136. 167. 169, 192, 

Thomas, Wilbur Wells. Ill '68. 

8308 Fenway Rd.. Bethesda. Md 196. 

Thomas, William L.. Ill '66, 211 Scott Dr.. Fairfax, Va...202, 
Thomasson, Sara Kathryn "65, 

616 Mulberry Rd., Martinsville, Va 119, 275, 

Thompson. Arthur Blair "68, 

40 Old Range Rd.. Wilton. Conn 295, 

Thompson, Arthur Shearon "67, 

Box 1135, Southern Pines, N, C 

.192, 295 



Thompson, Edward C. '66, 

354 113 Melbourne Ave., Silver Spring, Md 

Thompson. Janet M. "66, 

.407 4610 Cedar Oaks Lane. Bellaire. Texas 263. 372 

Thompson. John Gill '68. 

.407 113 College Ave.. Centerville, Tenn 301, 408 

.407 Thompson, Joseph Madison '66, 

517 Gardner St., Raleigh, N. C 387 

.269 Thompson. Rebecca Jean '65, 

.354 632nd Radar Sqdn., Roanoke Rapids, N. C 354 

Thompson. Richard Baker '67. 

407 P. O. Box 1098. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 82, 387 

Thompson, William H., Jr. '67, 

Pa. 1912 Piedmont Way. South Bend, Ind 387 

Thore. Robert Eddie "67, 

231 2543 Pinckney Ave., Charlotte 5, N. C 136, 387 

Thornburv, Elizabeth H. "66, 

407 18 Cornwells Rd.. Port Washington, N. Y 372 

Thornton. June Williams '65. 

387 2765 Hillandale Circle. Macon. Ga 259. 

Thornton. Robert Bannaton "68. 

.291 1308 Evergreen Ave.. Goldsboro. N. C 193, 

Thornton, Thomas S. "66, 

730 Lake Shore Dr., Delray Beach, Fla 372 

Thrasher. Michael A. "67. 5960 Poppy Dr.. McLean. Va. 
291 Tibone, James Eugene '68, 

.372 25 .So. Long Beach Rd., Rockville Center, N. Y...229. 

Tice. Stephen Alonso '67, 

354 P. O. Box 434, Tice, Fla 146, 155, 315, 

Ticktin, Thomas Lee '65, 

387 341 Pinewood Lane, Rock Hill. S. C 293. 

Tiffany. Terence Norman '67. 300 Forest Dr.. Short Hills. N. 
407 Tilley. David H. '66. 938 Lambeth Circle, Durham. N. C. 

Tilton. Grace Louise '67. 1 Lanark Rd.. Arlington 74. Mass. ..387 
287 Timmerman. William B. '68. 

1960 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte 7. N. C...... .....293. 

407 Tinsley. Ethel M. '66. 3M BIdg. No. I. 3-Chome. 

Omote Cho Akasada. Minato-Ku Tokyo. Japan 263. 

354 Tisdale. Norwood Boyd "68. 

The American Rd.. Dearborn. Mich 311. 

354 Tise. Larry Edward '65. 

354 302 Norman Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C 280, 283, 

372 Tison. R. Haskell "65. 125 Charles. Geneva. Ill 220, 289, 

Titus. Jane Wallace "65, 

.387 2060 Grand Blvd.. Schenectady 9, N. Y 87, 

Tobias, Carl William "68, 

372 918 Sunset Ave.. Petersburg, Va 229, 317, 

Todd. Brenda G. '66, RFD 2, Fredericktown, Ohio 160, 

387 Todd, Norma Lee "65, 182 Beach Rd., Hampton, Va 

Todd, William Miller "66, 
407 1827 Keys Crescent Lane, Cincinnati 6, Ohio. 128. 176. 

Todorovich. Michael Bruce '67. 

.407 9846 Waterbury Dr.. Ladue 24. Mo 

Tokaz. Arthur Tik '67. 

407 4952 Westfield Rd.. Columbia. S. C 195, 

.354 Tomko. David J. "66. RFD 14. Box 332. Richmond, Va 

.301 Topping. Joseph C. Jr. '68. 

Liverman Heights. Plymouth, N. C 149, 

309 Townsend, John Seaman "68, 

.354 1624 Alexander Ave., Chambersburg, Pa 408 

.372 Towslee, Polly Ellen "66, One Jones St., Cartersville, Ga 387 

Tracy, Carol Cousins "68, 2202 Lafayette St.. Durham. N. C. 
467 Tracy. Deborah Ann '68. 

38 Brunswick St.. Pittsfield. Mass 150. 

372 Trader. Ronald G. "68. 91 Girede Rd.. East Aurora, N. Y. 

Travelstead. Malcolm P. "68. 

387 4303 Keswick Rd.. Baltimore 10. Md 214. 

Travis. Frances Virginia '67. 

.354 3602 Royce Dr.. England AFB. La 

Tredick. Trafton. Jr. "67. 

407 131 Lanning Ave.. Pennington. N. J 293. 372 

Tredway. James W.. Ill "68. 
354 1106 W. Durwood Crescent. Richmond 29. Va. .185. 293. 

Tremlett. Robert Stephen '68. 

407 302 E. Grove St.. Greeneville, Tenn 140. 287, 

354 ■ Treptow, Thomas Victor "65, 4622 N. Idlewild Ave., 

Milwaukee 11. Wis 86. 135. 174. 176. 326. 

372 Trexler. William B. "66. 2 Berryhill Rd., Greenville, S. C. 

Tria, John Joseph. Jr. "68, Rt. 2. Box 446 A. 

407 Bethlehem Rd.. Kings Mountain. N. C 192. 408 

Triblev. Nancv Jeanette "68. 

387 213" Lewis St.. Greenville. N. C 150. 

Trickey. Robert Kent '65. 

372 112 W. Lavender St.. Durham. N. C 88, 144, 

Triplett, Silence Stewart "68, 

407 7 Oxfort St., Chevy 15, Md 263, 

301 Triope, William Lambert "67, 

380 Araonne Dr., Atlanta, Ga 136, 307. 

354 Trotman. 'Richard C. '67. 

20 W. View Rd.. W. Orange. N. J 195. 289. 

407 Truax. Allan Bradley '68, R. D. 2, Berwick, Pa 

Truslow, John D. "66, 
287 621 Transylvania Ave., Raleigh, N. C 136, 






























Tschan. Donald Nelson, Jr. "68, 

1100 Clover Hill Rd., Wynncwood. Pa. 149, 185, 297, 
Tschiidi. .Alice Jane '(i8. 

309 Meadowbrook Ave., Ridgeuood. N. J 

Tucker, Nancy A. '66, 

2.'i Jefferson Rd.. Cheslniil Hill. Mass 180, 

Tudor, Michael Simon '67, 

1500 Military Highway, Pineville, La 303, 

Tuke, Thomas Geoffrey "68, 

2275 Westfall Rd.. Rochester, N. Y 289, 

Tiuhiville, Richard B. '67, 

220 Gardenview. San Antonio, Texas ...196, 305, 

TinnhuU, Donald Hamilton '68, 

9222 Mintwood St., Silver Spring, Md 

Turner, Ann Rosamond '68, 

1831 East 31st Place, Tulsa, Okla 263, 

Turner, Arthur F., Ill '67, 

930 N. Texas Ave.. Orlando, Fla 240, 

Turner, Carlan "68, 2833 Stuart Dr., Durham, N. C 

Turner, Carmen Irma '68, 271 W. Main St., Newark, Del.. .269 
Turner, Dudley Pierce '65, Hillcrest Dr., Great Falls, S. C. 
Turner. Elaine Ward '66, 

1523 Park Grove Ave., Baltimore 28, Md 125, 358, 

Turner, George R., Ill '66, 

1515 Andover Rd., Charlotte. N. C 82, 301, 

Turner, Neil Evans '65, Sutton Rd.. R. D. 2, Trucksville, 
Turner, Sandra Jane '66, 

P. O. Box 7, Carrizozo, N. M 122, 125, 

Turner, Suzanne L. '66, 

751 College Ave., Wooster, Ohio 263, 

Tuttle, Wendelin Holly '65, 

1000 Mary Allen Lane, Mountainside, N. J. 

Tuul, Mall '65, 90 Caryl Ave., Yonkers, N. Y 175, 

Twomey, Judith Anne '67, 

R. D. 1, Box 295, Quakertown. Pa 125, 190, 

Tyler, Joan Frances '68. 

21 Bickfield Dr., Hampton, Va 185, 257, 

Tyler, Margaret C. '66. 

6103 Ternple Rd.. Jacksonville 17, Fla 

Tylka. Leonard Charles "68. 25 Third St., Fords, N. J 

Uddstrom. Kristi Blair '68. 

800 Larchmont Rd.. Pittsburgh, Pa 267. 

Uhl. Leslie Ann "68. 

2179 Wyland Ave.. Allison Park. Pa 271 

Uible, David Tobert "65, 2686 Cranlyn Rd., Shaker Hgts., 
Ullenberg. Judith Ann "65. 

1317 Woodhill Dr.. Chattanooga 5. Tenn. 
Ulrich. Dorn Wilcox "68. 67 Potter Place. Fairport. N. Y...289 
Umstead. Alexander B.. Jr. '65. 

1109 Englewood Ave.. Durham. N. C 191. 299, 

Underbill, John G., Ill '65, 

3701 Mass. Ave. NW, Washington 16, D. C 311. 

Upchurch. Herbert J., Jr. "65, 

306 N. Trenholm Rd., Columbia, S. C 305, 

Upmeyer, Neil Albert "68, 

1333 Indian Rocks Rd., Clearwater, Fla ...295, 

Urquhart, James B., Ill "66, 1407 22nd St. South, 

.Arlington, Va 79, 86, 135, 188. 

Vacendak. Stephen T. '66, 

1805 Sanderson Ave.. Scranton. Pa 220. 301, 

Vala, Charlene Rose '68, 

1940 Sunnyside Ave., Westchester, 111 

Valdes. James Franklin "68. 

484 Bryn Mawr Lane NW. Atlanta 26. Ga 144. 

Vale, Kathryn Ann "65. Box 85. Goldston. N. C...158. 164. 
Valenta. Frank Louis, Jr. "68. 

Box 216 B. RFD 1. Irmo, S. C 307, 

Valin, Margaret Suzanne '67, 1605 SE 9th St., 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 126, 134. 

Valle, David L. "65, 

9428 Wenonga Rd., Shawnee Mission, Kan 67, 280, 307, 

Van de Ree. Carol Emily "65, 

8504 Branch Ave., Clinton, Md 133, 

Van Dusen, Richard Abbott "68, 

4606 Chestnut St., Bethesda, Md 

Van Dyke, Maureen K. "66. 5916 E. Seventh St., Tulsa, Okla. 
Van Sciver, Peter Travis "65, Box 68, Nassau, Bahamas. ... 
Vandale, Susan Elizabeth "67, 

2416 E. Washington St., Charleston, W. Va 

Vanderbloemen, Richard L. "66, 

527 W. View St., Lenoir, N. C 

Vandewater. William J. '68. 201 Austin Ave., Staunton, Va... 
Vandyke, Allen Holstead '67, 

1101 W. Rock Spring, Greenville. N. C 295, 

Vanhoy. Milton Spangler "65, 

2204 Crescent Aver. Charlotte 7. N. C 

Vanlandingham. David J. "66. 

1003 Meadow Heights Dr., Jackson, Miss 

Van Meter, Anne Jarleth "68, 

86 Strathmore Rd., Manhasset, N. Y 150, 263, 

Vann, Arthur, 111 '67, 

111 Oakland Ave., Durham, N. C 202, 236, 291, 











, 408 













. 408 






















Vannortwick, William A., Jr. '67, 

4129 Ortega Forest Dr., Jacksonville 1, Fla. 
Varela. Arthur Alexis Jr. '67. 

234 Belle Haven Rd.. Alexandria. Va 

Vaughan. Ronald James '65, 

36 Paxon Dr., Penarth, Wilmington 3, 
Vaughan, Sarah Daniel '68, 

710 E. Lake Dr., Greensboro, N. C. 
Veatch, Jesse William, III "68. 

373 Pinetrcc Dr. NE, Atlanta 5. Ga.... 
Venlo. Vera Cecelia "68, 

452 Hamilton Ave., Trenton, N. J 

Verga, Robert Bruce '67, 

416 Washington Blvd., Sea Girt, N. J 

Verhcy. Robert Seymour '65, 

1686 Eleanor Ave.. St. Paul 16. Minn 307. 

Vernon. Michael Lee "68. 1132 Marcia Rd.. Memphis. Tenn.. 
Viccelho. Vicki '68, Deputy Commander ADC, ENT AFB, 

Colorado Springs, Colo 

Vick, Paul Allen '65, 1543 Iredell, Raleigh, N. C 220, 301, 

Vickers. Ronald. Jr. "68, 6809 Kirk Dr., Ft. Worth 16, Texas. 
Vigil, Ronald E. "66. 

c/o .American Consulate. Mazathan Sinaloa. Mexico 
Vincent. Dale Leon. Jr. '68. 

945 N. Lebanon St.. Arlington. Va 185, 

Vincent. Wendy Carolyn "67, 

98 Sunset Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J 

Vintcn-Johansen, Dorte '68, 7105 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Md.. 
Peter "66. 

Lane. Bethesda, Md 171. 

Warren '68. 

Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla 214, 301, 



7105 Wilson 
Virgin. Edward 

910 Alabama 
Vivian. Sandra 

D. C. 



, Conn... 








Sanford, Fla... 125, 

5829 Nebraska Ave. NW, Washington 
Vogdes, James M., Ill "67, 

809 Colford Ave., Collingswood, N. J 317, 

Vogelsang. Robert F. "68, Landenburg, Pa 217. 291 

Volberg, Frank M.. Jr. '65, 

532 Forestdale Rd.. Kingsport. Tenn 88, 

Volk. Laura Zelle '67. Rt. 5. Flemington, N. J 

Volland. Craig S. "66. 

2117 Heritage Dr. NE. Atlanta. Ga 78. 79. 

Volz, Karen Diane "67. 

1819 Woodfill Way. Louisville 5 
Volz. Marlin Milton. Jr. '65. 

1819 Woodfill Way. Louisville 5, 
Von Salzen. Kirk K. "66, 

118 Foxcroft Rd., West Hartford 
Vos, Elizabeth Louise "67, 

P. O. Box 37, McLean, Va 

Vose, Martha Dunbar "66, P. O. Box 362 
Vreeland, Arthur Alexander "67, 

324 Beechwood Rd., Ridgewood, N. J 114, 295, 

Waddell, John Layton, Jr. "65, 

661 Forest Lawn Dr., Marion, Ohio 67, 283, 

Waddell, Mark Cherrington '68, 

815 S. Columbine, Denver 9, Colo 

Wade, Andrew Stuart '68, 

Sheeder Mill Farm, R. D. 1, Spring City, Pa 295, 

Wade, John Barrett, 111 "67, 

26 Valley View Ave., Summit, N. "J 

Wade, Ruth Elizabeth "68, 

756 Pine Valley Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C...87, 259, 

Wadsworth, Mary "68. 44 Rockledge Dr., Pelham, N. Y 

Waggoner, John Philip. Ill "65, 

1017 Lakewood Ave., Durham, N. C 88, 144, 146, 

Wagner, William Orr "67. 

330 Harford Place. Upland. Calif 315, 

Wagoner, Judith Ann "65, 

155 Spring Rd., Scotia 2, N. Y 

Waite, Robert Sears "65, 

4674 Lake Forrest Dr. NW, Atlanta 5, Ga 

Waldchen, Alfred J. "65, 414 Grove St., Westfield, N. J. 
Walden, John F. '65, 422 Peerman Place, 

Corpus Christi. Texas 76, 77, 86, 115, 165, 289, 

Waldman, Robert James "68, 

94 Emily Ave., Elmont, L. 1., N. Y 311. 

Waldo. James Robert "68. 

1923 N. Broadway. Shawnee, Okla.. .113. 128. 129. 136.311. 
Waldron. Jonathan C. "66. 

31 Lookout Rd., Mountain Lakes, N. J 309. 

Walker, Ann Kristine '67, 

Central Romana, La Romana, Dominican Republic .263, 
Walker, Beatrice A. "66, 

1885 Shore Dr. S., Apt. 314. .St. Petersburg. Fla 

Walker. Fmilv Elizabeth "68. 

2301 Roswell Ave.. Charlotte. N. C 

Walker, Leo Lauhon, II "67, 

St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Sta. L, Washington, D. C. 
Walker, Linda Ann '67, 

3237 Coral Park Dr., Cincinnati 11. Ohio 

Walker. Margaret Bates '66. 

2223 West Club Blvd.. Durham, N. C 



































Walker, Roscoe. Ill "68. 

222 Equitable BIdg.. Denver 22. Colo. 
Walker. Samuel A.. Ill '66. 

1859 Yorkshire, Birmingham, Mich 238 373 

Walker. Stephen Lawrence "67. ~ 

Rm. 609. Peoples Building. Charleston, S. C ""SS 387 

Walker. Susan Elise '68. 3931 Sulkirk Rd., Charlotte 9 N C 408 
Walker. Wesley "68. 

933 N. Lincoln Ct.. Wilmington, N. C. 149 196 408 

Wall. Doris Claudeene "68. 

1840 S. Alston Ave.. Durham. N. C 408 

Wall. Joseph Edward "68. Rt. 5. Burlington. N. C. 387 

Wallace. William Oscar "68. Washington. N C 408 

Wallas. Jonathan Paul "67. 

1901 Shoreham Dr.. Charlotte 7. N. C. 317 

Walsh. Kathy Lynn "67. 

c/o American Embassy, Quito. Ecuador 150 387 

Walsh. Michael Sherman, Jr. "66. 

1717 Jeffords, Clearwater, Fla 132, 187 295 356 

Walston. Daisy P. "66. Box 122. Tarboro. N C " "iSO 373 

Walter. Henry "68. R. D. 3. Lititz. Pa t89' 408 

Walters. Bonnie Lee "67. 137 Stout Ave., Middlesex N ~J " 387 
Walton, Carolee Ann "68. 

36 Herrontown Circle, Piinceton, N. J. 144 2ss 277 408 
Wang, "Vou Lue "65, 

3501 Quebec St. NW, Washington 16, D. C. ''97 356 

Wanless. Julia M. "66, ' '" " '" 

2024 Wiggins, Springfield, 111 _ 763 373 

Waple. Mark Louis "67, ■— - , 

Hdqs. SPWAR PSY OPN Dept.. Ft. Bragg, N C 195 
Ward, Douglas Alan "68, 

1804 Westhill Blvd., Westlake, Ohio.-..185. 195 303 408 
Ward. Mary Elizabeth "67. 

1639 Great Bridge Blvd., Norfolk 22. Va. 116 ''71 387 
Ward, Maureen Louise '67. 

Horseshoe Hill, Hockessin, Del... 126. 134. 267 374 387 
Ward, Stanley Sidney "65, 

307 Fleming Ave. NE. Roanoke. Va. 356 

Warder. Sarah Elizabeth "68, 

21950 Shelburne Rd., .Shaker Heights 22. Ohio -"i7 408 

Wardle. Joann "68. "" ' 

313 Delaware Ave.. McDaniel Crest. Wilminaton Del 409 

Ware, Christine Lorelle "68. 

37 Park Rd.. Short Hills, N. J. if,=; -ng 
Warfield. William R. "66, '"' 

640 Prospect St.. Maplewood 1. N. J. 373 

Waring, Mary Randolph "67, 

155 Victoria St.. Elkin. N. C. . HS 3X7 

Warlick. Paul William. Jr. "68. "" ' 

398 Vanderhilt Rd.. Asheville. N. C. 315 409 
Warner. David M. "66. 

200 Shady Circle Dr.. Rocky Mount. N. C. 305 373 

Warner. Gerret Preston "68. Hegemans Lane, 

Old Brookville, Glen Head P. O., N. Y ' 785 409 

Warner. James Root. Jr. "68. 

916 Hay St.. Fayetteville. N. C 301 409 

Warner, Janet L. "66, 

251 Royal Palm Way, Ap. 11. Palm Beach. Fla 373 

Warner. Jonathan F. "65. 

Hegemans Lane. Old Brookville. N. Y 19'' 28*; 356 

Warren, Linda Ruth "67, 

8437 Larkspur Rd., Bon .Air, Va 144. 387 

Warren, Mary Lou "67. 

211 Meadowvale Rd.. Lutherville. Md. ">S7 387 

Warren. Richard Paul "68. 

2600 Brentwood PI. Charlotte. N. C 229. 301. 409 

Warren, William Thomas '65, 

1209 E. Beech St., Goldsboro, N. C...77, 79, 86 13"! 167 3S6 
Warschoff, Bruce "68, 

1139 Hopkins Terrace NE, Atlanta. Ga 317. 409 

Wasserman. Mark "68. 

14 Raloh Rd.. Marblehead. Mass. |43 317 409 

Waterfall. Marv Kathleen '67, 

1917 West Admiral Rd., Stillwater, Okla. 387 

Waterfield. Wm. Connelly "68. 

302 Oreland Mill Rd.'. Oreland. Pa 307. 409 

Waterman. Patricia "65, 

185 Saranac Ave.. Buffalo 16. N. Y. 133 26^ 356 

Waters. Roger '66. 509 47th St.. Vienna. W Va 
Watkins. David P.. Jr. '68, 

1204 Greenville St.. .Anderson. S. C 301 409 

Watson. Barbara Grace "65. Box 185, Rowland, N. C 88 3S6 
Watson. David "66. 

2723 Two Woods Rd.. Bayside. Va 146. 193 31S 373 

Watson. Lola Carolyn '68. 1526 Hanover St., Raleigh. N C 409 
Watson. Richard L., Ill "67, 

109 Pinecrest Rd.. Durham, N. C 242 387 

Watson. Susan D. "66, 1928 Ranger Ct. USNTC, 

Halsey Village, Great Lakes, 111 373 

Watson. Thomas Richard "68. 

603 Sunnyside Lane. Wilson. N. C...I29. 142. 143. 149. 29s 409 
Watson. Wendy Patricia "65. 

Box 419, Rt. 2, McLean, Va _ 79 |19 3S6 

781 ,n« Waugh, Marilyn "68, 329 Cherry Lane, Westbury, N. Y. 

283, 408 Waxman. Edward R. '66 

N. C. 

3200 Cheviot Vista PI. 6, Los .Angeles. Calif 
Wayne, James Henry, Jr. '67, 

115 Westminister Dr.. Jacksonville 
Weart. Christine Culp '67, 

2812 N. Dinwiddle St., .Arlington 
Weatherford. Elizabeth R. "66, 

1625 Peabody .Ave.. Memphis 4. 
Weatherspoon. Jean Watson "66. 

920 Lambeth Circle. Durham. 
Weatherspoon, William H. "66. 

920 Lambeth Circle. Durham. 
Weaver. Carolyn M. "68, 

120 Greenbriar Dr., Memphis 
Weaver. Sarah Lynn "65, 

, Cantonsville 28. 

N. C. 



7, Va...ll8. 254. 263. 



Tenn 120, 275, 





-.130. 275, 

13, Wis 

216,' 287, 

C.-.138, 217, 239. 


N. C. 



2006 Todcaster Rd 
Webb. Patricia Irene 

1430 Henri St.. Mount Airy, 
Webb, Sarah Gorham "67, 

2800 36th St. NW, Washington 7 D 
Webb. William Calvin. Jr. '68. 

10454 Lanshire Dr.. Dallas, Texas 

Weber. John Edward "67. 459 Javson Ave., Pittsijureh "^'s Pa 
Webster. .Arthur D.. Jr. '65. ' 6 - . . 

241 Murry Hill Dr.. Lancaster, Pa. 31 ] 

WeKster. Charles Marshall '67, 4 Circle Dr.. Rumson'N j" 
Webster. Dana Lehr '67. ' ' 

79 Lake Wind Rd., New Canaan, Conn. 192 295 1 

Weidemann. Michael T. '67. ' '' ' 

U. S. Naval Hospital. Newport, R 1 
Weidman. H. Robert '65, 1803 2B House AvcDurham "n" 
Weikert. Suzanne '68. 

1166 Monterey Dr.. Mansfield, Ohio 16'^ 

Weiland. Barbara Jean '67, ~ 

7817 Jackson Park Blvd.. Wauwatosa 
Weinbardt. Lewis W., Jr. "66. 

26 Dunmore Rd., Baltimore 28. Md. 
Weingarten. Jon '65. 

983 Park Ave.. New York 28. NY 317 

Weir. Jeremy '67. 304 W. Fairview Ave.. Langhorne" Pa" 
Weisiger. John Boiling '65. 

1880 Oakdell Dr., "Menlo Park, Calif. 83 "'83 

Weisner. John Ralph "67, 

1107 New Garden Rd., Greensboro. N. C 
Welhorn. Harold Craig '67. 

18 Riverside Dr.. Branford, Conn. 84 289 

Welch. David Sewall "67. 54 N. Carlisle St.. Greencastle Pa 
Weldon. Wilson O., Jr. '67 

2100 W. Market St.. Greensboro, N. 
Weldy, Barbara Ann '68, 

772 S. Oak Knoll Dr.. Lake Forest. 
Welfare. Kathleen '66. 

2641 Reynolds Rd.. Winston-Salem. 
Weller. Joseph Michael '67. 

306 S. Howell .Ave., Chattanooga 1 1 
Weller, Worth Hamilton '68. 

417 Gerona .Ave. Coral Gables. Fla 
Wellman. David Kenton "68. 

1820 Wiltshire Blvd.. Huntington. W. Va 
Wells. Carl Franklin "68, 

1071 Emerald Dr., Brandon, Fla 

Wells. James Harry '68, 

48 E. Montgomery .Ave.. Hatboro. Pa 

Wells. Rita Gertrude '67. 120 E. Cliff St.. Waliace. N. C.7. 
Wells. William A. '65. 24 Via Aventina, Rome, Italy 
Welsh. Thomas Hammond. Ill "68. 

7002 College Heights Dr.. Hvattsville, Md. ''14 

Wendelin. Ronald Lee '68. 

1106 S. Edwards. Peoria, 111 229, 301. 

Werner. Jeffrey Smith "67. 

3801 .Abbott .Ave. So.. Minneapolis. Minn 

Wertz. Kenneth L. '66. 

5814 .Ashland St.. Springfield. Va..... 79. 132, 

Wesson, Bruce Freeman '65. 

326 N. Mountain .Ave.. Upper Montclair. N. J. 
West. Helen McKinley '68. 914 Delaware Ave.. Suffolk 
West. Karen '65. .American Embassy, 

Box 810, APO 80, N. Y.. N. Y Pi 

West. Milton L. '66. Warsaw. N. C -.!....-"-. 

West. Ruth T. '66. 120 Midway Ave.. Clarks Summit. Pa. ..279 
Westmoreland. Jimmie D. '65. 

2224 SW 13th St., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla .192. 

Weyrick. Max Thomas W. '68. 

12029 Thorson. Lynnwood. Calif 193. 

Whalin. David Milton '68. 

108 Eastway Dr.. RichmonJ. Ky... 
Wheeler. John Law '65. 

P. O. Box 1071. Tryon. N. C 167. 

Wheeler. Michael O. '65, 

607 Lakepointe Rd., Grosse Pt. Park 30. Mich... 1 88. 
Wheeler, William F., Jr. '68. Box 44. Blackville, S. C 


Tenn 202. 283. 


























Va. 409 













Wheeler, William Henry '67, 

Limestone Colleee. Gaffney, S. C 388 

Wheiand. Robert C. 66. 9033 S. Bell Ave., Chicago, 111 373 

Whetstone. Carol Jean "68. 

924 Oak Hill Ave.. Haeerstown. Md 409 

Whisnant. Betiv L. ■66. :9'l7 Croshv Rd.. Charlotte, N. C 373 

White, Anne Walker '67, 

3208 Birnam Wood Rd., Raleigh, N. C 118, :.<i9. 374. 388 

White. Charles David '68, 

2217 Island Home Blvd., Knowille. lenn. 142. 143. 149. 409 
White. Charles Denny, Jr. '6?. 

.SI 2 Cliff Rd., Asheboro, N. C 143. 149. 356 

White. Frank Alan '68, 

79 Carriage Dr.. Avon, Conn 143, 299, 409 

White. Nathaniel B.. Jr. '67. 

1501 S. Alston Ave., Durham. N. C 388 

White. Richard M. "67, 

3254 Central Ave.. Memphis, Tenn 164, 315 

White, Robert M. '66. 

210 S. Abingdon St.. Arlington, Va 297, 373 

White, Sarah N. '66. 

106 E. Hillcrest Dr., Greenville, S. C 259. 373 

White. Thomas Stuart. Jr. '66, 

1212 16th St.. Wilmette. Ill 303, 356 

Whitehead. John F.. Ill '68. 

4900 Roekmere Ct.. Washington 16. D. C 313. 409 

Whitehead, Philip G. '66, 3116 San Jose St., Tampa 9, Fla 373 

Whitelaw, Robert S.. Jr. '68, 

3433 Springside Dr., Decatur, Ga 196, 409 

Whitenight. Patricia E. '66, 

731 Lenape Trail. Westfield. N. J 126, 373 

Whiting. Helen Hudson '68, 

10 .Alfred Rd., Saxonville, Framingham, Mass 409 

Whitley, Lynda Carole '65. 

1823 Mallory St.. Jacksonville, Fla 79, 175. 356 

Whitlev. Richard James '67. 

192 Whitford Ave., Nutley 10, N. J 388 

Whitley. Robert B. '66, 

4667 Verona Ave,, Jacksonville. Fla .192, 236. 309. 373 

Whitmore. Jean "66. 

130 Country Club Dr.. Manhasset. L. I., N. Y 373 

Whitney. Richard Kale '68. 

967 Province La.. Mansfield, Ohio 409 

Wickersham. John Richard '68, 

Gran Hotel. Managua. Nicaragua 169. 409 

Widen, Robert W. '66. Box 545. Balboa. Canal Zone. .8 1, 373 
Wiesley. D. Bruce, Jr. '67. American Can Co.. 

100 Park Ave.. New York City. N. Y 202, 297, 388 

Wiggins, Richard Calvin '67. 

603 N. Hyde Park Ave.. Durham. N. C 388 

Wiggins. Robert S., Jr. '65, 

1805 Ponce-De-Leon Ave.. Atlanta 7, Ga 217, 239, 356 

Wike. Antoinette Ray '67, 5 Woodcrest Dr., Lexington. N. C...388 
Wilbur. Henry M. '66. 843 Greenway Circle. Waynesboro, Va. 
Wilcox. Everett H.. Jr. '66. 

810 E. Turner St., Clearwater. Fla 309, 373 

Wilcox, Kent Westbrook '67. 

356 Fairfax Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C _ 388 

Wilcox. Margaret Lee '68. 

433 Larchwood Rd.. Springfield. Pa 259. 409 

Wilcox, Margaret Moore '67, 

86 Lenwood Blvd.. Charleston. S. C 271, 388 

Wilfong. Walter Thomas '67, 

1679^ S. Milledge Ave.. Athens. Ga 185, 388 

Wilkerson. Jack C. Jr. '68. 

210 Preston Ave., Shreveport, La 193. 409 

Wilkerson. Richard N. '68. ORTS 8, 

Marine Recruit De.. Parris Island, S. C 305, 409 

Wilkes, Kenneth E. '66. 

3109 Brandon Rd.. Huntington. W. Va 373 

Wilkinson. Jerry Coker '67. Rt. 2. Louisville. Tenn. .295. 388 
Willard. James Albert '68. 

8610 Whipps Bend Rd.. Lyndon. Ky 185, 301, 409 

Willert, Lorraine V. '66. 

HI 15 75th Ave.. Forest Hills 75, N. Y 373 

Williams, Alice J. '66. 

Blue Haven, Leesville Rd.. Raleigh. N. C 269. 373 

Williams. Alice Sue '67. 

1431 N. Fillmore St.. Arlington. Va 171. 388 

Williams. Ann Malloy '65. 

3965 14th Lane NE. .St. Petersburg. Fla 279. 356 

Williams. Boykin F.. Jr. '66. 

1411 Herrin Ave.. Charlotte 5. N. C 357 

Williams. Charles B., Jr. '68. 

5126 San Juan Ave.. Jacksonville 1, Fla 311, 409 

Williams. Charles Dowling '68. Munfordville, Ky 409 

Williams. Donald Lee '65, 

3001 West Cornwallis Dr.. Greensboro, N. C 357 

Williams. Edmond Brady, Jr. '65, 

3026 Sunset Dr.. Charlotte, N. C 357 

Williams. Elizabeth K. '66, 

N. Tennessee Rd.. Box 324, Cartersville, Ga 259, 373 

C 87, 275 


Williams, Frances G. '66, 

2147 Roswell Ave.. Charlotte 7, N. 
Williams. Franklin B. "68. 

1833 Waycross Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Williams, James Alexander '67, 

Rt. 1. Box 268, W. Point, Miss 186, 388 

Williams. Kalherine Ross '68. 

210 West Wayne Ave., Wayne. Pa 388 

Williams. Kearv R. '66. Box 849. Hill St.. Grundy, Va 373 

Wdhanis. Keilli Colby '68. 

412 Montanas Rocallosas, Mexico 10 DF, Mexico..315, 409 
Williams. Martha Lee '66, 

11752 Taylorcrest, Houston, Texas 373 

Williams, Mary Frances '65, 

P. O. Box 238, Boonville, N. C 121. 279, 357 

Williams. Peggy Ann '68. 417 Venice St., Falls Church, Va...409 
Williams. Phillip Gaines '68, 

Harshbarger .Apts.. Virginia Ave.. Norton. Va 185, 409 

Williams. Richard Allan '67. 39 Ward St., Auburn. Mass 388 

Williams, Robert B. '67, 

Box 193, Walnut Cove. N. C 202, 283, 388 

Williams. Schuyler L. '66. 

13 Snowfield Ct.. Midland. Mich 118, 271, 373 

Williams, Wendv Marjorie '68, 

Douglas Rd.. 'New Vernon. N. J 409 

Williamson, Joseph E. '65, 

Box 2303, c/o Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 357 

Willis, Helen Elizabeth '68, 

407 4lh St.. Hickory, N. C 131, 259, 409 

Willis. John Kelver '68, 

106 Belmeadc Cr., Johnson City, Tenn 309, 409 

Willis. Mary H. '66. 407 4th St., Hickory. N. C 259. 373 

Willson, Donna Jean '67, 

662 Hutchinson Dr., N. Augusta, S. C 123, 388 

Wilmot. Barbara Mary '67, 

3945 SW 3rd Ave., Gainesville, Fla 130. 388 

Wilson. John Christain '67, 

Box 5005, Winston-Salem, N. C 388 

Wilson, Anne Francine '68, 

410 Glenview Dr.. Tallahassee, Fla.. .138, 143, 150, 182, 409 
Wilson, Charles Clinton '67, 214 E. Elm St., Wheaton, 111. 

Wilson. Charles E. '66, 1206 Simpson, Evanston, 111 309, 373 

Wilson, David Brooks '68. 

707 Chappell Ct., Mayfield, Ky 409 

Wilson, Donald George '65, 

15 E. Maple Rd.. Greenlawn. N. Y 128, 357 

Wilson, Elizabeth Anne '68. 

216 South Park Dr., Greensboro, N. C 409 

Wilson. Helen Waldo '67, 

4010 Parian Ridge Rd. NW, Atlanta 5, Ga 267, 388 

Wilson, James Chamberlain '68, 

1729 NW nth Rd.. Gainesville, Fla 214, 283. 409 

Wilson. Jeffrey W. '68. 

485 Milbeth Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa 311, 409 

Wilson. John Page '67. 

2815 Chelsea Dr.. Durham. N. C 202, 291, 388 

Wilson. Mark Kammer '65, 

422 Fisher Rd.. Grosse Pointe. Mich 357 

Wilson. Mary Pittman "65. 

1729 NW 11th Rd.. Gainesville. Fla 176. 267, 357 

Wilson. Stephen J. '66. RED 1. Chester Springs, Pa. 
Wilson. Wayne Richards '65. 

5600 Ogden Rd.. Washington 16, D. C 297, 357 

Wilt. David Ellsworth '67, 

109 Dewey Rd., Oak Ridge, Tenn 313, 388 

Winchester. James Cvrus '66. 

1104 Lakewood Dr.. Monroe, N. C 293 

Windmiller. Jan Alleta "68, 

210 S. Glenwood, Columbia. Mo 144, 271, 409 

Wingate. Larry Lynn '68. 2117 Timber Dr., Raleigh, N. C 409 

Winkler, Wendy '67, 173 Forest Ave., West Caldwell. N. J 388 

Winstead. Elizabeth '65, 

4507 Bordeaux Ave.. Dallas, Texas 98, 100, 275, 357 

Winston, Arthur Michael "65, 

79 Fernwood Lane, Roslyn, L. I.. N. Y 158. 317, 357 

Winters, Paul Regan '68. 38 Samana Dr.. Miami. Fla. 313, 409 
Wischmeyer, Nancy Louise '67, 

21 Danfield Rd.. St. Louis. Mo 257. 388 

Wise. Alethea Stewart '65. 

1857 Louden Heights Rd.. Charleston, W. Va. 
Wise. Hiram J., Ill '66, 

Rt. 2, Box 40. Gibsonville, N. C 281. 315. 373 

Wisecarver. Marva A. '66. 1200 Queens Rd. W.. Charlotte. N. C. 
Wishart. Elaine Florence '66, 

502 Whitewood Rd.. Union. N. J 125. 259. 373 

Withers. Alan William '68. 

928 N Irving Hts. Dr.. Irving. Texas 146. 409 

Withers. Carolyn Leslie '67. 

216 Clifton Ave., Spartanburg. S. C 88, 144, 388 

Witherspoon, Jane C. "65, 

1332 The Terrace, Hagerstown. Md 119, 269, 357 

Wittenberg Pauline '67, 12 Ingram Dr.. Hicksville, N. Y...357. 388 
Witter, Lon Laverne '67. Rt. I, Box 295. Crown Point. Ind. 

Witzenbiirg, Gary Lee "65. 

2667 Cranlyn Rd.. Shaker Heights 22. Ohio 79, 86. 289 

Wobus. Ehzabeth A. '66. 

20 Juanita Place, Belleville, 111 118, 17^ 

Wohlford. Reuben F. '67. 

727 Chappell Rd.. Charleston. W. Va 299 

Wolbert. Timothy H. '67, 

182 Valley Rd.. Ellicott City, Md HI, ^88 

Wolf. Mary Julia '68. 

2152 Blue Ridge Rd., Hagerstown, Md 263. 409 

Wolf. Robert Grant '68. 

2810 Huey Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa 293. 409 

Wolfe. John Frederick '68, 

408 Carolina Cr.. Winston-Salem. N. C 409 

Wolfe. Karl Francis Mike '68. 

4308 Old Canton Rd., Jackson 6, Miss 409 

Wolfe. Kristen Jane '67, 

P. O. Box 632, Valparaiso, Fla 126. 134, 388 

Wolfe. Lawrence Allen. Jr. '65. 2406 Quincy St.. Durham, N. C. 
Wollaeger. David Paul '68, 

565 Orchard Rd.. Southern Pines. N. C..167. 168, 193. 313. 410 
Wolter. Carl S. '66, 

R. R. 2. Box 53. Charlottesville, Va 301, 373 

Wonnacott. William Curtis '68, 

70 Richard La.. Thornwood. N. Y 129, 293. 410 

Wood. Carol .Anne '68. 121 Ashhrook Rd.. Cherry Hill, N. J 410 

Wood. Donald Robinson '67. 5722 Caruth. Dallas. Texas ....301 
Wood. Fred Philips. Jr. '65. 2501 Pickett Rd.. Durham. N. C. 
Wood. George Roland '68. 

204 Rockford Rd.. Greensboro. N. C 303. 410 

Wood. Janet Linda '67, 

Old Richmond Rd., Tobaccoville, N. C 388 

Wood, Robert Gary, Jr. '67, 

1513 Fairlawn Way. Pasadena. Calif 149. 388 

Wood. Robert Lewis '67. 

105 Hix Ave.. Rye. N. Y 34. 149. 156. 388 

Wood. Sara Lynn '67. 

508 N. Garden Ave., Siler City. N. C 388 

Wood. Thomas Kendrick '68, 

426 Braddock Ave.. Daytona Beach. Fla 196, 410 

Wood. William H. '66. RFD 1. Luray, Va 285 

Woodall. Frank Alley '68, 

Old Post Rd.. Erwm. N. C 214. 291. 410 

Woodard. DeAnne '66. Columbia, S. C 269. 373 

Woodard, Stephen Charles "67. 

742 Closter Dock Rd.. Closter. N. J 136, 289, 388 

Wooden, Ernest E.. HI '66. 

5200 Edgewater Dr., Norfolk. Va 132, 309, 373 

Woodruff, Mary Kathryn '65. 

7 Main St.. Englishtown. N. J 267. 357 

Woodruff. Sharon Elise '68, 

7308 Lois Land. Lanham, Md ...144. 410 

Woods. Murray H. '67. 2119 Leesbury Pike. Falls Church, Va. 
Woods. Richard Byrd. Jr. '65, 

2504 Parkwood Rd., Chattanooga 4. Tenn.. 79. 357 

Woodward, Everett Wayne "68, 

1221 Edeewood Rd.. Haverton. Pa.., .143, 145. 149. 196. 410 
WooIIey. Eloise C. "66. 418 W. Main St.. Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Woolley. Patti "67, 

221 South East Ave.. Oak Park, 111 ...265, 373. 388 

Worful. Stephen Craie "67. 

Owl Creek Lane, Rt. 3. Box 199A. Anchorage. Ky...217. 388 

Work. Jack "68. 2026 Deborah Dr., Atlanta, Ga 185, 410 

Workman, Erwin F., Jr. '68, 

141 Ardith Dr., Orinda, Calif 311, 410 

Worley. Judy Jo '65, 1130 Catawba. Kingsport, Tenn ...357 

Worthington, Craig W. '65. 

Rt. 1. Box 575. Ayden. N. C 65, 171, 309. 324, 357 

Worthinston. John Walter '68, 

1524-27th NW, Caton. Ohio 185, 410 

Worthington. Josh Bob "65, 

104 East Capitola .'\ve., Kinston. N. C 357 

Worthington, Robin Lee "67. 

924 D. Maria Lane, Sunnyvale, Calif 185. 388 

Wray, Albert Victor "65, 600 Westover Terrace, Shelby, N. C. 
Wright. .Archie Taylor. Ill "68, 

4829 Ft. Sumnea Dr.. Washington. D. C 410 

Wright. Charles T.. Jr. "65. 

2348 Grant Ave.. Raleigh. N. C 193, 303. 357 

Wriaht. Glenn Patton "68. 

1945 E. 9th St., Charlotte. N. C 185. 307, 410 

Wright, Harold Everett "65, 

4220 Firwood Lane, Charlotte 9, N. C 191, 305. 357 

Wright. James D.. Jr. "66. 846 Davis Dr. NW, Atlanta 27. Ga. 
Wright, Ola R. "66. 4201 River Rd. NW, Washington 16. D. C. .259 

Wright, Roberta A. '66, 

4327 Wigton Dr., Houston, Texas 257, 373 

Wuehrmann. David Bruce "68, 80 May Dr., Chatham, N. J.. .410 
Wunsch, James Stevenson '68, 

7133 E. Shore Rd.. Traverse City, Mich 143 410 

Wyatt. Alton Edward '68. 

203 Boiling Dr.. Goldsboro. N. C 301 410 

Wyatt. Alvah L.. Jr. '68. 

516 Uth St.. West Point. Va 299. 410 

Wyatt. Emily Hughes '67. 1012 Vance St., Raleigh, N. C. 271, 388 
Wylie. John Colligan '68, 

4200 Torringford St., Winstead. Conn 410 

Yacker. Martin Simon '68. 

515 Cranford .Ave.. Linden. N. J 146. 410 

">'aeger. Car! Frederick '65. 

1800 NE 43rd St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla 88. 184. 357 

Yarbrough. Virginia lleen '65. 

105 College .Ave.. Thomasville. N. C 143 ISO 357 

Yates. Earl W. '66, Rt. 2. Box H 30, Hamlet, N. C...202. 309." 373 
Yearwood. Susan Carol '67, 

115 Maple Lane. Oak Ridge, Tenn 263 

Yeaton. Richard I. '66. 92 Oaks Rd., Framingham, Mass 373 

Young. Candace '66. 

1110 Shepherd St.. Durham. N. C 143. 143, 150 

Young. Charles G.. Ill '66, Regency House Apt. 502. 

221 W. 48th St.. Kansas City 12. Mo 236, 293. 357 

Young. David Russell '68, 

237 Schilling St.. West Lafayette, Ind 410 

Young. Donald F. '6f,. 4911 N. 35th St., Arlington, Va 373 

Young. Henry Newton '68. 

Province Line Rd.. Princeton, N. J 288, 410 

Young. James Albert '68. 

333 Brookshire Dr.. Auburn. Ala .....193, 229, 295. 410 

Young, Jane Candace '68, Craftsbury Common, Vt. 
Young. Kenneth Wharton '68, 

Box 270, Burlington. N. C 196, 287, 410 

Y'oung, Mary Hart '65, 

325 Horace Mann Ave., Winston-Salem. N. C. 

Young. Robert '66, 1220 Brentwood Dr., Columbia, S. C 373 

Young, Susan Gaynelle '66. 

23 r Mellwood Dr., Charlotte, N. C ...126, 373 

Y'oung, William Wilson '65. 

East Market St.. Marietta. Pa... 193, 216, 309. 324. 357 

Y'ounger. John Jenkins '67. 

803' S. McKinley. Champaign. Ill 283. 388 

Y'ounger. Mary Margaret '68. 

12 Country .Aire. St. Louis 31, Mo 410 

Youngstrom, Richard Earl '65, 

4301 West 90th St. Terr.. Shawnee Mission, Kan...88, 146, 357 
Yucel. Guler F. '65. 

Moda Caddesi No. 7, Kadikoy. Istanbul, Turkey ...357 

Zaiser, Kent Ames '67, 1248 Monterey Blvd., 

St. Petersburg 4. Fla 128, 129, 132. 295, 388 

Zambetti. Victor John '67, 

4114 .Alhambra Dr. W.. Jacksonville 7, Fla 297, 388 

Zavelson, Thomas Michael '65, 

666 W. .Andover, Mansfield, Ohio.-65. 112, 281, 317, 357 
Zbikowski, Gwendolyn .Ann '65, 

2 Fairmount .Ave.. Terryville. Conn 357 

Zeger, Dennis Anson '67. 

34 E. Seminary St.. Mercersburg, Pa 186, 388 

Zeller. Margaret S. '68, 

320 E.xtension St.. Hazlehurst, Miss ...154. 155. 265. 410 

Zeller, Michael Raymond '67, 

86-10 Santiago Stl. Jamaica 23, N. Y 313. 388 

Zenner. Lynn Rae '65. 16408 29th Ave., Flushing, N. Y. 
Zeren. John C. '67, 

1102 Hampton Garth. Towson 4. Md 315, 373 

Ziegler, Richard Dell '67, 

1218 Hillside Blvd.. Carrcroft. Wilmington 3. Del..311. 388 
Zimmer. Carl Thomas '65, 

1709 East Cedar St., South Bend 17. Ind.. 67. 280, 295. 326. 357 
Zimmer. Herbert Jerome '67, 

1401 Hawthorne Rd.. Wilmington, N. C 317, 388 

Zimmer, William A. '66. 133 Diana Dr.. Poland, Ohio..293, 373 
Zimmerman, Carolyn F. '67. 

5512 W. Market St.. Greensboro. N. C 275. 388 

Zirkle. Aired Terry "68, 

801 Kentwood Dr., Blacksburg, Va 214, 283. 410 

ZIotowitz. Ruth Carolyn "65. 

3625 Forest Garden .Ave.. Baltimore 7, Md 357 

Zodda, -Alfred Travis. Jr. "68. 

25 Elm St.. Woodbury. N. Y... 217. 239, 293. 410 

Zuker. Fred Ravmcnd "67. 

913 McHann Dr.. Chattanooga 11. Tenn 202, 283, 388 

Zupanic. George Ivan "66. 2424 Waite ,Ave.. Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Duke Univeff;ify Libra 

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